Solo Car Camping in -18 Degrees 

Ryan Trahan
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thanks to Google and Samsung for sponsoring this video (and this camping trip) #TeamAndroid #GalaxyZFlip4 #ad
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30 Mar 2023




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Ali Koca
No one makes simple videos more entertaining than Ryan
Ryan you are my motivation for TRvid. You make me smile
I just love how Ryan lives his live the way we all dream to do. Just pure happiness on his side, loving what he does, no matter how hard, weird it may seem to anyone. Ryan, you are the most amazing person I have ever seen! Keep up your good work.
Levi Steffen
can we talk about the fact that ryan constantly lowkey makes fun of his own stupid jokes and then laughed at them. his sarcastic and funny narration is literally what i aspire to be
george !
ryan makes his videos feel so personal and cozy - they warm my heart ngl
hannah bentley
just found this man , and I have to say that I’m really enjoying him already ! love how the videos are simple , but in the best way possible. just shows you don’t have to put on a HUGE show to get people to like you. you really seem like an approachable person , too , and I appreciate that. you‘ve earned yourself a new subscriber ! ❤
That'll Work
I could watch you do literally anything and be entertained 😂
Ryan knows EXACTLY how to keep us entertained for hours
The quirky wall breaks and camera sets quickly have Ryan becoming my favourite content creator.
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
I could watch Ryan stare at a rock for 3 days and still be entertained
Ava Elms
Ava Elms 14 gün önce
You know this just shows how Ryan cares for his viewers not what he wants to do
Ryan can make any random thing entertaining, and I'm all here for it
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
I love how much personality he packs into each video! Car camping is a blast!
JK Gaming
I love how Ryan always explains how long it took and what he had to do to get certain video clips. Like in the penny series he would walk away and then say, “I still need to get that”
Bella 21 gün önce
I don't know why but Ryan is just so wholesome
Jeffery James
Ryan has a cool ability to make viewers feel like there are with him on his experiences.
As someone from Colorado, I can say it's very fun to watch you camping in the freezing cold 😂 Although, I have no idea where you went where it gets THAT cold, probably far up in the mountains I'm guessing? Anyway, great vid as always!
Maria ღ
Doesn’t matter what content he makes, he always makes it funny to watch! I always look forward to new content from Ryan haha
Emerald Odi
Ryan makes awkward situations funny.