So this randomized strategy made my opponent surrender... (Bloons TD Battles 2)

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So this randomized strategy made my opponent surrender... (Bloons TD Battles 2)

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6 Ağu 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Elijah Calderon
Elijah Calderon Aylar önce
This works really well with tack/dart instead of boomer and Gwen instead of obyn because early game is good and then sniper mid and late game you have cripple with hewn fire up to make 7+dmg on top of all the spikes that get send out with spike storm Just my strategy just saying
MTMan Aylar önce
Though your strat has better lategame with pmfc with the dart together with cripple and spike storms, cripple cand spike storms can do the bad damage and the midgame is much weaker since dart doesnt do good midgame, tack is too expensive without buffs like ice, spike is too expensive to be worth it, and sniper is just support. Boomer is mostly early-midgame carry.
Luc Ten
Luc Ten Aylar önce
2:09 "because that is the ultimate crosspath." Nah, the ultimate crosspath is 3-2-2
snowy fox
snowy fox Aylar önce
The ultimate crosspath is 0-0-0
Ace Fong
Ace Fong Aylar önce
nah, it 5-5-5
Kory NWF
Kory NWF Aylar önce
Challenge: Defend the Kory NWF rush round 22 to 24.
unstable concoction with dogs
Heck yeah
Lord Toast
Lord Toast Aylar önce
The spike factory is also my favorite tower He is freaking awsome,it's an extra set of spikes when just placed so it can save a few lives and a 3-2-0 spike factory can deal with a moab or its 4 ceramics if you pop the moab,and the spike storm ability is just the cherry on top,good for swarms of moab class bloons
Ethan Berry
Ethan Berry Aylar önce
Should try a strat to see if the marketplace buff on merchantmen is usable
TTV_Amazin PhiaYT
TTV_Amazin PhiaYT Aylar önce
I will most definitely be trying this strategy out!
Avery Joseph
Avery Joseph Aylar önce
You should try glue super monkey and village it’s hard for the beginning rounds but it can defend infinite DDTs
MTMan Aylar önce
@Paul Eckner boomer glue sub doesnt defend infinite ddts but can defend for really long
Paul Eckner
Paul Eckner Aylar önce
Every glue strat can der infinite ddts
Captain Biddy
Captain Biddy Aylar önce
love videos with random strats like this, hope to see more ^^ greetings from a german viewer in argentina :D
Captain Biddy
Captain Biddy Aylar önce
@retakoku bro now i am not so sure anymore😰
retakoku Aylar önce
@Captain Biddy u sure its a vacation?🤨📸
Captain Biddy
Captain Biddy Aylar önce
@retakoku bruuuuh i just realized😂😂 to be fair i am just on vacation😂
retakoku Aylar önce
A Y O *calls police*
Kevin Aylar önce
I think I've gone against your opponent before, they were running wizard ice spike and played it in the exact same way (I won btw)
De dumbestgamerever
Derrick Hoff
Derrick Hoff Aylar önce
Do hypersonic bma on play with fire and send yourself hyperdense zomgs in a week
everything chomik
everything chomik Aylar önce
@Master-san ?
Master-san Aylar önce
It can't keep it
Jericho Tombstone
Jericho Tombstone Aylar önce
love these random tower challenges
LightBlueMew Aylar önce
Month two of playing this game, 134 hours in and I still haven't randomly matched with you D:
Captain Schmukk
Captain Schmukk Aylar önce
Boltix goated as always
Varscool Aylar önce
6:38 Me: omg boomer is freaking op Me after realising what it was 😂
Hi Aylar önce
Hey Bolt! I use ice ninja sniper and want to know if it’s viable. If anyone has suggestions please reply. Great video!
Skan Aylar önce
Early game will be a problem on most maps and I feel like alch would work a lot more better than ice since it’s better late game, and it buffs your ninjas and sniper
The End king Shorts
My strategy can defend pretty much anything, and I have Ben so usually when I go late-game my opponents die to AI
The End king Shorts
-Bomb, Super, Village
Gabriele Sallemi
Gabriele Sallemi Aylar önce
Random squad: Obyn greenfoot Village, druid ice monkey... How? Cannot believe that this game gave this joy to me
Hyperbolic Paraboloid
I racking my brains trying to figure out how that player got into bfb colosseum.
