Speedrunner VS Hunter But Trees Drop OVERPOWERED Items 

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Today, we're playing a game of Speedrunner VS Hunter! There's a twist though, trees drop incredible random items! Beating the Ender Dragon is gonna be a piece of cake at this rate!
We hope you enjoy our videos! Have a great day!
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28 Tem 2022




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@marlynatienza9961 3 aylar önce
Why is Mikey not collecting the items when jj cut down the jungle wood?
@davidwinduss136 7 aylar önce
JJ and Mikey, you are so inspiring and we all support you
@rebbecca-7524 Yıl önce
Can we all agree that Mikey is always to confident
@misrohima Yıl önce
@MemorialPom 11 aylar önce
@azizrahmatov8548 6 aylar önce
Ur profile 😭😭😭
Why just WHY😭😭😭
@Kulasitogamer1212 6 aylar önce
Mikey didn’t know that JJ got Diamond Equipment in the Jungle instead Mikey just got Iron armor but with a gold sword Mikey: Where did u find that stuff?
@medvinejean6905 2 aylar önce
@niceyandace4975 Yıl önce
Since Mikey did not chop down trees, How did he get a wooden sword? Probably the speedrunner make trees op while the hunter is not.
Mabe he got the wood from a villige
@jillbarrie8497 Yıl önce
I guess so
@toniwarwick7414 Yıl önce
​@@jillbarrie8497 aI'll
@lukelu5054 10 aylar önce
Maybe you should see what enchantments you have cause you’re helmet has fire protection and that’s why you didn’t die from the lava
@KayleyBolduc-jy2ll 4 aylar önce
Yeah he nos that
@irenemoreno2310 2 aylar önce
@fanping1545 2 aylar önce
No it’s because he ate a golden apple
Why cant jj be the hunter for just one time?
@Figure549 10 aylar önce
@wahyudiudink4633 10 aylar önce
Yeah but mikey whould lose
@orangeburg5922 Yıl önce
jj always wins but im just asking if mikey can use a special abilitiy in 1 video of speedrunneer vs hunter
No sometimes Mikey win
@harold8287 Yıl önce
your so great at speedrun jj
@landonsworld3964 3 aylar önce
JJ how are you so good of making videos???? i’ve been following you for a very long time
@sanaali7811 15 gün önce
I would love JJ to be the Hunter next time
@nicodemusgarcia1928 8 aylar önce
@shalomarinze1216 3 aylar önce
Yeah right
@Yoyo98460 Yıl önce
I love how jj wins and i love how Mikey tries his best
@kionaclark1258 Yıl önce
Me too ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@legendcoco0 Yıl önce
@@kionaclark1258 but... Mikey is a turtle and turtles are slow on land
@jalalwahed2560 Yıl önce
@jalalwahed2560 Yıl önce
@hameedklandry9289 10 aylar önce
@@kionaclark1258 apk
@tshepiso1817 6 aylar önce
I really like jj,I wish I could go see him🥰
I wish real life was as easy as this video
@chinnuchiramel Yıl önce
I agree
@azarali2753 11 aylar önce
JJ and Mikey never fails to entertain us ❤️ 💙 💜 💖 💗
@gianaaustin1779 2 aylar önce
Yes You’re right ❤️💙💜💖💗💗
@IHateMonopoly 11 aylar önce
Can't believe Mikey forgot her crafting table😂
@enemyyify 11 aylar önce
He is a boy man
@jenelynyahon7135 7 aylar önce
@EdwinKanyoma-rm1st 5 aylar önce
Mikey was a nice man but he was not supposed to be
@tanishasritharan4453 11 aylar önce
its so funny that birth trees gives telescopes
@Fairyzforever 11 aylar önce
@Indiana.Bones. 5 aylar önce
@drnohayaseen Yıl önce
Why is JJ so invincible!?
@mm12342 Yıl önce
Because he is a pro at Minecraft
@3idioms836 Yıl önce
Yeah he is a pro at minecraft
@RaYan-it8qo Yıl önce
His amoris enchated and 3 millon gold apples and 7 toems of undying
hey jj your be the hunter 😘
@brianwhite6864 Yıl önce
Jj is always going to win these because he is so good at this game
@antoinetteswann7421 6 aylar önce
No JJ lost like 2 times and they both suck at minecraft
@Zerolusa 3 aylar önce
@@antoinetteswann7421bruh, Mikey lost like 2 trillion times
@sanaali7811 15 gün önce
yeah u r right u means you r means are
@spideyjr8164 Yıl önce
why can’t mikey mine trees?
