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Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin shares a special thank you message for his family, teammates, NFL community, and all those who supported him after his incident on Monday Night Football.
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27 Oca 2023




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@cantbuyrespect Yıl önce
I am glad the world gets to keep this awesome guy.
@stephenduke6612 Yıl önce
Those words won't age well. trvid.com/video/video-pHtmnZmCnTg.html
Well said 👏
@zayy7900 Yıl önce
You 100% didnt even know who he was before the hit
@AliciaP9999 Yıl önce
Amen 🙏🏽
@22floridacat Yıl önce
@@zayy7900 still don't
@jhope3225 Yıl önce
His accident honestly connected the entire world for a moment! I was so proud of humanity! The Fans from all over wearing #3…the love sent to the hospital was amazing!
@guitarguy0007 Yıl önce
connected the football world. outside of fans i didnt see too much
@lw1zfog Yıl önce
‘accident’ 😂🤣😂 🤦🏽‍♂️🥴🤡
@bobertforher Yıl önce
I have prayed for you since you went down. You have made this about giving back to the kids but you sir brought God into football and people’s hearts again. What a testimony you are to love and passion for others. I continue to pray for you and your family. I also prayed for Tee Higgins as I could not imagine what he was going through. May you continue to heal and grow on your life’s journey of greatness. ❤
@kishahudson393 Yıl önce
@rubyannanmontha2170 10 aylar önce
Powerful Testimony. Damar, God is using you ❤
Beautiful message, Damar. Right when you went down, I went upstairs to do something else (I’m not into football but my husband is from Buffalo-I’m from Cincinnati where we live) and I felt compelled to physically go to my knees in prayer for you. I had never done something like that before. It wasn’t until 15 minutes later that my daughter came upstairs to tell me that the game still wasn’t back on. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing-that it ended up being so serious. I’ll never forget that experience. To God be the glory, good things He has done. So loved He the world that He gave us His Son. That’s all I can say!
He’s lying!
SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He messed up the whole playoffs. SO HAPPY MY team made it instead of these stupid FAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So dumb he did this.
@TheRolenFamily Yıl önce
@@Truthisstrangerthanfiction8 how lmao
@@TheRolenFamily The fact that YT deleted the answer to your question proves it all. They want y’all to stay in the Truman Show. 😂
I’m a retired RN. I was watching when you went down! I said a prayer for you! As I knew exactly the extreme circumstances you were suffering. To hear your brief video today makes me cry for joy, because many folks are not so fortunate. I do not have any football people’s autographs or memorabilia but you are a hero to me and I wish for you all the success for you and your life! Blessings to you and your family. Claudia.
@teresag5644 Yıl önce
What a mighty God! Look at the miracle sitting before us and speaking to us..I’m grateful he got another chance…prayer works!!!
@kilimanjaro5537 Yıl önce
Amen, it sure does!
@hazztv6317 Yıl önce
@truthtrekker Yıl önce
*God is the devil who resides inside of the Sun with the consciousness of all who have died. To pray is to beg for death. God was nothing more than a hermaphrodite named A'bel who figured out the keys to death and passed them throughout the world, fool.*
God is great...absolutely! But unfortunately it looks like this DeepFake AI video tricked you guys! Go look up Deepfake Tom Cruise and other Deep FAKE AI videos. And them look at Damar Hamlin video again. Why are there so many cuts in the video and why does his eyebrow keep twitching and forehead not moving? His eyes blink just like a robot. Plus he seems to say all the perfect scripted things to say and only flases a little smile when he talks about the kids. You guys need to wake up!
@humblebeat Yıl önce
Happy to hear he is partnering with the American Heart Association for the *Damar Hamlin 3 for Heart Challenge* Knowing CPR is like having a superpower.
@redeamedrichly3 Yıl önce
@hatigal Yıl önce
@@redeamedrichly3 😊😊😊
@chrism9294 Yıl önce
CPR being equated to having a superpower sounds very marketable and would be very influential in motivating more youth to learn it.
@misssrednas Yıl önce
But yet, there is no footage of CPR even being done on Damar, is there?
Didn’t know that! That is wonderful!
