Start to finish project build - Nissan R32 GTR

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Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for. If you have been following the Vlogs and the progress on social media, you will know we picked this car up towards the tail end of 2020. It has been a bit of a labour of love, but here it is, all those days, months and weeks of hard work and dedication rolled into one feature-length video for your viewing pleasure.

With special thanks to the companies and individuals involved in this project:

BC-Racing: www.bc-racing.co.uk​
Co-ordsport : www.coordsport.com​
HJA : www.harlow-jap-autos.co.uk​
Kenwood: www.kenwood-electronics.co.uk...
Celsus: celsusice.co.uk
Mishimoto : www.mishimoto.co.uk​
Co-ordsport : www.coordsport.com​
Toyo Tires UK : www.toyo.co.uk​

Visit us online: www.autofinesse.com




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initialSpeed 2 gün önce
Wow guy! Wow! The car the edits, the music. Wow! Thanks for taking us on this ride. Was great 👍🏼
bfighter125 11 gün önce
Not once did we get to hear the RB26 engine...Fail
Germaingazm 23 gün önce
Amazing, pure goals for my Skyline R33 build I'm doing right now. Mine will take a few vids to finish though you guys smashed it!! ✌
Jacky Chng
Jacky Chng 24 gün önce
Dude this is not even GTR, looks like GTT ON THE FENDER
AutoFinesse 19 gün önce
Its a GTR we can assure you of that.
tyler gaming
tyler gaming 26 gün önce
In my opinion its an amazing build probably cost a ton of money but i think its ever so slightly too low if it was raised a bit not like stilts but a reasonalble height i think it would be perfect. Edit: should have waited until the end of the video when they were picking it up and it looked perfect.
Head Chef
Head Chef 26 gün önce
Rip. Ruined stock gtr
Constancio Carreon
Constancio Carreon Aylar önce
I feel like that is such a fake accent.
Godzilla R35
Godzilla R35 Aylar önce
MrSamoila Aylar önce
annoying how we barely heard it
k2grand Aylar önce
no sub EVER should go into GTR.
Rohan Ravi
Rohan Ravi Aylar önce
the cleanest stock r32 ive seen on the internet yet😍😍😍
chakib R
chakib R Aylar önce
Swift_ Aylar önce
Haven’t been here before, edits were so fucking dope and a ton of mods. Had no choice but to subscribe 🤘🏻🤘🏻😉
AutoFinesse Aylar önce
Welcome to the gang 🙏
MathIsFun Aylar önce
Meanwhile, I’m saving for a new ECU.
Alberto Garrido
Alberto Garrido Aylar önce
Unpopular opinion, those Bride are probably the ugliest seats I've ever seen, I dont understand why people love to use them, they are horrible.
AutoFinesse Aylar önce
Comfy tho 🙏👌🤣
Christopher Wamytan
Je connaissais pas le contenu de tes video j'ai bien kifer big up a toi depuis la France 🇫🇷 👍 👌 💪 😎
John Enrico
John Enrico Aylar önce
Nice car but its too low doesnt look good
AutoFinesse Aylar önce
Wow - you took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong channel if you don’t like low cars
Tracy Toh
Tracy Toh Aylar önce
I like the E28 M5 in the background, is it for sale?
IS THIS RAY 2 aylar önce
i was so enjoyed this vid, transition, host, cinematic, all is perfect, keep it up !!
HOODI3_ M5T 2 aylar önce
ben lamb
ben lamb 2 aylar önce
Why is it people from England sound so fucked up speaking English
Rad Crx
Rad Crx 2 aylar önce
I don't know if this is tommyfyeah approved lol
riversidemarket 2 aylar önce
RB26 weakpoint Clutchdiskplate Release pivot,  ignition coil  be careful
Timkey Key
Timkey Key 2 aylar önce
You need to turn up the volume of voice, it’s too quiet compared to music
Patrick Mallard
Patrick Mallard 2 aylar önce
that is a cool car to add to your fleet godzilla itself
Hakim 2 aylar önce
I just love seeing these stock JDM cars looking brand new, so good
Johnathan Margaritis
Johnathan Margaritis 2 aylar önce
What a video, apart from the hard work your team put in, the video editing and transitions is incredible. Whoever the team is that puts this together deserves a medal. Very very nicely done. Content is great.
