SOUND UP! Ultimate Porsche 996 aftermarket exhaust group test comparison!

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Big thanks again to BOTB for sponsoring this video, as well as Porsche Centre Portsmouth for hosting the group test. My biggest thanks though goes out to the stellar chaps who brought their 996s along for the day and took part in this mammoth 996 group test!

It's the Porsche 996 group test we've all been waiting for! Which is the best route to go down for an aftermarket exhaust system on the 996 Carrera? To find out, I assembled a big group of Porsche 996 Carreras from both the Gen1 and Gen2 eras, each with different aftermarket exhaust systems fitted to their cars. Here, we conduct a sound-off of each system, with static revs and drive-by clips, as well as decibel readings.

Which is the best sounding aftermarket exhaust solution for the Porsche 996? Let us know in the comments below!

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18 Tem 2021




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9WERKS TV 4 aylar önce
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Adams Angels
Adams Angels 17 gün önce
Jesus just get a v8 and be done with it
wezzla Aylar önce
Wife: What are you writing? Me: I'm commenting on a 17 min video with only exhaust noises. Wife:
9WERKS TV Aylar önce
henry boxer
henry boxer Aylar önce
not impressed with any. Suggest try the TechArt unit. Much better
Allan A
Allan A 2 aylar önce
I liked the silver one with Cargraphic exhaust + Gundo hack. I would have like to throw my 996 into the mix with FVD exhaust.
Tridente Fanatico
Tridente Fanatico 3 aylar önce
What do you think of the Muffler bypass option? Much louder, HP boost, and less weight.
Prime Matt
Prime Matt 3 aylar önce
Far too much waffle 👎🏼
Boney Bob
Boney Bob 3 aylar önce
Ive had my 996 3.4 for perhaps 10 years having started on classic Porsche 30 years ago, and finally got tired of 'classic car' problems and bought a water-cooled car. I have done plenty with my 3.4 M030, 3 spoke wheel, interior improvement, years of work at Hartech etc that experience lets me say your tests and videos are the best on TRvid for this whole model series. Thanks for that. When I am about to spend perhaps £1000 I want a decent review and when I look for useful content it is almost always you who provides it. Its a bit annoying as TBH I dont actually like the channel name and occasionally I dont like some approaches but they're both because I am 50+ and we still have much more in common than in difference and youre still, compared to others, clearly the best.
James Thomas
James Thomas 3 aylar önce
Brilliant video Lee, I can't think of any other video that demonstrates this as well as you have, utterly out of the top drawer. I have a 996 C4S which is running a non-switchable 997 set up, but in essence its still pretty stock. I thought the Milltek and Top Gear set ups sounded the best, all the other setups were also good, I was surprised at how good the Gundo hacks sounded though, bit less noisy on the move but really good tone. I'm thinking I may Gundo hack my current set up first, then if that's not what I want look at a cats and system upgrade. Need to do the suspension first though!
Phil Nelson
Phil Nelson 4 aylar önce
Great to see you at Fried Eggs 4 yesterday Lee 😊 really interesting comparison here but the fister/gundo fir me still sounds the best. I have the Porsche PSE on my .1 and get nice complements all the time on the sound and no drone. But, an expensive retrofit. Soo I guess fit total value for money the gundo/fister has to be one of the best options I recon 👍🏼😊
SGT Tom Bailes
SGT Tom Bailes 4 aylar önce
I did a double gundo hack to my 996.1. 1/2" middle cross over pipe w/ 2" overhead pipe. Sounds AWESOME! Neighborhood friendly until you give it the GAS!!! Sounds like it's on the track.
Simmo TVR
Simmo TVR 4 aylar önce
None of them sound particularly great and I say that as a 996 owner. The noise at full chat on these sound a bit fast Ford I think not a pleasant sound. I wish mine was a bit quieter
Michael Drew
Michael Drew 4 aylar önce
Agreed ... PSE system is missing ... have it on my Gen 2 and love it ... Very enjoyable vid though.
Chris B
Chris B 4 aylar önce
4:08 Milltek Cup Silencers - 97DB 5:26 Spyder Performance Valvetronic Silencers ~ 100DB open 7:12 Dansk Super Sound Silencers - 101DB 9:45 Top Gear Switchable Silencers & 200 Cell Cats - 93DB closed / 102DB open 11:08 CSR Silencers - 102DB 12:35 Standard Exhaust with Gundo Hack - 104DB 13:23 EuropCup GT Silencers - 91DB 15:08 Cargraphic Sport Silencers with Gundo Hack - 106DB 16:11 Dansk Sport Silencers with Gundo hack - 98Db
