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Jahmeir Duncan
Jahmeir Duncan Aylar önce
Can’t wait to stream this illegally like the good old days
Auntie Bee Dance Fitness
Miss those days 🥲
Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hunter 26 gün önce
Same paramount plus isn’t even in the UK until 2022
Deathbycum 28 gün önce
christian sotelo
christian sotelo Aylar önce
Matt B
Matt B Aylar önce
@Leatherface is Babie :3 how is s2d not taken down, it's literally the greatest site I've ever come across in my 24 years on earth. I only found it from a co worker a month ago and I'm blown away at how insane it is. How long has it been active?
TimeBucks Aylar önce
I can't wait to see the whole gang
Skankhunt42 Aylar önce
@Elusive Walrus Gaming eh it wasnt that funny tbh lol
Monkeygoatlicker Aylar önce
@RockaRolla Woman S.-A. My thumb made it 0.
RockaRolla Woman S.-A.
Yes! My thumb made it hit 666.
Elusive Walrus Gaming
Prepare to be in tears. Hilarious
Bribe Aylar önce
Stan's father still crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Soushi Miketsukami
Soushi Miketsukami Aylar önce
Dayum, still can't get over his drunken baseball fight days. Best crazy father ever lol
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Aylar önce
He does have a name. Try randy
J. Foy
J. Foy Aylar önce
Lmao I was thinking the same thing lol
Mickael Candys
Mickael Candys Aylar önce
MadRabbit Aylar önce
Sanest guy there
Mayor of Metaverse
Mayor of Metaverse Aylar önce
Who else remembers when South Park had every single episode on their website for free
a c
a c Aylar önce
@ThirtytwoJ you tweaking
Enzo Palma
Enzo Palma Aylar önce
That used to blow my mind as a kid
ThirtytwoJ Aylar önce
Where i looked first, imagine my lack of surprise them pulling this bs... Another one bites the dust. Ill add em to my boycott list, im done living like this and bout to just go back to pirating. Fk Disney, fk Netflix, fk woke preaching, and fk if im paying for a dozen services then being charged for single view shows/movie payments. Hard hard pass.
Asweatyhog Aylar önce
@storiesofthedark Yeah true that, ridiculous!
storiesofthedark Aylar önce
First they make me get Hulu, then they make me get HBO, now I gotta get freaking Paramount??
Kirby Cosmico
Kirby Cosmico Aylar önce
No matter how much time passes, South Park never ceases to amaze me.
Robert Strong
Robert Strong Aylar önce
The funniest joke in the special is already the fact that they expect people to pay for paramount+
I got 3 months free from a McDonald's thing
ThirtytwoJ Aylar önce
Yea fk that. Im pulling out my fight club card and boycotting everything thats gone woke, is hidden behind a subscription plus paywall...greedy fks, and especially Disney. Facebook im down to messenger only and google goes next... TRvid included. "After the first month, you dont miss tv".... "Especially pay per view" Greedy fks, bad enough their website glitches out watching the free stream (like adult swims) but to sht on your 25 year fanbase by going 2 years between seasons with only a fkin 2 part special to remind us how dumb and cowardly the world became.. gotta know, what was the cost of selling your soul to paramount?... Cause me thinks youd have made more in merch by not alienating your fanbase like woke disney. World really is collapsing under the weight of wokeness, ists and isms. If we all refuse, boycott, pirate, then they go broke and either this insanity stops or they go broke.. fine either way. Then if we can just cancel politicians.. before they turn us into genocid3 victims.
Friedrich Lang
Friedrich Lang Aylar önce
WvlfDarkfire Aylar önce
Fck cbs
Deluna85403 Aylar önce
Paramount plus is like $6 💀😂
Morten J.
Morten J. Aylar önce
This episode and backstory was great. It was especially great to hear where Shelly and Sharon are. Where they went after Tegridy Farms. Such a wholesome family.
Fragmented R
Fragmented R Aylar önce
@Jeremy Liguori yeah, the fact that Kenny, the kid who was poor af and died all the time, ends up with the most impactful life and Stan of all people ended up with the most tragic one was an interesting choice.
