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Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer - Solo 100k Nightfall The Glassway / Solo Glassway Nightfall w/ 100k Score / Solo 100000 Legend Score Nightfall for Pinnacle Reward / Solo 100,000 Legend Nightfall on a Warlock. Just a quick video showing a 100k run of the Nightfall this week for the pinnacle reward, while clearing all of the Champions for a Platinum reward on Legend difficulty. Details below.

Basically the seasonal ritual at this point, soloing the 100k nightfall for a pinnacle drop. Might do master later in the week, but seeing as it basically ends up as a Grandmaster I've already done solo, I'll see how I go.

Two things I learned about this season while doing this. One, somehow Overload Champions are even more broken than ever. You can see multiple times I stunned the Overload and it just kept firing as if nothing had happened. I've had this happen in other locations too, and it's really annoying to deal with. I'm not sure if that's just down to the SMG or the class item mod I have on, but it's something that will hopefully be addressed - although I don't think any changes will be made.

The second (and unmentioned I think?), Warmind Cells were changed. Their appearance is slightly different, but most notably they seemed to buff the health of the cell itself, making them take longer to kill. After being used to them for so long, it's a weird change, but nothing too major.

PC setup:
MSI MPG Z490 Mobo, i9-10900k CPU, RTX 2080 Super GPU, 64GB DDR4 3200 C16 Ram, 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD, 8TB HDD

