Solo Truck Camping in Sub-Freezing Weather

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30 Kas 2021




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Jasper Aylar önce
Your winter vids are by far my favorite. I can’t wait for more!
xDmztry vsvedine
xDmztry vsvedine 22 gün önce
Same. I love watching in the winter cuz it’s fun trying some of the stuff he does, when there’s snow outside.
Momma Bear
Momma Bear 28 gün önce
I second that!!
Daddy Aylar önce
@JoelRichardson which one? Could u share the link
Spookily Aylar önce
Liam C
Liam C Aylar önce
Vaxus Aylar önce
Hey Mav! I'm a 13 year old kid from minnesota, I love your content so much and I definitely want to be a trucker and do what you do. I enjoy my time as a kid knowing that I dont have to pay rent or bills, and I know it can get lonely sometimes, but im excited. Feeling that fresh nostalgic minnesota air means so much to me. Love you Mav, I speak for many kids. -Michael
Madzzz 11 gün önce
Same with me! I think it would be so cool to live in a car or van!
Just Some Madara With A Mustache
Nah.you're a 13 y/o chad
GLOCKROCK2013 26 gün önce
Nice voice for a 13 year old boy. Might you have a great life.
13 year old man 🗿
Federico Pereira Benavente
Uchiha Madara approves
C Fau
C Fau Aylar önce
Hey, thanks for your work! Found you some weeks ago and love the videos. I live in the mountains and was doing a lot of camping and outdoor stuff in my youth....watching your videos i realized with all the work and live going on it has been almost 4 years that i did a night out in the woods...so last weekend i packed my stuff and spent a night in the woods by a fire! It was balm for the soul doing that again, Thanks Mav it was because of your videos!
DrewStand Aylar önce
You can literally see in real time Mav getting tired of being in his truck and wanting to be back in his house!
Chuck N
Chuck N 26 gün önce
He seems more aware of responsibility in life and feeling the urge to live in the real world again! Nothing wrong with that
Justin Rides
Justin Rides Aylar önce
Zaki Krum
Zaki Krum Aylar önce
Hey Mav, have you ever thought about camping outside or near Area 51 in vegas? That would be a really cool content, recording the endless nightsky and possibly seeing a UFO.
Virginia Aylar önce
Such a good idea!!!!
Ahr Aylar önce
TBH I would really love to see him do that as well, sounds like a great idea.
Greg Gottfried
Greg Gottfried Aylar önce
@Mav New to the channel. Lovin' it! Seems like you're the good luck charm for everyone else to catch fishing. If you're down in Florida and want to share that good fishing luck let me know.
K Butler
K Butler Aylar önce
Doesn't look weird.
Will Hawes
Will Hawes Aylar önce
@DeviantHNTR idk it just looks weird
DeviantHNTR Aylar önce
@Will Hawes why do you care?
Will Hawes
Will Hawes Aylar önce
Why did you @ him
MuG. Aylar önce
Peter Pain
Peter Pain Aylar önce
Always thought the bike tire was a great idea but i think it could be improved with Armaflex (the stuff wrapped around waterlines to keep them from freezing). I'd get some 2mm and 5mm rolls and put the 2mm beween the gap on both sides. Like a as-wide-as-the-roll is window-frame all around. Then build a trench of sorts for the tire with the 6mm armaflex so it can never touch metal or slip out yet fully seals the gap. Even if only lightly inflated. The Armaflex would also do wonders on the blinds and gaps in the back-flap. It's pretty good insulation Should be good to -40C at least. Also makes for a mean makeshift seat cushion that also insulted from the ground. Thanks for sharing.
Ryan Pierce
Ryan Pierce Aylar önce
Hey Mav, I noticed it’s been a while since you have posted videos other than this newest one. I just wanted to say that the first few episodes that I have seen have been awesome. I hope you keep this up and continue to enjoy your hobbies. I wish you the best.
Tina K.
Tina K. Aylar önce
Ya know, watching these videos makes me so much more eager to get a truck after college hopefully and do some truck camping, and some regular camping as well. If I hadn't found your videos, I wouldn't have that type of daily motivation! Doing stuff with your family is amazing but sometimes you just gotta have some alone time lol...and truck camping is a big goal of mine for the near future! FUTURE VIDEO SUGGESTION: CAMPING WITH A FAN!
