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Southwest Airlines employees (Heidi Gardner, Devon Walker) introduce a new, upgraded airline experience.

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27 Oca 2023




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Sophia Bogard
Sophia Bogard Aylar önce
"You bought a Southwest ticket. You don't respect yourself. So why should we?" Best. Slogan. Ever.
James Kelly
James Kelly 9 saatler önce
They should do this for Spirit too. This is funny 😂😂😂😂
James Robert
James Robert 21 gün önce
Damn I just bought a flight with southwest 😭
blackcrow007 Aylar önce
LMAO, "exactly" ...straight Savage!!
Renae Morgan-Short
Renae Morgan-Short Aylar önce
@Sky Scraper You clearly haven't flown much. I have, it was one of the worst of my many flights. How do you NOT have assigned seats for your customers? 🤷
Jes Escareno
Jes Escareno Aylar önce
Yoooooo!! 😂😂
Decontee Sarah Boe
Decontee Sarah Boe Aylar önce
The delivery on “these big b*tches don’t play” was absolutely gold 😂
Aisia Biddle
Aisia Biddle 9 gün önce
Man I tell you, it is so funny when you hear someone say bitch that you never thought would say it😂😂
Eric H
Eric H 16 gün önce
Put at least 1 per plane (like an air marshal, but more cost effective).
jtrobins1 20 gün önce
@Judette Lol
jtrobins1 20 gün önce
@Bodystomp Agreed
jtrobins1 20 gün önce
@Annoying Neighbor Lol
Justin Stein
Justin Stein Aylar önce
These SNL commercials are so much better than the regular commercials
ADHD Loochi
ADHD Loochi Aylar önce
The best one is the rock doing the medication commercial.
Missblaak Aylar önce
Jake H
Jake H Aylar önce
boomer humor
TooHot2Trott !
TooHot2Trott ! Aylar önce
@S A lol 😂
timothylegg Aylar önce
As diehard Southwest fan, this is absolutely hysterical, and is in line with everything I love about them.
Mariah 11 gün önce
@John Snow Actually, its economically best to use 1 airline because you get points.
Keegan Aylar önce
imagine being a diehard fan of an friggin' airline, CRINGE
N Oneyng
N Oneyng Aylar önce
Umm why?
Msssy Aylar önce
Agreed. And they're also the cheapest.
John Snow
John Snow Aylar önce
You don't have to a "fan" for eveything you use. People get way too attached to the dumbest things.
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson Aylar önce
the lounge being inside the starbucks line was golden, "we'll hold down 2-3 tables for you" 😂😂
mi ola
mi ola Aylar önce
Yes, gold.🥇
Dale Hood
Dale Hood Aylar önce
White rabbit, a few of the "wrong kind" of mushrooms maybe???? Hhhmmm mmmn?????????????
Edie Koller
Edie Koller Aylar önce
Melissa Adams
Melissa Adams Aylar önce
Melissa Adams
Melissa Adams Aylar önce
@WhiteRabbitp L
My content is gold, Jerry. Gold!
I love that their upgraded lounge is inside an ACTIVE Starbucks. That's true sincerity there.
Dale Hood
Dale Hood Aylar önce
Digby door----- , because it's comedy, I think they get a pass.
Digby_Dooright Aylar önce
I wonder if they have to get approval from the company for these skits? I mean the one about State Farm is funny. But this one is hilariously brutal. 😂
TheLeftLane IsTheFastLane
The half blind pilot at the end got me! 😂
TonyElle 22 gün önce
I was on da floor after he took off those eye glasses! 😂😂
TOONZ Aylar önce
The comment I was lookin for😅😅😭😭
R Jr
R Jr Aylar önce
lizardmandx Aylar önce
Michael B Jordan has incredible comedic timing
lizardmandx 7 gün önce
@Bryan Baquiran for his timing? Umm... you sure ?