Keybindings can be seen here: trvid.com/video/video-RYtWyYUr9B8.html


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12 May 2021




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If I could change the BGM to anything I like, I will definitely change it to Doom's BGM and go solo Every time!!!!
Jinjajak Lovell
Jinjajak Lovell 5 aylar önce
@Esoterickk why were you shooting the overload captain in his feet?
NeViLLe PeTeRS 6 aylar önce
imagine how faster you would have done it if you had breach and clear unlocked!!
Andrew Sclafani
Andrew Sclafani 6 aylar önce
Hey man how do you get so many warminds to spawn. I think I have the same nods on like rage of the warmind where destroying one should cause another to spawn from solar splash but I can't seem to get it to work.
slakr2386 6 aylar önce
Samuele XVII
Samuele XVII 6 aylar önce
God, i finally find you
The Konrad
The Konrad 6 aylar önce
20:34 That moment when even Esoterickk gets distracted by an exotic engram.
san chan sama
san chan sama 6 aylar önce
Thank GOODNESS, someone else noticed the change in war mine Cell appearance.. thought I'd finally LOST It ✌🏽✌🏽
GURU TUGNMIPUDA 6 aylar önce
how did he spawn a warmind cell at 9min with anarchy?
Pro Clubs
Pro Clubs 6 aylar önce
how does he create so many warminds? Eso is the final raid boss
Apollo Venkman
Apollo Venkman 6 aylar önce
22 minutes well spent.
TheLegend27 6 aylar önce
AstagaDragon 6 aylar önce
no solo master yet?
Julian G
Julian G 6 aylar önce
Are you shooting the anarchy grenades to blow them up with the overload champions in the 2nd room? Why are you destroying his knees?
Lewis King
Lewis King 6 aylar önce
Bro you're nuckin futs. Dead azz insane. Wanna be like you when I grow up.
Satya Ranjan Prusty
Satya Ranjan Prusty 6 aylar önce
All hail to the God of D2.hats off and here we're struggling even in 1280 nf with a full fireteam!!!
Jean Theault
Jean Theault 6 aylar önce
Bien joué à toi, arcaniste killer. Pray the sun ☀
hypérionfrance 6 aylar önce
gg je ne passe pas encore le boss . je rip face a belmon mdr.
Ashantay Lumpkins
Ashantay Lumpkins 6 aylar önce
What gun it that u using where the electric comes out the sub machine gun
Zentinel_ 6 aylar önce
Ikelos mp V 1.02
Mackins77👑 6 aylar önce
6:40 "oh shit it's esoterickk" *proceeds to commit death*
Mackins77👑 6 aylar önce
21 fucking minutes.. ittook me 27 with a team with experience
Lord Bouzas
Lord Bouzas 6 aylar önce
Can any Guardian tell me, how the hell can create some many redballs?
Psychedelic Pikachu
Psychedelic Pikachu 6 aylar önce
Wrath of Rasputin mod can create warmind cells from warmind cell explosion or from solar splash damage
Æþ¡ 6 aylar önce
unfortunately, unstoppables are pretty rare, otherwise the GL mod would be super useful
Barry Kobayashi
Barry Kobayashi 6 aylar önce
the only strikes where Unstoppable Champions are common are the Cabal Nightfalls like "Insight Terminus" and "Arms Dealer", as well as the Taken Nightfall "Lake of Shadows". and then Unstoppable Champions can spawn in seasonal activities like the "Contact" public event, the "Seraph Tower" public event, "The Sundial", and "Battlegrounds". and they even appear in some Legend/Master Lost Sectors and in a location on the Moon patrol.
rocco197692 6 aylar önce
He use ikelos, nightwatch and anarchy, how he can spawn warmine cells without a seventh seraph weapon?
rocco197692 6 aylar önce
@Laurence thanks bro
Laurence 6 aylar önce
1. ikelos weapons generate warmind cells 2. there's an artifact mod that works like wrath of rasputin (solar splash damage generates warmind cells) but with void instead of solar
graywolf_photography 6 aylar önce
Eso is da king!
Stefano 6 aylar önce
6:42 ahahahahah he's like "HELL NO, Esoterick arrived" 😂
ČäřýŠmïťh 6 aylar önce
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Luke O
Luke O 6 aylar önce
Holy. Sheep. Shit. Did you really just do this? I did this already..you know. With a fire team, and on I’m a beginning loser level. But we beat this. Well done.
Patrick L
Patrick L 6 aylar önce
Why the resilience mod on the Contraverse Holds?
MrSpydaman20 6 aylar önce
21:25 that has to be the most aggressive suicide he has done to date. He didn't want to just kill the body, he wanted to kill the soul too lol. Keep up the god tier content.
Raxovitch Bloo
Raxovitch Bloo 6 aylar önce
I wish we could see Eso in pvp
victor Parenteau
victor Parenteau 6 aylar önce
I am suprised eso didnt pick the stunning warmind mod for champion
Vinny Silver
Vinny Silver 6 aylar önce
I can even find good people to 3 man this on.
EmettTheGreat 6 aylar önce
I couldn't finish boss fight on legend with lfg. I couldn't even imagine trying to solo it. Well played.
john Blaster
john Blaster 6 aylar önce
