Six of Matthew Mercer's reveals/plot twists that stunned the cast | Critical Role | Part 1

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here are six of my favourite Matthew Mercer reveals/plot twists that the table didn't see coming.THIS IS PART 1. I know there are more but we have to start somewhere no? This is a mix from both the Mighty Nein and Vox Machina campaigns.

Watch Part 2 trvid.com/video/video-NBEAMbuSMJs.html

Personal favourite - Gilmore/Vax/Rakshasa one.

Clips in order:
00:00 C2 Episode 33: The Gentleman reveal
02:56 C1 Episode 106: The big bad wanders in
04:03 C2 Episode 97: Essek reveal :(
06:20 C1 Episode 57: Gilmore ??
11:37 C2 Episode 98: Fjord's nightmare
14:09 C1 Episode 100: An old foe still "breathing"




26 Ara 2020




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SpeckoGirl Yıl önce
UPDATE : Part 2 trvid.com/video/video-NBEAMbuSMJs.html PART 3 trvid.com/video/video-jvsftoh-rC4.html PART 4 trvid.com/video/video-9665nMn1s8A.html
Ade Akili
Ade Akili 4 aylar önce
I think of your favorite moment as that time a Rakshasa catfished Vax. It's one of mine too. So creepy and cool!
Rafael G
Rafael G Yıl önce
Can we have a video for cast mindblowing backstory reveals as well? Like "Edith where's my son" or Caleb's premature lore drop to Beau and Nott.
hplexicon Yıl önce
Raishan revealing herself in Whitestone should definitely go there
Ethan Peterson
Ethan Peterson Yıl önce
Obviously the arrival of the Chroma Conclave is one of the absolute biggest
This guy
This guy Yıl önce
When is part 2 coming out?
Diandra R
Diandra R Yıl önce
I will never get over how Beau’s dumb joke led to one of the biggest reveals in Campaign 2
GMdelsXT9 - Gaming
GMdelsXT9 - Gaming Aylar önce
It's as if like PCs just name a within the story but the DM not only runs with it but incorporates it as a main plot device. DM can really be terrifying storytellers.
Aaron 6 aylar önce
@Fjord Millehret well now I feel foolish. That seems rather obvious now that I read it.
Fjord Millehret
Fjord Millehret 6 aylar önce
@Aaron simple, they take out the add breaks in the livestream.
Aaron 6 aylar önce
@Darkest Argentum I get the part about doing other things while listening but how are they shorter? I would think that would require cutting part of the podcast out and therefore occasionally removing valuable context.
Zachary Freeman
Zachary Freeman 7 aylar önce
@Darkest Argentum I actually listen to it at work.
jevan king
jevan king Yıl önce
Talisan: I feel like we’re being watched Matt internally: hmm I could mess with them so bad, yeah let’s do it Vecnas here baby
DnDBasement Yıl önce
more likely he was waiting for it to happen but they had a way to not be scryed or sensed. so he had to wait, and at that time... they removed such protection so it was more of an ideal place knowing it wouldn't come back.
Fr0sty_QT Yıl önce
“Oh my god your mom knows the gentleman that’s so cool” fucking cad 😂
David Parkes
David Parkes Yıl önce
I think it's more Wisdom than anything.
cryofpaine Yıl önce
@garrondumont Also, if you're not caught up, that link does contain some spoilers.
cryofpaine Yıl önce
@garrondumont Yep, he has hinted it a number of times, but when they're in that last city they were in before heading out to the ruins, he was hit on by one of the shop owners, and talking with Nott after, he confirmed that that wasn't his thing (or words to that effect). Later confirming that yes, that meant he's ace. Someone put together a compilation of moments that hinted at it, as well as the confirmation. trvid.com/video/video-FIwI_ghGw-U.html
garrondumont Yıl önce
@cryofpaine wait, Cad is ace? Cool! I'm ace, and I 100% sympathise with not thinking in those terms. One of my classmates literally had to spell out what Watermelon Sugar High was about, and even now I'm thoroughly confused as to how that makes any amount of sense.
Laura Tholen
Laura Tholen Yıl önce
@cryofpaine like a foreign language. Fella needs an interpreter
Alexander Lab.
Alexander Lab. Yıl önce
Matt saying "You're quite the gentleman" was almost definitely a plant. So damn smart.
