SpaceX's Latest Crew Mission Is Unlike Any Other

Scott Manley
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Hours from now, SpaceX will launch a crew of 4 people into space for a unique mission, a flight that's not part of NASA or any other space agency. Inspiration 4 will take Jared, Hayley, Sian and Chris into orbit for 3 days for a free flight, higher than the International Space Station, in a modified capsule with the largest window ever flown in space.

Countdown: Inspiration 4 Documentary exclusively on Netflix

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15 Eyl 2021




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Jesse Price
Jesse Price 23 gün önce
Me watching a scott manley video for the first time: eh I kinda see this stuff all the time Me after noticing nerdcubeds book on the shelf: I only watch Scott Manley videos now.
Ȟᴇċĸȧĸŷʜ Âɡᴇĸʙȧᴛᴇʜ
launching - ussr: specialists into space, us: billioneres into space.
mohawksniper79 Aylar önce
Better then taking a film Crew to the space station wtf is Russian thinking I'm sure there are things up there that people should not see.
Will S
Will S Aylar önce
I drove from Idaho to Florida to see this launch. Paid the $250 to get the closest seat possible. Just incredible.
Penultimate H
Penultimate H Aylar önce
Fancy stunt, but human spaceflight is still irrelevant. There's no way past the cosmic rays, embolisms, and time...
Rob Aylar önce
You sound like a doomer.
artmannify Aylar önce
Space is make believe. Why would you trust a bunch of lying freemasons?? !-/
Rob Aylar önce
Paul C
Paul C 2 aylar önce
I'm a gnarly old guy but the documentary got me unexpectedly teary at times! It surfaced how these normal people may not return and how their families reacted to that tough thought, it's easy to play an alpha jock but crew were like the rest of us. If Hayley's prosthetic failed on the mountain then she wasn't going and the crew would lose a trained key ,it was a great documentary. I was really gutted and moved by Chris's wife's reaction on top of the launch stack when it suddenly hit her really hard the die was cast. Brilliant!
Fredashay Klavierstein
Yay! Space! You *_ARE_* going to space today!
OddFibreOptic 2 aylar önce
"Most missions don't get a Netflix series about them." Expedition 46: "Hold my beer."
﴾ ﴿
﴾ ﴿ 2 aylar önce
no shot they used plexiglas. its probably polycarbonate right?
Travis Niec
Travis Niec 2 aylar önce
Perfect deadpan delivery on "regular folks who want to be science educators, or physicians, or run their own air force..." 😆
Duran 2 aylar önce
Q 🙋‍♀️ Can one survives few days in orbit inside smelly dragon capsule?
andy brugman
andy brugman 2 aylar önce
Waste of time and money
Luis Acosta
Luis Acosta 2 aylar önce
I’m currently in the USMC. I get out in 8 months. I will be transitioning to the Air Force/Space Force and work in Space System Operations, while also going to college for Aerospace Engineering. Really exited that I’ll be able to work on satellites, and space launches for the military, while also getting my degree. The big plan is to work for one of the best aerospace companies out there. Future looks bright. Oh, and I’m 26, so for anyone who thinks they’re too old to go to college, view me as an example. Haven’t been to school in over 9 years. It’s never too late
seq165432 2 aylar önce
It takes a good 6 WEEKS to make beer - not three days, Scott! (Plus - GRAVITY to help the dead yeast fall out of the mix and settle at the end of fermentation)
Uncle Ned
Uncle Ned 2 aylar önce
Well, BO can't claim the largest window in space anymore. The best part is that it can be moved between capsules.
DoppleSoddner 2 aylar önce
Sue bezos getting ready for patent claim and stuff.
Space Snaxxx
Space Snaxxx 2 aylar önce
Bozos: I'll go up myself on my shitty rocket... Branson: I'll go up myself on my even shittier plane... Musk: I'll send up worthy representations of human achievements...
An Ngo
An Ngo 2 aylar önce
Wait I never realized, Jared is Mister Draken International!
J Rhoads
J Rhoads 2 aylar önce
E.F. Schumacher talks on this topic with great accuracy. Got UFO?
