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Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin shares a special thank you message for his family, teammates, NFL community, and all those who supported him after his incident on Monday Night Football.

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27 Oca 2023




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Derrick Stahlman
Derrick Stahlman Aylar önce
I am glad the world gets to keep this awesome guy.
Baseball_Wheelies Aylar önce
Don’t get mad this is fake
Beau23 Luv
Beau23 Luv Aylar önce
Amen ❤❤❤
Travel Channel 304
Travel Channel 304 Aylar önce
u47tube Aylar önce
@Angie P. The man was fully raising his entire arms. OMG, stifle yourself.
u47tube Aylar önce
@Angie P. Not to the extent shown on TV that night. OMG, stifle yourself.
JHope Aylar önce
His accident honestly connected the entire world for a moment! I was so proud of humanity! The Fans from all over wearing #3…the love sent to the hospital was amazing!
LW1zFog Aylar önce
‘accident’ 😂🤣😂 🤦🏽‍♂️🥴🤡
Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts Aylar önce
Bryan Roberts
Bryan Roberts Aylar önce
fullxthrottlexx Aylar önce
connected the football world. outside of fans i didnt see too much
Tina Holmes-Graham
Tina Holmes-Graham Aylar önce
I have prayed for you since you went down. You have made this about giving back to the kids but you sir brought God into football and people’s hearts again. What a testimony you are to love and passion for others. I continue to pray for you and your family. I also prayed for Tee Higgins as I could not imagine what he was going through. May you continue to heal and grow on your life’s journey of greatness. ❤
Kisha Hudson
Kisha Hudson Aylar önce
Teresa G
Teresa G Aylar önce
What a mighty God! Look at the miracle sitting before us and speaking to us..I’m grateful he got another chance…prayer works!!!
Global UnitedAnimals
@Mk Ultra lol God didn't pick him up. What on earth makes you think that?
Mk Ultra
Mk Ultra Aylar önce
Yeah , God picked him up and what's he do, wear some blasphemous jacket.
SleeplessinOC Aylar önce
That’s not the real Damar . CGI /Deepfake.
Jane Barry-Fraundorf
@ABAMEN!! PLUS, I don't Serve, Worship and Believe in a god with a SMALL "g"!; MY God with a CAPITAL "G", is FAR Greater than ANY little "g" God and COMPLETELY deserving of ALL Glory, Honor, Praise and Worship!!
Melissa Severance
Melissa Severance Aylar önce
Beautiful message, Damar. Right when you went down, I went upstairs to do something else (I’m not into football but my husband is from Buffalo-I’m from Cincinnati where we live) and I felt compelled to physically go to my knees in prayer for you. I had never done something like that before. It wasn’t until 15 minutes later that my daughter came upstairs to tell me that the game still wasn’t back on. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing-that it ended up being so serious. I’ll never forget that experience. To God be the glory, good things He has done. So loved He the world that He gave us His Son. That’s all I can say!
Johnny D.
Johnny D. 29 gün önce
@Shellie Rolen The fact that YT deleted the answer to your question proves it all. They want y’all to stay in the Truman Show. 😂
Shellie Rolen
Shellie Rolen Aylar önce
@Johnny D. how lmao
Johnny D.
Johnny D. Aylar önce
He’s lying!
JRMusic Aylar önce
What an amazing young man! Sometimes, it takes a shocking moment like this to bring people from all walks of life together.
Jodi Jacob
Jodi Jacob Aylar önce
I'll be honest, I had not heard of this amazing gentleman before his awful incident on the field. I'm tearing up watching this video. I prayed for him from day one. I'm so grateful that he has recovered and is here to send this message. God bless you Damar. I wish you and your family many blessings and happiness in the future.
DN2TYMES Aylar önce
Idk Aylar önce
misssrednas Aylar önce
@TD March I am judging his public actions, not his eternal soul.
TD March
TD March Aylar önce
missssrednas, if that is true, let’s not judge so quickly. God is obviously moving in his life. Let’s pray God will show him this as we all continue to grow and change daily.
