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my favorite little game giving me my favorite little panic attacks
highlights: www.youtube.com/watch?v=haw87...
full run: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEQJa...

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20 May 2022




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Tom Fawkes
Tom Fawkes Aylar önce
Jaiden needs a heart rate monitor for these speedruns. Both for content and so her friends can see the exact moment she has the inevitable heart attack.
games vids
games vids 2 gün önce
Jaiden is you have any sketch books can we see
Aerin Proffitt
Aerin Proffitt 7 gün önce
Oh like the outside Xbox guys playing alien isolation! I'd watch it
LanceSlkVerse Animations
Bro's heart monitor would be like her mom in airport..
crow 11 gün önce
Charlotte 12 gün önce
It is gonna be so so SOOOO fast it might break 💀😭❤️
Bald Frost
Bald Frost 22 gün önce
Jaiden has ran out of life stories, she's now no longer a storytime animator, happy to see her branch out
S c
S c Saatler önce
@Pumpimated wait what she still plays piano I'm sure she probably just doesn't record it
Roach Roachin'
Roach Roachin' 15 saatler önce
@Pumpimated what
The Adi Scale
The Adi Scale Gün önce
@Pumpimated Right
Pumpimated 2 gün önce
@The Adi Scale and ex musician
The Adi Scale
The Adi Scale 6 gün önce
Jaiden was always both a storytime and gaming youtuber
Ferdinand Borges
Ferdinand Borges 22 gün önce
"Not even close" she says only being a minuteish off. She did pretty damn good for something that was only done in a single day I assume.
FreEmeraldMarbl 11 gün önce
Well since it’s a rhythm game, the ONLY real way to save time is by load times and menuing. So a minute is quite a bit. However skill-wise her run is pretty much on par with any other all medal run without screw ups. (At least by the game)
Capejedi 13 gün önce
in speedrunning a minute can be a very hard thing to fight for when it's down to the wire like this
Berry 8 gün önce
hey jaiden, watching you during my hardest times of growing up rlly helped me, 1. hearing your story about your eating disorder and other mental struggles helped me with mine, it made me more confident and how to cope better 2. you also inspired me to get my very own bird, you heard me- i got a cockatiel named boid, he’s the cheekiest but funniest lil bird ever thank you
I love you!!
I love you!! Gün önce
Wholesome content 😚👌
T. H.
T. H. 19 gün önce
"Any second I could kill the run (with a big enough mistake)" -Jaiden, but also me as a high school student recording orchestra assignments
Patterrz Aylar önce
I could feel the anxiety during the Discord call section, they're having a casual conversation and you're having the fight of your life LOL
Fine 🙂
CopperStarToons Aylar önce
LOL just the unspoken terror! XD
funship-gacha Aylar önce
yes quite literally 😂
thesnackcopl /\/\/\ (dart gang)
(Spoiler of the New-ish Kirby game Alert) Me when I get far into the 2nd phase of Chaos Elfilis in Kirby and the forgotten land and i'm on really low health
Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Aylar önce
wishing you the best morning/night - remember, what we think, we become 🧠💰
Princessbeeee 22 gün önce
Everyone: talking about how nervous Jaiden is Me: *don’t you DARE disrespect the original Wii..*
Z Perm
Z Perm 12 gün önce
I like the Wii U a lot more but the Wii is still aweesooommmeee.
Nebula The SeaNight
Nebula The SeaNight 17 gün önce
original wii gang
Soda Boi
Soda Boi 20 gün önce
Heck yes an ally that despises the Wii slander!
Drippy Mario
Drippy Mario 22 gün önce
Hell yeah finally someone gets it
Games and Stuff
Games and Stuff 5 gün önce
I’ve been trying to speed run a super mario maker level where you literally just walk with a couple jumps at the end. It is SO HARD. Massive respect to people who speedrun things that actually take effort.
AlbertoneGold 12
AlbertoneGold 12 8 gün önce
I love how Little Jaiden represents your mental state knowing you have already done anything with the run, while Big Jaiden is still suffering hell while going through the run XD
Yingzhu Cai ( Student )
Jaiden sacrifices so much for us she literally almost died and she made an amazing animation to go along with it.