Jeremy Liguori
Jeremy Liguori Aylar önce
ik like bruh what a fucked up story they thought of
Bob Pyne
Bob Pyne Aylar önce
This was really overwhelming for someone who grew up on South Park. I was mind blown by the end of this, and pretty emotional.
Austin Anonymous
Austin Anonymous Aylar önce
@MimiBabe really though?
Dean Aylar önce
@MimiBabe really? 😊
MimiBabe Aylar önce
@Adalid Omar I just checked and apparently they have renewed to continue new seasons up to the end of 2027 so far + 14 upcoming films.
austin bevis
austin bevis Aylar önce
@Ducc._ I liked Stan’s amazon Alexa that nearly had free will and executed orders the way a human would.(like changing the channel with a real remote)
Phoenix Ashes Rising
If you are a real fan then you know they made fun of all 2020 and 2021
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights Aylar önce
We need a spin-off South Park series with them all older lol.
Soushi Miketsukami
Soushi Miketsukami Aylar önce
It'd probably be something like The Trailer Park boys or something like that
Fl-I-P Aylar önce
But will they be living. In the future.
Nick Aylar önce
Hell no the reason i like them is because of the town, people and being kids whit stupid parents.
adsfddsdfsfsds asofsavgdhuaisojk
@moon soup i agree this shit sucks
moon soup
moon soup Aylar önce
Don’t encourage this lol
RiRi Aylar önce
The fact that TRvid has to put a covid warning on this is hysterical
Dursun Sahin
Dursun Sahin Aylar önce
LIFE IN 2021 🤪
Catburritto Aylar önce
@Nefelibata Nation Nice, a good line picked right out of the NPC handbook
RiRi Aylar önce
@Nefelibata Nation my uncle
Nefelibata Nation
Nefelibata Nation Aylar önce
@RiRi wow, who hurt you?
RiRi Aylar önce
@Nefelibata Nation You said what the first guy said, do you want a cookie? Do you want a participation medal, I'm sure you do.
Rusty Mirror
Rusty Mirror Aylar önce
I love how they’re like 50 now implying that Covid lasts for another 40 years. I really hope this ends up being a joke in real life
Stale Dorito 69
Stale Dorito 69 Aylar önce
Remember the big bad terrorist? Where are they now lmao.
a c
a c Aylar önce
@Theoret1cal no
Tiziano Valicenti
Tiziano Valicenti Aylar önce
@JG Omo Well in argentina we have 80% vaccinated and both the cases and death are being reduced, and i think in some places you can be outside withouth a mask. So i say we are returning.
Kani Cetin
Kani Cetin Aylar önce
AKspartan108 Aylar önce
Bruh, same
short SZN
short SZN Aylar önce
one of the best episodes easily, loved every second!
Jake Aylar önce
River Avelar
River Avelar Aylar önce
Thank you so much creators of South Park never stop being south Park. Its a service to the community
FanStastic Aylar önce
I enjoyed it! Can't wait for more episodes. I hope South Park never ends.
Rob F
Rob F Aylar önce
This episode needs to win AWARDS. Incredible!
Herbert Stacy
Herbert Stacy Aylar önce
the moment they showed adult Cartman I laughed my ass off 😭😂 kinda the punchline for this exclusive. victor chaos huh? hahahaha great episode I loved it !!!!!!
Green Green
Green Green Aylar önce
I know Stan is based on Trey, but its still freaky to see how such a simple character design totally looks like him in the face.
kanex onehundredthirtyone
It goes a bit deeper, He named Randy after his own dad and Shelley after his sister. This just kind of made things go full circle
David Aylar önce
Are you broke? Lol. Like it’s pricey. Do better.
jonathan bennett
jonathan bennett Aylar önce
And Kyle looks just like Matt stone
Johnny Guitar
Johnny Guitar Aylar önce
@CJRoy Art no. He very distinctly looks like Trey Parker
CJRoy Art
CJRoy Art Aylar önce
Wtf you talking about? All of the characters literally have the same face 😂
Clay Aylar önce
This show makes me nostalgic for the 90’s when you had to sneak into the living room to watch it when your parents were asleep.