Bryan Baquiran
Bryan Baquiran 7 gün önce
You have the sketch writers to thank for that
hotwatermusic 13 gün önce
He’s the worst one in this sketch, but ok
Jazzi Aylar önce
@J I nahhhh lol, but we’re not talking about Creed.
b Aylar önce
Katharine REGER
Katharine REGER Aylar önce
Southwest is the only airline that’s always had a sense of humor. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this turn up on their on-board tv screens just before the safety briefing.
mattsocal2010 20 gün önce
​@Matt Hunter what's wrong with stone tablets? So we're the 10 commandments!
Ichijo Festival
Ichijo Festival Aylar önce
When you've effectively wiped out competition in your industry, you can afford to laugh at yourself-- 'cause what's anyone gonna do about it?
Katharine REGER
Katharine REGER Aylar önce
@Mark H. Well, mmmmmOK then.
Mark H.
Mark H. Aylar önce
The commercial IS the safety briefing; don't tell the FAA, mmmkay?
Matt Hunter
Matt Hunter Aylar önce
On board TV screens? really Southwest??? Have you ever flown them?? Their safety briefings are one stone tablets!
Steve Burgandy
Steve Burgandy Aylar önce
I flew on Southwest last night and saw some flight attendants a few feet away from me watching this, they had a good laugh.
Travel With Thierry
As a SWA flight attendant, this is absolutely genius😂😂😂😂
Omar Izquierdo
Omar Izquierdo Aylar önce
Which Waffle House did you come from? 😂
Chala Brooks
Chala Brooks Aylar önce
@William Krause 😂😂😂
William Krause
William Krause Aylar önce
@SkipperbySkip As a could potentially be a SWA flight attendant in an alternate reality. I second this.
SkipperbySkip Aylar önce
As a former SWA flight attendant, I agree!
kk2yy7 Aylar önce
“You showed your ticket at security right? You good.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
moveovermike Aylar önce
Well I speak woke dialect, it’s racist!
TruthSerum Aylar önce
@moveovermike That’s not racist. She’s speaking in AAVE dialect. Jamaicans, Australians and Irish all have their own English dialects. So do we….and we’re proud of it!!
C Mortenson
C Mortenson Aylar önce
I saw that actually happen at a southwest gate in Denver last week. Dead ass.
kk2yy7 Aylar önce
@moveovermike It’s AAVE and it was hilarious.
The Ten to One Podcast
Heidi's wig is a topic of its own.
Serious One
Serious One 22 gün önce
Heidi's wig is from the Bernadette Peters Collection.
Mari's Golden Hour
Mari's Golden Hour Aylar önce
@Carlos Chambers 😆😆😆 most definitely! you win. 😁💙🖤✨
Chala Brooks
Chala Brooks Aylar önce
tracy johnson
tracy johnson Aylar önce
That wig is hilarious
PC Bassoon
PC Bassoon Aylar önce
The last time I went to a waffle house, one of the employees was fully asleep on the counter. I would like more sketches exploring these former waffle house employees please.
Tiffanye Davenport
Tiffanye Davenport Aylar önce
You can't think up sketches crazy enough to match some Waffle House experiences.
IrishAnnie Aylar önce
@Megan Miller Could have been a pirates daughter. 😂
S A Aylar önce
If I want a waffle, I just sneak on over to a Day's Inn and make my own. Don't pay a dime and I always get my fill! The syrup's not real though.
Megan Miller
Megan Miller Aylar önce
There is such a crazy range of people that work at Waffle House. From the nicest mom types to the crustiest pirates. One late night when I was a teenager, the girl at the counter was so pretty she could have been a model. Bright green eyes and auburn hair. My only thought was “why is she working the late shift at Waffle House?”
Oof McGoof
Oof McGoof Aylar önce
snl writers have been peaking lately this is fucking amazing
b Aylar önce
@Oof McGoof I feel sorry for your generation
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker Aylar önce
@Oof McGoof Ahh, you write words same me do. Best friends in a life forever?
Oof McGoof
Oof McGoof Aylar önce
@Daniel Walker Is problem nothing. Happy you write SNL comedic tidbits. Hope SNL give many moneys you. Talent most best in history you are.
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker Aylar önce
Thanks for you. Me am writer that do SNL laugh sentences and proud and happy you make me doing what you said in words.
