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Turkish Series
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In addition to taking care of her mother, Serra works in a luxury hotel and studies at a private university on a scholarship; Despite his young age, he had to take on great responsibilities. Selim, the heir apparent of the wealthy Kutlusay Family, who is studying at the same university, receives criticism from his family, especially his father İhsan Kutlusay, for his indifference to his studies and his fondness for entertainment.

Serra, who is trying to get out of work and catch up with class, goes to school by limousine as a result of an incident at the hotel, causing all eyes to be on her. While Serra's fame spreads rapidly at school, their accidental meeting with Selim will completely change the lives of both of them.

Özge Yağız
Tolga Mendi
Cemre Baysel
Emre Bey
Defne Samyeli
Cansel Elçin
Esra Bezen Bilgin
Deniz Barut
Taner Rumeli
Seda Akman
Benian Dönmez
Feyza Civelek
Tuğçe Açıkgöz
Ecem Atalay
Ergül Miray Şahin
Emre Dinler
Oktay Çubuk
Aleyna Şen
Yavuz Pekdiker
Demet Genç
Haydar Koyel
Celal Tak
Murat Balcı
Özgür Cem Tuğluk
Efe Taşdelen
Ayşe Kırca
Hasret Usneker



24 Haz 2021




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Turkish Series
Turkish Series 2 gün önce
My Left Side Episode 2 → trvid.com/video/video-Ks9roqvN8Aw.html
Marie Long
Marie Long 14 saatler önce
What in the wattpad-
KarenMae Barua
KarenMae Barua 19 saatler önce
hello its nice Can you play Erkencicus or other link or chanel thank you
Reyboy24 Gün önce
It's kind of wierd.My last name is Selim but in this drama is just a name...I'm interested with the Turkish drama.They are all beautiful...
Dzooo Gün önce
Tiktok brought me here.😂
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Haina Ksandato Gün önce
Because of ozkey i watch reyhan.🥰🥰🥰 Ilove its
Gopal Gün önce
Reyhan 💓💓
K SC Gün önce
That is a LONG Episode
Rhonda Lamb
Rhonda Lamb Gün önce
Happy ending or not please sick of sad endings
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CLARISSA's Channel
jessyelisia mayinou
Mettez aussi des séries en français s'il vous plaît
Lhanzkie Ostaco
Lhanzkie Ostaco Gün önce
tiktok leads me here. this is my first time watching turkish drama..its like a wattpad stories. why they are so handsome and beautiful
Pubudu Nimesh
Pubudu Nimesh Gün önce
Jenina Ampuan
Jenina Ampuan Gün önce
I really like the beauty of turkish people 😍
Agnes Wu
Agnes Wu 2 gün önce
Came here second time.. nice series to watch 😊
Noelle 2 gün önce
Noooooo why did you hide the other episodes 😭😭😭
Michelle Shubeti
Michelle Shubeti 2 gün önce
Why did they remove the other episodes 💔💔💔
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Was just going to watch 7, it's not there why?😭
Whelma Kuku
Whelma Kuku 2 gün önce
If all the episode are English subtitles episode then I am watching 👀 till.end of those episode
Kathlene Ann Edem
Kathlene Ann Edem 3 gün önce
Facing of the story is so slow
Ehse Olea
Ehse Olea 3 gün önce
watching from Philippines!
Koketsoo Lamola
Koketsoo Lamola 3 gün önce
Serra and Selim...I just enjoy watching them❣️
Vieona 3 gün önce
SPECIAL FOR YOU KISSLOVE.UNO ONE FOR THE ALL TRvid is the best Everyone talking its true Someone said i love you Life's story is a short journey so have fun before eternal sleep forever #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾
Sonny Apy20
Sonny Apy20 4 gün önce
Андрій Гайдук
Sounded like an attempt to speak Russian though 😏
Latest Status Reeba Angel
Please hindi dubbed kryn please
SojouRneR 4 gün önce
Can someone explain a little bit about this serie?Just want to know as general like sad ending or happy ending😊
SojouRneR 2 gün önce
@Pink Lamborghini Yes I'll 🙏
Pink Lamborghini
Pink Lamborghini 2 gün önce
@SojouRneR rest for now and watch this drama.
