Stafford's Fake Spike & Calvin's 329-Yard Game | Cowboys vs. Lions (Week 8, 2013) | NFL Full Game

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29 Oca 2023




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NFL 6 yıl önce
22:35 - Calvin Johnson takes quick Slant Pass 87-yards 25:38 - Calvin Johnson grabs 2-yard TD pass from Mathew Stafford 52:06 - Dan Bailey makes 53-yard FG for Cowboys 1:01:58 - Mathew Stafford is intercepted by Sean Lee who returns for 74-yards 1:04:55 - Dez Bryant Hauls in 5-yard TD pass from Tony Romo 1:22:27 - Reggie Bush fumbles, recovered by Cowboys 1:31:10 - Calvin Johnson fumbles after deep catch, recovered by Cowboys 1:34:50 - Dan Bailey makes 53-yard FG 1:43:53 - David Akers makes 20-yard FG 1:47:15 - Terrance Williams takes short pass 60-yards for TD 1:54:18 - Lions’ Joique Bell rushes for 1-yard TD 1:58:08 - Dez Bryant takes quick pass 50-yards for TD 2:00:32 - Calvin Johnson snags 54-yard pass from Mathew Stafford 2:04:24 - Reggie Bush bursts through for 1-yard TD 2:15:20 - Cowboys stop Lions on 4th down 2:21:00 - Dan Bailey makes 44-yard FG to put Cowboys up 30-24 2:24:45 - Lions convert back-to-back deep passes to set up game winning score 2:25:42 - Stafford fakes spike at the goal line and jumps over the line for 1-yard TD 2:31:45 - Cowboys series of laterals fails, Lions win.
Arto Mkhitaryan
Arto Mkhitaryan Yıl önce
Nfl A
Arto Mkhitaryan
Arto Mkhitaryan Yıl önce
Hi and thanks
King Lucha
King Lucha 2 yıl önce
@SkipBip dude is actually pretty cool. Had a brew or two with him.
SkipBip 2 yıl önce
You forgot: 1:39:38 - Grown man wears cat makeup
James Ford
James Ford 2 yıl önce
@Baseball Kidd Nah, you don't understand. The refs blew the play dead the moment they believed Stafford broke the plane of the goal-line. So, him running off tackle and crossing the goal-line for the second time wouldn't have counted as the play was over. So, if upon review it had been determined that Stafford did not break the plane of the goal-line on the first attempt, the play would have been overturned. What's more, if it was overturned, since the clock had been moving prior to the snap and was stopped due to what was ruled a touchdown and then overturned, there would have been a 10 second run-off, leaving the Lions with only 2 seconds to snap the ball for the next play. What's worse is the clock would start as soon as the ref spotted the ball and whistled for live play to begin. This exact scenario cost the Lions the game against Atlanta a couple seasons ago. They had gone down the field and, with a running clock on 3rd down, Stafford threw the ball to Golden Tate who appeared to break the plane for a go-ahead touchdown. The refs signaled touchdown, which stopped the clock. Then, upon review, they ruled his knee had been down. They incorrectly ruled there was less than 10 seconds remaining when there should have been 11, so when they overturned the play, they assessed a 10 second run-off with only 9 seconds left, ending the game. This is how stupid the NFL is.
gor9027 4 yıl önce
Dez Bryant claiming that he was better than Calvin only for this to happen is still hilarious.
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas 5 aylar önce
@Jeremy Fletcher Better Route runner? Like to the sideline out then complain to the bench? Lol
mclohan 11 aylar önce
You guys sleeping on Dez. He wasn’t a bum but he was def no Megatron lol. I mean Megatron might very well be the most dominant WR ever. Prime vs prime I’m taking him over anyone including Rice Moss and Owens.
Jason Hawkins
Jason Hawkins 11 aylar önce
I wish Dez was as good as he thinks he was.
allidoiswin2597 11 aylar önce
@Buster Hyman is is a cute t
John 11 aylar önce
Dez Bryant... a legend in his own mind (and no one else's)
zioxzy 6 yıl önce
best lion game I ever went to.. my dad got to witness his cowboys choke in person 😂😂👌
marco 3 yıl önce
Still havent won a playoff game in how long 💀
ethan lane
ethan lane 5 yıl önce
Good for him. #OnePride
0531jos 5 yıl önce
you have my favorite daddy issues on youtube.
