Spend 278 Days To Build A Dream Water Park

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278 Days Build Our Dream Water Park With ​Underground Water Slide House

About Mr.Heang Update: We are from Thailand and we live in United States of America (USA). In this video we going to show you about our 278 days of survival and building our dream water park with underground water slide house with very simple tools and skill !

How long and where did I build?
I been working very hard with my 2 friends for 278days to completely build, This underground is in a very small private jungle in California (United State), We did together with three people (2 people is builder and one person is camera man)

How large is it?
Underground Dimension: Depth 5.2m , width 15.3m, height 8.3m, I knew the most of viewer they hard to believe but it real 100% by hand made with tools in video ! If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below my video.

I am very happy for your constructive feedback.
Hope you enjoying my videos !!
Park Water Slide
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23 Haz 2021




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@Thomas Gustav Franc people who care:
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