SojouRneR 2 gün önce
@Pink Lamborghini if so I'll not watch till there r still movies to watch coz I already exhausted😒 Thz for letting me know🙏
Pink Lamborghini
Pink Lamborghini 2 gün önce
Good ending ..but rushing .
Arbas 3 gün önce
Hope for a good ending
Mira aljabri
Mira aljabri 4 gün önce
I really love this movie ❤️
jeff celeste
jeff celeste 4 gün önce
thanks for the subtitles,
Jenerose Kim
Jenerose Kim 4 gün önce
am I going to end up watching the whole world's drama series? from korean,to thai,to chinese to Japanese to french and nepali now Turkish 😅
Urooj Mehdi
Urooj Mehdi 4 gün önce
ces and charlie
ces and charlie 5 gün önce
I like this drama from Turkish
megan centro
megan centro 5 gün önce
Worth watching again and again and again
Rosa liliana Zambrano Alcivar
En español latino por favor 🙏😭
itsme_again 5 gün önce
This girlnis definetly a catch if she feeds street dogs i tell u
Cassey Maria
Cassey Maria 6 gün önce
The epitome of confidently beautiful with a heart ❤❤❤
Andleeb Batool
Andleeb Batool 6 gün önce
Armalyn Matute
Armalyn Matute 6 gün önce
The best Turkish series 👌 the reason why I'm into Turkish drama now
Gsbsg Udhr
Gsbsg Udhr 6 gün önce
Plz all episodes hindi main dub kr den
Gsbsg Udhr
Gsbsg Udhr 6 gün önce
Plz all episodes hindi main dub kr den
Shahin Multani
Shahin Multani 6 gün önce
Dubbing voice quality is so poor, not so impressive voice quality
Ed Vinoya
Ed Vinoya 6 gün önce
TiKToK brought me here.
Agie Kasirye
Agie Kasirye 7 gün önce
Wawu 😍 so massive 👌
Awais Waraich
Awais Waraich 7 gün önce
Plzz translated in Hindi
Lhenox Soh💚
Lhenox Soh💚 8 gün önce
Woah its my first time to watch this .....Very nice love it☺☺💜💜💜
Jessica's vlog
Jessica's vlog 8 gün önce
First time to watch Turkish movie and I love it😍😍
Nabi 8 gün önce
after i watch dolunay, i already inlove with the turkish drama. does anyone recommend me other turkish drama?
Nabi 2 gün önce
@MS Anwar thank you soooo much. Really appreciated♥️
MS Anwar
MS Anwar 3 gün önce
There is lot of amazing turkish series. Zemheri. Heartbeat. Söz. Kara sevda. Ask laftan anlamaz. Kardeslerim. I recommend all. this is the best series l have watched. really after seeing you thank me seriously. Let's continue 👍👍😘🤣😍🇹🇷🆙
Aphrodite G
Aphrodite G 8 gün önce
Thank you for all your hard work. Any series with Ali Ersan Duru?
WACGUISAN, Roshell Jane A.
Omoooooo! Very wattpad!!!😍😍
In Tan OFW
In Tan OFW 8 gün önce
I just done watched now the blade man korean drama.. and this i will next to watch..😊😊
Musaxe core
Musaxe core 8 gün önce
Worst, disgusting story line.
aisha dukureh
aisha dukureh 8 gün önce
along with turkish dramas and k and c dramas, pakistani dramas are amazing as well. basically dramas from every country except for america are good lol
Mariafe Diones
Mariafe Diones 8 gün önce
I here again for the 3rd time.😊when i finish this..i go back to the yemin for the 3rd time also❤my day is not complete if i cant see OZGE YAGIZ❤
ĸᴋ ᴇᴍᴘɪʀᴇ
Anybady watcin in portrait
honeymae 8 gün önce
Finally this one have English subtitles
Syawarul Haqimi
Syawarul Haqimi 9 gün önce
From tiktok 😌✌
Zaeemah Zubair
Zaeemah Zubair 9 gün önce
Nur Rudin
Nur Rudin 9 gün önce
THE SEXY GIRLS:18+ ARE SUZUKA.UNO THREE IN ONE TRvid: THIS IS FINE. SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. TRvid: BE GONE Life's story is a short journey so have fun before sleeping forever #Чо #эт #делает #на #1#месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков .#垃圾.
