SORA ONLINE! Getting Elite Smash

Little Z
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"Broken" actually refers to how none of this stupid child's moves will connect reliably. And his recovery which is cracked.

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19 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Watching this video a month later again and then realizing Nintendo could have done a kung fu panda crossover
Lelo Belo
Lelo Belo 15 gün önce
Graham Keller
Graham Keller 16 gün önce
Little z “I hate neatural b cause it incoures you to spam”Also little z”Time to spam b”
Totenbaum 18 gün önce
Also, this video proves that Sora is so broken yet so easy to learn, that Little Z got a three stock on his first online match with Sora.
Lucan stover
Lucan stover 21 gün önce
And I thought that out if all the characters in gaming I though lil emo issabelle puro would be added not sora:P
pro gmr /anime weeb
pro gmr /anime weeb 23 gün önce
I kinda hate these videos now cause me a regular person took me like forever to get elite smash but People over here like little z get it rly easy so it makes me kinda mad tbh
J A 23 gün önce
3:58 u forgot the crowns so u still lose
SternyWasTaken 23 gün önce
I call side B "the bayonetta"
Simply Forest 🎄
Simply Forest 🎄 28 gün önce
… that guy called to shallow won a match but he cut it out (he’s my friend)
Luis Angel Soto
Luis Angel Soto 29 gün önce
What do u mean that everyone is not here 9/10 of sora
Landon Cole
Landon Cole Aylar önce
Will this game have a part 3
Landon Cole
Landon Cole Aylar önce
2 I mean
haven't eaten
haven't eaten Aylar önce
I wish I could subscribe again
Trace Leistritz
Trace Leistritz Aylar önce
Can we appreciate the driftviel city music in the background
Gord Aylar önce
wow that was awesome
Jake Martin
Jake Martin Aylar önce
Fun fact: Mash side B in Sudden death in online and you'll dash to them before the words are even off the screen, and you can usually kill them before they can react.
Justin Lacombe
Justin Lacombe Aylar önce
Well played. You handle Sora well.
Samuel Aylar önce
roy technically isn't dlc
Cimic8. Aylar önce
5:53 to 6:04 The best part for me. 😙
Andy Blanton
Andy Blanton Aylar önce
3:51 does anyone else get PTSD here?
Beast23x3 Aylar önce
The three hits here match up to the music perfectly.
Sussygamer Aylar önce
Sora's counter does op damage in the main series, so it translates well. :D
kevin inzunza
kevin inzunza Aylar önce
I hate Sora in smash Online.
Phantom Aylar önce
Who are yalls mains? Leave replies in this comment I'd like to know, I main Sephiroth (I'm an edgelord , literally)
VeetzeyPlayz Aylar önce
I like heavyweights lol, although I really like plant and sephiroth
Mickey Mouse avi A HAPPY BOI
I’m still kinda mad that sora came in instead of waluigi or the sussy impostor (among us)
MrBryan Aylar önce
Do you have any videos on how to be a better player 😩😌
Resin Aylar önce
What is the song at 3:30?
Diego Yepes
Diego Yepes Aylar önce
When your favorite thing to do is counter, you know your character is lame... Jk, Sora is hilariously fun
Glasses guy
Glasses guy Aylar önce
13:52 “Sora can’t counter behind.” PFFFFT
Maroon Room Attendent
Noct Gaming
Noct Gaming Aylar önce
I subbed because of the THX sound
Ritik Gupta
Ritik Gupta Aylar önce
You look like a older Johnawesome
Pickle Aylar önce
Was gonna sub until you begged for it part way through. Sorry bro
Joel M
Joel M Aylar önce
your memes are so stale
youtooberman9001 Aylar önce
sephiroth is so badass he has main characters from multiple game series gunning for him
Armand gaming
Armand gaming Aylar önce
Wow 7000 gsp😂
Just an Average Commentor
0:14 🤣🤣🤣
Horizon Aylar önce
Aidan Oehmke
Aidan Oehmke Aylar önce
Me watching bug life for the 7th time 3:51
Chris Clark
Chris Clark Aylar önce
At 5:34 the move was timed nicely with music
Vulpine53 Aylar önce
Honestly I think every last kingdom hearts fans has been waiting to take over smash bros so bring out your best character and get ready to fight
Gowz_ Aylar önce
4:32 take me down to the paradise city where Sora is fun to fight (my opinion)
XDfuego Aylar önce
Sora is busted
Holy shit you got fat lol
Fares Mrad
Fares Mrad Aylar önce
if you kill with sora in stamina battle something special happens.
Arii :D
Arii :D Aylar önce
"Sora already is one of my best characters!" Zach please nonononONONONONO-
dj QyQy
dj QyQy Aylar önce
I ship Little Z x Sora’s Counter till the day I die
Gucci Hat Luffy
Gucci Hat Luffy Aylar önce
waluigi deserved better ;.;
MC Luvvyn
MC Luvvyn Aylar önce
I'm subscribing just cause you love Waluigi as much as i do
Kartikeya Sharma
Kartikeya Sharma Aylar önce
only MKLeo can say one of my best characters for everyone.
Jarrell Tan
Jarrell Tan Aylar önce
10:45 The first counter jinx was funny enough, then I fkin lost it after the 2nd one xD
MissAshley42 Aylar önce
I guarantee Waluigi is going to be the first reveal of the next Smash game. . . .This of course also means there will not be another Smash game.
BLK retro3
BLK retro3 Aylar önce
Use Sora back throw on game and watch
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson Aylar önce
wait. kh 2 is the best.
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson Aylar önce
if they lock on you then you can sd
ArtFurret Aylar önce
I wish Waluigi just smacked sora to death at the end of the trailer and waluigi got in instead, because it would be so funny.
