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12 Haz 2022




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Deborah Pruyne
Deborah Pruyne Aylar önce
Tip for life: don’t install the drain opening above floor level.
Cameron MM
Cameron MM 15 gün önce
Ya Karen. 🤣🤣
The angry German Lad
The angry German Lad 18 gün önce
But then I won’t be able to do what the video shows?
tristen P.
tristen P. 28 gün önce
It's in an evaporative cooler or at least it looks that way. This is an over flow drain that ensures the tank won't over flow onto the roof if the float valve fails. I'm guessing the overflow pipe wouldn't cone off without braking it so they drained it like this instead. Source: been an evap cooler tech for 10 years now.
Sawyer Barnes
Sawyer Barnes Aylar önce
Yeah cool tip hahah
Gavin Richardson
Gavin Richardson Aylar önce
Once it's been tiled the pipe will be cut to the top of the tiles before the drain cover is fitted
Commander Starstrider
“When will I ever use this physics class in real life?” They asked
urfavginga 21 gün önce
@Jay Rainstorm to be fair most physics is applied math
Derrek Gillespie
Derrek Gillespie Aylar önce
Gotta be honest with you. I will never apply this video to my real life
Lalaskii Aylar önce
Well it's a matter of the fact that they know how to use it or not... Take this one video as an example, have you been taught this in school b4? No right
James Wong
James Wong Aylar önce
When ever you hire unqualified plummers
This username is already taken
I don't see an equation
Donald Ellicks
Donald Ellicks Aylar önce
I love to see that some of us, still have common sense! Right on brother, maybe others will catch on to what some of us, already know.. 👊
Hilda Batista
Hilda Batista Aylar önce
Toduz em portuguez
Mark S
Mark S Aylar önce
Man, this is gonna come in super helpful in my day to day life.
Day Mal
Day Mal Aylar önce
Man... this happens so much to me, thank you!
teebee7374 Aylar önce
You just never know! If or when! Knowledge never gets old tho, so Thank you inter... Salute Mon Ami 🙏🏾
Medicine Shroom
Medicine Shroom Aylar önce
Praise Jesus
Skeeter McSwagger
Skeeter McSwagger Aylar önce
Sometimes learning stuff like this almost makes me angry that I didn't know about it when I needed it before.
Hifzan Khan
Hifzan Khan 26 gün önce
Same here
Samier Chunilal
Samier Chunilal Aylar önce
Andres Soulas
Andres Soulas Aylar önce
Damn right!! Sameness
Treebeard II
Treebeard II Aylar önce
A genuinely useful TRvid video, well done!
Jx. Cx.
Jx. Cx. Aylar önce
LOL! High five bubby!
Tuddle Aylar önce
Don’t know when I’ll need this but when I do, thanks you haha. This is honestly pretty cool to watch
Subhadra Mahanta
Subhadra Mahanta 17 gün önce
Same 😆
F Lalji
F Lalji Aylar önce
That is why we need plastic.
Hassan Achyadmi
Hassan Achyadmi Aylar önce
is that a yes or no I or no I don't have a look
Muhammed Ramzan
Muhammed Ramzan Aylar önce
@ᑭᕼᑌᑎKᗩᗪEᒪᒪIᑕ Şᑌᑎ ᗯIᘔᘔᗩᖇᗪ wt fawk tht name bruv
Barbara Clark
Barbara Clark Aylar önce
@ᑭᕼᑌᑎKᗩᗪEᒪᒪIᑕ Şᑌᑎ ᗯIᘔᘔᗩᖇᗪ Very phunkadellic of you 👍
Echos Paw
Echos Paw Aylar önce
Ingenious! I love hacks like this, which make total sense.
Елена Овчинникова
Физика! 👍-Знание-жизнь!
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Aylar önce
Обьясни, что там произошло с точки зрения физики?
Terra Plays
Terra Plays Aylar önce
physics is one of the few subjects that has practical uses like this
yuki. Aylar önce
очень полезный совет, спасибо! и как же я без него жил...
SimplyЯed Aylar önce
Physics is freakin awesome
NinjaBoy 15 gün önce
The problem us that it will still fluid all he did is fill up a bottle
emes 28 gün önce
Lol ikr
Meichelle Huff
Meichelle Huff Aylar önce
I know!!! I couldn't agree with you more!!!
