Snowstorm And Howling Wind - Cozy Bedroom Ambience - Relax, Sleep, Study

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The wind blows around the house and the snow sweeps by, winter is here and you can watch the natural spectacle right from your bed. The small table fireplace provides warmth and well-being, a few candles for the coziness, the cat also appreciates this and has made himself comfortable on the bed.


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27 Kas 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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scaxxce 90
scaxxce 90 Yıl önce
Well, it’s so amazing room that storming winter sound lets you sleep well ❄️
Shelly Lyndsley
Love this video!! Now this is the way I wish I had a bedroom!! Would love to have all those windows to lay and watch a snow storm outside and be able to hear the howling winter wind.
Phil Newton-England
Phil Newton-England 21 gün önce
This is going on my tv while we open our presents on Christmas Morning. ❤️
K'Ann Bishop
Love the decor, perfect, wish I could be there-forever!!!
Best Jazz Music
Best Jazz Music 4 saatler önce
Every night I go to sleep with this music. If smoothing relaxation is reading this comment just saying this is the best realaxing music I've ever listed to.Great music the best one you have ever made.If i play this for my pet birds they cherp loudly to the music.If anyone is reading this I believe in you.
Relaxing Nature Sounds HD
I feel so peaceful in my heart when I enjoying the music, the melody of music is so soft and gentle
So cozy!!! ❤️
Lara Christine
Love this! The howling wind, the fire. You can actually hear the wind
warm and calm 💕
Маруся 1
Как прекрасно здесь отдохнуть!
Carole Georgina
Carole Georgina Yıl önce
Love this ❤️
Dražen Babić
Looking this I get an instant wish to lay on that bed and just watch through that window, do nothing and enjoy....the view is amazing with the sound of fire it can't be better 🌨️🔥🥱😴
Trisha B
I really enjoy these, so calming and a great way to relax.
excelrn Nonya
excelrn Nonya 21 gün önce
After waking up in the morning, this started and I dozed back off in less than 2 min. My new favorite ASMR for sleepy time😴
Marie Ayling
Perfect video of the sound color and imagery!!!Very peaceful!!!
John Stevens
Thank you for lovely scenery🙂
Khoualed Naura
Khoualed Naura 21 gün önce
Très beau decore de rêve...
With the help of God
Brilliant ! Captivating ! 🌹
MP Yıl önce
I love the whole ambiance,so warm and cozy
Successful Person
Great scene!! Way better than summer
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