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John Doe
John Doe Yıl önce
I personally dislike Twilight but Stephanie Meyers was being a fucking genius when she wrote depression as blank pages with only the name of the months, and New Moon turned this part of the book into movie form in an also very genius way
Baf Baas
Baf Baas 12 gün önce
@b It's called sampling
shaine jolie
shaine jolie 26 gün önce
did I ask
lithiumkid 5 aylar önce
@Aspen omg ty i can’t believe i mixed that up, it’s all the fuckin l’s and j’s lol
Aspen 5 aylar önce
@lithiumkid you’re thinking of lj smith, el James is the author of 50 shades of grade, which started as a twilight fanfic
PrincessBoyParts 6 aylar önce
Yeah, it's a very very good way of showing the absolute depths of depression. The book is real bad at the day to day with depression, but the overview is fantastic. I can't remember like 80% of the last three years or so, and it is very that, blank pages with just, days and months
Imani Manuellah
Imani Manuellah Yıl önce
I’m sort of ashamed that Edward stripteasing to death was the most dramatic thing happening in my life once🙇🏾‍♀️
Emily Wilburn
Emily Wilburn 7 aylar önce
it's okay I was a teenager then too, we all have sins in our past
hannah barbarian
hannah barbarian 9 aylar önce
You should be
Blue Plumbob
Blue Plumbob 11 aylar önce
I feel called out 🤣
Alex 💙
Alex 💙 Yıl önce
don't worry for me it was the titanic hand on the fogged up window 💀
Sahra Pimentel-Sherlock
lmao stop, this comment is perfect
Sam C
Sam C Yıl önce
I feel like Bella would’ve listened relentlessly to 2004 Avril Lavigne and Paramore songs and I respect that
Navn Her
Navn Her 6 aylar önce
Bestie, she is said to be listening to Linkin Park at one point in the first if I'm not mistaken, so yes. This is (probably) canon
Lia 9 aylar önce
You mean.. the soundtrack?
D C Yıl önce
@Kai Bishop I thunk it was MUSE tho
Emiliana Zuckerberg
@Kai Bishop omg noooo
Kai Bishop
Kai Bishop Yıl önce
In the first Twilight book she literally listens to a Linkin Park album on repeat lmao (the album isn't named by Meyer confirmed it was Linkin Park in an interview 💀)
Leonardo Ramos
Leonardo Ramos Yıl önce
I want to see mike do the whole series for the sole purpose of discussing "YOU NICKNAMED MY DAUGHTER AFTER THE LOCH NESS MONSTER?!"
Liz 8 aylar önce
Amy 11 aylar önce
@dorothy & the melting renesme model 😂😭
Kristian Alexis
Kristian Alexis Yıl önce
@dorothy That horrible CGI still haunts me 😂
dorothy Yıl önce
and CGI renesmee 😭
Stanza Yıl önce
@Desire bi king
Cirill Florenz Dalangin
After binging michael microphone videos, he's now the voice of my subconscious
Magisterial Voyager
Same here, sis. Same here.
AdrianRandom3 Yıl önce
You can hear the voice at the back of your head saying "Bestie, are you sure this is wise?, You need to be the girl boss in this situation not the boy employee"
ENG20CS0033_Ankita Singh
venus Yıl önce
are we as society just going to ignore the fact that Bella had more chemistry with the entire fam instead of Eddie??
HerHollyness 9 aylar önce
But why is this so true? Were those two even really dating IRL? They had zero chemistry!
Kristian Alexis
Kristian Alexis 9 aylar önce
@Peut-être toi Really? I'm sure they exist but haven't watched any
Peut-être toi
Peut-être toi 9 aylar önce
@Kristian Alexis I mean there are.. turns out they do exist lmaoo (on ig and yt ive seen?)
Kristian Alexis
Kristian Alexis Yıl önce
@kate If there are any edits of this ship, I’d support it lol
kate Yıl önce
i will forever stand by the ship of alice and bella
galactic_spice Yıl önce
the way dakota fanning’s career went bye bye after she ate being a vampire the industry was like she cannot top this we need her younger sister
johanabi 4 aylar önce
@alexis jordan Oh my gosh looking back at this I’m so embarrassed. I totally know the difference between them 🤦‍♀️ I guess I just mixed up the name????? But idk how I didn’t notice the show mentioned??? And I know Dakota was on twilight, not Elle? How embarrassing lol
alexis jordyn
alexis jordyn 4 aylar önce
@johanabi it’s actually elle fanning’s show !!
Ariya Tabassum Abdullah
@janine now let's not discredit elle fanning here she's super talented and has been in a number of excellent projects like the neon demon, the great, the beguiled, etc.
johanabi Yıl önce
I haven’t seen that movie, but I thought she was amazing in The Great on Hulu!