I love this! I especially love the part where you started thanking the kids...your smile then. That was pretty cool. Glad you're still with us. God has a plan, for sure.
@truthtrekker Yıl önce
*God is the devil who resides inside of the Sun with the consciousness of all those who have ever died. The religious want to see everybody dead.*
@TripNWithRed Yıl önce
We were watching while it was all going down. I couldn't stop crying thinking how young and talented this man is and how his life changed in an instant. Every update I was back to crying including this update. I'm so grateful this young man was given a second chance and the world stood by in support. ❤
@Alicia3121 Yıl önce
I live in NKY and a lifelong Bengals fan. Watching what happened to you on MNF brought things in perspective for me. You are a fine young man and a gift to this world.
@tiffanyr134 Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing your love for God, Damar. The entire stadium, United States and people around world came together to pray for this young man after the tragic event of that night. I am so glad to see that not only has he recovered mentally, but also physically. God is good. I also love to see his charity supporting people in the community. "Love thy neighbor", such a powerful message that all humans can use and practice in the world
He seem like one of the most genuinely kind people in earth ❤
@jb123nyc Yıl önce
Yes. Kudos to his parents for doing such an awesome job!
@beckylsparks Yıl önce
I am a Chiefs fan and I prayed so hard for you. It absolutely warmed my heart to see the whole world praying for your healing! The Lord is doing great things through you and it’s wonderful to see you healthy. I am so proud of you. Becky in Oregon❤️
@Ep0xy Yıl önce
Nobody cares what team you like. So dumb.
@Anca820 Yıl önce
He honors the Lord too, which makes him an even more amazing young man. Absolutely love him!
@FloresJonners Yıl önce
Amazes me how this is a fake video, they use software to mimic his movement and face, it’s Hollywood in your face, this guy passed away and you’re being fooled by this phony video, look at the glitches that keep happening, it’s not hard to see, people are so deceived in todays world.
@mickeydwade1008 Yıl önce
@@Anca820 but he tweets and says “LFG” all the time?
@Nedemis Yıl önce
What an amazing young man! Sometimes, it takes a shocking moment like this to bring people from all walks of life together.
Unfortunately it looks like this DeepFake AI video tricked you guys! Go look up Deepfake Tom Cruise and other Deep FAKE AI videos like Moran Freedman. And them look at Damar Hamlin video again. Why are there so many cuts in the video and why does his eyebrow keep twitching and forehead not moving? His eyes blink just like a robot. Plus he seems to say all the perfect scripted things to say and only flases a little smile when he talks about the kids.
How many times can I like this? What a blessing.
@kinabryant5915 Yıl önce
I’m honored just to get the chance to know you’re still with us. Praying for your continued recovery. Peace my brother.
I never knew about you before your terrible incident on the field. My family are the huge sports fans and I have a brother who plays for college. When your story hit the news, it immediately pulled at my heart and I followed it and kept up with it through my family. I prayed along with the world for your safe recovery and so happy to see this video of you speaking and doing so much better. Made me smile while watching. Your a great guy. Blessings.
@swanhill772 Yıl önce
You are destined for even more great things, as His Vessel. So joyful to see you up and speaking after that ordeal. I’ve never been a Bills fan, but I’m a Damar fan!! I believe we will see you proving His love way beyond the field, for years to come. Love, from Louisiana.
@Glennwulf Yıl önce
I remember having a terrible feeling that night we would never hear from this kid ever again. God is good, and so are his doctors. So awesome to not only be able to hear from him again, but to hear this incredible message. So glad he's thanking all the doctors as well as God.
I was thinking he is so young please let him live , please don't let his dream end before it started..
@Proverbs--tx6yr Yıl önce
Its all a game friends and its not football…
@@Proverbs--tx6yr I kinda thought my comment would not be perceived correctly. I know it is just a game and he won the biggest game of all. But you know he had a dream to get to the NFL and he did it and it just wld have been sad if it was taken before it started. Just like I had a dream I wld make a lot of money and that dream was taken away😉 Have a wonderful weekend!!!!