Summoning Salt
Summoning Salt Aylar önce
Can't wait to put you in a record history video Jaiden
SomeRobloxDude 2 gün önce
home - were finally landing
Logan2015 8 gün önce
@Karen Sadler pee
JELLYlulu 8 gün önce
@Jaiden Animations on your last pokemon nuzlocke soul link after dodei died you put him in Jacob's Team you painted dodei for nothing at the last battle after the NO
Murtaza zafari
Murtaza zafari 9 gün önce
@Jaiden Animations imagine that without context 💀
TanqR 2.0
TanqR 2.0 12 gün önce
@Jaiden Animations MEWO AND FINALLY . . . . . .. . . . . /e pin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. … . . . . . . .
Emperor Stitch
Emperor Stitch 7 gün önce
The rhythm game : this game will be fun and relaxing for the players Jaiden : ' having a mental breakdown and heart attack '
yeet 2 gün önce
@Zero Interest? well compared to other rhythm games its more relaxing
Zero Interest?
Zero Interest? 3 gün önce
How the fuck is rhythm heaven relaxing?
Dragon Nyx
Dragon Nyx 13 gün önce
As a Hollow Knight speedrunner who does do it "for fun" in my freetime... speedrunning is always terrifying (but still very fun)
KillerPassifist 15 gün önce
I love how TinyJaiden has become a constant thing - it's great. Two types of energy and both are awesome.
AlbertoneGold 12
AlbertoneGold 12 8 gün önce
Glad you’re back with a new video Jaiden! So happy to see you again :) I love yourgaming related videos, keep up the good work and animation! ;)
Мистер Огонёчек
imagine there being a guinness world record for having most panic attacks on a Rhythm game
Mr. M G
Mr. M G 10 gün önce
@bickplayamrgai his region literally says Russia so I think that’s a yes
bickplayamrgai 13 gün önce
Чувак ты же русский
JoJoRDoCs 27 gün önce
I Dont know if this counts like a rhythm game but, Geometry dash players: 💀
Boba Bear Studios
Boba Bear Studios 27 gün önce
@Random Guy • 727 years ago lol
SilverRainbow100 6 gün önce
I‘m happy that this franchise seems to be picking up steam again. I‘m still hoping for a sequel. It’s been way to long since the last one for the 3DS.
Zero Interest?
Zero Interest? 3 gün önce
Yeah and without *q u i z s h o w*
The One
The One 4 saatler önce
I'm I the only one that absolutely loves her videos. I can go on forever about interesting and cool they are. Whenever Im eating or just bored I play her videos.
Moriarchy 19 gün önce
rhythm game speedruns are a great primer for prepping you on other genres of speedruns. It builds you up on the criteria of what good optimal inputs are where its invisible to you on most games (from a speedrunner pov) as its mostly just purely on feel and the visual timer you have set yourself. Otherwise you really can't tell you screwed up unless you know yourself. Platformers, you're fine because you didn't die. Rhythm games? With the no miss mod (1 non perfect or outright miss you auto fail), you are taught on the exacting standards of what a speed run is).
RobloxOG 2 gün önce
I love these videos Most “story time animators” just make powerpoints with audio but she makes actual animations
Alpharad Aylar önce
is it just me or is Jaiden becoming a rhythm heaven channel
Psychopathic idiot
Psychopathic idiot 25 gün önce
Cutiepie016 Aylar önce
@Alex N. Well....
Subject-17 Aylar önce
Jaiden with a nose is cursed
Mikey Gonzalez Jr
Mikey Gonzalez Jr Aylar önce
Ethan Chan
Ethan Chan Aylar önce
She literally did it once and only once-
MyPoochyena 12 gün önce
This video made me really happy, I used to just listen to the rhythm heaven sounds every night to help me fall asleep and this brought me back
TheCreepypro 5 gün önce
another hilarious speedrun told through glorious animation and jaiden's buttery smooth voice
BloomingBelle 20 gün önce
2:54 Jaiden’s Perfectly cut scream made me laugh so hard here
Cris K
Cris K Gün önce
I just watched your video before this and I thought it was a very well done video and it helped me learn A lot about… stuff. I really do hope that you tell us more about this because I think it helped so many people
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
It’s really refreshing seeing Jaiden get more and more interested in the realm of speedrunning.