X_hash_ x
X_hash_ x Aylar önce
Imagine if the matchmaking was skill based 💀💀
Traildaemo Aylar önce
He would wait for hours to get one game against isab or somone
Gulsher Naveed
Gulsher Naveed Aylar önce
This week I got 75 out of 75 points in random quad
El Ender
El Ender Aylar önce
Do "The not eco challenge" (you must win any game, without ecoing)
Glassy Aylar önce
spike factory is soo good i love seeing it be used
Thelocalcuber Aylar önce
It’s weird when people act really late because normally ecoing is the most important partnn be of ranked games
Thelocalcuber Aylar önce
@Master-san lol yea
Master-san Aylar önce
Half the player base don't know how to play the game correctly
Nenoneo Mel
Nenoneo Mel Aylar önce
I just meet Boltrix at yellow stadium and still wonder "what he doing here.... "
Nenoneo Mel
Nenoneo Mel Aylar önce
I just notice the name and badges after he beat me easily bc i didn't pay attention... What a miss opportunity i should try my best to fight him but i just...welp what done is done i should not have a thought like " oh it a yellow stadium at least i lose 5 medallion and it nothing" get the best of me .*facepalm to my self*
Matthew Pranata
Matthew Pranata Aylar önce
Hey boltrix, can you try ice, sniper and boomer. 3 of those towers can stall
Cosmos Aylar önce
This is literally my strat!!
Dargon Aylar önce
Spike, Druid, Wizard, Obyn? Specifically towers that leave things on the track?
ShadeNtimes Aylar önce
I didn’t know how to eco as a new player and still won every round lol ( we don’t talk about early rushers )
Morning V6
Morning V6 Aylar önce
Bro!!! I always exploit with Spike Factory every Random Quad because Spike is the base tower that can pop camos 😁😁
Jan Thomas Hoekstra
Boltrix i hear you talk about how you find it weird that people dont rush some people just dont wanna rush and chill late game like i only play bloons to go late game so yeah probably more people like me or just xp grinders
Eraseable Crab
Eraseable Crab Aylar önce
Average spike factory user 💪
MAXI2006O Aylar önce
You do what I do in battles 1 Press the random three and use that towers for like 15 match's
IStealYourToast Aylar önce
dont go for a 5/0/2 cripple moab because crosspathing the cripple moab with shrapnel will allow it to stun more moabs because the shrapnels also stuns moabs
Caabu Aylar önce
In btd battles a 5 0 2 is better cuz you usually get it for the AI blimpsand they arent stacked enough for the shrapnel
amry_the_noob Aylar önce
Im a sniper player and you should go for a 250 sniper and 140 spam, its cheaper this way
Saoatomesan Aylar önce
@Boltrix you should post a video of any funny or disappointing moments from the games you don't use
De dumbestgamerever
You should try to get the most abilitys
Stella Aylar önce
Do you approve this strat? Boomer spike factory and farm (if water map I use boat instead of farm)
Colby Aylar önce
Ive started playing btd battles 2, any tips for a new player? Ive also noticed your new transition and it's epic
Colby Aylar önce
(ive play btd6 and battles 1 but 2 is different and mobile is hard)
Struzzo_ sputacchione
Boltrix will you ever bring a God boosted bloon crush video on the channel? (this is the 7-9 time I ask you)
ParaDox Aylar önce
why hasn’t Ninja Kiwi buffed the Mortar yet? I think a very good buff for the mortar could be giving the tier 5 bottom path an ability to strip fortified BAD’s fortify layer
ParaDox Aylar önce
@Anonymous 1 make it like the legend of the night so even when it’s sold, the cooldown still goes
Anonymous 1
Anonymous 1 Aylar önce
You could just micro buy and sell to negate that cd.
