Sorry Dodge...I am Keeping it

Westen Champlin
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Sorry Dodge...I am Keeping it
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23 Eyl 2021




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Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin 22 gün önce
I am Keeping this Car! Just you Guys watch. Nobody tell Dodge lol
Jeronimo Ayala
Jeronimo Ayala 7 gün önce
So its dodge ? Why don't you just buy it ?
Brodey 11 gün önce
Race clettus with the dodge next!
ZackvPlayz 15 gün önce
frapper89atyahoo 15 gün önce
Seriously, where in KS are you! As a KS boy, I need to know!!!
DearerInfringement29 19 gün önce
Totally not kole
Totally not kole 4 saatler önce
He should collaborate with braydon price or kg or both
Nicholas Boelter
Nicholas Boelter 4 saatler önce
2:55 😭😂😭😭
DJG210 19 saatler önce
Famous last words “fuck it” 🤣🤣
CodyDoesIt 20 saatler önce
Swear if it was a track hawk we just had one in 68k smaller pulley and tuned and she burnt a hole in a piston. Smoked like the Smoke stang. FCA problems
metalmanicjamo Gün önce
this looks painful didnt think that was going to flip back over haha
Joseph Stamos
Joseph Stamos Gün önce
if u want weight reduction. get a new driver
Nutter Butter
Nutter Butter Gün önce
Why would dodge wanna crush their own car?
Chance Evans
Chance Evans Gün önce
2:10 I think you sent her a lil to hard bud
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Gün önce
My heart hit alil spazz when my man slid slightly under it while it was being rocked back over sheeeesshh
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Gün önce
2:05 Whoda thunk that would come after "fuck it"
Niro Ben
Niro Ben Gün önce
Cristian Cojonian
Cristian Cojonian 2 gün önce
Damn brother lift with your legs, not your back. & next time you flip a Can-am & decide to use the strap with the tree, just use your body weight instead of the grip of your hands. I've actually been in that situation before lmao
Zmax Max
Zmax Max 2 gün önce
What part of kansas are you in
Dalton Grubb
Dalton Grubb 3 gün önce
I live in Kentucky it’s amazing here
Davis kaufman
Davis kaufman 4 gün önce
his mating call at the end was fucking hilarious
Mr MemeGamer
Mr MemeGamer 5 gün önce
Why do they crush them and not put them in a museum
Auston Shannon
Auston Shannon 5 gün önce
U make Maryland loook so fucking boring lol bout to take a drive
Albert Hopkins
Albert Hopkins 5 gün önce
Big foot mating call 💀😂
Joey Estes
Joey Estes 5 gün önce
Bigfoot mating call killed me
Factor 6 gün önce
How have I not seen a single comment about how Westen almost lost both of his legs trying to tip over the ATV when he slipped with it?
matt sch
matt sch 6 gün önce
Westin we have the same personality when i wrecked my truck and saw the tow truck i said no we used a circular saw to cut through a steel bumper on a for ranger and i drive the bitch home no salvage title and no tow fee
Drew John
Drew John 7 gün önce
You got to hangout with the cowboy no way that's fucking awesome
Drew Bork
Drew Bork 7 gün önce
Can’t lie that was funny asfff 😂
gabriel curet
gabriel curet 8 gün önce
I love how the tow truck look at you and leave
Aj Spidel
Aj Spidel 8 gün önce
famous last words "I dont wanna back down that"
Josh Baker
Josh Baker 8 gün önce
Its a mortal sin what they did to the first one you had!! I'd keep that sexy bitch too GW!!!!
Turbo World
Turbo World 8 gün önce
Sounded like a elephant moving that chariot . Great Job! I lost it on the samsquanch mating call. Perfect boss.
