Star Wars SC 38 Reimagined

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DIRECTOR: Philip Silvera
VFX Producer: Christopher Clements
2nd UNIT DIRECTOR: Wayne Dalglish
Producer: Brady Romberg
Ben Kenobi - Daniel Brown
Darth Vader - Richard Cetrone
Ben Kenobi stunt - Jimmy Chhiu
Darth Vader Stunt - Steve Oyoung
Stunt Rigger: Tim Garris
Fight team:
Steve Oyoung
Micah Karns
Jimmy Chhiu
Stunt Rigger: Joe Ross
1st AD: Conor Kelly
DP: AJ Epstein
1st AC: Corey Lincoln
2nd AC: Jason Mandel
Gaffer: Arman zajic
Best Boy: Nermin zajic
SWING: Luis batres
KEY GRIP: Anthony Suy
DOLLY GRIP: Corbin Speed
BTS: Ryan Houchin
POST CONSULT: Mark Spencer
Sound Design: Kevin Senzaki
3d Modeler: Paul 'Wiz' Johnson
SPFX MAKEUP: Drew Talbot
VFX Assistant: Gabriel Romero
VFX Consultant: Jacob Dalton
Wardrobe: Allison Cohen
Script Supervisor: Sarah Garrettson
Production Coordinator: Paul Scott
Medic: Kyle Derek
Truck Driver: Marcus Moreno
Original Music: Lucas King

Star Wars Sc 38 Reimagined
(Unofficial short scene)

"Scene 38 ReImagined" is about the final confrontation between Ben Kenobi & Darth Vader in "A New Hope" nearly 20 years after the events of "Revenge Of The Sith." This is a one-off story driven scene reflecting the characters in its chronological order from the point of Revenge of the Sith through Rebels, Rogue One, and all canon material leading to A New Hope.

Please do not repost without crediting this channel.

VFX Supervisor - Christopher Clements

Check out the Behind the Scenes here to see the full cast and crew: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovkqs...

For questions, email me at FXitinPost@gmail.com

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial, non-profit
“REIMAGINED SHORT SCENE,” not intended for commercial use. This was made strictly for Entertainment purposes, as well as VFX & Camera testing. All story, characters, likeness & sound, are the property of Walt Disney/LucasFilm’s.



