Snack Video Games: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

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John Oliver explores the lost world of snack-sponsored video games, and pitches some ideas to today’s snack brands.

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4 Ara 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Jeff Cochran
"When you want to get it done, look for a teenager." The military has known that for centuries !
z 14 gün önce
I could see John Oliver as the sassy narrator for an indie platformer. "Ooh you missed that jump. Don't worry, there's a million more like it on the next level."
Giovanni Poggi
He missed the opportunity at the end to say "I'm going to go convince my staff to put me in a video game, because clearly I'm a certified snack". 😁
I love that John Oliver is basically just reading one of his mid-30s writers random thoughts about how cool 1990s ad-based video games were
Chex Quest was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. When we got it we booted it up and we played that thing over and over and over again. It was a legitimately well made well balanced game that was loads of fun.
Pulling roller coaster tycoon 2 out of a serial box is the highlight of my life. For poor kids like me, having free games in cereal boxes was a godsend
Jeff Hughes
"A professional won't let you exploit them, but a teenager is so desperate to prove himself he'll put up with any toxic bullshit." And that is how the intern was born.
“The poor man’s Sprite and the rich man’s Sierra Mist” really needs to be on the bottle from here on out…
Really feel like Burger King's "Sneak King" should've been in this, John would love its weirdness
RB the Mad
I'm so glad he brought up the fact that chex quest is on the doom engine but I'm also glad John knows the rules of always referring to doom as "FUCKING DOOM" when brought up.
Funny bit.. but I'm pretty sure snacks still target gamers plenty. It's hard to find a bag of Doritos that doesn't give you some stupid weapon skin for a game you stopped playing already.
As a Brit, hearing John Oliver pronouncing “aluminium” as “aluminum”, hurts. That shit cuts deep.
Reminds me that there is a dating simulation game published by KFC game called "I Love You, Colonel Sanders!"
Pensive Scarlet
The game will be called "Last Week Tonight: Tomorrow's Hero" and it will have John Oliver gaining access to news from the future and using it to bring about changes in the present day. It will be like a mix of Quantic Dream and Telltale type games, with action scenes like in Platinum games, including a couple of Grasshopper Manufacture style retro mini games between major segments.
Anden P
I remember renting a PS1 from blockbuster to play the "Spot Goes To Hollywood" game.
Cinderheart MLP
I could see John Oliver as the sassy narrator for an indie platformer. "Ooh you missed that jump. Don't worry, there's a million more like it on the next level."
The Genesis Cool Spot game was
MC Cool Guy
I never thought that John Oliver would ever talk about Pepsiman, but we now live in a world where he does. And I am grateful for living in this world. The only way this world could be any better is if he talks about Sneak King in the future.
The only game of this type I had ever heard of as a kid was the game that came from Cap'n Crunch cereal called Cap'n Crunch's Crunchling Adventure. It was a really fun game, my friend and i spent hours on it at each others house. My cousin gave me the game since I couldn't eat the cereal myself due to allergies to wheat.
Minecraft, But Chests Are Super...