Stefanos Tsitsipas v Novak Djokovic Extended Highlights | Australian Open 2023 Final

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Watch the extended highlights of Stefanos Tsitsipas v Novak Djokovic in the final of the Australian Open 2023.

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Welcome to the official Australian Open TV TRvid channel. The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the year and takes place in Melbourne. Rafael Nadal is the men’s singles reigning champion and Ashleigh Barty is the women’s singles reigning champion. The tournament takes place on 25 hard courts, including Rod Laver Arena, Margaret Court Arena and John Cain Arena. Look out for highlights, press conferences, memorable moments and much more!

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28 Oca 2023




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B for Basti
B for Basti Aylar önce
only person who can stop Novak is the border agent! What a man! GOAT!
Bobby Johnson
Bobby Johnson 27 gün önce
I love tennis but it’s not a popular sport. The best athletes that leave high school and college aren’t going out to be tennis players. Love the big 3 of Joker, Fed and Rafa but I started to believe 2 or 3 years ago that yes the big 3 are great but the bigger thing is that the rest of men’s field really are not good. Men in their prime and peak of their physical powers in their mid and late 20s should not be getting out hustled by 35-40 year old men. I don’t care what any joker follower says
Zofia Mlynarz
Zofia Mlynarz Aylar önce
One day someone said; Be afrai dof the anger of quiet peeple. Bojcie sie gniewu ludzi spokojnych.
Oscar Eduardo Rosales
@JSBroadcast yes, he chose. He did not want the vaccine, his choice.
JSBroadcast Aylar önce
@Oscar Eduardo Rosales What are you talking about, mate? He went to Australia to play, he even trained at the main stadium, and he was deported. He chose not to play?
heatseeker Aylar önce
The man is bigger than the tournament. Australia should be grateful. He rightfully skipped addressing the organizers in his winning speech - they don't deserve him.
blucat4 9 gün önce
@Rekke It looks like 'Rafa_Undisputed_Goat' has been reborn under a new name?
Trung Vu
Trung Vu Aylar önce
@President Biden alcaraz
Stefan Andreas
Stefan Andreas Aylar önce
Love your comment!
Ian Zhou
Ian Zhou Aylar önce
You really see Novak's mental strength on these key points. Tsitsipas wasn't playing bad at all, but Djokovic still closed it in 3.
Fransisco Scaramanga
@Massive Moon 🤣😂😂
bitburgerpivo Aylar önce
true that...Tsi was not bad at all but still not one set
Redwan Ahmed
Redwan Ahmed Aylar önce
@President Biden a 12's child indeed..... Was this comment about Rafa?????🫠
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Tony.k Aylar önce
@Ian Zhou Very well said Ian..Some of these merchant's say he's arragant, he knows he's not loved like Federa, Nadel, makes him more determined, he's resilent, he will go down as one of 4he greatest champions of all 5ime (if not the greatest)
Last One Standing
Last One Standing Aylar önce
How great for those of us who have been able to watch Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal in our lifetimes! These three men - there are not enough superlatives.
Ronish padhy
Ronish padhy Aylar önce
@Aricar1494ccgg DJ Gg and alcaraz, run too. we good baby. Nole and Nadal are gonna be missed when they do but tennis is in good hands
Aricar1494ccgg DJ Gg
Sinner will surpass them
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Christie B
Christie B Aylar önce
@Matthew C Pienso que en ese W19 no ganó ND, perdió Roger. Ese 40- 15 aún lo debe estar persiguiendo. Pocas veces en tenis se pierde jugando mejor. Y pienso que RF no superó eso. Jugó mejor dando 6 años de ventaja. 40- 15...40- 30... y se apagó la estrella del mejor tenista de la historia.
Blunt Trauma
Blunt Trauma Aylar önce
Novak return of serve is unrivaled man its insane
kathy rz
kathy rz Aylar önce
Profesor Z
Profesor Z Aylar önce
@Yang Warren I dont think so, Sampras even said that we will never see another player like Novak
fans2497 Aylar önce
His return is incredible
Yang Warren
Yang Warren Aylar önce
@Mike B. only prime Sampras can beat him
Tristan Anleu
Tristan Anleu Aylar önce
Mind and heart. Amen
Ifyouonlyknew howbad
Being PISSED that Australia would not let him compete last year... after all those Trophies he won in this tournament... Heart of a CHAMPION!