Gary Weybright
Gary Weybright Aylar önce
I’m a retired RN. I was watching when you went down! I said a prayer for you! As I knew exactly the extreme circumstances you were suffering. To hear your brief video today makes me cry for joy, because many folks are not so fortunate. I do not have any football people’s autographs or memorabilia but you are a hero to me and I wish for you all the success for you and your life! Blessings to you and your family. Claudia.
TripN With Red
TripN With Red Aylar önce
We were watching while it was all going down. I couldn't stop crying thinking how young and talented this man is and how his life changed in an instant. Every update I was back to crying including this update. I'm so grateful this young man was given a second chance and the world stood by in support. ❤
Alicia M
Alicia M Aylar önce
I live in NKY and a lifelong Bengals fan. Watching what happened to you on MNF brought things in perspective for me. You are a fine young man and a gift to this world.
SomebodysWatchnYou Aylar önce
I love this! I especially love the part where you started thanking the kids...your smile then. That was pretty cool. Glad you're still with us. God has a plan, for sure.
Amanda Fontaine
Amanda Fontaine Aylar önce
How many times can I like this? What a blessing.
Humble Bee
Humble Bee Aylar önce
Happy to hear he is partnering with the American Heart Association for the *Damar Hamlin 3 for Heart Challenge* Knowing CPR is like having a superpower.
Tommy Devine
Tommy Devine Aylar önce
@misssrednas you can actually see them performing it when he was on the field. They tried to surround him so that cameras wouldn't be trying to get video of him during such a traumatic incident (that would be insensitive and prying). However, you can still see one of the Bills medical staff doing the motions.
Itzmackk Aylar önce
@misssrednas wat bru u rlly need to get ur hands off ur keyboard
Wheredid Thetimego
Wheredid Thetimego Aylar önce
Didn’t know that! That is wonderful!
misssrednas Aylar önce
But yet, there is no footage of CPR even being done on Damar, is there?
Chris M
Chris M Aylar önce
CPR being equated to having a superpower sounds very marketable and would be very influential in motivating more youth to learn it.
Tiffany R
Tiffany R Aylar önce
Thank you for sharing your love for God, Damar. The entire stadium, United States and people around world came together to pray for this young man after the tragic event of that night. I am so glad to see that not only has he recovered mentally, but also physically. God is good. I also love to see his charity supporting people in the community. "Love thy neighbor", such a powerful message that all humans can use and practice in the world
Danizetta Farr
Danizetta Farr Aylar önce
Amen 🙏🏾 you are an Amazing young man! !! gratefulness is everything God has chosen you for your testimony to help others. He will cover you from head to toe. I’m so excited to see where you go from here I know it’s gonna be huge!!
Jeanne Prieto
Jeanne Prieto Aylar önce
He seem like one of the most genuinely kind people in earth ❤
JB- NYC Aylar önce
Yes. Kudos to his parents for doing such an awesome job!
Sue Ernst
Sue Ernst Aylar önce
You are an amazing young man! To hear you speak of your faith and the love for kids is awesome! Thank you for this video.
WeDontRocKWitShEeP Aylar önce
You can feel how emotional he is and his voice cracking. He is amazing. Everything about him.
Cecilia Carrillo
Cecilia Carrillo Aylar önce
What a beautiful tribute and message. Thank you for taking the time to circle back and speak to us. I appreciate the platform you have and how you openly speak about your faith, spirituality and values. Thank you for being brave. The Lord knows your heart and is using you as an example, a vessel and role model for our children and for us grown ups. We need more people like you in this world. ❤ I was so moved by seeing the players that day come together and pray. It was beautiful.
Melissa K
Melissa K Aylar önce
Ok, Jen.
Ken Zandana
Ken Zandana Aylar önce
He dedd bruh...
Paula J
Paula J Aylar önce
This kid's a warrior. So glad he's ok.
Swan Hill
Swan Hill Aylar önce
You are destined for even more great things, as His Vessel. So joyful to see you up and speaking after that ordeal. I’ve never been a Bills fan, but I’m a Damar fan!! I believe we will see you proving His love way beyond the field, for years to come. Love, from Louisiana.
