Spinning Levers - How A Transmission Works (1936)

US Auto Industry
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The transmission in the modern motorcar -- the mechanism that makes it possible to have three forward speeds and a reverse -- is a series of levers, levers that spin.

Producer: Handy (Jam) Organization
Sponsor: Chevrolet Division, General Motors Corporation

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10 Eyl 2012




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Keith Strang
Keith Strang 2 yıl önce
I wonder if these guys knew in 1936 that over the next 100 years, no one would beat them in their explanation of how a manual transmission works.
Greg A.
Greg A. 50 dakika önce
Its not even in tell in my language but i understood it better than any other one
Jim Black
Jim Black 2 gün önce
funny thing IS >< NOT one of you Know HOW TO SHIFT !
Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson 2 gün önce
Yes, very clear visuals.
Jeremy E
Jeremy E 5 gün önce
@bubbs tubbs mine was free
bubbs tubbs
bubbs tubbs 5 gün önce
I wonder if they knew that vehicles would be built better and faster and a Tahoe would cost $75,000 dollars?
Tsuna 2 aylar önce
I'm starting to realise that I think the reason these old videos are so effective is that they explain everything simply from the ground up for people that wouldn't have had any idea what they were talking about unless they did. The transition from levers > lots of levers > gears/cogs makes a lot of sense and wasn't really a connection I made before today - I just knew the principle behind changing the gear sizes to get more or less power.
xNefas 8 gün önce
@Jason Bender i've studied physics in both Italy first and then the UK until 16, where i only had to study the subjects i picked for sixth form. not once in a physics lesson has a teacher told me "gears can be thought of as spinning levers". you can come to that conclusion by yourself if you understand torque, but that's one of the most complicated subjects of mechanics, which is why, as a way to dumb it down, the example of spinning levers is so effective. dumbing things down to have a more intuitive understanding of it is a good thing; you're taking a concept that someone finds difficult to understand, and you're turning it into a concept that feels like second nature. it isn't that people are all stupid or won't put in the effort; everyone's different and needs different examples and explanations to really understand something. quit downplaying the effort of people which are tens of times more studious than me (as an example), and yet still struggle with concepts which i got a grasp of in a few hours. everyone's trying.
Commissary 11 gün önce
@Jason Bender Im sorry you have to be the smartest boy in the room. People here are genuinely happy to have learnt something. Instead you have to come along, complain about how stupid everything is. Whilst demonstrating some very poor grammar. You need a humble pie. You need to graduate gamma. It will ruin your life otherwise.
Jason Bender
Jason Bender 11 gün önce
@Commissary What you talkin' bout Commiss? Looks fine to me. Specify what you object to.
Jason Bender
Jason Bender 11 gün önce
@Commissary Good point. Fixed it! No. It is that the concept being taught is simple and can be demonstrated with a simplistic physical model. Models can only teach subjects that are ridiculously simple. Any subject with even a minimal level of complexity, which is about everything nowadays, can not be taught using physical models. The reason this video seems easy to understand is not that the creators of the vid possess underappreciated genius as enlightened renaissance men, it is because the subject matter is basic enough to be understood by relatively stupid people. Just like a baby with zero ability for abstract thought has no problem sticking the round peg into the circle hole. Every person who is on about 'how wonderful of a presentation that was!" is just outing themselves as too lazy to make the effort to understand anything more complex than a 1920s gear shift that has the clutch, clutch plates, clutch pedal, differential, reverse gear, universal joint, shift lever and it's linking mechanisms removed to dumb it down. It seems easy to understand because it actually taught you almost nothing about how a manual transmission works. You learned only this: Gear turn. Gear is like a round lever. that is it. You are so impressed with yourself for learning that, that there are thousands of you bragging about it in the comments. How are you not ashamed of yourself for taking until now to figure out "gears be like spinning levers"? Educational standards in this country have gone way downhill. We Americans truly are #1 at being fat, lazy and stupid.
Totus Aylar önce
I wish companies would still make videos like these,they explain how complicated stuff works without making you feel stupid
AntiKiwieCS 15 saatler önce
you feeling stupid is a choice of your own
Jim Black
Jim Black 2 gün önce
peltel2222 26 gün önce
Even though the voice over person is long passed away, he’s still teaching us! These videos are 1000 times better than modern ones. This video will still be teaching people the principles of transmissions 100 years from now. Thank you voiceover man wherever you are!