Mikel Greegery
Mikel Greegery 9 gün önce
All Turkish female characters are strong and brave and independent 🥰 they are diff from most Korean females in romance.
Noo Ja
Noo Ja 10 gün önce
Agnes Dorothy
Agnes Dorothy 10 gün önce
I don't like Selin father. He's not fit. He always condemn and compare his children.
noemi estano
noemi estano 11 gün önce
This is my second time watching a turkish series after Kardeşlerim and I'm loving it😭
Vanson photographer
Vanson photographer 8 gün önce
Here from high society
noemi estano
noemi estano 10 gün önce
@dISgursTINg shAT~ Thanks for the recommendation. I was just about to ask that. I'll try watching it after this☺️
dISgursTINg shAT~
dISgursTINg shAT~ 10 gün önce
you should try 'Dolunay' and 'strawberry smell' too~
chumki dutta Gupta
chumki dutta Gupta 11 gün önce
Can you dubbed it in hindi
Nilanjana Das
Nilanjana Das 12 gün önce
He literally has serkan Çayoğlu vibe Sometimes I really do mistake him as serkan.... Both of them r handsome and amazing😍🙃🙂
Watch Watch
Watch Watch 12 gün önce
Thank you soo much for uploading with English subtitles
Aliza Seichiro
Aliza Seichiro 12 gün önce
From Kdrama to Cdrama and Tdrama ❤️😍💯 They’re all beautiful & unique to their own greatness.
pyaar ki duniya
pyaar ki duniya 12 gün önce
Hindi dubbed please🙏🙏🙏
Airenice Mendez
Airenice Mendez 12 gün önce
Can you upload the "BLACK AND WHITE LOVE"
Ryan Detomal
Ryan Detomal 12 gün önce
Tiktok brought me here😎
I just click the videos because of the girl who really looks like miss universe 2015 PIA W
Kavuyi Sakalunda
Kavuyi Sakalunda 13 gün önce
I want the English version
Kavuyi Sakalunda
Kavuyi Sakalunda 13 gün önce
Please upload the English series too
exo-st 13 gün önce
my first turkish drama let's gooooo
Loida 13 gün önce
Hi @turkish series, many of us requesting for part 2 of this. more of selimserra moments.. 😊 Perhaps, you can help us.
Loida 13 gün önce
OMG! 8M viewa na... may balita naba sa part2? sol yanim part 2 please.. dami kami nag aantay. #tvseries @tvseries #selimserra #solyanim
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's 13 gün önce
this movie is the most beautiful i've seen in a long time
Devina Tupas
Devina Tupas 2 gün önce
Also try Kiralik Ask 💛💛
Justcheetah 11 gün önce
I hope it is. I’ve reached the half of this episode but haven’t feel the kick yet. Watching to keep me sane (waiting for the 12th episode of Island Tale drives me nut). Really hope this will be good.
N Ziada
N Ziada 13 gün önce
Dat blond gal is obsessed with selim
Marilou Ancheta
Marilou Ancheta 13 gün önce
For a change...from korean dramas to turkish...
Nuraya Hijab
Nuraya Hijab 13 gün önce
Everybody wants a friend like Pinar ❤️❤️
Nafri Irfan
Nafri Irfan 13 gün önce
Al aina ebrahim
Al aina ebrahim 13 gün önce
When I'm watching cdramas or kdramas this drama always in my recommendation but never watch it so I'm gonna try watching it looks good though my first ever Turkish drama?😂
Sarah Dagongdong
Sarah Dagongdong 14 gün önce
Wow!! The duration im shock😱😱
Justbrowsing4lunch 14 gün önce
The obese guy in the background shouted what I think is Japanese; “お嬢様、下着を脱いでマスタードと一緒に食べてください”!
