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Slavoj Žižek, the internationally renowned philosopher and cultural critic featured in the Sophie Fiennes-directed The Pervert's Guide to Ideology and The Pervert's Guide to Cinema, delivers a lecture entitled "Welcome to the Desert of Post-Ideology" for post-secondary students and faculty. This Higher Learning event was co-presented with York University and held on October 2, 2012 at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

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12 Ara 2012




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Mike Greene
Mike Greene 10 aylar önce
I'm not talking shit but the man who did the sound deserves a fucking medal for taking the hiss out of all of Slavoj's S's. Normally I have to turn him down and use subtitles as a backup but you did it man. You fucking landed on the moon.
David Carlyon
David Carlyon 13 gün önce
De-Essers have been around a while. Pretty simple process. But then many people still seem to mess it up
David Ås
David Ås 16 gün önce
Hahaha 😆
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 2 aylar önce
I knew these comments wouldn’t disappoint.
Vogel Vogeltje
Vogel Vogeltje 2 aylar önce
@Ismaeel Dash I think you’re trolling
Ismaeel Dash
Ismaeel Dash 2 aylar önce
@Dan Smoothback i think youre mistaking it with a soundgoodizer
joingain joingain
This man is constantly like 5 to 10 years ahead of himself, like why do his speeches make more and more sense as time passes
Persuasive Face-Dancer
Supreme leader
giovanni Aylar önce
@Matt Erbst except the kind of socialism is arguing for has failed miserably wherever it was tried, while free market has consistently increased the quality of life in every place it was introduced since the late 19th century. He disregards hard evidence in favour of ideology and good intentions, which actually makes him more than a 100 years behind everyone else. You're right, my initial assessment wasn't really accurate.
Matt Erbst
Matt Erbst Aylar önce
well to be honest, that just means he is 5 to 10 years ahead of you. To lessen the offensiveness of this post, I humbly acknowledge that he is/was 5 to 10 years ahead of me as well.
funglegunk 8 aylar önce
So warm, funny and able to develop keen insights based upon things like his young son making him repeatedly watch Kung Fu panda. Love Zizek. Philosophy shouldn't be completely esoteric, it can be found and applied in the most mundane of every day things.
Paul Joshy
Paul Joshy 4 gün önce
Kung fu lives in everything
Blake B
Blake B 6 aylar önce
Amen! Well said 😊
daniel jones
daniel jones 3 yıl önce
Slavoj historical knowledge is extraordinary. He is a living breathing library, amazing.
PhiloPhysics 7 aylar önce
@Steven Hines if you watch the video he makes constant references to movies and philosophers, switching between the two and finding similarities. He’s intimately involved with every branch of knowledge. Specifically at the beginning he ties Gangnam Style (a song) with totalitarianism, and then talks about Mein Kampf. It’s a good video if you watch it
Steven Hines
Steven Hines Yıl önce
Can you give an example?
thenowchurch Yıl önce
@Jacob Loving Yeah. It is good training for the mind.
Jacob Loving
Jacob Loving Yıl önce
@thenowchurch but don’t we try
Jacob Loving
Jacob Loving Yıl önce
Focus on football!
Theo Huioiesin
Theo Huioiesin 2 yıl önce
Met him the other day. And rarely have I observed a man with a lovelier way around people he was exactly as nuts with everyone talking, posing and signing while Telling jokes. He made me So happy. And of course relating very offensive jokes. So refreshing ❤️❤️❤️
OgiMetalHead 12 gün önce
@Bob's In Franz's Horse Not really.
Bob's In Franz's Horse
@OgiMetalHead Nietzsche was against nihilism.
DannyP Aylar önce
@sonicman52 Now we have new problems that make life just as difficult. Nothing great or utopian about our modern world.
sonicman52 Aylar önce
@OgiMetalHead Aside from climate change, the material state of humanity is better than any other point in human history (if you live within Western Civilization atleast lol). We’re far more comfortable, more prosperous, safer, healthier (for the most part), better “educated”, have easy and relatively cheap access to food, etc., than any other point in human history. The average person has a quality and comfort of life better than the kings and emperors of old. Our values, ethics, beliefs, social/civic pride, etc., is another story however lol
OgiMetalHead 4 aylar önce
@valar What is positive about today's world? if you're not Nietzsche's levels of nihilistic today, i envy you.
Sickjuicy's Jam Shack
Sickjuicy's Jam Shack 8 aylar önce
I can remember the beginning of every Zizek sentence, but never the end
Zero Two
Zero Two Aylar önce
@Spud Bencer Stop making the point about yourself, that's what I said about him. He is so full of hot air as this discussion. Wouldn't be a communist without being useless. Enough.