Vinuya john
Vinuya john 2 aylar önce
if this was a episode per episode i thinks i will love it ... and enjot it as much as every episode
john Surr
john Surr 2 aylar önce
Looks perfect lads ,nice job
R3dWood 2 aylar önce
I feel ashamed to be British, one of the few British channels to modify a R32 and they absolutely ruined a very rare and hard to find mint condition r32, that on its own held more value than any disgusting mod they put on that car.. you shouldn’t done it too a other skyline that’s already been beaten up, like you guys just did to this car. Don’t touch upon a style and tradition if you don’t know anything about it. Fuck off
jah Raizer
jah Raizer 2 aylar önce
U didn't even build it?!? :( ur a body shop? :(
jah Raizer
jah Raizer 2 aylar önce
Slamming!!!! Is not finesse. But very nice r32. First time viewer. U rly do that accent justice.
Alan K878
Alan K878 2 aylar önce
Awesome content fellas
RIZ Gaming
RIZ Gaming 3 aylar önce
Create nisan Gtr r34 bro
Buck Shot
Buck Shot 3 aylar önce
Needs underseal done sr autobodies are the dogs bollocks and harnesses in road car is a bit of a pain
Rxnui 3 aylar önce
curious are you willing to sell this? i am an 18 year old living in Australia and looking to buy my dream car!! Will pay for the car and the shipping!!
Tommy Ochoa
Tommy Ochoa 3 aylar önce
Paint Color name anyone ?!
Davidmc07 3 aylar önce
the m2 in the back tho😩
AutoFinesse 3 aylar önce
That’s another of our projects
Onyx UK
Onyx UK 3 aylar önce
You should get a wide body kit on it
Onyx UK
Onyx UK 3 aylar önce
I’m 15 my dream car is an r32 😍😍😍😍 The monsteras RB-26
R33 GTST Nissan skyline series 2  milton
R32 GTR’s do not look good low, you are taking the gtr handling away from it .It is way to low .. don’t like the green harness . other wise nice parts. Looks good .
Caleb Harrison
Caleb Harrison 3 aylar önce
What was those jacks they used?
Vučela 3 aylar önce
Why doesnt this have like 10 m views
Caden Click
Caden Click 3 aylar önce
50 bucks and a 10 piece nugget
Muhammad Fathurrahim
Muhammad Fathurrahim 3 aylar önce
Muhammad Fathurrahim
Muhammad Fathurrahim 3 aylar önce
I love that bRiT-tIsH Ac-cENt
Thistasteslike ass
Thistasteslike ass 3 aylar önce
Maaaaan everyone else needs to shut up bro. They bought the car, they can do what they want. When you buy your own (I doubt it) you can do you.
Dave Matthews
Dave Matthews 3 aylar önce
Do a R33 next. My favorite GTR
IXトマト 3 aylar önce
Ali Eldick
Ali Eldick 3 aylar önce
Such a beautiful car.
Ben Wilkinson
Ben Wilkinson 3 aylar önce
Ruined it
Jason 3 aylar önce
What Bride seats are fitted?
heitor. 3 aylar önce
My dream car😔
PapiJonk 3 aylar önce
i remember using those 3 after effects presets in high school video tech class... if they are going to be shitty at least use more than 3 lol
Dilkash Gandhi
Dilkash Gandhi 3 aylar önce
Ricky Pujol
Ricky Pujol 3 aylar önce
I mean it looks aight, but looks like every other custom r32 build tbh nothing special. Should of just kept it the way it was these things are a dying breed and increasingly rare to find clean unmolested examples of.
Patrick O'malley
Patrick O'malley 3 aylar önce
I’ve got a headache from watching this video. The editor needs to calm down with the visual effects. There is no need to put in a effect in every 2 seconds. Nice car BTW
PapiJonk 3 aylar önce
not only that but they are the same 3 the whole video, and gross presets too
Mc lovin
Mc lovin 3 aylar önce
What twin turbos are you using ?
Loris Foucart
Loris Foucart 3 aylar önce
Well, the fact it's so low ruins it for me, otherwise, it's a prime example, love it !
AutoFinesse 3 aylar önce
This isn’t low, it’s useable 😜
seebeesass 3 aylar önce
pietro caremi
pietro caremi 3 aylar önce
How much do you spend in total? Counting also the hand made.
James Boaz
James Boaz 4 aylar önce
@3:04 I'm not sure who you got doing you video and editing work for ya but fuck man the way that Ford backed in there, sexy ass hell!