Neurotik51 22 gün önce
Be pissed at him for not getting the vaccine.
Ronnie P
Ronnie P Aylar önce
@milan djukic I've thought Nadal is finished many times in the past but he somehow always does amazing in the French Open, even him winning the Australian Open last year was a big surprise to me.
milan djukic
milan djukic Aylar önce
@Ronnie P nadal if finished i see tsitsipas and alcaraz as main threats. But if we take h2h vs tsitsipas i think nole is favorite. Alcaraz on other hand seems like he doesnt have anything to lose but lacks experiance
Ronnie P
Ronnie P Aylar önce
@President Biden Djokovic has a chance, in fact he can complete a calender slam if he wins the French Open.
J D Aylar önce
Head and heart. Stood against the tyrants. PureBlood. Champion.
K K Aylar önce
EagleLeft Aylar önce
@What Do You Think...? just because he's an asshole doesn't mean he's always wrong
Jimmy Horsefly
Jimmy Horsefly Aylar önce
@EagleLeft Wake UP!!
EagleLeft Aylar önce
What tyrants?
Steve Aylar önce
The GOAT Novax will be 36 in a few months and is still steamrolling his way through majors without dropping a set. Phenomenal.
DanimalLawlz 12 saatler önce
He lost a set in round 2.
michael irwin
michael irwin Aylar önce
Joker is one of the best athletes of all time. He went through the players and he went through governments and corporations. That's the big victory here.
Дмитрий Волгарин
Это так.
Teddy Aylar önce
THAT’S WHY HE IS THE GOAT!! 😭🙏🏾 Congrats Novak! You deserved it and you’re finally back where you belong: number 1
Encounter33 Aylar önce
HE crushed the competition and all of Australia who wouldn't let him in. He is a hero against tyranny! A champion for truth and justice!
Aricar1494ccgg DJ Gg
@Encounter33 Families were divided beacuse irresponsible people did not follow the rules. And heart failures didn't happen because of the vaccines. If Djokovic was like Nadal none of this chaotic would've happened.
Mo Stylz
Mo Stylz Aylar önce
@Steve Turner Maybe, I mean, just maybe, Nadal would be in better shape if he didn't took the "jabs".
Mo Stylz
Mo Stylz Aylar önce
@PANORAMA 45 Are you a troll or just like the most people who would never ever admit that they have been fooled? Or do you love the tyranny and a government who tells you what to think and what to believe? Since the rona I know there are a lot of people out there who don't want to think for themself...
Encounter33 Aylar önce
@Aricar1494ccgg DJ Gg Literal tyranny. There were families divided, children who died because from heart failure who couldn’t get to a specialist in another region during the lockdowns, people who lost their jobs, and people imprisoned in camps in Australia. Etc etc. Were you even aware any of this was happening? And almost to this very month had been happening in China.
arijit chattopadhyay
He had his mind brain n heart blended with his physical abilities n skills…. Just Phenomenal!!
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
velipulla Aylar önce
Mark miths
Mark miths Aylar önce
It’s mind boggling to think he was banned from entering Aus and is still banned to enter USA because he refuses to take an ineffective and in some cases harmful product
Tanja Denic
Tanja Denic Aylar önce
@M85auser he dodnt say that cause je know that nole at least would bebnow on 23 , nadal 21 , i dont count uso2022 , plus some robbed before , many more weeks at first place , plus 1 more year ending as nNo1
M85auser Aylar önce
@Nick T So where are the "rivals"? As far as I know, they participated, why didn't they last a few more rounds? Hah, I don't remember that you said something like that, for example, when Nadal won the AO last year because they took Novak away.😉
Mileva Prodanovic
Mileva Prodanovic Aylar önce
Novaku sve cestitke i svu srecu ovog sveta zelim. 🥇🏆🥇
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Rob.Wellness Aylar önce
This whole tournament he showed he deserves the #1 spot. So much respect for him.
Ironman Reality
Ironman Reality Aylar önce
He is just indescribable. He is a man of undeniable talent, he is a reflection of blood, sweat and tears in action.
Steve Turner
Steve Turner Aylar önce
Just absolutely Outside, and he’s proved he’s more than just a Tennis Champion, he’s a true Warrior!!
