skibidi toilet 64 

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titans are chasing g-toilet
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27 Eyl 2023




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@ZebraGamingTV 2 aylar önce
Even a suicidec bomb can't make a scratch on Titan Camera Man 😂
@seven7775 2 aylar önce
I think they're figuring out that acid is the kryptonite to the titans as the rockets were filled with them
@user-bp8yj9qd9o 2 aylar önce
I think that Titan Cameraman should be burned with a light on the head as when it was scorched in episode 19
@dhonefitzjhon3538 2 aylar önce
@BadGamerYt6 2 aylar önce
Guys Do You Noticed In The End A Man Is Standing On the building see again 😮 Edit: Thanks for 50 likes❤️🥰
@Fastr... Aylar önce
I love no matter how powerful the titan cameramen are they always respect the small ones.
@Maximusoperandus Aylar önce
He’s saying he likes how even though he’s strong the camera titan is nice to the little camera men @@Maximusoperandus
@WEUTTP Aylar önce
@sevilqaraxova9122 Aylar önce
@onemoreIife Aylar önce
It’s interesting that throughout all of these videos Dafuq never really “rides the trend”, each new episode adds new designs to the characters. It’s not just “Toilets sing and cameramen fight” every time
@fabianmaza832 Aylar önce
@I.O_Productions Aylar önce
​@@fabianmaza832 what?
I mean if your boil it all down it is just that
@SANDWlCH2373 Aylar önce
He’s still milking the trend
@SolarZL Aylar önce
Yes it is
@thegeneral1733 Aylar önce
So no one gonna talk about the regular guy who phased in and out of reality?
@pandabubu101 26 gün önce
who was that guy!! he was human
@DJ_Deltawave 25 gün önce
I noticed that too
@Glitch9427 19 gün önce
he is the secret agent first seen in 47 and probably the most powerful character in the entire series (said in the wiki)
@gtafan110010 19 gün önce
@@Glitch9427Wiki is not trustworthy in this case. That's pure speculation
@gtafan110010 19 gün önce
Dude's been popping in and out in more episodes
@gl1txh_183 Aylar önce
i like how even one of the toilets are following the cameramen afraid of the larger variant of itself. the other cameramen dont even care and just follow with him.
@user-gk7wk4wr6i Aylar önce
fun fact;the large skibidi toilet with buzzaws inside it isn't a toilet ITS AN ENTIRE OVEN [because we can see fire behind the buzzaws] i love the buzzaw oven skibidi toilet
I think that oven is probably old fashioned or New
@primonordica564 Aylar önce
To everyone asking where the new episode is, either DaFuq is taking a (well deserved) break or the next episode is just a lot to work on. So far he’s been doing an amazing job and releasing high quality episodes for weeks. Thank you for this series! It’s helped and entertained (literally) millions!
@volextheviper5906 Aylar önce
@Sonicfan6482 Aylar önce
It's crazy how this started from just a meme to an actual epic “meaningful” war between TV, Camera, And speakermen.
@romaxsverh11 Aylar önce
Обожаю перевод от google)))
@BlakeTan-oj3mk 24 gün önce
Masterpiece and a good series of gadgets fighting toilets in different forms.
@felixcabanas9123 14 saatler önce
@mahazkei7709 Aylar önce
This war is spiraling out of control, starts with both sides' minor units running from the grind oven skibidi... that was indiscriminate.