ant twon
ant twon 5 yıl önce
Tason Womo #9/82 #OlReliable #Clutch #GOATs you had to pay the refs and bring them on your party bus to Winn that playoff game 😂😂😂
Tason Womo #9/82 #OlReliable #Clutch #GOATs
Skeeter Doo won the playoff game and spanked them this season
OC Films
OC Films 5 yıl önce
It's funny that they took so long to review the final touchdown, even though Stafford came back down and then ran to the end zone. So if it wasn't a touchdown when he extended, it was when he just walked there,, haha
TJ Alexander
TJ Alexander 3 aylar önce
They were probably conspiring a way to ruin the Lions' hopes and dreams only to realize there is no possible way of doing so.🤣
Nebula Yıl önce
@James Ford that's a stupid ass rule
James Ford
James Ford 2 yıl önce
@hotbam37 That's exactly what happened. They blew the play dead the moment they felt he had crossed the goal-line. They do this, especially on plays involving QBs or Kickers, to protect the players. Is it annoying? Yes. But it's done in the name of safety. Since they blew it dead and ruled a TD, the extra action after that where Stafford ran off tackle to cross the goal-line a second time wouldn't have mattered. Even worse, if they had ruled he didn't cross the goal-line on the initial push on replay review, they would have assessed a 10 second run-off, even though they're the ones who stopped the play prematurely. The NFL can be mind-boggling at times. I've lost count of how many times my Lions have been screwed over by the Refs.
hotbam37 3 yıl önce
That's what I was thinking but I'm guessing the refs blew the play dead after he jumped. They are always too eager to stop the plays.
I love how Stafford MADE SURE he was in. He didn't just quit on the play after the dive and the touchdown, he stayed up and ran around the pile and into the end zone to make sure there was absolutely NO CHANCE it wasn't a touchdown. Stafford is one of my favorite players in the NFL
RoachDoggJR 11 aylar önce
Sb champ Matthew Stafford
SutTyphon Yıl önce
Kyle Knowshisgun
Kyle Knowshisgun 2 yıl önce
I absolutely have no idea why, but this was the game I officially became a Detroit Lions fan. I was not into the NFL being so young growing up and watching my dad be so disappointed by the lose to this match sparked something in me. Don't worry i still back any team with great players, hell I bought my dad his first NFL game tickets Dallas vs Bucs back in '18. My first NFL game wasn't till last year opening day ARZ vs DET. Dont care who won I just love the sport of football!!
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 2 yıl önce
NFL analysts: "300 yards is a good mark for a quarterback." Calvin: "Fine. I'll do it myself."
Mac Yıl önce
Came here after Matt upset Tom and the Buccaneers with that last second spike for the field goal win...my favorite QB by a long shot.
Techno Mage
Techno Mage 6 yıl önce
Thank you for uploading a classic game in full! This was a treat!
MotherLoveBone 6 yıl önce
NFL showing love to Detroit? About time! I'm ready for Thanksgiving :)
William Lawrence
William Lawrence 6 yıl önce
Vicious Sphere
Vicious Sphere 6 yıl önce
CHETxxxLEMON they're just uploading all 90+ games that should had been uploaded in August, took them a while..
Techno Mage
Techno Mage 6 yıl önce
Hell yes! cheers
A to Z
A to Z 2 yıl önce
This is why Stafford is my favorite QB of all time. The guy is smart and gutsy. A true gunslinger. Hopefully, some day he will go in the HOF and join the only other 2 Detroit Lion HOF QBs, being Dutch Clark and Bobby Layne.
Taylor Rayn
Taylor Rayn 11 aylar önce
If Matthew Stafford stays doing what he did this past year, If he gets another ring and plays in another superbowl, hopefully this next yr he gets mvp if Aaron Rodgers doesnt... then guaranteed he will be HOF. His stats even tho he was with the lions.... he should of been in the top 15 QBs in the league. That was before going to rams.
TheJPaulR0 11 aylar önce
On his way!!!!
Taylor 5 yıl önce
Man I love the Lions and Stafford even if they're not my team
Kushy 2 yıl önce
As a Lions fan, I miss Megatron and the 2010 era of the Lions. Now entering the 2020 season, I dont know what to expect with the defense and more importantly the running game a long with the Oline.
PI3MAN25 2 yıl önce
@Liam Briggs yeah it's hard but the organization seems to be trying a little harder.
domsoepic 2 yıl önce
XxXxjkSkxXxX so are the cowboys
domsoepic 2 yıl önce
XxXxjkSkxXxX and?