Steve Mfr
Steve Mfr Aylar önce
Thanks Chris. I was just thinking: it's a shame Lee didn't post the db numbers and time stamps😝
Marcus PD
Marcus PD 4 aylar önce
Very useful. This post should be pinned.
Norwegian Car Guy
Norwegian Car Guy 4 aylar önce
Cargraphic wins it for me, perfect blend! Great video!
sidewayssam 4 aylar önce
I had a dual bypass Dansk on my series 1 , controllable on a fob. I will post a link
Klaus H
Klaus H 4 aylar önce
Yes!!! A Dansk Sport with the Gundo hack!! I’ve been looking for someone who had that done!! Looking to do that on the C4S X51 because as you have reported….the Dansk Sports aren’t really great sounding. Superb video again Lee!
996 Revival
996 Revival 4 aylar önce
I had a hard time picking but I think I like the Gundo hack and the Dansk the most but the black C4S sounded really good on the fly by😃
Chris Trees
Chris Trees 4 aylar önce
Fuck me it's David Beckhams voice box
Sibbe SE
Sibbe SE 4 aylar önce
Very good video. I think Gundo hack sounds really good. A big part of the engine sound also comes from the intake and it would be great to see a propper carbon intake mod compare on the 996 too.
Kim Thomas
Kim Thomas 4 aylar önce
No "cup" silencer delete i notice
Arvid Karlberg
Arvid Karlberg 4 aylar önce
have a 1999 with x51 so different intake and headers but just with gundo it's perfect for me
4130Burton 4 aylar önce
Great vid and comparison Lee 😎🤜🏼 Shame nobody had aftermarket manifolds/headers fitted. Mine has aftermarket headers, Eurocupgt 200cell Cats and Milltek Cup Silencers and sounds completely different. Favourite sound I think, must be Justin's, with the Milltek 😉👌🏼 Well done to all and they all sound awesome to be fair! DANSK get your act together and sort out the quality and flexis - I want another set! 😂
Joel Smith
Joel Smith 4 aylar önce
Thanks for the video, I'm literally pondering which sports exhaust to put on my 996 at the moment - so this was perfect timing!
Inazuma MR
Inazuma MR 4 aylar önce
I am pretty happy with my GT3‘s standard exhaust 😎
computerhelpcc 4 aylar önce
Fister’s Gundo hack (he’s done 4,500 + !!!) sounds great starting around 3,000 rpm on 996.1 manual cabble throttle. Fister’s work does not fail or fall apart, unlike many others. Out of $12k spent in first 3 years of my 5 yr owneship, $500-$700 incl install was most satisfying $ spent, the growl and roar from 3k to 5k rpm makes city trips exciting. No envy for AMG or new 911 normal sounds. The 996 stock exhaust is a snooze and only value is ability to hear Various Cam above 5k in tight canyon roads. Fister! Fister! (very affordable, he ships from CA USA). Only thing my wife’s Boxster needs is some Fister magic….
Julian 987R
Julian 987R 4 aylar önce
I think the Miltek is the one for me, however something tells me the original PSE would be the best. So subjective though isn’t it, they all have their merits. Great video!
Stewart Clough
Stewart Clough 4 aylar önce
That's what I have no droning if you are under 4k. Turns heads when you wind it up😊
JAY READ 4 aylar önce
That’s a great video, Lee! Actually, I’m working on a similar video over here in the US and not one of the exhausts you feature will be on mine so it will extend the good work that you’ve done here. Great minds think alike! Top content as ever!
JAY READ 4 aylar önce
@HLinHD stay tuned!
HLinHD 4 aylar önce
Interested in this!
Jake Kitchener
Jake Kitchener 4 aylar önce
Awesome comparison! I've done the gundo on my 997.1 and it's by far the best sounding car I have ever driven!
Ben Terry
Ben Terry 4 aylar önce
Everyone has said it but wish we had a standard PSE for comparison. I’ve got a PSE but would be nice to know what’s on the aftermarket for when it needs replacing
Paul Lowen
Paul Lowen 4 aylar önce
Hi Lee great vid again .... you can listen to my Milltek manifold/ silencers at Sliverstone as it should be fitted by then :)
Tony Harper
Tony Harper 4 aylar önce
I have Topgear manifolds and Milltek Cup exhaust. Doesn’t drone and very low down sounds fairly similar to PSE but once you hit about 3k revs, it is pretty loud. At its loudest between 3k and 4.5k I would say and does rob you of a bit of induction noise through that section of the Rev band, but I am pretty happy with it
modern world is crap
modern world is crap 4 aylar önce
the 996.1 GT3 stock exhaust still the best
bruski beat
bruski beat 4 aylar önce