8 May 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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FXitinPost Yıl önce
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Chewbacca 8 gün önce
King5942 12 gün önce
At 3:17, why wasn’t “you should not have come back” used, but used “there is no escape” instead?
Anthony Herrera
Anthony Herrera 18 gün önce
Where were you when Disney made the starwars movies :) this was amazing.
Ani8900 22 gün önce
The "you were the chosen one" line at the end really add A sense of despair, saying that they put all their hopes on Aniken… When they should've realized it was his children or those who will bare the name Skywalker.
Joseph Bletsas
Joseph Bletsas 22 gün önce
@FXitinPost Has production on Cloud City Reimagined started or gotten underway yet?
Tom Oliva
Tom Oliva 41 dakika önce
o q foi isso???ficou bom demais kkkk um dos melhores 6 min da minha vida parabens vlw msm acho q todo mundo sonhou com essa treta kkkk. What was this ? U nailed it awesome Some of better 6 minutes of my life. I think that a whole world dreamed with this charge kkkkk thanks
M7W Saatler önce
THAT ist the real "scene 38" for me since I saw it for the first time. The old one ist just legends.
Moogle Saatler önce
This one fight had more story and character development than the entire sequel trilogy lmao
Yuansheng Zhang
Yuansheng Zhang Saatler önce
my all time favourite
Matt McCarel
Matt McCarel 2 saatler önce
This is Bitchin! It was not like this but this re-imagining is awesome. Even four strikes of a light sabre at that time was bliss!!! (Like black and white Westerns)
Дмитрий Денисенко
Круто 🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍
Michael BlackSea
Michael BlackSea 2 saatler önce
Спаааааасиииииибо!!!!!! This is just incredible, guys!
fablewalls 4 saatler önce
Loved it but doesn’t Darth Vader‘s head looking enormously big???
Tyler Schneiderman
Tyler Schneiderman 10 saatler önce
Ares Gow
Ares Gow 13 saatler önce
I can feel Darth Vador's anger It gives him Focus
Vaders Father
Vaders Father 13 saatler önce
Hindsight is a wonderful thing
Abiathar Z Hadnot [aka, Richardson Scott]
4:43 It is always those moments. That changes a individual to their true potential; moments where people create their own nightmares out of those they pretended to love. They loved what they thought you would be; what they hoped you would be. Not realizing what it does to you. The guilt of your fall rest on your shoulders for entertaining others delusions. The pain, the agony, the betrayal. They realize your realization. That they are the source of your torturous torment. Then they see you as a monster of their own guilt and failure. Poetic how they create their own monster, from their own misguided actions an feelings. For where Love an hope is sowed. So is hate and despair.
Austin Jurgle
Austin Jurgle 18 saatler önce
This. This right here. This is what real passion and love for the Star Wars franchise looks like. Not the bantha fodder that Disney has spewed onto cinemas. Lets break it down. First, the flitting back and forth between Han, Luke, Leia and the gang and the fight with Vader and Kenobi. Just enough for transitions that make sense, keeping us appraised of Han and Luke, and of Ben and Anakin. Second, the fight choreography. I cannot praise it enough. Obi-Wan moved like the Master he is. You can see a bit of his younger self in his moves. And Vader.... going from calm, matching Obi-Wan's grace blow for blow, but getting angrier as the fight goes on. His strikes devolving into brutal, hammering blows powered by his cybernetic enhancements, and the Dark Side. Masterfully done, guys and gals. And then the Prequel words flashing back.... I tear up every time I watch this. Not only because it's a beautiful love letter to the Star Wars of old, but also because I weep for what the franchise has become. FXitinPost, you fine ladies and gentlemen deserve all the praise for this masterful reimagining. My only complaint is that the people running Star Wars into the ground don't have half the love and passion for it that you folks obviously do. Thank you for this, and may the Force be with you, always.
John Doe
John Doe 18 saatler önce
This is what the Special Edition should have looked like. Brilliant job guys! 🙌🏻
bennyfactor 19 saatler önce
I think this is a very good idea, and good overall execution and unliked so many of the additions/remasterings/etc an actual improvement over the original. If I had the skill to do such a thing, though, I would have kept more to camera angles/shots/moves that were consistent with the original film so it would feel more seamless with the 1970s footage.
Dillon Crowe
Dillon Crowe 19 saatler önce
I'll tell you, I find it SO easy to forget the Obi-Wan we know and love from "The Clone Wars" series and the prequels, is the same Obi-Wan that is killed in "A New Hope"... THIS version of their final duel, DEFINITELY helps me to remember.
babyreek 20 saatler önce
They should make a version of ANH with this in it. It just makes sense. Vader is brutal and extremely powerful as he should be unlike the original duel. Also it adds depth to the relationship between Vader and obj wan
Man 0f Trenches
Man 0f Trenches 21 saatler önce
Better than the original.
Mike Maoudj
Mike Maoudj 21 saatler önce
Years later and this is still so Amazing and gives me chills every time I watch it
BetaEdition 21 saatler önce
Vader saying "There is no escape" while illuminated by the emergency hall lights, most intimidating thing ever.
Aaron Jenkinson
Aaron Jenkinson Gün önce
