Speedrunner VS Hunter But Trees Drop OVERPOWERED Items

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28 Tem 2022




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Carl Rogien
Carl Rogien Aylar önce
Make some playlist please
Megan Kirkpatrick
Megan Kirkpatrick Aylar önce
you should make mickey the speed runer and jj is a hunter
Tophat gaming
Tophat gaming Aylar önce
Why was bro not keeping the pearls for eyes
Tanisha Sritharan
Tanisha Sritharan Aylar önce
its so funny that birth trees gives telescopes
Monowara Bagom
Monowara Bagom Aylar önce
Gaming with Maaz
Gaming with Maaz Aylar önce
JJ's armor is now totally enchanted
Queenie  arayan B.  Denoy🌺⭐🌈
This what i thinking Jj and mikey always SAying sweet
Brian White
Brian White 2 aylar önce
Jj is always going to win these because he is so good at this game
Luke Lu
Luke Lu 11 saatler önce
Maybe you should see what enchantments you have cause you’re helmet has fire protection and that’s why you didn’t die from the lava
 Dubai Gamers
Dubai Gamers 6 aylar önce
I absolutely love your channel, keep it up!!
Charlotte September
Charlotte September 27 gün önce
I would love JJ to be the Hunter next time
Bila Datang
Bila Datang Aylar önce
Usually, went you kill an evoker it will drop totems of undying.
Gabriela Amado
Gabriela Amado Aylar önce
When JJ said “holy moly!” That’s hilarious! 😂
oyeniyi alade
oyeniyi alade Aylar önce
What serious problems are jj having
Yuridia Jaimes
Yuridia Jaimes 3 aylar önce
I love how jj wins and i love how Mikey tries his best
Hameed Klandry
Hameed Klandry 19 gün önce
Hameed Klandry
Hameed Klandry 19 gün önce
Hameed Klandry
Hameed Klandry 19 gün önce
@Kiona Clark apk
Jalal Wahed
Jalal Wahed 2 aylar önce
Jalal Wahed
Jalal Wahed 2 aylar önce
generalkenobipsn 2 aylar önce
Mikey needs to win one game JJ wins every game😂🙈❤️💕
Mayra Zarate
Mayra Zarate 2 aylar önce
Mikey Did win a game Before
SaelPro_Gamer 4 aylar önce
Triple Cs Gang
Triple Cs Gang 5 aylar önce
If mikey has a wooden sword that means that it only works on JJ
Grandpa 5 aylar önce
Kaden Patterson
Kaden Patterson 27 gün önce
The fact that he chopped another tree when he already did
Weimarball Productions
JJ forgot that too many stuff can lag the game
Josie Dickinson
Josie Dickinson 2 aylar önce
Maxial Aylar önce
Fun fact: A Diamond axe is better than a Diaond sword.
Jeannie June
Jeannie June 4 aylar önce
Nether trees are the best and jungle trees are awesome!
cellubah Aylar önce
They are not telescopes it’s spy glass
Mga Kuwento ni Minyong
Francesca Nunn
Francesca Nunn 3 aylar önce
The trees are so OP! 😂😂😂
Sara Batool
Sara Batool 5 aylar önce
mikey is so funny.
Autumn Camacho
Autumn Camacho Aylar önce
i think u will be good at being the hunter to why do u never be a hunter
CreeperTime!!! (3AM videos coming soon, OK Play)
1:43 Mikey got some of the overpowerd items
Kian Jaftha
Kian Jaftha 6 aylar önce
Another amazing video keep up the great work 👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏
Themba Nyembezi
Themba Nyembezi 3 aylar önce
JJ you are the best 😊😊😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤😂😂🎉🎉😮😮
Cristhian Baquedano
Cristhian Baquedano 5 aylar önce
JJ is good at games
xxBitterSweetii 4 aylar önce
Put coal on the furnace because it smelt 80 items
Gamer Girlie
Gamer Girlie 3 aylar önce
i was laughing when the birch trees dropped spyglasses
Ihsan Diaz Alkhalifi
Ihsan Diaz Alkhalifi 3 aylar önce
Why cant jj be the hunter for just one time?
