Soft Glam Tutorial 🧚🏾‍♀️ 

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Hey Fairy’s 🧚‍♀️ Welcome back to my Channel 💕 Today’s video is a Soft Glam ✨ . I hope you loves enjoy this video and don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT .
📸 Instagram : thefairymuva
📧 Email : TheFairyMuva@gmail.com
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How old am I ? | 24
Where do I live ? | Miami, FL
How did I learn makeup ? | Self Taught
Fairy Quote of the Day 🧚🏾‍♀️
“You can never go wrong with a Soft Glam’

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9 Kas 2021




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TheFairyMuva 8 aylar önce
Lashes and lipsticks available to purchase on my website www.TheFairyMuva.com 🧚🏾‍♀️
JustPretty Carly
JustPretty Carly Yıl önce
First off your client is BEAUTIFUL secondly, I love how your lashes look double stacked even though it’s just one pair… yess to the volume. Lastly, I’m so happy you did a soft glam this is the best one I’ve seen in a very long time you didn’t over do anything you enhance her beauty without making her look extra. You really balanced out her feathers everything compliments and blends well… I truly love this
TheFairyMuva Yıl önce
Thank you so much ❤️
Precisely Monique
Periodt!!!! I agree!!!!!🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️
TheFairyMuva 8 aylar önce
Lashes available to purchase on my website www.TheFairyMuva.com 🧚🏾‍♀️
JustPretty Carly
JustPretty Carly 8 aylar önce
@TheFairyMuva I literally just purchased a pair at this very moment that I saw you leave this message. I can’t wait to receive them
trendsetter Bernard
Best soft glam I’ve seen in a while. She looks gorgeous 😍
Kazhe Burton
Kazhe Burton Yıl önce
I love how you mainly used affordable/drugstore products, and still got a flawless finish. Literally perfect 😍💖
Tamra Brown
Tamra Brown Yıl önce
Her face is bomb! I’m currently trying to learn how to do my makeup and this soft glam look was very helpful and the exact look I’m trying to emulate. Thank you!
Brit’Ney 5 aylar önce
BoosBoos Yıl önce
Literally the best brown/dark skin tutorial I have ever seen. Can't wait to practice on myself! Thank you
Chingna Porter
Chingna Porter Yıl önce
I was intimidated by my makeup until I came across this video 😍😍 this is effortlessly done and affordable! Girll please continue to bless us with your talent !
Shawnee Yıl önce
As a brown skin babe I can’t thank you enough for this tutorial. This is my favourite type of beat. Flawless!
Keyshana Dupuy
Keyshana Dupuy Yıl önce
This was such a great tutorial! I’m practicing how to do my own makeup and my face came out fireeee after following this video. Thank you 🥰
Queen_Chelsie Yıl önce
It’s me watching this video every single time I do my makeup 😂❤️❤️✨.
Rubi B
Rubi B Yıl önce
This was so good 🔥👏🏽 So many gems was dropped and this is one of the best soft glam tutorials I’ve ever seen
Cholise Jones
Cholise Jones Yıl önce
Shes literally perfectt and you enhanced her beauty so nicely
Destiny D
Destiny D Yıl önce
So flawless 😍😍😍😍 and she’s so naturally beautiful too!
This was bawm ASF! She looks doooo good. I can’t wait to practice my base this weekend! I love that she looks natural just a little emphasized with some extra umph! ❤️‍🔥😻😻✨😻😻
alaoance Yıl önce
flawless makeup look! so simple yet so effective, definitely about to switch up my routine based on this!
Slioness007 Yıl önce
Her face and makeup is perfection
Achola Wanambisi
Achola Wanambisi 10 gün önce
I’m a Lashay’s glamz girl and I over love your videos. I could swear you are one of her students or perhaps draw inspiration from her. Either way, you’ve just gained a new subscriber ❤️
I never comment under videos but ma'am! You slayed! Like this will probably be my go to video until I perfect it! I am self taught as well and aspire to be as great as this! And your client is soooo gorgeous!!
Gladys Obaze
Gladys Obaze Yıl önce
Absolutely gorgeous both model and your technique.. thanks for sharing, you made it look and sound super simple to follow and achieve!!!
meisha lashay
meisha lashay Yıl önce
Out of all makeup videos (soft glam) this has been my all time favorite. Very detailed and I love how you talked through the video 💗
Online Makeup Academy
We love this glam look, it’s perfect!
luv_tritri Yıl önce
Your client is stunningly gorgeous. You did the darn thing!!! I'm going to follow these same steps for my makeup look today. Thank youuu 💝
Jada & Aubri
Jada & Aubri Yıl önce
Literally was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and you taught me what I needed to know omg thank you sooo much 😩✨❕
Soleil Vera
Soleil Vera Yıl önce
Loved this look! I hate too much makeup and this did it for me!