retarded aussie
retarded aussie Gün önce
@Jason Bender but the video isn’t about flywheels, clutch pads, clutch joints, universal joints, ect. It’s about the basic inner workings of a transmission and the principles it uses. Also keep in mind this was recorded around the 1930s, transmissions will have changed a lot since then. Yet the video still does an excellent job explaining how it works 90 years later. (Also for the record, it DID talk about the reverse gear)
Jason Bender
Jason Bender 4 gün önce
@FilthTrackz Reading comp scores are > 1.86* std dev + mean. If asking why I phrase things so awkwardly at times, the answer is: (drum roll plz...) Because I got high. Because I Got High! Because I Got HIGH!! (Music note emojis)
Jason Bender
Jason Bender 5 gün önce
@FilthTrackz It does not explain everything step by step. Left out is the flywheel, the clutch plates, the clutch and clutch linkage, the reverse gear, the universal joint, the driveshaft, differential gear and rear axle are all left out of the explanation entirely, the gear shift and the gear shift linkage were explained incompletely. the only thing that this video taught was gears are round, and are like rotating levers...
FilthTrackz 7 gün önce
@Jason Bender Besides.. If it was so easy for you to comprehend such advanced concepts, then why can’t you comprehend the basic concept of sentence structure?
James Jansson
James Jansson Aylar önce
This is a perfect example of incremental introduction of new information. Each step is not much harder than the last, but by the end you've learnt a lot.
GalileanInvariance 9 saatler önce
It's a cinch by the inch, but hard by the yard ... ;)
Jim Black
Jim Black 2 gün önce
let me start you off with a set of Lincoln Logs . > Then maybe a set of leggo's > or packet of seeds , some dirt and some water >>
whatman640 3 yıl önce
Does anyone else find this stuff from the 30's like x100 times easier to understand than modern stuff?
Ian Daniel
Ian Daniel 14 gün önce
yep - they were not trying to hide anything and wanted to teach the public
Not Picked Yet
Not Picked Yet Aylar önce
Yes I do
Rich Rolwing
Rich Rolwing 2 aylar önce
You sound like the guy who looked for his lost wallet near the light post just because that's where the light was...
hitesh dhole
hitesh dhole 2 aylar önce
Correct 💯💯💯
Cobretti Cobra
Cobretti Cobra 4 aylar önce
Insecure modern professors need to make things sound more complicated to stave off feelings of inadequacy and feel more important than what hey actually aten
Seeker 818211
Seeker 818211 10 aylar önce
I feel like I actually became smarter from this, and that's coming from someone who's easily confused by too much moving stuff at once. This is really clever, both how it all works, and the way it's all explained. I very much appreciate how clearly it's all broken down and explained, and I feel like this is probably the closest I'll understand how on Earth a transmission works. I also never really thought about gears being levers before. It's amazing how people come up with this stuff, how it came to be. People were geniuses in the day, man. I feel a little smarter from the video, but also dumber at the same time, wondering how the hell people invented transmissions.
Marek Siciński
Marek Siciński Gün önce
it was a new concept so people had to think about it to work with it, and had to explain it more
Jim Black
Jim Black 2 gün önce
you should graduate to power glide >> good luck > also check out 2 speed rear axle on a 10 ton flat bed type truck .. little RED button on side of stick . >>> have somthing like fun kids ..
JP 6 gün önce
@Matt Pomeroy yup thts where i started
Matt Pomeroy
Matt Pomeroy 20 gün önce
Watch their other videos. The one about the differential is just as fun!
Marshall Curtis
Marshall Curtis 10 aylar önce
0:50...Can openers and seesaws I knew about before. But pinchbars that allow a person to manually move a rail car? Impressive!
Keith Ferguson
Keith Ferguson 2 aylar önce
I think what makes this video so easy to understand and pertinent even to today is the fact that concepts are explained. We all know of the sinple machines and the lever being one is employed in our daily life. As complicated as a modern transmission is, breaking it down to simple levers of varying sizes and fulcrum points is almost mind blowing
Syx 2 gün önce
Very cool that this was preserved and uploaded on the internet. It's amazing to see how the technology has advanced in the past 90 years
EnNombreDeLaCiencia !
EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! 11 aylar önce
I’ve never seen a video that explain something so well and entertaining. We need more people from the 30’s. I’m 9 years we’ll see how it goes.
ERT_Chimpanzee 2 gün önce
@Jim Black U do that Jim.
Jim Black
Jim Black 2 gün önce
I am calling you mom and dad !! and the F B I >>
ERT_Chimpanzee 25 gün önce
9 year old, who sounds smarter than most grown-ups.
Daniel Santiago Espinosa Cardenas
Que paso con Henry men? D:
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 15 gün önce
Its insane that in the 86 years that this instruction video has been in circulation, almost nothing has changed with the manual transmission.
