Solving A MASSIVE Water Problem At The Ghost Town!

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Hey guys! This week was INSANE up here at Cerro Gordo. We brought the largest water tank to ever be up here to town thanks to the help of Heavy D Sparks and Diesel Dave and crew! 40,000 gallon tank measuring over 47 ft long and 13 ft around. This will provide the water for the American Hotel sprinkler system. A HUGE day in Cerro Gordo's history...but it's not done yet. There is some updated news at the very end, so make sure you stick around for that.

More photos here! instagram.com/brentwunder...

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This week's video featured shots from:
Julian Soley: instagram.com/juliansoley/
Andre Jones: instagram.com/anerdfilms/



6 Ağu 2022




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Ghost Town Living
Hey everyone! Make sure you make it to the end of this one. Quite a twist at the last moment. Thank you all so so much for all the support over the years! If you're interested in some Cerro Gordo merchandise, you can find that here:
graham paris
In a hundred years someone will be talking about how they got that water tank up the mountain, and the story will be told of the guy who revived Cerro Gordo and rode the tank into town.
Pat Bowen
I am an 84 year young widow and this was one of the most exciting things I have ever seen...you made the impossible possible guys....I just love watching the video's of your restoration...bless, bless, bless you!!!
Damn Brent, the extreme highs and lows of this project are something to behold. It seems to me that the crazy unpredictable stuff is in the very fabric of the town from the beginning and that legacy is just continuing. Such a testament to the whole team's hard work and perseverance that despite all the challenges, the American Hotel will be rebuilt, and more.
Mitchell Barnow
I'm so sorry about the flash flood, but I'm thrilled that everyone is alright!
Dave and his crew seem like solid dudes. Big respect to them for helping out so much.
Small Cat Big World
I so admire your tenacity. The things your have had to organize to get the hotel rebuilt. So many people would have given up, and you just keep trucking along. It's incredibly inspiring, and I hope one day I can come and see it in person.
Lil Honey's World
I really hope you guys are okay up there. The internet keeps showing the devastation at Death Valley National Park. It's really heartbreaking to see such great progress and then, another set back. Stay strong! We're all rooting for you. 🙂
Hind Sagar
Hind Sagar 28 gün önce
The sheer perseverance of this man is Outstanding! Been watching since the days before the hotel burned down! Now, after 2 years he is still going on this.
• frostedjosieos
I don’t know why, but I suddenly got very emotional watching the moment where you all successfully moved the tank from the semi to the military truck. Something about a group of passionate people doing exactly what they’re so good at doing, and loving it.
Luna B
I was thoroughly STOKED for 26min 20sec- so happy to see everything that went into so epic an accomplishment. I did not see that last minute coming. Seeing the road like that, totally unrecognizable from the few times I've driven it and realizing how it'll affect things, is crushing. I'm so sorry. It's just one more thing to overcome, but I have all the faith in you, your people, and CG's extended community of supporters & volunteers.
Knowing what we all know now, I have nothing but mad respect for all of the folks who made this happen. I hope one day to visit Brent at Cerro Gordo, the Diesel Bros at their base, and all the other channels in this community I’ve adopted as family.
Miguel Sieglaff
Miguel Sieglaff 14 saatler önce
What a massive feat easily overcome by people with a vision and goal. No doubt the Lord blessed this giant step towards bringing Cerro Gordo back to life! Keep up the great work Brent.
omg...That last bit hit so hard. Really shows how hard it is to keep an operation going. Constant setbacks. Stay strong brother! Sending positive vibes from Texas!
Hate to hear that about the flood! We just had the same flash flood in EKY and it destroyed so many places, and killed so many people. Such an insane experience to survive through this weather that has recently come upon us. We have some people in our area that are looking at 6 months to a year before theyll get water restored. Prayers you all get everything fixed as soon as possible!
After seeing the news about the 1000 year flood in death valley, it occurred to me to check up on how it affected you. It's simply amazing that you got the tank up the hill less than 50 hours before the heavens opened! When I saw that wall of rain early on, I was super worried, but thankfully it held off.
David Messersmith
One thing you can do with a firewater tank that has a specific code volume requirement is use the higher level as a buffer for everyday water use. The take off would need to be above the level for the required volume. That allows you to have some circulation in the big tank so it’s not stagnant.
Keeping you all in prayers there from all of my family to everyone in Cerro Gordo. Know that you are doing a great thing and we all love seeing it happen.
Patricia S
Hello from the UK. I was heartbroken when the hotel and all of it's history got burnt down too. But I am so amazed by your determination to rebuild the American Hotel.
Scent Mama
I'm such a huge fan of your channel. Your skillset for telling your story and sharing the history of the town, has sucked me in since the beginning. Even though we don't know each other, I feel like we do! Brent, your vision is contagious and people feed into that and can't help but want to be a part of this. I live in Alberta Canada and hope that one day I can't visit and meet you in person. So amazing to watch this all unfold!
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