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Look who’s back! Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, and Jamie Foxx talk about reprising their iconic roles as Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and Electro in a special panel for @CCXP ! See them in , exclusively in movie theaters December 17.

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For the first time in the cinematic history of Spider-Man, our friendly neighborhood hero's identity is revealed, bringing his Super Hero responsibilities into conflict with his normal life and putting those he cares about most at risk. When he enlists Doctor Strange’s help to restore his secret, the spell tears a hole in their world, releasing the most powerful villains who’ve ever fought a Spider-Man in any universe. Now, Peter will have to overcome his greatest challenge yet, which will not only forever alter his own future but the future of the Multiverse.

Directed by:
Jon Watts

Written by:
Chris McKenna & Erik Sommers

Based on the MARVEL Comic Book by:
Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Produced by:
Kevin Feige
Amy Pascal

​​Executive Producers:
Louis D'Esposito
Victoria Alonso
JoAnn Perritano
Rachel O’Connor
Avi Arad
Matt Tolmach

Tom Holland
Benedict Cumberbatch
Jacob Batalon
Jon Favreau
with Marisa Tomei



3 Ara 2021




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Superior Infinity
Superior Infinity Aylar önce
Willem dafoe was just as scary as in the first movie, Willem dafoe is a great actor. It may not be the strongest Spiderman villian but definitely the most dangerous, it can break you mentally, like Joker.
Senor Studly
Senor Studly Gün önce
Well he may still be the strongest Spiderman villain though. He's physically stronger than Spiderman and has tons of gadgets. The symbiotes are the only ones who really stand a chance
Wolf Gulley
Wolf Gulley 5 gün önce
“You can thank me later 😈”
Sto. Tomas, Tristan Manuel T.
Damn he scared the heck out me this time. He not just a villain, but a monster himself
Leon Ince
Leon Ince 9 gün önce
Green goblin may not be the strongest, but he's perhaps the most vicious. That dude yeeted Spiderman onto the ceiling and then hit a spinebuster all the way down to probably the first or second floor. That's nuts!! But kiddos to Dafoe for his excellent work as always.
XNorthEast 10 gün önce
@csiampos bro
Tas I
Tas I Aylar önce
The way Willem went from a scared, confused and harmless old man to a psychotic maniac out to kill everyone as the Green Goblin was so phenomenal. Still gives me the goosebumps
Amanda Nies
Amanda Nies 8 gün önce
The mirror scene in "Spider-Man" was what showed me his incredible acting the first time I saw it. Seeing the change again in NWH is so nostalgic. Dafoe, hands down, stole the show.
csiampos 10 gün önce
@Thomasmemoryscentral I remember watching a video by the Reel Rejects where they said that in recent reboots of superhero movies, the villain always gets darker than before, and there's a different actor for each version, like Jack Nicholson as the lighthearted version of Joker and Heath Ledger as the brutal, grimdark version. They went on to say how Dafoe got to do both.
James MacDougall
James MacDougall 10 gün önce
The movie was great, and DeFoe was such a huge part of that greatness
Thomasmemoryscentral 13 gün önce
@csiampos Weird how Defoe's character of Norman actually gets more twisted 19 years later after his 2002 debut with Raimi. Sure theres less blood and no pumpkin bomb near the face of Peter in this universe but the fact he keeps smiling evily after constant punches is a nice substitute
csiampos 22 gün önce
I know!!! I was completely thrown for a loop; the moment he started stealing the donuts I just wanted him to get some well-deserved help, and was 100% ok with him just being Norman Osborn, no Goblin attached. And then the Spidey-Sense scene happened, the Goblin threw Peter through three floors, and I'm just sitting in the theatre, agape, completely dumbstruck. Even throughout the final fight with Lizard, Electro and Sandman I was just scanning the skies, scared he would zoom in and somehow make everything worse.
Double X Studios
Double X Studios 24 gün önce
I see a LOT of love for Dafoe, which is well deserving. But let’s give it up for Alfred Molina as Doc Ock who really shined both as a villain and as a person (funny even). He carried over his arc from Spider-Man 2 so well.🥰😁
FrostyGoat88 Gün önce
Nicole Dumont
Nicole Dumont 9 gün önce
He is one of the reason why Spiderman 2 is my favorite Spiderman movie. Great storyline and characters
bazinga 14 gün önce
Big molina fan! They both did so great.
Nancy Mai
Nancy Mai 14 gün önce
Agreed, he had me rooting for his character from the start of NWH
I am the best no matter how much cheesecake has
Couldn't agree more
Big Papa Magoo
Big Papa Magoo Aylar önce
Everyone’s talking about Willem as the goblin (which was fucking amazing, don’t get me wrong) but nobody’s gonna mention how he pulled at our heartstrings as Norman Osborn. I spent the first half of the movie wanting to hug him and the second half wanting to run as far away as possible.
Sofa 14 gün önce
@csiampos couldn't have said it better man.
csiampos 15 gün önce
I need to talk to someone about _this right here._ Especially the "there's someone in my house, Oscorp doesn't exist, my son..." His lower lip was quivering even, the man looked like he was about to cry. I swear, at that moment I just wanted to comfort the poor guy; just imagine the stress he was under. The entire time Norman was driving--especially when he straight-up offered Peter a job, or when he was just staring at the holograms--there was this sweet, tentative, and wholesome aura he gave off. I even think the costume choice to put Norman in a hoodie and jacket was to make him seem more endearing to the audience. So the Goblin taking control just left me utterly dumbstruck, and even during the final fight scene I was just thinking "wait, peter...please, stop...there's someone else in there..." So yeah. Give me a reason to talk about about Dafoe's performance as Norman; he was easily one of my favorite parts of the movie.
