Skinamarink Explained - A Forgotten Nightmare

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31 Oca 2023




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Wendigoon Aylar önce
Use this link to save $5 at Magic Spoon today! magicspoon.com/wendigoon Thank you to Magic Spoon for sponsoring the video!
Tyler Patton
Tyler Patton 12 gün önce
overpriced Magic Cardboard. If you're trying to eat "healthier," this shit is asinine on principle alone. It's like, do any of you know how cereal was even invented in the first place?
Christene King
Christene King 25 gün önce
Hey, can you give this a.h (Analog Horror) creator (300 dollars) he needs t for his series.
astaroth astarte asardel azazel
Mount Qaf
astaroth astarte asardel azazel
king of jinnistan
astaroth astarte asardel azazel
avaisvshiny Aylar önce
I absolutely adore the detail of Kevin not knowing exactly what to do to comfort his sister so he thinks about what makes him happy and gets her juice.
Link Holder
Link Holder Gün önce
@whiteydiamond you got them good. Best bait I've ever seen lmao
Sheena Mims
Sheena Mims 3 gün önce
​@anonmus7137 okay, which one is more entertaining to you?
Anon Mus
Anon Mus 9 gün önce
This movie was so boring
Gabby 10 gün önce
It reminds me of the "get em something to calm their nerves" trope, but instead of whiskey it's juice.
melle Aylar önce
the line "can we watch something happy?" made me so incredibly sad, because it felt more like a sign that he has given up and felt exhausted by the constant dread that they both faced. it sounds like something someone would say when they're at the brink of giving up everything entirely and just want a sliver of hope, even the tiniest bit, to feel something.
HawtDawg 4 saatler önce
@Carolina Silva stop trauma dumping smh smh /j
Dusey Gün önce
@Carolina Silva ok
onomaster3000 15 gün önce
i think not necessarily giving up, but a confused child that doesn't understand what happened trying to escape or at least distract himsef and try to find shelter in a comfortable familiar thing. it's exactly what i would say as a kid after hearing a scary story, it's what would distract one from being scared and make them feel better. i feel like that “ brink of giving up feeling“ isn't necessarily common in children, especially if this is a metaphor for abuse, you don't want to feel “something“, you just want to cheer yourself up and forget about it after that “thing you think is normal and you don't understand why it upsets you“ happens, because at that point it's the only thing you can do about it at that age and the only thing you know to do.
Carolina Silva
Carolina Silva 16 gün önce
Dammit, this just reminded me of my life... Studying, working out and taking shifts from dawn to dusk; having headaches all week long, and blacking out at the end of the day; the only rest being Sunday and yet, I keep telling myself to keep fighting, to keep pushing forward in the war of life; yet comes today and I get a mild sea hipothermia and another headache after doing a Tylor Series, I ask myself: " can't we do something stupid for once?...Cant we do something casual...*this one time??*" *sob* Can't we be 17? Is it so hard to do? So I watch this... WE ARE THE CHILDREN!! And we have to suffer this timeless war of life our whole lives!!! Every moment!! When we sleep! When we feel out of breath! When we starve or when we eat "poison" to cope with it! When we have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night! When we exhale and our blood oxygen starts degrading! When you're part of a group of kids that need help and you have to pretend that you're not scared and know what to do because you're the only adult of the situation! (I have my religion ok pls respect or just ignore) I'm pretty sure nobody knows their life completely, from the fails i see around, Now I see that... The world is far too vast, and far too complex to understand fundamentally, even ask albert einstein: I'm sure he would say that his human finite imagination is limited to the infinite creation and expansion of the universe. And with this video, I get that life is too diverse, and complicated to be understood, yet we are so simple.. When our base gets destroyed we get scared and don't know what to do. By my memories facing my inner demons I renembered that.. There is no way of fighting them off by yourself. We have no power and knowledge compared to them. After years of fending them off, possesions and nightmares, they would simply put me trapped-sometimes by chains, other by an infinite house with curses objects, or trapped in the back of my head, and slowly wear me out to exhaustion, like a fisher catching a big fish. But one thing saved me once...it wasn't me. It was the idea that I stood up for as I was preparing to fade away. To most it sounds stupid and silly. It was the idea of love. It was love for life in mid of suffering. It wasn't by my own forces, it was by my will to offer myself and obey a bigger cause. I think I spent too much time being sentemental, I should go back to studying
fish texture
fish texture 21 gün önce
@Chimney Cleaner yes
livinglavish Aylar önce
The part that really gets me is whenever the blood keeps splattering into the carpet. Seeing that a child is subjected to endless torture, and the one thing that she utters while we see her go through this is “mommy”. That just broke my heart in a way that no other horror movie has. Seeing a child go through so much pain and fear, and seeing her beg for one of the few people that made her feel safe is just so utterly terrifying.
Martin Jugolin
Martin Jugolin 4 gün önce
@Guess I'll Die she is seen again, we see her having her head dissapear slowly then we see the pictures of the children headless and faceless. I hate how slow this movie is and how unsatisfying the ending is
ItsJustFitz 8 gün önce
@Simon Wheeler That's the whole point, he's trapped in an endless loop. If you turn on subtitles, during that scene it specifically says, "older scream" as the blood keeps reappearing indicating that Kevin has been forever trapped in the loop. Then, to support that, earlier in the film the "prest-o-change-o" music seems to indicate a time dilation where things start over, the implication being, I think, that this monster has trapped Kevin in an endless loop of being hunted and slaughtered, but it doesn't kill him at the same time every time which is why we hear an "older" scream. So I think the takeaway is that Kevin is trapped in the dark with this monster that hunts him and feeds off the fear it generates, never killing him at the same time every time which is why, in that one instant, we hear the "older Kevin" scream, and every time he dies the whole loop starts over with his 4 year old self.
Anon Mus
Anon Mus 9 gün önce
Nothing about this was scary its boring
Guess I'll Die
Guess I'll Die 12 gün önce
@jaden park offend these nuts
jaden park
jaden park 14 gün önce
it's offensive. the story writer is one sick...
The_Camera_Man Aylar önce
Walking around your house in the dark as a kid is the most uncomfortable thing to do. You know it's your house, but you don't at the same time.
Hearti Ko
Hearti Ko 5 gün önce
Shout out to all the people who didn't feel this way because their parents kept the lights off all the time or they were always outside in the dark anyway lmao
Cassandra Loomis
Cassandra Loomis 18 gün önce
“you’re not afraid of the dark you’re afraid of not being alone in the dark”
Good Lookin' Out Homie
Even adults still feel it. Like we've all been in a dark cold room at night and thought this will be a completely different place in the morning with the sun streaming in the window.
flowers for the dead
flowers for the dead 26 gün önce
I really felt like this was about child abuse. Dad's gone. Doors gone. Then toilets gone. But first the phone call. The head injury. Kevin keeps "hurting himself" the eye. And also how the voice is like a guardian but also a tormentor when the toilet disappeared it really solidified this in my head because of horror stories where kids are abused and kept from using facilities. And locked away for let's say....572 days.
voltinator Gün önce
@Knight Shane That's mommy's new boyfriend.
Knight Shane
Knight Shane Gün önce
What about the no faces thing happening towards the end and the voices asking "what's your name"
Omar Gutierrez
Omar Gutierrez 5 gün önce
@Mercury also, I’m sorry for what you went through brother. I wouldn’t wish abuse on my worst enemy, specially child abuse…
Omar Gutierrez
Omar Gutierrez 5 gün önce
@Mercury I’m retired law enforcement and I can tell you it all depends on state. Here in Florida we take DV extremely serious. You make 1 single DV call and someone IS going to jail no ifs or buts about it.
Aliakim The Okay
Aliakim The Okay Aylar önce
Reminds me of that one Jack Stauber lyric from Nurpo: “He speaks of what adults can’t remember and children haven’t the words to describe.” You can never really remember how terrified you were as a child sometimes. At least not truly.
CHILIHANDLE 6 gün önce
This comment. Is underrated . Never thought I’d say that but DAMN
Ryebread the 5th
Ryebread the 5th 7 gün önce
Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of that!
Konnor Aylar önce
As someone who works at a movie theater, let me just say that not a single person who has seen the movie has walked out happy
swagcoolio471 3 saatler önce
@P2M not bad, just scary
Jake Brill
Jake Brill 17 saatler önce
That might actually be the desired effect. Lol
Rob 19 saatler önce
​@Chig Bungus I haven't seen the film, but I have a feeling that it's absolute garbage. I've seen many horror films like what you're describing that have an audience for whatever reason and are very disappointing. Most people who are frightened by these types of film don't know what true horror is and are most likely to be scared by anything. Of course horror can be subjective, but when you're watching a 2 hour long movie waiting for something, anything!-to happen, it's clearly a sign that the film is a low budget cash in on hype. The director must be laughing all the way to the bank knowing he spent little on a pretentious film that offers nothing more than cheap jump scares and drawn-out scenes of inanimate objects with zero pay off. I can only imagine the director putting more effort on the film's trailer in order to intrigue and trick audiences into watching it.