David Renaud
David Renaud 2 aylar önce
In protest of Jeff Bezos's court case against NASA and holding up HLS, I would like us all to vote against Jeffs actions by NOT RENEWING OUR PRIME SUBSCRIPTION. If 1,000,000 subscribers stop their renewal the Jeff will loose $119,000,000 and then maybe he will get the picture. Money talks and Bull Sheet walks.
Modern 2 aylar önce
Was able to get great views of the launch from a cruise ship off the coast of Miami!
germimonte 2 aylar önce
is 3 days even enough to make beer?
Anthony Locke
Anthony Locke 2 aylar önce
Right less waffle,,, if you slow down and think about what you are going to say you may get your words out correctly and not sound like you have a gob full of nuts!
M.D.S. Bock
M.D.S. Bock 2 aylar önce
Also, kinda makes me laugh, Space X had to orbit higher then Hubble n get into the record books, right on Space X, guess if can why not. NASA keep dragging your feet on the ground, what the hell are you doing......
M.D.S. Bock
M.D.S. Bock 2 aylar önce
Like your new closing video ... Your channels content is out of this world...
yago3 2 aylar önce
Could the vehicule be purposed to service the Hubble?
GreatToonz 2 aylar önce
That launch went by with barely any notice by the media at all, and the coverage once they were up there was terrible, not even SpaceX showed or said much while they were there. Most people don't even know or care that it happened.
Metaphysical Migraine
Metaphysical Migraine 2 aylar önce
Politically motivated publicity megaphone, announcing more rockets for trillionaires with deep pockets and raping Gaia to escape ire from the people they've robbed blind along the way.
Rob Aylar önce
whew so woke
Ankit Rai
Ankit Rai 2 aylar önce
Three spacex spacecrafts in space, simultaneously. Can't wait for the fleet of starships enroute to Mars!
davetileguy 2 aylar önce
"the environmental impact of rockets" that's the next generation.
Mr Random
Mr Random 2 aylar önce
Actually that mission was not as exciting as I expected
StYxXx 2 aylar önce
Everyday people that run their own air force - nice one! @11:55 :D
Andre Legris
Andre Legris 2 aylar önce
So what was the actual purpose of this space flight? Civilians in space? Already done; tourists paying their own way through Russian Space Federation to the ISS. All civilian crew? The mission commander is a quailed jet pilot and the entire flight was run by computer program, like all unmanned satellite launches and all previous SpaceX flights. For science? What kind of new science regarding human space flight can these 4 people do in that cramped capsule over 3 days that NASA hasn’t already done in 133 successful space shuttle missions and 20+ years of the International Space Station? Playing a ukulele while in orbit? See Commander Hadfield's rendition of Space Oddity while on the ISS. If the entire purpose was a publicity event to inspire “space tourism” and build the SpaceX brand, why not just say so? Everything else seemed to be a thinly veiled attempt to cover up the fact that it was just a publicity event, legitimized by being part of a fund-raising program (which was deemed a success only after Elon Musk, owner of the Inspiration 4 mission, coughed up $50M at the last moment). Cool mission, great images, certainly inspiring, but ultimately being sold as something it was not.
Jack Williams
Jack Williams 2 aylar önce
Ok Scott, this finally popped up on my home page. While watching the launch, reading about the mission, etc... Only one thing really freaked me out about the "dome". I said too myself when I thought it, "I need to ask Scott about this and see if he has any idea". The dome is awesome, and obviously everything worked well, which is great. However, removing the docking adapter blew my mind in the case of an emergency scenario. Follow me if you will, there's a problem that prevents re-entry, or delays the time, or, etc... With the docking adapter in place, a valid option would be to lower the orbit and dock with the space station to get resolution. Without it? Even though there is antire lab in space that they could get too, doesn't matter, no way too dock. Am I missing something here? Great observation window, amazing but? If this is the norm, and your in orbit, out of our atmospheric envelope, well if anything goes wrong? Anyway, thanks for the video, as always great stuff Mr. Manley.