Bruuh Aylar önce
The quick and concise explanation of the evolution of a simple lever to complex gear wheels was incredible. These old videos were something else.
Logically Aylar önce
I love how easily its explained in these old videos...so much simple and to the basics...
Hokunin 28 gün önce
I love old educational movies like these. So simple and demonstrative. It expands the understanding of technology around us so well.
Jason Bender
Jason Bender 2 gün önce
@John Smith Yep. I know a lot of republican simpletons too. And libertarian, tea party, lyndon ladouche freedom party and so on.... Only a fool votes for a candidate on the basis their party affiliation. The only legitimate and intelligent way to vote is to evaluate each candidate or issue upon their merits versus the alternative's merits.
John Smith
John Smith 2 gün önce
@Jason Bender I'm a simpleton, which is why I vote democrat!
Jason Bender
Jason Bender 11 gün önce
Every person going on and on about how easy this is do understand it's just outing themselves as a simpleton who can't understand anything modern.
Jon Las
Jon Las 11 aylar önce
Almost a 100 years later, this explanation is still phenomenal. These engineers/scientist were way ahead of their times.
Zimmerman 3 gün önce
No they were exactly in the right time for their thinking. How would they be ahead of their time, when the time is defined by the event happening?
William Dodd
William Dodd 28 gün önce
This is an unsynchronized transmission. Most today are synchronized.
Relics 275
Relics 275 2 gün önce
Old GM infomercials just hit different. They start simple by showing a simple concept ie. a lever and tell us briefly how it works before talking about the transmission itself. It allows people who may not fully understand how something works to know how each piece works in a complex machine. I’ve seen TRvid videos posted by mechanics and engineers taking at least 20 minutes to discuss something and still leave us confused while this add tells us everything by being simple and clear in only under 10 minutes. With everything being so complex nowadays, using simple things like a cork into a bottle or a lever moving something heavy
Sisir Kattempudi
Sisir Kattempudi 8 aylar önce
I love the explanation. It is sad to see that a lot of explanation videos are made to highlight the teacher rather than the content. The teacher, in order to come across as intelligent, uses a lot of jargon. It also works because a lot of comments under those videos praise how cool or smart the teacher is. The real teacher who cares about the learner gets out of the way of the explanation as much as possible and lets the content to shine.
Marcin515 23 gün önce
This is just beautiful. Such a concise explanation. Some things were simply done better in the past. 😍
LaVard Boyle
LaVard Boyle Gün önce
Wow, that's the best explanation i've ever heard and now i actually understand. Crazy how well they explained it.
Shawnathan Yıl önce
Man 1930s TRvid was amazing Edit: Jesus guys I was just trying to make a joke. If you need me to explain to you, feel free to email me at: whatissarcasm@ineedtolearncomedy.gov and I can assist you. (Also, thanks for 800+ likes)
Matthew Steffens
Matthew Steffens 3 gün önce
Ahh, yeah 1930 TRvid, back when myspace was taking off....good times
Lucky Eddy
Lucky Eddy 3 gün önce
Not like the 20s though. That shit was phenomenal. The era of the silent TRvid.
Andre Jonah Dimaunahan
@Roberto Sanchez r/woooosh
Thereis1 27 gün önce
ugh redditors.... OUT OUT OUT! get back to your quarantine site!! bad!
PetrolHead88 UK
PetrolHead88 UK Aylar önce
Im a car fanatic and this is still areguably one of the most intuitive videos on transmission. The technology is old but still somewhat relevant. Very intresting to see how syncromesh first came about though.
Lerod Dragodog
Lerod Dragodog 7 gün önce
these old videos have their unique charm and literally down to earth explanation of how things work, it goes to show how we take today's technology in vehicles for granted as they have advanced so much since then but the principal is still the same! Its so easy to explain something back then compared to today where you can get so technological with today's explanation but when you simplify something that even a 5 year old could understand it makes more sense! that is how i explain things to people on how things work, i simplify it so they can easily understand how things work.
Steven Smith
Steven Smith 3 aylar önce
This is a superb explanation. Amazing it has held up so well.
S.E. Wagger
S.E. Wagger 25 gün önce
Great stuff!!!! We still use the same method today but the complexity has increased a hundred fold. In the 1960s an Apprentice became a motor mechanic after 4 years and he knew how to fix EVERYTHING on your car. But with today's automobiles you need a specialist mechanic for the motor, the gears, the exhaust, the electrics and electronics, etc., etc. No single mechanic can fix everything on a modern car.
M. 11 aylar önce
Why is it that such an old explanation is still better understandable than all modern explanations and vids??? This video you can actually see real gears being filmed without any animation! Well done.