@patarsbutthole Yıl önce
God is good lmaooo why wouldn't god have decided to not make him have a heart attack in the first place if he's so good then
@pamelmore802 Yıl önce
Where is love ones or anyone 🤔 in the taping of this.
@sueernst9876 Yıl önce
You are an amazing young man! To hear you speak of your faith and the love for kids is awesome! Thank you for this video.
I'm a Bears fan, but when I saw this happen to you on MNF I was devastated. It's a game that I love, but human life matters so much more. I prayed for you and I continue to pray for you. Thank you so much for this wonderful message. For showing other young people how to be a good human. I appreciate you, I'm so thankful for your recovery and I wish you all of the best in everything that you do ❤️ God bless you 🙏🏼
You can feel how emotional he is and his voice cracking. He is amazing. Everything about him.
@bonnie_nelms Yıl önce
What a lovely young man you are. What a heart! I’m an older white woman, I’m not a football fan…but I was so moved by your accident and your story. You were in my prayers for full healing and recovery, and I am thrilled to see and hear you in this video. When I see someone like you, I feel excited and hopeful for the future. Many Blessings to you as you continue to live your best life. 🙏🫶
@Megafoot2164 Yıl önce
The power of prayer should never be underestimated. Wishing for continued recovery and strength for Damar Hamlin, his family, and the entire Bills organization , from Canada. 😊✌
@gloriasmith8557 Yıl önce
I’m a Bears fan but I was devastated by what happened to you Damar. Football, as other sports, are a game, your life is so much more. I prayed so hard for you, I couldn’t get you off my mind. We need more Unity like this in this world today. You have such a big heart and you are using your platform to give back to kids. I admire you greatly!❤️❤️
Fellow Bears fan here, too. Your post choked me up. I think any football fan was praying along with you. Prayers for Damar's health, always!
@paulaj7860 Yıl önce
This kid's a warrior. So glad he's ok.
@REDOS1988 Yıl önce
Eagles Fan here and now a Hamlin fan too! Soo happy you pulled through. Continued prayers! Onward and upward buddy!!!
@elenavaccaro339 Yıl önce
Good vibrations for you. While not a sports fan, you are an amazing human being. Keep up the great attitude and work.
@diane4999 Yıl önce
You are precious! You are a great role model and I hope ALL kids (big and small) look up to you!
@ashley7914 Yıl önce
The compassion you can clearly hear as you’re speaking gave me chills. You are a living testimony. I’m not into watching football as much, but for some reason was watching this game & was deeply worried & praying for you & your family after it happened. I knew in time, you would eventually speak out but I’m glad you took your time. Please take care of yourself. I wish you good health, love, & blessings to continue to come. 🙏🏽🫶🏽
What a beautiful tribute and message. Thank you for taking the time to circle back and speak to us. I appreciate the platform you have and how you openly speak about your faith, spirituality and values. Thank you for being brave. The Lord knows your heart and is using you as an example, a vessel and role model for our children and for us grown ups. We need more people like you in this world. ❤ I was so moved by seeing the players that day come together and pray. It was beautiful.
@kenzandana4791 Yıl önce
He dedd bruh...
@melissak8892 Yıl önce
Ok, Jen.
@truthtrekker Yıl önce
*God is the devil who resides inside of the Sun with all the rest of those who have died. The word Lord is the English translation for the Hebrew word Ba'al. To call on the Lord is to call on Ba'al. The devil brings slavery and death. Death is the Sun.*
@80shairbandgurl Yıl önce
I watched this event on TV and I was bawling!! It really hit me hard. I am so glad you are here and doing better!! The support from the NFL teams and fans is amazing!! We stand by you, Damar!!!
@feurigerStern Yıl önce
A wonderful human for taking time out to show his gratitude.
@tashad2201 Yıl önce
I am so happy to see him alive and well. May God continue to bless you and use you for his glory.
@AANLoveVintage Yıl önce
This was so heartbreaking to watch. I hate hearing about these incidents that happen on the football field. My son wanted to go out for football in high school, but I'm glad he didn't. So worrisome. I'm so happy you're going to be alright. God bless you, your family, teammates, and friends. I'm glad you're back. Through God, all things are possible.