Big Papa Magoo
Big Papa Magoo 15 gün önce
@Sofa that entire last scene of Spider-Man where he looks so desperate always gets me. His acting is really off the charts
Sofa 15 gün önce
When he said "Don't tell Harry" as his last words... it broke my heart 💔
liberty prime
liberty prime 18 gün önce
@Suzanne Rust hes willem dafriend and willem dafoe
PsyQoBoy Aylar önce
Jamie: I'm something of a nostalgia guy myself. Willem: I'm something of a plot twist fanatic myself. Alfred: I'm something of a money guy myself.
DeterminedTorres Saatler önce
@sherry. 🎶 All day long, I’d biddy biddy bum 🎶 🎶 If I were a wealthy man, *OI!* 🎶
FrostyGoat88 Gün önce
Hehe if Doc Ock was a rich man 🤣
Kenneth Ferrer
Kenneth Ferrer 3 gün önce
It always about the 💵
sherry. 11 gün önce
@aqshalst🎶 nara nara nara diga diga dega dega diii🎶
YDKM 12 gün önce
Willem: I’m something of a scientist myself
Sam Redmond
Sam Redmond Aylar önce
As someone who’s just seen the movie, Willem Dafoes portrayal of the goblin is phenomenal. So scary
DJ and Isabella Young
Yes that is so true man
GusionFAST_HAND 6 gün önce
GusionFAST_HAND 6 gün önce
GusionFAST_HAND 6 gün önce
Amanda Nies
Amanda Nies 8 gün önce
Dafoe stole the show. Hands down, he stole the show. Absolutely phenomenal.
beeep 25 gün önce
It's mind boggling to think Willem Dafoe is 1 year younger than Alfred Molina. And that 20 years later they both still portray their characters with such ease and so well is just fantastic.
Jonathan Beck
Jonathan Beck 16 gün önce
Willem is actually 2 years younger
Fidei Spears
Fidei Spears Aylar önce
Jaime got his redemption Alfred slipped back into the role perfectly And Willem elevated his character to a new level
avenger 327
avenger 327 2 gün önce
@Ghost i know he was blue, but was his debut really that bad?
Ghost 2 gün önce
@avenger 327 let's just say that his debut was shit and he was blue
avenger 327
avenger 327 2 gün önce
funandlala 12 gün önce
Love your comment ♡
anxious cookie
anxious cookie Aylar önce
Dafoe and Molina are so iconic and kudos to MCU for bringing them back in such spectacular manner. Also my mind was blown seeing how they played the characters exactly the way they played 20 years ago. It was crazy cool!
Lodl 29 gün önce
Spider trio edit trvid.com/video/video-1yHjHFimMyw.html
harry king
harry king 16 gün önce
SPOILER WARNING: I honestly cannot help but adore Alfred’s performance more than any other in the movie - as much as Andrew & Tobey fulfilled that role of mentoring Tom - I honestly feel like the person taking that guardian role was Dr Octopus - dealing with Electro & trying to make others feel better - like he’d always wanted… felt like he has put that last piece of the puzzle into its place - & the truth is - I already thought he had completed it… but now after seeing that film, I can acknowledge - he needed that last push
FrostyGoat88 Gün önce
Oh my goodness, yes! He is such a wholesome character.
Gamer 007
Gamer 007 Aylar önce
Imagine Tobey, Andrew & Holland sitting and discussing spiderman...maybe after the release
Gamer 007
Gamer 007 15 gün önce
@Mcclean Dazza you were so right 🤣
Bonk Jail
Bonk Jail 15 gün önce
Hilarious how some people here in the comments saying they "confirmed" that Tobey and Andrew won't be in the film. It's just so funny 😂🤡
SN4P'D 16 gün önce
@Clyde Aye gimme the 100
SN4P'D 16 gün önce
@Mcclean Dazza this didn't age well
Arizona Tea
Arizona Tea 18 gün önce
@Clyde Aye -100 in your bank account
Rskillswitch Aylar önce
As big as it was for Toby to make a reappearance, William and Alfred absolutely killed it 100000000000 percent, had me in tears seeing them seeing these three specifically after all these years, this movie will never ever be anything less than a 15/10 for me
Lodl 29 gün önce
Spider trio edit trvid.com/video/video-1yHjHFimMyw.html
Teddyisaliar Aylar önce
I've always loved about marvel that the villains aren't just dropped into the movies and comics to be evil and destructive, they've been forced into what they've turned into by an event or a change in their lives that has given them a different understanding or goal to work towards. There's always a backstory and I've always loved it. It becomes very easy to understand that most of the villains are at odds with themselves or a new part of them, mentally or physically.
Alpha Nerd
Alpha Nerd 19 gün önce
@james amick Only the movie version has that duel personality thing. In the comics the Green Goblin is just a prick all the way through. He wasn't turned evil. He was an evil industrialist that made himself from a villain into a super villain. Batman villains aren't archetypes for others to follow. They are all the same crazy handicapped type of villain.
james amick
james amick 20 gün önce
Exactly. I'd sort of compare green goblin to two face in batman. Norman Osborn and Harvey dent are not really villains in my opinion, they have circumstances that turn them into villains. Certain comic book characters are just evil because they love being evil, certainly joker is an example of that, i don't think either green goblin or two face are that type of villain.