The Watcher On The Walls
@janine I don’t think maleficent gives you an accurate view of her abilities. She’s been in a lot of things before and after that which are much better.
Sorcha Yıl önce
it is now twilight canon for me that mike was in italy for the entirety of the new moon italian scenes and he was just off camera experiencing his italian tour trauma
Andrea Elizabeth
Andrea Elizabeth Yıl önce
LMAOO Mike getting kidnapped while Bella and friends are in the Volturi basement
auri Yıl önce
fozzyspots Yıl önce
@Sorcha and in his back pocket his phone is vibrating as his mother frantically tries to contact him LMFAOOOOO
Sorcha Yıl önce
@abby doesart could you imagine? Bella sprinting to Edward but in the background Mike is posing for a picture, sunburnt and done with the Volturri MESS
Urja Shastri
Urja Shastri Yıl önce
whateva dad
whateva dad Yıl önce
the pen and notebook are giving Professor Of Modern Literature and you’re serving up the New Moon Module 😌
D.J. Rose
D.J. Rose 9 aylar önce
Funny that I find this comment while I'm writing my "Romeo & Juliet in Twilight: New Moon vs. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" essay for my Contemporary American Literature online course. 😆😉
Ragdoll Rose
Ragdoll Rose Yıl önce
That's 2020s culture💕 Just like Shakespear became High Culture when it was aimed at ye good ol' peasant, we're here getting lectures about Classical Pop Culture
Sofia Yıl önce
I still can't forget Jasper being a confederate soldier. Like why
PrincessBoyParts 6 aylar önce
Cause Mayer is a Mormon, and also a racist. And homophobic. Honestly, she is just kind of a trash person. Just like another very famous teen book author I can think of...
nostradamus 7 aylar önce
@lithiumkid probably fine since he was some diplomat at the french court, so he's used to racism and colonialism
lithiumkid 11 aylar önce
i'm always like how does Laurent feel about that?
Kristian Alexis
Kristian Alexis Yıl önce
@Chronically Witty Haha he’s a Texan and apparently actually is in real life. I’m a Texan without the accent but whatever
Maggie ⛈
Maggie ⛈ Yıl önce
Just like how Damon was a confederate in the vampire diaries
Yasmeen K
Yasmeen K Yıl önce
Omg when I was little and ignorant I was so gassed about Jacob's glow up but now that I think about it, the fact that they had a NATIVE character cut their hair to fit into the mainstream beauty standards for men and appeal more to the audience seems really gross. Like... The fetishization of indigenous people is so strong in this franchise it makes me ill. Edit: it is also illegal for anyone to go shirtless in Italy. So if the Volturi didn't get Edward then the Italian government certainly would.
Ant 9 aylar önce
@KimDavis yeah but Stephanie "Mormon" Meyer wrote it that way because she has No Respect™
KimDavis Yıl önce
I think in the books he cut his hair because as a wolf his fur was too long
Hopsy Mopsy
Hopsy Mopsy Yıl önce
I actually remember how ADULT women were absolutely foaming at the mouth over Jacob specifically like they didn't remember that the character and actor were both underaged. Like it was real predatory on god
Macs Herdrich
Macs Herdrich Yıl önce
“girl cut the shit, you’re flopping mentally”. and I felt that
Bee’s Fashion Journal
I screenshoted this to put it in my ig story permanently
Magisterial Voyager
A mood. An icon. An energy. 💀
greg young
greg young Yıl önce
the way Jasper reacts to a paper cut and cant control himself, like has no one at High school ever got a paper cut or worse
taylor fawn
taylor fawn Aylar önce
@Marag according to s.meyer menstrual blood isn’t like freely flowing fresh blood. like it’s old blood so it’s not appealing to vampires.
Marag Yıl önce
Nah fr, cuz that school is co-ed, so like periods, helloo???? How has he even manage so far lol
Roblox Yıl önce
@Erik Perhs she doesn't even have fairy blood how is she ✨ different ✨ 🙄 (this is a reference to a better vampire series)
Erik Perhs
Erik Perhs Yıl önce
Remember: Bella is specially hard to resist to because she's ✨different✨
A. Yıl önce
@Kiki lmaooooooo
tarren Yıl önce
This triggered all my PTSD (Post Twilight Stress Disorder) memories of my very own Italian Tour TM. Me and my parents went on holiday around Italy shortly after New Moon came out. I was like 15-16 and OBSESSED with it all. I managed to convince my parents to make Volterra one of the stops of our trip, the Italian hilltop town where all the Volturi stuff was set. Like I made them add it to the itinerary, pay for 2 nights in a hotel, all for the Twilight connection. Absolute clownery and I must hold my parents somewhat accountable for letting it happen 😂 Dragging my poor parents on the Twilight Tour of the city, with the poor Italian Tour guide who was clearly baffled by Twilight, and answering all of the trivia questions he asked us like the fangirl I was....truly one of my cringiest, darkest memories 😅😅😅 (I'm an only child - haha can you tell 😩 - so I wasn't even sharing this trip with like a similarly obsessed sister, just my utterly baffled middle aged parents.) To be fair, I'd still absolutely reccomended Volterra as a holiday destination, it was beautiful and had lots of interesting things and lovely food, and there's probably far fewer cringey Twilight fans around than there were in 2010 🤷‍♀️ But alas I can never return because I would combust out of pure cringe at my 16-year-old self.