Aurélie Boudreau
Aurélie Boudreau Aylar önce
@Love life what do you mean ? If you dont mind me asking
Love life
Love life Aylar önce
@saro saad شو علاقة الكيمياء؟؟؟؟
Oliver Klozhoff
Oliver Klozhoff Aylar önce
It makes perfect sense, even tho I'm not sure I would've thought of it!
Dj Jumto
Dj Jumto Aylar önce
Physics is awesome but when we face the problem in real life we forget the solutions😂
Michael Scheen
Michael Scheen Aylar önce
I love these people who use their brains to good use, so rare these days
Cristian Ferretti
Cristian Ferretti Aylar önce
Thanks I’m sure I’ll use this lifehack daily considering I always find myself in this situation 😂
Artie Aylar önce
This will come in handy one day and when it does it'll be glorious! Thank you friend.
Wiking Aylar önce
@William K i was thinking exactly same as @Artie and i will say. It will be glorious. I hope there is some females around too
backcountry164 Aylar önce
Bell siphons are used all of the time in auqaponics and many other applications.
xxx Aylar önce
So one day I'm going to pass a flooded area and I'm going to have to violently smash a plastic bottle over a pipe sticking out of the floor. Okay.
@William K Great job! You ruined his moment of glory. 😂
Amirul MH
Amirul MH Aylar önce
If this happen in your house. You're pretty much fcked up
KMA in PN Wa
KMA in PN Wa Aylar önce
Holy crap! 😳 Lol. That is one of the best things I've seen in a long time... Too cool . Ty
isonlynameleft Aylar önce
That IS smart, I don't know when I'll ever use it but it's smart.
Chris Elmore
Chris Elmore Aylar önce
My man has smoked plenty of bongs back in his day. "Hold my beer"
Joshia Ted
Joshia Ted Aylar önce
Jesus saves!
Trillion Zillion
Trillion Zillion Aylar önce
Gravity bong high school days
ℑ 𝔞𝔪 𝔍𝔥𝔬𝔦𝔫𝔱
Im gonna smoke one in a minute
Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds Aylar önce
Underrated comment
Akshay Kumar AK
Akshay Kumar AK Aylar önce
We didn't know this when we were building our home, otherwise it would have saved me so much time and effort
LiveWutangClan Aylar önce
I'm more impressed with how fast he smacked the thing on without missing it
Joshia Ted
Joshia Ted Aylar önce
Jesus saves!
The Adventures Of Beef
@Fox Wood oh…. Just seen this comment. Still leaving mine that says the same thing! :D
Vineet Aylar önce
Bungkus sari roti
Bungkus sari roti Aylar önce
it seems that it's a difficult thing for you or you've never done it
David S.
David S. Aylar önce
paul Aylar önce
I also want same above the floor drain pipe 😭 so that i can use your mastermind idea 🙂😊
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell Aylar önce
Had the same system on my flood and drained hydroponic tables pretty cool
KB Aylar önce
That was genius & incredible cool to see!
Nisa Night
Nisa Night Aylar önce
Thank you so much for sharing your ingenuity. Now I hope like hell I never need to use it. 😉
Joshia Ted
Joshia Ted Aylar önce
Jesus saves!
Edward Halpin
Edward Halpin Aylar önce
Brilliant, we're surrounded by solutions waiting to be discovered. We need to play more
Fictional Character
It's called a bell siphon. The solutions have already been discovered we just need to utilize them.
Donot Forget
Donot Forget Aylar önce
We need more war .. every legendary creation of man is created out of war and desperate time
Natasha Aylar önce
@Valar_Euphoriants yeah if your boiler's stopped working don't bother wasting your money on plumbers, just give it 4 hail Mary's, an our father and splash it with some holy water. There you go, sorted! 🙏👼🏼
Bijay Shrestha
Bijay Shrestha Aylar önce
I think its fakebro Have you ever tried ? Dont get fooled easily
AMIRacle Aylar önce
@Valar_Euphoriants try it 😊
Clifford Ray
Clifford Ray Aylar önce
Out of all the "tips an tricks" videos this is the only one that I've found even remotely useful
pilot 1234004
pilot 1234004 Aylar önce
The definition of "work smarter not harder"
David Baldwin
David Baldwin Aylar önce
I always grade my fresh concrete toward the house, to fill the basement as needed.