Patricia Riley
Patricia Riley Yıl önce
Absolutely flawless! I watched from start to finish, I think without blinking (didn't wanna miss anything)! 😜 🔥💄
Dorothy Charles
Dorothy Charles Yıl önce
She looks great. Love the step by step tutorial
sandra A
sandra A Yıl önce
Taught me so much in just one sitting 😫😫😫 can’t wait to binge more of your vids!! ❤
Takara Breanna
Takara Breanna Yıl önce
This look was gorgeous!! Def gonna apply those ombre lips tips!
The Quads Nation
The Quads Nation Yıl önce
This was such a beautiful glam process to watch😍😍🔥
Carlota Sofia
Carlota Sofia Yıl önce
This soft glam turned out beautifully 😍
Sharon Yıl önce
Absolutely loved this look, thanks for sharing x
Can't wait to try this out on my next client ! 🙌🏾 End result is 🔥💕
TheFairyMuva Yıl önce
Thank ya’ll some much for all the love on this tutorial ❤️ I plan on doing another tutorial with only drugstore makeup products just to show ya you don’t need ‘high end’ for a bomb face. Though some high end products are amazing, it’s NOT needed.
Ashley Francis
Ashley Francis Yıl önce
i neeed this oneee
shi-reese baby
shi-reese baby 9 aylar önce
what shade foundation did you use
Kimora Aleyda
Kimora Aleyda Yıl önce
I'm totally going to try this makeup look on me! And she's so pretty with and without makeup😍
I’Tia McKenzie
I’Tia McKenzie Yıl önce
This is the besttttt tutorial everrrr! I love for these. Please keep them coming! 🥰
Danielle Moxey
Danielle Moxey 11 aylar önce
Love this tutorial! This waa so helpful! Excellent technique 💯❤️💯❤️
Kiara Sullivan
Kiara Sullivan Yıl önce
Sooo bomb 🥰 and I loved the way you explained everything !!
ShanieChells Yıl önce
Turquoise Glenn
Turquoise Glenn 11 aylar önce
Girl you did that ! Looks beautiful
Jacqueline Maznio
Jacqueline Maznio 10 aylar önce
This is the only makeup I’m doing for the rest of my life thank you so much
Corney April
Corney April Yıl önce
This is very simple and beautiful. Thank you mama. ❤️
Jodian Lothian
Jodian Lothian 10 aylar önce
Such a phenomenal job, well done 🎉
Coco Noir
Coco Noir 10 aylar önce
Her skin is perfect!!! She is beautiful!!!
Pretty Bee
Pretty Bee Yıl önce
So Bomb 🥰 I’m about to try this look on myself, wish me luck 🤞🏾☺️
JADA 11 aylar önce
Gorgeous this was outstanding I learned a lot of new techniques ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Golden One
Golden One Yıl önce
This is a process mannn ! I don’t think I will ever get this 😩! She did an amazing job. Makeup can really transform you & I want a different look
Hair and Beauty Channel
You are really a fairy 😮 this was soo good I learnt soo much in one video for someone who wants to start my mua journey
Marce Espi
Marce Espi Yıl önce
Omg her skin! 😍It literally looked like she had foundation at the begging of the video wow 🤩
Niyah Red
Niyah Red Yıl önce
The soft glam is amazing but her face is perfect for makeup like omg 😍 she is flawless
Tiphanie D
Tiphanie D Yıl önce
This looks so good omg I wish I could double like this !!!!!!!
Nadiyah White
Nadiyah White 10 aylar önce
Best soft glam tutorial I came across….thank you for this
Rusi Juju
Rusi Juju 9 aylar önce
I love how you used very affordable products and easy to be found I love it so much 🥺🫶🏾🙌🏾🥰🥰🥰🥰
Marq Yıl önce
This is gorgeous. She is so pretty. You did that👏
Corney April
Corney April Yıl önce
I love how smooth her canvas (face) is. 🥺😍
MsGlamdoll TV
MsGlamdoll TV Yıl önce
Looks Amazing! I’m going to try this asap! Thanks For Sharing❤️
DWHAP?🤭 Yıl önce
she looks gorgeous with and without makeup wow
Boomin Britt
Boomin Britt Yıl önce
You did an amazing job ❤️
I used to watch it at the time I had been little. Even now, there`s still enjoyment and even fun. I only wish to express that this yt video has been fantastic definitely appreciated it. . I instantly start and discover your fresh video when I find the particular notification.