Abigail Whiteley
Abigail Whiteley Yıl önce
Honestly that was so nice of your parents to support your interests so much haha
D C Yıl önce
@J Hart right like she takes full responsability for this 💀
J Hart
J Hart Yıl önce
Ma'am we will not be blaming your parents for ANY of that debacle and you must answer for your crimes.
Cathy Gonggrijp
Cathy Gonggrijp Yıl önce
Honestly, that sounds like an awesome holiday and my 13 year old self would be SO jealous of you!! Great parents :)
D C Yıl önce
Sleipnirseight Yıl önce
Ok so... If vampires stop physically aging, and they're turned while they're still teens/early 20's, does that mean their prefrontal cortex never matures????? 🤔🤔🤔 This would explain so much of this damn story
Bee’s Fashion Journal
Yes, that’s why it’s also ‘illegal’ (enforced by the volturi) to make baby vampires. Bc they never mature
Nina Pesic
Nina Pesic Yıl önce
Thats exactly what happens!
ms.marvelous 815
ms.marvelous 815 Yıl önce
Just an unholy reminder, this series is partially why 50 shades of grey exists.
Samantha7286 3 aylar önce
The full butterfly effect theory is that 50 shades of grey exists because of 9/11. - 9/11 happens. Gerard Way is effected by this and it inspires him to create the band My Chemical Romance. - Stephanie Meyer, the author of Twilight, was inspired by My Chemical Romance to write Twilight. -50 shades of grey was a twilight fan fiction, later adapted into a film.
A Katie
A Katie 5 aylar önce
I feel the uncontrollable need to share this: So there was a movie made in 2002 called The Secretary, a BDSM movie about a shy submissive girl who becomes the secretary of an emotionally closed off yet domineering lawyer named MR. E. EDWARD GREY ........ his name is EDWARD GRAY........... 50 Shades of GREY was a fanfic of twilight with a love interest named EDWARD?!?!?!?!
PrincessBoyParts 6 aylar önce
Not even partially, without twilight we would not have 50 shades. And honestly the world would have been a better place
hannah barbarian
hannah barbarian 9 aylar önce
@ms.marvelous 815 this truly is the darkest timeline
Hopsy Mopsy
Hopsy Mopsy Yıl önce
I just found my 13th reason, bye babes wtf
Aoife Yıl önce
What i wanna know is how was miss bella not embarrassed at least once throughout this entire movie. I would simply pass away than to be carried home by a shirtless man after napping in my back garden
Lia 9 aylar önce
I twisted my ankle at my dads wedding (I was a bridesmaid) and had to be carried to a cab by the best men, aka 1) the MayoR 2) objectively the most handsome man is ever seen irl. I die a little bit every time I remember it which is every time I close my eyes.
Annie H.
Annie H. Yıl önce
legend says that’s why she stayed in her room with possibly as the theme song for 5 months
Kaunoe Yıl önce
Bro Fr, I would just cease to exist
Maria Ah
Maria Ah Yıl önce
Right? The fact that she got lost after Edward literally left her ten meters behind her home 😭 I would never recover, I'd never step outside again
Eleanor Sherry
Eleanor Sherry Yıl önce
yall it's not the fact that bella's speaking wattpad... it's that wattpad's speaking bella
sarrou Marbeu
sarrou Marbeu 9 aylar önce
We have an awkward antisocial teen written by some white woman to blame for the literary atrocity that is Wattpad stories ?? ..damn...the more you know 👁️👄👁️
sarrou Marbeu
sarrou Marbeu 9 aylar önce
HOLD ON ...i-
Claire Magnuson
Claire Magnuson Yıl önce
Now hold on
D C Yıl önce
@divine a the brownprint* Cuz it's bestie Bella's favorite color 😍 Inclusive queen 💅
divine a
divine a Yıl önce
Purrrr... the blueprint
GIN Yıl önce
I've got matching shirts w/ a friend that say "Bella, where the hell have you been loca?" in a pink heart.