0O 2 yıl önce
@domsoepic there trash
shanna scruggs
shanna scruggs 6 aylar önce
That throw to Durham in the 4th quarter to setup the pass to Johnson, had that throw been done by Mahomes, the NFL would have exploded and social media would've went insane. But Stafford was doing that even before this game, never got any credit for the unreal arm talent he always had and that one throw by itself is all the proof you need.
Subaru WRX
Subaru WRX 6 yıl önce
I miss watching CJ on Sunday! He was unstoppable and defense knew he was the go to guy every Sunday and still can't stop him! The best WR in my era! Glad I got to witness something great! Wish he would've kept playing because he could've gone down as the best WR ever! Very humble too!
Mr Serrano
Mr Serrano 6 yıl önce
One of the best games of recent memory, thanks for posting this 👍🍻...and I'm a cowboys fan lol
Derrick cooper voiceoverking
One of the best games in lions history hands down calvin Johnson 329 rec yards staffords fake spike the great comeback to win the game
Shannon Tory
Shannon Tory 4 yıl önce
This is gotta be one of the greatest comebacks of all time 😂🤣
matt tim
matt tim Yıl önce
Aarron Rodgers has done this multiple times with less time. Look it up. Brady has done it a couple times as well.
Nick Darr
Nick Darr 5 aylar önce
As a lions fan born in 1988 this is the game that reignited my love for Detroit. And that's a bad thing
KamikOzzy_ 6 yıl önce
How can you always place the blame on Tony Romo, if his defense allows a 300 receiving receiver??? How's that Romo's fault. He gets undeserving criticism sometimes .
foxboy72006 Yıl önce
Nope! This was the Lions Offense. I don't care if we won this game. The Cowboys should have beaten us this day. The Offense kept turning the ball over, forcing the Defense to stay on the field. I would have screamed at them in the locker room after the game. "DON'T be celebrating this win! We got extremely lucky today! This shouldn't be happening!!! Pick it up guys!! Work on the damn turnovers!!!"
TYler Stimpson
TYler Stimpson 2 yıl önce
2:28:24 - I don't know what Dez Bryant's deal is here but he needs to just drop it.
Moe Betta
Moe Betta 2 yıl önce
@Alex Smith ..are you kidding? Everybody kissed Romo's ass for years. Even while he was throwing crushing interceptions in big games. Prescott is mediocre at best, they'll never win anything significant with him either.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 2 yıl önce
I'm an Eagles fan and Romo deserved respect and never got it. Dak does absolutely nothing for 3 quarters and comes back still short with the help of refs, and everybody calls him great. It's absolutely backwards how Romo gets blamed for bad defense, but Prescott gets praised for being a bad quarterback.
Nick_Valentine2702 2 yıl önce
@Moe Betta nah he has the highest qb rating of any qb in the 4th quarter. he was a really good qb for a long time and he was undrafted out of eastern illinois. Brett Favre is more infamous for late game ints than romo but he won a ring so he doesnt get as much hate
Justin Pettit
Justin Pettit 5 yıl önce
I remember watching this at my cousin's house with me, my cousin and another friend. We went nuts when that final play happened.
AdamKlestinec Yıl önce
Megatron must’ve been extremely frustrating for the secondary when he can out jump them for a pass, out run them on a 5 yard slant pass for a 70 yard gain, and still find ways to get open or catch a pass in double coverage. Man was a once in a lifetime player.
Kyle Whitlow
Kyle Whitlow 3 yıl önce
I had calvin johnson in fantasy that year lmfao whoever played me in week 8 probably raged so hard seeing calvin with like 50 points
Michael Hildebrandt
Michael Hildebrandt 2 yıl önce
A M 4 yıl önce
Story of Tony Romo's career summarized in one game. No D, no chance.
pretorious700 Yıl önce
Lofl, it was never Romo's fault, even when it was. Cowboy fans are pathetic. Yeah, the 2 pick 6's were all the defense's fault. Idiot.
I'm a Lions fan and I have to say props to Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson for not pulling a "Kevin Durant" and staying loyal to their team.