Spud Bencer
Spud Bencer Aylar önce
@Zero Two I did not agree with him speaking rhetoric. That's why I said read again. Maybe I am just too dumb to say what I mean but I am pretty sure I said it correctly
Zero Two
Zero Two Aylar önce
@Spud Bencer If I can't put words in you mouth, why did you put words in mine? Go back and read my comment again. Zizek is only speaking rethoric that you agree with, that's why you won't see anything wrong with it, but in reality there is nothing there. A bag of chips has more content than zizek. He only Speaks with difficult words.
Spud Bencer
Spud Bencer Aylar önce
@Zero Two Read my comment again. Where did I admit this lecture to have no content or be rhetoric in nature. It simply isn't and I never said that. Don't put words in my mouth
Chris Lol
Chris Lol 5 yıl önce
We're so lucky to be here in the same universe as Slavoj; he makes times like these so much more tolerable.
Paul Kickling
Paul Kickling 5 aylar önce
@B how many deaths and suffering has capitalism caused? LEL
cole poston
cole poston 7 aylar önce
@shahsad saadu 12 bazillion dead vuvuzela joker mode lol
Karvn 7 aylar önce
Human from the future here. Life gets worse, trust me .
TeaTweety 9 yıl önce
"Another experience which brought me a lot of hatred in my own country..." on kaže. Zašto, nije mi jasno. A nije prvi put da sam čula da u Sloveniji ima dosta kontroverze oko Žižeka i da ima dosta ljudi koji ga ne odobravaju, ili ga ne vole. I ovaj primjer, da nema pokolja bez poezije je fenomenalan, istina živa. Potrebno je idealizovati i ublažiti strahote koje se čine, stvoriti svojevrsnu psihološku distancu da bi se neke grozne stvari uradile. Ne shvatam, šta je tu sporno, i kome?
Pierre Clary
Pierre Clary 3 aylar önce
i guess it's hard to translate... i'm french / bilingual UK english,,,
dethkon 2 yıl önce
Yes, he is right. You can be an ABSOLUTELY authentic Nazi, or an authentic rapist, or an authentic murderer. This is jarring because we only experience these people, for the most part, through media. They’re hyper real to the point where if you met one in real life, you might be disappointed. “Why aren’t you acting like Darth Vader?” Or like Michael Meyers or whatever your particular favorite might be
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen 28 gün önce
Roland Barthes covers this topic as well. In his book about fashion he describes that the real-dress is not the same as the written-dress, and that the image-dress is not the real-dress. The real-dress is technological and consists of the factory, and the industrial workers, and the fabrics and materials. And the description and the image of the dress neither correspond to each other either.
sonicman52 Aylar önce
@K X No, fascism (National Socialism, more specifically) has some good/interesting societal concepts in it. And no, I’m not talking about the racist elements
e- w-
e- w- 3 aylar önce
@Joshua Cohen He just meant that even Nazis can behave kindly to people other than the ones they hate. They are still very much the embodiment of evil. A serial killer being nice to their mom doesn't remove the fact of being a serial killer, nor does it speak well of them in the slightest. In fact, you could call it self-interest. In no way is Slavoj empathizing with Nazis. He is saying they do not always behave as Nazis, toward everyone, all the time.
Thomas Jamison
Thomas Jamison 7 aylar önce
In relation to his comments on the grey eminence, I am reminded of the account of Richelieu and how he came to match his various emissaries to the tasks he wanted to accomplish. The story is that he would lead his various potential new employees into room with a large table. On the one end of the table were pictures of horrible things. On the other end were pictures of beautiful things. If the person in question went to look at the horrible images, he would not send them on missions that required that the do horrible things. If they went to the end of the table with the beautiful things, he would send them on the missions that required they do horrible things.
Corey Golphenee
Corey Golphenee Yıl önce
This dude is so smart that he's into his third language and is still more profound than I could attempt to be in my first
Juuk 22 gün önce
@Gregory Reoyo What a ignorant comment "Socialism" someone needs to learn the difference between Social Democracy and Socialism, Socialism is what Cuba tryed, Social Democracy is what Scandinavian countries have (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) etc...... You have strong opinions on something you don't even understand sadly...
Juuk 22 gün önce
@Joe Mama It is impressive...... I talk 3 languages English is my 3rd language, i can speak fluent and would be able to talk normally, but having a debate or speech without any notes i will do terrible and forget words or use worse examples because im not perfect in English and didnt grow up speaking it, can you speak multiple languages fluently, and debate or hold speeches in the languages aswell?
MB 2 yıl önce
what an incredible gem of a human being
ThePromethianspark 9 yıl önce
Finnally someone who can stand up and admit the human condition as i see it. Evil and beauty in all extremes coinciding in one person. Pity most ppl are scared of this truth
Liz Gichora
Liz Gichora Aylar önce
Thank you Dr Slavoj Zizek, on Reality and Authentiicity, meaning and Buddhism.
Maaz Ali
Maaz Ali 6 aylar önce
I was mesmerized for complete 1 hour and 53 seconds. Love Žižek ❤️
Sean L.