Infamous Crusader
Infamous Crusader 2 gün önce
​@hiimdarius Right.
Infamous Crusader
Infamous Crusader 2 gün önce
If that was the case, good. One of the forgotten aspects of a horror film is to feel negative, whether it be anger, sadness, doom, etc. That's what a horror film is supposed to make you sense and remember even after it is over rather than it being just a thrill ride of scares. Unless the anger is due to the film being bad, that is not good. If not, it's a job well done. Personally, I thought the film was passable but definitely needed more purpose and direction.
Ariel Nora
Ariel Nora Aylar önce
the fact that you messaged the creator to ask if it was okay is so wholesome
PickleBird Version 2
PickleBird Version 2 15 gün önce
I watched this film in a theater in my city, hosted by some horror group thing. The creator did a Q&A. There were like 5 people who asked if he was okay lmao
Tory Sama
Tory Sama 18 gün önce
He had to bc if he didn't people wouldbe bitching about it.
Hydroblitz 20 gün önce
Hes such a good dude, ive started to listen to his content whenever i work and its so wholesome
hyungette Aylar önce
i watched skinamarink with subtitles, and i think the implication is that there are many instances of kaylee and kevin attempting to turn the lights on, but they no longer work. specifically in the kitchen at one point, you can hear the light switch clicking repeatedly, and nothing happens. i think it was the upstairs lights/staircase lights that first stopped working, which explains the flashlights.
Rayneworld Gün önce
Oh good to know! I was gonna say Wendi's comment about not reaching the light switches bothered me lmao. My 2yr old nephew knows how to reach the light switch ffs, moreso than me sometimes 😂I was babysitting him once and we were going outside and he reached to turn off the light before we went out since I had forgotten lol
Absent Minded the SubCreator
Yeah even a toddler can reach a light switch so I doubt they’re too small.
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Aylar önce
As much as it’s hard to see kids in a horror situation like this, which is fictional. Imagine the horror of the children living in reality with such awful abuse. A movie may be hard to watch, but it gives us a fraction of the feeling child survivors have experienced in reality. That’s what terrifies me the most.
Natalie 4 gün önce
this comment section has felt like a genuine safe space, thank you for your empathy
Vika Gamer
Vika Gamer 20 gün önce
A lot of the people I love the most been through terrible things as children, it's difficult to know that and be unable to do anything about it, I can't stand parents and guardians who hurt children under their care, and have little patience for those who fail to protect them or cause harm accidentally. All I can hope for though is to help them have a better life now, hopefully heal, and if I ever have kids or ever be responsible for any, do everything I can to make sure they don't go through anything so awful.... Growing and living involves pain and hardship, but the saying that "all that doesn't kill you makes you stronger is a lie", harm can be debilitating and take away things that can't be given back, you can only mourn it's loss.... no one should ever have to suffer like that, specially children who have less ability to protect themselves... But still with all that, it's not nearly as hard to see it in fiction as it is to know about it with people you know, and then I can't even know how bad it is to live with that yourself..
TheReflectoon Aylar önce
I was not abused or neglected as a child and I had gruesome, horrifying nightmares (even involving family members, like in this movie). Kids have some seriously freaky dreams; I think their fear manifests way differently in their dreams than it does for adults.
Nor Aniza Azmi
Nor Aniza Azmi 2 gün önce
Fr bro, i had three dreams and one of them cannibalistic amalgamation of flesh chasing me through my old school, causing it to go into a lockdown, and all i knew was fear. The last dream was it appearing again, this time tormenting me through my tv, and me speeding up the clock in the video,and it saying you can’t escape it, then disappearing. Leaving me and my family in fear of what will happen next.
FØRREST GØBLIN 18 gün önce
Its so weird that our brain can do this...literally why? The only dreams I remember are nightmares of getting chased, family leaving me behind/being unresponsive, hiding, getting attacked as a child. Where did this come from..like damm.
Addison Dillon
Addison Dillon 18 gün önce
Same here, I had horrendous night terrors as a young child especially during the winter for no reason at all
Algorithm Aylar önce
This is the first horror video in a LONG time that made me actually feel tense and scared. I’m in my 20s and haven’t been this frightened by something
Emma Miracle
Emma Miracle 21 gün önce
The whole film felt like a huge jump scare to me. I actually had to pause it and breathe for a second because my heart was beating really slow and hard almost the entire time because I was just waiting for anything.
Jon Sudano
Jon Sudano Aylar önce
As soon as I finished watching this movie I immediately knew that A. It's one of the best original concepts for a horror movie in a very long time and B. So, so many people are going to HATE this movie and it's going to get dragged so hard online Say what you will about Skinamarink, but it is a gosh dang MASTER CLASS in "Show Don't Tell". Just like you used to do as a kid alone at night in your dark bedroom unable to sleep, watching all the dark corners and inside your closet, you let your imagination fill in the gaps. What a genius move by a genius director! And on a budget of 15k no less!
Mixtape Films
Mixtape Films 2 gün önce
@Adam Smasher I genuinely hope ur doing better bro, but find better ways to cope in healthy ways :]
Adam Smasher
Adam Smasher 2 gün önce
@Mixtape Films I was going through some bad stuff and wanted to escape through a good horror movie. I saw the preview and thought this would be a GREAT horror movie. I was angry at the world and took it out on everyone. If anyone involved is reading, I apologize.
Mixtape Films
Mixtape Films 2 gün önce
Damn some of yall are getting too mad ab this
Dwight Manfreddi
Dwight Manfreddi 20 gün önce
This movie was boring
Emma Miracle
Emma Miracle 21 gün önce
I thought the same thing. I told my friend about it today. I told him it's really boring but really good.
Scattershot Brain
Scattershot Brain 25 gün önce
I did skip ahead and with that in mind the scariest part for me was when the dad asked Kaylee to look under the bed There's nothing worse than a parent who is both someone you love but also someone you are compelled to obey ordering you to do something frightening for seemingly no reason
LowKey Studios
LowKey Studios 25 gün önce
I think this is representative of an abusive and manipulative mother. She has the dad trapped emotionally, so he nor the kids can leave. She tries to keep them loyal by telling them she and their father loves them, but in fact she takes out her anger on the kids. In these children's minds the mother is a "monster". Kaylee doesn't want to talk about their mother and has clearly understood how horrible their mother is, while Kevin still thinks she'll stop.
Tobias Mattsson
Tobias Mattsson 2 gün önce
Reminds me of the game "Among the sleep"
Katinka Coenen
Katinka Coenen 9 gün önce
Exactly what I was thinking! (though I wasn't sure what happened to the dad) Like the idea of a monster overtaking your mother is exactly how a child would cope, instead of accepting the harsh reality that your own mother is the monster. She seems to be having a mental/psychotic/violent episode. Their are so many clues that it seems so obvious to me, but that might be projection for sure. This film is so powerful
lain 11 gün önce
"She has the dad trapped emotionally" I got the vibe that the parents divorced or the dad took his own life and the mother who was already mentally unwell perpetrated abuse against the kids after the father was no longer in the picture to protect them.
xYou Vandal
xYou Vandal Aylar önce
To me, I feel like the mother became a drug addict or an alcoholic and everything happening in the film was a representation of the mothers addiction slowly destroying the entire family from the inside out. The kids don't understand addiction, to them, they just see their mom becoming something else, something scary.
lizzy mc
lizzy mc 9 gün önce
i think so too! but i think the dad is an addict as well. the beginning when they rush him to the hospital, that’s when they cared, but later, when all the lights go out and the toilet disappears, the parents have forgotten to pay/spend all their money on drugs and can’t pay the electric/water bills. of course the kids don’t understand why the lights and toilet don’t work and they’re scared.
Emma Miracle
Emma Miracle 21 gün önce
I love the way the "monster" is depicted because when I was little I wasn't scared of "boogyman" or clowns or ghosts or anything like that. But the fear was still there. Especially when I couldn't sleep.
KateSinging InTheSnow
EXACTLY, it was never really a specific or definable thing, of course things like horror media or scary imagery could give it shape every once in a while, but most of the time, it was just there, unseen but ever present and unquestionably dangerous.