❤ As a diehard Denver Broncos fan, I never want to see any serious player injury. I’m so glad things are going better and your dreams are coming true. You are an awesome man to be helping the kids of the world. Keeping you and organization in prayer. Blessings 🙏🏼
@Jnf4uk Yıl önce
Jaguars fan here. I’m so happy that Damar is doing ok. Doesn’t matter what team you play for, we are all going through life together, and we all bleed.
@Gadreel27 Yıl önce
its not him 100% deep fake ai or silicon mask, this dude died on that field
@@Gadreel27 then how was he able to make that video
@@Gadreel27no he didn’t with the negativity get a life and baby I got one can’t come for me either.
@@Gadreel27 Spitting my milk out....thanks for the laugh 😅🤣😂
@Bozemanjustin Yıl önce
@@Gadreel27 You are verifiably correct sir. Search quarry. You can look up his death certificate, has his hometown and both of his parents listed. It's definitely him
@Susson Yıl önce
why'd this hit so hard...what a legend and an impactful moment in the NFL. Wild year...
Seeing this message was an answered prayer. So glad to see and hear Damar is amazing. Great message as well.
@sonya5568 Yıl önce
You are awesome and blessed! So happy for your recovery. Being thankful is always a blessing!
Amen 🙏🏾 you are an Amazing young man! !! gratefulness is everything God has chosen you for your testimony to help others. He will cover you from head to toe. I’m so excited to see where you go from here I know it’s gonna be huge!!
@truthtrekker Yıl önce
*God is the devil who resides inside of the Sun with all the rest of those who got kicked out of life for living in opposition to Nature's Laws.*
A powerful vessel you are. Thank you for giving God the glory and being you! You are an inspiration and true role model for young men across the world. Praying for your continued success. You are a beautiful individual.
@JAMICALQ Yıl önce
With tears in my eyes, I am so extremely happy to see you sitting here talking to us. Many more prayers for you full recovery and great success in the future.
@EJ-dp1kk Yıl önce
I wonder if he's up to date on his booster shots. Every 6 months everyone to be safe.
@UnspokenRizz3 Yıl önce
@@EJ-dp1kk bro the booster is probably the reason he had that happen. The boosters don’t protect you from anything. They just “decrease your chances” of getting sick. There are also many strong side effects from getting any booster
@dianad4633 Yıl önce
So much class. The world needs more young men like you. Praying for a complete recovery. 🙏🏻❤️
@jdfodio Yıl önce
This is a wonderful message. I'm not a football fan at all...but I always support my brothers and sisters in Christ in pursuing God's plan for their lives. Sometimes, it takes a crisis (miracle) to rearrange our priorities. He put this in my timeline for encouragement. 😁 #TeamJesus
@robbinhood4415 Yıl önce
Amazing recovery. Amazing talented player...and man of faith. Wishing him all the best.
@deb9784 Yıl önce
Been praying for Damar even though I didn't know about him prior to his injury! So grateful he's recovering so beautifully by the grace of GOD! And to top it off, he's ministering to his community! What an example for our young men of what integrity looks like! May your future continue to look bright and full, Damar!
It is a blessing to see you speak Mr. Hamlin sir, GOD bless you and continue healing mind, body, and soul
@1Chitus Yıl önce
Damar is an exquisite example of kindness and generosity in motion. What a beautiful human being.
I'm choking back tears watching this.... So glad Damar is on his way to recovery. The humbleness is inspiring.... truly grateful for this message and young man :)
@SleeplessinOC Yıl önce
Well I’d say your tears are wasted because he’s either dead or brain dead or never even had a heart attack in the first place and they are creating CGI deepfake videos to cover it up for certain intent and purposes. Never underestimate the Luciferians running this show . Remember the world is a stage.
@joancoleman7896 Yıl önce
You, young man, are a gem. A true role model and leader. I’m so happy you are fully recovered-you’ve got lots more good work ahead of you! I’m looking forward to watching what you accomplish next…
@paulafowler3597 Yıl önce
Damar, thank God for the blessings he has given you!! I didn't know your name until that awful Monday night game. My prayers continue for you and your family. You are a wonderful example for all of us!! You certainly have a lot of love for God and your community. May your health continue to improve and you have made me a Bills fan. Your brothers are an amazing group of men. May God continue to bless you in everything you do and every person you touch! HugsXx to you for being such a wonderful person!! God bless you!!