Sean L. 3 aylar önce
One of his best lectures online. Lucid and piercingly clear at once.
Steve 10 aylar önce
Slavoj is a genius, always captivating
Conner Wilson
Conner Wilson 9 aylar önce
One of the few online lectures I've finished. Great and profoundly interesting guy
Lul M
Lul M 9 aylar önce
"Moral absolutes can open up the space of freedom" what a refreshing take
Elfling 5 aylar önce
@JACOPO DAFINI one month ago? No idea to be honest. But I still had a point!!!11
JACOPO DAFINI 5 aylar önce
@Elfling jesus christ, who hurt you dawg.
Purple Cat
Purple Cat 6 aylar önce
"technically this isn't a haiku" your sex life must be plentiful
Purple Cat
Purple Cat 6 aylar önce
Leftist Theory Audiobooks
can't believed I missed him doing a lecture a couple years back because I got my thursdays mixed up!
ei 2 yıl önce
Se expresa con una claridad magnífica, alucinante y cristalina!
Marc Baxter
Marc Baxter Yıl önce
There is no ethnic cleaning without poetry. What a sentence
Danial Brown
Danial Brown 6 yıl önce
AND SO ON!!!never thought three simple words would make me smile so much
actually it's 6 words "and so on and so on"
INANE DREAMZ 2 yıl önce
Danial Brown it’s nice but I love you is better imho
Youmothershould Know
Danial Brown Drinking contest fodder
Argus625 8 yıl önce
Na przełomie lat 1989/90 ówczesne władze rozpoczęły przygotowania do przemian własnościowych w naszym kraju. Jednym z motywów tych posunięć był jeden z niepisanych punktów układu „okrągłego stołu”, polegający na oddaniu władzy politycznej „Solidarności” w zamian za uwłaszczenie nomenklatury partyjnej. Pierwszy krok stanowiło usamodzielnienie przedsiębiorstw państwowych, co oznaczało zdjęcie gwarancji władz, natomiast państwo przejęło długi zagraniczne tych zakładów. (Wówczas tylko państwo, a nie podmioty gospodarcze było zadłużone względem zagranicy.) W tym okresie pojawiły się trzy rodzaje własności: samodzielne przedsiębiorstwa używające jeszcze przymiotnika „państwowy”, własność Skarbu Państwa i własność prywatna. Przywrócono funkcjonowanie przedwojennego Kodeksu handlowego (nota bene nigdy nie został on formalnie uchylony), który zezwalał na powstawanie nowych podmiotów gospodarczych różnego rodzaju. Na początku lat 90. wyodrębniono czwarty rodzaj własności - własność komunalną.. Za tymi gwałtownymi zmianami nie nadążało jednak ustawodawstwo gospodarcze - w praktyce obowiązywało równolegle nowe i stare prawo. Zasypywany pytaniami Sąd Najwyższy podjął uchwałę z dnia 12 grudnia 1989 roku nr III CRN 401/89 (nie publikowaną!), w której uzasadniał, że majątek państwowych zakładów jest ich własnością i nie stanowi własności Skarbu Państwa. Tym samym zakłady państwowe zostały uwłaszczone majątkiem od stycznia 1989 roku. Oznaczało to, że mogą one tworzyć spółki z innymi podmiotami gospodarczymi - głównie akcyjne i z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, bez uzyskiwania zgody branżowych ministrów. Na podstawie nowych regulacji prawnych w latach1989 - 1990 zakłady stały się właścicielami gruntów i innych nieruchomości dotąd przez niezarządzanymi w imieniu państwa. W 1993 roku Sąd Najwyższy inną uchwałą (tym razem opublikowaną) potwierdził rozróżnienie własności, formułując termin „Skarbu Państwa”. Tak szybki proces przekształceń własnościowych stał się przyczyną majątkowego ataku na zadłużone zakłady ze strony różnych sił krajowych i zagranicznych oraz bankowych kredytodawców. Banki obejmując czy przejmując akcje lub udziały w nowych spółkach szybko zaczęły je rozparcelowywać, dzielić, likwidować i zbywać ich majątek o równowartości należności kredytowych czy akcji bądź udziałów. Częściowo również z winy banków nastąpił lawinowy proces upadłości, bankructw, likwidacji, sprzedaży i różnorodnych spekulacji majątkiem wypracowanym przez Naród w latach 1945 - 1989. Miało miejsce rażące marnotrawstwo majątku narodowego, na przy zezwoleniu władz państwowych wszystkich szczebli. Co gorsza, już na początku realizowania doktryny prywatyzacyjnej odrzucono zasadę zachowania w rękach państwa pewnej liczby przedsiębiorstw o znaczeniu strategicznym. Opisany tu bałagan wynikał nie tylko z braku doświadczenia czy też niechlujstwa. Przy braku jasnego, czytelnego prawa, nieprecyzyjnych zasadach wyceny (o czym poniżej), braku określenia, co powinno pozostać w ręku państwa lub pod jego kontrolą, można było za bezcen - ale za to za łapówki - wyprzedać zagranicznemu kapitałowi cały majątek narodowy.