Destiny 2 is sucking... The same stuff and build since 3 seasons.
Saladmancer 6 aylar önce
Bdsm does exist yknow
Digital_Nex 6 aylar önce
i don’t get any loot from 1310 nfs it even says plat
Nicholas Giovanelli
Nicholas Giovanelli 6 aylar önce
Bro,what do you think about nova creating warmind cells?😂
Wolf King
Wolf King 6 aylar önce
I need ur help with this. should I keep the suandering blast or switch unstoppable grenade launcher?
M C 6 aylar önce
can't wait to fight you as the hidden boss in VoG
justen10 6 aylar önce
I heard that the mod “sundering blast” is bugged and is what is causing champions to not stun.
G. Garrett
G. Garrett 6 aylar önce
It's the Sundering Blast mod that's making overloads have to constantly be re-stunned. The explosion appears to override the stun similar to what freezes do to them.
A Cross
A Cross 6 aylar önce
jeff C.
jeff C. 6 aylar önce
that sniper like... Nope.. i’m out cuz he’s here LOL 6:40
Alexinator7777 6 aylar önce
I literally got the deathbringer catalyst from the same thing
Chase 6 aylar önce
Destiny is still the same ole lame game with the same ole lame loot! But I still watch your videos man. If that tells you anything. 👍🏻
Blake Stewart
Blake Stewart 6 aylar önce
Once in a lifetime sight: Estorickk loading into a LEGEND nightfall
Saimori 6 aylar önce
You make it seem like it’s just an ordinary strike
C. M.
C. M. 6 aylar önce
Let's go, first one of the season!
Caden Singley
Caden Singley 6 aylar önce
dude got the deathbringer catalyst at the end lets fucking go
MrNEwBorn 6 aylar önce
Is there any alternative guns that can be used? I don't have the heavy
Psychedelic Pikachu
Psychedelic Pikachu 6 aylar önce
I don't have anarchy so I use xenophage. But I just got the deathbringer catalyst so I'll be giving that a go
Michal Vatrt
Michal Vatrt 6 aylar önce
Iam asking same question, anyone know guys?
It's just Anti.
It's just Anti. 6 aylar önce
Andrew 6 aylar önce
New season, same mods and weapons. Bungie really needs to update their meta. Shit is getting old...
Trevor Hathcock
Trevor Hathcock 5 aylar önce
They need to just make a unstoppable mod barrier mod and overload mod and you can choose whatever weapon you like. I hate the fact you have to be stuck using whatever weapon they have as a mod.
Adnan Ertan
Adnan Ertan 6 aylar önce
How did u prevent spawning solar shanks while capturing before the boss fight?
Barry Kobayashi
Barry Kobayashi 4 aylar önce
Glassway's plate encounter changes between a solo team and co-op team. in solo, it's only Shanks and Exploders. in co-op, the Vandals and Heavy Shanks also spawn during that encounter.
aajw99001 6 aylar önce
He did okay. It's not like he's the only one that can do it
Hugh G Rection
Hugh G Rection 6 aylar önce
Man they gotta fix champions, what’s the point of wasting mod slots if they aren’t going to be actually stunned
Khalid Fraih
Khalid Fraih 6 aylar önce
Do grandmaster now
Quemeveswey 6 aylar önce
It took me 40 minutes with this fireteam I had
S.A Challenger
S.A Challenger 6 aylar önce
I hate this strike since you need to spend half of the time in the boss room
Husk onetap
Husk onetap 6 aylar önce
My man love flexing on people hes just to good
Mike Van Kasteren
Mike Van Kasteren 6 aylar önce
I've noticed you using top tier void on warlock a few times now for nightfalls
Mike Van Kasteren
Mike Van Kasteren 6 aylar önce
@One spicy1 Kebob2 is there a time limit to observing something? Didn't know we are all living according to your schedule. You need to lighten up.
One spicy1 Kebob2
One spicy1 Kebob2 6 aylar önce
@Mike Van Kasteren very late observation when he has used it for the past couple of gm and endgame content
Mike Van Kasteren
Mike Van Kasteren 6 aylar önce
@Oscar Oros it wasn't criticism, just an observation
Oscar Oros
Oscar Oros 6 aylar önce
I mean yea the exotic gives him grenade energy back and top tree makes your grenade bigger if you hold it down plus slow nova does lots of dps
The Green Ranger
The Green Ranger 6 aylar önce
Sweet! Was waiting for this. I need some guidance on my artifact. Lol
Abdul Muhaimin
Abdul Muhaimin 6 aylar önce
Pleiades Corrector this week
Alamo187 6 aylar önce
New season same old weapons
The Lament
The Lament 6 aylar önce
The best part of the video was the anarchy ornament
Shawn Wizzle
Shawn Wizzle 6 aylar önce
I've only used hand cannon overload so far and haven't had any trouble with overloads yet. Last season, though, even with Ticcu's Divination them things just weren't acting right.
Shawn Wizzle
Shawn Wizzle 6 aylar önce
@Sith 3P0 If they teleport, you may as well just reload and start over. It sucks.
Sith 3P0
Sith 3P0 6 aylar önce
I'm hoping that they fixed the overloads. Used to take a full smg mag to stun them.
gigi eso
AB187 6 aylar önce