Timothy 2 yıl önce
@Aj Socool you have no idea what you're talking about they both were fed up with ownership and we're willing to play for other team but the Lions refused to trade
Nick_Valentine2702 2 yıl önce
KD has rings Barry and Calvin dont. but yea props
Timothy 2 yıl önce
Your perception of reality is off or you're being sarcastic, both retired so they wouldn't have to play for the lions.
daniel beyene
daniel beyene 2 yıl önce
Both made a horrible mistake by not leaving
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson 3 yıl önce
@eoe123321 FACTS
Erin Freize
Erin Freize 8 aylar önce
Great second half! Glad Stafford finally won a Superbowl, even if he never could with Detroit.
Jay Murph
Jay Murph 2 yıl önce
I will forever love this game and when Stafford got hurt against the browns and still went in and won the game hurt that's my QB this man deserves a ring P.s. I love watching Dez throw a tantrum such a baby 😂
KingCypher 11 aylar önce
He finally got it 👌🏼
Patrick_M 11 aylar önce
Great game, I remember watching this one on first airing. Best part? Stockton tried to give the Cowboys the game with just over a minute left in regulation. He always was a Cowboys homer.
W 7 aylar önce
Stafford's pass at the 2:24:50 mark is quite possibly the greatest throw ever made; an absolute rocket put on a rope from the 30 to the 30. You can count on one hand how many QB's are capable of such a beautiful pass.
JBlaze 3 aylar önce
Nahh watch more football lmfaooo
Jalen Moncrief
Jalen Moncrief 4 aylar önce
I was looking for this comment unbelievable
TurfWar 5 yıl önce
sometimes when I feel shitty I watch the end of this game
Serendip 2 yıl önce
Or the separated shoulder game.
L pattenaude
L pattenaude 4 yıl önce
TurfWar ,yeah me too, definitely takes ur mind to something else.
Fantasy Football Tips
This play was crazy! Stafford does not get the credit he deserves. Had he been drafted by a good team he would be a SB Champ.
c r
c r 11 aylar önce
He is now
Ray Ray
Ray Ray Yıl önce
This year is the year
Christopher Hurst
and now we will see
Michael Drzick
Michael Drzick 3 yıl önce
Its hard to believe they think dez bryants 1 catch for a five yard touchdown is equivalent to Calvins when hes all ready over a 100 yard receiving
Amiri 6 yıl önce
Remember when Dez was talking how good he was compared to Calvin and Calvin shut him up 😂😂
Diego Gutierrez
Diego Gutierrez Yıl önce
Monkey Ahh
Monkey Ahh 2 yıl önce
@KamikOzzy_ Thats because his team doo doo
Elevator Elliot
Elevator Elliot 2 yıl önce
@KamikOzzy_ The Lions got robbed in the 2014 divisional round.
Joshua Lake
Joshua Lake 2 yıl önce
R u still alive
Buster Hyman
Buster Hyman 2 yıl önce
@KamikOzzy_ but you're watching Lions highlights.. Lions fans Don't watch cowboys highlights 😂
M_Sk0220 4 yıl önce
Great 2 hour clip of Calvin Johnson highlights!
ss2jesus 6 yıl önce
As a Cowboys fan, this was really hard to watch. 3 years later, it's still hard to watch.
Whitney Shults
Whitney Shults 2 yıl önce
It's funny that they took so long to review the final touchdown, even though Stafford came back down and then ran to the end zone. So if it wasn't a touchdown when he extended, it was when he just walked there,, haha
Brandon Kellogg
Brandon Kellogg 4 yıl önce
"To get 500 total yards... But the Lions are going to come off with a 27-24 loss..." Which really means "there's timeouts and 90 seconds left, but I'm just gonna call it now and make myself a fool." Then "I promise you you're gonna hear Jim Schwartz... Two losses at home..." Wow guys. Be giving up like crazy and talking about Dallas winning. Ha. You thought
Joey 2 yıl önce
I love watching this game makes me happy specially since what happened a year later . Lions fans will know what I mean
Rudy Reyna
Rudy Reyna 6 yıl önce
329 yards for a WR and I bet Tony still got the blame for this loss 😂
Nick_Valentine2702 2 yıl önce
@Bruce www.pro-football-reference.com/players/R/RomoTo00.htm He was really good youre just a hater
Brandon Harmon
Brandon Harmon 2 yıl önce
Cool dude tho. I heard that one day home after a game, driving in his truck at night he noticed a old man who couldn't change his tire. So he got out that down didn't say who he was, changed it walked back to the truck when the guy asked if he was Tony Romo. Anyways point is the dudes a nice guy and don't deserve the blame
Bruce 3 yıl önce
Orlando chavez you not about to act like romo didn’t choke a lot
This game was NOT on Romo... that defense was AWFUL
John Pollock
John Pollock 3 yıl önce
@pretorious700 if you score 30 points in the NFL...you should win the game. If a qb throws for 3 tds and a 102 passer rating..thats good enough to win. Common football sense. You must be a Dak rider.