General Shockwave Kingpin
In the sporting world, in general, Novak Djokovic is one of the very greatest sportspersons, to ever live.
Antonio Montana
Antonio Montana Aylar önce
Just unbelievable. Nole is chasing history at this point. The amount of mental toughness and motivation he must have, combined with love for the sport and desire to compete is just unbelievable. I hope he keeps playing for another 5 years and goes into stratosphere of record books.
Tuan -
Tuan - Aylar önce
You know you're good when you win in straight sets. His ability to read the ball is amazing. Well deserved!
velipulla Aylar önce
@Douglas Amorim lmao nope
woogy Aylar önce
@Normal poster it really did in this match
Normal poster
Normal poster Aylar önce
@Douglas Amorim Stefanos game resembles Rogers
Keven Anderson
Keven Anderson Aylar önce
Straight sets is what you want. But People automatically assume it’s a route and the other player wasn’t able to put up a good fight. Djokovic even admitted that Tsitsipas was probably the better player in the second set. And the third set came down to another tie breaker. Tsitsipas made it a tight match that a straight set victory diminishes how close of play it really was. But still props to Djokovic for closing out the tie breakers and securing the match.
Roy Batty
Roy Batty Aylar önce
Novak is such a complete player in every aspect of the game.
RamZar Aylar önce
Congrats Novak on a Huge Accomplishment. 22 Grand Slams, 93 Titles and ATP No. 1 AGAIN! Hope Novak can continue like this for another 4-5 years and break all the records and become the undisputed GOAT. - Tournament Titles: 93 (4th) - Grand Slams: 22 (tie 1st) - Won All 4 GS Twice: Yes (tie 1st) - Olympics Singles Gold: 0 - ATP Finals: 6 (tie 1st) - ATP Masters 1000 Titles: 38 (1st) - Big Titles: 66 (1st) - Weeks No. 1: 373 (1st) - Year End No. 1: 7 (1st) - Year End Top 10: 15 (5th) - Years with 1+ Titles: 18 (tie 2nd) - Matches Won: 1043 (5th) - Matches W-L%: 83.51% (1st)
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Djordje Lezajic
Djordje Lezajic Aylar önce
@divpan1 Yes, and no.Felix did beat Djokovic during Laver cup, an exhibition, like Boodles on grass, in England, no ATP points awarded. Gael Monfils never beat Novak as a pro, but he did beat him once as a junior.
xuanki Aylar önce
@Ángel Núñez Pascual Léelo otra vez, ha puesto 1º "Tie" Empatado
Divyan Panchal
Divyan Panchal Aylar önce
@Djordje Lezajic FAA is canadian. He beat nole last year.
3,2,1 ACTION
3,2,1 ACTION Aylar önce
A lot of 1sts on that list and somehow some delusional fedal fans dispute his GOAT status!!!1
Veritésayer Aylar önce
Man…I see Novak winning 30+ grand slams. Just another level. He’s the greatest!!
RX 11 gün önce
First let him win 25 .all slams won't have the same easy draw and all slams are not Australia open
kathy rz
kathy rz Aylar önce
Hermoso! El trofeo vuelve a su dueño, el verdadero número 1. El año pasado fue una burla, ahora las cosas son como deben ser! Idemo Nole
anzadone Aylar önce
You can stop him from going to the court, but you can't stop him on the court.
rawkenass Aylar önce
That's what you call with an EXCLAMATION!!! What's he's done for the sport along with the other 2 Legends but if ONLY 1 had to stand out.... Its gotta be Novak! I teared up when he was on the floor with his team crying. What a Champion!
Qi Cui
Qi Cui Aylar önce
Doesn't see a downhill for Novak, still trending up while getting older. Insane and remarkable!
flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423
@President Biden nole stoped him last year i think.....
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Nigel Watson
Nigel Watson Aylar önce
Pure blood.
Qi Cui
Qi Cui Aylar önce
@tallswede80 lol🤣
Cornell S.
Cornell S. Aylar önce
What an amazing player... we love you, Novak, wish you a fantastic year.
Rogerio Graca
Rogerio Graca Aylar önce
In this tournament I thought Tsitsipas was the only who could give him some work. Novak was in a mission no one could stop him.