Jaime Gatewood
Jaime Gatewood Aylar önce
I am a recent subscriber and LOVE your videos! I commented to say that so long as you are staying safe and making educated decisions on weather conditions etc, camp anywhere your heart desires! “Life is a highway!” As they say, continue to have fun doing what you love, stay safe, and keep on keepin on my friend ☺️ Much love from Riverside CA!
Arbuckle Aylar önce
Can't stop watching your videos brother. You're so unique and I feel like I know you through these videos. Keep being you ✌️
ChSgaming Aylar önce
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Freya Trueandonlyqueengoddess Daethtoallimpostors
I am the unique being -- and people are not unique, so that misused term must be edited out!
Samuel Castillo
Samuel Castillo Aylar önce
Saskia Silcock
Saskia Silcock Aylar önce
Hey Mav, been watching your videos for the past 2 weeks straight and I'm addicted! Maybe you should try not only catch and cook with your fish but to also use one of those filter water straws or show us how easy it can be to get this and clean/filter this while you're out on a camping trip! From England, UK 😁
Mitch Webb
Mitch Webb Aylar önce
Among all the positive support you get I’ll give you some more lol. Great vids dude before I came across your stuff I was curious as to how I’d go about winter camping in Alberta winters. Nobody’s out there really doing it like you. Stay true to yourself dude your videos reflect that it’s your best look.
ItsAndrewJames Aylar önce
I’ve been binge-watching your channel for a week straight. Your content is golden. I’m from England, UK. I also have relatives in Minnesota who do something similar to you. Maybe you’ll bump into her, she’s called Laurel! I can give you her full name if you message me. She’s a real adventurer and will have lots of things to see and do. Keep up the absolutely amazing work 👌😊
Kennon Nazerian
Kennon Nazerian Aylar önce
Absolutely love the winter camping videos. They are my absolute favorite. Keep up the good work Mav
Taylor VanBeek
Taylor VanBeek Aylar önce
Love the truck camper build! You've inspired me to start camping out of my truck. I currently have a set up built inside the cab of my truck but looking for a camper shell like yours right now.
Erubus Aylar önce
Your winter vids are by far my favorite. I can’t wait for more! 💚💚💚
_janaelifee Aylar önce
Can’t believe we’re already back to winter videos ! This man has the best content !
Action6 Aylar önce
Just randomly found your channel and have been watching for like 3 hours now. This is such refreshing content and relaxes me so much. You're awesome man.
A L Aylar önce
I’m not sure why Mav but your videos treat my depression when I watch them kind of feel like I’m there out in the open enjoying with you whatever cool thing it is you’re doing. Cheers mate from the UK👍
james cooper
james cooper Aylar önce
This guy reals me in it’s so entertaining yet if I was to describe it to anyone it’s just a guy and some cold weather. I am fully binge watching. However I’m sure 11:39 in the afternoon is a thing hahaha
Meesh Aylar önce
Mav your videos are so fricken awesome man. I look forward to getting a meal and eating it while watching you. Seriously has gotten to the point where being able to relax for 15 minutes and eat while watching your videos makes my day. You're awesome, keep on truckin.
Jesus 11:11
Jesus 11:11 Aylar önce
I’m glad you got a mental break and bring us along your camping trips! I hope you take more time doing what you love! God bless you.
Lady G.
Lady G. Aylar önce
I love your videos!! What an awesome way to have some downtime.. Fishing and camping in your truck.. Life just doesn’t get better than that!
Dfreethinker Hearts
I’m not a trucker or a camper but I really enjoy Mav’s videos. Keep up the good positive videos Mav.
Weedman Smoker
Weedman Smoker Aylar önce
cant believe it was just last winter i found you ice fishing and camping. Ive watched your entire trip and it inspires me to want to do this so much. Thanks Mav for the good times yo
Devan Smith
Devan Smith Aylar önce
I want to see more ice fishing videos with Dan! Those videos are great.
Jenirose Vergara
Jenirose Vergara Aylar önce
This is fun ☺️ I can experience snow by just watching ❄️❄️ love it Mav 🥰 🇵🇭
Brandon Proctor
Brandon Proctor Aylar önce
For some reason I love seeing the cold winter camping with a heater to see how warm you can keep it in the truck when it’s freezing outside!
Dam Aylar önce
Can't believe I've been watching you for almost a whole year now. I look forward to your videos every week, feels like I've been taken on the journey along with you during that long road trip.