Sus Sus
Sus Sus Aylar önce
Bro I see you everywhere
Cerrigate Aylar önce
Can I have your mustache?
hello ppl
hello ppl Aylar önce
The replys are mainly bots
KILABXTE Aylar önce
me seeing your comment on a telepurte vid then clicked on this right after then saw you again
team yellow
team yellow 15 gün önce
Jaden I recently found your channel and everyday if I need a laugh, smile or even a cry I can find what I need from your amazing combination of artistic talent and comedic stories. I have no idea how copyright stuff works on TRvid so you may already know this but there are a series of videos proving your ranger dance goes well with a lot of music. And even if you do know I also suggest your fans check it out too. I'll stay tuned for whatever content you come up with in the future
Nexus 525
Nexus 525 Gün önce
It’s nice to see these videos and see that Jacob is always well fed.
kellsr 3 gün önce
ever just look back as a 24 year old and think "what the hell am i doing with my life, like i am literally playing a game fastly to get on a website and put a recording of me fastly playing that game on another website to make money so i can pay my bills and taxes and have something to eat and not starve to death"? yeah me neither
I love you!!
I love you!! Gün önce
The fact that you speedran a game multiple time and knowingly prolonged an unending panic attack is both amazing and concerning
i-win Aylar önce
Rhythm heaven has extremely strict timing windows. It's not for the faint of heart.
yaicob.com 28 gün önce
the Battletoads school of game design
Diceshard Aylar önce
It really depends on which of the games you're playing, the DS one has major problems with giving the player visual info on what they did wrong.
seafairyxthesus Aylar önce
Rhythm hell
Cocoa☕️boba 🧋
No I win
João Peixoto
João Peixoto Aylar önce
Kirby man
Adam Woodall
Adam Woodall 10 gün önce
Take your time with content, it’s always a treat when they’re released.
Mr. M G
Mr. M G Gün önce
Here’s a strange fact Jaden’s actually younger than a lot of the animation community (I don’t know I just found that strange)
Tamsin 14 gün önce
Think about all that anxiety based off a two-hour Rhythm Heaven speedrun - and then imagine that guy who played through every FromSoft game in a row without taking a single hit and what he must have felt during the final boss fight (especially since he took a hit there once and had to restart the entire thing and get there again)
Ravensfaire 21 gün önce
I love your videos so much, you're so much fun to watch. ^.^ I hope things are going well and if it helps, I have learned through your experiences that speedrunning will NEVER be for me. Thank you for your sacrifice, I hope those palpitations are sorting themselves out XD
Monguy Aylar önce
"I thought about going for an all-perfect run" Anyone who has ever played Rhythm Heaven instantly knew this was a horrible idea the moment it turned into a sentence lol
Zero Interest?
Zero Interest? 3 gün önce
@Rhythm Man I beat monkey watch at my second try while remix 3 costed me 2-3 hours and I still couldn't beat it. Barista is my hero :D
•PricklyPines• Aylar önce
@king ak 7756 Thank you!! :D
king ak 7756
king ak 7756 Aylar önce
@•PricklyPines• wow you are a good artist
Necrotic_Farron 17 gün önce
I know it's not related to the achievement Jaiden just accomplished (Congrats!) but the fanart at the end with all the aroace designs are really great ^^
Nutshell In A Nutshell
Jaiden: gets a world record The record 0.0000001 seconds after the release of the video: A d i o s
Isa 8 gün önce
Jaiden, you are amazing, really! I wish I knew you and your art sooner, because you are so funny and nice! I'm waiting for the next video to enjoy that one aswell! Keep up the amazing work, Jaiden! I love you!
Brb Eating
Brb Eating 5 gün önce
I’ve had this I’m my head for a while and I think everyone knows, but Jaiden has four fingers when she draws hands. It makes me remember the video we’re she had her thumb (I think) slammed into a car door. Just remember while rewatching some videos :P
SimplySquoddle Aylar önce
I love the concept of Jaiden having a littleJaiden running around trying to confort her when she gets too stressed.