Great video throughly enjoyed it ,I own a gen1 996 on standard exhaust..looking to replace and this is the first time someone has done a review like this with a full spread of exhaust types great idea and now I’ve decided I’m going with the top gear with the 200 cell cats..keep up the good work 10/10
DayoftheJackal 4 aylar önce
I’ve got topgear 63mm 200 cell x-pipe with their loud boxes. The x-pipe completely changes the sound. Makes it roar at low revs and screams like a gt3 at high revs. It does drone between 1.8k and 2.8k.
Mike Terry
Mike Terry 4 aylar önce
I’ve got a Spyder performance on my C4S - love it, the sound is addictive in the higher rev range
The Casual Petrolhead
The Casual Petrolhead 4 aylar önce
Very cool group test of aftermarket exhausts. I think would have been nice to compare these to the PSE as well, just as reference. Great content as always! Keep’em coming
TheRacerRich 4 aylar önce
There should be a version with all the clips one after the other with the name of the exhaust below.
10000rpm 4 aylar önce
Dimpala 4 aylar önce
Muffler delete is best sounding😎
CarreraLicious 4 aylar önce
Last one was the best sounding.
Tayne500 4 aylar önce
The red C4 at the end sounded the best.
Mike Carey
Mike Carey 4 aylar önce
Agree I think the 3.4 has a great sound above 4000rpm a real hi pitch wail. 👌
dwarfyh32 4 aylar önce
Great video. The Milltek was probably the best for me
9WERKS TV 4 aylar önce
Gary Haddock
Gary Haddock 4 aylar önce
Excellent video, lots of choice!
9WERKS TV 4 aylar önce
Cheers Gary.
Apexjuha 4 aylar önce
Henry Atkinson
Henry Atkinson 4 aylar önce
Still prefer stock or PSE.
Robin Dunmall
Robin Dunmall 4 aylar önce
Not a fan of any of them really the standard sound gives enough noise for me - but I have a Carrera3.0 and that is loud my 928 is also not too loud but a great v8 sound so nice to have a quiet Porsche
computerhelpcc 4 aylar önce
928S had perfect sound. 996.1 with Fister’s Gundo hack is PSE in permanent mode and its fab. Still, can’t beat a V8 from idle to 2,500 rpm
Daz solimani
Daz solimani 4 aylar önce
Another good and informative video 👍
9WERKS TV 4 aylar önce
Thanks Daz.
Nord Mann
Nord Mann 4 aylar önce
Fisker Gundo (last clip) takes my vote👍🏻
computerhelpcc 4 aylar önce
Having had Fister on mine for years now, would never have a 911 that cannot match it, and many don’t. Good enough that I don’t envy V8, V10, V 12. 3k to 5k is so good that daily city trips are supremely satisfying.
David White
David White 4 aylar önce
Having the standard PSE for comparison would have been good, also a big bucks aftermarket one, those were mostly cheaper than I though you'd need to spend. I couldn't come to a conclusion to which I liked best but the std C4S always seemed nice to me. How about the same for 997 and 991 .1 or .2?
Elijah Nicolas
Elijah Nicolas 4 aylar önce
I’m surprised no one had the PSE option. Cheers to another great video!
Zangado1 Zangado1
Zangado1 Zangado1 4 aylar önce
I was really hoping there would be a Kline system featured. I have researched every You Tube 996 Exhaust video and by far think Kline has the best sound….Great video though it is much needed for the 996 enthusiasts
Henders 4 aylar önce
A friend of mine has a Kline on his C4s, it sounds absolutely awesome., unfortunately for me it was more than I wanted to spend when I replaced my exhaust. I went for a full top gear system with 200 cell cats and mild back boxes. A vast improvement over the standard exhaust, a little droning at low rpm’s but sounds great on full chat, if I was replacing again I would look at the miltek back boxes, if money didn’t come into it I’d go Kline or cargraphic, as most of theses things it’s all subjective for personal taste.
Dan B Cooper
Dan B Cooper 4 aylar önce
I had to go all the way with my 996 3.4L (corrosion. many miles. winter. Scandinavia. salt!); Cargraphic full exhaust system (with 2x100 cell cats). Sounds amazing! A lot more expensive than the partial replacements tested. Still happy with the upgrade (4600EUR + VAT). The best sounding 3.4L 996 (what else could I say? I paid my hard-earned money for it.)!
Stu 4 aylar önce
Thanks Lee! Been thinking of changing out exhaust & this helped greatly. I’ve been leaning towards the Fister mod (type of Gundo hack but before the silencer tube mod. I still think it has the most crisp & tight sound of all and will be going that direction. Cheers Stu
Michael’s Motors and Meats
Hi Lee. On the standard-with-gundo, do you know what pipe diameter was used? Great comparison!
Eujeniu 85
Eujeniu 85 4 aylar önce
Very cool video, thanks, Lee!
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