Thickok45 Aylar önce
Even though its rare to have this situation. This is actually a smart idea. Like no joke, i dont know how many people are actually smart enough to think of this solution. I can honestly tell you, i wouldnt have. Even though i know the physics, it just wouldnt occur to me that this is applicable. Thanks :) now i know more
Олег Полищук
Отличное образование у автора, респект👍
Лидия Уланова
@Vova Babiy Завистник
Олег Полищук
@Кега Сега так это и есть магия, только никому не говори 🤣🤣
Кега Сега
Кега Сега Aylar önce
@Олег Полищук я думал магия
Vova Babiy
Vova Babiy Aylar önce
Наверное сантехником работает и старые ,,толчки,,ремонтировал.
Heather Simerly
Heather Simerly Aylar önce
Wow, someone really needs to patch that glitch. No doubt speedrunners will exploit this.
Jerry Leclair
Jerry Leclair Aylar önce
Great physics! Did you consider simply cutting the PVC pipe flush to the surface?
Wilmam Ramos
Wilmam Ramos Aylar önce
Informação pública! Impressionante!
Paul Wales
Paul Wales Aylar önce
I’m a plumber, I come from a long line of plumbers………. I fully understand the physics behind siphoning and the science. I don’t think I would have ever thought to do that in a million years!! 🤷‍♂️
Retro Bishan
Retro Bishan Aylar önce
Everyone :- “Power of physics " Me :- “Who the hell designed the pipe"
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Aylar önce
Would be easier to cut the pipe ehh?
Hunii Aylar önce
woww that really worked… 👏🏻
Augustine Nwosu
Augustine Nwosu Aylar önce
Absolutely genius. You used your had well.
Chevyholic 18
Chevyholic 18 Aylar önce
I discovered this as a kid…I didn’t get paid for it though lol
pencils pianos
pencils pianos Aylar önce
An actual, practical life hack.
Dan Silva
Dan Silva Aylar önce
Muito bom. Vivendo e aprendendo!
Inamul's Moon
Inamul's Moon Aylar önce
Wow, Awesome very talented... I salute you Sir...
junk file 🗃️
junk file 🗃️ Aylar önce
Felt like he scientifically discovered a new skill
GailForce Aylar önce
This life hack could have saved my life 78 times
Александр Болбат
Do they give Nobel prize for school physics? Cause that's one of the most amazing uses of school physics I've ever seen.
The Big Evil
The Big Evil Aylar önce
I understand the physics of how that works but for some reason that's magic
Order of Azarath
Order of Azarath 20 gün önce
don't do this in states where it's illegal to practice witchraft
Ventus The Sox
Ventus The Sox Aylar önce
Cute pfp.
Ventus The Sox
Ventus The Sox Aylar önce
@Bijay Shrestha think of it like this. The bottle has water inside it. The bottle is shoved atop an open air pipe and the sides are submerged. What happens is the water in the bottle falls into the drainpipe, which means that something needs to take it's place, which in turn begins to suck the water around the sides upward, which drains down the pipe which draws more water... Once the pipe is fillled the water level in the bottle begins to rise up to how high it was originally. Edit: When he begins the siphon, the bottle is low down on the pipe, and the rate of water flow is low. As the video played, he gradually raised it. Raising this reduced the pressure of the gap in the pipe. The low pressure area means stuff is more determined to fill the void, so the water moves faster, increasing the flow.
Deadeye313 Aylar önce
Sometimes one can understand how a thing works but still be amazed that it works. It can feel like being let in on some secret of the universe.
Sara A
Sara A Aylar önce
@Black Stack 🙌👌
Charles Wong
Charles Wong Aylar önce
This is the same science my Samsung washing machine employed to dispense the liquid fabric softener. 🙂
Johnny B
Johnny B Aylar önce
I’m a commercial plumber and damn that’s a great idea!