ZebraLens Aylar önce
As a former Waffle House employee, I concur 💯% 😂
hadracks 11 gün önce
And they just did a whole skit on Waffle House. I guess they like talking about it.
PowerOfMe Aylar önce
Did you take the new job offer though?
dkgong Aylar önce
As a Southwest shareholder this is both funny and hurts.
rj alston
rj alston Aylar önce
@Glenna Aycock Ahhhhhh hahaha hahaha hahaha Love You!
Adrian Z Jackson
Adrian Z Jackson Aylar önce
You bought Southwest shares...If you dont respect yourself, then why should we? 🤣🤣🤣
@Take The5th They are still underperforming so why the flex?
dkgong Aylar önce
I just noticed today LUV reinstated its dividend. Nice!
Bodystomp Aylar önce
It’ll blow over, although an upgrade of the computer system is probably in order. I’d still make SW my carrier if flying down to San Diego from Sac.
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson Aylar önce
I am a loyal Southwest flier and I found this extremely funny! Anyone with a true sense of humor can understand the messages in the ad. SWA truly dropped the ball over the holidays, and thus needs to get their act together, but I think they will.
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
That was both mean AND phenomenally funny. The perfect blend. 🥰 😆 🤣 😂
Dr. Reginald Finley, Ph.D.
@Fifi Gigantor Gigantor lack of comedic recognition acumen, eh?
Fifi Gigantor
Fifi Gigantor Aylar önce
Am I missing something? What is mean or cruel about this abysmal attempt at comedy?
Canais Young
Canais Young Aylar önce
It's like something out of MADtv, only not as cruel.
Mrs. America
Mrs. America Aylar önce
"Hey man, let's keep it real, YOU bought the ticket." ...had me in tears.
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick Aylar önce
SNL writer are killing it this skit was amazing, and hilarious literally give southwest airlines run for their money🤣🤣.
Dale Hood
Dale Hood Aylar önce
------Beyond horizon, I traveled SW this last year and took my small dog, WHO I had to pay for. They counted her as ONE OF MY BAGS! It was like I was being penalized for taking her. We each had a ticket!!!!
Lacinda Beggs
Lacinda Beggs Aylar önce
How are the benefits at SNL? I assume you work for them
gainthesummit Aylar önce
Love the new SNL. They’ve been killing it for a while now.
___Beyond Horizon
___Beyond Horizon Aylar önce
Whatever they do to improve, they better keep the 2free check bags!!! It's mainly the reason why I still will fly southwest
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson Aylar önce
Cranjis Mcbasketball
I feel like this ad should be on TV to promote their airline. It's such a hilarious and realistic commercial!
IrishAnnie Aylar önce
The New Zealand Airlines Christmas commercials are hilarious!
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Aylar önce
That Waffle House line was so perfect!
Bodystomp Aylar önce
Delivered with precision.
Elliesmom099 Aylar önce
“These big bitches don’t play.” 😂😂😂😂 I love Michael B. Jordan.
ang 85
ang 85 Aylar önce
“If it that important to you, just walk.” 😂
I Farded
I Farded Aylar önce
Best line in the whole skit lol
Kendra Phelps
Kendra Phelps Aylar önce
I snorted! 🤣
Quentin Anthony Anderson
Can we acknowledge that maybe SNL needs to just embrace pre-recorded sketches? They can still do the live monologues and live music, but if the strength of the writing team is more cinematic, lean into it. Some of the best sketch comedy shows ever made relied on it, so too can SNL. I'm here for it
Canais Young
Canais Young 19 gün önce
They can't do any worse than when MADtv did the same thing near the end of their run on FOX (and continued during their ill-fated revival run on the CW).
Marvin Vargas
Marvin Vargas Aylar önce
Monologue, Weekend Update, and the live music. Everything else would be way better prerecorded.
Martha M.