What a sweet, kindly young man. We were so concerned when we heard this happened - as young as he was, and this scary incident - coming 'out of left field'. God truly has plans for him and I think in a strange way it points to something greater, a bigger purpose. Mr. Hamlin has voiced this in his own words, so eloquently. He is still needed here on Earth. He still has great work to do. Bless you Damar... and yours; may you continue to thrive and prosper and spread your message. Sports may be your vehicle. But God truly... is your coach...Love from New Orleans.
@reneem2468 Yıl önce
I am looking forward to being a part of your journey! God Bless you and your family!
@ginagirl2020 Yıl önce
Cincinnati here. He is such a humble and grateful guy. The world loves you, Damar! 🙂💙❤️🧡🖤
@joanneweiss3864 Yıl önce
From southern NY, blessings to this amazing man! Prayers answered🙏I'm bawling again, miracles DO happen, every day! More proof God works in mysterious ways🙌🌟
@RobbyBabes 11 aylar önce
Happy he's still here. My last comment was "I hope he recovers" and that was that.
@suzy1676 Yıl önce
The world held it's breath that night and sent up prayers for you and all football players. So, so glad you are down that road to total recovery! May God continue to bless you and keep you. 🙏 😊❤
@santemtv967 Yıl önce
#Godisalwaysgood #LoveDamar. The biggest fan from Haiti 🇭🇹 #lovetheBills. I cried watching you 🙏🙏🙏/ more than happy to see back ❤️. That night I couldn't stop crying and asking to pray for you on different social media/ platforms. Keep up the amazing work big Man! I know what you've gone through because last July I had a seizure like thing and came back to live after a few seconds .
@2201Duluth Yıl önce
what a beautiful message. I am a Bills fan for life!
@jamesosteen09 Yıl önce
I know the Bills season didn't end the way they were hoping, but this right here is the biggest victory. Seeing #3 recovered is bigger than any championship. Easily the greatest highlight of the season. Keep on getting stronger Damar. We're all rooting for you!
@peachiepeachie Yıl önce
Yes it did! Most of all they wanted him to live
@toms3664 Yıl önce
Yeah, I'm SURE Damar is doing just fine. Lmao. He's doing real good. Lol
Amen life is more than sports
@devcarter1654 Yıl önce
James, Very well said!!!
@BigMikey007 Yıl önce
Agreed! For him to recover so quickly is amazing! We only have 1 life to live so make the most out of it because you never know when it could be your time!
@beastsi 8 aylar önce
Damar, I am so grateful that you are alive .You're a battler and you've helped to give me strength and hope for battling cancer for the second time. We've never met but you are my inspiration. We all need to live. Thank you brother. I love you and Josh and the rest of the Bills. Go Bills!! Mario from Fort ErIe.
I am here in NY Giants fan and my friend and I were watching we actually teared up. I found myself checking every day on updates was just praying I wld hear he was out of critical condition..... Between Tua and his hit where his hands twisted up its was some scary incidents God Bless he is sitting here today
OMG your game was my first game ( I’m from Bflo) because I didn’t like football. I went to my knees’ I,m soooo happy you are healing. You helped join our nation in prayer.🙏🙏🙏🙏thank you💓
@markv00 Yıl önce
It's genuinely great to see and hear from you after such a scary incident. For some reason, you were chosen to continue a mission bigger than football. Your parents raised a great young man who is humble about the talent he's been given and motivated to refine those talents to become a world-class athlete. To see you use what happened that awful Monday night as a springboard to make a difference in other people's lives and communities is amazing. To use your platform to educate others about health and life-saving training is so wonderful. And to appreciate how this whole thing broke down walls between teams and brought unity on so many levels is so important these days. Whether you ever step on that field again or not, you will always be a role model and inspiration for so many. I wish you a continued safe recovery, plus peace, and love for you and your family. When the spotlight fades, you'll still have an immense impact on so many. Stay strong and keep spreading the love. Best wishes from Texas!