Mc Dojer
Mc Dojer Aylar önce
Excelente clase de física, un genio el del video
Prashant Sehrawat
Prashant Sehrawat 19 gün önce
Mike : And with this idea doctor we'll make a whole cyclone 🌀 which will probably destroy everything. Dr. Johnny : Haha Mike that's the best idea ever.
Nate Hillman
Nate Hillman Aylar önce
Good to know. I often have a room filled with water and and a drain pipe a few inches too high lol
Danny Rai
Danny Rai Aylar önce
Now waiting for this situation to happen to actually do it and seem cool to my friends
Sujeet Kumar
Sujeet Kumar Aylar önce
Well, it won't work unless you somehow manage a low pressure area inside the pipe. Otherwise instead of sucking water around it, it will suck air out of other side of pipe to equate pressure difference.
Just a Person Who Comments
When you cover up the lid to the bottle, the water is pulling down but that air up in the top of the bottle is becoming a vacuum. That means “low pressure.” The air pressure outside the bottle is higher, so it actually tries to push into the bottle through the bottom hole. In doing so, it keeps the water in!
Виктор Михайлович
Хорошо физику учил, молодец!
Lola Neptune
Lola Neptune Aylar önce
@VARLEY hey, thanks for explaining 👍🏻
ssmodest Aylar önce
Ух жесть конечно)) и забавно вроде, а вроде и грусно становится. Как люди с такими познаниями живут
Fruzer Aylar önce
Хотел почитать комментарии, а в итоге целую диссертацию по физике прочитал
Светлана Пивень
Светлана Пивень
Это, женщина. Рука с маникюром.
Jean Ladoire
Jean Ladoire Aylar önce
That was the first short video about a life hack that was actually smart
PoppinRoofie Aylar önce
That was pretty smart, but even smarter would be to install a drain that works.
full range basshead
Imagine creating a sump pump out of a bottle wow. I once created a plunger for a sink with two bottles. No lie.
Nilesh Singhania
Nilesh Singhania Aylar önce
Understanding how that works is easy , the hard part is to be able to think that will work
Humberto Montes
Humberto Montes Aylar önce
Very good! Someone did paid attention during their physics class. Very clever application of knowledge. 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻
Martin Jarabek
Martin Jarabek Aylar önce
Utkarsh Jakhmola
Utkarsh Jakhmola Aylar önce
Smart idea would be to build it at level at first place and cover it with a retractable lid.
AllyMacIntyre Aylar önce
The bottle smack is so satisfying 🤣
Bodrov Anton
Bodrov Anton Aylar önce
Идея отличная, осталось подождать ситуацию когда она пригодится
Jameson Grand
Jameson Grand Aylar önce
isn't God so awesome praise be to him that created everything in general
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle Aylar önce
If I ever come across a drain that's sticking out of the floor, this should come in handy.
Evandro Da Rosa
Evandro Da Rosa Aylar önce
Que legal esta dica👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Apache Girl 100
Apache Girl 100 Aylar önce
GOD bless man to have the wisdom n,knowledge ,! Bravo
Just A Caveman Lawyer
Holy... I've siphoned water to start pumps a million times, but this blew my mind!
Виктор Мовчанов
Физика это интересно 😁 но почему то в школе её не могут преподавать 😔 это плохо
Зина Сафронова
Зина Сафронова
Виктор Мовчанов
@Екатерина Иванова полностью согласен 👍😁 к сожалению у меня такая же история 😔
Екатерина Иванова
У нас в школе был очень хороший физик и всегда примеры из обычной жизни приводил и все объяснял понятно и ооочеень интересно!! Мы к нему и на доп.занятия ходили схемы рисовали, задачки решали)все интересно и бесплатно) Потом поставили нам другую физичку , ну вообще не интересные уроки у нее были..с 3 на 4 кое как учились. Она заболела и его на замену поставили и опять ОЧЕНЬ ИНТЕРЕСНО БЫЛО!!но не долго. (( Так что я убеждена на 1000%,что от учителя очень многое зависит!!
Teqnyq Aylar önce
A true Sun Tzu moment
Chris Mac
Chris Mac Aylar önce
My man is so gifted in the arcane arts, High Hrothgar is calling him.