ParaDox Aylar önce
@Master-san this isn’t supposed to be a nerf to BAD’s although it is, it’s also a buff to Mortar. And Ik it’ll never be added but you never know. Im just trying to create ideas. Don’t gotta be so god damn demoralizing
Master-san Aylar önce
No, and no. BADs specialty is that they are immune to most debuff. The BADs are already somewhat balanced, it's a bad idea to change anything that is related or affects it. Stripping away fortified layers on BAD will never be added, just telling you now so you won't be waiting for it.
ParaDox Aylar önce
@Ceramx that’s all tru but if it has a long cooldown, it’ll finally make the tower good and all the broken aspects you mentioned will basically be negated. Like a legend of the night but you still have to kill them
Minion cultist
Minion cultist Aylar önce
Yo I have a mini series idea where you try to make it to certain arenas (on alt) using challenge “things” like no eco Edit the alt account to a from scratch
Master-san Aylar önce
Sounds like torture if anything
Sagnik Bhar
Sagnik Bhar Aylar önce
U know what's funny that's the same strategy I use lol
The Inconsistent Duck
pov: i rush them on round 12
Noel Herrera
Noel Herrera Aylar önce
Tbh I kinda get disappointed when people surrender
Samsel Aylar önce
i bet you cant win a ranked game without useing the ballon eco
Joel Dantzler
Joel Dantzler Aylar önce
bro boltrix, you never crosspathed your elite sniper. Both crosspaths are solid on upping damage output
MenaceMonkey Aylar önce
@cheeseisgood Yeah but it’s a fifth tier and it does lots of damage, so cross path it
cheeseisgood Aylar önce
i think it was more for farming reasons, not for damage, so it would be pointless to upgrade it
Twipszy Aylar önce
i have the same thing on the thumbnail but instead of spike factory i have engineer
Derek Wilson
Derek Wilson Aylar önce
try out the bloon exclusion zone
7Sete7 Aylar önce
Another video, another game of Boltrix crying that people won't rush him, while he himself don't rush anyone
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy Aylar önce
Bolting can u use this strategy tac super monkey and dartling
Hammad Belim
Hammad Belim Aylar önce
can you recommend some strategies for me right now I use bomb tack village
crazyblaze1 Aylar önce
Used it before just got to be careful and prepared for a purple camo rush early on
Master-san Aylar önce
Bouncing bullets solos purples
Ninjay Aylar önce
I really like this strat because boomer is super strong mid game and turbo charge solos a fortified moab, spike factory is op and maim moab+spike storm is op because each spike gets +2 dmg? Correct me if I’m wrong
Ninjay Aylar önce
Ninjay Aylar önce
Not broken if you ask me
Ninjay Aylar önce
yeah like 5x the dmg just for the cost of 1
Skan Aylar önce
It’s 5+ damage
Austin Delisle
Austin Delisle Aylar önce
What do you think is a good combo strat thats not hard to pull off i wanna use a new strat
Google username
Google username Aylar önce
How does your opponent have a different team than you if you did the random quad because when ever I do it they have the same towers as me
Shroomper Gaming
Shroomper Gaming Aylar önce
Can you please make a video using super monkey, helicopter monkey & tack shooter please
CATMAN Aylar önce
Hey can you please tell me why can't i upgrade my tack tower to overdrive in ranked game. Please i really wanna know it 😭😭😭
Timothy Fraser
Timothy Fraser Aylar önce
Busy trying this combo
JustBakon Aylar önce
glue - snipe - village = godlike (got setup from rando quad LMAO)
Wilhelm Betz
Wilhelm Betz Aylar önce
Him why isnt he rushing The other guy why isnt he rushing
NickyBoi37 Aylar önce
this strat is my main lol
Vengefulblon Aylar önce
Day 1 of asking for god boosted any of the snipers
Hapy Destroyer
Hapy Destroyer Aylar önce
U should do One monkey tower only, only only playing boomer all have, up to u if u want to do hero.
