Making A SOLAR electric boat (infinite range)

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5 May 2021




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R C 18 saatler önce
Fantastic project!!! It really came out awesome 😎 it has that artistic old time look to it.
Ravi M
Ravi M Gün önce
Would you try a tesla turbine and check how much energy you can extract and go farther?
Mike CorLeoné
Mike CorLeoné Gün önce
Can i use 4 of those solar panels with 2 batteries to run the 3500 watt pure sine wave inverter on my 28 foot bayliner 🤔 trying to avoid buying a generator
Rushifa 3 gün önce
part 3, installation of an autopilot 😂
Detector Aid
Detector Aid 4 gün önce
Salvage a jet ski impeller (SeaDoo are bronze) = inboard motor.
Paladin Hill
Paladin Hill 4 gün önce
Peter: Take a look at the attached utube video (it's real long) and learn about the best props to use. I think you will find that the ones used in the video will improve your performance significantly. Here is the link: trvid.com/video/video-6BMskpsLiYA.html
Animated Airlines
Animated Airlines 5 gün önce
Pogchamp was the last thing I expected from him lmao
alberto solon
alberto solon 6 gün önce
Good day my Friend , Please I need your Help ,cause Im interested. Can you give me the whole component to drive an Electric Boat.Thanks ,Al from Philippines
LWJCarroll 6 gün önce
So double up to catermaran, tri Meran etc? Double to a B-train?
David Y
David Y 7 gün önce
“In California you don’t have water” just an entire coastline of ocean and many bodies of water to try your boat in... wtf haha
Kouhai 7 gün önce
Rich rebuilds going to have a new idea soon
Sathen G
Sathen G 7 gün önce
Hey Peter, i think it would be super cool if you combined your electric bike solar panel trailer with your electric boat, you would be able to get much more power to the boat and you wouldn't have to deal with shadows (other than clouds). Just an idea!
Matt Melton
Matt Melton 9 gün önce
I think you may also be experiencing cavitation from those 3d printed props. I'm not an expert on boats by any stretch but I think you want a smooth blade. Well done overall though!
Jose Priscilla
Jose Priscilla 10 gün önce
Yeah.. u know he did get us on that "California dont even have water"
Blacktown Shadow
Blacktown Shadow 11 gün önce
1:30 its like the family guy episode 😂
Matt 12 gün önce
I was supposed to go kayaking at that's spring thay weekend you were there but we ended up not going and now I really regret it :/
Finnian Rooney
Finnian Rooney 13 gün önce
Wait till you meet florida man
whatwasthat 13 gün önce
nerds trying to back up a trailer XD
luke 13 gün önce
I am impressed by the boat, you just got to make a trailer that backs its self to the water and you boffins will be set.
Alex Velez
Alex Velez 14 gün önce
Loving this
Aryan Shah
Aryan Shah 15 gün önce
I'm pretty sure the dog jumped out cuz he got water sick 👁👈👁
Juan Ande
Juan Ande 15 gün önce
This is really cool but... I can't resist: Next you should see if you can make a boat run on wind power. Like with a big sheet to catch the wind.
AverageDinoBro 15 gün önce
I USED TO BOAT THERE! When I lived in Florida I went to weeki wachee all the time. Buccaneer Bay was great.
Prozacgod 15 gün önce
This is the best youtuber cross over... love it
spinthefastest 16 gün önce
Make it a hydrofoil like Candela's. Better speed and range. Pretty much the only way to make an EB work well. And tow extra panels behind you (hydrofoil solar panels too?)
jvodan 17 gün önce
Unless you start planning your max speed as a displacement boat is the hull speed which is about 1,2 * sqrt(length in feet) knots, to get above this speed the boat has to climb over the bow wake.
The Gaming Cat
The Gaming Cat 18 gün önce
“So I’m a little bit short” Story of my life
Trails God
Trails God 18 gün önce
3:15 do you got games on your phone
Rick Sauermilch
Rick Sauermilch 18 gün önce
you can get a 5 horsepower equivalent electric outboard off aliexpress for like $500. Why would you put holes in the boat?