Sui Aylar önce
@Steve Turner that doesn’t change it was highlightly competitive. Each set was very competitive and most people agree Tsitsipas outplayed Djoko in 2nd and the 3rd sets, but Djoko was too good in the tie breaks
Steve Turner
Steve Turner Aylar önce
@Sui - 3 Straight Sets says otherwise my friend!
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Oscar Eduardo Rosales
only Alcaraz can stop him.
Dave Garcia
Dave Garcia Aylar önce
Infravalorado, pero es un deportista TOP sino es que el más profesional estuvo por muchos años en el ranking numero 1 y lo quisieron frenar, ahora en su regreso solo a demostrado que aun y con las trampas de otros Djocovich triunfa con mente y corazón.
BloooJay Aylar önce
We cry with you Novak! You conquered so much pressure and adversity!!
VM Jr.
VM Jr. Aylar önce
I'm so happy to live in the age where i could see Novak, Federer and Nadal...
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Nahuel Aylar önce
@kathy rz Yeah Novak & Federer the GOATS
VM Jr.
VM Jr. Aylar önce
@kathy rz Me too!
kathy rz
kathy rz Aylar önce
Novak and Federer 💕💕
Rosalinda Romero
Rosalinda Romero Aylar önce
Soy fans de Novak Djokovic, amo sus geniales jugadas....
jesse Aylar önce
Wow. Djokovic was on a mission this tournament -- not even the brightest most colorful shorts could distract him.
milan djukic
milan djukic Aylar önce
@Jason Lewis yeah easy draw rublev wn5,tstsipas wn3,de minaur with home crowd and we all know how braindead aussie crowd is,dimitrov was in great shape idk who else djokovic needs to beat lmao nadal lost to nobody,same for ruud
jesse Aylar önce
@President Biden No one stops Rafa at Roland Garros. His injuries will stop him.
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
gleko75 Aylar önce
Ahahaha, that's just exactly what I thought 🤣, maybe next time a white or at least one coloured will help him 😂. Cheers mate 🙋
jesse Aylar önce
@Jason Lewis Yeah, the whole tournament draw was easy for him. Any path he took would've been easy. LOL
Pedro Muciño
Pedro Muciño Aylar önce
Grande Novak, es un excelente deportista y la evolución de su forma de ser lo hace el mejor tenista!! Saludos a todos
Lenyka Costa
Lenyka Costa Aylar önce
Grande Novack!!! Alineado a su cuerpo, mente y corazón en coherencia 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Dylan Parker
Dylan Parker Aylar önce
From everyone who spoke out against the Lockdowns - thank you, Novak!
MultiKkkiller Aylar önce
i start to be a Fan of Djokovic because he stand on his own view agains the mainstream and refuse Biontech Shot so he show the world who is is a Guy with big balls agains all. You are my Hero
Jaquan Aylar önce
He definitely earned this title and #1 ranking
Jordana Aylar önce
This is what a champion looks like 👍 Congrats Novak 👏
Leighton Sproul
Leighton Sproul Aylar önce
World class performance from Novak... hands down a phenomenal player! Well respected and earned doubleuu
knight Aylar önce
its crazy when you take out the #5 seed and the #3 seed in straight sets... just a different breed
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Matias_V Aylar önce
@Euan Smith LOL - typical. Definition of weak era: Dominated by player you hate Defintion of strong era: Dominated by your favorite player 🙄
Euan Smith
Euan Smith Aylar önce
@Matias_V he played against nobody good lol. Weak era champ who can only win when the competition is injured
TeaSeller Modi
TeaSeller Modi Aylar önce
@Jason Lewis Cry more FeDal Fangirl
natoskull2 Aylar önce
@Jason Lewis Same than Riggedrawdal, then. Now feed us your tears. 😭😢😭😢😭😭😭💧💧💧
Lázaro Moncada
Lázaro Moncada Aylar önce
Indiscutible, Djokovic es el Goat del Tenis, si hubiera jugado Australian Open y US Open (Fuera solo por no vacunarse), la historia tuviera otra Cara, pero...ha demostrado de que es el Goat del Tenis; como dijo Tsitsipas en la entrevista del Top 8 del 2021, The Best of the Best (El Mejor de los Mejores).! Grande Djokovic el Mejor! 🎾🎾🎾
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Lázaro Moncada
Lázaro Moncada Aylar önce
@What Do You Think...? 🤣🤣🤣 Don't cry, if He doesn't want, He doesn't...