@Floppa_blox892 Aylar önce
@falloutboy2022 Aylar önce
No lore bad meme unfunny you are not a sigma male
@theuttpdestroyer Aylar önce
​@@falloutboy2022broski still uses the term sigma in 2023💀
@@falloutboy2022 bro thinks the word "sigma" still has a meaning 💀
Yeah that’s just pure evil
@DevonsWorldOfFun 8 gün önce
I find it interesting that after Titan camera man gave his thumbs up to the POV Titan speaker man literally says that the toilets are still out
@ibio75 2 aylar önce
⭐Buen capitulo bro
@Cowrobloxking 2 aylar önce
@parkisreal 2 aylar önce
@marion882 2 aylar önce
It’s finally completed: trvid.com/video/video-G2p-mnexmFE.htmlsi=t5XEd4IX5p2_Ybyj
@Deadender-zi5ts 2 aylar önce
@Rcirdo 2 aylar önce
dafuq I just want to tell you that I thank you for the entire series that you have released until today and also thank you for trying harder every day to release more chapters, I thank you very much
@blackdog6969 Aylar önce
Kinda wish ep64 had some N64 jank to it. Would've been a nice touch in hindsight but our brother, our glorious content creator has blessed us with yet another banger. Thank you, beautiful funny man
@nicohenry7610 20 gün önce
You’ve could’ve made Titan Speakermen do rizz on him 😂
Thank you, Titan cameraman, and Titan speakerman for risking your lives to save the world.
@turiscaffidi6163 Aylar önce
You know that this is just a series
@eeeeeed8276 Aylar önce
you made this dramatic ahh comment about skibidi toilet💀💀slide 4
@DAL514 13 gün önce
Bruh this is just series it won't even happen in rl
@superngau 20 gün önce
it’s funny seeing a toilet run away from its own species and then a cameraman hanging onto him
@opadiliss Aylar önce
65 эпизод явно будет легендарным, похоже дафак там запарился раз серия создаётся так долго, могу лишь сказать что она будет шикарна
@Black.titan. Aylar önce
Походу 😅
@user-gj9ko7pm9o Aylar önce
У тебя есть тг
@user-gj9ko7pm9o Aylar önce
Если есть то напиши,DipperColt News там уже есть слитый кадр
@opadiliss Aylar önce
@@user-gj9ko7pm9o да, я его уже видел, джимена похоже снова побьют а может 65 эпизод его могила будет, но пока нельзя сказать точно что там будет
@qwq2279 Aylar önce
Вау очень редко можно увидеть русский коммент в видео дыфак бума
agh man this sound that titan speakerman made in the final of the ep is so good Smh
@user-sf1qq2mx1n Aylar önce
since dafuqboom is taking alot of time to make the new episode, i think its going to be interesting or legendary
OoOOoo0SkiBdi ToileT
@sandadm9427 Aylar önce
well the other episodes of this season were amazing so this one will be even better
@internet-fellow Aylar önce
No, he’s to busy copyrighting other creators using the same assets (the assets are valves not his)
@@internet-fellow Finally a smart internet guy
Mythical, not legendary
@lennon4194 Aylar önce
The titan speaker, man and Titan cameraman are both upgraded to defeat, G-man, and the other toilets
@Alex_Spider 2 aylar önce
These 2 titans kicks some skibidi butts! Nice episode
@yoshimexicano 2 aylar önce
@matahugu8675 2 aylar önce
2nd like
@Kevin_Arrieta_ 2 aylar önce
*¡💥NO TRADUCIR!* Вы читаете переведенную часть, теперь вы прокляты Единственный способ не быть проклятым - следовать за мной, и это бесплатно
@yoshimexicano 2 aylar önce
TA bien
@ooficial1232 2 aylar önce
they massacred it
how powerful the titan cameramen are they always respect the small ones.
5 year old
@elrepecas Aylar önce
Thank you dafuq boom for bringing us this series, it is the best I have ever seen in my entire life, you deserve the 100M no se inglés 😅
@nagarathna3946 Gün önce
When Titan speakerman pointed where to go, I thought he was doing the rizz thing to Titan cameraman 😂😂
@Zass605 Aylar önce
I don't know why Titan cameraman is so strong
@nilemiller744 Aylar önce
I mean he started of weak + the scientist cam don't want him to be a weakling
@Baseball772 Aylar önce
Ur both so weird
@ashleyknight6313 29 gün önce
Day 64, the titans are back at it but the toilets are still evolving, dafuq, pls save titans
@NotPerfectMP 2 aylar önce
This episode was a hit. Our boy Titan Cameraman has received repairs and an upgraded shield. 1:05 we can make out the fact titan speakerman said "time to go". We can also see the agent is no longer shy of revealing himself to us but he's usually appeared in episodes before/after something bad will happen like when Cinemaman was chasing Titan Speakerman so that can be foreboding news. What concerns me is the way Gman was smiling. Perhaps the Scientist invented a new way to destroy both Titans more effectively since they have experience leading them into traps with Cinemaman. This could either turn them against the camermen or destroy them fully. Either way, I'm excited for the new episode.