Repernemec Dert
Repernemec Dert 18 gün önce
Лодочный электромотор 15000 ватт trvid.com/video/video-vLlf4S8VSts.html
Turtle Taylen
Turtle Taylen 19 gün önce
yooo i was here like a month ago! also wrote a paragraph on it in school (it was for my CUSTOM essay that "I" chose to make lol.
Karya Tangan Sederhana
cool !!
fairly functional
fairly functional 20 gün önce
awesome project Peter. i've enjoyed your videos for a while now and your family and friends seem really nice. i've lived here in florida for 53 years now and still love it. i'm glad you had a nice visit.
Brandon good time
Brandon good time 20 gün önce
They are Elon musk they made electric boats what
jakobnev 20 gün önce
I'd use the printed props and add some resistors to the trim-pots to limit the throttle range.
bob 20 gün önce
"Infinite" - why lie? PV and electrical connections will not last five years.
bob 16 gün önce
@spinthefastest You still live in nana's basement? I've lived a few decades where potable water IS scarce. Plastic bobbles won't be there for generations. You are ignorant of the world and especially the word "infinite."
spinthefastest 16 gün önce
Easily replaceable
DAN ROSS 21 gün önce
I think you made an awesome video and a awesome boat. I think you made the motors and the steering system a little too complicated. I think one powerful outboard electric Motor on the rear transom, would make it less complicated and you will get more performance.
reyzey z
reyzey z 21 gün önce
👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘good idea
Blessed Is Death
Blessed Is Death 22 gün önce
are we just gonna forget that sailboats exist? lmao very cool tho 10/10
Travis Schwab
Travis Schwab 22 gün önce
Is there a video that talks more about the motors and the batteries and such?
Energie Wender
Energie Wender 22 gün önce
With Peter‘s knowledge about electric motors and controllers, I would love to see him rip the ICE engine from a used (or wrecked) outboarder and refit it with an electric motor.
elisamuel ramirez
elisamuel ramirez 23 gün önce
Tom Rodrigues
Tom Rodrigues 23 gün önce
Great project! Have you considered using a pump-jet propulsion system instead? Would greatly improve speed and may increase power efficiency :)
Elizabeth Scott
Elizabeth Scott 23 gün önce
I want a combo of this and the amphibious boat! I've been dreaming of a solar powered amphibious golf car
EndroEndro 23 gün önce
I literally hate that dog is in each frame. Fu****..........
craig kirby
craig kirby 23 gün önce
Have a look into ducted props for low speed boats. I think you might get some extra output. .. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ducted_propeller
Nub gaming ar
Nub gaming ar 23 gün önce
Mayk rial subrin
Jonathan Abraham
Jonathan Abraham 24 gün önce
Can you make a fast electric boat next?
dumbeh 24 gün önce
it needs a doggy grip pad so toby doesnt fall off lol
Abanob Abaob
Abanob Abaob 24 gün önce
Recreate the human drone please
Modulaas 24 gün önce
Have you considered adding a Hydro-Electric turbine for more electricity?
oishi 25 gün önce
Please do airplain using electricfan pleaaaaaase!sharout!
Our Memes
Our Memes 25 gün önce
The music in the background sounded like disenchantment
Our Memes
Our Memes 25 gün önce
Mandala Putra giri
Mandala Putra giri 25 gün önce
please make Among us from cardboard ඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞ
Mandala Putra giri
Mandala Putra giri 25 gün önce
Mandala Putra giri
Mandala Putra giri 25 gün önce
Mandala Putra giri
Mandala Putra giri 25 gün önce
Gerry Ramadhani
Gerry Ramadhani 25 gün önce
Your boat needs lights
THE ROYAL RT509 25 gün önce
build f20
ben bob
ben bob 25 gün önce
Hey Peter, can you make a hydrogen powered boat?
THE BULGARIAN 25 gün önce
Drew White
Drew White 26 gün önce
I’m a Floridian
iconic icicle
iconic icicle 26 gün önce
What if makes a seaglider from subnatica.