Blair Keifer
Blair Keifer Aylar önce
I'm a diehard Steelers fan....the moment I seen this sad reality on the field take place.....I became a Hamlin fan!! His lifes posture, mentality, love, appreciation, respect and spiritual being is the true example of a positive fire burning inside. 🔥 Not just for the game of football, but life....and not just his life...but all life. This fine young man's wisdom, words and dedication to life and his craft should be the leading role for generations to come!! And not just for the youth, but for so many established grown men throughout our beautiful country!! God's work is happening through number 3. He literally shines of god light!! Rise up, Recover, Rebound and Respect.
Deborah Robinson-Bozovic
Been praying for Damar even though I didn't know about him prior to his injury! So grateful he's recovering so beautifully by the grace of GOD! And to top it off, he's ministering to his community! What an example for our young men of what integrity looks like! May your future continue to look bright and full, Damar!
Britt Aylar önce
I'm choking back tears watching this.... So glad Damar is on his way to recovery. The humbleness is inspiring.... truly grateful for this message and young man :)
Gloria Smith
Gloria Smith Aylar önce
I’m a Bears fan but I was devastated by what happened to you Damar. Football, as other sports, are a game, your life is so much more. I prayed so hard for you, I couldn’t get you off my mind. We need more Unity like this in this world today. You have such a big heart and you are using your platform to give back to kids. I admire you greatly!❤️❤️
Eileen Chmielewski
Eileen Chmielewski Aylar önce
Fellow Bears fan here, too. Your post choked me up. I think any football fan was praying along with you. Prayers for Damar's health, always!
Alicia Parham
Alicia Parham Aylar önce
This was so heartbreaking to watch. I hate hearing about these incidents that happen on the football field. My son wanted to go out for football in high school, but I'm glad he didn't. So worrisome. I'm so happy you're going to be alright. God bless you, your family, teammates, and friends. I'm glad you're back. Through God, all things are possible.
jdfodio Aylar önce
This is a wonderful message. I'm not a football fan at all...but I always support my brothers and sisters in Christ in pursuing God's plan for their lives. Sometimes, it takes a crisis (miracle) to rearrange our priorities. He put this in my timeline for encouragement. 😁 #TeamJesus
danchise lacaata
danchise lacaata Aylar önce
what a beautiful message. I am a Bills fan for life!
feuriger Stern
feuriger Stern Aylar önce
A wonderful human for taking time out to show his gratitude.
dannomedic Aylar önce
This is the definition of a role model. This is the kind of player to look up to kids.
James Aylar önce
I know the Bills season didn't end the way they were hoping, but this right here is the biggest victory. Seeing #3 recovered is bigger than any championship. Easily the greatest highlight of the season. Keep on getting stronger Damar. We're all rooting for you!
Lexxie Jones
Lexxie Jones Aylar önce
@Tom S check out the jacket being moved behind him later in the video, doesn't look like it's on anything, just behind him.
James Aylar önce
@Peaches Peaches I think you missed my point.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Aylar önce
Agreed! For him to recover so quickly is amazing! We only have 1 life to live so make the most out of it because you never know when it could be your time!
Dev Carter
Dev Carter Aylar önce
James, Very well said!!!
Megafoot2164 Aylar önce
The power of prayer should never be underestimated. Wishing for continued recovery and strength for Damar Hamlin, his family, and the entire Bills organization , from Canada. 😊✌
Susson Aylar önce
why'd this hit so hard...what a legend and an impactful moment in the NFL. Wild year...
Theresa Taylor
Theresa Taylor Aylar önce
Seeing this message was an answered prayer. So glad to see and hear Damar is amazing. Great message as well.
Tesfaye Aylar önce
My heart is full of joy! Damar, you are meant to be here. You job on this earth.
Rayshawn Ware
Rayshawn Ware Aylar önce
I never knew about you before your terrible incident on the field. My family are the huge sports fans and I have a brother who plays for college. When your story hit the news, it immediately pulled at my heart and I followed it and kept up with it through my family. I prayed along with the world for your safe recovery and so happy to see this video of you speaking and doing so much better. Made me smile while watching. Your a great guy. Blessings.