Put this in the movie and give this man a directors job
I Failed you Anakin
Ronald Reis Jr
Ronald Reis Jr Gün önce
Vader was actually nervous fighting obi wan since he beat him.
Simon Pearson
Simon Pearson Gün önce
Imagine seeing this on the cameras as a security officer.
Spectre-Games Studio
Its monumental. Also its monumental how far technology has come, One day we may see the original trilogy will completely be a remade version of its former self. Improved fight scenes, and so on and on, but keeping the classic and already alterations, such as the emperor, etc.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Gün önce
The power be with you
Now,this should of been the fight between Vader and Kenobi in episode 4.
John Gilliland
John Gilliland Gün önce
Best upgraded rendition of this fan favorite light saber duel I've ever seen! Two thumbs WAY up!!
Þ6g9m Ök3
Þ6g9m Ök3 Gün önce
God can't believe this was made 2 years ago. It feels like it was a couple of months.
MrJoestar83 Gün önce
Obi Wan *throws sand at Vader* Vader: 'This only makes me stronger'
Dark Koala
Dark Koala Gün önce
4:08 the best part so heartbreaking with that corus all those painfull memories
The dabbing cartoon
Oh my God. That was actually incredible.
Ben Adelberg
Ben Adelberg Gün önce
Can you imagine how short the Star Wars saga would have been if Luke had not shot out that door lock? If Vader had walked into the hanger, killed Luke (without knowing he was his son), and grounded the Falcon. Killed Han and Chewbacca then tortured Leia (without knowing she was his daughter) for Rebellion intel. DIRECTED BY GEORGE LUCAS
Five Percent
Five Percent Gün önce
I cried when I heard the screams of Anakin
Well done
Yacsius Gün önce
5:20 I always found this moment funny. Vader checked to see if Obi-Wan had shrunk
Nazgull2k1 Gün önce
Nope. Sorry, just nope. Vader never has and never will move that fast. Time and again, its his slow, methodical dueling style of his custom Form V, relied on primarily 1 handed dueling style, not twirls, running, or trickery. A prime PROPER example of Vader being Vader via a movie production is Rogue One. You can also check the appearence ending of Jedi Fallen Order. Vader doesnt run, hurry, walk fast, or in general, alter his pacing. Not for anyone. He LITERALLY cant. Even when fighting Luke, he never moved more than a walk.. the dude has 2 mechanical legs, he aint Usain Bolt.
Babe the pig
Babe the pig Gün önce
Didn't George Lucas say Ben Kenobi could had defeated Vader?
Marco Neves
Marco Neves Gün önce
Every time I watch this, I am just... in AWE. I want this scene to be put in future special edition blu-rays or ultimate saga boxed sets (and replace the original fight, bc this one is just BETTER in every way - I can't believe I just typed that "heresy" but.... yeah). Bravo to everyone involved. It's awe-inspiring. This is the kind of visionary director Lucasfilm will hopefully hire for their Star Wars feature films from now on. I'm hoping Dave Filoni watched this.
Wenceslao Rial
Wenceslao Rial Gün önce
Armando Gemei
Armando Gemei Gün önce
This was excellent
noobslayer10101 Gün önce
Guys in the CCTV security room: "should we head down and help?" "No way bro look at Darth Vader and Obi Wan fight!"
Molon Labe
Molon Labe Gün önce
There's not enough like buttons
Kaldie 2 gün önce
I hope Disney makes the Darth Vader vs Obi-Wan fight just as impressive in the new Obi-Wan series...However I don't expect too much of that because disney has fucked up more on the Star Wars Saga that fans have proven to be doing better then Disney (or George Lucas) !
Braxton Logue
Braxton Logue 2 gün önce
In half the obi wan still have some fighting left I ik where you just moved his save back and fourth
Liam Bates
Liam Bates 2 gün önce
Anybody else notice the green come out of nowhere @ 3.42? Almost as if Qui-Gon Jinn intervened for a second? If it was by accident it was beautiful all the more 👌😭
Dublin_Barman 2 gün önce
Very well Done
Cringe Guy
Cringe Guy 2 gün önce
This is good but what is up with the Star Trek lights
Jonas Henrique
Jonas Henrique 2 gün önce
que lindo cara ;-;
LeechRec 2 gün önce
You can feel the force of those strikes
BubblegumJ TheGamer
BubblegumJ TheGamer 2 gün önce
Fukin amazing. I got chills for the whole vídeo omg so good great job mate.
Dean Rosini
Dean Rosini 2 gün önce
4:36 is sooooo good
Diamondback Stas
Diamondback Stas 2 gün önce
G Rico
G Rico 2 gün önce
Anyone know the music at 4:00 ?
Jesse Lesueur
Jesse Lesueur 2 gün önce
this was better than any of the "special" edition edits. I bet if George was still in charge he would respond to a fan request to make this cannon.
Bruce Carterr
Bruce Carterr 2 gün önce
"now i am the master" "only a master at being caught"
Rabbani Azzahra
Rabbani Azzahra 2 gün önce
New vader is slow, obi wan's form 3 could probebly best him, but neat video
Rabbani Azzahra
Rabbani Azzahra Gün önce
@lol obi wan was actually stronger than before so strong that he can predict moves hours before it happened, the only downside is he's body so he cant go as fast as he used to but yet again so does darth vader
lol Gün önce
obi is older in ep4 though, and much more inexperienced
Steve O
Steve O 2 gün önce
pst... Still looks amazing 2 years later.... Wish I could marry this version, I love it so much. My passion has allowed me to view this 1000 times. My strength shall see me through to 2000. At that point my power will be insurmountable and I shall attain my victory by assuming this as my cannon and break the chains that held me to old ideals. The Force shall free me.