Samuel1738 Aylar önce
I like Randy’s “mini jog” that he did lol
Diego Roldán
Diego Roldán Aylar önce
@Jamie Willis The only thing i don't like about his evolution is that he turned from a dumb irresponsible but funny guy into a full blown psychopath, i don't mean he is not funny now, but his personality darkened as well as his actions and his almost complete lack of morals
Jamie Willis
Jamie Willis Aylar önce
Randy has really been a great character shame he wasn’t usual main character in the earlier seasons
Bread Aylar önce
made it that much more funnier haha!
Possibly the Devil
Possibly the Devil Aylar önce
I will always love this show!!!
World Newbie
World Newbie Aylar önce
@Fungus Scrungus then I say you're not a true Left wing person if you refuse the booster shots.
Fungus Scrungus
Fungus Scrungus Aylar önce
@World Newbie oh my god who the hell cares
Iz Sp
Iz Sp Aylar önce
Same here
Possibly the Devil
Possibly the Devil Aylar önce
@Agenda21 Mass Genocide that is the formula.... and I don't want to know anyone who doesn't understand the formula!
Agenda21 Mass Genocide
Did you watch the Adrenochrome episode...such a lovely episode about eating children and drinking their blood...such a lovely show isn't it....southpark loves humanity....
Dusty Jones
Dusty Jones Aylar önce
I've been on a South Park binge the last couple days I've been so hyped for this I've been playing fractured but whole and I'm enjoying the game so much and wow I can't wait for this 🥺😢😂😂😂
Jake Aylar önce
There not kids yet AHHHHH
DeAngelo Ellis
DeAngelo Ellis Aylar önce
I died laughing at how Randy jumps up and down while yelling lmao.
Anthony Fanchin
Anthony Fanchin Aylar önce
Even as an old man, Randy never changes.
Aaron Sakhai
Aaron Sakhai Aylar önce
Randy will always be the shows best character, I don't care what anyone says.
Jimmy Bergman
Jimmy Bergman Aylar önce
Jesus is God 🦁
Espada Six
Espada Six Aylar önce
I have not laughed so hard in a minute this special was great worth the watch South Park always nailing it
Tim Mulcahy
Tim Mulcahy Aylar önce
I will love South Park and continue watch it until my dying day!! Matt and Trey are without a doubt geniuses!!!
Ben Carroll
Ben Carroll Aylar önce
Me too, mate. Me too and you are right about those guys.
Labyrinth Aylar önce
Matt and Trey never disappoint.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Aylar önce
This was really overwhelming for someone who grew up on South Park. I was mind blown by the end of this, and pretty emotional.
Daymon BigM
Daymon BigM Aylar önce
“And than space jam 2 came out and we all gave up” best line in this movie
Space African Jesus
Waiting for Randy to call Stan “Billy”
dro420mandrews Aylar önce
@unbreakableunion I was your 101 ❤
World Newbie
World Newbie Aylar önce
We as Leftists and pro- injection mandate supporters should follow Dr. Fauci's advice and get the booster shots every 2-5 months during to waning immunity. He has already vetted the safety so nothing to worry on that front.
Tommy Fresh
Tommy Fresh Aylar önce
@Zanlan Waiting for grandpa to show up as Joe Biden.
BMPK Aylar önce
voodoo kid
voodoo kid Aylar önce
Where'd you get that bolo tie Billy?
Rich Rivers
Rich Rivers Aylar önce
Just finished watching it, freaking great!!!! No one does satire like Trey and Matt!!
Lord ‘M’ Fitzgerald 3rd
🤣 Randy is still hilarious even in old age!
Melancholy Aylar önce
I just finished watching the new episode! It was good and I can't wait until the second part! Although I hope after this Matt and Trey will make future episodes when the South Park characters are kids/younger. I like when they were kids better. I'm glad south park is still making episodes!
Mauri Rivas
Mauri Rivas Aylar önce
I can’t wait for more cinematic movies of South Park. The voices are timeless and clever. #SouthParkForever
True Crime Queen TV
I love your videos!! They're so amazing. Stay safe out there everyone ❤️
shocktrauma85 Aylar önce
I just saw it. You guys are awesome. Never stop being hilarious.
