SOLVED: Missing 72-year-old Marine Veteran Found Underwater in SUV (John Zarkowski)

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John Zarkowski, 72, a Veteran of the Marine Corps who served his country in Vietnam, went missing after he was last seen driving his Chevy Tahoe at 4:30 A.M. September 3rd, 2021.

This missing person documentary brings you alongside Adventures With Purpose's search on September 21st, 2021, following the clues John left behind, leading to the discovery of where John and his SUV had gone missing in the Missouri River 2-weeks earlier, before being found and recovered by AWP.

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September 21, 2021, AWP began our search for 72-year-old Veteran John Zarkowski who was last seen on Friday, September 3, 2021, at 4:30 a.m. departing his residence - possibly without his shoes, phone, or wallet.

AWP was in Omaha at 11:45 p.m. getting ready to work a missing person case the next morning when they received a call from Jacob Grubbs from Chaos Divers ( bit.ly/SubChaosDivers ) after a friend of John's family reached out asking for help from anyone to come in search of John who was believed to have driven his White 2018 Tahoe LTZ into the Missouri River.

We connected the next morning with the lead investigators, Tony Hemmer and Sgt. Doug Durkan from the CASS County Sheriff's Department along with members of John's family.

Around 5:30 p.m. we identified a target in the Missouri River outside of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, and around 7:45 p.m. we confirmed it was John's Chevy Tahoe, 22' underwater.

Returning the next day (September 22, 2021), we struggled as this was one of our most difficult recoveries to date because of the heavy current of the Missouri River.

Early afternoon the Tahoe came out of the Missouri River at 12:59 p.m.

It was confirmed, John Zarkowski was inside the SUV.

A big thank you to the CASS County Sheriff's Office, Plattsmouth Fire Department, dive teams from the Omaha Fire Department along with Yutan Fire and Rescue, the City of Plattsmouth for providing a front loader and operator to clear a path to the work zone, and Neff Towing for volunteering their services.

We are humbled by the opportunity all of you have given us to help in the search for answers as to what happened to John.

Hug the ones you love for you never know when it might be the last time you see them.

As of the release of this documentary, because of your support: 16 Missing Person Cold Cases Have Been Solved since 2019, bringing resolution and answers to families looking for their lost loved ones.

The AWP Movement would not be possible without your support, helping us travel the US offering our services for FREE to families searching for their lost loved ones.

If you would like to donate to Help Further Our Efforts, please use the following link.

Thank You,
Jared Leisek (AWP Founder)

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Adventures with Purpose
The detective in this episode was outstanding. He was so supportive and grateful for their help. This is 100% how the rest of them should be modelling their behaviour. Outstanding guy.
Alivia Puhalla
My grandfather was a vet who lived in grad island and was actually good friends with John. He almost cried when he saw he was found. Thank you for all you do
Wicked Lee
When the officer shook hands and said that the dirt didn’t matter….that was straight up class. He’s a good man.
Jean Wills-Taylor
I loved hearing the detective say "you're the expert" wow you guys have come far from people treating you like you were intruding. When the reality is you are the experts having done this in so many different bodies of water. It made me feel proud for you. x
As a Marine Vet myself, thank you for bringing a fellow brother home 🤝
Jordan Tipton
Let’s give a shout out to the law enforcement agencies that are cooperative and appreciate what you guys are doing!!! It’s about the victim and their families and not about who did or did not do the job correctly.
Matt WhoisMatt Johnson
I know other people have said it, but I wanna echo that your production quality is getting so good! Stellar editing, coverage, and sound design!
Janelle Dunn
Jared and Doug,
I think that investigator from Nick Allens case could learn a thing or 2 from this investigator. I literally cried when the bulldozer came out. It's like he was grateful for the help and would provide anything you needed to do what you do best. As usual, great work guys. So happy the family has closure. ❤️
Megan Marie
Love this detective! He seems to actually care about his job and his cases! This is the first time I've seen a detective show up like this and do what he can to help and actually appreciate what AWP does!
Argent Draconis
I found this channel earlier tonight and have been binge watching. It's hard not to cry at every single episode, but this one is hitting me hard because my own dad is a 70 year old military veteran. I am so glad there are people like this to give families closure.
This man made it to the pearly gates at the same time my father did. My father passed September 3rd, 2021 at 4:30AM. I hope they walked in together. RIP Papa and RIP Mr. Zarkowski
This has to be a textbook example of how a detective should behave. What an absolute legend.
Des Ramps
The fact that everybody explored every avenue on how to bring the vehicle out without losing whomever was inside.. just beautiful consideration. Never giving up and thinking to just leave the vehicle there. I don't know the victim or family but thank you regardless on the extensive efforts to bring him home and give the family closure
tamara pierre
As the wife of a disabled vet with mental issues THANK YOU!!! There are so many service members who are suffering some in silence some not but to see the compassion you had for him and his family shows that there is a light in this otherwise dark world. THANK YOU!!
Black Tara
Realize every safety precaution is taken but these dives still look dangerous. Thank you for your hard work, time, risks & money invested in these investigations & recoveries. Amazing work.
Janie Benz
I have a deathly fear of water, so every time you guys dive my heart goes nuts. I found your channel about 3 weeks ago and you are definitely addicting.. I also watch the other dive shows that you work with. You guys are amazing. Thank you for what you do. Stay safe.
Jennifer Lawson
As an “adopted” daughter, granddaughter and fiancée of past and recently fallen servicemen two to horrible circumstances I can’t express enough the importance of what these men do to bring closure to grieving families of lost loved ones. Kudos and respect to all of your team for all that you do.
Mike Sheehan
Semper Fi. Thank you for bringing a fellow Marine home.
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