KUARZOROSSO Children Educational Illustrated Books
The point in the lecture where he says that throughout poetry it is posible to see a lead into a social movement remained me at this poem that say more or less “ Mexico I believe in you because you smell at tragedy , perhaps because you laughter too much , because you know that the laughter is the cover of a deepest sadness” So this relates also at the point that it was stablished here , that when a society had the capacity to laught at themselves in the self criticism of their politician and social believes is a healthy way to had a valve of pressure that relief that hostility perhaps that could easily fester without this efficient social mechanism .
James 4 aylar önce
I'm adding this man to my list of professional enigmas. Ofc there's his voice but he has such a way of wording things I've never seen before
TheOneG36 జ్ఞ‌ా
this is the second talk of Zizek i hear, the first was him vs. Peterson and as a Bavarian iam astounded how often (in a Philosophical Manner) he talks about the 3. Reich, i never thought about it as an Philosophy rattern then an Ideology. i will look into that. Thanks Slavoj
wwwaldo333 9 yıl önce
Holy shit I love that talk, I've watched it multiple times and every time I get a little deeper. I don't see what point Zizek is getting at, but he does tell an awful lot of jokes.
Timothy Otten
Timothy Otten 21 gün önce
@Mike o' Glen logic would dictate that's correct statement. I literally said I have no clue what he's taking about, if I did I would not have said so lol. He's harder to follow than Camille Paglia
Mike o' Glen
Mike o' Glen 21 gün önce
@Timothy Otten If you had even a remote understanding of wtf he's talking about you wouldn't have made such an idiotic comment, perhaps?
Philip Tinius
Philip Tinius 10 aylar önce
@Danx Danx lol !
Danx Danx
Danx Danx 11 aylar önce
This comment is 8 years old, the guy might not be alive anymore to see our replies lol !
Pyro-Moloch 2 yıl önce
When describing Project X, saying "three nerds decide to organize a party", for some reason my first thought was a political party, lol. I know what the film is about, but I guess hearing it from him made it sound more serious in my head.
putopaulinho Yıl önce
What a Genius . What a wonderful human being.
Inguz Yıl önce
Very nice talk. Though if he just understood the point made by the Churchlands better then I'm sure he'd like it as it is a way to reconcile the passive observer with the active agent. In essence it boils down to a question of what can constitute free will in a metaphysical sense. Either the universe is predetermined, random or both in some combination. Regardless of which of the three you pick it does not allow for a free will in a traditional sense as you either follow along a causal line of events or a random one. We use our brains to think, reason, make decisions and take action and they follow the causal events of nature. The conclusion drawn by the Churchlands and more (like Dennett) is that while we are predetermined we did develop a brain in order to become an active agent within this causal world. Retreating into passivity is not what they advocate for since our brains developed to accomodate the achivements we as humans have accomplished (good or bad). Their stance is that one should accept that one is, in a way, a passive observer because our brain is bound by the physical realm while at the same time acknowledging that being passive is not what will develop us as a species forward. In a contradicting sense it's liberating to know and to truly be able to accept that some things are outside of our control (maybe having an illness or something) while also realizing that we have the potential to try and do what we can in other regards. In this way, being aware that you are an "observer" to events that were determined before you were born arms you with the knowledge that your (brain's) potential never can be unlocked without being active. Free will is in this sense redundant rather than illusionary as we do in fact use our brain to make decisions and so on. If you accept this view which would allow you to take a step back (like how he suggests that Buddhism does) it invariably will force you to consider your next course of action as being passive is to not utilize your brain's potential.
thumbwarriordx Yıl önce
Someone tell this man to watch the work of Ryan Murphy. He always follows the pattern of starting a show with subversive, satirical overtones. Yet over time, his shows always become what they were satirizing, unironically. And the reality is that they were always just that. The irony is a way of trojan horsing cynical viewers into becoming invested in something they think they don't like, but actually do.
Madina Bakhtovarshoeva
When this guy talks my mind goes to eternal bliss. :)
Mike Fuller
Mike Fuller 9 aylar önce
Slavoj Zizek is brilliant!
Tomek Samcik
Tomek Samcik 7 yıl önce
Slavoj Zizek is a great entertainer
Anogoya Dagaati
Anogoya Dagaati 7 yıl önce
@Tomek Samcik AND master philosopher!
Trouble 8 yıl önce
Well that's what life is all about. Living and learning and discovering knew things you do not know. Meeting people outside your normal circle, people with different habits and behaviors and beliefs. People who do and act differently than yourself. I know the middle school child in all of us wants to make fun of anyone who acts weird or does things a little out of the norm. That's life too. I've met a few people with tics and they are not weird in any way, it's just an impulsive behavior.