Jalissa H
Jalissa H Yıl önce
I was today years old when I found the PERFECT makeup tutorial 💕
Alexus Blair
Alexus Blair Yıl önce
It’s her reaction at the end for me 😻 you killed this!!
Ελένη Rutgers
Wow such an pretty makeuplook She looks amazing!!
Just Liz
Just Liz Yıl önce
beginner mua here & this was very informative!! thank you, you did amazing😍❤️
Nakaya 💖
Nakaya 💖 10 aylar önce
POV: you moved to a different state and need to learn how to do your bday make up in a month 😂😅 this was so helpful!! And came out gorgeous ❤
Andrewia Stewart
Andrewia Stewart Yıl önce
I’m going to need you to post more! Your work is amazing 🤩
keeberrenaye Yıl önce
The BEST brownskin tutorial on TRvid! I am a beginner & this was the most detailed to understand.
Nicole Shelton
Nicole Shelton Yıl önce
Gurl.... I love this beat!!! You did a good job🥰🥰
Nita B
Nita B Yıl önce
This was so satisfying to watch and the client is GORG!
Kadasha Williams
Kadasha Williams Yıl önce
This was so helpful !! Love this.
MyyVicKySeCreTz Yıl önce
Obsessed with this tutorial!! I’ve legit watched it 3 times 😩😍😍😍
Desiree Dixon
Desiree Dixon Yıl önce
Love this beat & the client is gorgeous before & after 😍😍😍
Telma Koùre
Telma Koùre Yıl önce
I literally LOVE this look
Shana Fleming
Shana Fleming Yıl önce
The model is stunning! Beautiful makeup!
precious Mngomezulu
Love this look 😍🔥❤️
Kori Elise
Kori Elise Yıl önce
I love This look!! 😍
Tyra Joseph
Tyra Joseph Yıl önce
I just came across your video and the soft glam look was absolutely flawless. I love everything wat u did. Would love to see more looks. Keep up the good work.
TheBratLashay 💕
Love your tutorial !!!
Stephanie Lopez
Stephanie Lopez Yıl önce
She looks great! 😍
TableFor2 Podcast
What brush did you use to contour? Omg I watched this video 3 times it’s so perfect. I can’t wait to master my own face!💖
Ashley Dieudonne
Ashley Dieudonne Yıl önce
Flawless. Love it!
TheBratLashay 💕
🦋LEXI🦋 Yıl önce
I keep rewatching this it’s may fav beat of the yr. I told my husband he said I’m “watching makeup highlights” like it’s. A sport 😂😂😂 he ain’t wrong 🥴‼️
Ruthyy Freeman
Ruthyy Freeman Yıl önce
Video is super helpful and your client is absolutely stunning 😍😍😍
Em.G Yıl önce
*cries!* She’s so beautiful & you are soo talented!
Nicole Campbell
Nicole Campbell 5 aylar önce
pretty with or without makeup 😍😍😍😍. your work is bomb 💣
P Chantel
P Chantel Yıl önce
Love this look 🔥
takira foster
takira foster Yıl önce
Love the look!!
Ciarra Reviews
Ciarra Reviews Yıl önce
You got her snatched girl!!! I love the lashes and im definitely gonna try that trick lol
CheryshYourFace Yıl önce
Definitely giving the filter effect!😍
Chel S atoya MUA
Chel S atoya MUA Yıl önce
I Love these tutorials🤗
Hair and Beauty Channel
Manne this was soo easy going and detailed
Selah Kesi
Selah Kesi Yıl önce
Beautiful!!!! This look came out perfectly! How long did this take you in real time?
TheFairyMuva Yıl önce
About 40 minutes hun cause I had to stop and start but move around the ring light but usually this look takes me about 35 minutes
IceyyHot Yıl önce
This is vey beginner friendly. Thank You ❤️
Jasmin Yıl önce
New subscriber and Im definitely trying out this look!!!!!
lexbeautè Yıl önce
looks so good 😍
Deenie333 Yıl önce
Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Taylor 3 aylar önce
Amazing soft glam girrrrrl! 🔥
Tay Bands
Tay Bands Yıl önce
Yaaaassss love it her skin is beautiful and make up is top tier 😍🔥🙌🏾
Kesha Tv
Kesha Tv Yıl önce
Yes this is EVERY BEGINNER friendly!
Ariel Brumfield
Ariel Brumfield Yıl önce
Hi! In love with this look, so beautiful. Are the products you used for dry skin or oily skin? Or it doesn't matter?
Shadell Mills
Shadell Mills Yıl önce
This is beautiful !!
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