Sol Yanım | My Left Side Episode 1 (English Subtitles)

Turkish Series
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In addition to taking care of her mother, Serra works in a luxury hotel and studies at a private university on a scholarship; Despite his young age, he had to take on great responsibilities. Selim, the heir apparent of the wealthy Kutlusay Family, who is studying at the same university, receives criticism from his family, especially his father İhsan Kutlusay, for his indifference to his studies and his fondness for entertainment.

Serra, who is trying to get out of work and catch up with class, goes to school by limousine as a result of an incident at the hotel, causing all eyes to be on her. While Serra's fame spreads rapidly at school, their accidental meeting with Selim will completely change the lives of both of them.

Özge Yağız
Tolga Mendi
Cemre Baysel
Emre Bey
Defne Samyeli
Cansel Elçin
Esra Bezen Bilgin
Deniz Barut
Taner Rumeli
Seda Akman
Benian Dönmez
Feyza Civelek
Tuğçe Açıkgöz
Ecem Atalay
Ergül Miray Şahin
Emre Dinler
Oktay Çubuk
Aleyna Şen
Yavuz Pekdiker
Demet Genç
Haydar Koyel
Celal Tak
Murat Balcı
Özgür Cem Tuğluk
Efe Taşdelen
Ayşe Kırca
Hasret Usneker



23 Haz 2021




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Turkish Series
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Justin seagull loves Black pink and BTS
It’s really weird that I got into dramas by watching a Korean drama and then I tried Chinese and then Thai dramas and now I am watching Turkish and let me tell you all dramas have their own charm it’s really interesting to see people from all around the world and seeing different opinions personally my favourite type of dramas are obviously Korean but I really enjoy all dramas 😁
Turkish dramas have great potential it’s just that they need to be recognised globally, it’s good that they have been starting using subtitles. Like these companies can make more profit by just putting the subtitle to reach a bigger audience.
K dramas and turkish dramas are just on another level. Straight from wattpad! Serra is gorgeous!
Rachel Lenjun
Am into all these dramas & movies. I came across one I watch if the storyline is good. At the same time, we can not only watched, listened but learned their languages. Awesome & amazing stuffs...Love it.
Sophia P. 004
I can confidently say that Turkish drama series have the longest duration for just one episode
Idolsarentsaints 16 saatler önce
If you think this is the epitome of turkish beauty and talent, wait until you discover the rest. Wait until you witness the goddess of all talents that is Tuba.
multi-fan girl
As a wattpad reader... This is like a Wattpad story turned into a movie!!!! I love this!
Tina Pegu
With this I finally became a multi country drama watcher😂
shanya pun
So this turkish drama popped out of nowhere haha now I'm obsessed with it
Clarence Aivie Burgos
This is my first time watching Turkish drama and I have to admit that this is crafted so well. Also, I have some thoughts that Turkey is another country where FASHION lives beautifully (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤. Am I right?
chandana kodiganti
I fail to understand, why this series was cancelled! The storyline had so much of offer. Chemistry between the lead actors is so good that I keep coming back to watch bits and pieces. Oh how I wish there was more of this drama
She goes through the most alone. All by her self. Not even her mom knows. Then she collects herself and moves on. I stan a strong queen.
Hayden Haynes
It’s like I'm watching a movie straight from Wattpad. I love this.
Diba Renthlei
One of the best interactions and conversations I've seen between the lead actors in a drama
Deboshree Daulagupu
I must say this is hitting on a different level ❤️🔥. Soooo obsessed with this series watching it for a third time. Lead actors are so adorable 😘. I can probably say this is the best series i've ever watched. Wish they had another season ❤️
F Stan
MS abi
I am in love everything of this series. music, character are to mesmerizing 😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Amanah Hajarah
To be honest I'm addicted to
The E-Scooter Apocalypse
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