Sonic: Clone Chaos (Part 2) 

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Sonic the Hedgehog is in a bad way: all that clone clowning has left its mark. But, never fear, Sonic Hedgehog fans, because Tails is here! The little two-tailed fox is boldly venturing towards new Sonic frontiers in the name of science in order to make things right for his pal.
But, naturally, it doesn’t go exactly according to plan. In fact, Sonic and Tails plan to change the ‘hog back to his super Sonic self results in this weird Sonic exe monster thing. If you’ve read this far into the description, I know you’re now gonna wanna see the Sonic origins story of this grotesque Blue Blur beast, so move your eyes upwards and watch the thing! Cheers.
Produced by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael
Written & Animated by Painter Seap ( PaintraSeaPea)
Additional Animation by Esau "LDranzer" A. Munoz ( LDranzer1)
Additional Colour by King Gonzalez ( _kinggonzalez_)
Backgrounds by Eric Oleander ( eric_oleander)
Voice of Sonic, Sonic, Sonic, Sonic & Big by Blake 'ShadyVox' Swift ( ShadyVox)
Voice of Tails by Eileen 'EileMonty' Montgomery ( EileMonty)
Original Music Composed by Alex Walker Smith
Edit, Sound Design, Music Edit, Additional VFX & Voice of Fastidious Beaver by Jason Alan Dewey
Sonic: Clone Chaos
• Sonic: Clone Chaos
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29 Mar 2023




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Hell Ark episode 2 coming April 1st.
This was a very wholesome history
I'm shocked Sega hasn't hired you guys for an entire show for Sonic. You guys are pretty much taking them to the next level.
Painter Seap
I hope you all enjoy this THRILLING conclusion to Sonic: Clone Chaos. This is really where things go a bit mad. It was a ton of fun to make! I wonder where things will go from here... 🤔
I had a good laugh when I found out that Tails' scream at the end of part 1 wasn't because of Sonic's state but because of the dishes XD.
This actually feels like an official skit Sega themselves would make. Really hope they catch on to this some day and potentially make it canon.
I like when sometimes Mashed makes stories that doesn't have a dark twist with a horror creature but more of a comical story with a good ending
Amy does art
Using flickering as an actual Power is such a creative idea and i love it
Alessandro Maccaroni
What an unexpected twist! So those weren't clones after all, but this new concept was excellent nonetheless
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
This is so insanely good! The voice acting and animation are so professional, not to mention the actual story! You guys have an excellent team!
Smug Bow Kid
It’s nice seeing Sonic and Tails have a good friendship in a Mashed skit.
Arc Ray
i cant see anything bad happening with Big and the bracelet unless he accidentally reaches Sonic levels of speed.
Mysterious Idol Ch. - [ENVTuber]
I completely fear the end-result of what this multi-part series is building up to…
SEGA really needs to hire these guys! Imagine the incredible work that only the Mashed team combined with Hesse's team could bring us!
Ethan d'Ouro
Still, I love how this Sonic design is the perfect combination of Classic and Modern sonic!
i am uncreative
In any form of media that uses the existence of clones that make the main person dumber I always feel bad for the clones getting manipulated in every way possible.
I love how this is one of the more wholesome sonic cartoons it makes me feel like this was by Sega themself. But I guess I was incorrect thinking Sonic goes through the multi-tails plot but better. The delivery of the random guy saying "That's Great man......" Kills me.
"Thanks for saving me tails! I'm glad to be back to normal."
Dr. Deez
I love the explanation for how the clones work and it makes a lot of sense considering how sonic made them in the first place.
The way Sonic and the rest of the cast is drawn is absolutely…
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