Martha M. Aylar önce
As someone who use to have to fly Southwest for work (because that’s all they would pay for), this is spot on even before the holiday fiasco 🤣
TheSnowFoxParty Aylar önce
Lmaooo the political joke inserted into the luggage bags is genius 👌🏾
Renae Morgan-Short
Renae Morgan-Short Aylar önce
I didn't peep that either.... Thanks 👍
TIM Flannery
TIM Flannery Aylar önce
I wondered how MANY folx would miss that! It was GOOD!
SA J Aylar önce
That flew right over my head 😅😆😆
technick Aylar önce
This hits so close to home and the way I feel after dealing with Southwest, I want to laugh, but can't, because I'm still crying inside.
Skypost4ever Aylar önce
In all seriousness, I've never had an issue with Southwest airlines. Love open seating, love free drinks, love the free carry-on and personal item.
AnthonyJMurph 12 gün önce
@kitkat Southwest also sends out free booze tickets often , especially if you are traveling during a holiday. I too have had little to no problems with Southwest. As long as you are ok with open seating, its actually a pretty effiecent flight.
kitkat Aylar önce
@Skypost4ever ohhh ok thanks for explaining, I thought all airlines did the free drinks if it’s long enough? I’ve had the same selection of drinks offered to me on Alaska, United, JetBlue, Delta, and southwest. Southwest is the only one with open seating though and free two checked in luggage
Skypost4ever Aylar önce
@kitkat you get a free drink if the flight is long enough. I usually just get coffee, but they have water, some juices, and some sodas. They offer some alcohol on some flights but that does cost extra.
kitkat Aylar önce
What free drinks?
The Ten to One Podcast
Southwest Airlines: "You obviously don't respect yourself, so why should we?" 🤣
Dan Ordel
Dan Ordel Aylar önce
@Missy E ....Lol....I had no choice but spirit for those late night flights to ATL from Bmore.....
Sheirin Ghoddoucy
Sheirin Ghoddoucy Aylar önce
I feel attacked 😂
Cody Cornett
Cody Cornett Aylar önce
lol Actually true for Spirit or JetBlue
Missy E
Missy E Aylar önce
I live in Baltimore and they take up like 2/3 of the airport. "We know you have choices when you fly" like no, I actually don't...🤣
tocororo Aylar önce
@Maya Ram that's even worse. Lol
rj Aylar önce
The luggage colors and the one eyed pilot had me rolling. Brilliant writing and delivery.
Erik Danielson
Erik Danielson Aylar önce
Heidi’s wig looks straight out of the 80s, and I’m kinda here for it. Like, it’s bad, but it kinda works at the same time?
Jase Aylar önce
That's Texas hair, for a Dallas-based airline
Albert Gaspar
Albert Gaspar Aylar önce
that's what they said about the computers
joshua Aylar önce
Like the southwest computers?
Mimi Giggles
Mimi Giggles Aylar önce
When your hairdresser says perms are making a comeback, and you say where. Found out where... The airport
Jeremy Veramendi
Jeremy Veramendi Aylar önce
No it's not bad. They paid her $100k to wear that amazing "prop".
Sandi Stroud
Sandi Stroud Aylar önce
This is so funny. Me and my family had the experience of a lifetime flying with them in December during the meltdown. The writers did a great job with this one. 😅😅
C-wordplay Aylar önce
The waffle house reference was gold 🤣🤣🤣
C-wordplay Aylar önce
@Bodystomp definitely
Bodystomp Aylar önce
Perfect delivery of the joke.
C-wordplay Aylar önce
@ddebenedictis no problem 😁
ddebenedictis Aylar önce
@C-wordplay Yeah totally good!
C-wordplay Aylar önce
@ddebenedictis Okay thanks I think 🤔 😦
gfunk6 Aylar önce
You can’t buy this publicity. As an exec at southwest, I just want to say thank you for keeping us in mind when you choose to fly
Chichi Enu
Chichi Enu Aylar önce
I still love Southwest! 😂
Mitzi Bloomfield
Mitzi Bloomfield Aylar önce
You are not welcome sir
Jennifer Vos
Jennifer Vos Aylar önce
I always love flying with Southwest. Hopefully, whatever happened is fixed and back to business as usual.