AvadenzGoNya~ Aylar önce
I used to be terrified of opening doors where I knew people were behind them. I still am to a degree, but with a lot of therapy it has become easier. It was instilled to me as a child that once my parents entered their room at night, no one was to disturb them or the consequences would be dire. As you can guess, this was not a happy family. We also lived in a house crawling with spiders due to my father's rubbermaid stacks and extreme dislike of chemicals. I don't think I will ever be able to explain the sheer terror of knowing there's a black widow in your room, on your bed, on you, and knowing the people who are suppose to protect you would do far worse than it would. The image of the dark silhouette of the door knob as my hand trembles in front of the wood, far too scared to knock... it will never leave me. Of a place that's suppose to be safe, that the people who are suppose to be protectors, are instead akin to the Boogeyman in the closet. Some nights I must of spent hours in front of that door, paralyzed almost. I remember hearing fights behind that door, of long bouts of screaming and crying, and the overwhelming fear that I was stuck there forever. 18 years is a very long time for a child. When I turned 19 and still found myself caged, the kind of despair I felt was... all consuming. Considering the kind of control and forced dependency that sort of father has, the fact that I got out at all is nothing short of a miracle. This movie made me cry, because I remembered that feeling. I felt seen and that I wasn't alone in that sort of terror. I used to look up to see if anyone else had the same sort of phobia I do and never did find another, so this movie kind of puts something to rest in me. It's not the same, but it captures a lot of the roots behind such a strange phobia. Maybe one day I'll make a short film about the specifics, about the opportunities I've missed due to that residual terror. Anyway, great video, although I am a bit late to the party.
P-P-Panda 19 gün önce
God I feel so bad for you. I slightly relate to these comments, since I was made to stay in my room for hours and hours on end. With no friends or a way to escape my house. And constantly hearing my dad yelling.
Infamous Art
Infamous Art 22 gün önce
Living in my parents house though out my early child hood to even now I would have panic attacks outside of my parents door scared that would make them more unstable then I already felt they were. I would sneak into my mothers room and hide in her closet as an attempt to comfort myself in a enclosed space that I could understand my bearings and see thought the slit under the door. This was the only way I felt I could get comfort, being able to be near my parent but at the same time not able to bother her. Having to confront any authority figure to this day makes me unable to function whether emotionally or physically. Hiding in small areas where I knew people couldn’t find me or bother me during fights, screaming fits, or even in unexplained parent absences. I always have made a secret place for myself to reset or hide.
Fluxots Aylar önce
The concept of innocent children being trapped in an infinite loop of torture because of a parent's mistake is impossibly upsetting. Even worse when you realize it can very easily be seen as a number of real life allegories.
Nor Aniza Azmi
Nor Aniza Azmi 2 gün önce
In a way, fnaf (forever doomed to live painfully in a foreign body)
Isaac Marsh
Isaac Marsh 22 gün önce
Huh sounds like real life
Mr.ManMan 25 gün önce
@The Man Of Somthing I dunnno well gee ZOINKS, Jinkies WOAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH ruff raggy very true of you
The Man Of Somthing I dunnno
​​@Mr.ManMan obviously nobody has ever been abused ever for any reason, especially not young children with shitty parents that would be crazy Would be bonkers, little bit zany.
The Man Of Somthing I dunnno
​@OLG great joke
avie m
avie m 20 gün önce
There is nothing that could've broken my heart more, and yet still filled me with weird hope, than Kevin saying "Can we watch something happy?"
katie kawaii
katie kawaii 26 gün önce
29:45 I had night terrors as a kid, and they almost always involved me "waking up" from a nightmare in my room but my room felt fundamentally different and fundamentally _wrong._ That moment of thinking I'd woken up from a bad dream, thinking I was awake in my room but my room wasn't right, _that_ was the terror.
Lucian Bergman
Lucian Bergman Aylar önce
It really encapsulates how helpless you feel as a child where you don’t understand what’s happening, you mostly “do as you’re told” even if you don’t know the person directing you, you can’t reach things and you don’t know how to use things, you don’t know the severity of situations, I mean, I think it perfectly captures it
smell-y Aylar önce
My very half baked theory is that maybe it's about post-partum depression and the abuse/neglect/abandonment that comes from it. Post-partum depression can be a terrifying thing, especially when psychosis is involved, and could possibly explain some things in this movie. Anyway, I haven't even seen Skinamarink. I came to this conclusion by watching this video! Let me know what you guys think!
Joshua Mondragon
Joshua Mondragon Gün önce
Katinka Coenen
Katinka Coenen 9 gün önce
Yes!! I was thinking the same thing! Psychosis as observed by a child... :(
Nesli Aylar önce
i remember being terrified of something getting into my room and my parents not being able to hear my screams if something happened so i would purposely keep my door open as much as possible. my mom would see this and her thought would be "i dont want to wake her up so i should close the door" but whenever i woke up with a closed door it would give me the idea of "my parents dont want to be bothered by my screams" and this whole thing affected my relationship with my parents for 10+ years. we are good now tho but it was a bumpy road indeed. transparency on both sides could change so much..
meow 3 gün önce
that's kinda heartbreaking i can understand why you didn't tell them sooner :/
A mildly Disappointing Salad
​@Grzmichuj Wielki that's kind of fucked up though. Telling someone that their trauma and their shitty relationship with their family is their fault isn't really something you tell someone, even if it was true
Ol' Red 38
Ol' Red 38 18 gün önce
@Grzmichuj Wielki you’re okay homie, no stress
Grzmichuj Wielki
Grzmichuj Wielki 18 gün önce
Grzmichuj Wielki
Grzmichuj Wielki 18 gün önce
@Ol' Red 38 Damaging a relationship with your parents for 10+ years over some tiny misunderstanding, while not explaining why you leave the doors open and saying that the blame is on both side is stupid. The whole situation would be avoided if they simply told their parents that they want their doors open, but nahhhhh, we gotta say it's the parents fault. It's like breaking up with someone because you had a dream that they cheated
CephalopodsRock Aylar önce
A trailer trash couple moved into the apartment beneath me for about eight months. They had two young boys and a newborn baby. They where constantly yelling, screaming at their kids, threatening to beat them, etc. Me and my neighbor reported them to CPS multiple times and nothing happened. Eventually the landlord told them they needed to move out because they had trashed the place. There where holes in the walls/doors, mountains of trash piled up everywhere, tons of bugs and roaches. I think about those three young kids all the time. Hell is real, and it's all around us. Its a place that the most vulnerable people in our world know all too well, they are trapped in it every day, and even though they live in the same physical space we do, they can't escape it.
Mary Eckel
Mary Eckel Aylar önce
Thank you for trying to help.
H Holland
H Holland Aylar önce
Jordan Peterson talks about Heaven and Hell and he is bang on
The Josh
The Josh Aylar önce
This was my childhood except I was an only child. Mother was mentally ill and father was a drunk. They fought daily. We had to move to new trailer parks often because my mother would get us kicked out of them from flipping out on neighbors. I went to at least 2 schools per grade until 9th grade when I was removed from school. I’m 46 now and I’m over it, but it definitely shaped the first half of my life in a really bad way. CPS intervened a few times but nothing resulted of it.
Happs Aylar önce
Some people don't seem to take emotional and mental abuse seriously. A lot of kids grow up in that kind of environment, surrounded by screaming and hatred all the time, and as one of those children it is so damaging. It can destroy a kid's wellbeing and traumatize them into adulthood, but the law doesn't care unless someone gets hit. Even then sometimes it still doesn't. Poor kids.
Matthew King
Matthew King 9 gün önce
As someone who grew up with child abuse, this definitely invokes that feeling of fear I had. I'm actually crying a little
Cinnamopumpkin 29 gün önce
Tbh, as someone with severe childhood trauma caused by my mother, I relate to the narrative of Skinamarink on a core level. My mother would scare me at night like this, try to silence my crying with threats, and prevent me from getting out through the windows or doors. I'd ask my sister to watch something happy just to escape the situation. To me, this movie makes sense a lot.
FØRREST GØBLIN 18 gün önce
@Rick writes The last part. Its so hard to vividly re-tell how intense the abuse was. Which can be so frustrating. You are seeing it through a haze and forget a lot of details like specific insults and all...your brain is learning to forget the details fast like you are on some kind of survial mode. This can make it hard to actually get help and get taken seriously. I hated it, not being able to evoke that feeling and intensity in others so they dont take it serious enough.
Rick writes
Rick writes 24 gün önce
I'm so sorry that happened to you. My mother too caused me so much trauma similar, even though I was molested by someone else and had some other authority figures physically hurt me, but none that even holds a candle to the trauma of my mom terrorizing me, even though nothing she did seems as 'severe' on paper because it was so mental-emotional. I hope you are well.
gray4675 Aylar önce
any horror work that preys on our natural fear can't help but get under your skin. that's why i love analogue horror, it captures the fear of the unknown and the ordinary better than any other horror medium, and skinamarink might be the best example of this
humanconvertable 26 gün önce
Usually I don't like horror that targets children, for it always seems needlessly cruel and exploitive, but when it's done with the intention of showing fear and terror that only the perspective of someone so young, innocent, and ignorant can have, that's when it works better.
freakishazzard Aylar önce
Me and my friend watched this in an old amc, we were the only ones there. After we finished the movie, we joked that we'd been transported into another dimension, but it really did kinda feel that way. Plus we live in Indiana, and so the drive home in the dark with the strange urban-suburban-country layouts definitely didn't help.