mi_zj 6 yıl önce
The announcer is talkin about the cowboys taking the W for a straight minute or so, lmao
Jeremiah Rose
Jeremiah Rose Yıl önce
Not a Lions, but hate the Cowgirls.....one of the announcers was an ex-coach, he should know the game is not ever over until the last tick of the clock, bad announcing....idiots.
Tyler Donitzen
Tyler Donitzen Yıl önce
Not when number 9 is your Quarterback wearing the lions blue and silver
pretorious700 2 yıl önce
They have to be talking constantly. I think they're paid by the word.
ethan lane
ethan lane 5 yıl önce
das funny go lions
HT82 Smash
HT82 Smash 5 yıl önce
As much as I love Andre Johnson, Megatron was the real deal!
The Respected Madman
Stafford is the man!!
Harold Bettencourt
Harold Bettencourt 2 yıl önce
I remember when Calvin Johnson was the best receiver in the NFL
Sami G
Sami G 2 yıl önce
Brandon Carr is the ultimate example of the Peter principle. Really good and versatile CB#2 but the moment you promote him to being CB#1 on a team, he can't hang
Malik Isa
Malik Isa 6 yıl önce
Watching this game made me realize how amazing Calvin Johnson was. His height, his hands, his ability to go up and grab the ball vs double and triple teams. I miss him so much, now a days most wrs beat you with their speed. I really think he is the greatest wr of all time in terms of talent. If only he had a better qb (earlier in his career) and was on a winning team.
BrandonDetroitfan Michaels
Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham 3 yıl önce
WolverineGames 5 yıl önce
+killatj11 he meant before Stafford, the Pitta days and Orlovsky days
DT 50
DT 50 5 yıl önce
Malik Isa What, better QB r u high?
Kellen Gonda
Kellen Gonda 6 yıl önce
he had 4.3 speed... he beat you with speed, height, strength, etc
Roger Lasich 3rd
Roger Lasich 3rd 2 yıl önce
One of the loudest pops ive ever heard when stafford did the qb sneak crowd went nuts
Mr. Pip
Mr. Pip Yıl önce
Man the leadership of witten and ware was something to behold🥵👌🏼
ah mecorp
ah mecorp 4 yıl önce
2:24:54 amazing pass
Joshua Mitchell
Joshua Mitchell 5 yıl önce
I'm not a Lions fan, but mannnnnn I love to see those Cowboys get upset. Nice play
Hen Lee
Hen Lee 11 aylar önce
56:27 look at that sweet dime... Dan Orlovsky didn't lie. Stafford's been doing this long before Mahomes.
Jason PDSI
Jason PDSI Yıl önce
Calvin Johnson was an absolute freak of nature
Logan Page
Logan Page 3 yıl önce
There are more athletic guys out there, but when Stafford steps on field you know that he's the smartest guy on the field.
ImmortalEastWarren LB
Bout time somebody post this game on TRvid #OnePride
Nabeel Zazaian TV
Nabeel Zazaian TV 6 yıl önce
#DetroitVsEverybody #StandUpMichigan
omgDavidGlasper Aylar önce
Matthew Stafford the best QB ever, and future Hall Of Famer! Of Course Megatron is the best receiver ever, and Hall Of Famer.
foxboy72006 Yıl önce
Granted Stafford did have that heroic play at the end. But he still panicked in the pocket and rushed a pass when he had plenty of time and threw too many INTs. No disrespect to him, but I'm glad we traded him, we need a fresh start ar QB. I pray that Goff will help us out!
Romedawg 6 yıl önce
If I've ever doubted those who said Stafford wasn't all that great....I probably never seen this game. Kudos to you, kudos to you.
Stacher. ($)
Stacher. ($) 6 yıl önce
Romedawg Look up "Matthew Stafford VS Browns mic'd up" I think that game is even more impressive but not that many people know about it.
Dwight Love
Dwight Love 5 yıl önce
Great full game!!!!
Taterz 2 yıl önce
That pass to Durham is legendary
Peter Kim
Peter Kim Yıl önce
Finally Stafford get to play for a team that he deserved.