De Jesus Custodian of A Pilgrim Cross
Seriously 😂😂😂 and then 🤣🤣🤣 sorry but have to admit it was #RightOnTheMark...I was laughing so hard I started to😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣
Brian Aylar önce
Petition for a Bad Girls Club reboot but it’s all ex-employees of Waffle House
DNCT Aylar önce
Breakfast Girls Club
Sam Collins
Sam Collins Aylar önce
So the catch a charge season
MeEstYou YouEstMe
MeEstYou YouEstMe Aylar önce
The Blue Waffle House D;
Baby Aylar önce
That's redundant. You should separate them by jail.
David Pumpkins Jr.
David Pumpkins Jr. Aylar önce
If the flight attendants used to work at Waffle House, can we at least get some in-flight hashbrowns?
Shannon Peters / SP / Commander
Single-handedly one of my favorite ideas for airplane food ever: hash brown. Ingenious.
Dale Hood
Dale Hood Aylar önce
Amen to that!
andresgc770 Aylar önce
Nuh-uh. I need them ALERT so they can throw chairs at people who are being obnoxious!
Kat Aylar önce
They only come on the side with a purchase of 2oz of meth or more.
AmericanGiant100 Aylar önce
@Taylor O'Rourke LMAO.
HangOut WithMe
HangOut WithMe Aylar önce
The glasses removal at the end physically jolted me into laughter
Aylar önce
This was one of the best skits of this season! Red bags Dallas!
Sarah Dee
Sarah Dee Aylar önce
@moveovermike you nailed it!!
moveovermike Aylar önce
@Sarah Dee San Francisco
Sarah Dee
Sarah Dee Aylar önce
@Vernon Hubbard thankfully SW does not fly out of my local airport, so I'll never find out!
Vernon Hubbard
Vernon Hubbard Aylar önce
@Sarah Dee you don’t want to know! 😅😅😂
Sarah Dee
Sarah Dee Aylar önce
I have a zig zag pattern multi color bag. Where will that end up???
VASA Autologis
VASA Autologis Aylar önce
Somewhere spirit airline is breathing a sigh of relief
Angela Birdwell
Angela Birdwell Aylar önce
I was looking for Spirit comments. Thank you!
Shannon Peters / SP / Commander
@S A ✨Spirit airlines✨ The Good: They do emergency checks on all their safety equipment before the flight starts The Bad: 25% chance the air masks missing & nothing pops down from above head at the beginning of the flight. The least they could of done is stick like a piñata or a raccoon or like confetti or something up there for effect…
S A Aylar önce
Spirit Airlines... fly anywhere in the continental United States for $28 but bring your own lawn chair!
Shannon Peters / SP / Commander
They didn’t get roasted & toasted tonight, but oh you wait- it’s always on the horizon.
Nicole Koné
Nicole Koné Aylar önce
Swa FA here.. I was stranded during Christmas and even though it was no where near funny... This skit is HILARIOUS. They're not wrong 😬
CoolBoss999 Aylar önce
If you showed me this advertisement not knowing it was SNL, honestly I would have believed it.
utubefreshieagn Aylar önce
@Aly Lol. I would've thought it's the other way around. If people actually cursed outright maybe we'd feel freer...and therefore, younger...? 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol But I'm glad to help keep you young. Lol
Aly Aylar önce
@utubefreshieagn seeing people censor themselves in the comment section keeps me young.
utubefreshieagn Aylar önce
Ikr! It's too f*ckin real! Lmao
Kearsten W
Kearsten W Aylar önce
This is absolutely 100% hilarious and I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Thanks Southwest!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Country Fried Vegan KI5RTH
This was hilarious!!! I will have to say that I was sad that I didn't see this one live, but it was a great skit!!
Gugsa Desalegn
Gugsa Desalegn Aylar önce
I was in Denver airport when the melt down happened with SW, I wasn’t laughing then. But this SNL skit is pretty hilarious 😂
Dale Hood
Dale Hood Aylar önce
I feel your pain.
Ken George Jones
Ken George Jones Aylar önce
This was originally in the Aubrey Plaza episode but cut before air. They added Michael in. Made even more sense for last week but it's still good to see most of the cast (Heidi is very funny in this).