Ytinasniiable Gün önce
Largely because the video assumes the viewer doesn't even have a basic understanding of levers and gear systems, where modern guides tend to assume an arbitrary level of prior knowledge so the information isn't as broken down or digestible
sonofwotan 2 gün önce
When I was a kid an uncle passed away and left me a small library of old books. History, literature, philosophy, natural science, etc. I always felt it was written clearly and efficiently. Later on when I went to college, I got the impression that anything written in the last 100 years or so seemed somehow degraded, mentally foggy, and confused, like IQs had fallen or something. Same goes for movies, talk shows and political debates. Then one day I saw the movie Idiocracy and it all made sense.
Trunk Monke
Trunk Monke 3 gün önce
Because nowadays your expected to have a degree in engineering before you learn about this but back then this was being taught to people who didn’t graduate high school working at factory’s
kentlandzintoba 2 aylar önce
Very informative especially the synchronisation of gears thanks to clever engineering. Could they have imagined 8 speed automatic transmissions in the 30's.? Well it happened and it's here thanks once again to the quest for innovation and a better outcome.
Doc Lex
Doc Lex 8 aylar önce
perfect explanation! if things were explained like this in every sphere of life, i bet at least 70% of people could be doctors
Share Greats
Share Greats 7 aylar önce
That was incredibly instructive! For the first time in my life I understand the tie between a simple lever and gears driving each other.
Booster Bros LLC
Booster Bros LLC 11 aylar önce
I had no idea gears were basically little levers! I have a hard time imagining the directions of the spinning gears, my brain isn’t mechanical in that way. Great video
Pokey Yıl önce
All my life, I never knew that gears are actually just infinite levers.
Ligia Gom
Ligia Gom 27 gün önce
@Tomas S well maybe you shouldnt studyng engineer, becasue if you ahd curiosity you would be studying that for yourself, dont wait teachers explain everything... yor one of millions around some countries tha shouldnt be engineers.thes education systems is fukling up+ all society.
Cydro High
Cydro High Aylar önce
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Saweng 4 aylar önce
i completed mechanical engineering in 2014 but i come to know this fact, so damn college was ours.
Your killing him!
Your killing him! 7 aylar önce
Didn't say infinite life span. It's an infinite lever without ever moving.
Kayagorzan 7 aylar önce
MiningMikeHD Aylar önce
For a video made in 1936 this is absolutely incredible. Most videos from this time period do not even come close.
Imperator Caesar
Imperator Caesar 20 gün önce
Learned more about gears/transmission in 10 minutes than I did in 22 years. Amazing
Miguel Eduardo
Miguel Eduardo 8 gün önce
Its amazing how this mechanism are complicated! a regular engineer can understand this things, but to create these devices you have to be a genius
RenanSeal 29 gün önce
This is so complex and yet so easy to understand, incredible
José Camacho
José Camacho Yıl önce
After years of trying to understand manual transmision, finally almost a 100 years video explained it well P.S: I love how 60 MPH was a ultra fast speed
Phantom Corsair
Phantom Corsair Aylar önce
@Obeme more than you think, america and britian still use the imperial system in machining and tolerances. I have friends on both sides of the atlantic, all use the imperial system when machining and when refering to measurements. I have friends in Germany, the UK, Ukraine and here in the us. All can use it and will use it for say making bearing surfaces and using fasteners. 1/2, 3/4 inch and so on, quite a simple system that works well.
Obeme Aylar önce
@Phantom Corsair oh, just that NO country uses it?
Phantom Corsair
Phantom Corsair Aylar önce
@Obeme and what is wrong with that? The imperial system is perfectly adequate for what it has to do and it has been around longer than the metric system. I use both in my work, and prefer the imperial system because it is just as easy to use and its what I am familiar with.
Obeme Aylar önce
I love how some ppl still use miles🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cydro High
Cydro High Aylar önce
Oh mankind, Surely we are created, and we were given life and we will be caused to die. Where did we came from? What is our purpose? Why are we on earth? You were created for a purpose. That purpose is to know and worship your Lord, Him alone. Your life is a test, The Lord of all the worlds is the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate. Don't go into the extremes like the christians and the jews. Don't worship the prophets. Don't worship humans or animals. Worship the Greatest. The Creator. He is Allah. Who send Prophets and Messengers to lead and teach mankind such as Noah, Abraham, Mozes, Jesus And last and final prophet sent to mankind Mohammed came all with the same religion. Follow that which we have been ordered. Don't die disbelieving. There is no return. Do that which is good and forbid what is evil. Don't be fooled by satan who is an open clear enemy. The only religion acceptable by Allah is Islam. The same religion each prophet and messenger came with. Submit yourself to your creator so you may become a muslim.