Ryuko Zeng
Ryuko Zeng 26 gün önce
Only in Indiana💀
Elementia Studios
Elementia Studios Aylar önce
This movie isn’t for everyone, but I found it to be the perfect visual representation for what it’s like to have a nightmare as a child. You are alone. Helpless. And it feels like you’ll never leave. It’s incredible.
Cameron Harder
Cameron Harder 12 gün önce
@Mona Bale I remember being taught this tactic by a counselor I saw when I was a child
pinkerhero 14 gün önce
literally that is all it has to be thank you
Anton Aylar önce
The worst part is that it’s a nightmare, but we never see them wake up.
Jinx+ Aylar önce
@Seth Malcolm exactly
Ghost Aylar önce
Oddly reminds of when I was kidnapped at age 13 and forced to be a child sex worker while also being loaded up with a bunch of drugs it reminds of the visions I had when they would load me up on drugs. I'm better now but this perfectly shows trauma through a child's eyes
Ghost 21 saatler önce
@lego general grievous I’m much better now thank you I got the help I needed
lego general grievous
lego general grievous 22 saatler önce
Jesus, sounds terrible. You good?
Gametheus 13 gün önce
I like to think that the entity, bored after all the torture, let him go, and the door and face at the end were partially meant to symbolize what Kevin is left with: an empty history, and a future he must walk into with nothing but the trauma and pain he experienced in that house
Derick 21 gün önce
I figured the mom had died before the movie starts. It seemed like the dad was taking care of both kids by himself. The line 'i dont want to talk about mom' reminds me of a young kid unable to process their mother is gone
Derick Gün önce
@Malory Function it also explains why the demon/entity was so interested in taking the mother's form. If she's already dead it makes sense why they would use her as a fear tactic
Malory Function
Malory Function 2 gün önce
The dad could have been on the phone with his own parents
justified wizardry
justified wizardry 17 gün önce
I’m in my mid 20s and I have watched a lot of horror in the past 10-15 years. Not a lot of horror movies actually scare me at this point. But then I come across creators like Kyle and you can just tell that this is someone who is passionate about the art of movies, visual storytelling and horror. It is a rare find and I admire the work 🎉
NotJessH Aylar önce
I’ve written about this recurring nightmare that I had as a child but the windows didn’t actually disappear, I would half wake up in random trap houses with one my parents having dragged me along with them to get their fix after giving me “medicine” to make me sleep. So the windows were boarded up in said trap houses, toilets were missing, there wasn’t electricity, etc. My first memory of this was at age 4. I caught on to what was going on at age 6 and then I’d usually get left home alone with my baby brother. I made his bottles from the age of 6 so he’d stop crying and I changed his diaper, clothing and gave us a bath every few days. Sorry for over sharing
Culture 45
Culture 45 7 gün önce
No I’m sorry, I hope you find someone or something that makes you happy you deserve it. :’)
Taryn Aylar önce
An interesting detail is when Kevin tries to call the police, but the monster turns it into a play telephone. It’s very reminiscent of being in an abusive household and being silenced by new, shiny things.
Kimera The Pest 2
Kimera The Pest 2 25 gün önce
@Colby it makes sense when you consider that skinimarink is based on a short film the creator also made called "heck" and in it, the kid main character straight up says "I'm sorry I got cancer" and the kid is trying to take care of himself with a seemingly absent parent.
Recluse Aylar önce
The description of that scene reminded me of when I'd call crisis lines as a child mid-panic attack during my mom's "episodes", they'd say they were sending help, and they'd call our local police, only for an officer to show up and lecture my sister and me for making things hard on my parents, telling us in all their years of small-town cop experience they knew no parents hated their kids no matter what they said or did, and that my mom was allowed to use up to lethal force on us to make us obey her (completely ignoring that this had all been started by my mom screaming at my little sister for something she didn't even do and slapping her across the face) everyone that showed up to "help" similarly excused the abuse and shamed the victims, but that one was the worst. I've never trusted cops or child welfare since then
Loren Freyson
Loren Freyson Aylar önce
It made me think of how easy it can be to trivialize a child's complaints about abuse and get away with it.
Blazeplaysgames Aylar önce
@alex Barbosa it's very possible the demon could represent an abusive parent. Especially with the fact it came from their mom, and got rid of their dad
Miles C
Miles C Aylar önce
I grew up with a mother who had severe mental health issues + alcoholism, and the moments of "can we watch something happy" or distracting your sibling by playing with toys or even simply having your parent tell you they love you before something HORRIBLE happens hits really close to home. this movie looks fantastic and very well done. EDIT: wanted to add a bit about the phone. a lot of times, CPS can only do so much in abuse situations. seeing the phone go from a phone to a children's toy and then back to a demon definitely shows how not only can the phone, a source of protection, can be made absolutely useless, but also can be used against you--I have no doubt that calling the police probably had severe repercussions for him.
Just C1re
Just C1re 29 gün önce
I feel like addiction plays some part in the sinister nature of the creature/entity. The looping being a recurring theme and addiction being a constant cycle would make sense. Maybe the mother/creature she becomes was a result of an addiction. This could easily bleed into the abusive and neglectful themes that show up as well. This film could be the result of a woman who tore her family apart and the demons she created in doing so.
bruh Aylar önce
This movie feels like hallucinations you would have at age 7-4 at a middle of the night. Your creativity is so high you can imagine anything and it can fear you, so you cope with the light of the television and toys. Truly a underrated masterpiece. Scared the living hell out of me. Felt like all of my fears combined into one in one movie.
Elene Shavgulidze
Elene Shavgulidze Aylar önce
I interpreted the ending of the entity showing itself as a response to Kevin asking to watch something happy, like a statement that it was feeling great joy from toying with him like this. Left a sick feeling in my gut :')
Cosmic Cowboy
Cosmic Cowboy Aylar önce
when u watch the movie through the perspective of kids trapped in an abusive household with drug addicted parents it becomes more depressing that scary
Isaiah Exile
Isaiah Exile Gün önce
I haven't watched the film, however after watching this video from Wendigoon I realized it seems very reminiscent of my own unique childhood. My father was terrifying, abusive, did multiple drugs, and used psychological torture to convince my mom to delete herself (she didn't btw). My memories of childhood in my house usually were during nighttime, with few lights being on, while my mom was off to work, and I was alone with my father. Whom I thought would kill me or beat me to death as he was loud and demonic from my point of view. During the night I never felt safe, being alone in my dark room I would wait from something to hurt me, and would keep my eyes open while in the darkness peeking under the door to see into the hallway. The terror from the scenes of this film, were EXACTLY how I felt 3-5 years of age. Until he mysteriously vanished from my life...
Carissa Loya
Carissa Loya Aylar önce
When it’s happening to adults it’s scary. When it’s happening to kids it’s heart breaking.
Corvus 14 gün önce
Nonameneeded 28 gün önce
@yoda apologist I have traveled for years upon years, following this reply to an opinion But I still cannot locate who required this input to the conversation.
IDStuff Aylar önce
@yoda apologist Ok
Red Green
Red Green Aylar önce
The idea that someone who (in their mind) loves you can still with their actions, through accident or intent, (literally in the case of this film, figuratively in real life) trap you in an endless cycle of torture is just about the only subject matter in horror that can truly frighten me.