Kristian Alexis
Kristian Alexis Yıl önce
I need this shirt 😂
Cassandra Barrett
my friend got me that shirt for my birthday!! I love it
M95 Yıl önce
I saw those on an ig account and I need it
Jasmin Mai
Jasmin Mai Yıl önce
Sell them sis
selinalina Yıl önce
Maria Yıl önce
I can't believe twilight invented racism against Italians 😔
julietteangeli Yıl önce
Luckily we are armed with plenty of garlic.
Stranger Things
Stranger Things Yıl önce
@M put a tw please 🥺😔 /j
M Yıl önce
Do you mean italianism?
FEMDOG S Yıl önce
The soundtrack… made me who I am today. I would not be the person I am without experiencing Bella’s depression montage fr
no-one 8 aylar önce
There’s a possum in the tea
K Yıl önce
Absolute Facts🙌🏻
D C Yıl önce
@FEMDOG S Eyes On Fire and Roslyn are top tier 👑👌
Veronica V Delgado
@TooMuchMadness1 obssesed. I still listen to that song when I'm sad.
TooMuchMadness1 Yıl önce
There’s a possibility… there’s a possibility…
relaxation station
"Twilight is anti Italian" best new take I've heard about this abomination
Tony Stonem
Tony Stonem 2 aylar önce
As it should be I'm anti Italian too🙅🏾‍♀️
schw00ligan Yıl önce
i just finished writing my bachelor’s thesis about how the volturi are an authoritarian regime and anti-indigenous racism in twilight i am so overdosed on twilight yet still watching this (i think this is a compliment)
i wake up and boom im a rat
Danielle Pijpers
Danielle Pijpers 7 aylar önce
Hand it over plzzzz
Thee Real Riello
Thee Real Riello 8 aylar önce
Your thesis, hand it over 😤🤌
Lia 9 aylar önce
Emily Brazeau
Emily Brazeau Yıl önce
Please me too
Levi Bernhardt
Levi Bernhardt Yıl önce
Bella is constantly giving us woah whoa whoa whoa whoa,,,,, lets pump it medium
Jade Thomas
Jade Thomas Yıl önce
Hi king we miss you
auri Yıl önce
ooh la la
Sophie Yıl önce
a wae, a wae, a wae??
M Yıl önce
loona moment
yurbits Yıl önce
who knew levi stanned loona
Leyajk Yıl önce
Best part about this movie was counting how many lamps/light sources miss Bella had in her room during her depression era
Evie Yıl önce
@Phat Ho jdjshjwjwh
Phat Ho
Phat Ho Yıl önce
FallPhoenix18 Xo
FallPhoenix18 Xo Yıl önce
Goblinhat 098
Goblinhat 098 Yıl önce
@Evie daddy charlie was trying his best ok 🖐🏻
Evie Yıl önce
Charlie read about light therapy and headed straight for beacon lighting.
Yunhyeong's Lipbalm
beastie taylor lautner really slayed that lacefront like a true girlboss
Madeline Elston
Madeline Elston 3 aylar önce
This sentence would kill a pilgrim
Bea TM
Bea TM 6 aylar önce
@Ava Milne I'd argue slayed was
Ava Milne
Ava Milne 9 aylar önce
None of these words were in the bible
Lucy Yıl önce
This comment is really beautiful to me because I often think about the layers of context we would need to get to somewhere in life. This has way too many layers of context needed and I adore it.
Carlise Brooks
Carlise Brooks Yıl önce
back before custom hairlines😂😂 flatlined sis
AliceinAnderland Yıl önce
I literally am personally offended by Alice's wardrobe in this entire film. The book explicitly states that she is extremely into fashion and I point-blank REFUSE to believe that a bad bitch like her would turn up to what is potentially her own death at the hands of vampire royalty in FUCKING FLATS? The gloves I love because they're a complete power move when you think that Aro needs skin contact for his powers to work but why give her the most hideous gloves in the history of colour television? The wardrobe department and costume designers need to be ashamed of themselves. I purposefully have not looked up their name(s) purely because I know my petty bitch ass will declare them my enemy.
nuggets Yıl önce
14:37 “you’re flopping mentally” will be my yearbook quote
cowboy like me
cowboy like me Aylar önce
So was it?
Resident Joe
Resident Joe Yıl önce
This is a girl boss move
Kiersten McKinney
I am HUNGRY for the rest of these…the commentary on Resume will be glorious
Kristian Alexis
Kristian Alexis Yıl önce
You mean thirsty 🤪 I’m so sorry-
Annie H.