@violetbrown3584 Yıl önce
I had not been a Bills fan, but, since my brother passed from Covid 19. He was a big fan. I have been. And I send Gods love and grace to his family and him.I will always be a Cowboys fan and now Bills fan.
@PBW614 Yıl önce
A man of faith, a man of great character. So happy he made it. 🙏 God bless Damar!
@edwinjewell5359 Yıl önce
Dolphin fan here Great to see you made Strong recovery. Im sure will see you again your a Great player and person. God Bless.
@blairkeifer7444 Yıl önce
I'm a diehard Steelers fan....the moment I seen this sad reality on the field take place.....I became a Hamlin fan!! His lifes posture, mentality, love, appreciation, respect and spiritual being is the true example of a positive fire burning inside. 🔥 Not just for the game of football, but life....and not just his life...but all life. This fine young man's wisdom, words and dedication to life and his craft should be the leading role for generations to come!! And not just for the youth, but for so many established grown men throughout our beautiful country!! God's work is happening through number 3. He literally shines of god light!! Rise up, Recover, Rebound and Respect.
@BronzeSugarToo Yıl önce
Not a football fan but I love this young man and bravo to his parents who did an awesome job raising him🥰 Many Blessings!!!
@hberrysc3517 Yıl önce
So, so thankful you’re ok. Raised from the dead. Incredible. We were speechless at home and prayed a lot for you!
@angiemacent Yıl önce
Your beautiful 😻God is good 🎉 Just to see you standing brings tears of joy! Love you lots ❤
@beckyneuses2054 Yıl önce
Damar, your tragedy brought an entire world together in prayer on January 2, 2023. To see entire NFL football teams on their knees in prayer was awe inspiring. I, along with so many, prayed hard for your recovery. I too believe God has a special plan for you. Unfortunately, you and your family had to suffer to bring it to fruition, and I am so sorry for that. You are a true class act, a well spoken and passionate young man. I pray that God continues to use you for His purposes, and that you stand as a role model for young men everywhere. With men like you to lead our youth, there is a bright future ahead. God bless and keep you, and your family. ❤️
Yes please get boosted
@Jessie-hr5xh 6 aylar önce
Damar Hamlin is so powerful and had the BEST comeback! Go Damar and go Bills!
@annie10k5 Yıl önce
✨🥰🕊🕊🕊😌🙏🏽God Bless you SON, much Love ❤️ and Respect to You and Yours 🥰💖🙏🏽 so Proud of You and all You continue to contribute to this World 🌎 💖🙏🏽 you doing something right and He sees and Loves You always, We Love You too Damar Hamlin🥰💖🙏🏽✨
@brianroof8613 Yıl önce
Thank you for your love, strength and courage. Wishing you all the best, young man!
From one Pittsburgher to another God Bless…
@MegaMikeylikes Yıl önce
Hey bless you man from Canada well friend it looks like the 4 billion prayers helped along with your awesome staff, and the entire NFL teams and player's. You guys bet my team but I did not even care in the slightest send my regards to the classy Mr. Kraft, keep going Damar and Bills Amen.
@KcKupid Yıl önce
Ravens fan here. You still have a purpose on this earth and I thank God that you're still here to fulfill that purpose, whatever that may be. Continue to get healthy
@truthtrekker Yıl önce
*God is the devil who resides inside of the Sun with the consciousness of all those who have ever died. Ask you priest, rabbi, pastor, minister, deacon, preacher, or clergyman why they have not given you a specific place where the dead are.*
@KcKupid Yıl önce
@@truthtrekker Bye! 🤣🤣
@pixiesmama8807 Yıl önce
Thank you Damar for this message! We watched this play out live…and now we are over the MOON 🌙 happy to see you up and well. Bless you sweet man ! 🙏 💙 🤍 ❤
@TheCDawg69 Yıl önce
Hey man, I may be a ravens fan but I’m glad to see you okay. M&T bank stadium showed support by lighting up your team colors at our stadium, and hope to see you next season and my whole family got together and prayed for you and your team. Stay safe bro, take it easy and hope to see you next season
@murieljames4022 Yıl önce
My eyes are filled with tears and my heart is full of love and happiness listening to this young selfless man give thanks to the Lord and the world. Damar, that’s why God couldn’t keep you although he wanted to, but God knew he needed you here more, to continue to share your love and let your (God’s) light shine all over the world because it is desperately needed, you are such a blessing to Him and us. I am a Ravens fan and now Buffalo also, thank you 🙏🏽!❤❤
@lucycoley1055 Yıl önce
Broncos fan here. I prayed and prayed for you young man.🙏. Keep being the beautiful human being you are🥰
I'm Pittsburgh, but I prayed endlessly for you. I am so happy you are okay. You are an awesome man of the Lord.