nicolás Vargas
nicolás Vargas Aylar önce
@Felipe Tovar Estrella todo eso que hablas es pura subjetividad, careces de criterio
Felipe Tovar Estrella
@nicolás Vargas jajajaj Para Nada , solo quiero que entiendan que No es le mejor de todos los tiempos , gana Xq tiene que ganar Pero No es Un deportista que se merezca El Respeto total, X sus Berrinches O acciones Que Hace No está Bien , Son Gustos pero Nole No Le llega Ni a Los Talones a FEDAL🙏🫂👍🥇
Felipe Tovar Estrella
@Aleksandar Petrovic 🕳️👇
Sean Sean
Sean Sean Aylar önce
The king, the goat, the legend, the man….you name it, he is all that!
Cherry Gloria
Cherry Gloria Aylar önce
It's truly amazing to witness the greatness of the Big Four of tennis, Federer, Rafa, Djokovic & Andy Murray.
mirrorzedge523 Aylar önce
As a humble Nadal fan who has watched him since 07, I say Novak is the GOAT. The debate is over. Respect and congratulations to Novak and his fans and well done to him. Not just for his tennis but for his strength to withstand last years political bullshit to be standing here with the AO trophy this year. Well done.
Oscar Eduardo Rosales
@Djordje Lezajic That can be said about anybody, i bet a lot of people wanted that to happen to novak :D and look at him now.
Djordje Lezajic
Djordje Lezajic Aylar önce
@OscarEduardoRosales Carlos Alcaraz needs to win 11 GS, 3 WTF and 19 Masters titles against 121 top 10 players, spends 187 weeks as no.1,and then he will be as half as successful as Novak is.Look what happened with Dominick Thiem, after he won US Open - he cannot compete.
Дмитрий Волгарин
@Oscar Eduardo Rosales Это влажные испанские мечты после разрушения манакорского бегунка=).
Oscar Eduardo Rosales
Until Alcaraz reaches him
Helena Trela
Helena Trela Aylar önce
Gun Monkey
Gun Monkey Aylar önce
After they robbed him last year with their craziness, I hope they feel terrible, but I’m sure they don’t.
Ray Quitana
Ray Quitana Aylar önce
You Sir are an inspiration and have huge balls ever since the plannndemic
Kevin Neysmith
Kevin Neysmith Aylar önce
Congrats to Stefanos on reaching the AO final! You can lift the trophy one day - we are here to keep cheering you on to victory!!
Noname Man
Noname Man Aylar önce
What is there to be said...he came to Australia determined to win and he did...many thanks to the Australian authorities for allowed him access once again,he deserved it and it worked out financially for them too... :)))
murat çalışkan
murat çalışkan Aylar önce
Congrats Novak 👏 best tennis player and amazing character
camaleon sacor
camaleon sacor Aylar önce
Has been allways a roger fan (well, tennis fan) but this past 5-7 years... I mean, this guy IS THE GOAT. Go FU "v4ccin3t3d" rules. This guy is out of this world. Thank you so much novak for your honesty!
Neivaldo Duarte
Neivaldo Duarte Aylar önce
Congrats, Novak Djokovic!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Pablo Macías
Pablo Macías Aylar önce
Es un monstruo, una pena por tsitsipas q ya merece un mayor
Φαμπρίτσιο Μαρνέρος
@Fernanda Patricia Funes Morini Así es Stefanos tendrá un gran futuro...saludos Fernanda
Φαμπρίτσιο Μαρνέρος
Le dió batalla hasta el final, tiempo al tiempo que Tsitsipas será el No. 1 del ATP
Fernanda Patricia Funes Morini
El griego, sin dudas tiene un tremendo futuro. Es un crack. Prontito será su turno (cuando "Nole" haya dicho adiós al tenis, claro está ;) )
gaston lopez
gaston lopez Aylar önce
Un guerrero verdadero, incluso contra el sistema.