Alpha Nerd
Alpha Nerd 21 gün önce
@Shourya Aswal Malekith did nothing wrong.
Alpha Nerd
Alpha Nerd 21 gün önce
@Shourya Aswal Dormammu is an interdimensional demon who only really serves as a puzzle rather than a real villain. Maliekith is attempting to reverse an ecological disaster that ended his entire people's way of life. It's like if global warming covered the Earth in ocean, and you came out of stasis with the last of humanity, and had a chance to get land back, and some rat people that had evolved in your absence tried to stop you. He's a hero. Yellow Jacket has brain damage from exposure to Pym particles. I'll give you Dreykov.
Shourya Aswal
Shourya Aswal 24 gün önce
@Sicko Joseph malekith - thor 2 yellow jacket - ant man dreykov - black widow now don't tell me these movies aren't in mcu
KoKo Peann
KoKo Peann 18 gün önce
green goblin may not be as powerful as other villains but he's the only villain i'm scared of from the first time I saw him and now. Willem Dafoe is so good playing this role
u n k n o w n
u n k n o w n 2 gün önce
Sometimes destroying someone mentally may be just as, if not more damaging that being physically destroyed. Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin executes it perfectly!
Chris 17 gün önce
He’s Spider-Man’s Joker; not super powerful, but just as much, if not more, of a threat as any of the others.
Chris 17 gün önce
You just cannot get better than Willem as Green Goblin. At this point, there’s no prayer of recasting him. He’s too perfect in the role.
Thomasmemoryscentral 13 gün önce
If you mean liveaction wise, yeah everyone loves him but do you have a favourite animated series version of him?
Zico Tops
Zico Tops Aylar önce
Willem Dafoe top 10 human beings
D4N13L S34S
D4N13L S34S 28 gün önce
Ke haces aqui zico :O
Micheal Gregor
Micheal Gregor Aylar önce
Could someone tell Jamie Foxx he deserves to be in that company? I know- it's DAFOE! MOLINA!- but he's also an accomplished veteran of the big screen! I do love the respect Jamie shows.
Volebien Aylar önce
William Defoe killed it in this movie. His acting was so REAL. He seized his chance and put his mark.
David H
David H Aylar önce
Yup! After years of acting, he always shows up in nearly every film. Plus after having played the green goblin, he just added some more depth to the character.
Oscorp Industries
Oscorp Industries 8 gün önce
I went to see the movie almost a month ago now, and I must say, all of them did phenomenal jobs. Willem’s always been so great at Green Goblin, I cant even put it into words. Alfred Molina was the only person who could have ever pulled off Dock Ock, and he killed it. Jamie Foxx also did an amazing job as Electro, he made everything hilarious and did such an amazing job at seeming power-hungry. They all did so amazing, Godspeed Spider-Men 👍
ThisOffendsMeTV Aylar önce
Seeing Defoe and Molina together, really brings my childhood together full circle. I genuinely hope all the Spider-Men are here I really wanna see my man Tobey
james amick
james amick 20 gün önce
Certain scenes from the sam raimi films still creep me out and scare me, such as the hospital scene with doc ock. Just watched that film again today, and that scene is definitely very scary for a pg 13 film, just as scary now as the first time I saw the film.
Midnight 27 gün önce
Dude ikr the Nostalgia
Taikage 28 gün önce
I’ve uploaded a Top 5 Moments in Spider-Man: No Way Home video (with footage) & it would be cool if other Huge Spider-Man & Marvel fans would give their opinion on where they would rank their favourite moments from the movie & let me know if you agree or disagree with mine🤘🏽Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 👊🏽💯!
MotionBrickStudios 29 gün önce
Edgar(mature)Perez jr of the FEO
@Nikola Tutev HAAAA
ERGSEG Aylar önce
Willem Dafoe hasn’t missed a beat. He was just as incredible and captivating in No Way Home as he was in the very first Spider-Man film 20 years ago.
Lodl 29 gün önce
Spider trio edit trvid.com/video/video-1yHjHFimMyw.html
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 28 gün önce
Jamie Foxx is a real Willem Dafoe fan, and you can see it. Good to see genuine admiration among great actors.
Yoselin Ballesteros
Yoselin Ballesteros 26 gün önce
Alfred Molina took the credit for the villain with the most conscience in Spider-Man 2, and now in No Way Home he returned to remember that you can always choose. I loved his performance.😍👏
Daniel Gada
Daniel Gada 26 gün önce
Willem needs an Oscar. He was terrifying.
Whitney Avalon
Whitney Avalon Aylar önce
When I worked with Alfred Molina (on a TV show) he was so charming, smart, and funny - and I love that this interview lets him show his delightful personality!
RANJIT P 7 gün önce
@SupportTheLittleGuy But That was 1980s.