Luiz guimarães
Luiz guimarães 4 aylar önce
You guys put so many musics and the real song of the car no??? what happen? Can someone tell me what time i can hear the sound of the engine, because i saw all video and didn't see... frustrated
Aj Clark
Aj Clark 4 aylar önce
Your editor crushed the edit for this. Being a TRvidr myself I know how hard it is to get good footage... Your editor is so consistent with all the shots & framing. Awesome video thanks for the inspo!
Brett Lambley
Brett Lambley 4 aylar önce
You’ve ruined it!! Sorry lads. 🤦🏼‍♂️
Leart Baba
Leart Baba 4 aylar önce
this isnt building just replacing! the car was already good u did a good job but its not quite a build u just replaced good parts with too expensive parts
Cesar Mastrangelo
Cesar Mastrangelo 4 aylar önce
You messed up already with the mishimoto
tre Christensen
tre Christensen 4 aylar önce
Yo im on ft with a girl tryibg to watch this how do i hang up
ButtMuffin 4 aylar önce
Ruined this masterpiece of a car, what a shame.
Nikhil Raut
Nikhil Raut 4 aylar önce
Amount of money u spend on car spen a little more and hire a good editor who understand Voice and Music levels, Content is so good, just that loud music killed my mood.
JDM 4 aylar önce
Sick build but why twins this isn't 95
董杰 4 aylar önce
Русские есть?
Stasik4anskii FullON
Stasik4anskii FullON 4 aylar önce
BMW e92 335i
BMW e92 335i 4 aylar önce
it had all been original in the last few years and you ruined everything, shame for the car, if you had taken a car that needed it I wouldn't say anything 👎🏼
Afif Hidayat
Afif Hidayat 4 aylar önce
Awesome build!
Sun zu
Sun zu 4 aylar önce
Hahahah I thought the new brake disks was a fly wheel because it was so big 😅
Brandtner Freddy
Brandtner Freddy 4 aylar önce
i'm sorry man but you sound like Billy Kimber from Peaky Blinders
BLK•ESPORT 4 aylar önce
Ash Wade
Ash Wade 4 aylar önce
Brits are like: Oaky Tiddlywinks then, oo wants a cuppa tea and a race for the ol’ pink slip then aye? *Zutututututtuuuuu*
Hugh Jarsonballs
Hugh Jarsonballs 4 aylar önce
Do all that and didn’t change internals 😩
EVAN 4 aylar önce
hello johnny sin, how are you?
EVAN 4 aylar önce
1:25 thats hand tho
Dim 4 aylar önce
Dude on the left in the intro lookin like john krasinski
Jaden Kirton
Jaden Kirton 4 aylar önce
The moment you realize its a GTST
The Channel
The Channel 4 aylar önce
Can only stand to watch for 2 minutes. My heart just break when a piece of history of JDM king car has been ruined. The car was in pristine shape and condition. No modification needed. 💔
Alejandro Guerrero
Alejandro Guerrero 4 aylar önce
Michael Zarate
Michael Zarate 5 aylar önce
Gears and gasoline is the best
ShinobiEevee 5 aylar önce
Beautiful white r32 gtr nice work
BossGeek Gamer
BossGeek Gamer 5 aylar önce
what's the thing to lift the car ?
Smoky RS98
Smoky RS98 5 aylar önce
Can't decide, both stock and modified looks are amazing 😍
WA s*it bag titty f*ck Driving.
All about$$$$$$$$$ lol
Nicolas Marchalot
Nicolas Marchalot 5 aylar önce
Nice ricer. Put 10k£ of parts and lose 20k£ of value!
TN Dc2
TN Dc2 5 aylar önce
The music is like 20x louder than their voices 👀
Daniel Zhen
Daniel Zhen 5 aylar önce
what garage are you in?
Сергей Котцов
Вкратце 1. Колхоз рисовозки 2. Пиздатый ковер 3. Матёрый дед настройщик 4. Лютый выхлоп.
Anas Nasir
Anas Nasir 5 aylar önce
Nardi steering wheels only ruin the interiors... 😑
I love R32 GT-R too! My R32 GT-R is 450HP. I hope more power .
Z O G B E E . J P N
Z O G B E E . J P N 5 aylar önce
Great sight to see an immaculate stock GTR. However, you guys have smashed it with the work you've all put in and the choice of parts selected. Amazing work 🔥👍
Graciel Kelly
Graciel Kelly 5 aylar önce
Handling before power mods. You love to see it.
R. Cab
R. Cab 5 aylar önce
Too low brotha. You can tell the car doesn't enjoy being that low, would raise it up to be at least the same height as the top of the tire
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