Steph Reacts To Giannis Calling Him The "Best Player In The World" 😂

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Steph Curry's reaction to being called the "best player in the world" by Giannis Antetokounmpo.

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24 Eyl 2022




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Giannis and Steph's respect for each other is so inspirational.
Kobe got it right about these two. Not Giannis' strength, but his mindset. Not Curry's skill, but such a coldblooded calmness masked in that baby face smile.
Jonathan D
love the way Giannis says Steph Curry 😂
Camron Matthews
This man ended almost every sports debate shows 4-hour block 😂
Michael Ludden
💯% on point. The basketball world needs to respect winning more, like Giannis does.
Samat Pimton
True sportmanship from Giannis.
I love how Steph's answer to the question is the almost exact same wording as Giannis' statement, with the interviewer only telling him that Giannis said that "He is the best player".
Jake Logan
Steph and Giannis are the two best player in the nba rn
Shy Fam TV
Love how Giannis and Curry have the same level of thinking and respect for each other. That’s called being a great human being in the game of basketball.
King Nano
Giannis keeps it so 100 everytime. That’s what makes him great. That’s what puts him in that top 5. He recognizes who’s on the top of the food chain and that whoever is there is the TARGET. Giannis is an evolving BEAST. One title ain’t enough for him. 💪🏽
Paul V
A Bucks Warrios finals would be incredible
Phil Jackson said it best.
João Lucas Angelotto
Great take by Giannis, winning is what matters the most
Robert Meadows
Giannis isn’t playing mind games, here. He genuinely believes this.
AROSITE HAKDOG 2 saatler önce
It starts when allstar happens 😏🤣
Jerry Huang
I want them to play on the same team. They're both so awesome and humble.
Joshua Deleon
I found a whole new respect for this man. Very humble.
giannis and steph need to be on the same team at some point in their careers. Please make this happen!!!!
Alfonso Ponce-Enrile, Jr.
I admire this gentleman for his honesty, pragmatism and just plain commonsense. Yeah, I'm a fan of this ''gentle giant'.
My 2 favorite players.. 2 extremely talented, highly skilled and hard working guys. But at the same time 2 of the most humble and respectful human beings alive.
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