Taikage 28 gün önce
I’ve uploaded a Top 5 Moments in Spider-Man: No Way Home video (with footage) & it would be cool if other Huge Spider-Man & Marvel fans would give their opinion on where they would rank their favourite moments from the movie & let me know if you agree or disagree with mine🤘🏽Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 👊🏽💯,
Zahra Khan
Zahra Khan Aylar önce
Hi Whitney! Love your videos
Imran Haque
Imran Haque Aylar önce
pleasure to have you here Whitney
Tara Aylar önce
@Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 bruh no u don’t
Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang
Ok seriously the fact that Willem Dafoe has yet to win an Oscar baffles me. He's the living legend that doesn't need an Oscar to prove his credibility. The Oscars needs him in return, such a timeless actor at its finest!!
Vivek Bharti
Vivek Bharti Aylar önce
For those who hasn't watched it till now, William Dafoe's performance alone is worth enough of time and money you will spend.
Lodl 29 gün önce
Spider trio edit trvid.com/video/video-1yHjHFimMyw.html
William Green
William Green Aylar önce
I love the new movie. William’s goblin killed it and it was genuinely terrifying to watch. With how goblin worked here, it’s super obvious he’s not in control of what he’s thinking and that is terrifying. I can totally see him as the Joker.
Lesley 16 gün önce
Yes!!! I’ve been so desperate to see him play the Joker, he’s been my dream casting for the character for years. Maybe one day we could have him with Pattinson’s Batman, since both actors did so well together in The Lighthouse.
Lodl 29 gün önce
Spider trio edit trvid.com/video/video-1yHjHFimMyw.html
Everybody’s been saying it here, but yeah, Willem’s Green Goblin was even scarier in this one than before. He crushed it
pizzajona 28 gün önce
I think working on the Lighthouse helped him a lot
acceptthisname Aylar önce
How often does an actor reprise a role nearly 20 years later and do it just as good, if not better than they did the first time. Dafoe is legendary.
Sto. Tomas, Tristan Manuel T.
Spiderman NWH green goblin terriffied the heck out me. Not just a villian, but a monster himself
Sto. Tomas, Tristan Manuel T.
Well at age 66 william playing as Green Goblin was like a buffed character since it was improvised and well played than before.
XNorthEast 10 gün önce
@Mr DeadPool No, just Willem Dafoe.
Mr DeadPool
Mr DeadPool 13 gün önce
James earl jones in the lion king
Chris 17 gün önce
One of the greatest to ever do it.
MusicLover_KB Aylar önce
A lot of praise is going to Willem Dafoe and it's well-deserved, and some is going to Alfred Molina too but Jamie Foxx? Honestly, this movie improved Max Dillon/Electro significantly, it made up for his lackluster character in Amazing Spider-Man 2
Harley Jackson
Harley Jackson 29 gün önce
If you're wondering why Jamie seems so awkward when he says "I'm happy we got a brand new look," it's because Willem just spoiled the new suits and when they cut away from Willem to talk to Alfred you could clearly hear somebody chewing Willem out for saying too much, and Jamie was totally watching. He didn't wanna get chewed out like Willem did.
Leukemia Whisperer
Leukemia Whisperer 22 gün önce
Can we speak about the acting job of Alfred Molina? Wasn't the star of the show but by God was I just ecstatic to see him.
Nik Lee
Nik Lee 18 gün önce
I really enjoyed everyone’s performance in this movie. Really great, strong acting from everybody involved. So fun to watch and something just felt heartwarming about seeing all these great actors come together for this.
lolz Aylar önce
Willem Dafoe looks so happy and adorable, his characters are often serious and or evil, it’s refreshing to see him with a big smile on his face at all time.
Taikage 28 gün önce
I’ve uploaded a Top 5 Moments in Spider-Man: No Way Home video (with footage) & it would be cool if other Huge Spider-Man & Marvel fans would give their opinion on where they would rank their favourite moments from the movie & let me know if you agree or disagree with mine🤘🏽Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 👊🏽💯!
667mumble Aylar önce
Next year will be the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man, so who knows
Suzanne Rust
Suzanne Rust Aylar önce
@Mez Hossain yes apparently he said that he wouldn't reprise the role unless he could do all his own stunts
Tisha Dowlut
Tisha Dowlut Aylar önce
Well, hello people. Bringing you back to this comment.
Rəmįngtøn Aylar önce
Unlike the green goblin smile
Wongsquared 28 gün önce
Alfred is so goofy and fun. Love his personality
LORDbibby42 18 gün önce
The whole cast truly had their shining moments, but Willem was phenomenal!
Hebert Parra
Hebert Parra Aylar önce
I love all 3 of these guys but i think Alfred Molina is the perfect Doc Ock , if they ever recast or redo Doc Ock in the future i don't think anyone else will be up to his level he is just perfect. I Love Molina's Doc Ock!
FrostyGoat88 Gün önce
Lodl 29 gün önce
Spider trio edit trvid.com/video/video-1yHjHFimMyw.html
Dramey 23 gün önce
My favorite part from Willem Dafoe was when he said “You know, I’m something of a scientist myself” in NWH which was referencing the first Spider-Man. Also I remember Electro from Amazing Spider-Man 2 that was one of my favs because I kinda grew up with it and also Spider-Man 3.
Siliconius Antogramaphantism
I can see Jamie Foxx's humility and respect for these two and it makes me respect him even more. Usually he's more comedic and flamboyant in interviews, but you can see by his body language that he reads the room well and adjusts his behaviour in respect. Even though he himself is an Oscar winner, he defers to them in order of seniority. Mad respect to Jamie for this.
greg muniz
greg muniz 26 gün önce
Always loved Jamie foxx. He’s really one of the best actors. Collateral, ray, django, etc.
