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29 Eyl 2023




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Michael has a long leg but Bram gives 100% 😂😂
@devibaldeo524 Aylar önce
@Badboy...... Aylar önce
Michael gives 69 % 👽
El untimoen ganar❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@jehusoiazim8716 Aylar önce
@youcanifyoutry Aylar önce
Everyone gangsta until the glass breaks
911th like
@totxx20 Aylar önce
@JaxxBunny Aylar önce
They got more trust in that glass railing then I do in my own legs
@withfavor Aylar önce
Jasper was doing too much for those short ass jumps😂
@sharlenehaai9051 Aylar önce
@ItzMeThunder Aylar önce
@ItzMeThunder Aylar önce
@ItzMeThunder Aylar önce
@sachingreen1791 Aylar önce
Lil bro was not taking a L today 😂😂
@Saidurrahman-ij1jg 9 gün önce
@Saidurrahman-ij1jg 9 gün önce
@kevinsousa3370 Aylar önce
Bram beating Michiel has to be the biggest upset ever on this channel
@aartijain2988 Aylar önce
I wouldn't trust the railing💀💀
@Luc__B Aylar önce
Se trata de fuerza en las muñecas y pues se puede hacer en dos pasos
@yangliu7486 Aylar önce
​@@Luc__BCan't you see the railing wobbling? I don't care how many steps you can do, it won't matter if the railing pops over
@frang2023 Aylar önce
It looks weak
@lesliehoodenpyle Aylar önce
Totally not what I was thinking😅
I was thinking the same thing
Bram working like he's gotta pay bills
Bro im good with the skip challenge but the teddy bear on the side gives me the creeps😭💀
@annabelleprasetya Aylar önce
Imagine if Bram’s hands slipped💀
@MahirHossine Aylar önce
@crusher30_yt76 Aylar önce
​@@MahirHossineit was actually very risky
@prod.koopa1 Aylar önce
@DSxSABIN Aylar önce
@sadiqanoor921 Aylar önce
intrusive thoughts
Me and my smart ass Just climbing the railings forget the stairs 😂
@DonetskExtremist 3 gün önce
I'd tell you it's not easy bro
I’d use blue tac or smt to stick to it 😂
@gymnsical Aylar önce
this is literally a “who’s the tallest”
@adedolapo9530 Aylar önce
People with short legs left the group 💀
@leonjang4074 Aylar önce
@Ugy2006 Aylar önce
​​@@ShahbaazMohamed-db2vi she slay wahha😂
@pretiebunny Aylar önce
@AiGeniee Aylar önce
When they realized they were in for a long walk and short legs just wouldn't cut it! 🚶‍♂️🦵😄
@GoodBoy-13 Aylar önce
Bro took 5 graders coolness to another lvl💀
@user-hz1st2du8x Aylar önce
Ik doe da alltijd als ik naar boven ga😂 love cemi❤
@Wizard06 Aylar önce
Jasper wasted extra energy for nothing😢
@oompa.loopma Aylar önce
@ayeshaahmed6990 Aylar önce
@Karan_Adhikari Aylar önce
Smart work is better than hardwork
@user-md7em2ky3f Aylar önce
@RupeesEarn Aylar önce
@aishahofman1248 Aylar önce
Bram is litterly me when u walk up/down the stairs😅😂
@amaan-fm3hr Aylar önce
Bram never disappoints😊
@rudraajn_10 Aylar önce
Bram always slayed it harder🔥😂
He murdered it harder?
@JoelJohns-Markham Aylar önce
@@godzillaking_of_the_monste4953 sorry u do not understand but slay or slayed is like a way to say "he's so good," or like "yasss"
@antoniotoni8336 Aylar önce
@serengadilhe6247 Aylar önce
They have more trust in that railing than I have in myself-
@fofstyle Aylar önce
C’mon Michiel 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣💀
@damianchine8220 Aylar önce
That glass is holding on strong 💪
@archangel2008 Aylar önce
Jasper had confidence in that railing i'll give him that much
@gopalv Aylar önce
Remember doing this during my childhood! Coming down was single jump!
