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7 Eki 2022




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John Vance
Find someone who loves you the way the Star Trek franchise loves Brent Spiner
Steve Rodriguez
The TNG cast cannot be replicated. Absolute perfect mix of actors who truly make their characters work.
The Worf delivery is so on point, Michael didn´t miss a single beat. I consider Star Trek TNG a cultural world heritage of arts. Every episode is great to watch.
pouu ktin
Seeing Riker, Worf and Seven interacting really feels like a true crossover
miou joer
As a 12 year old girl in the mid-90s, I loved TNG. Watching this trailer just warmed my heart. I can’t wait to watch in February
Finally, a season of Picard with what I wanted from the beginning. The cast.
As much as I love the plot driven series, I sometimes miss the surprise and creativity of the stand alone episodes.. Some of them were absolutely amazing. Stories like TNG S:5 - Inner Light. That episode still resonates with me 20+ years later.
Anna Galati
Anna Galati 16 saatler önce
Finally Seven getting her just reward!! She needs her own spinoff show!!
Caleb Slager
Finally a season of Picard that features Brent Spiner
Van Barry Dillon II
I really hope Colm Meaney reprises his role as Myles O'Brien. He had the second most appearances in the Star Trek Universe behind those of Michael Dorn.
William Rockhill
William Rockhill 19 saatler önce
Such a great series to honor a great series. Definitely my favorite.
Sly Sly
Worf still looks like a complete badass. Guess it doesn't matter how many years go by, dude just has it.
Adam Ben-Shimon
Adam Ben-Shimon 21 saatler önce
I can't wait for season 3! It's going to be great!
Ryan Baker
Dorn looks absolutely amazing! So does everyone else but he definitely stood out for me.
Paddy Grenham
I love the way riker says we're all going to die after worf says I now prefer pacifism to combat
dilik mli
I knew Brent spiner was gonna be in this season, but I still didn’t expect that. I’m really excited for this season. It looks epic and I’m so happy to see everyone back
juan sanchez villalobos Ramirez
It's not the full cast without Miles O'brien. Colm Meaney was in 52 episodes of TNG including the very first and last episodes. He deserves at least a shout out.
sleeping gorilla
I'm going to call it. Moriarty is not a bad guy, he was created as an opponent "capable of beating data" so they may put him in an android body to help them against Lor.
Helene B
It's so amazing hearing and seeing all of them again. Can't wait.
Gregor Gysi & Wolfgang Grupp
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