Satoshi Katsumoto
Satoshi Katsumoto 27 gün önce
To be fair these two are just as iconic as Nicholson's Joker or DeVito's Penguin. These two made the Spider-Man Franchise iconic.
Siliconius Antogramaphantism
@Josh Az I'd attribute that quality more to his grandmother's upbringing and his willingness to listen to her advice. He had some pretty nasty stories about growing up in Texas so I wouldn't single out a whole state, that's just a very broad generalization.
Josh Az
Josh Az Aylar önce
I mean he is a Texan. Were mostly very polite and respectable.
yana romanova
yana romanova Aylar önce
@Nina Simone idiot,other two are much older and more experienced thespian actors,obviously he would be respectable and quiet,and listen to them.it's not about race.
ZebraNeighbor 20 gün önce
Everybody trips about how well Tom Holland makes himself sound American, but dude Alfred Molina's voice control over his accent is out of this world.
ChaiNBooks Aylar önce
William’s Green Goblin freaked me out as a kid when I first watched the 2002 Spider-Man. Going into NWH as a 21 year old, I had no idea HE WOULD STILL BE SO CREEPY. Hands down, what a genius performance! Take a bow!
4gags Aylar önce
I doubt they’re gonna nominate him for anything, but Dafoe deserves an Oscar for his performance
Jason Chukwu
Jason Chukwu 28 gün önce
As of Christmas Day, I have now seen No Way Home 3 times and this movie is still too good to be true. The nostalgia came rushing back like a mighty flood when all 3 Spider-mans met and interacted with each other. The classic villains, however, took this movie to another level. I’m still trying to process the fact that I really got to see these amazing actors return to their iconic villain roles after all these years and still killed every scene that they were in. Jamie Foxx’s Electro-> Classically hilarious and villainously charismatic Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock -> Splendidly spectacular, explosively interesting to watch and true to his villainous roots. Willem Defoe -> BRILLIANTLY CRUSHED AND STOLE EVERY SCENE HE WAS IN. Goodness gracious his performance was so phenomenal and terrifying as GG like he was in Raimi’s Spider-man 1. PUT RESPECT ON HIS NAME AND GIVE THIS MAN AN OSCAR!!!!!!
Pharmit24 Aylar önce
the classic villains! this is awesome!
The Show of Stars
The Show of Stars Aylar önce
Zendaya red carpet looks trvid.com/video/video-7Arz1vSa57A.html
Саша Черняк
@blazn0 Better than for 0...
Maxenne Sung
Maxenne Sung Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-gPwI5ClXn2A.html 👍❤️
blazn0 Aylar önce
@Саша Черняк they are probably in the film for 2 scènes.
You're a third rate duelist
@Simon hollad yeah all three are legends
M C 19 gün önce
Man now I wish there'd be more green goblin, Defoe went above and beyond even his previous performances, absolutely incredible, he stole the show for me
David 4rancibia
David 4rancibia 27 gün önce
The best part for me is how every single one of the villains was menacing, powerfull and intimidating, no one was down played, spider man was against the ropes so many times i never thought i would enjoy Willem Dafoe beating the crap out of Tom holland as much as i did
Julio Cezar Espindola Junior
I took my kids to see this movie and I confess that I had tears in my eyes at the end, I could feel the love involved in the movie, it wasn't a "blockbuster" play, it was something made in a very special way, I haven't felt anything like it since the Lord of the Rings. This movie made me believe for the first time in Tom Holland's Spiderman. Thanks fron Brazil.
BoobearPayne💚🍉 17 gün önce
7:23 Willem Dafoes character, Green Goblin, is terryfing, he portrays it so well that it does seem personal 😭💀
capncooktwd Aylar önce
Rest in peace to all those spider-man fans who have passed away before getting to see the return of these characters in this movie.
funandlala 12 gün önce
RIP to those wonderful fans :'(
Taikage 28 gün önce
I’ve uploaded a Top 5 Moments in Spider-Man: No Way Home video (with footage) & it would be cool if other Huge Spider-Man & Marvel fans would give their opinion on where they would rank their favourite moments from the movie & let me know if you agree or disagree with mine🤘🏽Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 👊🏽💯!
Ivan De La Garza
Ivan De La Garza 29 gün önce
@Marcus Rondo Ok correct they too
Marcus Rondo
Marcus Rondo 29 gün önce
@Ivan De La Garza What about Jack Kirby? Steve Ditko? Why is Stan the only one who gets credit?
Sarah Hannah
Sarah Hannah Aylar önce
That’s hurts, R.I.P
kdrizzy2012 18 gün önce
Willem Dafoe is the embodiment of Green goblin, the same way Hugh Jackman is wolverine. Its amazing
Jillian McGovern
Jillian McGovern 19 gün önce
Everyone's talking about Willam and he was *fantastic,* Alfred Molina was just as good. His acting in the nee movie makes me tear up every time because of the relief he has. My best way to describe without spoilers
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
*Just watched the movie, these 3 were absolutely phenomenal. Alfred and William still got it.*
Lodl 29 gün önce
Spider trio edit trvid.com/video/video-1yHjHFimMyw.html
Hunter Rogers
Hunter Rogers 26 gün önce
As a lifetime fan of Spider-Man who was just a kid watching the first film, it brought me chills to watch The fight between Toby and Willem once again. Hands down it was the best movie I’ve seen in a very long time, simply because it made me feel like a kid again. Amazing actors
Shang Aylar önce
20 years is not a short time, willem and alfred have both aged incredibly well
Forsaken Jones
Forsaken Jones Aylar önce
Some people age 10 yrs in 5 yrs, and some 5 in 10 ...