Grace Halpape
Grace Halpape 29 gün önce
The fact that no one can help these children is going to make me cry Edit: I am crying
Grace Halpape
Grace Halpape 8 gün önce
@yoinky sploinky 🤝
yoinky sploinky
yoinky sploinky 8 gün önce
We both cryin 😔🤝😔
Stevofaves Aylar önce
Watching this by myself in the dark was one of the most intense, blistering horror experiences I've ever had
chudobs Aylar önce
as a kid I used to be convinced that if I didn't hide under the covers when I went to bed, then the grim reaper or some kind of undead ghoul would come out of my closet and kill me. this is definitely reawakening that fear lol. Bravo to everyone who made this film
Hikidy123 5 gün önce
the grim reaper only comes for dead people, i guess young you didn't know that
Frid 28 gün önce
@leon kennedy overheating but not daring to move an inch out of the safety of the blanket because you dont wanna get killed by the pile of clothes shaped like a Mandela Catalogue alternate
leon kennedy
leon kennedy Aylar önce
same omg. hiding under my blanket or comforter no matter how hot it got because that was the way to stay safe
Sarah Aylar önce
I’ve never been in a theater so dead silent as when I saw this film. The tension was insane, I felt like everyone in the room was holding their breath
sealios🦭 Aylar önce
​@M. Leenetta I think the low quality feel is what they're going for
If you like that first person view ‘stuff’ watch the movie Enter The Void.. I highly recommend that! 😉
Emma Kerr
Emma Kerr Aylar önce
​@LoyalLackey what a giga Chad of a woman 💀
Joaquin Jamerlan
Joaquin Jamerlan Aylar önce
Ppl in the theatre I watched in walked out bc this shit was so boring
Galaxy Mew
Galaxy Mew 26 gün önce
My interpretation of this movie is that of a mother being afflicted by post-partum depression and post-partum psychosis, slowly becoming abusive. Kevin's mind making sense of the trauma and abuse by imagining his mother as a literal monster. The windows and doors disappearing could be the mom locking the doors and windows to prevent them from escaping.
Roul 13 gün önce
I love the little detail with Kevin bringing his sister the juice... It just feels so authentic and absolutely like something I would've done for someone when I was little.
Katelynn Robin
Katelynn Robin 6 gün önce
At one point you can hear one of them tell the other "I love you..." in a sweet little voice and that part broke me so hard.
TheLegend Aylar önce
as you were going through the details initially, it made me think the kid fell down the stairs, hit his head and went into a coma(trapped no windows no doors the first thing to go). the husband was there(trying to console the wife on the phone in the hospital saying it might not be that bad since he didn't need stitches), which also lend to the idea that the father last so long because the interactions with the father were much more recent, likewise with his sister. all this while he slowly fades away over 527 days. the brain damage causing things to slowly disappear. and him retreating to what he finds safe like the tv and his sister. it reads of almost any trope where someone is caught in their mind unable to wake only this time it's from a child's perspective. the mind will try to keep you in a safe place, but sooner or later inconsistencies pop up and that from a child's view it's harder to rationalize. So it plays out in instinctive fears.
MossCaffeine Aylar önce
This movie reminded me of how I felt about bedtime and the dark. When I was 8, I had a classmate who was checking out a zombie book with hyperrealistic imagery, which slowly disturbed me the more I looked at it. Eventually, I had asked this classmate to turn the cover away from me and he did, until a friend snatched it and began chasing me with it. Well, as you'd expect, I had a nightmare that night from the scary imagery, but I hallucinate in the pitch black after nightmares and this was before we had a nightlight in my brother's and I's shared room. I woke up to the pitch black in my bed, but then I saw it, slowly fading into sight, was a blurry face that the more I focused on, the more I could see the detail. It got closer, and closer. I tried waking up my little brother but he didn't budge, still very asleep. I started to hyperventilate, crying as the undead, warped face remained right infront of mine no matter where I looked. I tried calling for my mom and stepdad, but no one answered. I tried to hide my face into the pillows, something that usually worked, but I almost felt it's presence. Eventually, I fainted from fear. Every night until I was 12 years old, I never felt safe in my room at night, I always felt watched, would always face my wall, tensed up until my entire body ached before I gotten the courage to look into my dark room, and when I recognized the light from under my bedroom door, I booked it out and would hide in the bathroom for hours. At 12 years old, my bio father gave us a night light (Because our mom and stepdad refused to get one) and I hadn't had an issue since.
BexDeeKay 22 gün önce
As a kid some nights I'd hear some noise in the house and just, freeze, as if any sound or movement would alert it to my presence and that'd be the end of me. I couldn't tell you what that "it" was, I just knew my life depended on it not finding me. Watching this movie put me back in that headspace. I was frozen the entire time.
Ray Marinas
Ray Marinas Aylar önce
In my honest opinion, feeling that you're not safe in a place where you're supposed to feel safe and secure is one of the worst feelings that you could experience. Home is a place where you're supposed to feel as if nothing can harm you, but if you do, then something is horribly- *horribly* wrong.
Hanna Booklover
Hanna Booklover Aylar önce
Me after I watch too much true crime when I’m home alone 😅
Lisa Victoria
Lisa Victoria Aylar önce
I haven’t watched the whole video yet...but I never feel safe 😅
Sara Pineda
Sara Pineda Aylar önce
Oh, the joys of an abusive childhood. Now that I'm in my 20s, I'm realizing how fucked up my mental (and physical) health is because of the lack of a sense of security and safety in my formative years.
WillyJF Aylar önce
I lived in one duplex and had neighbors who were obviously hiding people and it was fucking weird. Never felt safe there.
Anton Aylar önce
It gets even worse when you realize that it you don’t feel safe in your own home, NOWHERE is safe
Ocean 9 gün önce
This movie hits completely different when you grew up in not just an abusive household, but a spiritually abusive one at that. Growing up with occult-like themes and being conditioned to think demonic beings are all around you, this movie invoked a completely different kind of terror in me and brought me back to when I was a child, only the nightmares were real. Absolutely terrifying from the deepest parts of my subconscious.
MEME MAcHINE Aylar önce
I grew up in a extremely broken home with my sister thats a few year older than me, this captured the horror and trauma of neglect and being forgotten. I cannot tell you how much this movie put me back into my past. This movie was literally my childhood
ren_otori 9 gün önce
i’m an absolute horror junkie and nothing turns me away, but this film genuinely disturbed me. the way it perfectly conveys child abuse and childhood trauma and the feeling of being alone and trapped without actually showing it outright scares me shitless. this movie is INCREDIBLE
sam177007 21 gün önce
I love with this movie there are so many theories and all of them can equally be true. Art is subjective so everyone can come to their own conclusions. For me personally, I came from a home with an abusive father, I see this as an abusive mother situation. The loss of exits, multiple times the voice telling the kids to do things(the mother), them not following, and them getting harshly punished, even the mother being loving to try and make up for what she did. The toys being taken away, people being changed from the abuse, and even the house is completely different as things get worse. The children see their mother as a monster.
swapertxking 13 gün önce
childhood is really a snapshot of a variety of different little memories. three big ones that always sit impossibly clear in my mind. 1: when i was playing on the monkey bars going back and forth on them and then blinking, being face down crying while my face was slathered in blood as i had slammed my face into one of the bars, panicked, fell, and cried into my own bleeding eyebrow. 2: lying awake on a couch with at that time my best friend near me into the long hours of the night to scared to sleep and not wanting to disturb him and get him in the same mess at a sleepover. and 3: that time at the aquarium where i got attacked by a bird trying to show off to a friend as part of a live demonstration that the aquarium was doing for south american birds by feeding the birds. yea, the scars did fade, but it was a centimeter away from my eye and i could be a one eyed man nowadays.
alyssa smith
alyssa smith Aylar önce
The thing that really gets me is when Kevin brings kaylee juice. It actually seems like something a little kid would do when they know someone is upset
yesmanpersondude Aylar önce
@RealLifeBear it’s a bot ignore them
yesmanpersondude Aylar önce
Daria Morgendorffer
Daria Morgendorffer 24 gün önce
I can't recall the amount of times I had nightmares like this movie when I was a child!!! Earring voices in the dark, screaming at me. Telling me something horrible will happen to me if I don't stop my brother from crying. Knowing something is off, but can't put the finger on. Is it really my house or am I dreaming? Seeing my mom in the shadows and uncertain if it's really her. It's like this guy went into my head and visualized my childhood nightmare. Trust me, I didn't want to go back to this period. Hauting!!!
Leasagna Aylar önce
Seeing this in the perspective of innocent helpless children who dont fully understand and can't grasp the severity of what situation they are in. It really gives me a terrible feeling in my stomach. I felt absolutely helpless watching it
I don’t check my notifs, don’t bother
As a kid, I had a repeating nightmare that struck several times over years and each time it was the most paralyzing terror ever, I was actually paralyzed in fear only seeing the monster in pitch dark, in my own house. So I had this nightmare again and again, until one time I was telling myself in the dream I had to do something, I couldn’t just be stuck in fear anymore. And from there it actually turned into a sequence of me in my kitchen actually getting up and defeating the monster, it’s still dark but now rather than pitch black there’s flashing lights and effects, like a tv show or game. Since then, I have never had that nightmare again. This just made me think of that.
Harve Moone
Harve Moone 3 gün önce
The scene with Kevin with the knife and hearing him cry made me so upset and want to go run upstairs and cuddle my baby brother who just turned 5. This movie is very effective at making you feel helpless and desperate to do something if you really let it pull you in.