Annie H. Yıl önce
literally, revenescence is not talked about enough
Erik Perhs
Erik Perhs Yıl önce
@Chris H right?? I'm sooo excited to see his comments about Renaissance
Chris H
Chris H Yıl önce
Truly can’t wait for his thoughts on Reconnaissance
Snigdha Yıl önce
anjali Yıl önce
bella's lullaby?? supermassive blackhole??? decode???? neutron star collision????? the serves that were served cos of the twilight franchise
Josepha 6 aylar önce
ROSYLN, don't forget about rosyln. And I caught myself. And possibility.
hannah barbarian
hannah barbarian 9 aylar önce
Decode would've been made anyway that was Paramore's jush back then
Annie H.
Annie H. Yıl önce
it’s the fact that bella’s lullaby isn’t available on apple music- also, forgot the most iconic song of them all, THERES A POSSUM IN A TREEEE
tarren Yıl önce
When we went to see Twilight in the cinema, one of my best friends in high school started crying when they played the 'turn off your phone, the movie is about to start' ad because "oh my god it's happening, we actually get to see the movie." Top ten iconic moments of my young life, I distinctly remember the ad was sponsored by Malteasers because that's what I still think of to this day every time I see a pack. Bestie if you happen to see this comment you know who you are 😂💕
D C Yıl önce
2009 shit 💖😍
ida Yıl önce
every now and then mike's legs will be visible and i'll be reminded that he's a real person
AmethystEyes Yıl önce
I love the fact that in several parts of the series they forget to put in the special effect where Edward glows like diamonds. (Like in the fourth movie) 😂
Sadie New
Sadie New Yıl önce
This is the best twilight movie because Edward is barely in it and Jacob isn’t a trash panda yet - no I will not be getting feedback
janine Yıl önce
jacob has always been shit there was simply too many abs blocking the view
AdrianRandom3 Yıl önce
@Lexi Rodriguez top ten things to listen to finally throw yourself into the sun
Lexi Rodriguez
Lexi Rodriguez Yıl önce
The way that Edward later on said that none of the mess would happen if he didn't fall in love with Bella LIKE I would unlikve myself because imagine the man you love saying u aint worth the struggle BYE
Loganthedog Logan
i would like to give you feed back my only feedback is that u r right
Leyajk Yıl önce
Alice was serving (as always) during her and Bella’s grand theft auto moment
GangstaMango Dict
GangstaMango Dict 7 aylar önce
@Annie Thiel I accidentally clicked on your @…. And wtf is that profile
Carter Tshepo Sisusa
Sis snapped In that I'll fitted wig ngl.
Leyajk Yıl önce
@Annie Thiel your right my bad
Annie Thiel
Annie Thiel Yıl önce
You say that like Alice isn’t always serving
Arfreda Yıl önce
I’ve spent my whole life not realizing Jacob called her loca. Why did he call her thatttt 😂😂😭😭 he’s supposed be indigenous not Spanish likeeeeee whaaaatt lmfaoooo
Fany Lorena
Fany Lorena Yıl önce
HAHAHHA STOP. I’ve only seen these movies in Spanish, I never thought that “Bella, where the hell have you been loca” was ACTUALLY in the movie, I really thought people made a meme 😭
Lais Espacini
Lais Espacini Yıl önce
cant believe you didnt mention the montage of the wolves hunting victoria with hearing damage playing in the background it slapped so hard
Nic Cobb
Nic Cobb Yıl önce
xoxogossipgoat21 Yıl önce
Went to the midnight premiere of this masterpiece as a 14-year-old. The experience was a cultural reset of my life
SerpentDude101 Yıl önce
Who else wants a Mike's Mic video on Jennifer's Body???
Morgan Boutwell
Morgan Boutwell 6 aylar önce
Madori 8 aylar önce
Pretty pls
dizzy miss lizzy
dizzy miss lizzy Yıl önce
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Yıl önce
Andrew James
Andrew James Yıl önce
I watched this movie with my swim friends. It was the first social thing I did with them and if this movie had been better it would not have been the last.
Erik Perhs
Erik Perhs Yıl önce
If your friends were cool it would be amazing because you'd be able to laugh the entire time haha
A. J.
A. J. Yıl önce
Shakira's Hips Lied
Oh my god.
The Flick Chick
The Flick Chick Yıl önce
I watched this one night, for the hell of it, at university. And I'm not ashamed to say that I think Michael Sheen and Graham Greene actually improved every scene they were in.
berry Yıl önce
fully agree
Random Me
Random Me Yıl önce
Agreed 👍 I love how Michael Sheen went all out on this lol
Micah Jones
Micah Jones Yıl önce
There’s not a day that I don’t say to my best friend, Bella, the Jacob- where the hell have you been loca- quote
Ant 9 aylar önce
@AdrianRandom3 I have a friend named bella who reacts to this quote by giving people the finger
AdrianRandom3 Yıl önce
Oh no imagine being called Bella and living through the insanity that is this movie, I could never
Alice Lulich
Alice Lulich Yıl önce
the fact that mike included "eddie" as ed sheeran is so perfect. like, that mess of an era was made for this video
Choco Yıl önce
"I have not seen a single umbrella this movie" Yeah you wont see a lot of those in the pnw lol. Nobody having an umbrella is the most realistic part of this movie
Eileen 6 aylar önce
@Claire Magnuson Yeah you just accept you'll get damp. Everyone else does too so it's no big deal. The rain is pretty constant over late fall and winter but usually light. If you're spending a lot of time outdoors, raincoats and other waterproof gear are better than umbrellas. Umbrellas are really only when you have nice clothes you absolutely don't want getting wet.