Trouble Aylar önce
@GrapeSkoda you're so weird go away lol
GrapeSkoda Aylar önce
@Trouble It wasn't implied. It was direct.
Trouble Aylar önce
@GrapeSkoda one of the most reddit replies I have received to be honest. not even mad at the implied racism lol.
GrapeSkoda Aylar önce
@Trouble Suit yourself. As long as you can maintain your delusion through evasive ad-hominems. Go make some new friends in Chicago or Harlem.
Trouble Aylar önce
@GrapeSkoda I'm sorry you were bullied in high school. I know how that kind of thing can affect people throughout life.
Nick Scurvy
Nick Scurvy 4 aylar önce
This is the best introduction speech I've ever seen given for a speaker.
N V 3 yıl önce
Please can you enable transcripts! A marvellous talk.
Bill Guschwan
Bill Guschwan 4 aylar önce
1:37:32 he finally gets Buddhism right about falling into the world per Kojin Karatani. Buddhism deals with ideology by referring to it as “views”, embraces ideology by modeling it as stages and offers different remedies for each stage until you are able to fall into the world.
Matt Solomon
Matt Solomon Yıl önce
Not sure if this maps in psychoanalitic terms but I always saw a link between 'sentimentality' and extreme distanced 'violence' at least on a socio-cultural level. The excuse for the violence is the inner sentimental nature that values the object of sentimentality over the consequences of a distanced violence, (desensitized or whatever), or maybe a resensitivization of the that inner idealization drives the denial of external responsibility.
Jesus On Heroine
Jesus On Heroine 3 aylar önce
To pay a lot of money to watch this old man talk about the movies he has seen - this is the true ideology.
Disco Yıl önce
Slavoj is like a created ruler on CK3 who has all the intelligence traits but to balance it out has all the madness ones 😂
Cole Man
Cole Man 6 aylar önce
Rex 2.0
Rex 2.0 7 aylar önce
scholar lunatic
IzabelParis 9 yıl önce
I love it that he talks about Medea. So few ppl even dare. wow. V good v v good lecture. TY for posting (and i'm not even done watching it all).
Neil Campbell
Neil Campbell 4 aylar önce
Made some good points. I agree with his idea (can't remember his actual words) that you can believe in something but your brain does it's best to ignore the belief if it doesn't agree with the reality it wants.
Meme Gazer
Meme Gazer 3 aylar önce
Its a cognitive bias, confirmation bias
Janosch 2 yıl önce
One has to be extra crazy to try to debate this man. Zizek is an absolute madman in terms of gathering information about history, philosophy and human mind. I wonder who would really be able to debate him on a even level? The amount of references he makes, the shier variety of perspectives he unites as a person is, to my standart, unmatches. Please name me any nowadays thinkers that can withstand this. I'm interessted in learning new stuff!
Zazizuzezo Yıl önce
Chomsky maybe but i think he'd have a heart attack.
Popeye Regina
Popeye Regina 2 yıl önce
i like to hear him have a discussion with economist Michael Hudson.
Álvaro MD
Álvaro MD 2 aylar önce
A thousand great ideas or more? I’m really thankful for this talk.
Prasant Banerjee
Prasant Banerjee 2 yıl önce
This is one of the best presentations of this great European philosopher. As he always confesses, as he did when he came and addressed a forum in Bombay, he is at his very best when discussing theory. In his facile system of referencing, professor Zizek casually brings in the thoughts of such disparate thinkers as Levinas and Lacan quite effortlessly, merging their positions seamlessly into his own presentation.
Tobiasz Budzyński
Thank You prof. Zizek for those perspectives.
Itsiwhatitsi 9 aylar önce
The last thing we can still believe is love for someone even if is not certain is still better than every ideology
Sky Adriana
Sky Adriana 9 yıl önce
Zizek with his message - to completely fall into reality - highly reminds me of Alan Watts
John Chlebek
John Chlebek Yıl önce
@tenno1981 Ironic, Chesterton was an ardent defender of Catholicism.
milaan ツ
milaan ツ 2 yıl önce
I see an overlap with zizeks words and osho aswell
Alex 2 yıl önce
It originates in the Taoist philosophy (The Secret of the Golden Flower, Tao Te Ching)
tenno1981 2 yıl önce
Ah, and both žižek and watts admired G. K. Chesterton. There must be something special with this guy.
tenno1981 2 yıl önce
Žižek and Alan Watts are both among my favourite thinkers /speakers. Form counts as much as content. I would add Terrence McKenna and James Hillman to my collection of great insprers. And Camile Paglia.
Alberto Moreno-Torres
Alberto Moreno-Torres 7 aylar önce
I’m surprised that I’m able to follow along,and I’m impressed that he’s made it so that semi literate apes like myself can follow along.