KrattsAndCats 18 gün önce
This is a billion times easier to understand than any modern explanation!! Love it
Jason Bender
Jason Bender 16 gün önce
Because the subject matter is 2 trillion times less complex.
Sarathi 7 aylar önce
Wow, made it so easy to understand in 1936, I kept my eyes wide open all through the movie. Worthy of praise. Smart people are always there.
McRocket 2 aylar önce
This is the best explanation - by far - that I have ever seen for a transmission (at least for me). And it is from 86 years ago!?! Thanks for posting this video. ☮
Matthew Hirt
Matthew Hirt 11 aylar önce
This is significantly better than every single modern video I've seen trying to explain this concept
Daniel Lawson
Daniel Lawson 2 yıl önce
I like that they had to physically make all those models to demonstrate their principles. So much more engaging than a 3D animation for some reason.
Martin Mendez
Martin Mendez Yıl önce
A 3D animation, if done incorrectly, can break the laws of physics. A model has to obey them.
Agent9724 Yıl önce
@SlowCooker Yes but that requires already having a foundation of knowledge to work with. The original poster was referencing to those still learning the material so.
swistedfilms Yıl önce
@Samuel Skala Maximum possible length that may be filled? 800,000 inches, or 12.623 miles, assuming they are laid end to end. Or any combination of 3.2 million cubic inches, or a cube about 65 feet to a side. I hope I get an A on the test!
Nitro Engine Hoarder
@Engineer I know thats basically a joke about my user/channel name, but I will explain anyway: I just like them, and they are getting rarer and rarer since almost everyone is moving to electric. There are only a few manufactures left out of the dozens there once where. "Large" scale I can only think of OS and Saito being left, both of them continually reducing their "nitro" portfolio and moving to petrol engines. Enya and Laser are still doing limited production runs for enthusiasts. Also there is Yamada with the high performance four-strokes. The whole complex of Magnum, ASP, SC and all the manufactures "house brands", which were all made by Sanye in China, is gone. But it's nowhere near the volume they once where, and I like them. So I grab them as long as I still can. The old ones from the 70s-90s tend to be of better manufacturing quality, too.
Engineer Yıl önce
@Nitro Engine Hoarder But why do you Hoard Nitro Engines, bro?
Army Guy
Army Guy 8 aylar önce
Simple explanation. Interesting execution. And retro to boot awesome 😎
Justin Darnell FPV
Justin Darnell FPV 3 gün önce
I have watched a number of videos on transmissions and gears and levers… this one by far made the most sense!!!! It’s almost like the modern stuff wants to inform you without educating you 🤯
Kevin Watts
Kevin Watts 4 gün önce
This is the most clearly explained how shifting gears works I have ever seen. Bravo Chevy lol.
Justin Perez
Justin Perez Aylar önce
Mechanics, simply explained! As it should be!
razorheadd 2 yıl önce
"the synchonizer works like a cork in a bottle", that's just brillant analogy honestly, would never thought like that. those kinds of videos are pure gold...
Patrick Moore
Patrick Moore 9 aylar önce
I would say that the cork is the weakest part of this one, as most people’s understanding of a cork are those used to bottle wine. It’s a different situation and generally corks aren’t used as regularly as they were in this videos day. But their excellent video demonstration helps.
uncovidvaxx forthestrongandbraveonly
you ever had the cork twist off?
JaySki 11 aylar önce
@Mark Taylor not really if they’re wine drinkers
trollient 11 aylar önce
@unocualqu1era Your comment has been disliked to prove your point ;)
Dicky Arya
Dicky Arya Yıl önce
I do love how he explained it as if "come on, that's common sense"
mjm 5 aylar önce
What a pleasant learning video. Well produced, to the point and memorable. This simplicity really needs to be brought back. Lucky for us, they didn't have any available computers, or we wouldnt see the simple mechanisms purpose built for demonstrations. They also didnt have casting issues, where someone was complaining about not being fairly represented; it focused on the workings of the transmission first and foremost. I cant tell you who was in it, or how many people they showed, but I can now explain how a transmission works!
Jim Black
Jim Black 2 gün önce
bla bla bla bla
Skill.Zone024 10 aylar önce
9 minutes and 40 seconds of a educational video from the 1930s I found for free better explained the internals of a manual transmission than the half a year transmission course that’s part of my $24K trade school tuition did… 🙃
ヒノニル 2 aylar önce
Presentation and animation so good I did a standing ovation in my room.
Richard Wilkin
Richard Wilkin 17 gün önce
I liked the descriptions about levers near the start. Just earlier today I was explaining leverage to my boy, when on the sea-saw he lent back further and I went closer to the fulcrum/pivot so that our weights would put a balanced force on either side.