Eric Doucet
Eric Doucet Aylar önce
Its incredible to see Stan look just like Trey and Kyle as Matt. LOVE IT!
KaiserAndFriends Aylar önce
it was amazing =D hope there will be part 2 soon
shutup2 Aylar önce
old randy is not the hero we deserve but the hero we need
michele benfante
michele benfante Aylar önce
The hero we weed
Claire Aylar önce
@Gideon Mele yea i hope so.
Gideon Mele
Gideon Mele Aylar önce
@Claire lol I do too but his shortcomings are what are so great
Claire Aylar önce
@Gideon Mele i know but i like randy...i really do.
Gideon Mele
Gideon Mele Aylar önce
@Claire Randy wasn’t a good person but he wasn’t a monster like half of the people of South Park. He’s careless, selfish, and weird but that’s why we love the guy. Sometimes, he’s even right
CarlPoppa Aylar önce
Just watched it, what a masterpiece. Can't wait for episode 4
Joe Aylar önce
I am glad that they're older. I can still relate to the show now that I am approaching my 30s having watched the show since childhood.
Eric Doucet
Eric Doucet Aylar önce
watched it today, so good. what an ending! Cant wait to see more!!!!!
L Smith
L Smith Aylar önce
I just watched the show. Awesome. I can't wait for the next one!
Aidswayz Aylar önce
South Park is my favorite show of all time. I have seen the series probably five times. I absolutely adore it. With that being said, I am not paying for another FUCKING streaming service. So fuck that shit Edit: thanks for the likes guys. Just thought it was kind of ironic how they made fun of streaming services one episode and are now resorting to them. I know it’s what you pretty much HAVE to do as any show today but still kind of ironic lol
ThirtytwoJ Aylar önce
Yea im out. I cancelled all my services a year ago and refuse to support woke or coercive sources of entertainment.
Ben Carroll
Ben Carroll Aylar önce
@dbnydnvn I know I SAID IT, I'm just expressing my opinion.
ryan fisch
ryan fisch Aylar önce
@Isaac Marks agreed. Once you pay for decent internet and then a few streaming services you aren't much far off. Disney was the beginning of the end of streaming once they bundled their services because that was the point of streaming no bundles. I still have cable because how this is going.
serian nazaryan
serian nazaryan Aylar önce
@ WilliWonka moviesjoy bro
dbnydnvn Aylar önce
@Ben Carroll You said it, not me.
MrCP Aylar önce
this movie was amazing the new direction the shows going in works really well. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
Thomas Kazar
Thomas Kazar Aylar önce
I LOVE South Park i will never EVER stop watching it because I am DEFINITELY a BIG HUGE fan of this show South Park 4EVA
hbkgreatestever Aylar önce
Randy became a main character as the show developed. Notice how he’s the only parent with any role on the “post Covid episode”
MacDaddy Freshy
MacDaddy Freshy Aylar önce
Just finished streaming! Another amazing addition to an epic show i was born with
Virginbum Fatty down
I personally think cartman is the best character in south park but I understand why some would DEFINITELY say it's Lorde Marsh
Candice Aylar önce
I absolutely loved the new episode! Cartmans kids are the cutest lol especially how they hate Kyle too
Danterik Aylar önce
I love how Randy uses a wheelchair and a walking stick but still he can apparently hold another man up and do a little jog and skip xd
Ernst Trekiew
Ernst Trekiew Aylar önce
But......what happened to TIMMAAAY?
Poverty Spec RoushStang
This was good. Holy shit didn't expect the twist with Cartman
paulmd2010 Aylar önce
@Tommy Fresh part 2 is confirmed for December. Since this was released on Thanksgiving, I'm assuming it will be Christmas. I just hope they don't do another Terence and Philip bait and switch.