Tyler Bergen
Tyler Bergen Aylar önce
I can’t believe Alfred Molina is 70! When he said that I said out loud “wait what??”. Willem Dafoe has somehow found the ability to not age but he found it in his late 40’s so he is perpetually that age hahah. Like comparing him to the original movie it’d be easy to guess that it was only 3-4 years prior to this movie lol. Keanu Reeves became a vampire in his late 20’s so hence they have the same immortality but Keanu Reeves looks young forever. Or maybe it’s because….he’s…an FBI Agent!! LOL 😂 Jamie Foxx looks the same as he has forever but it’s not because he is a vampire it’s because the saying about certain people not cracking isn’t a lie lol. Dare I say the actual phrase be crucified for being “racist” haha. We do live in a joke free world as we all know lol…I laugh but frown at the same time thinking how much better and easy going people used to be. Now every joke is dissected and made sure to be taken out of context so it can be used as fuel to call a person something they aren’t. So sad and so stupid…
LordMalice6d9 Aylar önce
@Henry Anaya He's always "looked" old, is the key word.
MAN!C Aylar önce
Jamie fox has been looking the same since he was a baby
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones Aylar önce
I can’t believe that the og spider man movie is nearly two decades old
Ian Turner
Ian Turner 17 saatler önce
It was by far the best Spiderman film I have ever watched. So nostalgic for me.
olivia tucker
olivia tucker 8 gün önce
When I saw the original Spiderman, Green Goblin, Dr. Otto Octavius, Sandman , I felt I was reliving my childhood. 🤯🕷❤💙😊
Mr Blue223
Mr Blue223 23 gün önce
It's so nice to see their actual personality. Great to see villains being such nice people
nacmacfeegles 19 gün önce
I love, love these guys. So amazing actors. Respect! And thank you to MCU to get them back snd not use other actors. This is an awesome movie!
Anderson Domingos Gomes Cassule
Willem Dafoe is such a phenomenal actor. That's all I have to say.
Tobias Holm
Tobias Holm Aylar önce
Willem Dafoe was an absolute joy to watch in this film, he was phenomenal.
Gabriela Moreno
Gabriela Moreno Aylar önce
I never tought a superhero movie could make me feel this happy. I felt so genuinely happy watching this movie. I was tearing of joy the whole movie. I realized bringing back all these people from my childhood was like a dream come true. Amazing.
WirelessFawn3 28 gün önce
Honestly William Defoe was brilliant. I personally feel he has done the greatest job as acting a villain ever. He felt truly evil when his goblin mind emerges and truly felt helpless and harmless when Norman was in control. He really nearly had me convinced he had temporarily regained control. I expected his cure to fully break him. When Peters sense went off, I was expecting Otto to go rogue or even vulture to interrupt the cures. Then Peter webbed Dafoe and I was like damn that was amazing acting. I seriously say he is now the best mcu villain, in terms of performance. Bone chilling. I wished this movie was a 2 parter, he needed more screen time.
C&M Punk
C&M Punk Aylar önce
The villains completely made No Way Home one of the best superhero movies ever.
RedPanda 14 gün önce
Luc 15 gün önce
Green lantern is the best Superhero movie period
Dark blood
Dark blood 16 gün önce
For me it was the was one of the worst super heroes movies , but William was very good
joelm33 17 gün önce
Yes and how the movie treated the villains was phenomenal
jedahaw 19 gün önce
Having a great villain always makes a great story.
meggy Aylar önce
I saw the movie yesterday & the amount of us grown adults screaming when we saw these guys & more were just incredible. We all cried. Probably the best stand alone marvel movie. I remember being terrified of the green goblin when I was a kid, I watched Tobey’s Spider-Man when I was 4.. AND SEEING HIM BACK AFTER ALL THESE YEARS STILL TERRIFIES ME BUT HOLY FUCK THE ACTING IS JUST BEAUTIFUL.
FrostyGoat88 Gün önce
It's so interesting seeing how chill the actors are in contrast to how they are as villains in the movies
like not
like not 25 gün önce
It's amazing to hear how well treated all the actors and their characters were. Especially with electro, the changes weren't major but the character felt so much more genuine. I guess with marvel the most amazing thing is when the actors can give something from themselves into the character, it's not by a chance that the most beloved character Tony Stark is Robert Downey Jr in a suit.
Itsyaboi Scrafty
Itsyaboi Scrafty Aylar önce
it’s honestly amazing to see all these villains back the movie was amazing it was so joyful and heartfelt
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez Aylar önce
Willem Dafoe’s performance was absolutely brilliant, he proved why Green Goblin is Spider-Man’s main villain and absolutely most dangerous.
FrostyGoat88 Gün önce
It absolutely was!!
Denboix 9 gün önce
@A cat on the internet god no, dock ock ftw
Alpha Nerd
Alpha Nerd 9 gün önce
@A cat on the internet I don't care what's in Spider-Man 2. That movie was made by an idiot who doesn't understand the character at all.