Ienzio _
Ienzio _ 9 aylar önce
Nah, he said it was supposed to he revealed later
Nora Yıl önce
yeah he actually talked about it at one point, he wasn't planning for them to find out for a long time but they accidentally put it together
Ahmed Al Awadhi
Ahmed Al Awadhi Yıl önce
I feel like that's part of her vernacular, and my theory is that's part of the reason why The Gentleman picked that name in the first place. Originally it was supposed to be temporary, so he could return. A term of endearment from the one he loved the most in the world, who wouldn't want that name to represent them?
Aaron Menzo
Aaron Menzo Yıl önce
Travis and Laura are the king and queen of reactions
R L Aylar önce
Unless they are the cause of the reactions of course. I'm just going to say dust of deliciousness
cryofpaine Aylar önce
If you could distill the audience down to a single person (throwing away the toxic elements) it would be Travis.
Carolyn S.
Carolyn S. 7 aylar önce
Marisha too. Texas and Kentucky right there
Lukáš Szűcs
Lukáš Szűcs Yıl önce
@Morgan Faulknor or when she places her notebook on her head 😂
Morgan Faulknor
Morgan Faulknor Yıl önce
@Lukáš Szűcs You know shit's getting crazy when she climbs on the back of her chair..
Gamer2052 2 aylar önce
“Can I make an insight check?” “You could if you had time” Easily the most terrifying thing a DM can say to you in a moment like this
Gimhani G
Gimhani G Yıl önce
Favourite line: Liam going "That fucked with my head Matt...what are you doing???" 11:22
Christopher Bacon
What Matt *should^ have said is, "That's what DMs do"
Nicholas Elliott
Nicholas Elliott Yıl önce
Seriously, I re-watched that scene when it first aired sooo many times over. I've always been hoping to pull this level of awesome over my players at some point, and I cannot get over the delay on Travis' realization! So good!
Maybonics Yıl önce
I would kill to have players react to stuff like they do.
HoukouUkage Aylar önce
Closest thing I got to this reaction was when the players were trying to get one of them elected to be 1 of the 5 leaders that ruled massive Mercenary Guild. There was a whole assassination plot that I spun, one of the players was an agent in the assassin group but deliberately became as uninvolved as possible to not feel guilty about it. There was a 3 Act structure where the first act the players made a plan, heard about the assassins, and arrived to the guild hall. Then the second act they talked, found the electee that was working with the assassins, and made a speech. The player that made the speech got a Nat 20, then confirmed the roll with another Nat 20. I immediately tried to figure out how I was going to guarantee their victory with this speech. After the speeches, and a roaring applause from the crowd, more conversation was had before the ballots were to be cast. During this conversation period, the electee player was imprisoned by the electee working with the assassins and the assassination was taking place. The other players ran around trying to stop it but Act 3 started with the reveal that one of the 5 leaders was assassinated. They used Speak with Dead while half the party tried to interrupt the ceremony announcing the player as the new leader. After reviving the body after questions, they discovered it was the electee working with the assassins disguised as the leader that was to be assassinated. He was so moved by the double Nat 20 speech that he decided to stop the assassination.
Light Up
Light Up 5 aylar önce
Its a show they obviously overreact a bit for acting. But they are sincere emotionally but the reactions are purposely over the top and thats fine its entertainment
lngbrdninjamasta 6 aylar önce
@Winston S. I wouldn't disagree with you if this hadn't been the way they all interacted for for they started Live Streaming when what we came to know is campaign one was just their homebrew adventure being converted from Pathfinder to D&D
Winston S.
Winston S. 6 aylar önce
@lngbrdninjamasta Bullshit. Those are paid actors. They're paid to over-react. It's their job. It's what they get paid to do from the money the show makes. Matt might be a good DM, but dude come on. D&D doesn't get that exciting unless there's a roll being made that really NEEDS to succeed.
Nicholas Carter
Nicholas Carter 8 aylar önce
You ever had your villain sleep with somebody's mother?
Weber Yıl önce
What absolutely kills me about the Gentleman situation... They have three different people who can change their (or others') appearance, at will... And instead, they choose to try to draw and describe the Gentleman. Like, I choose that to be 100% in-character panicking, more than any out-of-character decisions, on that front, because I've legitimately had that issue before: looking for a flashlight to use before remembering I had my phone on me at all times.
Joseph Vickrey
Joseph Vickrey 6 aylar önce
As someone who has used his phone to call his phone, while looking for his phone. I completely agree with this idea.