Embur12 3 yıl önce
Dez and Witten jabbering at the end...priceless!
Techno Mage
Techno Mage 6 yıl önce
I miss having that pass rush
Timothy 2 yıl önce
Nick Fairley was balling they shut they run game down
Henri Hopgood
Henri Hopgood Yıl önce
man i miss this lions team 🥲
OCKicks 6 yıl önce
One of the better games
Francis Hemrom
Francis Hemrom 5 yıl önce
OCKicks by xu bhi
Francis Hemrom
Francis Hemrom 5 yıl önce
OCKicks by xu
3lement2010 6 yıl önce
If Percy Harvin can come back than so can Calvin Johnson.
David Eubanks
David Eubanks 6 yıl önce
3lement2010 the thing is Calvin doesn't want to he's smart he knows his body
Anthony Gibbs
Anthony Gibbs 2 yıl önce
I truly never understood the problem with Dez Bryant. I love that guy! You know his entire heart and soul was in on every play. I loved his enthusiasm.
Brandon Sturgis
Brandon Sturgis 3 yıl önce
I remember this game that week Dez Bryant. Said he was better than Calvin Johnson and he didn’t deserve that money that he was getting paid
James Ford
James Ford 2 yıl önce
The disrespect towards Megatron by the Cowboys and Dez Bryant has been real. Remember back in 2011 where the Lions were down 27-3 at one point and came back to win 34-30? Dallas defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan surprise surprise, said something idiotic before the game like, "Calvin Johnson would be the third best receiver on our team." I was not surprised he said that because both Rex and Rob Ryan are freaking morons. Link here: www.sbnation.com/nfl/2011/10/2/2464882/rob-ryan-thinks-calvin-johnson-is-almost-as-good-as-dez-bryant-miles The reason I remember this is because after that game, Jim Schwartz said, "I'm glad the third best wide receiver on the Cowboys is on our team." LMAO Bryant learned his lesson after those two games.
Nick 6 yıl önce
How does Stafford play so well when he is hauling those massive balls around?
DasMagicCat 5 yıl önce
This was the first Lions game I missed in like 5 years and this was what happened. Maybe I should miss more?
Justified Crusader
Justified Crusader 2 yıl önce
DasMagicCat u have been watching a lot havnt u
BAVE 2 yıl önce
And the lions didnt get a BS penalty! Stafford rocks
SlamClamBigelow 4 yıl önce
Thumbs up for having this edited without commercials. Must have taken forever. Watching this reminds me how grateful I should be that my Lions nowadays don’t miss tackles like they used to. For so many years the were the worst tackling team in the league. This video reminds me why Johnson is my favorite player of all time. Unfortunately, he pulled a Barry on us and Troyes WAY too soon. Don’t blame him though. Lions never would have traded him and he didn’t want to add more and more wear and tear on his body for a non playoff team year in and year out. Before this game Cowboys coach said they had the best WR in the league. Johnson put an end to that nonsense real quick. #OnePride
Blazing Ethan
Blazing Ethan 4 yıl önce
Best Lions game i got to see! All the fans that left early are not true lions fans, thats why u stay for your team. Detroit vs Everybody
Dustin Farley
Dustin Farley 5 yıl önce
15:30-13:55 Reggie Bush first becomes expendable.. Riddicks first catch, in traffic, I bet Reggie would not of made that.. Riddick took his job a year or so after that. Theo is the man. Can't wait to see him healthy next year with Abdullah and Zenner, maybe someone new too if Dwayne Washington isn't there. #OnePride
Bigduckenergymusic 3 yıl önce
Man Delmas was a beast I miss that dude
James Ford
James Ford 2 yıl önce
Nah, Delmas hit hard, but was far from a beast. He missed way too many tackles because he would launch himself at runners. Plus, he couldn't stay healthy due to his play style. Glover Quin was an upgrade over him in every way possible. That's the safety I really miss, in his prime anyway.
Robert Black
Robert Black 2 yıl önce
And this why win lose or tie, I'm a lions fan until I die................................Stafford has been my favorite QB since the day we signed him. Megatron was an and still is in my book, one of greatest receivers in the game.
E93 Sports
E93 Sports 4 yıl önce
i had Calvin Johnson on my fantasy team that year.