Michael is that guy who uses his rifle as a baseball bat to beat his enemy
@lukalazovic Aylar önce
@samifreda1604 Aylar önce
@samifreda1604 Aylar önce
@samifreda1604 Aylar önce
@@lukalazovic انا❤
@@lukalazovic pp lol
@PrincessOsarobo Aylar önce
My legs would just cut off 😂
Michiel using 1% of his energy lol
@researchmania681 Aylar önce
U michel fan . Need to understand that he has height advantage 😶😑
@user-dg1vy2fp1s Aylar önce
​@@researchmania681I'd say here height is an disadvantage
@@researchmania681 there are alot of disadvantages of it and he was goin so ez on them
@@atharv_till_the_endmad ur fav character lost?
@PawanSharma-mv5fb Aylar önce
Bram has done long climbing👌🏻👌🏻
@somebody5010 Aylar önce
Okay this song is like the best twerking song 💀
@vibremaster239 Aylar önce
Bram: "Size is just a measurement"
@user-dw2sy4jv6u Aylar önce
@RupeesEarn Aylar önce
Okay 🎉
@JWJWJWJW Aylar önce
That's a lot of trust in a glass railing😂😂😂
@ramisuleiman1146 Aylar önce
Always the short kings 🤴
@PowerSphere1550 Aylar önce
Never let them know your next move - crawls up banister
@nick4leader Aylar önce
Exactly what I was thinking
@strayz4lifee Aylar önce
i swear i was abt to say that 💀🙏🏼
@YuraGacha Aylar önce
My true inner child:
@user-ii6nt7xu8o Aylar önce
@khushisolanki3971 Aylar önce
Jasper was doing too much for those short as jumps😂😂
@jmtsixmin Aylar önce
Me: climbs up the railing
@iam_farhaan3 Aylar önce
Michiel is like John wick who is using his hands instead of weapons 😂😂.
@clowdz6058 Aylar önce
@eangelosuarez8177 Aylar önce
@jairanmarques317 Aylar önce
@durgasalvi7305 Aylar önce
@user-yd5ow4bk1g 22 gün önce
Bram is the best at this
@imliss3473 Aylar önce
El último me dio alta ansiedad que se vaya a caer jajaj
@roger9283 Aylar önce
Michiel is type of student that answers just half of the questions on test
@user-su8dt1ho8w 3 gün önce
Lekker Bram 3🥳🥳
@MNM-ll9ex Aylar önce
as someone whose fairly tall, a long jumper, and can do the splits, this is absolutely a win
@lucvasrox Aylar önce
Nah bro, I’m climbing on the railing and pulling myself up, slithering like a snake to the top.
@Robloxcool576_CR7 Aylar önce
I always do that when I find stairs 😂
@nsk17_ 18 gün önce
Unemloyed friends at 3am
@RaviRanjan-ef8mv Aylar önce
Michiel did not want to do more effort meanwhile Bram:
@Fatima.taehyung 28 gün önce
I was waiting fr 2 steps... 😅😅😂
@MT-ie6mr Aylar önce
Effect of the jersey cr7🐐😂
bro is trusting that glass more than i do with my friends
@odvlogs2020 Aylar önce
Trusting it more than I do myself
@imscenery Aylar önce
The glass is not weight bearing. It is a metal frame bolted to the side of the staircase with glass inserted for decorative effect.
@Swiftie_For_Life. Aylar önce
Everyone else: takes longest steps in there life Me: climbs up the railing
@CraftR_YT Gün önce
@joshuakerola6864 Aylar önce
They got more trust in that glass than I have in myself to not fall backwards down the stairs 😂 Edit: OMG 200 likes Ty 💛
Exactly 😂
@mekmeri8159 Aylar önce
J’aime Erkia caractères Zahra, c’est trop
@duarte2387 Aylar önce
Fiquei esperando o vidro estourar hahhahahhaha
@farisirfan004 Aylar önce
Michael can skip half of those steps😂
@user-fz6hu7is6p Aylar önce
Very good bhai 💯
My anxiety for the last guy📈📈📈📈📈
chill guys michiel was just warming up 😂
@claireminer2169 Aylar önce
A nice way to fall down the stairs 🤗
J'arrive je prends l'ascenseur 😂😂
@user-do3lg6lv7y Aylar önce
Bram needs a harness in case he falls.