Glennwulf Aylar önce
I remember having a terrible feeling that night we would never hear from this kid ever again. God is good, and so are his doctors. So awesome to not only be able to hear from him again, but to hear this incredible message. So glad he's thanking all the doctors as well as God.
truthtrekker Aylar önce
*God is the devil who resides inside of the Sun with the consciousness of all who have died.*
Pam Elmore
Pam Elmore Aylar önce
Where is love ones or anyone 🤔 in the taping of this.
Patar Aylar önce
God is good lmaooo why wouldn't god have decided to not make him have a heart attack in the first place if he's so good then
Kristin Holsapple
Kristin Holsapple Aylar önce
@Proverbs 3:5-6 I kinda thought my comment would not be perceived correctly. I know it is just a game and he won the biggest game of all. But you know he had a dream to get to the NFL and he did it and it just wld have been sad if it was taken before it started. Just like I had a dream I wld make a lot of money and that dream was taken away😉 Have a wonderful weekend!!!!
Joan Coleman
Joan Coleman Aylar önce
You, young man, are a gem. A true role model and leader. I’m so happy you are fully recovered-you’ve got lots more good work ahead of you! I’m looking forward to watching what you accomplish next…
Jennifer Gridley
Jennifer Gridley Aylar önce
I'm a Bears fan, but when I saw this happen to you on MNF I was devastated. It's a game that I love, but human life matters so much more. I prayed for you and I continue to pray for you. Thank you so much for this wonderful message. For showing other young people how to be a good human. I appreciate you, I'm so thankful for your recovery and I wish you all of the best in everything that you do ❤️ God bless you 🙏🏼
Elena Vaccaro
Elena Vaccaro Aylar önce
Good vibrations for you. While not a sports fan, you are an amazing human being. Keep up the great attitude and work.
Diane Aylar önce
You are precious! You are a great role model and I hope ALL kids (big and small) look up to you!
Sandra Carpenter
Sandra Carpenter Aylar önce
❤ As a diehard Denver Broncos fan, I never want to see any serious player injury. I’m so glad things are going better and your dreams are coming true. You are an awesome man to be helping the kids of the world. Keeping you and organization in prayer. Blessings 🙏🏼
Chitus Aylar önce
Damar is an exquisite example of kindness and generosity in motion. What a beautiful human being.
Noneya Business
Noneya Business Aylar önce
I watched this event on TV and I was bawling!! It really hit me hard. I am so glad you are here and doing better!! The support from the NFL teams and fans is amazing!! We stand by you, Damar!!!
Kina Bryant
Kina Bryant Aylar önce
I’m honored just to get the chance to know you’re still with us. Praying for your continued recovery. Peace my brother.
Tasha D
Tasha D Aylar önce
I am so happy to see him alive and well. May God continue to bless you and use you for his glory.
Donny Hathaway
Donny Hathaway Aylar önce
Science and medicine is amazing!!!! The fact he is alive and well and recovering is just wonderful! 💗
Andreeak Aylar önce
God’s grace ❤
Robbin Hood
Robbin Hood Aylar önce
Amazing recovery. Amazing talented player...and man of faith. Wishing him all the best.
JF_Games4Dayz _
JF_Games4Dayz _ Aylar önce
Jaguars fan here. I’m so happy that Damar is doing ok. Doesn’t matter what team you play for, we are all going through life together, and we all bleed.
Lexxie Jones
Lexxie Jones Aylar önce
@Smolfs Smitler 9 check out how they moved his jacket from the chair, to later in the video behind him, it looks very misplaced and almost floating or cropped in
Epiphany Knows
Epiphany Knows Aylar önce
Was he vaccinated, I never heard. Weird how this video was cut so much
Atari Rx
Atari Rx Aylar önce
@Justin Bozeman search quarry are scams but I wouldn't expect someone like you to be very smart.
Smolfs Smitler 9
Smolfs Smitler 9 Aylar önce
@Epoxy ong there weird, bread and circuses, psyop after psyop, the normies won’t ever understand
Diana D
Diana D Aylar önce
So much class. The world needs more young men like you. Praying for a complete recovery. 🙏🏻❤️
HBerry SC
HBerry SC Aylar önce
So, so thankful you’re ok. Raised from the dead. Incredible. We were speechless at home and prayed a lot for you!