@_h3l 2 aylar önce
if parasites on these 2 and make them against the alliance may be possible, repaired cinemaman may show up if so
@mrcoolsnake 2 aylar önce
I saw dafuqboom
@theidiotichungarian 2 aylar önce
Pretty sure gman smiled because he tought the secret bomb was about to make serious damage
@melaniegaleoni3812 2 aylar önce
@coldino3497 Aylar önce
I can't wait for when Cinema Man gets an actual upgrade
@KingChiggy Aylar önce
Considering back in episode 60 we saw a couple flying toilets try to take down the G-man and were only stopped by the scientist (also idk G-man looks kinda sick and weak there) I wouldn’t be surprised if the fight between him and the titans is the end and he is either completely replaced by the scientist or a new toilet rises up. Seeing as his attackers were only scared away by the much larger scientist they might be losing faith in their leader
@DAKINGMEMER_YT2 28 gün önce
I like to call the hammer of titan cameraman "DA BAN HAMMER"
@niceguy2135 Aylar önce
Can we just appreciate all the work the work this guy has put into the series i am amazed
It’s not good
its brain rot
@niceguy2135 Aylar önce
@@TheUnderratedAmigo no its amazing
@niceguy2135 Aylar önce
@@ashtonjohnston1717 your not good
@carinadomingues7144 28 gün önce
1:10 Look at dafuq's face on the board in that building
@benfrank9622 2 aylar önce
I love how Skibidi Toilets are running away from their own. Shows that they don't really want to die.
@synsastral2753 Aylar önce
You missed the human at the end with a cloaking device.
@bolivarsantos563 Aylar önce
😢😢😢😢😢 Cierto 😢😢😢😢
@@synsastral2753 thats dafuqboom or blugray because his thumbnail is the same as him
like i thought Titan Speakerman Was pointing where G-Man was going he was pointing at the Billboard or Idk and One thing G-Man Distracted the titans to get away and he might get some Upgrades
@hansaa8145 Aylar önce
I can't believe the huge number of followers this series has, I know many kids at school who can't stop talking about this series and I can swear that its creator would never have imagined its fame
@ofimportance5458 Aylar önce
@theGreat923 Aylar önce
Honestly, that 1 was the easiest spot to see the agent.
@user-wr7qo2zb4c Aylar önce
Since dafuqboom is taking alot of time to make the new episode, i think its going to be interesting or legendary
Log 64: Some cameraman were running from a massive crucible urinal toilet with wheels seemingly designed to clear the battlefield then we saw G-man as he summoned a rocket toilet armed with missles as he fired a two acid missles then Titan cameraman displayed a shield plus he seemed to have a new arm canon but then Titan Speakerman flushed the toilet but then a big C4 appeared and Titan cameraman took it out the area then 3 rocket helicopter toilets appeared which were destroyed by Titan cameraman’s finger gun then Titan cameraman did thumbs before Titan Speakerman got him back on the topic of hunting G-man
@idkm790 2 aylar önce
I love seeing the dynamic between these titans. Those two seem like they've been good buds for quite some time! Great work as always and I love seeing the bits of characterization that we're getting to see! I look forward to the next release!
@Johnnekaiser 2 aylar önce
Now all we need is Titan TV man to return. Then we can finally get the monster Trio
@saidcoYT 2 aylar önce
Estoy triste por que no tuve ni un sub 😢😢😢
@mr.crazydog274 2 aylar önce
Here before this blows up
@mr.crazydog274 2 aylar önce
@@saidcoYT YOU HAVE 112K SUBS
@klortikterra4423 2 aylar önce
HOLY SHIT A REAL PERSON! But yea seeing the titans interact like good friends is cool.