wahyudi udink
wahyudi udink 7 gün önce
Yeah but mikey whould lose
Just Meh
Just Meh 10 gün önce
Lesedi Mahasha
Lesedi Mahasha 4 aylar önce
JJ give Mikey a chance to be the speed runner called he never been the speed runner he’s always been the hunter so you must be the Hunter and he must be the speed runner
Rashmi Patel
Rashmi Patel 2 aylar önce
mikey sets traps in all the videos :D
The funny munny dolls
The funny munny dolls 2 aylar önce
Why can’t Mikey just also take the loot from the trees??? 🤔 🤔 🤔
Lauren Heath
Lauren Heath 4 aylar önce
Can you do a mod where you could get items not just from trees and everything❤
SumayaBear2016 26 gün önce
JJ and Mikey never fails to entertain us ❤️ 💙 💜 💖 💗
bsd bclinic
bsd bclinic Aylar önce
Jj if you eat golden Apple you will get fire resistance from lava me Kenneth your favorite fan
michael borg
michael borg 3 aylar önce
They forgot the warped forest trees 😂
Letshego Letshego
Letshego Letshego Aylar önce
JJ can't you play hunter vs speed runner with out ge jets and gizos
divya chidambaram
divya chidambaram 6 aylar önce
Good video and mod. You made my day better
Kaapo's Way
Kaapo's Way 3 aylar önce
Wednesday 3 aylar önce
sestmys lol pls System or sussytem
Pyrrus Ramirez
Pyrrus Ramirez 3 aylar önce
fatherpanik1 3 aylar önce
I I’m 6 years old
Naihao Chen
Naihao Chen Aylar önce
JJ can you be the hunter next time pls
Catherine Thomas
Catherine Thomas 22 gün önce
Yeah he never be the hunter
iam inno
iam inno Aylar önce
Yu Chen
Yu Chen Aylar önce
Olusegun Efuwape
Olusegun Efuwape Aylar önce
Never he is a pro
Thomas & Friends
Thomas & Friends Aylar önce
@Noah Miller, teenager talk, teenager talk.
Jasmine Family Ma
Jasmine Family Ma 2 aylar önce
Congrats JJ!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Jeremy and lexi edits
Jeremy and lexi edits 5 aylar önce
Mikey looks sad huh, when he died and sai “but i upgraded”
Thaddaeus Kenjo Guzman
i love all your videos keep up the good work
Simon Oosterman
Simon Oosterman 3 aylar önce
I agree 👍
Rachiel Beavers
Rachiel Beavers 4 aylar önce
yeah I agree
Parsa rec room gameing
bro you deserve to get five million subscribers I mean you should deserve that everyone here supposed to subscribe because you're one of the best Minecraft youtubers that's what I will say
Shampion 2 aylar önce
They have a big imagination!
IGOTUP Aylar önce
Can't believe Mikey forgot her crafting table😂
iam inno
iam inno Aylar önce
He is a boy man
Steven Hong
Steven Hong 2 aylar önce
The wooden sword took nothing it took 2 attack the iron sword took 5 attack
XxMilooxx Aylar önce
Gold sword 4 attack
boredom 6 aylar önce
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Mikey could have just pick up those diamonds and gear or any other gear in the video
Google User
Google User 4 aylar önce
Can't mikey take the stuff that JJ cut down?
Nisha mishra
Nisha mishra 5 aylar önce
I enjoy these speedrunner vs hunter videos especially when there is something special in the game. Keep up the great work
Barbara mupawaenda
Barbara mupawaenda 5 aylar önce
Shefin Nawer Elahee🖤💖
Me too
Sonia Azmat
Sonia Azmat 5 aylar önce
Your my on
lucien li
lucien li 5 aylar önce
Ummmmm §§§§§§
Iuliana Iordache
Iuliana Iordache 5 aylar önce
Nicholas Xavier🇮🇩
JJ eat Enchanted Golden Apple gives effect like: Absorption,Regeneration,Resistance,Fire Resistance
Joyce Musonda
Joyce Musonda 27 gün önce
Every time you play speedrunner vs hunter JJ has to slay the ender dragon.