@user-kh9rx7gk8c Aylar önce
😂 mais c méchant 😅
@estherogier8060 25 gün önce
Lekker Bram 😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤
@user-rk6zj9is9q 29 gün önce
Se cae Las personas: tambien se bajaba?
Bram is me every time I go up the stairs
@hyperarc Aylar önce
i should be concerned for u mate
@dheerajyadav8114 Aylar önce
Mai to pair hi naa rakhu latak ke railling chala jaaun😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😅😂
@UrFave_Orlaxox 22 gün önce
The marble floor 😩🙈
@demmaameer Aylar önce
Ronaldo is your uncle to all of you ✨✨
@bromyguy8145 3 saatler önce
Me making sure the teddy bear doesn’t move:
Bram is not skipping, he is climbing
@karlenecowper Aylar önce
"Estamos todos saudáveis, vamos procurar um acidente"
@3A3L Gün önce
I was expecting someone to do cartwheels 🤸🏻🤸🏻 up the stairs.
@apidas Aylar önce
bro legit risking his safety on that 3 skip
the people that did this as a kid 👇
@jedimindz1502 Aylar önce
Can michelle make his own channel soon aswell and collab😊
@ronaldo4450 3 gün önce
Bram happy birtiday good
@user-sz5lh2pr5l Aylar önce
I love this song 🎵
@user-lv2dy6mw7t Aylar önce
What is its name
@user-lv2dy6mw7t Aylar önce
What is its name ??
@Monkey.LUFF135 9 gün önce
Bram, il gagne tout le temps. Donc, c'est le MEILLEUR, !?
@sashfrogo8993 Aylar önce
Hehe I’d just grab the rail and pull myself without touching the stairs again
@mateuspontes6956 Aylar önce
"Quando eu passo de Hilux, as novinha gosta" 🎶🎶🤣
@melzinhaarmy3021 Aylar önce
Um comentario brasileiro!
@icarogoncalves17 Aylar önce
Mas elas gostam de gasolinaaa 🤣
@Lightning20190 Aylar önce
OHHHHH “Glass breaks” 😱
@user-cy7pb5oz9r 11 gün önce
انا كل ما اركب الدرج اسوي نفس ذا التحدي مع نفسي 😭😭
@ericreid-ur5rk Aylar önce
Bram has insane core strength bro 🔥
Worlds tallest man will be like "you all are kids"😂😂
@RicoPothenick-qx2wd 24 gün önce
Nice greetings from Germany. You make great videos, it's always a pleasure to watch you. A little feast for the eyes, today Bayern is playing against Dortmund. Stay as you are ❤
@VakpinciCografya 7 gün önce
Hallo ı'm from Turkıye You remember Kenan?
@kuhootiwari6855 Aylar önce
bram is just like me fr
@ishaan1982 Aylar önce
@arnobdeb7730 Aylar önce
@SaifAli-ct3op Aylar önce
@kaushalbedi3440 Aylar önce
Bram never skip leg day
@alexcollier1164 Aylar önce
This exactly how I got up the stairs all the time
@TV_TITAN_MAN987 Aylar önce
Bro's vitamin 'd' in now 📉📉
@AllanaCostagamers Aylar önce
Wow, that staircase must be very dangerousa.😂😂❤
Great Khali's favourite game🗿
@user-ve1rn1fi7o 24 gün önce
Fav game ❤😂
@suhanisaini4620 Aylar önce
India be like chlo raling se chad jate direct 1 par 😂😂
Bram is the goat and Bram is real man
@Speedy4B52 Aylar önce
The faith they all have in that glass railing….good Lord.
@ayomideisrael6084 Aylar önce
Nigerian kids are really good in this type of game😂
@itsshayansm Aylar önce
Casual racism but ok
Loving the Watford shirts
@keanovelghe Aylar önce
@allisoncombs1 Aylar önce
I need a friend group like this 😂❤
@FootBall_Goat7101 5 gün önce
Me: Walks up every single step
@altheaonofre7775 Aylar önce
Me in the stares when I am bored:
@user-me8rp9hd2z Aylar önce
Good job Bram🎉🎉🎉 you the best for a sure 😊😊
@gaylozeer Aylar önce
They're putting a little to much trust into that railing 😭🙏
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