Actual little jaiden is so cute lmao-
Lorli Kalburli
Lorli Kalburli Aylar önce
@TorrentialChaos pawg you mean
Sama Hardy
Sama Hardy Aylar önce
Editor Jaiden being a tiny gremlin version of Jaiden Animations is hilarious and adorable and i fully support this change!!
Orchideenherz Aylar önce
When I read your comment, mini-Jaiden hit her. So much for that 😂
Ryan Chavira
Ryan Chavira 5 gün önce
trust me Jaiden I know how it feels like to play a rhythm game.
•trash boi•
•trash boi• 20 gün önce
How are you doing Jaiden? Are you okay? Do you need anyone to talk to? Everything will be okay, just relax and get to your worries once you've calmed down.
AikaRara 15 gün önce
At first I thought she meant VSRG's, I got really excited but when she meant a nostalgic game (Rhythm Heaven) I got even more excited, so this is how Jaiden gets me to watch her like everytime
MarioxZelda Gamer
MarioxZelda Gamer 19 gün önce
I know it's been a thing for a while but I gotta say, I love the little bobbing animation the wonderful team of people have at the end of each video. We love Jaiden, I love Jaiden, but I equally love the whole team for helping making great content. Keep up the Fantabulous work everyone!👍👍
Clark Davis
Clark Davis Aylar önce
So fun fact, that "roll jump" part in the jumping section is actually a hold a + b input, and not a double tap input Most people (myself included) beat the game without ever realizing that lol
Boyce Fenn
Boyce Fenn Aylar önce
Is that you!?!
king ak 7756
king ak 7756 Aylar önce
@Jaiden Animations hard game
king ak 7756
king ak 7756 Aylar önce
How,but I have not played the game 🎮 ither
Old Soldier
Old Soldier Aylar önce
@Jaiden Animations This will be good information to have, when you finally talk yourself into trying the All Perfect category. 🤣😂🤣
VeeBee Aylar önce
the game is one of the circular buttons on the side. there is a tutorial explaining this
Mr Bronze
Mr Bronze 6 gün önce
Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb In the shape of an "L" on her forehead Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running Didn't make sense not to live for fun Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb So much to do, so much to see So what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go You'll never shine if you don't glow
Joscelyn Vos
Joscelyn Vos 14 gün önce
I've learned the hard way that speed running a game may not be the best idea for people who get really anxious.😅
softboibay 10 gün önce
I know you probably won't see this and/or you hear it a lot 😅 but I thought I'd put it here anyways. You are such a huge inspiration for people like me who suffer with mental health. You are so strong and you inspired me to finally seek advice, and start recovery. I've been watching you for such a long time and I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your energy c:
Pulkit Sachdev
Pulkit Sachdev 14 gün önce
After seeing your video, I gave a try to rhythm games and it was actually fun
Endless Wanderer
Endless Wanderer Aylar önce
"Started and immediately missed the first beat..." What nobody knows about all those Mario speedruns is how many get bodied by that first Goomba before they turn on the camera. I call it the Pancake Run... cause the first one always comes out looking funny.
IlGreven Aylar önce
That was the meme during Super Mario Bros. 35, right? How many got beat by the first Goomba?
Spooderman Aylar önce
Always the first goomba. Never the second or twelfth, always the first one that kills you
Carla Slater
Carla Slater Gün önce
I have rhythm heaven fever on my wii u, but just watching remix ten made me so RAGED because I only have like-7 medals and I’m up to remix ten, just watching this made me feel confident, but I failed. So, THANKS A LOT JAIDEN, YOU RUINED MY CONFIDENCE
SkechyMao 15 gün önce
I love Jaiden's vids. She deserves those likes and subs for all the time she spends and how amazing it turns out.
Sim 21 gün önce
“1 hour, 53 minutes and 1 second […] honestly not even close.” JAIDEN. You’re literally 47 seconds away from the top score, that’s FRICKIN CLOSE B
Volcanic Rules
Volcanic Rules 2 gün önce
Hey Jaiden I love all of your work and if you ever take a break I will understand
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich Aylar önce
I like the idea that Jaiden has a mini clone of herself as a roommate.