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez 3 yıl önce
Can you imagine if the people who made this video were able to see that their creation was going to be rewatched by over a million people about 80 years later?
Alexander Doe
Alexander Doe 3 aylar önce
Sure people made this video in 30s thought about that. That's why they did a good explanation. They thought we was going to be smarter...but humanity put evolution on reverse, moved back to apes)
Suyoung Park
Suyoung Park 11 aylar önce
@Plutonius X Oh, come one, the point still stands. People back in those days in those regions had no access to projector.
Plutonius X
Plutonius X 11 aylar önce
@Suyoung Park Televisions? Not in 1936. This was showed via a projector as this is a film.
Pierre 4 aylar önce
This is amazing!!! I’ve watched it 4 times now and I must say this is better then a LOT of modern “how it works”
Moody SFM
Moody SFM 2 aylar önce
I agree it's way better than modern styled!
FrEtBurNeR 89
FrEtBurNeR 89 Aylar önce
Simply amazing video here. Not only is it highly educational and actually entertaining, but the level of video production capable in 1936 is nothing short of incredible.
LENN GAMER 1337 Aylar önce
I didn't know how a transmission works until now, thanks a lot!
Joe Bundens
Joe Bundens 8 aylar önce
I like how all video productions in the 30s and 40s always sounded like public service announcements. Now everything is computers on wheels. I feel people were proud to show off products and how they function back then. There are whole series of military videos made during WWII and they were highly informative on how radios work, how pistols and rifles work.
Abishek raina
Abishek raina Yıl önce
2020 student: Manual transmission is too difficult to understand. 1936 engineer: Hold my lever.
Matthew Steffens
Matthew Steffens 3 gün önce
1936 says to 2020, doth thou know what a gear even is?
C6 Modellsport
C6 Modellsport 11 aylar önce
@Draco Fenix Meanwhile in America all they want techs to be able to do is read a tablet and fire the parts cannon. Most shops over here won't even touch a car if it has a carb and they need to do engine work.
Fernando Gagliardo
Fernando Gagliardo 11 aylar önce
And will be even worse in the next coming future with the electric car reality.... will disappear everything!
Alt Account
Alt Account 11 aylar önce
@W33d Senpai she was worried I was gonna break it. And fair enough, if there is one place you don't wanna break down, it's the rockies. Transmission just isn't very good it being a transmission.
Andy Jamieson
Andy Jamieson Aylar önce
Amazing, it feels so good to finally understand something I use everyday.
Chad Lee Thymes
Chad Lee Thymes 5 aylar önce
That was amazing. I’ve always wondered how a transmission worked.
Red Truck
Red Truck 11 aylar önce
5:30 I never got this! This is what happens when you shift gears, you’re shifting a gear! Very clever!
TK Skagen
TK Skagen 3 aylar önce
Great video explaining the properties of a Transmission! An "explanation" of HOw the "Automatic Transmission" works would make some great content. ..
Gourab Kar
Gourab Kar Yıl önce
It's so soothing. No unnecessary music. No speedy talks. Pure knowledge of complex engineering simplified in layman terms. That's why I love Bill Hammack (The engineering guy) as well
Nicole Virtue
Nicole Virtue 9 aylar önce
Also, no PowerPoint slides
Bable631 11 aylar önce
@Vandarte Translator ENG-ESP r/woooosh
Gourab Kar
Gourab Kar 11 aylar önce
@John Strawb exactly.
John Strawb
John Strawb 11 aylar önce
Incredible, isn't it? Today we have physics videos using jump cuts and jangly music. Even topics I understand, I can't understand when they're presented that way.
Me 11 aylar önce
No soy voice, no hype, just well explained information
Nnamonso Dickson
Nnamonso Dickson 7 aylar önce
How the tutorial starts from basic explanation to advance explanation beats my imagination. Good job!
Danny Jacobs
Danny Jacobs 8 aylar önce
To come up with (invent) something like this 100 years ago is pure genius!
Oscar Sanz
Oscar Sanz 2 aylar önce
My brain smiled all through the video. Superbly explained! 😃
Jordan Urbani
Jordan Urbani 3 aylar önce
I guess these things were new and just being developed and explained in a simple way. Super cool
wells 26 gün önce
not only did this teach me how a transmission actually works but it also taught me what engine braking is
Joerizal Sanchez
Joerizal Sanchez 9 aylar önce
Very informative explanation for this video. Thank you for uploading this video. Great!
dave williamson
dave williamson 7 aylar önce
so very well made, pity they can't make stuff like this now
Peter Baxter
Peter Baxter 25 gün önce
Fascinating stuff very well explained. 5 stars.