Her şeyden yoksun
Her şeyden yoksun Aylar önce
Şuan saat gece 4 boltrix uyumamıştım Canım sıkılmıştı teşekkürler
Cytox Aylar önce
He loves MINORS😂😂
Kevin Aylar önce
mamba won against a guy using sniper boomer spac
Jonathan Khazen
Jonathan Khazen Aylar önce
Day 1 of asking boltrix to play the Giga Chad song when someone uses spike factory
Lars De
Lars De Aylar önce
those events are ez i do them when they are out thats how i got benjamin
Väinö Ahola
Väinö Ahola Aylar önce
When village of ice ninjas aka ice ninja village combo
sonny saeeal
sonny saeeal Aylar önce
Wow random made boltrix used my strat lol
Psychoboi Aylar önce
Can you post more Btd battles 1?
Mart Donkey
Mart Donkey Aylar önce
Day 2 of asking for a god boosted Primary Expertise
LMTD Aylar önce
Hey boltex. Can we 1v1 someday??? (after the tier5 update). I know that you are pretty good at this game. But i think I could be better soo yeh. I mean it would be a pretty good content for your channel as well. (1v1ing on of my subscriber)
dudepersonguyman Aylar önce
"Laughing my fucking ass off" ~Boltrix the Bot 2022 no one asked but the edit was (the Bot)
Savãge Fanfan
Savãge Fanfan Aylar önce
playing on phone or tablet it's tough
BTXR Aylar önce
Boltrix try Dartling sniper super
Mike Louie Gallardo
Day 15 of asking Boltrix to God Boost Inferno Ring
Sawyer Aylar önce
Gaming With G
Gaming With G Aylar önce
I was here within three minutes!!! Boltrix is the besttttttttttttttt!!!
CJmonator Aylar önce
I don’t eco because I want to make the most of the game
David Waxter
David Waxter Aylar önce
Played against a bot. Also never cross pathed any of the snipers which was very irritating to watch
Boltrix Aylar önce
because they're farms not there for damage dawg
Natasha Lupiani
Natasha Lupiani Aylar önce
I should get BTD battles 2
Myles Cheney
Myles Cheney Aylar önce
Wondering if you could rate and try my strat? It’s alchemist 5,0,3 farm (don’t know the best)and dartling 2,5,0
Myles Cheney
Myles Cheney Aylar önce
@Master-san but it works really well
Master-san Aylar önce
That's pretty much a variation of meta strats
Ramsey lax
Ramsey lax Aylar önce
love the stranger things music btw. :)
The Roaring Boi
The Roaring Boi Aylar önce
Good thing you didn’t get something like Benjamin super monkey monkey village banana farm
jimmy manuel
jimmy manuel Aylar önce
I love you boltrix
Swiss Rust
Swiss Rust Aylar önce
bro i went against you today in random quad then you quit
John reagan Lagunte
DAY 1 of asking boltrix make hyper sonic avatar of rap
ch00se Aylar önce
F druid farm users!
Shamir Uppal
Shamir Uppal Aylar önce
Day 21 of asking Spactory farm village- please do this I’m tired of asking on and on :((((((((((((((
alex blue
alex blue Aylar önce
Day 10 of asking for Hypersonic obyn
Voidy Aylar önce
Bro i just got that 13 hours ago before watching this
Proskiller6149 Aylar önce
Day 6 of asking boltrix for a hypersonic superstorm
Ahmad Alsamhouri
Ahmad Alsamhouri Aylar önce
Hey boltrix can you say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in the intro next video please 🙏
Gimitri Aylar önce
Day 17 of asking to do the wierd crospath chellenge
Ean Fernandez
Ean Fernandez Aylar önce
Hey can you do play with fire next pleas
Rawr 🅥
Rawr 🅥 Aylar önce
always early for u
KingJordan1k- Aylar önce
Why not actually play Random Duo lol
Master-san Aylar önce
@Boltrix Zomg Superdome is the best place to do these challenges I think. Bfb coli have way too many bad players
Master-san Aylar önce
@Boltrix Zomg Superdome is the best place to do these challenges I think. Bfb coli have way too many bad players
Boltrix Aylar önce
because the players in there aren’t the greatest unfortunately
Emir De La Garza
Emir De La Garza Aylar önce
What’s meta right now?
Only 1 Tower to BEAT Round 163 in BTD6!
This Is A REALLY BIG Tournament
I Rigged a YouTuber Parkour Challenge
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görünümler 88 306