Son Shines Dad's Boots for Fathers Day | ANGELO SHOE SHINE ASMR

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19 Haz 2021




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Angelo Shoe Shine
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What a blessing to have your son serve you with the skills you taught him on Father’s Day! You must be an incredibly proud dad.
Kirill the thrill
If this doesn’t cap off a great Father’s Day you have no heart. What a great video Angelo! Happy Father’s Day!
Susan Longyear
Hello Angelo's son.. respect for your dad on father's day, what a lovely thing to do for your dad..😃.. looking forward to watching your video.. lm sure your dad will be very proud of you on your 1st video...... Susan, New Forest, Hampshire, England.. x
Rosana Pascoal
Realmente vc e um otimo profisional e otimo professor. Seu filho este jovem aprendeu direitinho com voce. Mesmo que ele nao queira seguir como você Ângelo! ao menos ele pode ser um empresário também fabricando calçados...parabens pra você e pro seu garoto. Kisses estou ligada no seu trabalho que me traz uma sensação boa. Nao passo nem um dia sem te ver....
Tami Miceli
Happy Fathers Day Angelo. It is so nice to see a young man following in his fathers footsteps. This is going to be so sweet to watch.
TheDikTatorTot Plays
I just want to say, that I love how you very gently, barely noticeably corrected his technique with a simple tap of your foot in order to remember to wipe it down! If I hadn't been paying attention I wouldn't have seen it.
Albert Kim
You should feature him more often, happy fathers' day!
John McELwain
Nice to see. Allowing a lot of latitude...son has to find what works for him. What a teacher to learn a craft from.
At last, the King is served... by the Prince.
Chris Hill
That was probably the sweetest, most touching shoe shine ever. Happy Father’s Day!
No Face
Don't know why, but seeing the younger hand reach up and gently fistbump the older hand was moving. It was like 'yeah Dad, you relax a little. I got this one.'
Charlie Alpha 11F3B
Absolutely fantastic job Angelo Jr.! Never forget what your father taught you and where you came from. Keep up the great work!
Andrew Cormier
Auh that's awesome great dads day gift,true respect,you and your lady raised him right happy fathers day sir,I'll be watching.
So cute!!! His shoes are also very shiny!
Crispy 1
I found this channel completely by accident one day and now I'm a fan I love your videos they're very soothing keep up the Kick-Ass content
Seb Seb
You can both be proud. It's great to see how your son works the same way you do 👍 First I've watched the video and without reading the title, and thought "No tattoos? Oh, this is someone else."
telethea the end bringer
It makes me happy to see a father passing on his skills to his son. You have a fine boy and something to be proud of.
Joyce Fortunato
Your Son did an amazing job Angelo! Hope you had a great Father’s Day!
Jacob Pfeil
Well done you two and happy Father’s Day.
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