Maniak15 Aylar önce
Heidi literally is in just about every skit Michael B is in!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
TJ “TJ” J Aylar önce
I am a Southwest Air Concierge and this is not true. We already got the 2008 Dell computers three years ago. Also, while we do try to send blue bags to CLT, the majority of them end up misconnecting in BWI, so most of the time that’s where they stay.
Janice Reid
Janice Reid Aylar önce
Wolf Pilot
Wolf Pilot Aylar önce
LOL!!!! EPIC!!
Latesha Harris
Latesha Harris Aylar önce
kaylanbaby Aylar önce
Bun800 Aylar önce
I work at a regional airport for both Delta and American and we were dying at this skit 🤣
holysinnerxxx Aylar önce
So many great moments in this clip but the pilot taking off glasses made me laugh too hard and drop the phone. So thankful for my ottercase.
Jes Escareno
Jes Escareno Aylar önce
That Starbucks line 🤣💀🤣 “We just get there early..!” 💀
Kay Alcorn
Kay Alcorn Aylar önce
I've always loved Southwest. They really messed up this time. Hoping they do everyone right that missed their holiday.
brat_prince Aylar önce
Ya they gave us apology points, and i got a refund on the flight they cancelled.
AmericanGiant100 Aylar önce
@straberryshinigami15 g Very true. The entire Domestic US Airline industry overall just sucks here in 2023.
straberryshinigami15 g
Better than Spirit
svscared Aylar önce
@chorizo727 Delta may be the best of the three main legacy carriers but they don't meet Southwest's history of great treatment to both their employees and customers which is what made the recent fiasco so egregious for an airline that is usually excellent in those areas. Not to mention that Delta has also engaged in the same corrupt practice of prioritizing buying back their stocks over their employees and customers but then again most US Airlines are guilty of that.
Mike Maslanka
Mike Maslanka Aylar önce
One of the best sketches in many years.
Benzaiten Aylar önce
a "you good" shoulder shrug is Southwest Airlines' entire business model.
Darcherize Aylar önce
This is hysterical!! One of the best SNL parodies in a long time
Kathleen Gerber
Kathleen Gerber Aylar önce
This was the best SNL episode in a LONG time!
Eric Mason
Eric Mason Aylar önce
This was more informative than the statements company put out, LOL. Southwest used to be a customer-oriented airline that was fun to fly. Their outdated computer systems can only be blamed on their upper management. Rather than re-investing some profits I am sure their upper managements were taking excess $$ for their bonuses.
AmericanGiant100 Aylar önce
Sad but true Eric. Great comment on at least the only bright spot on this SWA Fiasco during the Christmas/New Years Holidays this past year, is that their computers are now into the 21st Century. And only 12-15 years behind AA, United, Delta and even JetBlue. 😃
mark johnson
mark johnson Aylar önce
I would have loved to see the reaction on the faces of the Southwest airlines executives. That would be priceless.
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
In case you're wondering how Air Travel went from people dressing up formally, having lounges in airplanes, acting with courtesy, etc. to the Mad Max environment it is now, you can thank Southworst for undercutting the Airline industry.
Christopher Manley
Christopher Manley Aylar önce
After the Waffle House joke, I really expected someone to throw a chair
Daryl Harvey
Daryl Harvey Aylar önce
😂 They should have invited Waffle House Wendy to be in this skit
Josh negrete
Josh negrete Aylar önce
The fact that they have the audacity to actually do this
Bodystomp Aylar önce
Audacity? You should check out Ricky Gervais.
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins Aylar önce
@eDL713 WN is the largest operator of the 737 in the world. At the time of planning and production, Boeing was planning a training program and possibly a new type for the max aircraft due to the redesigned wing and need for mcas.. Southwest balked at the idea of additional training for the max and refused to purchase any aircraft with a separate type or additional days of training. Thus began the chain of events that led to Boeing (in concert with the FAA, also many former WN pilots involved on the fed side) burying the technology, keeping critical safety info regarding mcas hidden. Good on AAL union for spotting this and raising alarms. Southwest needed new efficient 737s to compete with the GTF A320s, and Boeing needed a large firm order. The rest is history.
eDL713 Aylar önce
@Bilbo Baggins Southwest cried about training costs? but it was foreign airlines that crashed the Max’s ? How are they responsible for airlines overseas? How are they responsible for Boeing officials not even being aware that the MCAS system was redesigned?