Jesse Sturtevant
Jesse Sturtevant 9 gün önce
Why are they going to crush it I really don’t understand.
dallas nunn
dallas nunn 9 gün önce
That's what seat belts are for
skipman8yard 9 gün önce
Maria gil
Maria gil 9 gün önce
You can text on WhatsApp...,
Brendan Geraghty
Brendan Geraghty 9 gün önce
Watching morbidly obese men squirming out of rolled vehicles like worms is good sport. Keep over=eating processed "food" and die young for my entertainment.
Kyle Harrison
Kyle Harrison 9 gün önce
Why the fuck would they crush it?
Gunner S
Gunner S 9 gün önce
Also, my guess is throttle body position sensor issue, drive by wire will use this as the IAC and seems cant learn its idle circuit or closed loop conditions. Curious to see what it ends up being, let us know!
Gunner S
Gunner S 10 gün önce
Well, he did say "Let's go roll this thing!"
Redneck Sniper
Redneck Sniper 10 gün önce
I hope you checked out the corvette museum while you were in Bowling Green
wog2db 10 gün önce
I’ll call the cops if they steal that car
SkaterGrind5 10 gün önce
Silas Marner
Silas Marner 10 gün önce
2:15 you pull that s**t in the wrong place and you'll end up like Jessica Savich, drowning in 3 inches of water.
The Highrose
The Highrose 10 gün önce
Please give us an update on the HMMWV.
Maria gil
Maria gil 9 gün önce
Text on WhatsApp....,,,
twoeagle86 10 gün önce
Maybe it's a good time to lose weight after flipping that toy! Might snap yo neck next time...
Jack welsh
Jack welsh 10 gün önce
You can't park there yee yee
larry_to_goated 10 gün önce
But God damnit we moved it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
larry_to_goated 10 gün önce
2:08u sounded scared 🤣
Andre Chauvin
Andre Chauvin 10 gün önce
Love the videos man!
Adam R
Adam R 10 gün önce
How bout buying a treadmill? Health should be priority #1
Maria gil
Maria gil 9 gün önce
You can text on WhatsApp....
tezy0193 11 gün önce
dude got +100 skilled in charisma
Rupa Customs
Rupa Customs 11 gün önce
This channel has gone to shit. I liked it much much better when the friends were there. All new videos i have not enjoyed. I came fore real life building and people. Not for the stupid commercial shit it is now. thumbs down
Joe Kennon
Joe Kennon 11 gün önce
It's nice to see you on everyone else channels. But it seems like you only post once a month anymore 😅
hawkeye1019 11 gün önce
Hey man a li further south we got Hogwaller I’m Florida
Julio Delatorre
Julio Delatorre 11 gün önce
What ever happen to the smokestang or the 4x4 challenger ? Or even the raptor? Cop car ?
Calvin Plucker
Calvin Plucker 11 gün önce
Western, are you still in Bradenton? Want a black and white hemi charger ex cop car
RockyElk5 11 gün önce
What happened to the smokestang
dead knightss
dead knightss 11 gün önce
Hey you still got that ram 2019 2500? If so how much would you sell it for?
R S 11 gün önce
this is the first video of yours ive seen..and i must say its pretty hilarious
Bag ChasingAlex
Bag ChasingAlex 11 gün önce
He said . Let’s go flip this thing. 5 minutes later he flips it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
lil savior -
lil savior - 11 gün önce
lmfao the way westen casually said woah after they rolled the rzr
sac89tb 11 gün önce
Дуракам закон не написаний
Dae Roberts
Dae Roberts 12 gün önce
Dear Dodge, Please get Champlin the 4x4 parts for his Demon Challenger quick because ….This Channel ROCKS 👍
Gage Kieffer
Gage Kieffer 12 gün önce
I want to see more videos of the Peterbilt
Mairold 12 gün önce
I advice carry an axe with you going to forest offroading, you can tie a rope to half way of a tree and then chop down the tree, tree falling down will pull ur car up the correct way again. Used this technique many times and failed only once, by fail i mean tree wasnt heavy enough and basicly turned 90 degrees to the side before falling.