Kiulier Yıl önce
15:35 the moment VM should've known that if you "killed" a high level necromancer, you probably didn't kill a high level necromancer
Paws & Paper
Paws & Paper 2 aylar önce
I love how Taliesin's face immediate drops when he hears the name "Briarwood" again, you could really see him thinking "Oh Sh*t, I thought we were done!!!!"
Cody Allen
Cody Allen 3 aylar önce
Warlord SteelShroom
Warlord SteelShroom 6 aylar önce
_"A necromancer is never truly dead."_ -Celebrimbor, Middle Earth: Shadow of War
Aaron 7 aylar önce
Reminds me of Rainer 's comment in TAZ Graduation. Ill get rid of my skeletal woodland critters when you pull them from my cold dead hands. And even then, I'm a necromancer so good luck.
mimzalot 7 aylar önce
I know NOTHING about DND, nor this campaign, but the sheer energy of these vids had me gripping my seat with full chills like "NO WAAAY, NOT RAKSHASHA" like a local LOL this is incredible storytelling and seems like so much fun!
zom bee
zom bee Aylar önce
if you’re interested, critical role just started recording a new campaign!
Kira Crowley
Kira Crowley Yıl önce
Matt Mercer is the king of tension. His delight in it is so subtle that it’s hard to see coming even in hindsight
thecoffeelord Yıl önce
The best part of Gilmore's late-night visit to Vax is when Vax nervously wipes off the oil from his earlier prank on Grog, the visual is non-stop hilarious
Watership Downey Jr.
I love Jon Heder just sitting there in amused confusion as everyone else is screaming, "BUT SHE'S DEAD!"
Ross Pit: Shark Hunter
Just happy to be here
Scott McIntyre
Scott McIntyre Yıl önce
I love Tal's face at the moment Matt says Delilah Briarwood. Just like blue screen meet Nam flashback. lol
Thea Eberhardt
Thea Eberhardt 11 aylar önce
Percy and the Briarwoods were always such quality reactions. “Silas! *fires gun again* SIILLAASSSS!”
Teresa d'Orsi Barreto
and travis commenting "look at percy" lol
Tearstone Actual
Tearstone Actual Yıl önce
@Stuart Baxter-Potter - And then excited. "Oh good, we get to kill her again!" :D
Stuart Baxter-Potter
The rest of the cast are hype. "She's dead! We killed her!" But Tal? He is *Scared*
Alvin R
Alvin R Yıl önce
I can tell he's expecting someone else... Someone... Less worse. Then the name meets the air and he's just having flashbacks... God, I love CR
Grokout Yıl önce
The best part about the Gilmore reveal was the beginning of the next episode when the cast (all ready to go fight) instead find assassins in their own rooms instead.
Hoki Yıl önce
I'm convinced Mercer intentionally uttered "you're quite the gentlemen", knowing they would go there. What a mastermind.
Sybaritic Cupboard Rat
Sybaritic Cupboard Rat 10 aylar önce
@Hoki Yes. Matt has talked about it. He didn't intend for them them to figure it out so quick. He left clues and they picked them up faster than he expected. In fact, they wouldn't have even met the Gentleman as quickly as they did, but Marisha rolled a good perception check on the halfling in the sewer and figured out he was a smuggler. And then Sam rolled a nat20 to persuade him to tell them who the Gentleman is. And so they got the location and code they needed to meet him.
Hoki Yıl önce
@stormcloundsabound Did they talk about it in Talks Machina?
Surprisingly no! The characters weren’t meant to find out until later, but Matt just rolled with it because it made sense for the character to use that phrasing.
Taliesin: I feel like we’re being watched. *10 seconds later* Taliesin: ..... Called it!
OneTrueBelmont Yıl önce
I guess I'll have to wait for Part 2 to see if "Caduceus, what's your armor class?" might make it. Because that certainly surprised ME!
For a lot of people, balcony scenes are romantic. Romeo and Juliet, Cyrano de Bergerac... Matt ruined balconies for every Vaxmore shipper out there XD
Kristopher Chavez
Kristopher Chavez Aylar önce
It's stuff like that that makes me wish they had done a bare bones video describing what happened before they started streaming. The first time Gilmore was introduced he immediately hit on Vax who was fine with it and I was very confused. "Who is this person, why do they have this thing with this character, what happened here?" It's that idea that almost kept me from ever getting into CR in the first place. TeamFourStar actually saved me from that fate.