HORIZN 11 aylar önce
Wow, cars are a engineering masterpiece!
BndWth Beats
BndWth Beats 3 aylar önce
"a never ending series of levers" is how it clicked for me. It amazing that this video is close to a century year old yet it is explained so well.
The GoonSquad
The GoonSquad 2 gün önce
Just seeing a How it works video from the 30s is mind blowing to me. Just basic things… but at the same time just as relevant as the technology used today.
Phil Ridley Adventures
These ancient videos are still as relevant now as when they were made. The basic fundamentals haven’t changed, and usually they are very clear and easy to understand.
US 2 yıl önce
02:10 Always knew about gear ratios. But thinking of them as a never ending series of levers never crossed my mind.
gotenks42 Yıl önce
I learned how differentials and AWD work the same way. An old 1930's video.
yearginclarke Yıl önce
I never would have thought of it that way until watching this. Very good way of explaining it.
Karvast Yıl önce
Same i never looked at it from this perspective
TimeHunter Yıl önce
I studied automotive engineering and only just really thought of them that way.
David Davids
David Davids 2 yıl önce
yup. a (larger) wheel/gear driven by a smaller one is a (continuous) rotary Lever !!! the larger the radius of the driven wheel THE BETTER. because the result is MA that is Inherent, in a 'larger-radius' wheel. MA is mechanical advantage; lever arm. (these are some of the reasons why the radii of wind turbine rotors Never get smaller.) it can be SEEN that it is Simple/easy to convert reduction-MA to Inherent MA. this is the WELL-understood principle of converting 'high rotation rate to torque'. thanks to some ancient dude, humans have developed a GIANT blindspot, regarding the existence of a transient/intermediate, potential energy GAIN in the transform. if interested, see my research. cheers googletranslate
Lord Kiyo
Lord Kiyo 4 aylar önce
Holly cow! It's crazy to see how easy it is to understand things with these old videos. I seen a few of them and dang they are really good at teaching.
2serveand2protect 7 aylar önce
1936. Unbelievable how well this is done.
William Davis
William Davis Aylar önce
I’ve learned more about how a transmission works from this video older than me, than I have from any modern video
Yusuke Shirai
Yusuke Shirai 2 aylar önce
This video is still very useful for mechanical engineer even now, and for FX investor.
John Donaldson
John Donaldson 25 gün önce
When I drive my manual, I always use the right gear for downhill...its fun watching everyone in an automatic sitting on their brakes
Zach Barnhart
Zach Barnhart 9 aylar önce
This is great...I never realized the allure of simple physics before.
Coyi Power
Coyi Power 10 aylar önce
Well made things last forever, as this short film. 👏👏👏
Scarbo 22
Scarbo 22 27 gün önce
Awesome explanation. Now if we could just get car manufacturers to make manual transmissions again.
ibrahim öztürk
ibrahim öztürk 2 yıl önce
That gave me a brand new perspective that I have never thought: "every gear is a set of leverages" just wow
Ashish Bhatt
Ashish Bhatt Yıl önce
I used to think paddle wheel as a wheel, never understood how this was possible. After imagine them as just series of levers, i can easily understand it. It took me 10 years!
A Red Motorcycle
A Red Motorcycle 2 yıl önce
@Victor Murat Whooosh.
CoDisafishy 2 yıl önce
@Patrick G Thank you sir for actually reading.
CoDisafishy 2 yıl önce
​@X X I didn't realize that was a quote from a movie... Thought you were just trying to start another argument haha.
Raico68 Aylar önce
2:00 amazing how they made that without CGI, the power of fisically cutting every individual frame of the film is crazy.
Kaje Ralocse
Kaje Ralocse 5 aylar önce
Still the best explanation of how manual transmission works here in YT.
Kudra Abdulaziz
Kudra Abdulaziz 3 aylar önce
What's even more amazing is that the editing and compositing was done without computers. No premier pro or after effects
Someone 6 aylar önce
Since I learned about rolling in rotational dynamics, the analogy of gears being a "discrete" form of rolling helped me understand the mechanics more than the lever explanation. Basically, if the gears are A and B, at the contact point, vA=vB since otherwise the teeth of the faster gear would have to somehow teleport through the teeth of the other. Moreover, this is a "self-correcting" thing where if the speed of one gear is increased (for example, by pressing the throttle and increasing engine revs), the faster one pushes the teeth of the other gear and applies torque on it (i.e. angular acceleration since i) I is constant and ii)Direction of L is constant) till they have the same contact point velocities This happens in rolling as well where friction is applied on the other's surface by both objects till slipping stops. Only difference being that slipping just cannot in gears due to the presence of teeth in gears
Marvin 11 aylar önce
We take little additions to the film like the arrows at 5:22 for granted since it's so easy to add them via computers today. But even those little arrows certainly took a fair amount of time and labor spent splicing film, all for a little visual aid. Great film.