Raymond Fan
Raymond Fan Aylar önce
Where are all the djokovic haters talking about how, "Well he probably would have lost even if he wasn't deported last year" at???? The GOAT proves again that he is the king of melbourne with a clinical performance all tournament! Also, Stef's favorite player is Federer but he still admitted Djokovic is the greatest to ever hold a racket. HAHAHAHA so many pissy fed fans are about to turn on him just because he didn't parrot the words they wanted him to say 😂😂😂
Fieldofdreams Aylar önce
@Raymond Fan just accept that federer in his prime was better than Djokovic
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Aayaan Aylar önce
What childishness is this?! You like Novak, just say so. Like an adult...
Raymond Fan
Raymond Fan Aylar önce
@Liam Cool Fair enough. Difference is though, that fedal fans regularly attack the player himself, whereas I'm just engaging in banter with the unreasonable fans. I would never disrepect nadal or federer and their body of work. I respect the two of them and the great rivalry they've had with novak immensely. I recognize there are definitely djoker fans who will say nasty things about fed and nadal. I don't agree with that either, but I think if you've followed tennis and the conversation around it for a long time, you'd know that like I said, fedal fans have been toxic long before djokovic fans were even on the scene. Many of the things djokovic fans say nowadays are definitely pent up frustration over fedal fans saying unfair things about novak over the years. Neither side is right, but I don't think its fair to say djokovic fans are the worst or taking it to the next level when they weren't the ones who began the cycle of hatred.
MRios1128 Aylar önce
All this without injecting that poison! Congrats Novak!
Gamiño Ramírez Roberto
El Mejor Deportista de la Historia (me atrebo a decir que por encima de Michael Jordan). Qué Reciliencia tan Imprecionante. IDEMO NOLE.
Lili Man-Moli
Lili Man-Moli Aylar önce
well, he's 35 and still plays a great level, no even Federer played like that
D Aylar önce
Nole is aging like a fine wine. He looks great for his age and plays as energetic as ever
Serw Hiuo
Serw Hiuo Aylar önce
just unbelievable. I hope he keeps playing for another 5 years and goes into stratosphere of record books.
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
themis Aylar önce
He will
R P A Aylar önce
First of all... ALL MY RESPECT TO TSITSIPAS! you are an amazing fighter and sooner or later you are going to win your first major You have played side by side with the GOAT, you have nothing to reproach yourself with
James TheBond
James TheBond Aylar önce
Brilliant win by a brilliant player. The Joker is the Jedi master of tennis with his incredible mental ability to focus and win the clutch points. That save of the second set point was as good as it gets. Well done!
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Ronnie Conner
Ronnie Conner Aylar önce
Like both players, but Novak is my all time favorite and congratulations for a 10th Australian Open win!!! 🎊🎈🎉
thefrijole15 Aylar önce
Congrats to Novak.. definitely greatest of all time
Steven Fortney
Steven Fortney Aylar önce
Wow! Novak is the greatest. Australian fans don't seem to love him. The applause is just a little quieter than it should be.
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
S E P Palmeiras
S E P Palmeiras Aylar önce
Sem comentário , melhor da história do tênis , 🫅💚💚💪💪
Ain Soph
Ain Soph Aylar önce
That look in Djokovic’ eye; that drama with his father really fired him up. He’s at his best when he feels like someone has wronged him.
blob Aylar önce
@Bryan Martin rules are rules dude
Ain Soph
Ain Soph Aylar önce
@Bryan Martin yeah that’s why I didn’t assert it. Let’s just stop here
Bryan Martin
Bryan Martin Aylar önce
@Ain Soph you are the one asserting a conspiracy. Two actually. To say he would intentionally do that to fire up his son is beyond bonkers lol
Ain Soph
Ain Soph Aylar önce
@Bryan Martin why is everything a conspiracy for some people? His father stood with a guy at a rally wearing pro-Putin gear and gave a weak explanation for it. His father may have known that skipping the SF and final would fire up Novak and for that I can say well played even though the news of his other recent whereabouts is disgusting.
Bryan Martin
Bryan Martin Aylar önce
@blob yeah pay attention. After banning Djokovic for ((literally being healthy and not poisoned b my mRNA)) they then went after his dad this year and tried to frame him as a pro-Putin Warhawk. That was not just untrue, it backfired.