I'm dumb, but
I'm dumb, but 11 gün önce
@Some Field lol they are (or should I say, "it is")
hiddenhina 28 gün önce
@Mask. I think it's a reference to smol ame because you can see her at 6:53
bumboobaby is_mine
bumboobaby is_mine Aylar önce
why forget when you can remember! install embryological today! here are some comments of our fateful customers "before I had embryological I was forgetting everything. But now since I got it I haven't forgotten a single thing!" SEE? it works install embryological today and be free from forgetting your wife's birthday!
Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Aylar önce
wishing you the best morning/night - remember, what we think, we become 🧠💰
Mikii Aylar önce
@sscool100 *S M O L*
Missed the Band Wagon
Missed the Band Wagon 19 gün önce
I love all of Jaiden's video game content, these are so enjoyable!
inkie 17 gün önce
the small tiny mini jaiden is one of my favorite things ever
Neon, An Normal Person!
Jaiden, You did Mario, You did Pokemon, You did Cooking. Now for the 11M Subs Special could you make a Sonic Speedrun?
Shannon Roy
Shannon Roy 3 gün önce
Jaiden I just want to say that your my favorite TRvidr and you expired me to do art and animation I’m not good but I get better like you did and I love your videos there funny,well animated just the best and I hope I’ll be great artist like you and I hope you read this so you can know your the best. Ps, ari good bird.
WizardFrog_Draws Aylar önce
Therapist: “so why have you come in today shaking?” Jaiden: “r-rhythm heaven” Edit: mom dad I’m famous…
WizardFrog_Draws Aylar önce
@Jayson Miller who, me? Lol
CD Aylar önce
Galaxy collapse: interesting
StarMisura Aylar önce
@Demodier *angry bomb man flashbacks*
Ame Yuki
Ame Yuki Aylar önce
Jayson Miller
Jayson Miller Aylar önce
I’d love to know how you animate. From a learners perspective
SonicFan250 9 gün önce
I really like your vid’s and the story’s that you make a vid out of are always amazing 👍
SonicFan250 9 gün önce
And you have done 2 speed runs now and they are funny and entertaining. 😁
TheGibbleGamer 21 gün önce
As a person that plays fnf and Ruth em heaven I can say this is an accurate representation of what my first time playing rythem heaven (which was only once)
Kevin Barrett
Kevin Barrett 22 gün önce
Jaiden is a really nice person it would be nice to have a friend like her
Miles Dusil
Miles Dusil 17 gün önce
Great job I can’t believe you finished the run🙂
Jill Aylar önce
Jaiden is such a good story teller that every emotion she described, I felt. So I was an emotional wreck by the end of the video.
Cheryl Toca
Cheryl Toca Aylar önce
Like same yo.
capn stepika agent 3
DanDgamer Aylar önce
@Tanish 13 2 cats
Tanish 13
Tanish 13 Aylar önce
@Jill what is on your profile picture?
Stopmotion Studios
Stopmotion Studios 19 gün önce
Jaiden, I dont know if you will ever see this, but I truly love your videos and the effort you put into your videos! I truly wish I could be as good at making entertaining and funny videos as you. I have been watching your videos since I was 7 years old, and the videos are still extremely entertaining and funny. If you actually read all of this, i just want to say thank you for being such a great youtuber!
Sonic 36 super
Sonic 36 super 19 gün önce
I'm glad you made the video about being aroace because everything you said I could relate to it made me do a aroace test and I'm aroace thanks 😊
Mr. Cube
Mr. Cube 5 gün önce
If jaiden got stronger for each random backround thing she would be a literal shoplifter
Food_Toobs 19 gün önce
6:51 that spinning Smol Ame got me lol
CoraVGreedy Aylar önce
‘Video game masochist’ is the perfect way to describe a speedrunner
Gunnar Schlichting
Gunnar Schlichting Aylar önce
@ticklord Yeah, they are usually eventually figured out. It's just when people still don't know how to get it consistent that's crazy to me. I think Mario Sunshine had a skip like that for a while (Soutce: Summoning Salt's video on it, but it's been a while).
ticklord Aylar önce
@Gunnar Schlichting Usually skips that "rely" on RNG is more of the result that nobody really understands what the specific conditions are for the skip, just generally how to do it as consistently as possible but I get you.