Freya Trueandonlyqueengoddess Daethtoallimpostors
I can't believe I've been sleeping in sleeping bags since 2018 -- it's like, I'm 'camping' in my room...
Kaptain Klutch
Kaptain Klutch Aylar önce
I was thinking the same thing it has been a year now for me too
Analu Kahihikolo
Analu Kahihikolo Aylar önce
I recommend Snowboarding for obvious reasons, maybe kayak fishing as well. I appreciate your hard work and efforts into these videos Mav! Stay motivated.
Rods Rundowns
Rods Rundowns Aylar önce
One of the only content creators who stays consistent and humble . Good stuff man
Tyler Frizel
Tyler Frizel Aylar önce
Mav inspired me to pack up and be on the road, I'm just in high school but I recently went on a 6 hour road trip solo with no destination from Northern New England and met some cool people along the way and I got the idea to drive the whole cape cod Penninsula and slept and lived in my car. I slept at the Chattem lighthouse and coast guard station, in my 2014 Ford. And woke up at the Crack of dawn and jumped in the ocean( fully aware of the great white shark warning). One of the highlights of my life hope to have many more highlights on the road. Thank mav for your content you should go to the white Mountains in NH.
Najmi Isemaail
Najmi Isemaail Aylar önce
Greetings Mav from Malaysia. Love watching you do solo camp adventure with your truck. Cooking outdoors seems so much fun. How about go into the winter woods and make campfire in the night.
Lil Red Heidi Hood
Lil Red Heidi Hood Aylar önce
Wowww that lil trout spot looked like heaven!
DrewStand Aylar önce
@isaac matity he better be sliding up in those dm’s of this queen!
isaac matity
isaac matity Aylar önce
I love how Mav is curving this dime, what else should I expect.
Savanah Ortega
Savanah Ortega Aylar önce
I'm so proud of you! Thank you for your amazing content. Keep up the good work!
Louise M
Louise M Aylar önce
I wish I was brave enough to do this! Looks like so much fun 🤩 but I couldn’t do it alone
nlaps Aylar önce
Your winter vids are by far my favorite. I can’t wait for more!
LovesHorror Aylar önce
I want to see more of your new house and I love to watch your cooking, fishing, etc., you are very interesting without having to make yourself freeze to death Mav!
Zach Milligan
Zach Milligan Aylar önce
Have you ever been down to Ohio/Kentucky? There’s not...a whole lot to do other than: camp, fish, and go on trails (at the moment). I’d love to see some more “Day in the Life” stuff: truck maintenance, stocking supplies, scouting out camping sites, etc.
craig m
craig m Aylar önce
Hay mav I'm from a small town on lake Erie there is Cedar point,rock and roll hall of fame,all the tourist spots to visit all along lake Erie lots to do in Ohio juuuust not in the winter but ya for shur would like too see ya come out this ways
Maximus Aylar önce
B-gen Spinster
B-gen Spinster Aylar önce
I agree with Zach. The day to day stuff would be good to see.
Nolan Reif
Nolan Reif Aylar önce
Red river gorge is awesome in kentucky
Kevin Nordstrom
Kevin Nordstrom Aylar önce
PIB is the "keywest" of the Midwest lol
pan little
pan little Aylar önce
Your winter vids are by far my favorite. I want more from you!
Anton Matievski
Anton Matievski Aylar önce
Mav, I want to see you go skiing or snowboarding!! I live in New Jersey and I've taken several trips to Vermont or West Virginia in my truck where I'd drive into a ski resort and camp in the parking lot the night before a snowstorm. Then in the morning, you strap in to boots and hit the slopes. It's a budget way to do snowboarding even though you still gotta pony up for lift tickets.
Cheyenne Rose
Cheyenne Rose Aylar önce
I cannot speak for anyone else but I would love to see you do some snowboarding 🏂 this winter. Much love, stay warm & KEEP ON TRUCKIN! ❤️👍🏼
Adrian Struwig
Adrian Struwig Aylar önce
Just recently started watching your channel man. Love the videos!!! The solo camping thing is really appealing to me and I would love to give it a bash in the future!
MattBalloon1115 Aylar önce
Mav your videos are seriously inspiring!! I am currently in the process of editing my first winter tent camping. It’s not too exciting because it’s just in my back yard but it’s a start and I plan on doing some Prius camping in the future too :)
T k
T k Aylar önce
Hey Mav, do you think you'll ever do an east coast trip? Lots of great camping in Georgia and surrounding states.