Corvus Aylar önce
I’ve flown SW 90% of the time and haven’t had issues
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins Aylar önce
@Darren Dent Big Comfy is the best deal in the biz. Yes. Spirit every time.
Cameron Aylar önce
Waffle house line was gold
Deniece Williams
Deniece Williams Aylar önce
If airlines used Waffle House employees, you would not see any passengers acting up. They are trained to go 😆
DiviniTee Aylar önce
Oh my god!! I just died laughing at the end with the half blind pilot! My stomach hurts now from having to catch my breath 😩😂😂😭😭😆
Bobby Ricigliano
Bobby Ricigliano Aylar önce
I actually like flying Southwest Airlines. I also actually loved this skit.
S S Aylar önce
SNL hasn't been good in years, or decades, but for some reason, this past weekend, with MBJ, has been prime!
Seti Michael Maxwell
Hey Southwest is very professional. And it's great they've upgraded to 2008 computers.
AmericanGiant100 Aylar önce
Hey at least they are now have 21st century software. Now they are only about 12-15 years behind their major American Competitors. 😆
J. Burnett
J. Burnett Aylar önce
Funniest thing I've seen on SNL in a long time!! More writing like this and they've got something again...
blackpanther6389 Aylar önce
Lmaooo! I'm glad to see Michael B. Jordan do a comedy skit. He seems to always pick these serious roles where he's furrowed all the time. It's good to see him loosen up on camera!
Tommy J.
Tommy J. Aylar önce
This seems like a way better experience than real southwest.😂
Richard Sleeve
Richard Sleeve Aylar önce
I appreciate that the pilot's uniform is actually accurate.
Sydney Hagen
Sydney Hagen Aylar önce
SNL’s costume department is honestly next level for stuff like this
Majed Gani
Majed Gani Aylar önce
JAJ's character as the one-eye pilot got me LMAO! ..." Welcome Aboard" 🤣
Shannon Peters / SP / Commander
I wanna know why only piloting sea vehicles with one eye is considered societally acceptable a La pirates, but oh I wanna pilot a ship in the sky and all of a sudden my eye patch isn’t cool anymore? The hypocrisy
batgurrl Aylar önce
Heidi and her wig killed it / you obviously don’t respect yourself, why should we.
George of the Jungle
I'm still cracking up every time I watch this skit. Good satire has much basis in truth.
Screggy Bojanklin
Screggy Bojanklin Aylar önce
"Blue bags go to Charlotte." 😂Michael Longfellow wins most soothing and reassuring delivery
Michelle Price Jawers
I died at the ThinkPad with the red nipple... TWICE 🤣🤣🤣
Aviyah ABIDES Aylar önce
I actually giggled at an SNL skit for once 😅
Slatvatfatcat Aylar önce
A friend is a long-time Southwest flight attendant, and he says this is right on.
Spoon 4232184y091
Spoon 4232184y091 Aylar önce
"We hire now exclusively from Waffle House, so come at them if you want, and these big bitches don't play" I mean, I've heard people transition from working at a waffle house to prison guard, because at the end of the day, they dealt with less shit at prison.
PotatoHead Aylar önce
This would apply perfectly to Ryan Air here in Europe. "If you don't respect yourself neither do we"🤣😂
Arewa Sade
Arewa Sade Aylar önce
Nah....Southwest is better than Ryanair, Ryanair is compared with Spirit Airline. I still prefer Ryanair to Spirit.
Markus Fuchs
Markus Fuchs Aylar önce
Ironically, Southwest is not the American equivalent to Ryanair. They even include 2 free bags of checked luggage for each passenger. Frontier and Spirit use Ryanair's business model. But they are younger airlines and therefore have more updated IT systems.