R B 2 aylar önce
Really amazing people! Great job all around. Please donate to St. Jude’s. The children need it.
John Fuller
John Fuller 2 aylar önce
Scott, would be fascinated to see a video explaining how the SpaceX Dragon was able so easily to move from that initial orbit about 200km out to its eventual orbit +500km out, and that with the second stage already jettisoned. What is the risk of losing the spacecraft to deep space during such a manoeuvre?
Manini Farmer
Manini Farmer 2 aylar önce
Wonder if SpaceX is thinking about having a cadre of Dragon pilots? Why train new pilots for each flight, be like the airlines do. That way Dragon passengers all they have to do is make sure their seat back and tray is in the upright and stowed position.
The18thDoctor 2 aylar önce
There aren’t any pilots, the entire mission is automated. The crew just has to know their way around the capsule.
m. chefski
m. chefski 2 aylar önce
where is the video content from heley flying in this fighter jet?
Bau ra
Bau ra 2 aylar önce
Beautiful ❤️
Marcos 2 aylar önce
Does anybody really believe that there are 3 chinese ppl in orbit? Did you watch the "launch"? The shots from inside the "space station"?
The18thDoctor 2 aylar önce
NASA and ESA certainly believed it, and they’d be the most likely to not.
PERECil 2 aylar önce
550km of altitude, does that mean those 4 people were the furthest from eath since the Apollo missions? (it's higher than Hubble orbit, so the hubble maintenance missions should be lower).
Brexit Britain
Brexit Britain 2 aylar önce
Is it really a good idea to send a cancer survivor to space? Won't the increase in radiation pose a greater risk to her?
dont-want-no-wrench 2 aylar önce
she is likely to come back with the power of invisibility, or super stretch
Beardy McBeardface
Beardy McBeardface 2 aylar önce
Love all this. The more things like this happens the more normal space travel becomes imho
Seafariireland 2 aylar önce
Great enthusiasm, and smooth friendly presentation which makes me want more of the same!
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers 2 aylar önce
2 woman and 2 men, Is this the beginning of the 100 mile high club?
GeekFurious 2 aylar önce
I only recently realized I hadn't seen a Scott Manley episode in a while... because somehow I unsubscribed. Ahhhh! Good news is I have a bunch of episodes to watch now.
Karl Fitz
Karl Fitz 2 aylar önce
absolutely love your enthusiasm for everything Space related Scott and how you explain things so well :)
Cy "kkm" K'Nnelson
Cy "kkm" K'Nnelson 2 aylar önce
Scott, so when are *you* going into space? You're in fact a space nerd celebrity and have reported so much extremely well researched scientific and technical information about SpaceX that they ought to consider you! I do not want to diminish Everyday Astronaut's contribution to scientific education, but you do it without, let's be frank, a sensationalisation of the information that he does not always manage to avoid. But you never cross the line. You do not try to be entertaining, and this makes you the most scientific of all educators working on all space exploration topics that I know of. I hope so much that you fly one day and look at us from high above. That would be so well-deserved of you! Fly safe!
Collin 2 aylar önce
If you think space will be accessible everyone not just the wealthy or smartest, grow up and wake up from your dreaming!
Sallitsaba 2 aylar önce
Tell your story to Besos
Mark LaPierre
Mark LaPierre 2 aylar önce
Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin did not achieve orbit so they don't count even if they did get above the Von Carmen line. Only Space X is a real maned space craft builder.
Emman. 2 aylar önce
Build DisneyLand in space. That is the real space tourism.
noodles6669 2 aylar önce
I really hope they put a camera on the outside of the hatch facing out the dome. So in the event the hatch doesn't close we get some amazing footage.
Hamp Neel
Hamp Neel 2 aylar önce
Why just go to orbit and come back do something special Circle the moon or something it doesn't make sense just go up and come back
The18thDoctor 2 aylar önce
It’s extremely difficult to send humans to the Moon.
Alan Daters
Alan Daters 2 aylar önce
This is a PR tour de force, which is not necessarily a bad thing. There certainly will be a stunning video- marketing- for sale? Pay per view? Eho knows. Of course St. Jude's Hospital will get a big cut, again not a bad thing.