Fizzle 12 gün önce
@dodge letem keep it
David Gream
David Gream 12 gün önce
What kind of scooter is that?
FatBoi_LP 13 gün önce
flips it 2 min in videoooo lmfaoooooo wessssten my boiiii XD
TEE BLAST 13 gün önce
The damn cameraman made no sound. Wtffff
Caleb Jenkins
Caleb Jenkins 13 gün önce
Polaris watching* Never send Weston a demo...noted
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 13 gün önce
I like this guy, but I fear one of two things in his future. Cardiac arrest or a broken neck.
BongMaster YODA
BongMaster YODA 13 gün önce
not even 3 minutes in and he rolls it 😂
Nate Thompson
Nate Thompson 13 gün önce
I'll be the 1 to say it...ditch the wanna be Cletus hair dew and get back to the content that got you where you were
JuiceboxJerry 13 gün önce
What happened to the 95 Powerstroke?
AnToN 3gD
AnToN 3gD 13 gün önce
2:10 it was an honest mistake..
Julien Crawford
Julien Crawford 14 gün önce
Dodge should just let you keep it for promotion purposes 👀
Brandon Bee
Brandon Bee 14 gün önce
Westen ur killing me on the Cletus and cars live stream
Off-roadoutlaws 14 gün önce
How are you not dead with all the stuff you do🤣🤣🤣
RUSH & CO. 14 gün önce
"Let's see if we can roll it" 30mins later: "This didn't go as planned" Well sir I'd say it went exactly as planned 🤣🤣🇺🇲🇺🇲
papi churro
papi churro 14 gün önce
BUY IT FROM DODGE, Don’t get rid of it please 🤣😭😭
Elizabeth Perez
Elizabeth Perez 14 gün önce
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UnknownEvent 14 gün önce
Oh watch out Wes. Its mister big feet mating season! They say his reproductive gel are as big as shrimp.
Ein 14 gün önce
Something tells me westen worked at a dodge dealer
Jared hammons
Jared hammons 14 gün önce
You know the race we really wanna see make it happen
Spicy Teriyaki
Spicy Teriyaki 14 gün önce
"We moved it, its not upright but god damnit we moved it" A beautiful quote
Alexander Cuevaa
Alexander Cuevaa 15 gün önce
That shit funny asf
Ryan Meilleur
Ryan Meilleur 15 gün önce
Do you still have the semi truck and if you do please let me know asap please
fgc fdfjs fourth channel
Dodge: wants car back You: Stoopid I'm not gonna let you get the chance
Tj Powell
Tj Powell 15 gün önce
When are you going to be doing another army hummer video
Jacob Shanks
Jacob Shanks 15 gün önce
when are you going to mohkan again? i live like 20 mins away and i really want to see the charger or the mustang
Whats the intro song
toniette white
toniette white 15 gün önce
Day 24 LOL
Massimo Avvampato
Massimo Avvampato 15 gün önce
Can am watching this video: 👁️👄👁️
Ultimate Berserker
Ultimate Berserker 15 gün önce
Shave the moustache and go full neckbeard
psy ducky
psy ducky 15 gün önce
Car wizard 🧙‍♂️?
Fiece Halo
Fiece Halo 15 gün önce
Can I get the can am
Sam Huntsman
Sam Huntsman 15 gün önce
You should have came to WAM at Texas Speedway.
Sam Huntsman
Sam Huntsman 15 gün önce
What happen to the humvee?
Oakley Schenefeld
Oakley Schenefeld 15 gün önce
Can you do another video on me the peterbilt
isaax Garza
isaax Garza 15 gün önce
did i just witness a near death experience
Seth Simondale
Seth Simondale 15 gün önce
You need to upload more, do more of what @whistlindiesel does 👌
Noah Boland
Noah Boland 16 gün önce
I thought you got to keep the helljet?
BigFoot 7366
BigFoot 7366 16 gün önce
I wanna meet u
Pablo 16 gün önce
Our boy westen is strong af
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