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Mario and friends have to get ready for an event tonight, but some unexpected events occur...
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13 Oct 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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8:20 up left corner CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS!?!?!?!?
Brandon Caudillo
Brandon Caudillo 7 saatler önce
Toad was probably reading webtoon
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This video is sponsored by SMG4 talking voice of toad blowing up
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Smg4 : or else you will die (smash a door) Me: what is the point of this is a question of whether you can do this place
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Mario Vs bowser take out Mario boom sans vs bowser 1:16
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1:17 Sans music
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What music did smg4 use when there was 10 minutes left and bowser took out the huge blade?
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Harrison Costello 4 gün önce
Jenifer Garcia
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Smg4 is late to a award winning
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10:20 Oh my god XD
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10:17 when i win
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When i win something at school 10:18
GamersDecision 7 gün önce
It's been over a year since this video came out. What the heck?
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Oh my god it feels like this video was uploaded yesterday, one of my favorites. Time flies man
AidansGunner04X 7 gün önce
Exactly one year later
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1:15 stupid mario sans kills bowser
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Meggy so cute at 9:09
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._. ‘ ‘
Comment er
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Smg4: if the wifi router get blown no wifi for you. Mario: bro u cant make videos. Smg4: oh uhhh ill kill all of you :)
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00:02 oof 😂
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SMG4: I know this one *megalovania intensifies*
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Smg4: **talking about the sponsor** Subtitles: this is basically Clash Royale
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Now he can't get the abortion
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do stupid mario in apex lengends
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Toad ,the most sadistic and depressed and inteligent life on smg4 Universe,yet i Like him
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4:14 Me, when I dig into the comments for timestamps
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10:29 that's cool how the music fades in
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9:52 baldi...
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1:24 R.I.P Mario's Mustache One like = one prayer
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I died on that!!! "stop it"
Sitting Guest
Sitting Guest 22 gün önce
*Mom, I’m late to school! Can you drive slightly over the speed limit?*
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Zack Condron 23 gün önce
who else heard the GAME GRUMPS at 3:20?
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olin lee 24 gün önce
I will play Run 3 Game right now i wonder if its gud
Yandere cokie Arij marwa Ben
SMG4 👏😍❤️IS GOD MARIO 👍🏼🎉💙
michael kovacs
michael kovacs 26 gün önce
The Awesome New Mobile Game called "Castle Burn"! the sponsors for "Wang Film Party 7: Wang Film • All-American Hero"!
Jon Cleon
Jon Cleon 26 gün önce
I cant stop laughing 😂
Terrell Thomas
Terrell Thomas 27 gün önce
1:17, Super Mario is Undertoad Mario............. *Megalovania intensifies*
happysonicko :3
happysonicko :3 28 gün önce
Smg4:and the winner is ... Say what!meh:XD
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make it in 2 minutes or you are ded
optimus prime leader of autobots
Smg4 you idiot 😠
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Lucas Chan Aylar önce
Julio Larios
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Why Smg4 Why Did you have to put a Bomb on The Wifi and Say Goodbye to THE INTERNET Your So Mean.
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I liked when it played Megaovainia
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Did I just see a roblox sword..? ROBLOX!? ROOOOOOOBLOOOOOOOXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!L!!
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5:08 What happened?
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