Girlwhomust notbenamed
Yep. Also the "If it's that important to you, just walk" line. 😁
Jesse Aylar önce
I actually think southwest treats it’s customers better than the legacy carriers most of the time
AnthonyJMurph 12 gün önce
Outside of the total meltdown during Christmas, Southwest's rules are easy to follow and effcient. They are pretty fair as well. I have shockingly never had a problem with them
Joe Maliga
Joe Maliga Aylar önce
Nailed it. Now if Southwest and Spirit could just merge.
Holla Habibi
Holla Habibi Aylar önce
The captain with the eye had me dying
Floreadsalot Aylar önce
Hysterical, even though I have never lost luggage with them over 20 years of flying with them. 😂 I got to try that lounge next time tho 😜
HangOut WithMe
HangOut WithMe Aylar önce
I like Michael B. in a sensible sweater vest. Its oddly soothing.
Shannon Westley
Shannon Westley Aylar önce
Michael B. in anything is soothing haha 😂
Carol Edwards
Carol Edwards Aylar önce
He is so trustworthy and comfortable to believe him too.
HimTy Aylar önce
Ironically Southwest is probably the best airline you could travel on
Nyki B
Nyki B Aylar önce
“Don’t show up with a blue bag, blue bags go to Charlotte” 😂😂 dead
Jamie Murphy
Jamie Murphy 29 gün önce
So literally, sports teams colours.
M. Daniella Green
M. Daniella Green Aylar önce
The way I screamed when she said “they upgraded to 2008 Dell computers” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that man at the end with a missing eye and Micheal b Jordan saying they hired ppl from Waffle House and they not finna play 😂😂😂😂😂😂 sent me innnnnnn😂
Turtle Jack
Turtle Jack Aylar önce
When that pilot took off those sunglasses at the end of the skit I almost pee my pants, now that was hilarious!🤣
Tolani Gaddis
Tolani Gaddis Aylar önce
Tell me why I thought that this was an actual ad until I saw Heidi and was like: "Hey, since when is she in commercials?" 😅
Miraz Aylar önce
Even South West couldn't make a better ad than this.
Bonnie Geppert
Bonnie Geppert Aylar önce
One thing about Southwest you do not leave their flight without a story. Flew them once and the boarding process was something out of hunger games.
Cody Cornett
Cody Cornett Aylar önce
Well deserved skewer with the computer meltdown. Most of this pretty off though considering it's a top rated airline by flyers every year, and all of the free perks that other airlines nickel and dime you for (checked bags, drink, snack, flight change, etc. all free). Also the nicest staff compared to other airlines.
Michael Faulkner
Michael Faulkner Aylar önce
Yo the pilot only had one good working eye 👁️ 😂😂😂. That was good and I’m so glad I seriously haven’t had to fly these past few years. 😊
markmh835 Aylar önce
For many many years, the employees of Alaska Airlines maintained a website for a spoof airlines called "Skyhigh Airlines." It had hysterical lines all over the website, like "Flying is expensive. Let us cheapen it for you." And "Skyhigh Airlines: Putting Passengers Third." Trying to book a flight on this website usually resulted in 5 to 10 plane changes and stopovers in small cities. And the cheapest fare was "Cargo Class." I miss that website. They took it offline a few years ago. 😢
Y B Aylar önce
Thanks for sharing - I wish I had the opportunity to see it. It sounds hysterical!😁
IFartWhenImAngry Aylar önce
Bruh the Waffle House line 😂
ncsl1993 Aylar önce
hilarious! the one eyed pilot at the end was a great clincher.. LMAO
Charlee'B Aylar önce
The cyclops pilot took me OUUUTTT!!! 😆😆😆
Gobbledygook Aylar önce
The Starbucks thing holds down for any US airline in Economy lol. Recently flew from EWR-LHR on United, and the United Crew were just chatting with us all in the starbucks line next to the gate. Actually made the service on board feel much more personable because we’d all just met.
Cathleen Gonzalez
Cathleen Gonzalez Aylar önce
Funny as #%^! 😂 You guys nailed it 🤣🤣🤣
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