Σοφία77 Aylar önce
Novak is a legend💪Congratulations 👏🙏🏻
Australopithecus Urbanus
The GOAT. No doubt. No limitis. No cry. 🏆
Natural Principles
Natural Principles Aylar önce
@Alejandro Rojas very easily, testing in tennis is super weak. No random testing, not even at many majors and no surprise testing. Not even at every major do they test. Plus, they know ways to cover it up and use substances that are unlikely to show up. And the technology used isn't that advanced. On top of that, even if one of the top players tested positive, they aren't likely to suspend them because it would hurt tennis ratings and they can't afford to do that in tennis. They sometimes make examples of lower players every now and then. I believe rafa and novak, murray before (he may be off of them now), and some others have taken many many cycles. It coincides with things happening in their careers. Roger may have taken some, but I believe much less or none at all. He ends points early on purpose, gets tired more easily, didn't recover the same, but just won on pure talent. Djokavic's rise suddenly from one year to the next had a lot of sketchy things behind it honestly. I know he works very hard of course and is super talented, but it's sketchy. I know he gives credit to diet change, but it can't do that much.
Alejandro Rojas
Alejandro Rojas Aylar önce
@Natural Principleshow can they easily get away with it?
Natural Principles
Natural Principles Aylar önce
People also don't know how many drugs are used in tennis, especially by some of the top guys..It's not an honest sport and some guys that have almost supernatural endurance and ability to recover while playing super grueling long rallies have used certain substances, but can easily get away with it.
A O Aylar önce
Bravo Novak! Tú sí que vales! Y eres muy seguro en tus convicciones.
Daniel Renfrow
Daniel Renfrow Aylar önce
What a player! What a performance!
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Javier Barriga
Javier Barriga Aylar önce
What a legend
Ilovecanada Aylar önce
He beat the authoritarians in their own court, amazing
Bookish girl
Bookish girl Aylar önce
The second set was my favourite part of the game, when Stefanos was thriving in the match and his fierceness came out. 🇬🇷 I wasn't going to go for Djokovic due to being a greek aussie myself and I've enjoyed watching Tsitsipas play on the court these past few weeks, but you have to thank both players for this exciting game to watch. I look forward to Tsitsipas gaining his trophy sometime in the future, when it comes up in the news. I think his rank though speaks for itself without one.
zabaleta Aylar önce
Novak is the best.....by the proverbial country mile! Tsitsipas is close yet so so far, it's a level beyond anyone else ATM from Djokovic.
Adrian Goh
Adrian Goh Aylar önce
Melbourne 2022 owes him another trophy, he should hv 23 Grand Slams by now
gaston durso
gaston durso Aylar önce
Timo van Galen
Timo van Galen Aylar önce
Novak in Australia is like Rafa at Roland-Garros. He's the final boss, and there are no checkpoints.
Sreekanth Aylar önce
23 GS in 23, can't wait. You are almost there. Great performance by both. Thanks!
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Kay Camille
Kay Camille Aylar önce
Without a doubt the best player of all time and a lovely guy too!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Delia Diaz
Delia Diaz Aylar önce
Amo a Nova Djokovic,un genio,idolo total.
NaoBeto Aylar önce
You are not the best by being within the top 10, you are the best by being No. 1 Who has more weeks as No. 1? Mr. Novak Djokovic!
Ryan Carver
Ryan Carver Aylar önce
@President Biden when he loses you will have a litany of excuses
Ryan Carver
Ryan Carver Aylar önce
@President Biden lol
President Biden
President Biden Aylar önce
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2023
Christian Pineda
Christian Pineda Aylar önce
@Ryan Carver is this a nadal vs djokovic video or what’s going on here
Ryan Carver
Ryan Carver Aylar önce
Bingo Nadal is not even close
ichatterbot Aylar önce
They stole this man’s career…he should have the most majors.
Heliocentric Aylar önce
@ichatterbot Wrong. Tennis Australia, not the government, incorrectly advised Djokovic he could use a medical exemption to enter Australia if he claimed he had recently recovered from covid. "On November 29, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt writes to Tennis Australia chief executive Craig Tiley, saying players wishing to enter Australia must be fully vaccinated and cannot count a previous infection as a reason for exemption." "On December 30, Djokovic receives a letter from the Chief Medical Officer of Tennis Australia stating he has been granted a "medical exemption from COVID vaccination" on the grounds that he had recently recovered from COVID-19." Despite being told 1 month earlier that was not a valid reason for exemption. Either way, Djokovic voluntarily chose to be unvaccinated rather than play in the AO. His decision and he stood by it. Which is his prerogative.
ichatterbot Aylar önce
@Heliocentric the Aussie govt gave him an exemption and a visa but when he got there they deported him to create a spectacle.