What I Think About
What I Think About 3 aylar önce
1:11:20 Was impressed that about 8 years ago when this was posted he knew about Darpa's 4th Industrial Revolution goals to alter thought processes and belief systems (basically the entire ego of a person) through altering DNA.
Serap Avanoglu-Ullrich
it's a pleasure to listen to Zizek.
ailblentyn 2 yıl önce
Zizek can make commonplaces sound edgy. Of course spiritual experiences can be disgusting. I am thinking immediately of the cannibal scene in Patrick White's "Fringe of Leave". It isn't hard to think of examples.
steve lawrence
steve lawrence Yıl önce
Quite bubbly Capt. Slavoj , if the master class is too be seen as the vessel Higher Learning the voyage name thence the greater the voyage the greater the navigator needed.
Axel Axel
Axel Axel 2 yıl önce
Žižek is greatest Philosophers right now, hello from Sarajevo
SIDDHARTHA 7 yıl önce
a calm lesson to the mind.
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson 9 aylar önce
This guy is such a bad ass thinker. I just hope he sees an allergist or ENT Dr or whatever to free him of whatever he suffers from that causes him to constantly mess with his nose.
D-MO 7 aylar önce
Lol. Isn't it tourettes....?
Brian Benedict
Brian Benedict 9 yıl önce
I can't believe he just said Medea was his hero. I've been saying this for years. WOOT! Love you, Slavoj.
luckyswine 9 yıl önce
This is like the difference between the Prisoner and Austin Powers. Austin Powers celebrates in a debunking fashion the spy narrative: leaving it stronger, more ideologically reinforced. The Prisoner begins by establishing the narrative of the imprisoned spy in the cold war, 60s individualist, suspicious of the social order, but by turning its criticism upon individualism in the final episode it worries the viewer in a much more profound way.
christian tale
christian tale 9 yıl önce
He has anxiety issues, side effect of his mind jumping all over the place. His talent is a gift and a curse.
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen 28 gün önce
It’s almost weird that everyone is so still and calm looking. I’ve become so accustomed to his movements. Even the first time I watched him, it could be high in openness and a curiosity about psychiatric patients. He seems benign in comparison. Or borderline of genius and insanity. He’s not incoherent though. I understand his ideas. But not the Lacan stuff.
ver strahlt
ver strahlt 8 aylar önce
I understand the situation; and also: maybe we are people with higher% of depression. Greetings from Slovenia.
PrinceVega 9 aylar önce
He is certainly a follower of Tzeentch.
Timothy Otten
Timothy Otten Yıl önce
Honestly he just looks he needs sleep. That went pretty far in taking care of my anxiety
TeaParty1776 Yıl önce
Hegels contradictions causes chronic anxiety. As Jeff Beck said, "Definitely maybe."
Jake Niedzwiecki
Jake Niedzwiecki 3 yıl önce
He makes a lot of good points.
Wally D
Wally D 9 yıl önce
I would love to talk to Slavoj for hours... His extreme over analysis of menial thoughtless mainstream entertainment leaves me with a certain feeling of intellectual elitism (which, in itself, raises a lot of personal questions about my own human nature and social disposition) a sort of natural solipsism I suppose...
Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen 3 yıl önce
Extraordinary lecture.
littlesigh 3 yıl önce
As always my brain hurts.... Love Zizek!
Comrade Commissar
Comrade Commissar 9 yıl önce
Slavoj Zizek is awesome.
Thimo Brestel
Thimo Brestel 9 yıl önce
The poets name is Paul Celan. He was a german-speaking jew from Rumania. He is best known for his poem "Todesfuge" (in english "death fugue") where the sentence "der Tod ist ein Meister aus Deutschland" (Death is a master from Germany) comes from.
Hugo jimenez ruelas
Hugo jimenez ruelas 11 aylar önce
From my little knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism, I see a couple of problems with his critiques: 1- Buddhism does not start just with suffering, it starts with the ignorance of that suffering too, when you’re trapped in the eternal cycle of birth and death… 2-Bodisatva is not a fully enlightenment state. The compassion to the suffering of beings is the last link to this world.
M Brontë
M Brontë 3 yıl önce
His comment about "how do we know that a religious experience in not something bad". My thought is ...we are all so singular in our life experience. To many factors play in the development of how we individually view life. We cannot even know or measure what "ONE" person would considered religious. If a person is religious or spiritual, then perhaps that person can recognize the experience as religious. If a person has no religion, then that person may consider the experience special or enlightening. I also think a bad experience can be religious, but may not be recognized as that.
Just Me
Just Me Yıl önce
This was wonderful. The moderator was a jerk at the end, though, with his “this isn’t a democracy” comment. Plus, he looked impatient when Zizek was talking. Nobody should expect short answer from Zizek.