XXVIII Aylar önce
@Tommy Fresh yeh just watched it rather than cartman being a jew didn't expect the ending with Victor... Won't say the surname and ruin it for people
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Aylar önce
@Tommy Fresh Yea I’m happy that they’re continuing it and all but the cliffhanger was disappointing
Tommy Fresh
Tommy Fresh Aylar önce
@XXVIII Yeah, much better than the last special. The only downside is that it ends on a cliff hanger pointing to a part 2 but god knows when that'll be. Could be next week, could be next year.
XXVIII Aylar önce
Jeez haven't seen it was it worth it
TerminalGeometry Aylar önce
The most amazing and best timed episode ever.
Cryptid Aylar önce
The way Stan says "fuck" is funny and I don't know why
Matthew Nachel
Matthew Nachel Aylar önce
OK everybody I watched the episode it was an hour long it left me wanting more I laughed so hard I cried I can’t wait for the next episodes or movies or whatever they want to do I am sure Kenny will come back maybe you know every episode he doesn’t really die right of course it is TV cartoon so that could happen
Samuel 11
Samuel 11 Aylar önce
Stan actually kicking the doctor 😂
khuram habib
khuram habib Aylar önce
omg didnt know i needed this but lets just give randy his own show dude at this point is holding up the show single handedly
Foodlover1999 Aylar önce
I love it that the adult actors get to play the adult version of the kids. It’s so natural.
Strogie - Tumblr
Strogie - Tumblr Aylar önce
I love the nostalgic sounds South Park uses in their shows lol. Like the sound around 0:04 or so. Makes me think of all the video games because they used the same noises in Stick of Truth and TFBW. Speaking of those games I hope we get a 3rd SP game because those are some of my favorites
B550 Aylar önce
With the series creators deal with paramount, it is said that deal include a new South Park game
Xtian W. -Snake Eater-
00:19 the way randy is jumping 😂
ödīñ ŵïlšøń
Its not as if covid needed to be a big issue. There’s no such thing as post or pre-covid. It should be post and pre global government tyranny.
HalfTangible Aylar önce
@Asra Arradon Eh.
Asra Arradon
Asra Arradon Aylar önce
Has there ever been a pre- or post- government tyranny?
SummerTimeDeathbed Aylar önce
Dude, this fucking event was wild!! So much happened😂 can’t wait to see what else is in store for this storyline
CartmansFat98 Aylar önce
Same! Even though I'm not phased by Kenny's deaths, I hope they go back in time and revive him
_unknownartist91 Aylar önce
The best thing you guys have done in years. Very good
Lilith Adams
Lilith Adams Aylar önce
Warms my heart to see Randy hasn't changed one bit. Now That's 'Tegridy, y'all.
Larissa Leary
Larissa Leary Aylar önce
Love how Randy didn't change at all
T Ousawa
T Ousawa Aylar önce
@Sabree Johnson Haha. Good one.
ShinyShilla Aylar önce
@Travis Robbers You did good, my fellow human. I would totally spoil without intention
Travis Robbers
Travis Robbers Aylar önce
@Jake Hall there’s a reason given in the special for Stan & Randy’s estrangement, that’s all I’ll say.
Jake Hall
Jake Hall Aylar önce
I said it on another comment but is it just me or does he seem kind of like extra like harassing towards stan? Like I mean a little bit in the later seasons and he’s always been super condescending and a dick but this seems like really malicious lol, excited to see what the episode is
XIX Fr Aylar önce
He's Randy what did you expect?
Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez Aylar önce
Can’t wait for part 2!
stenbak88 Aylar önce
Just watched it and holy shit it was hilarious and exactly what I needed. I miss South Park so incredibly much bc they make fun of everyone including my beliefs which is what we all need
Jake Aylar önce
Neds look as old makes me laugh so hard
Twopic Aylar önce
South Park never ceases to amaze me
KeybladeMaster Andy
I understand that Paramount paid top dollar for South Park, but I'm Canadian and cannot get Paramount+, plus I am reasonably happy with the streaming services I already have. Plus, I haven't forgotten the failure that is/was CBS All Access.