Claire Magnuson
Claire Magnuson Yıl önce
Are you guys just one with the rain?
Claire Malda
Claire Malda Yıl önce
Your film commentary is literally the greatest thing on TRvid, no one else can compare.
Christina M
Christina M Yıl önce
Mr. Mic you are so right in saying "get a degree. get several degrees. get a PhD." to Eddie Cullen. You know who is a superior vampire that preceded Dracula and is a lesbian? Carmilla Karnstein.
El Lobo
El Lobo Yıl önce
Bestie we need another video on Anna Kendrick’s grasp on society we don’t talk about that enough people need to open their third eye
hallie fritsch
hallie fritsch 9 aylar önce
@Dark R A SIMPLE FAVOR IS LITERALLY MY FAVORITE FILM the way my bisexual ass is obsessed
sosi111 Yıl önce
Did I hallucinate or was DJ Khaled part of the cast? 😭
Donna Maria
Donna Maria Yıl önce
This comment had me cryinggg bless you 🙌🏻
Goblinhat 098
Goblinhat 098 Yıl önce
@Ttoby89 there like just so bad the plot like wtf even is that?? buttt omg they are good im obsessed
Dark R
Dark R Yıl önce
Ppl need to appreciate A simple favor
pebbellz Yıl önce
I low-key high key hate that at one point in my teenage existence I thought the twilight books were good… miss author Stephanie was really out here glorifying the MOST toxic of relationships and we all just ate it up like the 14 year old girlbosses that we were… I can’t
onlyraindrops Yıl önce
kristen stewart really deserved an oscar for sitting in that chair the way she did it was giving high art
mckamy Yıl önce
That scene where the seasons change is one of the most memorable movie scenes in my brain and I'm not mad about it. Also I remember listening to the entire soundtrack when I was like 13 on my MP3 (yes my MP3) and every track is a solid choice 10/10
kira-lily m
kira-lily m Yıl önce
the new moon soundtrack deserves EVERY award pls
ben Yıl önce
love that whenever you talk about ANY trait you have, you say "famously, i..", i truly can't get enough of it
Laurie Yıl önce
Okay. But my film school production design teacher was the production designer for this movie and you KNOW he spent an entire class talking about the chair spinning scene and how he made that happen. He knew he deserved an Oscar for that.
farrah Yıl önce
last halloween my friends wanted to have a horror movie night but i am not a Horror Movie Girlie so i convinced them to just watch twilight instead and we ended up watching the entire franchise in a matter of days LMAO
AwesomeSmawesome Yıl önce
Bella's papercut was doing the most
TheFretalot Yıl önce
"Jane is like, The Weeknd of vampires" so you could say she is, Vampire Weekend? Who were also in the soundtrack for Twilight Saga: Eclipse? If this isn't mentioned on your next Twilight video this is all rigged.
FrostySkeletons Yıl önce
Fun fact: I live near Forks, WA. No one uses an umbrella actually we all just have good rain coats. I’m pro-umbrella, but it’s a weird regional pride thing plus the wind makes umbrellas useless most of the time
soapra Yıl önce
Im in love with these longer videos, it doesn't have to be a well researched video essay but just you talking about something random for 20 minutes is the content we need
Valentina Canto
Valentina Canto Yıl önce
After twilight came out, the new moon book was completely sold out everywhere and obsessed teenage me made my mum travel to hell and back to find it so that I could obsess over it during my summer holidays. Lovely times. Also we demand part 3, 4 and 5.
jeneral22 Yıl önce
the blue filter is what makes the first movie so good. that’s legitimately the only reason why, but it’s still effective. when they started using normal colors the entire story was ruined 🙄
rinrin Yıl önce
Mike: You are flopping mentally. Me feeling attacked.
