Someone Was Sending Us Scary Texts

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One day, Grace received a message on social media from an account that she assumed was just a bot account - a fake account that promised more followers. Instead of ignoring the message, Grace decided to troll the account and have a little fun. Grace started teasing and mocking the account, as she figured it was just an automated messaging service.
However, she soon realized that the account was actually a real person named Rahil. She started to receive weird messages from Rahil. He sent over a group picture of Grace and her friends, and he was able to point out exactly who Grace was. This initially worried Grace - as her instagram account was private - but she decided to brush it off and just send screenshots of the conversation to her friend Kayla. Kayla messaged the account, too, and sent over troll texts. They laughed it off and didn't think much of it.
About a month later, Kayla and Grace were having a normal sleepover when they received a strange message from Rahil. Somehow, Rahil had known that they were together, and he started sending them scary texts with very personal information. When Kayla and Grace tried to throw him off with incorrect information, Rahil somehow knew the truth behind all of their little games.
Grace and Kayla started to freak out. But things really escalated when Rahil continued to send over personal information that a stranger would never be able to know. Rahil knew where they went to school, where they lived and other personal information about their families.
Finally, Grace and Kayla had enough and decided to report Rahil's account. They stayed up all night unfollowing people that they didn't completely know on their accounts.
Later, Grace decided to tell her brother about the situation, as she was incredibly scared and worried. But to her surprise, Grace's brother responded by letting her in on the truth - it was Grace's brother behind the account the WHOLE time. He decided to prank them in the most extreme way possible.
Grace was so mad at her brother, but she was also relieved. When she looks back, she still thinks to herself, "We didn't know who was sending us scary texts." Because of that, she has learned her lesson and urges people to NOT engage in weird conversations with strangers online.

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6 Aug 2019




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storybooth 4 aylar önce
Hey guys! We see some confusion in the comments about the brother character. Just to clear things up, the person who doesn't have a brother is Kayla, the friend - not Grace, the storyteller!
Hailey Nicole
Hailey Nicole 2 gün önce
storybooth oh ok for a second I thought “didn’t she say she didn’t have a brother"
hannah.t_is_ me
hannah.t_is_ me 2 gün önce
@Evie Allen The one telling the story has a brother, but when the "spy" was talking about the no brother thing they were talking abt kayla the girl who WASNT telling the story
THICC QUEEN 8 gün önce
Evie Allen because they were scared and Kayla just wanted to see if it’s actually true that he’s a stalker
Cat Lady Lover
Cat Lady Lover 9 gün önce
oh ok thansks lol
Aleksandra Broza
Aleksandra Broza 13 gün önce
XKrypted 2 saatler önce
He’s such a creep, what the hell. Edit: Never mind it was her little brother..
I love Pandas
I love Pandas 3 saatler önce
omg that won was like the best prank ever
Jesus Bernie Antolin
Jesus Bernie Antolin 9 saatler önce
Stranger :you don't have a brother Grace :Omg he's right Also Grace:l decided to tell my brother Me:hmmmm?
Jordan LILBOSS 16 saatler önce
Hold on so she do have a brother
Rebecca S
Rebecca S 16 saatler önce
I thought you said u had a sister
Crika Piolinda
Crika Piolinda 19 saatler önce
Wait but she said she disnt have a brother...
Rosalina Esparza
Rosalina Esparza 21 saatler önce
wait it said she didnt have a brother
Greer Sebro
Greer Sebro Gün önce
"your photographer sux btw" boi what chu say 'bout my photgrapher
Katie Leigh
Katie Leigh Gün önce
You said you didn't have a brother but a sister called anna! *talks to her BROTHER about the situation*😐😐😐😐
cutE deMon
cutE deMon Gün önce
But u said that u dont have a brother #goodlie
Rey Playz
Rey Playz Gün önce
u said u didnt have a brother but then u said my brother pranked me .-.
meraj binnur
meraj binnur Gün önce
but she has no BROTHER
Liza Plekhova
Liza Plekhova Gün önce
Wair thats a good prank on my sister...
waffle ._.
waffle ._. Gün önce
Wait didnt She say She didnt have a brother😂
Llama Salas
Llama Salas Gün önce
Beware of bot
Becs Games
Becs Games Gün önce
I thought you said that you didn’t have a brother when the man said you only have a sister and a dog. No brother I am so confused
Alejandra Menjivar
Didn't the person say no brother but then your brother talks to you yeahhhh this is fake asf
Angie uwu
Angie uwu Gün önce
old Indian men: HOLD MY BEER.
berrie blue
berrie blue Gün önce
The robot said she didn't have a brother but then when she decided to tell someone it was her brother 😑
I BLINKed ONCE and I became an ARMY
Is she aussie?
M Ochs
M Ochs Gün önce
You know what's funny. She said she has no brother then she does.
Nina Sladonja
Nina Sladonja 2 gün önce
She just revealed informations about her friend. It's ironic because the video is about danger on the internet
Andreea Stoica
Andreea Stoica 2 gün önce
Ok wtf you say but you dont has a brother and now you got he wtf?
olivia smart
olivia smart 2 gün önce
I thought you didn't have a brother?
Jose Manuel F. Lara
Jose Manuel F. Lara 2 gün önce
I thought she didnt have a brother
Andisha Ainuddin
Andisha Ainuddin 2 gün önce
She said is dose'nt have a brother ?!?!
Melanin Queen
Melanin Queen 2 gün önce
I thought she said she didn't have a brother I'm so confused
Marian Baxter
Marian Baxter 2 gün önce
Ftsbddgyij td
No - Face
No - Face 2 gün önce
I loved the plot twist!!
Emma Engles
Emma Engles 2 gün önce
Wait they said she had no brother and she talked to her brother what the heck?
Fairly Feminine
Fairly Feminine 2 gün önce
That’s why she needed *N O R D V P N*
NerdVoltex N
NerdVoltex N 2 gün önce
1:02 me when I lose a game
NerdVoltex N
NerdVoltex N 2 gün önce
0:14 me when I’m playing magic tiles 3
Anthony Tiffani
Anthony Tiffani 2 gün önce
That just proves storybooth is not real she said she didn't even have a brother Person: no silly she doesn't have a brother Girl: says Brother pranks her
Itz ANGEL 2 gün önce
Stranger dangers.-.
—Raven— 2 gün önce
You side you didn’t have a brother-
Abigail Barrett
Abigail Barrett 2 gün önce
She said she has no brother then she tells her brother 😂
gacha Blueberry Panda
Wait didn't she not have a brother?
Chichi E
Chichi E 2 gün önce
Why am I watching this when im home alone😟😦😓
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