@spideyjr8164 Yıl önce
I am nothing turtles can’t mine trees and turtles are not weak snapping turtles can bite through your hand
@@spideyjr8164 no
@@spideyjr8164 but idk
Good question...
@natsdixon1322 Yıl önce
Because it only works for in not mikey😐😐😬😬😴😴
@bdg-tc3gu Yıl önce
Imagine dream doing this it would be done in a minute just saying
@vampgurlyqun Yıl önce
Lol, ikr!
@MysticKait Yıl önce
if mikey was JJ he would figure it out
@ericknegron6096 Yıl önce
I like it
@laurawm Yıl önce
dream died
@MysticKait Yıl önce
@@laurawm ahem, Technoblade Died R.I.P Technoblade your the best
JJ forgot that too many stuff can lag the game
@FAY1ZA147_OnYt 9 aylar önce
Whatever UWU
@PickleNic1 9 aylar önce
Fr 😂
@PickleNic1 9 aylar önce
@@FAY1ZA147_OnYtdon’t beee a uwuuu catttt
@marygracebarreda4572 6 aylar önce
What ever forget that
@carlrogien8044 11 aylar önce
Make some playlist please
@Dudecp8080 Yıl önce
JJ Mikey can never stop you with your high gear,and you can fly
@ryanmoewe7611 Yıl önce
Hi Mike and Jesse nice to meet you I watch your videos all the time so you want to go hang out with me my street name is been doing wrong use your GPS the accident when you not using the GPS you get lost I wish you guys were here you can come anytime you want so are you guys coming but anytime you want anytime you want I very like your videos I always I'm your best father an abscess up your video your video can you make another challenge for us
1:43 Mikey got some of the overpowerd items
@binushyni 7 aylar önce
Yeah but he didn't use it
mikey is so funny.
Mickey was a savage this video
JJ run
@Crisgaming3547 Yıl önce
JJ is good at games
@davostic14 Yıl önce
why can't mikey just break a tree and get his own items too
Or maybe the monstrous installed for him instead of Mikey no one knows😊
Mean mod
Also why did Mikey finds his way and grabs all that stuff?
He did because I saw him in the video he grabbed it but he never put it on😊
@mayrazarate7243 Yıl önce
Because it's a game
@kianjaftha3565 Yıl önce
Another amazing video keep up the great work 👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏
JJ you are the best 😊😊😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤😂😂🎉🎉😮😮
@1of1_KP 11 aylar önce
The fact that he chopped another tree when he already did
Hold up if JJ break trees and get op items why not Mikey get op items??
@ilovemabff Yıl önce
Idk how
True 🙇
I don't know how why
@kittycat9778 9 aylar önce
Maybe mod only for jj
I love your speedrunner videos Maizen. Can you do them more often?
@manalbutt7059 Yıl önce
Can we all just appreciate how much hard work they do
@yanhuang1782 5 aylar önce
@bhouseadventures7122 4 aylar önce
@Freedom_cool 3 aylar önce
@gabrielaamado6392 11 aylar önce
When JJ said “holy moly!” That’s hilarious! 😂
@oyeniyialade7886 11 aylar önce
What serious problems are jj having
@deannasalazar1084 10 aylar önce
@@oyeniyialade7886 i agree
Congratulations on 2 million subscribers😍🥰
@suki1838 6 aylar önce
4 million*
JJ can’t be speedrunner because he’s to fast and can kill Mikey in one shot
@rohaankhan8764 Yıl önce
Can Mikey try SpeedRunner and JJ Hunter. Mikey Didnt Get A Chance
@CalisCorner Yıl önce
If mikey has a wooden sword that means that it only works on JJ
@taimanchan9894 Yıl önce
@bombchicky7 Yıl önce
Let's preceded that JJ has skills
@BloonCat69 Yıl önce
@megankirkpatrick6462 11 aylar önce
you should make mickey the speed runer and jj is a hunter
@harrypoker27 Yıl önce
Mikey never wins there should be a video where mikey wins for once
@gamingwithmaaz7372 11 aylar önce
Mikey is confused why JJ is not taking any damage from the lava
@maedeh8568 Yıl önce
Wait How Did JJ Build A End Portal In The NETHER?!?!?!