K Pandya
K Pandya Aylar önce
Your analysis is Dead On. While I watched, I felt exactly the way I did after my parents would beat me up. And frankly, I needed this film. I needed to see my child’s eye perspective of what kept happening, and how I knew that no one would help me and that I was trapped in the house with the danger. Much respect to this film maker.
just robin
just robin Aylar önce
Just a personal point: the way the mother talks about how she loves them is exactly the tone my father had when he said goodbye before he, uh, Skinamarinked himself. Very eerie
onomaster3000 15 gün önce
it also sounds like what my parents would say to me after they had hurt me somehow. like they would let a while pass and ignore it happened and just ask for a hug. no apology, just “love“.
musiquefrique 16 gün önce
I’m genuinely sorry you lived this experience. My heart is with you
Peanut Taco Muffin
Peanut Taco Muffin 16 gün önce
@Serial Designation: N we want you in this world, little dude. I know it seems hopeless, but your life is so important and your adulthood is literally up to you- you can create a life completely different than your life now. I suffered from deep depression at your age and I am so glad that I stuck around because now I’m happy and I didn’t put my family through a lifetime of pain and grief. Hang in there, please, kiddo.
savannah williams
savannah williams 23 gün önce
me having just finished the movie, watching an analysis while reading the sentimental comments about how traumatizing it is and making sad: this 1 mf comment making me laugh at 2am for no reason:
AhmedCool 23 gün önce
Vanessa 13 gün önce
When I was a kid, I always had to watch a happy movie after a scary one. This movie took me back to that time and that line at the end really made me realize that it was meant to.
Hector Chisolm
Hector Chisolm 23 gün önce
There’s a lot interesting theories going around about this movie, but I’m wondering if Kevin’s fall down the stairs is the catalyst for this whole nightmare. I’m sure the theories of abuse and the parents (or one of them) “skinamarink”ing themselves fit in too, but after seeing the pieces of text like “572 days” and “mommy” as and endless loop happens COULD just be supernatural, OR Kevin could be stuck in a coma from his fall. Brain activity during comas is very interesting in how a lot of the censoring that your brain does normally turns off. Along with all the instinctive fears children have (such as fears of the dark, fears of death, etc.), any traumatic experiences Kevin might have had prior to his fall would definitely be uncensored and coming at him in the wildest ways imaginable if he was stuck in a coma. But that’s just my thoughts
sharonda cox
sharonda cox 11 gün önce
Being in a coma would explain why voices say things that don't relate to anything, and how partially open eyes would see only blurred facial features.
Chase Cherrywood
Chase Cherrywood 27 gün önce
I actually just watched this today. It brings me back to being afraid of everything in my room at night. My family believes in the paranormal, so I constantly thought there were shadow people/shadow creatures everywhere. This brings me back to that in the most intense way. The other thing that gets me is the toy phone. The clip shown at 24:40 is... unnerving. Especially because the smile reminds me of the nightmare clown sequence from Brave Little Toaster. It feels so... oddly visceral. It was the only clip to actually scare me in the movie, and only cos it was so loud. Anyways. This was a really awesome movie, I'm def gonna watch it again.
Aggressively Mediocre
Oh man I've totally had that "shadow in the corner of the room" moment when I was a kid. I woke up one night and in my closet (which had no door) was a pair of glowing green eyes and what appeared to be teeth. I froze. I couldn't tell if it was blinking or not because the glow wasn't that bright it was feint but definitely green. Eventually I worked up the courage to turn a light on and its was my Monster Face toy. Known to the generation after me as the Goosebumps Monster Head Maker I just found out.
Mr Yellow
Mr Yellow 10 gün önce
Dialogue in this movie worked so well, tension had me on the edge of my seat. The final reveal of the face-like shape in the dark, felt in part so uncanny, because it was the first fully shown face in the entire movie.
Matt Sonneillon
Matt Sonneillon Aylar önce
It seems like it is an allegory for abuse. The time loop might represent how it repeats daily to the point of feeling trapped forever. The change from "close your eyes" to the mom not having a name seems to be the first steps into abusive behavior that then escalate to the point of not recognizing the person as mom anymore. If the parents are getting a divorce, it might be that the mom is punishing the children for reminding her of the father. Which would explain why its only started happening after that. The legos on the ceiling probably represents happy times moving further out of reach as further emphasized by the long stretching hallway.
bliksem zenera
bliksem zenera Aylar önce
Seems the most likely, although I don't think the mother is punishing them due to the devorse. Rather, I think the parents are still together, but the dad just can't or will not stop the mother, which is why the kids can't find him during the events (also puts some perspective on the phone call, the injury being described vaguely and kinda downplayed). Then the mom being gone and the demon being there would moreso be the kids not being able/willing to recognise the mother as their mother when she's abusing them. Which makes sense because the boy seems to still have a possitive view of their mom, while the sister, who is older, seems to realise that her mom is doing or has done something bad.
Robin Love
Robin Love Aylar önce
I personally think that maybe the parents had a divorce or issues and the mother decided to let or welcome an entity in the house (scene after she's on the bed, you here bones crunching and the hand on the door and screams of the mum), the entity taking the form of the mum, who we see sat in front of the TV and asking to play with the children.
Amy Sherman
Amy Sherman Aylar önce
Or the father is punishing the children for the mother leaving.
otugle Aylar önce
the showage of her going into the closet and changing into a monster makes me think it might be an allegory for substance abuse
wyattmas Aylar önce
and you know the part near the end where there's the figure on the bed slowly disappearing? that could be a metaphor for how she's losing parts of herself and disappearing from.. everything. the fact her back is almost always turned could be symbolising how she's turned her back on her children? refusing to see them as who they actually are?
Sabine Angelino
Sabine Angelino Gün önce
I went through alot of abuse as a child and this movie reminded me SO much of it. They did an amazing job with portraying it in this manner.
Starscream apologist
Starscream apologist 25 gün önce
I gotta say, this movie evokes a terror in me that I’ve only ever felt while trapped in a house with my raging abusive mother, being unable to call my father for help because my mother had my cellphone and she could pick up the landline if I tried to call from that. I’m amazed that a film can evoke such a feeling, and while (as a fan of horror and experimental films) I love this movie, I can safely say that I never want to watch it ever again Edit: I’m writing this comment before watching the analysis or reading through the comments section.
Jorgo Van den Brande
The scene with the father and mother on the bed made me think perhaps this was a seperated family, with an abusive mother. The mother killed the father and children... perhaps later herself. And kaylee is reliving the moment her father wanted her to hide under the bed. With her mother telling her she loves them and to close her eyes before doing a terrible act to them. Kevin later being called to the basement might be where he originally died. The house could be some horrible purgatory the children are stuck in, they would be too young to understand what happened to them before. The weird noises and struggles being arguments from when the parents were together.
n0b0dy_1n_p4rt1cul4r 22 gün önce
My biological mom is bipolar, and also has struggled with drug use. I don’t see her very often, maybe once a year, but we do have contact with each other. A lot of this film really spoke to me, both in that regard and as someone who suffers from paranoia and delusions and has grown up dealing with a lot of untreated issues. One second a parent is loving and affectionate, the next they’re angry, vindictive, manipulative and, to put it simply, a monster. It’s confusing and terrifying and it’s not uncommon to feel “trapped”- especially when you still love the person, but the relationship is hurting you and you know that but don’t want to make things worse by trying to do something. It’s even worse when you’re younger. You don’t have the life experience to understand abusive behavior. So many kids have it pushed on them that they don’t get to have boundaries, and you’re told that adults are right and you are wrong, so you just bite your tongue and go along with it because you think it’s just “tough love” or that you don’t have another choice. I adore liminal, disturbing, obscure and experimental horror, especially when its done right and delivers a message, and I think this movie did it quite well.
Stardust 26 gün önce
As a kid who had ... To put it simply, a short childhood .. This movie just- .. Hits something in my brain. I would wake up to a quiet and lonely house more often than not, as both my parents had to work for us to be able to live. Even during the daytime it was always so .. Eerie. Obviously after a while I got used to it .. But the feeling never fully went away. This only got worse when my parents split up and my little brother and I constantly juggled between houses. This movie manages to tap into the anxiety of a child by themselves, even if they have a sibling there. It reminds me of the feeling when your parent takes longer to come home than usual and you're just .. Sitting there, wondering if when you told them "I love you" when they left for work is the last words you ever told them. Safe to say, this movie fucked me up, and I'm going to rewatch it in the near future
gloomduckie Aylar önce
I think the mom is alive in the beginning, tells the son that "she loves him very much" and then hangs herself in the closet. The bones breaking sound is her neck snapping. That's why the boy is seen looking up, that's why the toys float up, there's so many shots of the ceiling. After a parents suicide, the remaining spouse will fall into a deep depression and the children suffer so much, especially if there is no outside help. I think this film is about not being able to escape the feeling of hopelessness (the doors disappear, the phone turns into a toy) after suffering a huge trauma as a child. The "demon" is a manifestation of all of that. The kids stay up late because the father has lost control, they're neglected, toys are everywhere, the demon tells the kids to do horrible things (some kids blame themselves) and the kids say "where's dad? maybe he went with mom" alluding that the dad might have killed himself too and left them all alone.