A cat on the internet
A cat on the internet 10 gün önce
@Alpha Nerd But there's a reason he hates spider-man so much. Also, in spider-man 2, He said "Spider-man was a hero, I just couldn't see It" which kinda redeemed him in one way
Alpha Nerd
Alpha Nerd 10 gün önce
@A cat on the internet He's the real Villain of No Way Home. Even the Goblin was just sick. Jameson goes on a knowing campaign of disinformation for personal profit that ruins Spider-Man's life.
TeaM RoCKeT Aylar önce
Green goblin was truly terrifying in the movie... especially in the building battle, the whole theater was basically gasping seeing the madness of him.. doc ock was more for nostalgia and emotional scenes... And electro was totally crazy...spoliar alert: He was the most powerful villain in the movie...he alone wrecked all of the heroes very easily
JAX 27 gün önce
They performed so well and this was such a unique experience to see them coming back after so long. We had no idea 10+ years ago that these villains will return. The marvel studio has taken a lot of risk with this project because there was no guarantee that these actors will say yes for coming back. But they did. Now i just wonder, did the studio reach out to other actors as well who may have said no or were not in shape to reappear? Anyway, watched the movie yesterday and loved it!
Diego Bisono
Diego Bisono 28 gün önce
It’s just awesome seeing villains who we haven’t seen in a long time come back. The only thing is that I wish I saw the older Spider Man films to appreciate it more, but I still loved No Way Home.
No You're a towel
No You're a towel Aylar önce
All of the villains in this were incredible. Really really didnt expect to see (spoiler) The lizard and sandman (The first shot of the lizard made me jump out of my chair super creepy.) It was a good film
Joe R
Joe R Aylar önce
Willem was incredible, he knew he wouldn’t get a huge amount of screen time so he took it upon himself to absolutely smash it with every scene he’s in
james amick
james amick 19 gün önce
He actually insisted on doing all his own stuntwork. He said that was a big sticking point to him agreeing to be in the film.
Dan Rigby
Dan Rigby 22 gün önce
@Jordan Dwiggins u are defo the type of guy to sleep with a night light
Hypers 27 gün önce
@Jay C he's fine just hurts
Taikage 28 gün önce
I’ve uploaded a Top 5 Moments in Spider-Man: No Way Home video (with footage) & it would be cool if other Huge Spider-Man & Marvel fans would give their opinion on where they would rank their favourite moments from the movie & let me know if you agree or disagree with mine🤘🏽Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 👊🏽💯!
Jay C
Jay C Aylar önce
@Sosa Drippin I saw the movie. We don't see what happens to Tobey afterwards. How do people know he didn't die
Yoselin Ballesteros
Yoselin Ballesteros 26 gün önce
There will never be a villain as cunning, maniacal, evil, menacing and unpredictable as the Green Goblin played by best actor Willem Dafoe👽🔥
Dear x Jomi
Dear x Jomi 27 gün önce
I loved the combination of all the villains in the movie. They were all so good ❤️❤️ omg! It brought me back some memories seeing them in one screen together.
Dead Dumplings
Dead Dumplings 22 gün önce
I watched the film It was soo worth the hype I laughed and Cried I was thrilled, excited, terrified, sad It was honestly soo good Ps-lots of comments are recognising William and I agree with tyem all but for me personally Seing Alfred's Doc oc be given a redemption felt soo rewarding. All in all I didn't realise how much I loved Alfred as an actor and as his Doc Oc. character until I watched NWH
Diane Wong
Diane Wong 26 gün önce
I watched it today and Willem Dofoe was absolutely brilliant !
Dustin Markward
Dustin Markward Aylar önce
Seriously, how in the hell has Willem Dafoe not been a joker at any point yet? He's perfect.
Alpha Nerd
Alpha Nerd 21 gün önce
@barry 234 The Joker is lame. "Blah blah I'm crazy and I'm in love with Batman but I also hate him." Vilnians who's motivations make sense are much better.
Jazsy Ali
Jazsy Ali 28 gün önce
If they finally bring the comic book version of Miller's "The Dark Knight" to the big screen, I think that he will be an awesome version!!!
Taikage 28 gün önce
I’ve uploaded a Top 5 Moments in Spider-Man: No Way Home video (with footage) & it would be cool if other Huge Spider-Man & Marvel fans would give their opinion on where they would rank their favourite moments from the movie & let me know if you agree or disagree with mine🤘🏽Thanks for your time if you choose to do so! 👊🏽💯!
Leah Lawrence
Leah Lawrence 28 gün önce
Omg I said this after the movie
Isidro Daniel Feliciano
Nolan wanted a grounded Joker: Dafoe is too over the top for that. Suicide Squad wanted a gangster Joker: Dafoe isn't fit to play a gangster in a night club being coy with mobheads. Phoenix was meant to be a tragic human. Dafoe is too over the top for that. When he plays a scared Norman Osborne, it's because something almost supernatural is happening. Phoenix is more subtle, he plays a pathetic man pushed to desperation. I don't think that is Dafoe's style. It's simply because no one has yet written a Joker that Dafoe can emulate perfectly. A Death Of The Family Joker would be perfect for Dafoe.
csiampos Gün önce
"Who's the scariest villain?" Foxx: (immediately compares Dafoe's Goblin to something Shakespearean) Dafoe: (responds modestly and humbly) What a legend.
beef 3 gün önce
I just saw the movie and all I can say is this movie really solidified that Tobey’s spiderman and his villains were the best era for me. Gives me the same chills all over again.