Dottie J
Dottie J Aylar önce
Just seeing him walk in for this video made me so beyond happy.
PhD Nurse Practitioner- SMART Student Nurse Topics
As a cardiology NP-- may The Lord continue to bless your heart, Damar! ♥️
Suzy Aylar önce
The world held it's breath that night and sent up prayers for you and all football players. So, so glad you are down that road to total recovery! May God continue to bless you and keep you. 🙏 😊❤
Dee Jay73
Dee Jay73 Aylar önce
Can we all just take a moment to celebrate life? We don’t have to know him personally, but just love one another because we’re human beings. Good to see him recovering. 🙌🙌
The Melanated Minimalist
Amen ❤
Man this was an eye opener man it’s been 20 years since iv been on the field and played semi pro ball 🏈 but you are a strong individual and I’m so glad to see you doing better my brother may your strength come back and help you succeed. Our hearts are with you Damar❤
REDOS1988 Aylar önce
Eagles Fan here and now a Hamlin fan too! Soo happy you pulled through. Continued prayers! Onward and upward buddy!!!
Sonya Aylar önce
You are awesome and blessed! So happy for your recovery. Being thankful is always a blessing!
Cynthia Hawkins
Cynthia Hawkins Aylar önce
What a sweet, kindly young man. We were so concerned when we heard this happened - as young as he was, and this scary incident - coming 'out of left field'. God truly has plans for him and I think in a strange way it points to something greater, a bigger purpose. Mr. Hamlin has voiced this in his own words, so eloquently. He is still needed here on Earth. He still has great work to do. Bless you Damar... and yours; may you continue to thrive and prosper and spread your message. Sports may be your vehicle. But God truly... is your coach...Love from New Orleans.
JoAnne Weiss
JoAnne Weiss Aylar önce
From southern NY, blessings to this amazing man! Prayers answered🙏I'm bawling again, miracles DO happen, every day! More proof God works in mysterious ways🙌🌟
BW Aylar önce
A man of faith, a man of great character. So happy he made it. 🙏 God bless Damar!
Grace2shar Aylar önce
😭😭😭❤❤❤ Beautiful thank you message! Mad love and respect for you, your family and your team members! Praying for you! Be blessed!
Sara Piburn
Sara Piburn Aylar önce
You’re an amazing young man and I’m so glad you’re still here and doing so well! The world needs people like you💜💜💜
Jude Aylar önce
I am glad that you are on the road to recovery. Stay strong.❤️🙏🏼
Dark Aylar önce
I’m happy that Damar is now good I prayed for him and I am just so happy that he is still here with us we all love you Damar❤🙏
Ashley Aylar önce
The compassion you can clearly hear as you’re speaking gave me chills. You are a living testimony. I’m not into watching football as much, but for some reason was watching this game & was deeply worried & praying for you & your family after it happened. I knew in time, you would eventually speak out but I’m glad you took your time. Please take care of yourself. I wish you good health, love, & blessings to continue to come. 🙏🏽🫶🏽
LG Aylar önce
Can I just say that there was a time this video wouldn’t have even existed if Damar didn’t make it. It’s a miracle to see him doing so much better than anyone could have anticipated after such a traumatic medical event, and also seeing the humanity of everyone coming together in support of him. The recovery period will be long and hard, but I hope Damar knows the world will still be praying, cheering, and supporting him through the whole process long after this video and his career. Best wishes to you, Damar.
Heidi Benner
Heidi Benner Aylar önce
@Peter Rodby you're probably right 👍
Peter Rodby
Peter Rodby Aylar önce
@Heidi Benner...look at this video again and notice how many times it has been edited. Is Damar Hamill still a living, breathing human being. Was that him flailing his arms about after having his ribs and sternum broken to apply compression to restore a heart beat. This video makes be believe Hamill is not physically here.
Ky Bird
Ky Bird Aylar önce
@Heidi Benner Agreed. It got people talking, and views went up.
Heidi Benner
Heidi Benner Aylar önce
It was all a fake injury
Terry Morales
Terry Morales Aylar önce
Damar, your unfortunate accident showed that we are a praying nation, and that God answers prayers🙏🏽❤️ Continued prayers for healing.