COEXIST 2020 Aylar önce
Awesome! An even smarter idea would be to cut the PVC off at ground level.
Daniel Aylar önce
I honestly don't think I'll ever find myself in this position
Ray Gee
Ray Gee Aylar önce
You know what’s really smart? Cutting the drain lower!
Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore Aylar önce
Is it the bottle when it's crush that's causing the suction to occur ?
Bob La Blablaw
Bob La Blablaw Aylar önce
Yea, its called a Bell Syphon. Great real world application of junior high science experiments.
websmash Aylar önce
The person who showed you this trick was very smart .
Алексей Лебедев
Вот это реально хороший совет...
Александр Гольдман
Щайтан, однако!!..
Елена Калугина
Ой что это
Нина Беденко
@Rem Tix , найти пилу по металлу, затем пилить минутн 15 - 20... и просто отрезать бутылку... ЧТО ПРОЩЕ?
Вадим Лукманов
@Василий Пупкин нет, гравитация))
Jack Hole
Jack Hole Aylar önce
@Igor Sh на видео она вниз течет, вы шлангом хоть раз пользовались?
Ryuk Aylar önce
A Normal day in the life of a physics guy
strgbeats 91
strgbeats 91 Aylar önce
If the pipe wasnt so long the water could flow away without this trick, but cool to watch
GreenSlug420 Aylar önce
I would of hand blamed it all out or used a shop vac. This is so much easier. I never had physics class but think it should be a must at school.
Anirudh Ranjan
Anirudh Ranjan Aylar önce
When he flings the bottle really quick onto the drainpipe, the water moves toward the neck of the bottle very quickly creating a vaccum/low pressure area at the bottom end of the bottle. Atmospheric pressure then does it's work. P.S. : that's what I believe happened, correct me if I'm wrong.
Prajwal Aithal
Prajwal Aithal Aylar önce
For those who don't know, this is a syphon effect. Syphons work on this principle, where the vaccum suction power draws up the liquid.
Paris Thompson
Paris Thompson Aylar önce
Man I was just thinking what the heck is everyone going on about thanks ☺️
Blk9er Aylar önce
Thanks because I was like wtf lol
Die Happy
Die Happy Aylar önce
That is a good idea. I would have been lazy and drilled holes on the side of the pipe or cut the pipe.
Tony The Truck Guy
Tony The Truck Guy Aylar önce
Pro tip: use a dremel to cut the drain pipe flush with floor 🤣. This is pretty cool though.
PrinceCuddles Aylar önce
The issue with this is that in school.they teach you this but they don't teach you practicality and application of that knowledge. Which is what this man mastered.
James Howell
James Howell 23 gün önce
Here's me thinking he would drill a hole at the base of the pipe to prevent this from happening again
Татьяна Беспалова
Круто! Спасибо. Очень хорошая идея.
Рома Гросс
@Анир Хамзинов физика)
Анир Хамзинов
А в чем дело было ?
Willy Pamane
Willy Pamane Aylar önce
The solution always come, when you are not in the situation
Tomas Lopez
Tomas Lopez Aylar önce
This just saved my life.
Bahwash2 Aylar önce
**sucking the water back to the bottle** Physics: "Wait, thats illegal"
Paul Trauzzi
Paul Trauzzi Aylar önce
Doesn't anyone else see a problem here? Where I live we put the drains at the floor's lowest point due to gravity issues.
Marina Watson
Marina Watson Aylar önce
I am going to try this next time I am cleaning out my hot tub when the last little bit of water just won't get out lol love it 😊
Mou_Editz Aylar önce
Honestly this is satisfying to watch.
Kaiden B.
Kaiden B. Aylar önce
This is what’s known as a greedy cup siphon, or a Pythagorean cup! It was first designed so Pythagoras’ students wouldn’t pour themselves too much wine, and if they did, would remove all of the contents of the cup!
Daren Eveleigh
Daren Eveleigh Aylar önce
Very useful tip for the common man faced with a very uncommon problem.
Kairiseph McLeod
Kairiseph McLeod Aylar önce
I've done this siphoning when i was transferring gas from my car which was fully tanked to a friends car which is about to get empty, just a flexible transparent tube and some sucking, amazing physics...
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