slay Yıl önce
we need more of mike doing an american accent
madison bell
madison bell Yıl önce
Stephanie Myers has a weird thing for being a younger girl (16) dating & older man whether 108 years or 25 (the host) it never fails in her books 😂
Fun Police
Fun Police 2 aylar önce
Also, in case you have forgotten: BABY child (we are talking 1 day old, straight out of the womb) with a high school age dude😭
Ant 9 aylar önce
In the host she literally has the main character LIE ABOUT HOW OLD SHE IS to fuck her boyfriend before she's legal for What
Magisterial Voyager
Bestie, Imma just leave. 😭
lillalachrimae Yıl önce
The extra 24 hours on editing really shows and I am living for it
Hina W
Hina W Yıl önce
Mike, idk how you do it but every single video you just keep getting better and better. The editing, the humour, all of it HITS. Like, you really DID👏 THAT👏 BESTIE👏
Katja U
Katja U Yıl önce
The way I rewatched the saga last year (along with everyone joining in on the Twilight renaissance) and felt the depressed Bella montage to the core
Yoder Yıl önce
I went through my first breakup whilst reading new moon at 15 years old and when I tell you I could not have produced more tears during that depression montage....
Olga Rogaleva
Olga Rogaleva Yıl önce
My music taste has been FULLY formed by the Twilight soundtrack
Kerollayne Moreira
No but literally. I remember being a child and being casually like oh I like the songs in this movie and my brother read the credits and downloaded the bands for me and I spent the next decade listening to paramore
Ari Caine
Ari Caine Yıl önce
We were talking about what colour we'd be at acting camp and someone said "a cloudy sky but with that blue filter from twilight over it" the timing of this video
Kyana Yıl önce
"Twilight is anti-italian" is now one of my favourite quotes
kaz za
kaz za Aylar önce
"Yet I have seen many droplets of rain"
Klaudia Gandziarowska
Actually Jane could only make people feel pain not anything she wanted. Her brother had similar power but less powerful as ppl would feel pain if he surrounded them with fog
Bryce H
Bryce H 11 aylar önce
Bella is literally like nobody like she contributes nothing to any friendship or relationship she has in any of the movies and everyone is so obsessed with her and will just like put their lives at risk for her and stuff it’s wild
Emily Payne
Emily Payne Yıl önce
you know what? mr mike deserves a knighthood for making the surfshark sponsorship funny every damn time
Irma Gonzalez
Irma Gonzalez Yıl önce
i can't believe we have access to Michelangelo's Microphone for free
R Yıl önce
That clipping wall growing larger and larger represents Mike's reach on culture
Cherry Gloom
Cherry Gloom Yıl önce
the way we telepathically connected to watch the series at the same time, i literally just finished new moon two days ago
J Hart
J Hart Yıl önce
It doesn't count when you're watching it through his window 📺👀
wert Yıl önce
Ummm yes, Finished it last night 😭😭!
Carter Tshepo Sisusa
When I tell you this franchise had a grip on my prepubescent era. Mam I was sleeping with the windows open and my neck EXPOSED. I was the mc
Tendai Mabingani
Tendai Mabingani Yıl önce
Taylor + co. really needed to PLUCK that hairline and leave some baby hairs that shit was screaming “girl who just spent her whole summer job’s wages on her first expensive lace front only to neglect to pluck it because she’s too scared to ruin it oh welp” *cuts lace* *slaps it over unsecured wig cap* The whole look was LOCA
Maria Ah
Maria Ah Yıl önce
The best part of New Moon is the fact that Edward *didn't* leave Bella in the middle of the woods - they were right behind her house! She could look back and be like "dead boyfriend is gone, Imma go cry in my bedroom forever now" but NO. Girl deliberately chose to try and follow her superfast ex-boyfriend into the woods only to trip on some shit and lay there. Love that dumb shit.
TBodole Yıl önce
The soundtrack is deliciously cyclical, and I absolutely love it. I remember teaching myself how to play their romance motif on the piano. Also that one spinning scene where the seasons change, makes me dizzy, like downright motion sickness
Rain Dawnson
Rain Dawnson Yıl önce
No one having an umbrella in Washington was probably the most accurate part of the movie
vfai Yıl önce
fun fact: my dad’s 51st birthday was yesterday, and over the past 2 days we watched the entire saga as a family. It was…. a strange experience. My dad had never seen any of the movies and he was very into them
madgirlmuahaha 5 aylar önce
My introduction to Twilight was the first ten pages of the first book (I got bored and stopped reading after that) and the second movie. I figured that I could skip out on the frustrating part of the slow-burn and skip to the vampire shenanigans if I went straight to New Moon, and I had more patience to sit through the movie than the book. I did not realize it was going to be this kind of melodramatic break-up flick, but now that I’m older, I can appreciate it for that. I never quite vibed with the Twilight craze but I don’t regret giving it an honest shot. I will thank it for the boom in YA monster romances. For better and worse, it has had a huge influence on my taste in fictional boyfriends and girlfriends.