Gunnar Schlichting
Gunnar Schlichting Aylar önce
@ticklord I was more thinking about when there is a skip needed to compete for WR, but whether or not it'll work is rng based. Consistent rng can be worked around, rng for one skip determining if your run lives or dies is masochistic.
ticklord Aylar önce
@Gunnar Schlichting Even something like pokemon speedrunning is a LOT more skill than RNG because you can learn crit ranges, learn movesets, figure out how the AI works and more easily predict what they're going to do (there are a lot of cases where the AI will ALWAYS opt to do something no matter what and you can abuse that fact) Stuff that is PURE rng with no real way to interact with it though is yes, masochistic
tami Aylar önce
Austin Kliebert
Austin Kliebert 18 gün önce
Should Jaiden ever want to try a new game I would highly recommend pokemon collesseum and Gale of darkness as they are both amazing and unique in pokemon
StarSilverInfinity 22 gün önce
Should've figured that a rhythm game would also make you question if your heart is in the right rhythm
Gracie Johnson
Gracie Johnson 5 gün önce
Every time you’re out somewhere special or just somewhere that you might do something that you normally don’t do create a little list in your mind and kind of animated in your head
WolfmanMikie 117
WolfmanMikie 117 11 gün önce
Could you make another nuzlocke I very much enjoy your animated versions
TJ Toons
TJ Toons Aylar önce
Speed running takes so much patience. I have so much respect for Jaiden 😩
Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Aylar önce
wishing you the best morning/night - remember, what we think, we become 🧠💰
Yuan Tabliago
Yuan Tabliago Aylar önce
Upload a video
xvdar Aylar önce
@Igor Fo WTF y u talking abt a soviet union dictator
The one who has a bad name
To the people who think speedrunning doesn’t take patience… you’re right, if you only do a single run and be done with it. Trying to get a somewhat competitive time? Unless you’re running an obscure game category or are already well-practiced with the run itself, you will need great patience to improve your time gradually. Without patience, you’ll probably give up after choking a run or two near the end. A speedrun does not necessarily require patience, but true speedrunners will have enough patience to improve their runs until they are satisfied.
cookie cool
cookie cool Aylar önce
hi TJ
Halen2020 12 gün önce
Yep, this is how video games just go. You pop in to just, you know, casually fuck about and not really *try* and you somehow get this amazing first run through of a thing you were expecting to fail at the first hurdle, then you think "well shit, I gotta keep going, I gotta do better, I did so well, that must be the floor of my skill level" and then you find out that no, that is NOT the floor, and you can and will be so much worse now that you're actually TRYING.
Michael likes anime
Michael likes anime 2 gün önce
hey jaiden i just wanted to say i hope you get better i was supposed to see you at vid con but i saw your parents and your brother and they told me you had covid but they signed my poster and your dad gave me a really cool ari plush you are a great person and so is your family hope you feel well soon
FamTheEvilCat 17 gün önce
Damn, Jaiden. You're a warrior.
Mellabi Hitsugya
Mellabi Hitsugya 17 gün önce
You're doing great Jaiden!
DEV Aylar önce
I like how Little Jaiden has become her own character and has a physcial body that interacts with big Jaiden. Some of the stuff Big Jaiden and Little Jaiden do together is pretty cute. Another great video with great animation.
Heathola Aylar önce
Yeah lol!
Dil 22 gün önce
After this video, a lot of people are going to want to try doing this. Then they realize they can't find the game anywhere if they don't have it.
BreadCrumbs924 10 gün önce
I miss the simpler times where it was just animation. Remember those days?