Keeva Grace
Keeva Grace 26 gün önce
Poggers for God..,
Sharp Nail
Sharp Nail 26 gün önce
peter in 2030: I built a mini yacht and its powered from three gutted teslas
Emeraldeye 26 gün önce
ohhh so you are from the tri-state too ]
Emeraldeye 26 gün önce
my state is just across the ohio river
Tjahjo Rahardjo
Tjahjo Rahardjo 26 gün önce
peter, Why don't you build a manned drone that can fly up to half an hour more?
KAISAN 26 gün önce
ehy man i have a query so like how do i fix a lose tip of a coreless motor in a drone
נועם אהרוני
נועם אהרוני 26 gün önce
Why not making the roof longer and add another engine ?
Fisherman Derek
Fisherman Derek 27 gün önce
You would think that seeing how smart Kevin is by watching his vids that he could back up a boat but no
Matthew- Craft
Matthew- Craft 27 gün önce
I have achieved similar results with 3 400 watt panels and an inverter with 4 car battery's that I daisy chained together as a power bank. I used two trolling motors meant to be powered by car batteries and modified them to fit a light weight fiberglass boat
darin tran
darin tran 27 gün önce
I want you to make a video on making a ornithopter
Awad Dabbo
Awad Dabbo 27 gün önce
I would like to see an angle grinder helicopter
Peyton Lane
Peyton Lane 27 gün önce
Where was this filmed
Mooshi Moore
Mooshi Moore 27 gün önce
are you dead? let's upload the video again
Hungry DZ Dz
Hungry DZ Dz 27 gün önce
William Glaser
William Glaser 28 gün önce
There are some really nice solar boat builds out there. That run off of just solar and some that have solar and batteries. This channel has made a hand full of boat builds with solar and built the boat as well. J Mantzel Is the channel. trvid.com/video/video-V7flR0O-coU.html
trackle trickle
trackle trickle 28 gün önce
Make a submarine
Rannieri Rannieri 17
Rannieri Rannieri 17 28 gün önce
Man make a plane powered by water
MHW - Mr.HelloWorld
MHW - Mr.HelloWorld 28 gün önce
Hey, I had to ask something , I am a kid and in need of adult supervision for a complex project, how can I do that(ask someone online or something?)
CPTGerman 28 gün önce
You could do a flying Nerf gun which shoots darts (an airplane one, Nerf drones are old and boring).
J C 28 gün önce
Am I the only one that is noticing this boat is illegal due to the lack of a horn and navigation lights?
David Cook
David Cook 28 gün önce
What a great video and experience.
Nickle 28 gün önce
Try to make a huge humongous airplane but you only control it with a controller airplane thing if I could controller I took a little toy but bigger and you go white in it
inpulse_ bandit
inpulse_ bandit 29 gün önce
what if you made a vtol aircraft like a harrier or a f-35 and can hover pretty good
Mr Meme!
Mr Meme! 29 gün önce
can you make an rc redwing from falcon and the winter soldier?
FPV Panda
FPV Panda 29 gün önce
I thought water sports was when you got peed on
Bingo Sun Noon
Bingo Sun Noon 29 gün önce
Build a mousetrap that incorporates a guillotine.
Jm's channel
Jm's channel 29 gün önce
Where are your videos i miss demm
Evan Layton
Evan Layton Aylar önce
Impressive practical display of the promise of solar power.
Lucas chiba
Lucas chiba Aylar önce
That's the world's greener boat, great job 👏😄
Amateur Rocketeer
Amateur Rocketeer Aylar önce
a simple whale
a simple whale Aylar önce
Peter you should make a cyclrotor a cyclorotor is basicly a swash plate but works a little differently
Antara The Scientist
you are the reason I haven't abandoned my hobby, your videos are amazing dude.
Christopher cuffie
Christopher cuffie Aylar önce
peter back in the house can you make a tank what a person can fit in
Bart Simo
Bart Simo Aylar önce
Make a rocket
James Crispe
James Crispe Aylar önce
This should be patented
ckl8a Aylar önce
you should get even better performance out of the printed prop by smoothing out the blades maybe with some kind of filler and sand smooth. the as printed surface looks pretty rough
Cuss word Sayer
Cuss word Sayer Aylar önce
I hope to see a day where someone has the gall to invent something that shoots rail spikes at a super high velocity
MattIsLoling Aylar önce
the science guys!
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