Sonya Rae
Sonya Rae 3 aylar önce
i love how whenever marisha is sufficiently distressed by a plot revelation she puts her notebook on her head like a hat
Hokuto Ulrik
Hokuto Ulrik 18 saatler önce
Right? It is hilarious.
Laschic Valisca
Laschic Valisca Yıl önce
I remember watching the episode where "Gilmore" stabbed Vax, and was like, "Wh-what...is he talking abo..! NO! NO WAY! IT'S THE DEVIL CAT FEOM VASSALHEIM!" Loved that reveal. I never saw that one coming and was loving what happened.
AlexC Yıl önce
The Gilmore reveal fucks me up, and I haven’t even watched CR1 😂
slayer of crusaders and small hat and pajeets
@Are you upset? actually the first 20 episode are the best Tiberius Duregar mind flyers.
Stoner Dimitrescu
Stoner Dimitrescu 8 aylar önce
Mansi Bhimani
Mansi Bhimani 8 aylar önce
I’ve been catching up and actually started with the Whitestone arc, I honestly love how much more serious C1 is.
Are you upset?
Are you upset? 8 aylar önce
You guys are really missing out! The first 20 eps are really hit and miss, but then the story and party dynamic really shifts into fifth gear. A lot of people, me included, actually prefer C1 to C2, even though C2 is fucking amazing. 😃
Mansi Bhimani
Mansi Bhimani 10 aylar önce
I can guess why! If it wasn't for Keyleth, they would've ended up in a relationship by the end of the campaign.
Draik Cintron
Draik Cintron Yıl önce
When Laura asked if she can see who it was without pause a mint mobile ad came on saying "Hey, it's Ryan Reynolds"
Thomas Dahlberg
Thomas Dahlberg 2 aylar önce
I'd have died laughing.
True Monk3y
True Monk3y Yıl önce
This just cements in my mind that Matt is a terrifyingly amazing liar/actor
Vexor 3 aylar önce
All actors are liars. The good ones just make you believe the lie and Matt is without equal.
Ace Trainer Aster
Ace Trainer Aster 8 aylar önce
SPOILERS That rakshasa reveal gave me the biggest whiplash ever omg I knew it wasn't Gilmore as soon as he started freaking speaking. Gilmore would never shame Vax for being in love with someone else, he's too good of a guy
lovesthebass 7 aylar önce
3:21 Matt's Vecna voice is so subtly evil sounding, it's amazing.
QueenCreeps Yıl önce
Vecna just strolling in made me choke X'D
G 9 aylar önce
"oh hi guys...uh...oh you shot an arr- oh okay bye-"
Tearstone Actual
Tearstone Actual Yıl önce
*DBZ Abridged Vegeta voice: "HI! What's up, guys!?! - What're ya doin'? Thwartin' mah plans?" "Thwartin' your plans?" "Are you?!"
Nicholas Butler
Nicholas Butler Yıl önce
Oh hey fancy seeing you here!
Oscar Pines
Oscar Pines Yıl önce
Where does a fourty tonne tiger stroll? Wherever the hell he wants and Vecna LIVES that statement.
o0Avalon0o 6 aylar önce
Wtf how is Matt such a great actor? He's literally directing himself & can play any convincing character.
Donovan Willett
Donovan Willett Yıl önce
Marisha when Marion asks about more about The Gentleman. She has such fun reactions.
Sammy Sergenko
Sammy Sergenko Yıl önce
Everyone`s collective screech of betrayal from Essek is funny.
meumixer Yıl önce
love how travis says "look at percy" during that last one bc i'm 100% sure that was tal's own reaction but they're all so in character that it goes either way
Mr_ p0p0ff
Mr_ p0p0ff 7 aylar önce
Mercer is a masterful story teller, explaining every little, bitty, compelling detail, drawing them to the edge of their seat, and cuts off the suply
Timestamps for people that have just seen one of the Campaigns, but still want to relive some moments: 00:00 Clip from C2 E33 02:57 Clip from C1 E106 04:04 Clip from C2 E97 06:22 Clip from C1 E57 11:40 Clip from C2 E98 14:11 Clip from C1 E100
@Karl Wilker Thanks for pointing that out!
Karl Wilker
Karl Wilker 6 aylar önce
Step B.