@ScoutThePurple7 Aylar önce
everybody knows that when an episode takes awhile to post that means better quality episodes are coming
@amairarose Aylar önce
I genuinely think that in one episode both the titans should try and swap their abilities to make them stronger and try and flush the G-Man toilet. Then they will go and rip off the scientest toilet legs💀
@user-wj9sx6ky4b Aylar önce
Ain’t nobody gonna talk about how titan cameraman got his arm cannon back
@mishkaapalug576 16 gün önce
titan speakerman tryed to rizz titan cam but failed since he looked back quick💀
The actual theory is that Dafuq Boom is the boss of Skibidi Toilet because in his old community there is a photo of Dafuq Boom being attacked so Dafuq Boom created Skibidi Toilet to prevent cameramen from attacking.
@screminmemes 12 gün önce
1:03 this part where they communicate is so cool
@GojoRed-dy6lh Aylar önce
G-Man's Grin Is Getting Darker RN
@Andaeho_3302 Aylar önce
Seeing as his video cycle is getting longer, more and more amazing episodes will come out.
do you mean shit?
@Andaeho_3302 Aylar önce
@@TheUnderratedAmigo no
@Diego-uv8ty 8 gün önce
Aquí los que vinieron a este video por que escanearon el codigo QR de sus cartas de Skibidi Toilet volumen 2 🎉😎👍
@Lelkangroo Aylar önce
Billboards rlly be bringin back ep 47 vibes🗣️🔥🔥
@JeremySufter Aylar önce
UTS’s laughs are kinda cute in its own way😂
@rosalioquides8452 Aylar önce
I'm literally awake from the 4th day until now. Waiting for a new episode to come. I think it's officially 7days for a new episode to be released.
@koski316 Aylar önce
I love how titan cameraman and titan speaker man working together fighting g man and protecting the little ones
@mechafan2023 18 gün önce
Siendo un jugador ya medio veterano lo puedo confirmar🤑🍷
@Kzorkivi Aylar önce
The fact Titan cameraman did the thumbs up 2 times 💀
@melyawgs1082 7 gün önce
0:10 Loud banging 0:25 SKIBIDI SKIBIDI SKIBIDI 0:43 Titan Camerman sacrifices 1:05 weird noise that Titan Speakerman makes
@praetor4118 2 aylar önce
I love how almost every asset you use in this series is made from the ground up from other assets. In a way it almost looks cooler than having them be original assets.
@p-__ 2 aylar önce
My farts are better than Titan Speakerman’s farts!
@Kiryu_2002 2 aylar önce
@@p-__bot has beef against Titan speaker💀
@eeeeee-ox5to Aylar önce
you also got to love how hes striking down games and videos for using the assets even though he doesnt own them
@austinquek6113 Aylar önce
I don’t know why but upgraded cameraman looks similar to Optimus prime 2.0 . As you can see, he has a jet pack, a gigantic hammer and he is larger like Optimus 2.0 . Dafuq boom probably used transformers characteristics to design the titans
@mjaned0528 Aylar önce
transformers fan here, that actually seems interesting.
@bobjoey-mb1gc Aylar önce
Can’t wait for the last episode, it’s gotta be insane
That toilet forgot what team he was on again💀
It's hard to believe that the speaker man titan got control for the majority of this
@Blackscreen1352 27 gün önce
1:05 “Cmon lets cook.” -Titan Speakerman the goat
@theanimeboy1174 2 aylar önce
👇 people who found the agent
@678nansal 2 aylar önce
@_aydnay_3435 2 aylar önce
HİS NAME İS DAFUQ NOT AGENT(how did i get 460 likes?)
@Thegspot9003 2 aylar önce
@cvetipetkova1847 Aylar önce
Me and he's name is dafugboom
@Roman_lee. Aylar önce
I've waited so long for him to use the finger beam.