Joyce Musonda
Joyce Musonda 27 gün önce
Can't mikey slay the ender dragon? Please I beg you JJ!
swasti 6 aylar önce
Maizen is the best TRvid channel and will forever be. I'm so happy for you maizen!!
faisal shaikh
faisal shaikh 2 aylar önce
That was funny when Mikey said that totem!
Wyatt Hickman
Wyatt Hickman 3 aylar önce
Mikey there’s a reason how you could’ve won you needed to chop some trees down to be really strong and I know I already put that comment in but I couldn’t find it and I was taking forever to add into the other comments so I did it again
DK Khan
DK Khan 5 aylar önce
Did Mikey know he can break wood.
Orange Burg
Orange Burg 5 aylar önce
jj always wins but im just asking if mikey can use a special abilitiy in 1 video of speedrunneer vs hunter
Harold 2 aylar önce
your so great at speedrun jj
Alilia Veikoso
Alilia Veikoso 4 aylar önce
No sometimes Mikey win
Taimur Chaudhry
Taimur Chaudhry 6 aylar önce
That tree that JJ went past I would want to be that 🌳
Jessica Church
Jessica Church 3 aylar önce
I love the way he said "re-dickulous
Noor Mohammad
Noor Mohammad Aylar önce
Why do mikey always try to catch jj 🤨
Titty Thomas
Titty Thomas 28 gün önce
Lysoj09 2 aylar önce
mikey wins evrytime but not always i wish theres no power for jj
lucien li
lucien li 5 aylar önce
I think an axe does more damage than a sword
TMLAnders 6 aylar önce
4:11 diamond pickaxe goes from curse of vanishing to unbreaking.. thats weird..
Ra Yan
Ra Yan 3 aylar önce
I feel like jj won 11 times and mikey 2
Bella&kuol&amber 2 aylar önce
I wish I had Minecraft and that tree dropping random items
LevY 3055
LevY 3055 4 aylar önce
Stop punchin trees! Game Theory did a video of this!
Davostic14 3 aylar önce
why can't mikey just break a tree and get his own items too
Heather Adams
Heather Adams 2 aylar önce
Poooooyyyyyyyy thats a bad thimg
Davostic14 2 aylar önce
@Mayra Zarate It was never against the rule for Mikey not to take it from the tree
Mayra Zarate
Mayra Zarate 2 aylar önce
Because it's a game
Easton Carter
Easton Carter 2 aylar önce
He did because I saw him in the video he grabbed it but he never put it on😊
Easton Carter
Easton Carter 2 aylar önce
Also why did Mikey finds his way and grabs all that stuff?
Rebbecca- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞
Can we all agree that Mikey is always to confident
MemorialPom Aylar önce
mis rohima1985
mis rohima1985 6 aylar önce
Gaming with Maaz
Gaming with Maaz Aylar önce
Mikey is confused why JJ is not taking any damage from the lava
Carina Rose
Carina Rose 5 aylar önce
What if you did Over-powered hunter versus Speed runner? Love the vids!
Ana Rivera
Ana Rivera 2 aylar önce
i know
Adela Lucero
Adela Lucero 4 aylar önce
Me too!