David 4rancibia
David 4rancibia 27 gün önce
Willem and Alfred performances stole the whole movie, it wouldn't be as good as it is without them
Areeb Shams
Areeb Shams 5 gün önce
It's so hard to see Dafoe as normal person interviewed even his normal laughs sounds like menacing crazy scientist laugh. What a phenomenal actor he is!!!
KeepCleaving Aylar önce
Willem Dafoe hits me in the feels. The guy oozes legendary acting charisma. Gonna be fun to see him battle his dual personalities again.
Wrath Aylar önce
@silloweet meh. I'd say you're downplaying the ratings a little just to "prove your point" but yeah i wouldn't give the plot too high of a rating nonetheless. still a great movie, and a gift for all spiderman fans
silloweet Aylar önce
@Aruss Nope. The plot is a 4/10 at best but the movie was very enjoyable like I knew it would be
Aruss Aylar önce
@silloweet the plot was amazing
John Jandoh
John Jandoh Aylar önce
@Menaceblue3 Also his role in the last temptation of Christ, as well as Once upon a time in Mexico. Also his Mr. Bean performance was all round excellent.
John Jandoh
John Jandoh Aylar önce
@SonderrenYT OUT AM I?
Natural Bby x
Natural Bby x 10 gün önce
Willem Dafoe coming back to play Green Goblin is legendary! He’s such a phenomenal actor! The Green Goblin smile he does really scares me!
Karen King
Karen King 21 gün önce
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Luke Brumley
Luke Brumley Aylar önce
I love how we got to see the raw strength and insanity of Goblin here. He really shines, if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s 100% worth the watch.
Wichada Tzanis
Wichada Tzanis 26 gün önce
Wilem was even scarier than he was in the first Spider-Man!! I LOVE it!
Jon Boyle
Jon Boyle Aylar önce
Willem seems genuinely excited for what they’ve done with Gobby. He’s such a professional guy that him being so excited has me double excited.
D Aylar önce
Willem was the best part of the film...he absolutely crushed it
Penelope kitson
Penelope kitson Aylar önce
gobby bahaha i love that
Maxenne Sung
Maxenne Sung Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-gPwI5ClXn2A.html 👍❤️
kshamwhizzle Aylar önce
I watched that Vanity Fair interview with him and Pedro Pascal last night and like honestly he just seems like a genuinely kind hearted dude.
Саша Черняк
What about Thomas Hayden Church and Ris Evans, are they there too or their villains will be totally CGI?
Daniel Gada
Daniel Gada 26 gün önce
Thank you so much to these legends. What you have given us in this film is truly special. Alfred - no way in hell you could let us down. Kings!
James Aylar önce
Willem Dafoe came out to be the best even if he had less screentime he will send chills down your spine in the movie trust me . He got the best of Tom Holland spiderman just like he did with Tobey but even more sinister.
Paje 3 gün önce
William Dafoe's portrayal of the Green Goblin brings back the trauma I felt the first time seeing him in Tobey Maguire's Spiderman, a spectacular actor.
Ben Huber
Ben Huber Aylar önce
The more I watch from Jamie the more I like him. I'm glad he is more serious and respects his roles.
Dennis Abecina
Dennis Abecina Aylar önce
You Know Willem' s something of a returning character himself.
Syed Saif Abbas
Syed Saif Abbas 28 gün önce
You know how much he has sacrificed?!!!
Toasted' Nugget_'
Toasted' Nugget_' 28 gün önce
@Jay Brown i had to beat an old lady with a stick
Kyran Sawhill
Kyran Sawhill 29 gün önce
Back to formula.
Jay Brown
Jay Brown Aylar önce
@MichIsMellow "Impressive...your parents must be proud."
MichIsMellow Aylar önce
I understood that reference!
Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire Aylar önce
As each character made their first appearance, the theater cheered for them; especially Tobey and Green Goblin. Overall best experience at the movies for me.
Seana Hampstead
Seana Hampstead Aylar önce
Willem Dafoe needs protected at all costs! When Jamie was complimenting his character on being the best (because of his performance lets be honest) and he started trying to talk about other people in response, is that not the most adorable thing you've ever seen?! Willem Dafoe needs to live forever cause honestly my heart might break for good if he goes haha.
wicked 21 gün önce
By far the best spiderman in my mind these returning legends make the movie incredible and well entertaining 👏🏽
bariatasudan 26 gün önce
Goblin was scary 19-20 years ago when I first seen Spider-Man and it is still scary lol. Willem Is an amazing actor especially when he plays antagonist.
Isprikitik burkabush
Seeing this 3 together is surreal. The cast have the legacy and nostalgia to make this movie one of the highest grossing film ever
@Abrar Jawad Fardin Don’t virus mutations get weaker and less deadly as time goes on? Or am I tripping?
CABLE 715 Aylar önce
@Abrar Jawad Fardin not a chance, pre-sales are already setting records
Fax!! Aylar önce
True:) trvid.com/video/video-EbGk_BXUQLI.html . . .
Nathan Mister
Nathan Mister Aylar önce
@Cherry Dragon *MCU style humor
純子 ❤
純子 ❤ Aylar önce
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Fredy Pachuau
Fredy Pachuau 28 gün önce
They are so into the movie and their characters, I love it.
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