J Z Aylar önce
I still can’t get over the fact that Eric’s a rabbi 🤣😂
Sarah Santa-Maria
Sarah Santa-Maria Aylar önce
I’ve been watching South Park since I was in third grade back in 98. My mom thought it was just a cartoon… fast forward to now.. I’m 31 and still love them boys and Randy 😆❤️
Lalos SAW
Lalos SAW Aylar önce
Loved it, especially the doorbell
Sabree Johnson
Sabree Johnson Aylar önce
Boy, i tell you, randy may be old now, but he literally hasn't changed a bit. He's still the old randy we knew and seen in many episodes.😂😂 At least i know he's finally done with tegridy farms.
Kevin Bunn
Kevin Bunn Aylar önce
@Jake Hall he can still be one of the best characters. You think Eric is a great kid? Most people love him. If they were all perfect people it wouldn't be funny.
Ducc._ Aylar önce
“done with tegridy” spoiler alert: mate did you not watch till the end when randy finds the final tegridy plant and moves it to a safe space?
Jake Hall
Jake Hall Aylar önce
@Blaise Rondeau lmao what?? Ofc?? What is your point? Randy is 100% certifiably a bad dude like I mean cmon now
zeetroyman Aylar önce
@cool beans whit!!! you need romshombowed!
Rusty Mirror
Rusty Mirror Aylar önce
Euan scotland
Euan scotland Aylar önce
Randy Marsh is like the father I never had.
Overworked Underpaid
Dynamitee Inaa
Dynamitee Inaa Aylar önce
I haven't really watched South Park in quite a few years. Makes me kinda sad to see how much Mr. Marsh has aged. 😭
Kayla Mae
Kayla Mae Aylar önce
0:20 lol the way Randy jumped😂
Anon Luxor
Anon Luxor Aylar önce
I kinda imagine this is how the show would end with the characters grown up
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
We need a spin-off South Park series with them all older lol.
Chittysushi Aylar önce
Hopefully this airs eventually on Comedy Central.
Edwin Sone
Edwin Sone Aylar önce
I like how stans dad is still courageous.
Snopple Wopple
Snopple Wopple Aylar önce
is there gonna be a part two?
Tuckdragon Aylar önce
laughed the hardest when they showed off kenny, his look and dumb smile was too perfect
megaJAM555 Aylar önce
I can already tell, randy is still the best character
geist453 Aylar önce
JJ Walters
JJ Walters Aylar önce
Wish I had a great father son relationship like Stan and his dad…
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Aylar önce
Their relationship is permanently strained after Shelly and Sharon died so maybe not
@Don Poco so a dad is a man who leaves to get the milk
Tiziano Valicenti
Tiziano Valicenti Aylar önce
I don't
Golden Harbor Studios
Here I can help with that: kick a guy in the balls together. Teamwork
J Dub
J Dub Aylar önce
Plot twist: You're Randy
Brother Logic RMF
Brother Logic RMF Aylar önce
Randy Marsh is so funny by himself. So funny he deserves his on show.
A_ce _
A_ce _ Aylar önce
0:20 oh man, that's the exact attitude of my old man 😂 amazing
probably not
probably not Aylar önce
Just finished watching it, was expecting it to be way longer tbh.
Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge Aylar önce
Love this episode
zeetroyman Aylar önce
this episode was fkn epic!!! i woulda had tweek go with stan as moral support to see randy so we could have had "kick him in the balls tweek" Mk2 :)
BillGeezerIommi Aylar önce
I just finished watching it, the ending is such a cliffhanger lol
EGGWOAH Aylar önce
Yall need to make a part 2 of this .
Game of Travis
Game of Travis Aylar önce
Just watched this last night. Loved it!
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. Aylar önce
I love South Park and this special looks great but no way in hell am I paying for another streaming service
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. Aylar önce
@CCZ idk but South Park was my whole reason for getting HBO
CCZ Aylar önce
Didnt HBO buy south park, like wtf i can’t keep up anymore
[EVANCA]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
I will always love this show!!!
[EVANCA]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
I will always love this show!!!
[ T I A]-C0me 0ver L!ve
I will always love this show!!!
[EMMA]--C0me 0ver L!ve
I will always love this show!!!
[EMMA]--C0me 0ver L!ve
I will always love this show!!!
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