SomeFlounder176 2 gün önce
I really like your animation style
Michael Palermo
Michael Palermo 3 gün önce
i played the demo of this game at an arcade and it is so hard
Xavier Aylar önce
Jaiden: Getting anxiety over a rhythm game speedrun Mini Jaiden: telling the story as calm and funny as ever
Midnight Aylar önce
@Wintertimes art Well not really. . . The trinity can be a confusing subject but you can say it's the personas of one being. (As simplification by my teachers) Like they said a three in one kind of situation (If you really want for it to be confusing (The father is God but not the son, the son is God but not the father, the spirit is God but not the son, and vice versa)) (I'm just a kid who has some understanding the trinity so please bear with me) Also I know some faiths have a different understanding of the trinity or personal understanding of the concept so yeah kshskhks Also as a Christian it's been a little bit weird to see these random comments in videos not related to the faith just hoping they won't go and force it in anyone! So yeah!!
Wintertimes art
Wintertimes art Aylar önce
@Jesus Saves! sir this is a speed run chat- were not here to talk about whoever this jesus guy is- also how can a dude father himself- that- i dont-
PoisonIvory Aylar önce
@kohakuKP gottem!
PoisonIvory Aylar önce
@Jesus Saves! shus
PoisonIvory Aylar önce
First copied comment, second the comment is the reverse in first half
King Donut
King Donut 6 gün önce
I swear you have improved so much, I knew that by 0:14 but damn
Joaquin Trevino
Joaquin Trevino 17 gün önce
And I want you to know that I’m here to support you and I want you to keep up the good work
Conorsawsome Gün önce
All you gotta do to win Rhythm Heaven is hit the cool parts lol
HDRB123 5 gün önce
I have a suggestion. Maybe you could somehow speedrun the mini games in pou for a video? I'm not sure how this would work so feel free to skip this.
Sylverstone Khandr
Sylverstone Khandr Aylar önce
Oh hey, there I am at 12:14! 😄 Someone actually beat the world record today, so I'm down from 8th to 9th place... looks like I gotta get back to speedrunning so I don't fall out of the top 10. Congrats on your 1:53 run! Hopefully I get to see more fresh faces tackle the All Medals category, it's such a solid run because it's less about extreme time saves and more about showing off your expertise with the game.
Intergalactic Potato
@Vitorfilho1803 the thanks button
Vitorfilho1803 Aylar önce
How to donate on a video thats not livestrem
Sylverstone Khandr
Sylverstone Khandr Aylar önce
@Edward Nygma No prob!
Edward Nygma
Edward Nygma Aylar önce
@Sylverstone Khandr I see, thanks.
CoPool 10 gün önce
I like how Jaiden Animations became more of a gaming channel at some point xD.
Andrea Brock
Andrea Brock 4 gün önce
She needs to do another nuzlock
Vlad S
Vlad S 5 gün önce
Jaiden, i love your content, especially the pokemon nuzlockes
AllAboutGamers0 15 gün önce
You are definitely a huge dnd player. No doubt in my mind
EpicPlayz Aylar önce
“Jaiden, where’d you learn to dance? Your rhythm’s perfect!” “I’d rather not talk about - why are there angry flamingos everywhere?” 💖💖💖
Fisher Aylar önce
A stolen comment. With heart emojis at the end. Yeah what did I expect
Freya Aylar önce
You copied this off Kirk Fanning, they posted theirs 9 hours ago, Yours is only 3 hours ago.
Angry Flamingos
Angry Flamingos Aylar önce
Angry flamingos you say?
Kirk Moshpit
Kirk Moshpit Aylar önce
...Why did you copy my comment?
Lefty2134 Aylar önce
Gj at being #1 trending
😁 ball boy 😁
😁 ball boy 😁 16 gün önce
as a rhythm game fanatic, i love this
Someonethat Youdon’tknow
I don’t know if this was intentional, but I heard a high pitched, almost unhearable sound, during the part where she was kinda over exaggerating the first run, it kinda sounded like a heart monitor when the heart stops beating, but only people with slightly better than average ears can hear
Felipe Silvestre
Felipe Silvestre 16 gün önce
5:46 oh my, this dolly zoom is BEAUTIFUL!
Pedro Henrique Carneiro
13:47 Half decent? You're way better than I possibly could be! I can't even get past the first minigame in rhythm heaven DS!
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