@MsMoni-sq9tu Yıl önce
God bless you, sir. I'm not much into football, but when I heard the news of what happened to you. I prayed for you. I followed your story and kept hope alive. You are an amazing man, and God definitely has a bigger plan for your life. Stay strong, my friend!
@joe47771 Yıl önce
whew, love you man and all the support
@tammy2345 Yıl önce
Damar God bless u , your family friends. Watching and listening to you speak as u will always have a special place in my heart. My son is 14 wants to go Pro. Has been training with pro athletes on his journey… he and I talked about you at that time and I know the ramifications of the sport, any sport. I have never seen anything like this before- u have left one lasting impression on me. God Bless you 🙏❤️
@wendyking2612 Yıl önce
You seem to be a very humble man and special. You are blessed to continue being a blessing. GOD still have work for you to do on this earth. GOD bless 🙏🏿🙏🏽🙏🏾💙
@lindakamps1844 Yıl önce
You are truly a miracle! I prayed for your recovery but as an RN who has performed CPR, I was worried you might not make it. God bless you! You are a wonderful role model!
@truthtrekker Yıl önce
*God is the devil who resides inside of the Sun with the consciousness of all who have died. If would be truly a miracle if you could figure out how human beings are brought into this world. Real talk.*
@OHQ_Saucey Yıl önce
Glad you're still here with us! One love man, one love~
@Mochalatte3 Yıl önce
I’m so happy to see that you are much better. I watched that particular game a watched it all go down right before my eyes. After seeing how serious it was my heart went in to instant deep prayer because my heart was so heavy. But while praying although I remained worried I felt an ease within my heart. I know it was my prayer being answered. God Bless You.❤
@hazztv6317 Yıl önce
I sooooooooo proud of you! Young man! Be blessed always! Amen 🙏🙏
Cincy girl right here. Been a Bills fan 2nd to my Bengals since 1990. It's a Kelly thing. Just great to see a young person have such respect for his life and that of others with his foundation. I'm sooo sorry you had to endure this tragedy to become the bigger role model you are. There's a reason. God is great , prayers work and you are definitely a HERO! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!
@janemiller7512 Yıl önce
What an amazing young man. Prayers continue for you and your full recovery!
The biggest Psy Op in NFL history. Congrats guys! You did it!
@mrs.salazar5219 Yıl önce
Thank you!
Exactly, is he a double🤔
Considering he had a heart attack and now looking fine, mmmm, not fooling me 🤔
@nancywyatt1857 Yıl önce
CGI and AI cloned voice. I just heard that is now available for use. Did you see all the breaks and close up and not close. Very odd.
@StevenCarinci Yıl önce
Can you get good pizza 🍕😋 on the other side? Inquiring minds need to know.
I'm no bills fan but glad to see u doing well damar bills an cowboys in the 90s was the best football ever my prayers always with u damar your a great guy keep your spirts up God bless u
@bdchiaccio Yıl önce
Lots of love from a Philadelphia person but so glad you are strong and healthy!
@Grace2shar Yıl önce
😭😭😭❤❤❤ Beautiful thank you message! Mad love and respect for you, your family and your team members! Praying for you! Be blessed!
Steelers fan just coming by to say I'm glad you're okay. Hopefully you'll be on that field again soon.
Tribute to Damar Hamlin #3
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