Dawn Kloosterman
Dawn Kloosterman Aylar önce
It’s cool watching your videos man. My girl and I are living in our Ford Flex right now, but we have the same buddy heater as you and know how tricky it can be staying in your vehicle! Those buddy heaters work great and keep the truck circulated pretty damn good 👍 keep making these videos man because I love watching them 👌✌️💯
Flipper-do Aylar önce
Hey Mav, your tailgate latch just needs adjustment. Use a T40 bit and take off the plastic on your tailgate and inside there will be 2 clips holding the rods that open your tailgate. Pop the clips up to access the rods and pull them tight so there’s no slack. Pop the rods back in while keeping them tight and pop them back in. Then snap the plastic clips back and the latch will work again. Keep up the great videos!
[DFD]Jenna_ Tolls
[DFD]Jenna_ Tolls Aylar önce
Wassup Mac I’ve been watching your vids lately while school had been a lot I watch your videos and takes my mind off things super excited for winter to be here I think you should try out snowboarding for the winter and shred up the mountains if you have any out there yeww!🤙🏼
Katelyn Maylee
Katelyn Maylee Aylar önce
Really liked this episode, Mav! Super laid back vibes, a nice little change of pace from some of the more involved and planned out recipes/trips/activities (although those are awesome as well). Thanks for making such enjoyable content, keep on truckin’!
HF Aylar önce
Very well said! My exact thoughts
The Joya's
The Joya's Aylar önce
Hi mav! I can't stop watching your videos. You inspire mo to live in the truck or in a van. I really really love winter. 💜 Watching from manila philippines. Someday i will experience that snow. 😁
Jacob Swenson
Jacob Swenson Aylar önce
You somehow make camping in freezing weather look fun
Craig Cothern
Craig Cothern Aylar önce
I’d really like to see a video of what all you bring with you when you do your ice fishing camping videos and how you pack it all into the sled. Thanks man. Love the vids!!
410 Nick
410 Nick Aylar önce
Ever since I found your page I can’t stop watching ya videos it’s like I’m binge watching a tv show lol but long story short I’m enjoying it and keep up the good work with the content Mav 👍🏽
Julian No Last Name
Recently found your videos, and I watch them whenever I need to relax. You’re an incredibly calming personality, and the way you edit and film makes me feel like I’m right there with you
410 Nick
410 Nick Aylar önce
Ever since I found your page I can’t stop watching ya videos it’s like I’m binge watching a tv show lol but long story short I’m enjoying it and keep up the good work with the content Mav 👍🏽
Nicholas Mortallaro
Nicholas Mortallaro 13 gün önce
Thanks so much for keeping your videos kid friendly. I love that you don’t drink or curse in them. You’re a class act Mav.
Wolf 3
Wolf 3 Aylar önce
Tailgate not opening is a really simple fix, you just have to remove the stainless cover you put on and then the panel exposing the latch mechanism. There you will find some plastic green adjustment tabs. (:
john foppe
john foppe Aylar önce
And until you do what Wolf said, if you push on it when you pull the handle it will probably work for you.
Cole Castelo
Cole Castelo Aylar önce
Hi Mav, Big fan of your videos, they inspire me to get outside! However, one thing that worried me during this particular video was the lack of potato washing. I was wondering if you washed them off-camera or if the eating of the unwashed root vegetable was some sort of daredevil stunt. Thank you, and God bless. -co
Sam Carey
Sam Carey Aylar önce
As a fellow winter car camper, I love seeing you try out different strategies to stay warm while camping in the winter!
Jomzai Aylar önce
Hello Mav, long time watcher. I have visited Minnesota in January 2019 and it was awesome can't wait to visit again! I spent 1 week in the northern part of it. It would be really interesting if you did a video with a tent sauna, "telttasauna" we call it. J
Archangels Pythons
Archangels Pythons Aylar önce
Once the ice is thick enough I'd love to see a week long ice camping thing or something similar
Jimbojet Aylar önce
When you’re shopping starts with carrot, celery and onion I know we’re in for a pot of stew or soup. Great camp cooking! How you do it in the back of a truck? Oh, you’re organised for it I know and you are obviously enjoying it too. After all, I do it whilst out on my bike! With no heating at all! To be honest I try to keep my activities for summer, but the occasional winter camp-out is always good. At the moment, we are hunkering down here in the U.K. (Wales) as our temps are in the minus Celsius range. Still getting out riding for as long as it’s dry enough, I’ll never be a fair weather only rider. You’re already using the same type of recipe that I use, so I won;t bother you with another soup. I do use Expedition packet/pouch meals as a lazy but good meal. Usually high in proteins and carbs for the necessary energy requirement the following day and to help me sleep. I’m enjoying your vids Mav, always good fun and not miserable in any way. Thank you, ‘keep on trucking’.