Marvin 14 gün önce
@Renato Cipriani I'm aware, you misunderstood what I said lol
Renato Cipriani
Renato Cipriani 14 gün önce
Those arrows hadmande dude
Desincarnage 23 gün önce
They were probably either rotoscoped in or double-exposed with frame-by-frame animation. In both case this is very labor-intensive, as it required manually altering and splicing as many film frames as there are seconds elapsed times 24.
Ligia Gom
Ligia Gom 27 gün önce
@Emilio. M. C: draws and calculations THIS WAS WFEN CHEVROLET WAS GREAT
Employee Of The Month
*Fun Fact* : Those arrows were drawn by Walt Disney himself. Just Kidding. 😇
gabe 2 gün önce
This was great 👍. Seeing what is going on in the transmission gives some understanding. Thanks
H76 Pro
H76 Pro 10 aylar önce
We need similar science explanation videos for school children these days!!
Kosherre 23 gün önce
The only thing I could get was how the synchronizer functioned in the automobile's example, but the fact that everything else made sense to me is nothing short of astonishing. What a well-made educational clip from the past.
ROBERT IHLE Aylar önce
Some of the best films on learning how to fly an airplane I have ever seen comes from ww2 military training films . Just like this film they made complicated , easy to understand .
conyo985 3 yıl önce
The editing of this video is amazing. I can't believe this was made in 1936. Considering they were using celluloid. I can only imagine the hours of work they put into this.
g 3 yıl önce
@Marv internal combustion is not perpetual motion. Perpetual motion is impossible.
Marv 3 yıl önce
Take off the tinfoil hat it's not alien tech its called perpetual motion its simple technology. For centuries we've known explosions create a force once we've figured out how to make tiny explosions is when the engine was made. If it was alien technology it would be far more advanced then a simple gas engine
Tyler 3 yıl önce
dying toad I’m not afraid of myself. That’s delusional.
M Biohoo
M Biohoo 3 yıl önce
@Pinoy Heartbeat riiiight...
Tyler 3 yıl önce
Nurburgrings Fastest ?
Phoenix Mister Two
Phoenix Mister Two 4 aylar önce
The main goal of a transmission is to, of course, transfer the force of the motor to the wheels and, more importantly, allow for slippage and freedom of the motor to rotate without stalling. In a manual gear box, a driver can achieve this with proper clutch play, as well as a physical shift to neutral, so the motor is disengaged from the wheels. In an auto, it seems the torque converters reactor diverts fluid back to the torque converter pump mechanism to disconnect its spin to the turbine proportional to the revs of the motor. I'm still learning the complexity of the automatic transmission since I'm currently under a Lexus trying to figure out how it failed. I'm more used to repairing and diagnosing manual transmissions, which are simpler and better, in my opinion, but not as much of an engineering marvel like we see with an automatic shifting transmission based on hydraulic principles without a manual clutch mechanism. I have alot to learn and understand about automatics, that goes without saying, and videos like these help greatly for just a general understanding of what the auto trans did to achieve forward motion without manual input and clutching that is seem here.
Bars Cool
Bars Cool 6 aylar önce
То чувство, когда понятно без слов. Смотрел на работе без звука. Спасибо за видео 😊 Привет из России
Al 2 aylar önce
Brilliantly explained, somewhat a lost art today.
Orion the Foolish
Orion the Foolish 10 saatler önce
How To videos were made to explain things as if they were being made for children. They had A LOOOOOOT of issues, but it helped people easily slide into any topic with little resistance.
Yung Houn
Yung Houn 11 aylar önce
This form of education is arguably one of the most effective means to convey complicated topics. 1. Present problem 2. Break up problem into smaller pieces 3. Solve one at a time 4. Combine solutions.
iop2319 :p
iop2319 :p 13 gün önce
its a ad designed to spoonfeed information to the general population ofc its going to be easier to understand
Diego Corredor
Diego Corredor 20 gün önce
Frankie Bleddyn
Frankie Bleddyn 22 gün önce
That is true, but where is the complicated topic? I am two minutes in and....zzzzzzzzz
mcgeoch019 23 gün önce
@fightinandirish you ok kle
Mubasshir Akhtar
Mubasshir Akhtar Aylar önce
2:08 "A paddle wheel is nothing but a never ending series of levers." One of the best aha moments I've had
knobsdialsandbuttons 5 aylar önce
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