I like how titan cameraman cant help himself when he sees a cameraman doing the 👍
Fun fact: if you look closely at the tv screen at 0:34 you can see the words ‘trap’ and the next episode was fake gman and the bombing **Trap** so maybe titan cinemaman got an upgrade to see the future or something
@spooksYT Aylar önce
It's undeniable that this guy never fails to impress us with each and every episode.
@javganbonk Aylar önce
i'm denying this
@kashipoudel3680 Aylar önce
I dont undeny it
@WEUTTP Aylar önce
@portgas_d.n Aylar önce
@kitI488 Aylar önce
@Frogye316 17 gün önce
bro the toilet running with the camera man is 😂😂😂😂😂
@ELECT_RO 2 aylar önce
For those who were wondering, the gman toilet was actually luring them into the scientist toilet this explains his smile, also after they defeat the toilet that had a time bomb in it that one tv said “TRAP”. 0:33
@TheJarlAndTheKing2 2 aylar önce
huh i don't see trap?
@InVinity... 2 aylar önce
You mean SpeakerMan Titan or something?
@masonjaroxleo9 2 aylar önce
well although this is an interesting theory there are also some things that say otherwise about it 1. he could be smiling because if you notice, since g-man's appearance in episode 60 where he is bullied by astro toilets, he has actually gotten some upgrade and is probably also smiling considering that toilet was rigged with a self destruct and they didn't know it 2. that tv probably said trap, like you said, because that toilet had a self destruct bomb in it. that could be considered a trap since the titans were obviously going to flush it since there's never been a time bomb in it before however is is still probably likely since thats the only place gman could be going (because he obviously cant beat upgraded cameraman let alone both) but you never know
@user-ti6mh8om5m 2 aylar önce
​@@TheJarlAndTheKing2i see it
titan cameraman is a chad for saving everybody's life.
@LampDoesVideogame Aylar önce
The little finger bomb was a great throw back.
Holy shit titan camera man is wielding a giant mjolnir
@Meldho Aylar önce
I know that every time he makes a Skibidi video, he definitely has to add another 1 million, and I've seen his subs go up, and he makes another Skibidi video, that's the keyword for Dafuqboom Make
@user-sw3qc1kp9l Aylar önce
@user-eq4cy6pv8g Aylar önce
0:34 el skibidi toilet rocked sonrió 1 segundo antes de morir porque su objetivo era morir porque en Realidad ese skibidi rocked era una bomba PT: no soy un maldito nerd
@tnvmark2173 2 aylar önce
That Skibidi dumpster truck was pretty damn terrifying. Also, did the Secret Agent just vanish from clear sight?
@glitchy8548 2 aylar önce
Yes either he teleported or just turned invisible
@enderminer103 2 aylar önce
Its dafuqboom’s character btw
@MdAkib-ld7ik Aylar önce
​@@glitchy8548dafuqboom just fade away
@Hero_arc_boy680 Aylar önce
I wish dafuqboom added voice acting in the series:(
Crazy how this series went from a funny toilet to World War 3
@wallyleboss3862 Aylar önce
​@@wallyleboss3862😂😂... У меня ещё бабушка однажды боялась, что будет третья мировая 😂
@20v552 Aylar önce
​@@PrivetTebeSubscribePLZона должна быть
@evasaimima6384 Aylar önce
Dafup boom segera update Dafup booom ssssssegera updateeee
@CalebcalvinC1417 Aylar önce
Oven toilet:”I will turn u into French fries and chips” Me:💀
Dios mío que emoción cada día un episodio nuevo y mejor que siempre da la intriga de que pasará en el siguiente episodio está serie es lo mejor dafuq boom te pasas de increíble
Bruh the toilet be like no I don’t care I’m running with the cameramanM
Evolved from a simple meme with random background music and a human-headed toilet, to a whole on series. Props to you my guy, you deserve this amount of love.