I don’t know
@elijahmassop554 Yıl önce
Me either
@johnbajana3.079 Yıl önce
Broke A Tree🤠🤠🤠
How did you get planks if trees drop items?
"*JJ makes a long nether portal*" "JJ"
@MsRushes Yıl önce
mikey sets traps in all the videos :D
@umabachhao7433 8 aylar önce
Yeah he just want to win
@WMaverick007 Yıl önce
If JJ didn’t have totems he would totally lose
@rizwanaziz9718 Yıl önce
@JT12349 3 aylar önce
0:40 0:41 0:42 0:43
why is mikey always the hunter
The very first video I saw from this series i thought mikey would sound more like jj but it is the other way around
what do you mean i dont understand you
@@aheedandsarim387 don't worry about it
@fleurqrs2515 Yıl önce
So good ❤❤❤❤❤😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂🎉😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
@nimfabalayo8993 Yıl önce
@@cloudy_fluff2398 Klk
@Crazycrazycrz Yıl önce
Your nearly better than dream your going to beat the world record!
I think you and Mikey should play speedrun versus Hunter but without powers
@ndelimu5869 Yıl önce
@ZeldPro 7 aylar önce
Congrats JJ!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@caitlinbowman9436 9 aylar önce
English or Spanish
@crimson1265 Yıl önce
So by not a scratch he means 14 hearts of damage
@hafeezleonard4198 4 aylar önce
JJ is so good at speedrunner VS hunter but Mikey tries his best
Mhm I’m trying to get good at games all I do is lose😅
@pritikapr9549 Yıl önce
Why did jj always be the speed runner
@cgcsworld2807 Yıl önce
Its JJ turn to be hunter.
@bibekdas7449 Yıl önce
Imagine beating the ender dragon with an elytra while we fight it for an elytra! BTW, Cool vid!
@ItsLenaxx Yıl önce
Lol 😂
kinda mean
@@ItsLenaxx uh ur 1% mean and u are 998% nice
@ItsLenaxx Yıl önce
How is it mean!?
@paulhayes7612 Yıl önce
Okay ✅
@danialazis3052 Yıl önce
Mikey didnt know he can break wood
@sus_hazeem6492 Yıl önce
He made a crafting table in the vid so he knows how to mine trees
@sus_hazeem6492 Yıl önce
Maybe the op tree drops don't drop any op stuff if Mikey mines one tree
@biladatang5681 11 aylar önce
Usually, went you kill an evoker it will drop totems of undying.
@kaaposway2036 Yıl önce
@fatherpanik1 Yıl önce
I I’m 6 years old
@Sonofheeka Yıl önce
@Hamzahazem502 6 aylar önce
Why won’t Mikey cut down trees😂😂
@miafinan9298 4 aylar önce
Maybe he thought he was not aloud
That tree that JJ went past I would want to be that 🌳
@ntg3041 Yıl önce
JJ at the END is towering withe netherite blocks🤣🤣🤣
@khenmendoza64 Yıl önce
WHY DOES JJ GET THE BEST Stuff? Can it be Mikey
I unscribed
@kpop_4life171 Yıl önce
@@TRFProductions45 bc mickey is the hunter
@user-nv9jp7tl2i Yıl önce
5:36 Mikey : where did you find that stuff Me : are you serious mikey didn't you see the huge pile of op armor and stuff
JJ you always win with mods ,but Mikey never wins
@jiawei3907 11 aylar önce
I guess they’re just working together and trying to make laugh the kids because these Minecraft videos are for kids
@jabbywilliams-zh7cx 4 aylar önce
JJ dont get too much loot cause Mikey might get it
jj and mikey are just very good at making good vidz
You make my day better by uploading
@ddf985 Yıl önce
Its not the defence its the enchanted golden apple, an enchanted golden apple can give you fire resistance
@stardust_1078 Yıl önce
@melanyfrias4639 Yıl önce
🤩 wowed 🤩 wow
@RexoriousGaming Yıl önce
Jj is just a noob at minecraft hes even blind
@1stmueeb210 Yıl önce
@@RexoriousGaming He's In Creative His building is insane stop saying Mean to Jj
@@melanyfrias4639 “omg wow”
@legen_sboy1234 5 aylar önce
What about dark oak tree and acacia wood tree
@longbutan Yıl önce
JJ please make a Hard-core World 🌎
Hardcore* its all one word
@karlanajera7703 Yıl önce
Jay Jay your cool 😎
What about dark oak?