Genni Glassglow
Genni Glassglow Aylar önce
🎫❇🦚🦉🐦🐧🐥🐜🐤🐤🕊✳🐠☣☣🎃 *Because of love. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Three days later rose him from the dead.* *Now. By Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He will give you the free gift of eternal life* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*
Sage illusions
Sage illusions Aylar önce
I think I’ve been subbed for 2 years
sokin jon
sokin jon Aylar önce
As a KH fan, I’m glad you enjoyed playing Sora
Joshy el Colocho
Joshy el Colocho Aylar önce
6:19 xD
Beats By Baya
Beats By Baya Aylar önce
I subbed for more Sora content so u better deliver or I will have you “locked” up good sir
sokin jon
sokin jon Aylar önce
that Timeless River Skin. That world blew too.
Daniel S.
Daniel S. Aylar önce
At this point im just surprised there never was a character that has an anti-counter move that breaks counters and deals extra damage when somebody tries to counter it
Eugene Caudill
Eugene Caudill Aylar önce
The Sora swap killed me lmao “I won”
Eli Williamson
Eli Williamson Aylar önce
so, when is the next you lose you cosplay?
Alex Andrews
Alex Andrews Aylar önce
I coulda sworn Sephiroth was a special match up after Hercules in the first game
『Salty Mint』
『Salty Mint』 Aylar önce
5:35 the perfectly synced fair with the music 👌
No_ abe
No_ abe Aylar önce
If it's you're 3rd visit to the channel, Subscribe already!
Sans Hyper
Sans Hyper Aylar önce
0:12 oh thank god for a second I thought he actually pronounced it right
Fireslapper Aylar önce
"If i'm very unlucky, we might lose to Sora in you lose you cosplay. That would be a real shame, now wouldn't it." Hmmm... you lose you cosplay soon?
ST0K35 Aylar önce
Sora is so cool it makes half of the roster automatically more lame. Sonic is the most lame.
Menega007 Aylar önce
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Aylar önce
Love the characters moves, just wish there was a spike. DK never fails 🦍
Splahies Aylar önce
Kratreus Aylar önce
All that Sephiroth had to do was not charge up b
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Aylar önce
5:35 the hits are lined up perfectly with the music
HtFallen Aylar önce
“Sora, it’s Sephiroth” -immediately cuts to an ad What an anime moment
CroLanix Aylar önce
Repent and trust in God the Lord most high and be saved! For God loves us all so truly! Never use the Lord our God's name in vain! Ever! Amen! Cheers and congratz.
Cam H. Williams
Cam H. Williams Aylar önce
I cant, for the life of me, understand why they put in Black and White Sora. They should've gave us Halloween Town Sora. That skin is loved so much more. Hes looks derpy in that Timeless River Skin. That world blew too.
Davey 7192
Davey 7192 Aylar önce
Finally a character that Little Z can't SD with lol Welp... nevermind lmao
dolita windo
dolita windo Aylar önce
Love the characters moves, just wish there was a spike. DK never fails 🦍
Bouba Diop
Bouba Diop Aylar önce
Sora... in smash... fighting sora...in smash.... to the Driftveil City theme. thank you Little Z, i can now die with no RAGRETS!
electroamp Aylar önce
Play as Sonic against Sora so we can get that Sonic X showdown. Sora gives me so much Chris Thorndyke appearance-wise.
dolita windo
dolita windo Aylar önce
It’s been a while. This videos great as always glad to see your good with sora mainn
Edwin Gibson
Edwin Gibson Aylar önce
3 matches got him in elite. Stopped playing online and went to training/lobbies lol
Bugo Aylar önce
The fact that the hits and the music were in sinc is just so satisfying. 5:34
tom cardy
tom cardy Aylar önce
Little Z for prime minister
Chum Pion
Chum Pion Aylar önce
The Sephiroth's gameplay hurts me sooo much...
Omari Tracey
Omari Tracey Aylar önce
Ventus was a better choice than Sora
Outstanding Dog Marron
Sora fights sephiroth in kh1 also
Kelly Massei
Kelly Massei Aylar önce
I hate sora so much
Luke Beitinger
Luke Beitinger Aylar önce
Ummm… how did he up b twice @10:45???
Charles Roberts-Moses
5:35 the hits are lined up perfectly with the music
Julian L. S. Caesarino 2
Idk Little Z, Sora’s side b totally kills, you just gotta hit really close to the blast zone 🤔😅
Mesa3077Boogie Aylar önce
yo the last super brother smash *update* or DLC?
Carsten Wurth
Carsten Wurth Aylar önce
This video is beautiful
Haydos FTW
Haydos FTW Aylar önce
6:24 donald said its sepiroth and then immediately there was an ad about KFC
Frost Aylar önce
Counter is life
Joseph Pedraza
Joseph Pedraza Aylar önce
He’s in both KH 1 and 2.. everyone knows this…. Right?
mccubbinash Aylar önce
It’s been a while. This videos great as always glad to see your good with sora mainn
Cody Chisamore-Hum
Cody Chisamore-Hum Aylar önce
Also worth mentioning that Fox was so completely not expecting it to matter that he inadvertently DI'd into the blast zone (that's what it means when it doesn't give you "finish zoom")
Cody Chisamore-Hum
Cody Chisamore-Hum Aylar önce
Also, Fox's fastfalling getting him OUT of combos is something he's probably happy about for the change of pace.
Benjamin Sandoval
Benjamin Sandoval Aylar önce
Do wish they allowed for different keyblades, I know some are Disney, but like, Oblivion/Oathkeeper or even mickey or rikus could be used, maybe
floofsnoof Aylar önce
Take a drink every time Z says counter.
Armor Bearer
Armor Bearer Aylar önce
Instead of a counter, Sora could have had the ability to access his drive forms.
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