Denis Aylar önce
@ichatterbot he will get them this or next year, now stop crying.
Heliocentric Aylar önce
@Denis As if Novak was the only person not allowed into Australia during restrictions. Nor was Australia the only country imposing restrictions. Interestingly in 2 years of restrictions 2,000 Australians died from covid. Since 2022 when restrictions were lifted 14,000 have died. But who cares about the elderly and vulnerable people in society? Unless it's someone people know personally that's dead. Countries make laws not tennis tournaments.
Jorge Filho
Jorge Filho Aylar önce
I’m Serbian today! 🇷🇸 Congratulations Djokovic!!!! The GOAT and best player and athlete!
Sal Hardy
Sal Hardy Aylar önce
first I thought is was Federer... then I thought it was Nadal..............but it appears that Novak is the best that has ever lived and will ever live.
Imran Suhail
Imran Suhail Aylar önce
Messi's worldcup and Nole's 10th AO, what a beautiful couple of months
Jorge Filho
Jorge Filho Aylar önce
Fortunately there is no penalties in Tennis!!!!
Imran Suhail
Imran Suhail Aylar önce
@Carlos Yáñez Lozada lol. Ok captain obvious. We all know which team he plays for 🤣
Lolamento quepaso
Lolamento quepaso Aylar önce
@huntr x2 federer.jpg*
huntr Aylar önce
@Carlos Yáñez Lozadashuddup
Carlos Yáñez Lozada
Messi world cup?!. Probably you ment to say: Argentina (the football team) world cup.
Blossom Chinaka
Blossom Chinaka Aylar önce
Well deserved VICTORY for Novak but Stefanos is simply phenomenal! An extraordinary Match with Amazing Points won! Congratulations Novak Djokovic! 😊💯👍
Chloe Rong Ming
Chloe Rong Ming Aylar önce
Sensational, both players. Tsitispas at the age of 24!!!!!!
T mo
T mo Aylar önce
The boos from the crowd that I hear are just disrespectful. Give this man his credit, he made it through trials/tribulations and came out on top.
Helena Trela
Helena Trela Aylar önce
Man on a mission at this tournament in Australia - Novak Djokovic. There was no one to touch Him at HIS best. We love You Noleeeee..💓💓💓
jessie stephens
jessie stephens Aylar önce
So happy for you Novak. Congratulations 👏 👏
Stephen Jensen
Stephen Jensen Aylar önce
Not just the Goat. IMO. He seems like a cool guy that has never taken himself to seriously.
ccxmc Aylar önce
Both my faves, but was rooting for Novak to win after all that happened last year. I was definitely expecting Stef to play better than he did. Poor first set and tiebreaks from him, but could've almost turned it around if Novak didn't convert that third championship point. I'm sure Stef will win slams in the future and hope this match motivates him to improve even more. Novak played extremely well throughout the whole tournament. Congrats to #10 and #22 💞
John Zuñiga
John Zuñiga Aylar önce
You are the Best all the times, unvaccinated 💪💪💪💪
Jimmy Horsefly
Jimmy Horsefly Aylar önce
Pureblood for life!
chris swinerton
chris swinerton Aylar önce
This is why he is the best player of all time.
C dot
C dot Aylar önce
The undisputed 🐐 at this point. Meaning no discredit to Rafa and Federer they are both greats that took the game to new levels, but Novak is about as close as you will get to a human cyborg programmed to play perfect tennis. He’s an absolutely relentless machine.
El Franco aka T.F Bohemia Records
Este tipo es capaz de ganarle con 40 años a cualquier 'Next Gen'. Salvo uno que otro, es pobre lo que la generación del 90 en adelante ha ofrecido al tenis masculino.
Ken Regehr
Ken Regehr Aylar önce
Greatest player of all time. Congrats!!!
권순정 Aylar önce
HE is GOAT at Tennis !
İbrahim Nalbant
İbrahim Nalbant 21 gün önce
he is just unstoppable
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