Big shawn P
Big shawn P 5 aylar önce
This is gonna be Really really epic❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
cellubah Aylar önce
How come two seconds later the curve of binding armor gets away from your body it’s supposed to stay on forever and tell you 00F a.k.a. die ok
Cameron Simms
Cameron Simms 5 aylar önce
You can shoot the crossbow with fireworks to just put the fireworks in your off hand and use the crossbow and instead of you shooting a arrow it will make you shoot a firework instead
Nuru Sewa
Nuru Sewa 27 gün önce
JJ is so cool I wish I could meet him
cheetahgamers 28 gün önce
I always watch your videos and they make my day and Mikey is kinda funny
clover chung
clover chung 2 aylar önce
The hunter becomes the hunted
Liu qy
Liu qy 6 aylar önce
such a wonderful vid i love it can u make more i cannot wait for your next video
Siddharth Shah
Siddharth Shah 5 aylar önce
Umm is it just me or Mikey can’t pick up the items the trees drop or can’t chop them himself?
Laura Ward
Laura Ward 3 aylar önce
Why is Mikey always a hunter
men tran
men tran 3 aylar önce
Milky is so kind I love how she always forgive people and never get mad she is so funny and I like your content maizen and milky 🎃keep up the good work happy Halloween 🎉
Weimarball Productions
The gender is still a mystery
Dmitri Matel
Dmitri Matel Aylar önce
Can i join you i allwaysbwatch your videos every day
Yashodhama Sriyasinghe
JJ you always win with mods ,but Mikey never wins
家伟Jiawei Aylar önce
I guess they’re just working together and trying to make laugh the kids because these Minecraft videos are for kids
Celine Mathew
Celine Mathew 2 aylar önce
Can Mikey be the Speedruner and JJ can be the hunter
청케일리 Aylar önce
5:36 Mikey : where did you find that stuff Me : are you serious mikey didn't you see the huge pile of op armor and stuff
A M Aylar önce
I love love 💖your videos
jason keen
jason keen 3 aylar önce
I wish every time you cut down a tree Minecraft good stuff comes 😟😁
Caissa Ampungan
Caissa Ampungan 6 aylar önce
Always love your videos maizen so entertaining make Us laugh and happy 😊❤️😁 thank you please make more always fan of maizen
🧡GalaxyFlames💙 5 aylar önce
I have questions in this video does mikey have the mod if he has it this video will be fair and why does mikey not see the items on the ground
vTEHMZc102 2 aylar önce
Diet up with Bhawana
Diet up with Bhawana 3 aylar önce
I wonder when Mikey will win. it is like jj is unbeatable
brightstar1 😎
brightstar1 😎 4 aylar önce
Jj forget to break the blue tree in the nether to see what it drop
rainbow_flower Aylar önce
Jj always win! Can u guys do speed runner vs hunter normaly? :( cuz only sometimes i see mikey win:(
Vivek Kosuri
Vivek Kosuri 3 gün önce
Good communication but it spoils the video
Ifra 7 gün önce
@Daniel Me to
Vikrant gill is stupid joe mama
It’s Mikey not Mickey the mouse
Anna Zhu
Anna Zhu 27 gün önce
JJ why u don cop some darkaok tree
Ladder of Success
Ladder of Success 28 gün önce
Thomas Harrison
Thomas Harrison 6 aylar önce
Good idea to do whatever the trees drops they are random
GITNIT GAMING 5 aylar önce
This is one of my favorites
Donovan Huang
Donovan Huang Aylar önce
Haha 😂
Jasmine Family Ma
Jasmine Family Ma 2 aylar önce
JJ can’t be speedrunner because he’s to fast and can kill Mikey in one shot
karen Espinosa
karen Espinosa 4 aylar önce
Micky is always sad at the end of the video
Yeo Eng Kiang
Yeo Eng Kiang 6 aylar önce
Can we all agree that Mikey is always to confident
Haylene Dionola
Haylene Dionola 5 aylar önce
Thank you
longbutan 5 aylar önce
JJ please make a Hard-core World 🌎
karla najera
karla najera 3 aylar önce
Jay Jay your cool 😎
Henrydiddistuffs 3 aylar önce
Hardcore* its all one word
Huggy wuggy R0
Huggy wuggy R0 3 aylar önce
Let's preceded that JJ has skills
chess oof
chess oof 3 aylar önce
Minecraft, but we only get ONE chunk..
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