LovelyKatya Yıl önce
The scene where VIctoria is running in the forest is a moment🤓
ZeeBee Reacts
ZeeBee Reacts 8 aylar önce
This is how my fanfic version of Twilight happened from New moon and onwards: Bella spends her days suffering through #Depression #ScreamQueenSleepingBeauty phase until she slowly starts to Hate Edward for leaving her and being with Jacobs starts to heal her a bit. Her life starts getting back to normal UNTIL! Jacob invites her to go cliff jumping, and because of Jakes wolfie blindspot Alice thinks Bella commited "Sewer Slide" and go to Forks to confirm to which Bella sees her again and the scars of her emotional healing is just ripped open again and Bella is just not having it and want nothing to do with the Cullens. Of course Alice tries to be calm and talk some sense into Bella and during that a call comes on the phone Jacobs answers, of course its Edward, and Jacob being the petty Bestie he is tells Edward Bella is unalive and Alice tells them Edwards gonna Romeo himself and Bella just doesnt care because she wants him to feel the pain she was in when he dipped. But of course Alice convinces Bella to go with her to save Edward-begrudgingly- and they get thete, Edwards about to striptease the nation until Bella stops him. And when Edward tries to hug her, greatful that his one true love is alive, Bella stops him because she aint having it and that when the Volturi guards pull up and escort all of them into the great hall to meet the Slay leaders and their wigs of supremacy. And shit goes down. Instead of trying to protect Edward and like a crazy crackhead, Bella bargains with the Volturi after they witness her gift in action; she tells Aro she will let him turn her into a Vampire in exchange for Edward and Alices freedom *gasp! * And Aro is like yasss please! And accepts, but Edwards trifling ass tries to intervene, gets his skinny ass kicked by Tall Boi Felix and Bella hits him with some facts that she really isnt doing it for him, she's simply doing it not only because she wants to slay for all eternity BUT she wants to punish Edward for all eternity for breaking her heart and it will be his job to tell her dad he is the reason she "unalived herself" and the Volturi be in the corner silently cheering because girlboss Bella is kinda dark. And Edwards spendd the remainder for the fanfic trying to get Bella back while she living her best Vampire life😅 That is my AO3 version of this movie!
Tallulah Fuller
Tallulah Fuller Yıl önce
Watching Mike's videos is like finally hearing my native language being spoken
Ash Campo
Ash Campo 8 aylar önce
Every time I get sad I rewatch this entire series. This is my comfort show, this is my Office, my Friends, my Parks and Recs. Argue with a wall.
Maggie Demo
Maggie Demo Yıl önce
I woke up in the night and clicked this to go back to sleep too but it was simply too entertaining and funny I watched the whole thing
flowerskerfuffle Yıl önce
I firmly believe Mike is the funniest person on TRvid. Like how tf does he come out with these things? He's hilarious
Zöe India Cameron
If I was Mike I literally could not stop laughing when editing videos. The ridiculous joke-to-time ratio is killing me
Ally Wally
Ally Wally 9 aylar önce
I love how in Twilight, vampires (in the Twilight universe) apparently love to swim, but in The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore states that vampires (in the TVD universe) hate swimming. 😂😂😂
Hallie Nicholls
Hallie Nicholls Yıl önce
mike idk if it’s me but you are the funniest you’ve ever been! i laughed out loud! several times! you’re amazing!!!
Ale Andra
Ale Andra Yıl önce
pitch perfect defined a generation, i did sing the cup song (with the cup and everything) for a talent show and won, that movie was everything
• Whyccan •
• Whyccan • Yıl önce
The politics of the Vulturi are very interesting, it reminds me of Vampire The Mascarade. If the movies were more heavily focused on those aspects I would absolutely be a fan
Heart 2 Heart
Heart 2 Heart Yıl önce
shcores Yıl önce
he's not forced to grow a mullet your hair just starts doing that when you live in Melbourne
leaiks Yıl önce
@Mike's Mic bestie!! the sheer size of ur fishness
Gina Yıl önce
@Mike's Mic ur big fish to me, mike
Mike's Mic
Mike's Mic Yıl önce
@Yami Yugi tea same I’m a big fan but I’m little fish compared to the big fish commentary youtubers!!!
Mike's Mic
Mike's Mic Yıl önce
Pls the way I have not gone within 100m of a hairdresser after the famously bad haircut….mullet era is staying and we will be ENJOYING!!!!!
E'G Studio
E'G Studio 8 aylar önce
The fact that each and every one of these reviews gets longer than the previous video is just *chef's kiss* 🤩
AllegraVivace Yıl önce
Pls do the other twilight movies, these videos are sooo good. I low-key just need Mike to experience the insane baby-face CGI they pulled for the last one.
Marina Barcellos
Marina Barcellos Yıl önce
This movie is UNHINGED and I love it, my favorite one out of the franchise
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