SafeBans Yıl önce
It was just a joke that he had to pick the questions because of time restraint
Paul von Hindenburg
Paul von Hindenburg 2 yıl önce
This guy is so fascinating to listen to
Sasha A
Sasha A Yıl önce
Brilliantly disturbing. Explains a lot of horrors of history , from the crusades, to modern drug cartels and government covert special forces / death squads. Convince youself that you are servings a higher cause or acting the heroic self-sacrifice.
Stereotype23 9 yıl önce
I think you have misunderstood either his concept of ideology or the fact that he is honest about all things he is saying.
Big Chungus Driplord
Big Chungus Driplord 6 aylar önce
This man is slowly looking like the crazy homelless guy who's talking crazy things every day. The thing is he is right almost every time
Amiir. 3 aylar önce
Weird right Lol.
Hjertrud Fiddlecock
Hjertrud Fiddlecock 7 aylar önce
nothing makes me miss speed more than watching Slavoj
J H 10 aylar önce
Love this guy always so balanced
L.W. Paradis
L.W. Paradis Yıl önce
1. One of the most brilliant lectures I have ever heard. 2. The vicious comments, that seem to be trying to outdo one another (in banality) while imagining they have hit their mark, taught me something I needed to face and come to terms with.
sedeslav 9 yıl önce
Žižek is alien! He has forgotten more knowledge than we ever have in my life.
Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig 9 yıl önce
well said, I thank you for that
Josh Parrott
Josh Parrott 3 yıl önce
One of the best Z--violence and void and so on...
YouTube Curates Content, algorithm is a lie
He says a lot, he says nothing at all, he comes back around and says a lot. Lol I like when speakers speak freely and all over the place. Sure, he's prepared, but I get the sense he goes where he wants in the moment. You gain insight what is important to him or what's intriguing to him currently. He meanders and wanders. And unless your teacher or boss is telling you what to do, this is exactly how humans think and make profound connections on how the world exists and what humans do to influence culture -- and the question of whether they're aware or not (mostly they're not). Sure, he's frustrating, but he makes interesting points you won't get with most formal speakers.
ShaneyElderberry 8 yıl önce
Interesting. I think his English is excellent. Even with the accent, it's still easier to understand than some dialects of native English speaking nations (i.e. some Scottish accents): /watch?v=le_uNGdpa4c
Riccardo Cuciniello
Riccardo Cuciniello 2 yıl önce
13:13 some 20th century Italian poets are just beautiful - probably Montale is one of the few great stars of the poetic firmament of our history.
Me Me
Me Me Yıl önce
Tell em
Music Cheetah
Music Cheetah Yıl önce
this is just so legit. i love him
Nacked Grils
Nacked Grils Yıl önce
Please enable the subtitles! Some people don't do well with audio only, especially when the speaker has a strong accent.
A R 7 yıl önce
loved hearing his take on wittgenstein
Adam Black
Adam Black 6 yıl önce
+Ewoch Able can you explain why you find watching him pleasurable? I want to watch this and i cannot! He's a terrible speaker, he mumbles, his eyes are bloodshot, and hes constantly wiping his nose on his hands. If there was a transcript i would read, But I cant make myself suffer through it.
Adam Black
Adam Black 6 yıl önce
+Mohamed Aly +Mohamed Aly I read it and thought Chomsky mopped the floor with him. But.. later on I read the Original Articles, ( and the Chomsky interview where he criticized Harris ) which prompted it, giving the correspondence a larger context. then I was disappointed in Chomsky. Harris was right re the Interview. and Harris was right that Chomsky didnt actually engage in anything Harris said. It was very disappointing. Chomsky attacks Harris for making a moral thought experiment . For the making of it itself, like hes unfamiliar with the very concept of thought experiments in moral philosophy Chomsky had a confused self-contradictory argument that "intent didnt matter" all while relying intent himself with obscurantist banality of evil argument . Chomsky "the US doesnt care " argument is still an argument over intent. Both of them are moral utilitarians . Both of them read intent retroactively harris idealistically, and Chomsky cynically. After reading it again, it became apparent to me that Chomsky didnt back up any of his factual claims; and they were resting on the same quicksand of Intent as Harris. By sticking to the his narrative dogmatically he was simply demanding that Harris accept his shifting of the Burden of Proof. This was very disappointing to me , because i thought harris Moral arguments were ridiculous and weak. Chomsky ought to have actually dismantled them by engaging with them, not by ignoring them. Chomsky disrecpted the narrative and in so doing dispected people that care what he he has to to say to Harris . IT was hard not to see Harris was genuinely trying to engage and only failing because Chomsky was being a dick Harris was correct to try , due to growing audience,which also holds Chomsky in high regard.