Catherine ferguson
Catherine ferguson Aylar önce
Hi Mav, I would like to see you do an overnight in the bug in the winter, love your videos, that soup looked well yummy, all the Mav and keep on trucking. Xxx
jr Aylar önce
You've encouraged me to take a couple nights away from the family and do a solo winter Snow trip 🤙🤙
NATE PILON Aylar önce
I love the ice fishing/camp videos, been getting into some ice fish/camp trips myself over the last few years up here in the berkshires of western Massachusetts…keep on truckin!!
Ice Cee
Ice Cee Aylar önce
This guy gives me good vibes 😎 love the outdoors
Amanda Dunbar
Amanda Dunbar Aylar önce
new to the channel and loving these winter truck camping vids! keep them coming!
Amanda Dunbar
Amanda Dunbar Aylar önce
new to the channel and loving these winter truck camping vids! keep them coming!
URBN LeafSJ Aylar önce
I really didn't know that you didn't enjoy camping in the cold. You have done tons of them. I feel kinda guilty knowing that you don't really like making these types of videos. But they are highly entertaining and they are inspiring me to up my camping game. I would suggest that instead of these extreme cold camping videos, why not just find some amazing places, views, and off-the-beaten path type areas and camp there. This country is full of weird fire roads and natural wonders. Have you thought about going back to MOAB? Maybe some New Mexico stuff? Have you been to Louisiana? Just spitballing. Keep it up Mav. You rock.
Gear Bangin' Entertainment
i agree! he is a sellout!
HF Aylar önce
@lady2550 I don’t remember asking you. Also, is that last sentence a statement or a question? Questions use question marks, and statements use periods. Remember?
lady2550 Aylar önce
@HF why are you worried about it? Are you writing a book as well? See it works both ways. Who made you the comment police and made you feel entitled to be mean.
lady2550 Aylar önce
@HF why are you worried about it? Are you writing a book as well? See it works both ways. Who made you the comment police and made you feel entitled to be mean.
HF Aylar önce
When are you publishing this novel?
MrChico929 Aylar önce
Would be neat to see some snowmobile adventures 😁🤙🏽
Utku Timurçin
Utku Timurçin Aylar önce
A weekend out in the woods winter camping. It sure will be refreshing for you and we’d love to see what one can do 2-3 days in a row in the woods with his truck
Alee Haider
Alee Haider Aylar önce
I hardly missed any of his winter camping videos from last year. Excited and looking forward
Juan Blanco
Juan Blanco Aylar önce
I own a business in the city and i’m pretty much stuck here forever. Lately, i’ve been living life vicariously through this guy
Nathan Hovey
Nathan Hovey Aylar önce
Home Depot sells this weatherstripping that would work perfect in between the cab in the bed of the truck instead of that inner tube. I would say that it's industrial-strength. I've used it to put underneath the garage door instead of the Rubber seal to keep out mice and it has worked perfectly.
James Bond
James Bond Aylar önce
Do they work on the new tundra where the window rolls down all the way?
Jack FnTwist
Jack FnTwist Aylar önce
What's it called? I tried self sticking weatherstripping foam on my garage door but it didn't stick.
Peter Pain
Peter Pain Aylar önce
The same stuff we call armaflex over here? No clue if that's a brand name. Like neoprene with sticky-tape on one side in sheets or on a roll? Insulated a whole vw bus with it once to make it "alps ready" back decades ago ;) Worked fine.
Juan Pierre Spies
Juan Pierre Spies Aylar önce
@Mav Love your winter videos. Quick question, what weather app are you using?
ThePunisher27xX Aylar önce
Another great video as always man, love these winter ones so relaxing and the food you make. Always yummy looking lol. Can't wait too see more my man!.
cherl golja
cherl golja Aylar önce
That weather brings back a lot of memories, I was born raised in Wisconsin ❄️don’t miss it , living in northern CA wine country for over 4O years now love the weather hate politics 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Chaz Attebury
Chaz Attebury Aylar önce
@Mav your channel is dope bro just a quick question I would love to do this when I get older, What job are you employed in that will let you go camping like this all the time?