Rob 26 gün önce
Happy he's still here. My last comment was "I hope he recovers" and that was that.
Anne5440 Aylar önce
Damar, you are a class act! Continue your recovery. Continue being you. I wish you a long, healthy life as you continue to set examples and guide young people. Thank you for giving back.
iamsamudra9 Aylar önce
What a lovely young man you are. What a heart! I’m an older white woman, I’m not a football fan…but I was so moved by your accident and your story. You were in my prayers for full healing and recovery, and I am thrilled to see and hear you in this video. When I see someone like you, I feel excited and hopeful for the future. Many Blessings to you as you continue to live your best life. 🙏🫶
N Rivera
N Rivera Aylar önce
So happy to see how well you're healing and progressing in your recovery, dear Damar! I'm a mom and am sending hugs and love to you/your family. XO
Becky Greer
Becky Greer Aylar önce
I am a Chiefs fan and I prayed so hard for you. It absolutely warmed my heart to see the whole world praying for your healing! The Lord is doing great things through you and it’s wonderful to see you healthy. I am so proud of you. Becky in Oregon❤️
MickeyD Wade
MickeyD Wade Aylar önce
@anca182 but he tweets and says “LFG” all the time?
anca182 Aylar önce
He honors the Lord too, which makes him an even more amazing young man. Absolutely love him!
Maggief99 Aylar önce
What a great young man! Continuing my prayers for you as you continue your healing process. You've made us ALL fans of the Bills!
Daniel Lico
Daniel Lico Aylar önce
Damar a lot of people prayed for you man even myself from the day it happened . I’m so glad to see you’re ok brother god bless you ❤
shannon miles
shannon miles Aylar önce
You have made such an amazing impact on the world already. May you have continued amazing health and happiness. You are truly an angel on this earth. 🕊🙏🏼
Feenix Serenity
Feenix Serenity Aylar önce
You are a miracle !!!!! Love to you Damar !!!!!!
Vlog This!
Vlog This! Aylar önce
I don't tear up easily but this video did it. I'm not into football but I prayed for him as soon as I heard the news reports and I am grateful Damar is still here. What a relief to see him sitting there unassisted under his own power thanking everyone. Clearly he is loved and blessed ❤️
Jane Barry-Fraundorf
@Evan K I'm NOT blind to ANY of this......and I'm tired of going back and forth on this! You believe what you want, I'll believe what I want and we will just have to agree, to disagree! I know God Almighty's capabilities, not your "god's"!! Good Day and please don't contact me again!
Evan K
Evan K Aylar önce
@ctaylor no its “call me kinfolk”
ctaylor Aylar önce
@Evan K I found it, ty. (One shows MLK)
Pixie's Mama
Pixie's Mama Aylar önce
Thank you Damar for this message! We watched this play out live…and now we are over the MOON 🌙 happy to see you up and well. Bless you sweet man ! 🙏 💙 🤍 ❤
Eryn D
Eryn D Aylar önce
So glad that you are doing well and getting stronger! The whole NFL community and fans are still praying for you.
Jane Miller
Jane Miller Aylar önce
What an amazing young man. Prayers continue for you and your full recovery!
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones Aylar önce
So happy for this young man! He brought unity to us all. ❤
Anada Hallmon
Anada Hallmon Aylar önce
Not a football fan but I love this young man and bravo to his parents who did an awesome job raising him🥰 Many Blessings!!!
MARY Adair
MARY Adair Aylar önce
We need more like Damar in this country. He's definitely a role model for kids. ❤️
HazzTV Aylar önce
Amen 🙏
Cooper S
Cooper S Aylar önce
Cut to footage of Damar flexing over a motionless man he just KO'd and diving for a QB's head during a slide. Idk about who he is off the field but kids certainly shouldn't be looking up to his field ethics.
carol phillips
carol phillips Aylar önce
Amen to that!!!