Hallucination Thoughts
I'm just glad the fans have kept the franchise alive with passion and care after Disney murdered it
Nicofuell 2 gün önce
En la escena original al combatir, no son agresivos sino más bien cautelosos el uno del otro, es decir se respetaban, dicen que Vader temía a las habilidades de Obi Wan por eso la batalla fue lenta en la original. Pero genial estuvo
Relaxing Meditations
This is how they should fight in the obi wan series!
Pablo Tomás Llodrá
Funny how confused Vader was when Obi-Wan disappeared.
Peter Moore
Peter Moore 3 gün önce
Very cool, let's just hope it doesn't give them any ideas about releasing yet another special edition.
AMC HOLDER 25 3 gün önce
Way better fighting choreography than the new star wars.
Antonello Borreggine
Yeeeeesssssssssssss 😍😍😍😍
Toni Haw
Toni Haw 3 gün önce
Une fin comme on aurait voir ! Juste splendide !
Mark Marderosian
Mark Marderosian 3 gün önce
This is the way someone who blames someone else for causing them to ignite in flames and leaving them to die would react. Imagine stewing and plotting this for years and then that person is right in front of them. They'd attack with vengeance almost immediately. This is such a better cut as it follows the emotions more logically. That's also why "Your powers are weak, old man" is better placed earlier as it is here. He's taunting him right out of the gate - saying it earlier really sounds more like a threat than an observation as it was in the original.
Owen Amerson
Owen Amerson 3 gün önce
This is 1000% better than the original
LeCrypto 3 gün önce
Sir that was amazing in all way!
jeroen pos
jeroen pos 3 gün önce
I want this to be canon
Mark Duncombe
Mark Duncombe 3 gün önce
Zero dislikes. Oh man.
Sir CaptainTM
Sir CaptainTM 3 gün önce
This should be titled: Not Understanding Filmmaking.
The Malcah TwinZ
The Malcah TwinZ 2 gün önce
How come?
KevStorm 3 gün önce
Darth Vader don’t fight like that 90% of the time he is mostly composed this is too much from him
The Malcah TwinZ
The Malcah TwinZ 2 gün önce
I agree, but he did HATE Obi wan specifically with a burning passion
Sandal_Thong 3 gün önce
Adding dialog from Episode 3 (which I haven't seen) really mucks up the scene.
Andrew Belmares
Andrew Belmares 3 gün önce
I’m curious if the choreography for the Kenobi series will even come close to this level. And if it does, I’m wondering if that might inspire you to add more to this, kinda like a Reimagined V2.0 (I doubt that’ll actually happen, but one can imagine).
Chris Michaels
Chris Michaels 3 gün önce
This is so silly. And I mean that as an insult. Obi-Wan was an old man. Vader was playing with him. They don’t need to be lunging at each other, spinning around, and throwing full body weight into every swing. The mark of a great Jedi isn’t their skill with a lightsaber but as a diplomat of peace and in tune with the Force. Lightsaber duels are for children.
Jason 3 gün önce
I have always believed that smirk from Ben right before Vader cut him in half was because he saw Luke and realized that if he allowed Vader to strike him down in front of Luke - then Luke would be hell-bent on killing Vader in revenge. I know that sounds anti-Jedi, but that's the point. Obi-Wan's whole plan was for Luke to KILL Vader. This is also why he lied about Vader murdering Anakin, so that Luke would want to kill Vader. Even when Luke proposed the idea that his father could be saved, Kenobi insisted he was no longer human and had to be destroyed. This was a set-up by Kenobi.
Pepito Perez
Pepito Perez 3 gün önce
cross121884 3 gün önce
Thats what it should have been. Vader swings 1 handed like a world class slugger
imjoeimjoe 3 gün önce
SpoonAddict 4 gün önce
I would say that the voice of darth Vader in the first movie was pretty fitting in many cases
Jacob Cox
Jacob Cox 4 gün önce
Why does the editing-in of Alec Guinness's face in this video look better than the editing-in of actual Mark Hamill at the end of Mandalorian S2?
Freak 4 gün önce
02:01 amazing detail. Dart Wader has light in one eye, dark in the other. He is still confused..
Reign Mahoney
Reign Mahoney 4 gün önce
If they had a battle half as good as this in episode 7-9 they might of been good. This is incredible
Trevor Bazzell
Trevor Bazzell 4 gün önce
God the desperation with Wich Anakin attacks him. He wants Obi-Wan to die.
Alphastone14 4 gün önce
Tell me they made some edification to the movie
Mohammed Meshal
Mohammed Meshal 4 gün önce
I kid you not, this fight is better than any star wars fights. It look realistic and amazing in the same time While late star wars make it looks to much fake i prefer this.
GruntzWolfe0311 4 gün önce
I hate you!!!!!!!
Argo Asylum
Argo Asylum 4 gün önce
Is it just me, or does this guy understand lightsaber combat more than Disney, loved this, this brought so many memories of the original fight, this makes complete sense if the original fight was like this I love it
Alpacatron Gaming
Alpacatron Gaming 4 gün önce
Artisan1979 4 gün önce
I always wondered what he did with Ben's light saber.
Dylan Olson
Dylan Olson 4 gün önce
Wow that's very good love the moment when it does the voice over for Anakin and Obi-Wan *chef's kiss*
Jeb Wright
Jeb Wright 4 gün önce
Awesome !
Charles Abernathy
Charles Abernathy 4 gün önce
Eduardo Graystone
Eduardo Graystone 4 gün önce
Eduardo Graystone
Eduardo Graystone 4 gün önce
Rob Bright
Rob Bright 5 gün önce
This is fully Canon to me
thatguy 5 gün önce
>what kept you guys >we ran into old friends Sure you did you incest f**ks
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