Triggertits 2 aylar önce
Space is getting crowded. :-P
Chris Drake
Chris Drake 2 aylar önce
@Scott Manley - You need to talk to SpaceX about narrating some of their live-streams - todays spash-down was the MOST BORING time waste imaginable, with two utterly clueless employees saying nothing knowledgeable **whatsoever** for an hour straight, and even the few stats/numbers they said were wrong - they didn't even do their most basic homework first...
Jared Johnson
Jared Johnson 2 aylar önce
12:37 "New Shepard also got 14" Wow! Nice (inadvertent I'm assuming) call out! (Alan Shepard = Apollo 14 Commander)
T. Bone
T. Bone 2 aylar önce
To be honest, I’m rather disappointed by this mission, all that hype and you need a Netflix subscription to see any of it. A massive blown opportunity.
Bruib 2 aylar önce
lol this guy doesn't know what he's talking about
The18thDoctor 2 aylar önce
And you do?
Bill Otto
Bill Otto 2 aylar önce
This is a real space trip, not the Broadway shows those other yahoos did. It's awesome & I wish him luck !
Backlash 2 aylar önce
Very nice picture of Dragon with Dome. My wife (absolutely not me) wants to know what the photographer was standing on.
msigurko 2 aylar önce
Elon basically quietly and humbly pocketed both of the other guys, without even personally going to space. Brilliant!!
Cmdr Ed Straker of S H A D O
Love him or hate him you got to admit Elon is the biggest showman since P.T. Barnum .
dont-want-no-wrench 2 aylar önce
i dont love him or hate him, but am damned impressed by what he is doing.
terry hutchinson
terry hutchinson 2 aylar önce
Eat your heart out Branson, Besos and Boeing.
John Manderson
John Manderson 2 aylar önce
Hats off, literally, for the dragon dome 😉
Michael S
Michael S 2 aylar önce
THIRTY-HOURS simulation, not 13 hours. A BIG difference.
Michael S
Michael S 2 aylar önce
@Scott Manley , I've just watched the video; it sounded "twelve or thirteen hours" to my ears. "Twelve or thirty" would not make sense linguistically; it would need to have been twelve and thirty, but the 12-hour simulation training is not that important when they underwent 30-hour so-called "end to end" simulation (although it included sleeping in the capsule). People should watch the interviews, they were quite good.
Scott Manley
Scott Manley 2 aylar önce
That’s what I said.
Stephen Schafer
Stephen Schafer 2 aylar önce
My wife had no interest in 'space stuff' until I was out of town this weekend and she watched that show out of boredom. She called me up to tell me all about it and said she'd be willing to watch it again with me if I wanted to. So, the show won over at least one person that I know. :-)
yeknommonkey 2 aylar önce
I love Branson and Besos getting all excited about their almost space trip and 3 minute trip while Elon just kept patting them on the back knowing a few weeks later this was going to happen and blow everything out of the water.😂
D R 2 aylar önce
the dome is big enough to give the finger to the suckers who had a brief ride on the Blue Origin pocket rocket.:p
brent847 2 aylar önce
when is scott manley going up
Neil Harris
Neil Harris 2 aylar önce
The dome isn't acrylic, it's transparent aluminium patented by an American but rumoured to have been inspired by a visiting Scottish professor.
Devlan McDaniels
Devlan McDaniels 2 aylar önce
Is that a Lego engine behind you??
Radical Rab
Radical Rab 2 aylar önce
I'm disappointed nobody onboard is called jebadiah, they missed a trick.
john edwards
john edwards 2 aylar önce
7:49 "gooder" !
vo sa
vo sa 2 aylar önce
Perfect work in the world. Thank you very much my friend. Perfect man
won jez
won jez 2 aylar önce
11:41 What he's trying to say is, they go to space because they can, not because they want to.
TheOneLifeRider 2 aylar önce
"Regular" crew dragon...
Denis Didenko
Denis Didenko 2 aylar önce
Youngest American in space doesn’t sound really great.