KGal Aylar önce
This young man is truly a special human being. I am so happy that he is doing so well! What a beautiful soul Damar is!! Continued prayers for your full recovery Damar. God still has work for you to do. ❤️🫶🏻🙏🏻
Linda Meunier
Linda Meunier Aylar önce
I am so very happy you made it! I was in awe from all the prayers, love and support for you!! I hope you stay healthy and may you continue God's grace to all those wonderful children that look up to you!!!
TideX0X Aylar önce
i am so happy he is alive!! you made my whole year!!
Brenda aka MsCraftprincess
It is such a blessing to see and hear this message from Damar. Praise the Lord🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️
Sabrina Daniels
Sabrina Daniels Aylar önce
Wow!❤ What a beautiful soul! ❤ Praying for his continued success. Excited to see all of what is ahead for Damar Hamlin.❤
Becky Neuses
Becky Neuses Aylar önce
Damar, your tragedy brought an entire world together in prayer on January 2, 2023. To see entire NFL football teams on their knees in prayer was awe inspiring. I, along with so many, prayed hard for your recovery. I too believe God has a special plan for you. Unfortunately, you and your family had to suffer to bring it to fruition, and I am so sorry for that. You are a true class act, a well spoken and passionate young man. I pray that God continues to use you for His purposes, and that you stand as a role model for young men everywhere. With men like you to lead our youth, there is a bright future ahead. God bless and keep you, and your family. ❤️
Erich Hartmann
Erich Hartmann Aylar önce
Yes please get boosted
Patricia Quinn
Patricia Quinn Aylar önce
Dear Damar Hamlin, You have been chosen by God to carry out a very important mission. I have followed your story every day and it is great to hear your voice today explaining the next steps for your life. You are a role model for every person! Thank you for stepping up to the challenge for heart health during heart health month. You wore #3 for the holy trinity. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Mark Aylar önce
It's genuinely great to see and hear from you after such a scary incident. For some reason, you were chosen to continue a mission bigger than football. Your parents raised a great young man who is humble about the talent he's been given and motivated to refine those talents to become a world-class athlete. To see you use what happened that awful Monday night as a springboard to make a difference in other people's lives and communities is amazing. To use your platform to educate others about health and life-saving training is so wonderful. And to appreciate how this whole thing broke down walls between teams and brought unity on so many levels is so important these days. Whether you ever step on that field again or not, you will always be a role model and inspiration for so many. I wish you a continued safe recovery, plus peace, and love for you and your family. When the spotlight fades, you'll still have an immense impact on so many. Stay strong and keep spreading the love. Best wishes from Texas!
Brian Roof
Brian Roof Aylar önce
Thank you for your love, strength and courage. Wishing you all the best, young man!
Florence Miller
Florence Miller Aylar önce
Thank God and all those doctors and people who came to your rescue, they only had moments to spare before whisking you off to get the life-saving medical attention that you needed, you are a level-headed young man that got a second chance at life, I hope you choose to do the things that god inspires you to do the Lord heard our prayers for you 🙏❤️
Dimondkid 7 gün önce
What a legend. Period
Bernetta Morton
Bernetta Morton Aylar önce
Young man...God is using you to do great things! You got it right about what's important in this life even before your career in football. Your love for humanity! Now, that's what's up! Your purpose is only just beginning❣️🙌🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼❤️ As a parent, I am proud of you (as I know your parents are)! I will continue to listen out for even greater achievements as you continue to inspire and encourage the world with love❣️ May God continue to bless and be with you and your family❣️
Melody Kelley
Melody Kelley Aylar önce
Cincy girl right here. Been a Bills fan 2nd to my Bengals since 1990. It's a Kelly thing. Just great to see a young person have such respect for his life and that of others with his foundation. I'm sooo sorry you had to endure this tragedy to become the bigger role model you are. There's a reason. God is great , prayers work and you are definitely a HERO! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!
Improve My Pronunciation
You don’t know how glad I am to see you! 👏🏾👏🏾 Praise God you made it through 🔥🔥
LoveOurEarth Aylar önce
This young man brings tears to my eyes and hope to my heart! ✨💕💐 Love our neighbors, communities, earth, and bring kindness to someone! ✨🌎💕
D D Aylar önce
Such a beautiful soul . God bless him 💙
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