Taste of Ashes
Taste of Ashes 18 gün önce
Neglect definitely felt like a core theme
A Person.
A Person. 20 gün önce
@SeaFR I mean I get the need for a quick scare or an easy narrative but (to me) stories can’t be anything more than good while handing itself to you on a silver platter Like eventually you’ve gotta want something a little more, something that makes you think, right? Especially with something as bizarre and artsy as this film Even if you don’t you should still at least appreciate the effort that goes into stories grander than simple ghosts murdering people I hope this doesn’t come off as a “holier than thou” thing because I don’t think that at all I’m just trying to express the wonders of multilevel narratives
fish texture
fish texture 21 gün önce
this is such a solid interpretation. do you think the dad killed himself then, and that’s why the kid doesn’t really get a happy ending?
savannah williams
savannah williams 23 gün önce
holy shit i think ur on to something here that makes a lot more sense
isnt this Matthew's theory?
Kay D.
Kay D. Aylar önce
While I can’t personally remember any actual childhood experiences like the one Wendigoon describes, I remember having vivid nightmares about being trapped in my elementary school after dark, or waking up in the same room I fell asleep in and everything being “different” in a way I couldn’t adequately describe and feeling terrified by that unfamiliarity. I think that’s the reason liminal spaces are so appealing to me now. It’s like I have a desire in my adulthood to “investigate” those nightmare spaces that scared me as a child, and see what’s really lurking there.
Vvvv Eeee
Vvvv Eeee 28 gün önce
anyone who suffers from childhood trauma will insantly understand what this movie is trying to do
Jenni Thompson
Jenni Thompson 21 gün önce
It was pretty obvious to me this is a metaphor for the psychological trauma and pain the children are feeling after their parents get divorced. They blame their mother for the divorce as she is the one who informed them of it. The children now live with their Dad and that’s why he calls her to let her know about Kevin’s fall. The whole movie is about the dissolving of a family and the house they grew up in becoming a scary, unpredictable place. In the weakest metaphor of the film, the children’s world is literally turning upside down. The unsafe element introduced to the home is the divorce. Where once having their mom in the house was expected, now that she’s moved out the children would be surprised if she were to suddenly be home. They are helpless to stop the divorce of fix their parent’s relationship or make things go back to the way they were.
Andy Oliver
Andy Oliver 22 gün önce
since this movie is taking place in 1995, that brings up memories for me, as i was only 8. the movie took me back to when i had trouble sleeping a lot as a kid. i would wake up in the middle of the night, fearful of the dark, the unknown. it didn’t matter that there was a night light in my room. i felt incredibly alone, and unsafe, even though my parents were sleeping in the next room.
TheIntern Aylar önce
My own interpretation of this story is that Kevin and Kaylee's mother was an abuser with drug and/or mental health issues, she injured him, the father didn't protect him/lied about it, and the movie depicts Kevin's dwindling mental state as his personality is steadily replaced by a cruel new one who no longer recognizes people as people, and exists only to hurt others in a manner similar to his mother, while the innocent side of Kevin is trapped in an unending loop of the trauma that broke his mind.
Noot Noot
Noot Noot Aylar önce
I like the scene where the father tells his daughter to look under the bed. The cliche is checking under your bed for monsters, right? There's nothing there, but when she comes back up, her father is gone and her mother is there. Her mother is the monster and it doesnt even have to hide under the bed anymore.
It reminded me of a parent telling they're child to look away or keep their head down before something scary happens.
Adam Smasher
Adam Smasher Aylar önce
@Noot Noot maybe not super toxic, but more toxic than it needed to be. Thank you, though.
Noot Noot
Noot Noot Aylar önce
@Adam Smasher no harm no foul man, wasn't like it was super toxic or anything!
Adam Smasher
Adam Smasher Aylar önce
@julie snoot I sometimes write things and realize I'm being rude later. I sort of apologized in a later message, but I was rude. It's a character flaw.
julie snoot
julie snoot Aylar önce
@Adam Smasher i'm all for discussing people's interpretations of media but why do you have to be so condescending and rude about it? i'm sure the original commenter would probably be more willing to listen to your points if you weren't being so rude about it for no reason
Brandon Tadday
Brandon Tadday Aylar önce
The general vibe and atmosphere of this film reminds me of the feeling that I used to get as a child waking up from a specific recurring nightmare. In the nightmare, I would be suspended in a vast, celestial black void. All alone in the abyss, I would have the sudden sensation of being crushed by some kind of unfathomable, monstrous machinery of death. Upon awakening in a cold sweat, the silence of my room would be deafening. I would be overcome with an intense feeling of dread, paranoia and danger. I remember feeling as though the walls of my bedroom became embodied with the hateful, predatory gaze of some kind of unforeseen malevolent force. These sensations would often last for about 10-15 minutes before which time I would gather the courage to return to my bedroom after seeking the comfort of my parents. Somehow, this film managed to mimic EXACTLY how I felt awakening from those recurring nightmares as an 8 year old. An absolute modern masterpiece!
The Observer
The Observer 13 gün önce
The film, in my opinion, is allegory for Kevin making sense of his parents' divorce, the house being broken and confusing because his mother is gone, his father being heard but seldom seen because of work, Kailey disappearing because of joint custody, and the "entity" is just an embodiment of Kevin losing his innocence and his childish mind struggling to grasp the reality of what is happening. Essentially, the whole film is an art house representation of divorce and the emotional trauma of the children going through the custody battle. The scene where "the entity" tells Kevin to stab himself in the eye is the representation of what Kevin is seeing and trying to process in his life causing him physical pain.
visuallyoriented 2 gün önce
Just want to say how glad I am how you laid out what happened in clear detail, because it felt a lot more cohesive than when I watched it last night! The experience of watching was like meditating in a nightmare, just transfixed by this pure dread I felt for nearly two hours with purposefully-confusing camera angles and noises. What an effective film.
Mycalah Salazar
Mycalah Salazar 20 gün önce
I’ve kind of come to the theory that I think these kids are stuck in the same lucid nightmare/dream. But the dark side where there’s dream demons. Those dream demons are made to appear as their “missing” parents to gain the trust of the kids. Ultimately getting them to hurt themselves and die. Leaving them in purgatory. It’s why Kevin was playing hide and seek at the beginning and fell down the stairs while he was asleep. And I think at the end the viewer becomes a different child and meets the sleep demon. The sleep demon is faceless because it is supposed to have the viewer recall a familiar face that would stick out in their own head. And the child speaking at the end is voiceless because it’s supposed to be the viewers own voice in their own head. Abuse or not, you still have some expectation to listen to what your parents tell you when you’re 4 and 6. And even though I don’t follow that same narrative, I can see why somebody would.
Funky Man
Funky Man Aylar önce
This was so important for me, because I still have these childhood fears as a teenager, and I felt very alone in these fears until I saw you talking about both the film and your own experience. Thank you so much for -in a world of unknown- giving me the comfort of knowing that I'm not the only one who experiences this.
-Lime Water-
-Lime Water- Aylar önce
I agree with the abuse theory. The evidence adds up, Especially the part where kaylee just… loses her face. She spoke too much, screamed too loud, therefore she didn’t deserve to speak anymore. Abusive parents silence their children. The children are forced to stay quiet because of the consequences they could face. And it’s heartbreaking.
Darius Eldarsson
Darius Eldarsson Aylar önce
@MTN Entertainment Thanks! Have you seen The Babadook? The delivery is very different, but the theme is there. One of my favourite modern horrors tbh.