Joseph King
Joseph King 2 aylar önce
How are the flat earth idiots going to explain non astronauts seeing that the Earth is round? 🤷‍♂️
Sparble 2 aylar önce
Not good for climate tho
Bram Moerman
Bram Moerman 2 aylar önce
“Up to the altitude that the Shuttle went to service the Hubble”. . . Hmmm. . . Do I see a Hubble Service Mission in SpaceX’s future?
Chris Meadows
Chris Meadows 2 aylar önce
I watched the launch from a beach in South Carolina. Incredible to see in person. @pictures_bychris if you care to see my images I managed to capture.
Bruce Baxter
Bruce Baxter 2 aylar önce
If starship separates from super heavy in a vacuum and does retro burn in a vacuum and aero brakes, why have sea level raptors just for a few seconds landing when they test fire vacuum raptors for longer?
Mr Scruffy
Mr Scruffy 2 aylar önce
I know, some people here will hate to hear this, but it´s "missions" like these, that make it hard for me to justify my enthusiasm for space exploration in front of "normal" people. I for once wont cheer for those who literally ascent into the heavens while the rest of us toils away on a quite as literally burning world. IMHO space flight should be a concerted effort of society with the goal of serving all of mankind, not vanity or profit projects for the priviged. I am all in for the former, but am disgusted by the later. When the "the billions should be spent on feeding the hungry" comes from "anti-spacies", i still have no issue standing by, say, the Apollo program or the Mars probes - but this? Yeah, that money SHOULD be spent on feeding the hungry, first, cause it happens just for the lulz. Yeah, making a show about it will probably foster support for space flight, but for all the wrong reasons. It´s like getting attention, Kinski style.
Sorban 2 aylar önce
Blue Origin, New Shepard 🥈 : -250 000 $ for 10min in space (100km) TOTAL : 25 000 $/min per seat Virgin, Virgin Galactic 🥉(disqualified in other country who don't consider US outer space as official) : -450k$ for 6 min in "US" space (82.7 km) TOTAL : 75 000 $/min per seat SpaceX, Falcon 9 Crew Dragon 🥇🏆🥇 : -62 000 000 / 4 = 15 500 000 for 3 "Days" in "Orbit" (475km) TOTAL : 3 587,96 $/min per seat
alan jenkins
alan jenkins 2 aylar önce
And it achieves nothing for mankind.
Exar 2 aylar önce
Chris totally reminds me of Fred Haise on Apollo 13. lol
mwnciboo 2 aylar önce
Civilian = Not Government owned / funded or commanded
GazLowe 2 aylar önce
This SpaceX mission makes Branson's sub-orbital flight look positively insipid 🚀🤔
Nigel Cockburn
Nigel Cockburn 2 aylar önce
copy Nigel: I think Scott Manley should not be left out and also the Angry Astronaut has much
Dale A
Dale A 2 aylar önce
We should have already been to Mars. Our space program is at turtle speed. It's all political, when weapons are more important.
Ryu Shogun
Ryu Shogun 2 aylar önce
The first flat earther to space.
Adam D
Adam D 2 aylar önce
SpaceX should send Manly to space
Kirk Claybrook
Kirk Claybrook 2 aylar önce
12:42 Meanwhile at BO Jeff and his lawyers continue their hard work trying to impede human spaceflight
Stuart Brownlee
Stuart Brownlee 2 aylar önce
The observation dome puts me in mind of the excellent movie "Dark Star" - the one that Talby stays in a lot to look at the stars...
Factnomenal 2 aylar önce
What a time to be alive! 👨‍🚀
DiscoR53 2 aylar önce
Nope, acrylic view port window’s have to be made specifically for the application so you can’t buy Go to McMaster Carr and buy it. The pressure inside the Capsule if it is held at one atmosphere is going to be 14.7 psi X the inside surface area. If the acrylic view port window it was made in the United States it was probably made by Reynolds.
Rich Wojehowski
Rich Wojehowski 2 aylar önce
The dome is much more likely to be polycarbonate (Lexan) and not acrylic (Plexiglas)
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