I’m a no nonsense type of guy I LIKE BEFORE I WATCH
AlexFerch 5 aylar önce
T 6 aylar önce
Facts. 💯
lonechief7 6 aylar önce
RIP SMG loader you will be missed
Varicel 2
Varicel 2 6 aylar önce
Go PvP please 🥺🥺
SENNA350 6 aylar önce
Good job for the wyvern at 14:25 min
SENNA350 6 aylar önce
I got same catalyst
DvLs DEATHLY 6 aylar önce
The Lament
The Lament 6 aylar önce
Wdym this guy is a pve god
Gen1v1Rev 6 aylar önce
LoL @ 6:40 he said aite ima head out ya'll 🤣
humandxp 6 aylar önce
wtf? who uses scout shit when you can use assault rifle, with 720rpm you can melt barrier champion
humandxp 6 aylar önce
@SaltyPretzel11 well i never use scout or pulse if it doesnt have auto trigger
SaltyPretzel11 6 aylar önce
Personal preference, he prolly has more experience then this entire comment section, he knows what he likes and he uses it
humandxp 6 aylar önce
@The Lament still didnt drop artic haze with small bore, accurized and outlaw and vorpal. my good this weapon melts everything with 720rpm range 56 and 62 stability and outlaw and vorpal reloads in 300ms with headshots, even in pvp melts people with gnawing
The Lament
The Lament 6 aylar önce
@humandxp :)
humandxp 6 aylar önce
@The Lament you for real? nightwatch max range mw full bore and accurized is 75 and 35 stability, age old bond 105 and 32 with smallbore and light mag, my carabine hammer+ricochet 85 and 54 stability and 34 bullets, next i have holster and vorpal. so reloads auto when i swap to jotunn and has vorpal so extra damage to majors and boss and vehicles and guardians. many times melted in gambit when that shit game drops ammo underground
Elyssae 6 aylar önce
I failed twice already ( my own fault, not my fireteam..) and you go and do this. I am amazed that bungie hasn't nerfed anarchy. I bet that when I finally get it, they nerf it
Dmnclewis 6 aylar önce
Bruh this mama skill level is god tier and my aspiration in video games. My goodness makes this look like a basic strike.
Lee Howling
Lee Howling 6 aylar önce
Can you recover me Pay what ever I just cant be arsed with the same shitty content
Lee Howling
Lee Howling 6 aylar önce
@Ernesto Guevara just dont understand the game and aspects full stop. 7k hours and doing the same shit with less content
Ernesto Guevara
Ernesto Guevara 6 aylar önce
I will never understand recovs.
KIng Curmudgeon
KIng Curmudgeon 6 aylar önce
I have been finding enemies getting a small portion of their health bar back after I stop applying damage. Plus the using teleportingz especially in Gambit
Pham Viet
Pham Viet 6 aylar önce
Oh thats called bungie’s amazing net code.
Jones Sabal
Jones Sabal 6 aylar önce
Wow. Just... wow
Benoît 6 aylar önce
I can play this strike but cannot play the nf because i don't have the season pass wtf
The Lament
The Lament 6 aylar önce
Ya need beyond light to play this night fall
Id's-Bat Duck
Id's-Bat Duck 6 aylar önce
I wanna see the bloopers honestly but this man has to be a god..
AlexFerch 5 aylar önce
@An Intellectual lmao
An Intellectual
An Intellectual 6 aylar önce
@MrWhat11the Remember when he did the Whisper Heroic mission while using non-stop Fist of Havoc for almost 70% of the run, AND with *no* weapons? Good times those were.
kevante 6 aylar önce
this was likely done in 1 attempt. When he did this nightfall on gm difficulty it took him no more than 5 tries i believe.
Fatha Kleff
Fatha Kleff 6 aylar önce
new season...a so it begins...love your videos...godly
Gwiz34 6 aylar önce
Season of anarchy/wither hoard with double primaries with a hint of rockets
XxPsYkOsNiPeZxX 6 aylar önce
Brooooooooooo already u the man
Shimmershine 6 aylar önce
Esotrickk what character do you main
Shimmershine 6 aylar önce
Hahaha true
Fabian Tovar
Fabian Tovar 6 aylar önce
He does not main characters, the characters main him.
Shimmershine 6 aylar önce
Too good my man
Eazy____ 6 aylar önce
mann this guy is amazing
bunderhill 6 aylar önce
Convinced this man is god
Mark Qud
Mark Qud 6 aylar önce
@GitGoodLol did you watch him do GMs solo? No? Ok cool.
GitGoodLol 6 aylar önce
Here are all the players who just look for carries lol it's only 1310 light
Hidden Vizions
Hidden Vizions 6 aylar önce
The nightfall is easy af let alone to solo
mettaton 6 aylar önce
@DvLs DEATHLY someones jealous
Tylor Mobley
Tylor Mobley 6 aylar önce
He IS the Light and the Gaurdian in lore, we're just background characters
Migsing27 Y
Migsing27 Y 6 aylar önce
So this is the new nightfall huh I can’t wait to play if it’s free for everyone who hasn’t bought beyond light
Migsing27 Y
Migsing27 Y 6 aylar önce
@Srikar17 dang
Srikar17 6 aylar önce
And u need beyond light to play it (gotta love bingo)
Srikar17 6 aylar önce
It’s a old nightfall (from season 12)
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