Solving the Minecraft Warden

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The Warden is the newest addition to Minecraft and with the developers outright confirming it has lore to be discovered, obviously it had to be investigated. Enjoy this exploration as we uncover the deep dark secrets of the warden, and the unsettling story hiding behind its blocky features.

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inspired (obviously lol) by The Game Theorists: trvid.com/u-GameTheorists

This is a series called Minecraft Wifeory where I explore the lore of the different parts of Minecraft to piece together a story of the game. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a more story telling based series dedicated to solving the lore of the game.



21 May 2022




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Sorry for the lack of videos until now but luckily most of my final exams are over which should hopefully mean more uploads more frequently :)
Theo C
the spinning axolotl glitch was intended, if they spin enough the centrifugal force elongates them into wardens
Rayz 1234
Rayz 1234 28 gün önce
Matpat after watching this be like:
Eternal Miasma
Eternal Miasma 21 saatler önce
The warden is such a strange mob, it changes the entire game when it comes to minecraft. When you enter an ancient city it becomes a whole new game, a borderline horror game. Sneaking around, hoping to not summon this beast. It has so many detailed animations, including a summoning animation. It feels like it’s from a different game, which is what it is supposed to be, a being from somewhere else
Solalabell 21 gün önce
They actually explained that there was more for the ravenger way back when it was scared of rabbits but removed because it didn’t fit with the lore
S 14 gün önce
My headcanon for the sculk is that it's one huge living organism. The catalyst acts as a brain of sorts, sensors detect and warn of possible dangers, and shriekers scream to try to scare away the danger. If that doesn't work (hence why you need to activate the shriekers 4 times), the sculk deploys its last resort, the Warden.
LISFEYG 21 gün önce
I also love how all these clues also tie in to the gameplay, like you find snowballs in chests and you can use them to distract the warden yourself, or how there are carpet pathes so you dont have to sneak for 10 minutes just to get to the other edge of the city
I love how Mojang is adding lore to the game. It gives Minecraft so much to think about.
Nuhuhu 99
Nuhuhu 99 19 saatler önce
IMO, I view the sculk as a parasite. Based on how old designs look like parasitic mushrooms, and how it spreads. I’d like to think the old civilization viewed the sculk as a wonderful shroom with many capabilities. Over time they became infected and merged with the sculk. That’s why we have bones and why the warden is hostile, it is the collective consciousness of the people who merged and want to protect their work.
ZestyDolphin 28 gün önce
My personal theory is that, following what you said, that the Warden is an amalgamation of bones, skulk, and souls. The shrieker seems to be where the souls to power the warden come from. When something dies, the “soul” is used for it. Also, the other theories talk about how the builders and evokers were interested in “soul technology”, so they could have stayed here to study it as well. Just my personal theory.
TheGameRuler 12 saatler önce
Interesting observation here: The Wither and the Warden are thematically linked while being vastly different
LightningGuy25 28 gün önce
I think the name is important. Warden means “ a person responsible for the supervision of a particular place or thing or for ensuring that regulations associated with it are obeyed.”
Hayden Gün önce
The fact that this is all in the overworld is scary enough, I can only imagine what a new dimension would hold. But regardless, wonderful video!
I always thought that the Warden looked and moved like it was a bunch of corpses stitched together, And I'm glad that I'm not the only one who suspected it too.
RomanMines64 28 gün önce
when you asked why the people of the ancient cities didn't just leave, my immediate thought was to ask this question.
Adventure Fighter
Adventure Fighter 14 gün önce
The warden is pretty scary, as in previous experiments, one warden was able to outright kill a wither with its sonic boom! Dunno about Bedrock though, the withers there are tuff.
OceanPlayz 19 saatler önce
Your videos have made me decide: I'm going to fix the ruins and finish what the Ancient Builders started.
Orbic 28 gün önce
What an incredible theory, I really think it's spot on in a lot of areas. I think the statue worshipping the Warden could still be a portal and go along with the core idea of this theory, though. Perhaps sculk came through the portal, or it was another attempt to flee into another dimension like the end? Disc 5 certainly seems to hint in it being a portal.
Beans Gün önce
I remembered this video after seeing LTN’s post about making a machine to kill the warden and apparently harming potions HARM the warden meaning the warden is an alive mob and not undead.
I like to think that the giant structure is actually an attempt at a portal, like the End portals, but it didn't work.
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