Dallas Orr
Dallas Orr 2 yıl önce
Thanks for putting old games out here right now. I miss mega tron
Buster Hyman
Buster Hyman 2 yıl önce
Man I love my Lions .. but I was at this game actually leaving because I thought it was over and i heard the crowd go crazy .. ran back in and it was 33 seconds left on the clock just as he was about to throw it to Megatron .. 💪🏽💯
Judeus Samson
Judeus Samson Yıl önce
Back when the Lions had a decent Run Game to support Megatron/Stafford and Defense.
Jackson Priestap
Jackson Priestap 4 yıl önce
2:18:21, "Two home loses, last week against Cincinnati, this week against Dallas." 2:25:42, Cowboys lose instead.
Taylor Rayn
Taylor Rayn 11 aylar önce
Damn can you imagine if Matt Stafford and reggie Bush had blockers that season......????
C.V. Fénix
C.V. Fénix 6 yıl önce
the last game of that season between eagles and cowboys had also a great end.
Christian Perry
Christian Perry 6 yıl önce
I had Megatron on my fantasy team that year lol
ResellinLA 4 yıl önce
Christian Perry I had both him and Dez
KGOD Yıl önce
Watched this game at my cowboy fan friends house. Thought so much was possible..
Grant Flood
Grant Flood 5 yıl önce
Stafford deserves more!
TYler Stimpson
TYler Stimpson 2 yıl önce
Dez Bryant claiming that he was better than Calvin only for this to happen is still hilarious.
Roger Barnett
Roger Barnett 2 yıl önce
Mahomes is at 46 games and is about 850 yards shy of demolishing this record...he also has the highest passer rating.
Michael Proia
Michael Proia 11 aylar önce
Amazing how megatron and stafford carried this franchise
Michael Proia
Michael Proia 11 aylar önce
Honestly crazy how poorly this team was coached
Sports All day
Sports All day 2 yıl önce
This game shows how underrated Stafford is
qu uq
qu uq 11 aylar önce
@Kenneth Joseph 1 year later he won a super bowl.
Kenneth Joseph
Kenneth Joseph 2 yıl önce
8 Years later, still hasn't won a playoff game. Nah, not buying it
Hatters House 710
Hatters House 710 11 aylar önce
My friend who is a Cowboys fan was messaging me on social media during this game talking crap. Needless to say at the end of it I ripped him a new one. Go Lions!
mate Yıl önce
Equipo Lion si es el mejor aunque mi papá le va a los Cowboys
Jtrain Yıl önce
That throw from Stafford to Durham is stupid, like holy crap other side of the hash marks to the sideline😍beautiful
subjektproductions 3 yıl önce
I'm still watching this in 2019 and can't believe the "Ginger Clapper" is still the head coach lol
eRic 2 yıl önce
not anymore! hahaha
Tj Sayles
Tj Sayles 5 yıl önce
0:54 debatably the best part of the video
barcode0954 6 yıl önce
it always comes down to the wire with these 2 teams. I love it.
Greg the Egg
Greg the Egg 2 yıl önce
j mak imagine thinking dak is HoF level
o 5 yıl önce
i Dallas L
EZR 5 yıl önce
i Dallas one and done
Headphones Sixpack
Headphones Sixpack 6 yıl önce
QuaytGang They'll win in the playoffs. Probably more games than whatever trash-ass team you root for.
Headphones Sixpack
Headphones Sixpack 6 yıl önce
QuaytGang Steelers are a SB contender in the AFC, as are the Packers in the NFC. Lots of teams are contenders, but only one will win. There's no "top 3", "top 5". There's your team, and there's the team they line up against.
Wayne Brady
Wayne Brady 6 yıl önce
Brandon Carr provides, yet again, another fine example of how not to play cornerback.
Patrick C
Patrick C 11 aylar önce
This is a HOF level effort by Stafford.
Qua AI
Qua AI 3 aylar önce
I was not into the NFL being so young growing up and watching my dad be so disappointed by the lose
labulldog5 6 yıl önce
One of the greatest games I've ever seen
tyler sawa
tyler sawa 5 yıl önce
The announcers counted us out at the end and kept saying we loss
Robert Ormsbee
Robert Ormsbee 2 yıl önce
This is the matt Stafford of my Detroit lions i remember before Martha Ford Firestone crap Era
The Brakeman
The Brakeman 2 yıl önce
This was also the game where the week before Dez keep blabbing about how he's as good as Megatron! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Last man standing win | MUAY THAI!!
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Level 2 Parkour Challenge #shorts
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