MTN Entertainment
MTN Entertainment Aylar önce
@Darius Eldarsson actually that seems to be the most accurate interpretation I've seen yet
Darius Eldarsson
Darius Eldarsson Aylar önce
Yeah, it adds up at many points. My personal theory is that mother has a disorder of some sort, which resulted in separation of parents, hence the kids staying with the dad and not mom. It may be a reach because I am not familiar with definitive symptoms but I think she may be bipolar, and like clinically so.That could add up Wendigoon's 'mother-turning-into-monster' thing well, and that may be the reason she sounded guilty in the bed scene. The fact that the closest and the safest person in the whole world has another twisted, sadistic and hateful personality may very well leave one with a feeling that there is no escape from it, hence the windows and doors disappearing. But that's a reach, I know :D
Honey Badger
Honey Badger 25 gün önce
I had reoccurring dreams/nightmares in one of the houses I grew up in. My dream would consist of me “waking up” and being all alone in the house with none of the lights working, and my voice being basically non existent. I remember calling out for my mom and nothing coming out. Would leave me absolutely terrified and I’d have to sleep with a nightlight until middle school. Even at 28 years old, I still get uneasy in the dark. Funnily enough, I’m more creeped out of being alone in a dark building than alone in the dark woods.
obscuredude Aylar önce
I think it’s good to mention that the melody that plays when the toys and blood disappears is the same melody on the tv where the bunny phases out of reality
Holly Santos
Holly Santos 11 gün önce
my story is long but holy shit I had such an INCREDIBLY similar experience to your story at 26:47 that hearing yours freaked me out that someone else went through it. This was a shared experience between me, my older sister, and my younger brother. We were probably 6-7, 8-9, and 9-10 years old playing hide and seek (just us three or us and our parents I don't quite remember) in our house and we were in our spots. I'm not clear on which parent was supposed to find us, but all I remember is that we hid for long enough that it became worrying that it was taking them so long, because for an adult, finding three children hiding in a house isn't hard to do. We knew that much. I remember leaving my spot and going to the living room with my siblings, but I'm not sure if we decided together that we would do that. Regardless, the house just suddenly felt off. It was like gravity shifted, that's how strange it felt. I remember the way I saw my house was like if you desaturated an image, made it kind of black and white but still able to see color; that's how I experienced the unfamiliarity of it all. It was scarily quiet as well. Collectively, we knew, and I don't know how because I don't remember of us asking about it before we came to this realization, that our parents just...vanished. Being around them for so long, we knew the 'someone's behind me and staring at me' gut feeling when we knew our parents were in the house, and could come into wherever we were at any given moment. But this time, that feeling was completely nonexistent. We didn't even have to tell each other, we just understood that due to the lack of noise and feeling of their presences, mom and dad aren't here and started looking. I don't remember feeling scared because I thought they decided to prank us and hide us, to make look for I don't remember my siblings being scared either, so they possibly thought the same. But when we searched the house, yelling for them, we met back up with no luck. we started freaking out. We cried, we checked again, again, and again. Still no luck. We looked through the windows if they were outside, and they were not. We decided that we'd go to our neighbor's house, so we did. We didn't even get shoes, just bolted outside and next door. The three of us knocked on their door and told them "we don't know where our parents are, can you call them?" And then suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, they call for us. They're outside in our driveway, walking towards us. Gravity returns, color is restored to its natural vibrancy, and nature sounds start up again. To me, that was how I experienced normalcy returning. When my parents were around, it was livelier, normal again. Here's the thing though. If they went outside, they would have told us, but they didn't say anything about leaving the game. If they weren't even playing with us, they would have still said something, but they didn't. No matter where they were, they would have heard us and responded, but they didn't. No matter what, they would have announced their exit or answered our calls, but never did. We asked them about this a few years ago and got an answer that made sense, so we know it was real and not a dream or just children not realizing something super slight had happened, like maybe mom and dad went to the bathrooms at the same time because we had two on that floor. I asked my siblings for more details on what I am unsure of, so I'll edit this when I get them.
Alpha Bulblax
Alpha Bulblax Aylar önce
Your story about being left alone as a kid made me remember when something similar happened to me. I was about 6 or 7 and my Mom had taken my brother to his dance class and my Dad had gone to work. It was morning and the sun was out so it was less terrifying in that regard, but it was still just me and our dog in a silent, empty house with no explanation. I actually remember putting on Cartoon Network to try and make myself feel better, kinda like the kids in the movie. Of course, my Mom and brother came home fairly soon and she felt terrible about it, but this movie makes me think back on that and imagine if they didn't and things only got worse and worse.
CommieComrade Aylar önce
As a survivor of child abuse this movie is spot on for the fear you feel in that situation. I don't think thats necessarily the answer to "whats the movie about." but its just so accurate.
Dezert956 Aylar önce
I grew up with severe Nightmare Disorder. My parents stopped responding to my fear. Skinamarink captures the childhood feeling of being helpless, and being terrified, as well as the feeling of being trapped in a nightmare perfectly.
Dezert956 Aylar önce
@Mawyman2316 Mostly, got used to it. Prohibited consuming all horror content past 5 PM, make sure I never go to bed really hungry, occasional journal or draw out nightmares, set boundries and expectations with those I sleep in a room with, and poke fun at my situation whenever I get the chance
Mawyman2316 Aylar önce
@Dezert956 What have you done to mitigate it or live with it?
Blu Soul
Blu Soul Aylar önce
Yes I had the same thing as a kid i had nightmares every night so i would stay up and watch cartoons to keep me at peace and to sleep
Noah Kirschtein
Noah Kirschtein Aylar önce
i used to have night terrors. i would be sobbing and screaming until my mother came, at which point she would have perfectly coherent conversations with me. i’d still be crying, but my eyes were open and i answered her questions. not once do i remember being awake to any of these instances.. i can’t even imagine what it would’ve felt like if she simply ignored me tho, even tho she knew i never remembered “waking up”. i’m so sorry you were robbed of that comfort.
vinni mac
vinni mac Aylar önce
I was tortured most nights by an evil being. It could float me helplessly and change the space around me. Some nights it would just hold me against the ceiling for hours filling me with pure liquid terror, unable to move. It's spirit was kept in the lamp. Worst thing is I'd wake it up by staring at it thinking "I know you're alive . . . Show yourself!" Hoping it wouldn't for it was powerful and terrifying yet unable to stop myself from confronting it into apparition. All just dreams I'm sure. But as a child I did not know that. I knew only that I feared my lamp and the ways it would torture me at night. Though even more I feared the nature within myself that prevented me from being able to stop myself from confronting an evil entity, coaxing it to reveal itself, whilst being utterly terrified of it and unable to deal with it at all, yet still compelled to engage. Now knowing this was all in my head I'd have to pronounce myself more insane when I was 8 than I am now. And rather than fear my innate nature that compels me to confront the terrifying, I'm proud of it, like an inbuilt bravery, for my intention automatically negates my very great fear. I'd rather be killed by an overdose of pure terror than pretend that thing I know is alive in my house is simply inert like all the other objects. Almost as though I was insulted by the thing trying to hide, indignant that it had fooled everyone. Like I say insane 8 year old. Unfortunately as an adult I have found the monsters of pure evil, they are very real, are essentially human, and hide in just the same way
Z68 Yeawww
Z68 Yeawww 6 gün önce
28:07 - I feel this on a spiritual level. When I was 3, I had a nightmare set in this dimly lit room with red and black checkered floor tiles, and crimson painted walls. I was hiding under a long traditional dinner table covered by a table cloth long enough to conceal anything underneath, and I watched the devil enter the room with a female, and as they sat at the table they conversed for a little while, my fear increased immensely. Eventually they finished eating, and embraced each other. This is where it gets blurry, but as i hear them kissing right on the other side of the tablecloth, I hear a series of sudden groans, gurgles, and screams until it stops at complete random. Blood splatters everywhere, and as I hide underneath the table in utter shock, the devil walks up to the table and sends the table flying towards the opposing wall. He then bends over, picks me up, and whispers something to me. All I can remember is that I felt immense dread. I immediately woke up in a panic, searching and crying for my mom. Apparently she was sleeping next to me, but if there’s any part I remember the clearest of that whole night, it is that she was nowhere to be found. I panicked, and went out searching for her. I somehow managed to get past all of the locks in the trailer, and started my way down the road in my search for her. At some point I tried to cross the road, and a trucker swerved and almost hit me, but missed me by a hair, or so Ive heard. I cant remember anything else, but he took me to the police, they got the call about a missing child right as the trucker told them the situation and they took me home, and mom was outside hysterical. That was the earliest memory I can recollect in my life. Also the earliest recollections ive had where i felt immense dread
The Author
The Author 28 gün önce
23:44 I don’t think that’s a doll house. It’s the house itself. Similarly to how I think that the phone Kevin picks up was always the toy phone. The entity is torturing him for it’s own amusement. In my mind, the moment the windows and doors went missing the home was transported to this entities realm. Everything that happens is meant to torture the children and cause them anguish in a way they can’t understand because that it is what satiates it. The house is in it’s realm so that it can feed. Like livestock in a barn. It’s fucked up.
LemonLullaby 22 gün önce
I saw the movie when it leaked online and was HYPED when it came to theaters. I anticipated the audience would underestimate it due to its uncanny approach so I certainly wasn’t surprised when people weren’t paying full attention. But, there is a certain point in the film that makes it abundantly clear this isn’t a movie looking for a cheap scare and cash grab. And I loved seeing the theater transition from chatters and giggles to horrified silence
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