i love all your videos keep up the good work
yeah I agree
I agree 👍
@CalisCorner Yıl önce
JJ should let Mikey have a turn being the speed runner for once
@3idioms836 Yıl önce
Yeah he should
@kittyshorts8424 Yıl önce
yeah 👍
@MemorialPom 11 aylar önce
I can hear that
@shanedawg12 5 aylar önce
Yeah yo right
@FNaF.MeltDown Yıl önce
The reason why jj wasn’t taking damage from lava was because golden apples or totem of undying has fire resistance
@danielsage8830 Yıl önce
@-_doggo_- 11 aylar önce
@@danielsage8830 this ain't ABT blackpink silly
@drwsopro8471 10 aylar önce
not gold apples god apples
@user-rq2zu3zy1i Aylar önce
@nkvideos8031 Yıl önce
You guys forgot acacia trees!
You nearly beat world record speedrun!
@breakrabble158 Yıl önce
Not true at all wr speed run is 7 minutes
@janiyahmulkey 11 aylar önce
Mikey sounded so cute when jj shot him with a bow and arrow he said "but i upgraded..." he sounded SO CUTE I JUST WANNA SQUEEZE HIM
More hunters and speedruners please 🥺
This channel deserves a million subscribers
They almost have three million subscribers But yes they really do deserve all their subscribers
@10liviadsouza83 Yıl önce
My question is why is Mikey not picking up the stuff that JJ dropes
@zacharygaming Yıl önce
@aph_123 Yıl önce
I wish I had Minecraft and that tree dropping random items
@joeysarita5184 Yıl önce
Mikey didn’t pick the items that JJ can’t carry
@NoorMohammad-wf8us 11 aylar önce
Why do mikey always try to catch jj 🤨
@tittythomas2190 11 aylar önce
Good idea to do whatever the trees drops they are random
What if maizen made a classic manhunt🧐
@tanqrkhalid1722 Yıl önce
That would be interesting
@@tanqrkhalid1722 AAAAAAaaaaàtgv
@caseykay4677 Yıl önce
JJ at least give Mikey a chance to meet speed runner
@ivelinadobreva4333 3 aylar önce
SpEdrUneR Vs HuNtEr the iconic line
@dionneives8259 Yıl önce
Why would Mikey chop down trees aswell. Keep up the good work and thank you for making good videos
maizn is cool but mikey dosent chop trees to
@shashachinita7433 11 aylar önce
Mikey can you run after JJ?
@cookie3920 Yıl önce
Amazing! To good never quit I was wondering if you would finish 1 block pls do
@1eroblox780 Yıl önce
For JJ from tomorrow he is getting ready for the first day
Mikey: JJ can you go to my trap? JJ: Yup but i wont die
Top 10 character traits
@realycosta3813 Yıl önce
i like jj he is tooo strong!! Mikey too he have brain can i also join you maizen guys
How did you make the trees drop amazing stuff
He probaly used a datapack
@AymanAhouaoui Aylar önce
I want to see JJ fight the warden
"how the tables turn" i know from where the line is taken from it is a line is charlie puth's song: hilarious
@JeremynLexivids Yıl önce
Mikey looks sad huh, when he died and sai “but i upgraded”
@----3978 Yıl önce
JJ:oh I am in a birch forest Me:WHO EVEN LIKES BIRCH????
@----3978 Yıl önce
And canman18
@carmayahramdeen4591 7 aylar önce
JJ you should be the hunter sometimes
Morph Speedrunner VS Hunter
görünümler 6 Mn
Elraenn | Bak bana laf sokma :D