Adam Black
Adam Black 6 yıl önce
+Mohamed Aly I read it and thought Chomsky mopped the floor with him. But.. later on I read the Original Articles, ( and the Chomsky interview where he criticized Harris ) which prompted it, giving the correspondence a larger context. then I was disappointed in Chomsky. Harris was right re the Interview. and Harris was right that Chomsky didnt actually engage in anything Harris said. It was very disappointing. Chomsky attacks Harris for making a moral thought experiment . For the making of it itself, like hes unfamiliar with the very concept of thought experiments in moral philosophy Chomsky had a confused self-contradictory argument that "intent didnt matter" all while relying intent himself with obscurantist banality of evil argument . Chomsky "the US doesnt care " argument is still an argument over intent. Both of them are moral utilitarians . Both of them read intent retroactively harris idealistically, and Chomsky cynically. After reading it again, it became apparent to me that Chomsky didnt back up any of his factual claims; and they were resting on the same quicksand of Intent as Harris. By sticking to the his narrative dogmatically he was simply demanding that Harris accept his shifting of the Burden of Proof. This was very disappointing to me , because i thought harris Moral arguments were ridiculous and weak. Chomsky ought to have actually dismantled them by engaging with them, not by ignoring them. Chomsky disrecpted the narrative and in so doing dispected people that care what he he has to to say to Harris . IT was hard not to see Harris was genuinely trying to engage and only failing because Chomsky was being a dick Harris was correct to try , due to growing audience,which also holds Chomsky in high regard.
Ewoch Able
Ewoch Able 7 yıl önce
Took it. So,basically my counter will consist in calling you an annoying dadaist wannabe intellectual who seeks out shallow online likeminders to pretend-discuss contentless rants by marxism's Rands.
Dáithi O'Cinnsealach
Dáithi O'Cinnsealach 6 aylar önce
"There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so." - Shakespeare I already know all this what he is saying through my own research and reflections of the human condition, but it's good to hear a popular philosopher saying it. Too bad the plebian masses will not bother to try understand. Instead rushing to death in relative ignorance, convinced they know what's it's really all about in their little umwelt.
DepModMuffin 5 yıl önce
41:32 - "Again, this is my link with Kung Fu Panda" I fucking lost it there!
Unknown Sample
Unknown Sample 10 aylar önce
"Although they did not do the killing... they nonetheless did it" That is Zizek at his most Zizeky lol
Paulo Miguel
Paulo Miguel 3 yıl önce
Living Nirvana here is impossible since total lack of communication is the insurmountable factor. The level of understanding between enlightened and common minds is unapproachable and such endeavor futile par excellence.
Uhavenoright toask
Uhavenoright toask 7 aylar önce
I want to see Zizek apply this analysis of post-ideology to the meta, self-parody of the Matrix: Resurrections.
sebastiantsiwt 9 yıl önce
"Falling fully into reality and suffering" zizeks buddhist ideology
Majestic Fluffy Butts
Majestic Fluffy Butts 2 aylar önce
"You need religion to make good people do bad things". Dude lost me on Gangnam Style then pulled me back with a Hitchslap.
zoo bear
zoo bear Yıl önce
zizek somewhere between the worst and best communicator of knowledge in a way where yo always seem to be missing the point when you reach it
Joey Stocato
Joey Stocato 8 aylar önce
It's actually insane his breadth of knowledge l
Francisco Fuentes
Francisco Fuentes 4 yıl önce
I loved the introduction.
Mar Hyg
Mar Hyg Yıl önce
I'm one hour into it, and he went so much off the rails that he only spouts diversions.
joedillian 10 aylar önce
Yes, but there is a thread connecting it all together, it's just really quite hard to follow at times. The first hour: modern societal narratives, spiritual experiences, and ideologies require some amount of sanctioned dissent, rebellion, and self-deprecation to succeed, as it allows us to more readily accept them in their totality if we feel there is a means by which we may deprecate them, even if those means are tacitly accepted by said narrative, spiritual experience, or ideology, or, as he points out, generated by the narrative/experience/ideology in the first place. It also allows them to more easily withstand the supposed dissent in the first place. This goes with the alt-right semi-ironic BS, the self-deprecation of movies like Kung Fu Panda, the "sanctioned" rebellion from the father's authority, etc. etc.
Nicolas Allen
Nicolas Allen 3 yıl önce
He is pointing out that one can use the concept of the greater good to justify to ones conscience ones own evil actions.
Alexandre Mead
Alexandre Mead Yıl önce
I swear, Slavoj fucks with you with his accent. I hear him pronounce the age old 'Phylum' instead of 'Film' and think "Ah that accen-" and he hits me with 'Adequat' before I can even finish my derisive thought. I can't help but think it's deliberate.
Barbara Johnson
Barbara Johnson 2 yıl önce
I would love to hear him talk about natural selection dictating our responses....when we fall into the world isnt that maybe surrendering to those drives for furthering the species...serving nature...
Evan McArthur
Evan McArthur Yıl önce
27:10 born in American, moved to Asia in 2012. What he says about Buddhism is correct, it has pit falls just like Christianity.
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