Grenada Ophthalmologist Eye Clinic
how can i see this in english
DEVIL BLASTER 14 gün önce
All 12 episodes are on the top of the list of most watched videos of this channel 🔥🔥🔥🔥 We want season 2 😭😭
Sanjida Afrin Moon
Sanjida Afrin Moon 14 gün önce
Please upload yemin(the promise) with English subtitles
Beeny 15 gün önce
Selim and Serra make a beautiful couple 😍
Sam Sam
Sam Sam 15 gün önce
Every turkish drama that i watched i noticed that all the actors are beautiful 🤩
Sheldon Fcb
Sheldon Fcb 15 gün önce
selim looks a bit like tom ellis in lucifer
Sheldon Fcb
Sheldon Fcb 15 gün önce
34:16 don't call yourself pet lover unless your love street dogs
james bond
james bond 15 gün önce
Second lead is a creepy third weel stalker
Ivy jun
Ivy jun 15 gün önce
First time watching Turkish drama, please be fun, let's go🥂
tanjila mahjabin
tanjila mahjabin 15 gün önce
1:54:00 Which song is this?
Roselyn Bugto
Roselyn Bugto 15 gün önce
Waiting for episode 13...
Joseph German
Joseph German 15 gün önce
Season 2
Aish 16 gün önce
Their 1 episode is equal to the duration of 1 movie... o_o
MC_Pablo 16 gün önce
Turkish telenovela is good not so violence as the Mexican telenovela
MC_Pablo 10 gün önce
u can check it first :D
MC_Pablo 10 gün önce
@Agnes Dorothy trvid.com/video/video-ouXJkY-A2h4.html
Agnes Dorothy
Agnes Dorothy 10 gün önce
Which telenovela are you talking about? Are there any with english subtitles?
Sheldon Fcb
Sheldon Fcb 16 gün önce
no doubt that turkish dramas have best filming quality
MS Anwar
MS Anwar 3 gün önce
Exactly view are amazing 😘🇹🇷
Febe Abrea
Febe Abrea 16 gün önce
I'm so addict of KDrama but this Turkish series got me hooked too. This is my 4th series i have been watch. I am done with Mr. Wrong, Dolunay, and Ada Masali is still on going and this one. 😊
Agnes Dorothy
Agnes Dorothy 11 gün önce
Watch HERCAI, meryam, kiralik Ask, ask Laftan Anlamaz superb story and acting.
joe nah
joe nah 14 gün önce
The ouath
Shefali Saren
Shefali Saren 14 gün önce
Try sen cal kapimi as well❣️❣️...ask laftan anlamaz too
Sam Sam
Sam Sam 15 gün önce
Try kardeslerim my first ever turkish drama i watched that i fell inlove..
Bhargavi 15 gün önce
then you should give a try to heartbeat (kalp atisi) too
Noma Gea
Noma Gea 16 gün önce
I must say this drama is, definitely better than the Korean version of this story line. They added so many more plots and stories into this Turkish version. Boy o boy and the lots of characters... Sometimes I had to ask myself if I was still watching the original eyul story which I started with 😊 .
Noma Gea
Noma Gea 15 gün önce
@Chana Grace it's, called " Doctors " . Check it out. But the similarities and differences are certainly clear. . When u start watching it u will be, like " Oh.. I recall this part,... Then u will get to up to a certain episode and then the story lines then differs completely . Watch it let me know which u prefer. I 1st watched the Korean then the Turkish and, then went back to rewatch the Korean to be sure I had, not missed all those differing stories /plots/ character which were in the Turkish version and no... They certainly weren't there
Noma Gea
Noma Gea 15 gün önce
@Chana Grace doctors.
Chana Grace
Chana Grace 16 gün önce
What's the name of the Korean version?
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