Maike K
Maike K Aylar önce
You got this Mav ! It's okay to let people help you, we weren't built to do everything on our own. Can't wait for the winter video's! Take care of yourself 🍀
Valerie Jo Thompson
I really enjoy watching your videos. I love how you look out for the environment and the animals and fish.
danika richardson
danika richardson Aylar önce
i just found your channel and i love the videos! Try the backpacking trail/camp at Split Rock, me and my friends love camping up there. Its quite the journey to get around but so worth it. Much love from the Twin Cities!
Rene B.
Rene B. Aylar önce
From SoCal so am quite excited to see snow fishing coming back and hopefully something I get to do in the future!
Jacob Manetta
Jacob Manetta Aylar önce
You should do a snowboard camp on a nearby park! Great video Mav. Keep on truckin!
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus Aylar önce
Is a fellow mid western. I love you vids man. And dude u came across your video a few years ago where u were robbed. Been a few years and I smile at how "keep truckin" exactly what you been doing and made my day. If a fellow Minnesotan can get through it. We all can. It's Minnesota. Love you Mav. Good vibes heading your way from Waconia
Rwtirish1 Aylar önce
Heart didnt seem to in this one bubba. Hope all is well. We all love the camping vids and I love the meals you throw in as well. Keep up the solid work and happy holidays!
SpursNation 47
SpursNation 47 Aylar önce
Instantly subbed to your channel after a few vids. Great content, and always positive vibes. Keep them coming sir ty
Jen Psaki is hot
Jen Psaki is hot Aylar önce
Just found your channel a few days ago and love it! You seem like a great guy and I envy your freedom in life. Don't ever give up!
epicgamezzzz Aylar önce
I'm an indoor man myself, not much of a traveller but your vids make me think otherwise, there's a good side to it (other than the cold). Just started watching your vids and I'm hooked, The solo winter vids are my favourites.
String Aylar önce
I dont know where you get the balls to go out and camp like you do! Solo camping takes guts and enjoying being by yourself.
Tanner Cason
Tanner Cason Aylar önce
Hey Mav. Hope the winters not stopping ya but yea. I just started watch ur vids when I found ur channel very recently. And I been binge watching. Favorite part is seeing you cook all sorts of stuff. Your like 5 star chef in the woods or truck lol. But it would be awesome to get to fish with ya and camp maybe and definitely cook with ya. Maybe a deer meat dish even just once lol but yea. Love the vids bro keep doing what ya doing
CamV2s Aylar önce
Love the winter camping vids, definitely my favorite
Northman Aylar önce
Love all the videos, I have for awhile but I have to comment that when I watch you cook and eat in the back it makes me think that the sleeping area HAS TO smell like stank food and onion farts…… good thing you’re always solo. Keep on trucking ✌🏻
K. Ruemenapp
K. Ruemenapp Aylar önce
I’m from Michigan and watch every single one of my videos and I would absolutely love to see you do a camping trip by all five different great lakes, I think it would be so interesting to see how all of them respond differently in the winter time
Paul Rivera
Paul Rivera Aylar önce
Dude you are saving me soooo much money 💵 💰 I live in Texas and I can’t bring myself to use the heat. If you can sleep 💤 😴 overnight in your vehicle 🚗 and wake up with chunks of ice 🧊 in your water jug then I can handle indoor temperatures in the 60’s. Keep up the great 👍 work dude !!!
Nancy Osmun
Nancy Osmun Aylar önce
Hi Mav, I would like to suggest a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag about 1 hour before you get into it. I know its old-school but it does work. Love you, love your channel. My son has you as one of the TRvidrs to watch!
abdul shukoor
abdul shukoor Aylar önce
Winter is coming. I can't wait to see the coming videos. Much love from india Mav. Keep rocking🚀🚀
Payton Rankin
Payton Rankin Aylar önce
Keep up the good work man you're winter videos are the best 😀
Tristan Pereira
Tristan Pereira Aylar önce
I’m like the least camping friendly person and yet find all these videos super addicting!
Dawson Lockwood
Dawson Lockwood Aylar önce
11:39am in the afternoon? I think u def needed this mental break lol! Love your videos btw especially winter camping in the truck
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