@Demon_redacted Aylar önce
I like how the sawcar toilet was so big even the other toilets were scared and running away😂😂😂😂
I feel like this is where the TV titan man will appear again while the other titans will have to get repairs 🙏
@user-browncamman Aylar önce
Titan camera man got rizzed ☠️💀
@jhoniertkd4130 Aylar önce
Y asi es como es Dafuqboom, crea una serie, engancha a todo el mundo, se baña en plata y nos abandona con la curiosidad de saber el nuevo capítulo
1:09 Wait, is that the man that was looking at the dead cameraman in one of the previous episodes?
@TheRealThxndeer 2 aylar önce
At the end, you can literally see the secret agent on the top left of that building teleporting away, crazy how he hides such small details.
@THEGODOFBEANS 2 aylar önce
@Arc.Z 2 aylar önce
@klortikterra4423 2 aylar önce
Yea who was that guy? Can I get an explanation please?
@zealousmugetsu8777 2 aylar önce
Bro rlly just use my dad power 💀
@dugsy8 Aylar önce
Titan cameraman got a serious good upgrade😮
DaFug!?Boom!'s logo on that large screen on that last few seconds of animation was an interesting touch.
@Jessica_plays64 17 gün önce
1:02 This is a certified rizz moment🗿
@ineedwater1 Aylar önce
DaFuqBoom when he finds out that all of the assets that he used to become famous and strike many belong to other people and he doesn't actually own every SFM asset
@user-fv6ti3lh1p Aylar önce
We hate how Titan cameraman got destroyed
@anidiot4992 2 aylar önce
love how titan cameraman can't help himself when he sees another cameraman giving him a thumbs up
@Amirulzurie 2 aylar önce
its in his instincts
@thescrunkly563 2 aylar önce
cameraman instincts be like
@ipo561 2 aylar önce
Привет всем твоим родным языком и
@gamerperson_epik 2 aylar önce
thumbs up=thumbs up
@Dean-fe6hj 2 aylar önce
Yeah titan speakerman got freaked out by the billboard changing into dafuqboom's face
@Ayopro836 Aylar önce
It was a sad moment where plunger camera man were passed out but Titan camera man sacrificing himself is the saddest scene in skibidi verse but somehow survived
@TechnoQueen614 Aylar önce
In ep 65 😭 now titan tv man needs to help
@C_orlas Aylar önce
This was a crazy episode. Also, did you notice the secret agent
@PalestineYT1 27 gün önce
0:34 It was all a Trap… History Repeated itself
@beastwolf1469 Aylar önce
Bro the first time i saw this series i was like:"Holy Jesus,What is that?!,WTF IS THAT?!!" but now every time a new episode comes out im like:"WHOOOOOOOO!!!YEAHH BABYYYYY THATS WHAT IVE BEEN WAITING FORR!!!"
@gamingzen7488 Aylar önce
Everyone talking abt person but no one talk abt how speaker man said to cameraman that if he is over than they should go😂
@_xDarkBait 2 aylar önce
No matter how hard humanity tries to get away from Gmod and SFM. There will always be someone to bring it back into the spotlight
@Aelish199 2 aylar önce
Skibidi toilet 🚽: 👇🏻 trvid.com/video/video-sHCG5Pusai8.htmlsi=BBvFonrWh4b_2pMK❤️
@ISAAC_69000 2 aylar önce
​@@Aelish199 what if it was a rickroll?
@Itz_Kevin99 2 aylar önce
@individualperson4090 2 aylar önce
You do have a point.
not a single word spoken and you can just see their personalities Camera titan's a patient veteran who puts protecting his allies first, but will lose his cool and stop pulling punches. Speaker Titan's a vocal acrobat who has a permanent grudge following his infection, but clearly enjoys beating the shit out of his rivals TV Titan was a much more monotone, results-first & questions-later, he was willing to kill the speaker titan if it meant he wasn't a problem
@SantuMemes Aylar önce
also UTCM (Upgraded Titan Cameraman) is the unique titan that can't speak or communicate with sounds (if you hear closely and pay attention on Upgraded Titan Speakerman he seems to be talking or doing a sound to communicate with UTCM)
Excelentes episodios son muy interesantes espero la llegada del episodio 65
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