Step B. 11 aylar önce
I like this. Thank you
Lucas Allen
Lucas Allen Yıl önce
"It goes a little deeper than that 'Ducey!" I love that delivery!
David Parkes
David Parkes Yıl önce
If you are taking suggestions for a part 2 can I suggest when Caleb hears Trent's name for the first time & his "blue-screen" reaction.
Grey Shard
Grey Shard Yıl önce
all through that scene with Essex, i was just gleeful that Matt is using Mage Cannons (which was something from my Spelljammer campaign) and the possibility that he was going to go Spelljammer at some point. Had to rewatch the scene to note the reactions later.
Doc Nevyn
Doc Nevyn Yıl önce
If Grog had broken that skull he would have been possessed by a Githyanki pirate. Gith don't sail on water....
Mephiston Yıl önce
I mean.. Aeor sounds low-key spelljammer-ish, so you might get your wish.
Brett Symons
Brett Symons Yıl önce
I loved the nearly full episode of Spelljammer they did in Acc Inq. Where they played as mycondria (sp, the mushroom guys) for some kind of flash back. They all got so into playing the "we" who was part of the "joy" and quickly picked up on the other cues of playing such odd creatures.
Hypersectomy Yıl önce
there's been so many hints of this lately, would love a spelljammer arc
Julian Gines
Julian Gines Yıl önce
Dude, Tal as Caduceus "heheheh.....how weird, your mom knows the Gentleman!!!"
rrojas200 Aylar önce
@DeathnoteBB 🙄
DeathnoteBB 2 aylar önce
@Cody Allen Bruh it’s not low intelligence. He’s canonically ace. And yeah I know not all asexual people don’t understand innuendo but lots of us don’t anyway
Cody Allen
Cody Allen 3 aylar önce
I love how he plays that low intelligence score. I feel like it's lost on some of the other players sometimes when it's more subtle.
deburrito 8 aylar önce
I swear, I lost it over Essek's reveal. I audibly gasped and jumped out of my chair at 1 am, it was amazing
Philip Corley
Philip Corley Aylar önce
@Matt Bailey I think the surprise of it really came from the length of time that they knew Essek, both as characters in game and even more so as players outside of it. Essek had done several favors for them, mostly teleporting, they'd had dinner, he joined them at the hot tub, they exchanged information (there was one episode not long before this that started with an hour and a half or so of lore through Essek). I honestly just think they stopped suspecting Essek and Matt took full advantage of it.
Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey Aylar önce
@deburrito I don't really understand the surprise, though. Matt was pretty heavy-handed in implying that it was Essek, and the party themselves even talked about the possibility at pretty great length in earlier episodes. (edited for clarity)
deburrito 3 aylar önce
@Mikael Shaddock Essek was meant to be a smaller villain character, and at the start he's super smug and all that. But the critrole gang does their ever so funny thing of changing the DM's plans without knowing it. So they invite Essek over for dinner, and he starts softening up to them. Essek mainly just wanted knowledge and power, and so decided to betray his own nation, but when they find him in the scene I'm talking about, he kind of regrets it cause he's actually made friends. And we as an audience collectively list our minds because we had no idea he had been acting as a spy.
Mikael Shaddock
Mikael Shaddock 3 aylar önce
Can you give me the coles notes on why it was such an emotional reveal? I know nothing of the campaign, but strong emotional crowd responses are like nectar to me. What's the background?
Alexia Craddock
Alexia Craddock Yıl önce
The Priest attack is so perfect because the background thunder is timed so fuckin amazingly
Jeef Berky
Jeef Berky Yıl önce
I love that Matt knows how to bring back enemies without making it feel obnoxious
Kim Amato
Kim Amato Yıl önce
I just love how excited Matt seemed to get the map out on the one with Fjord getting woken up with a blade.
Tyicus Yıl önce
CR Cast: In costume Travis: Nah, im comfy
Sir Tony01
Sir Tony01 Yıl önce
Therapist: "Why do you have trust issues?" Me:
Martin Krans
Martin Krans Aylar önce
The Gilmore one is my favorite as well; Matt is SO good at lulling everyone into a false sense of security with his descriptions (just listen how he describes Gilmore's smile when he enters Vax's room, how he describes the robe he brought, the tranquil moon and beautiful view when they step onto the balcony...). Which makes for a really heavy contrast when he transitions to the violent part. Add to that that Gilmore is someone the party totally trusted up unto that point, and I can imagine the shock it must've been for the players. Wonderfully done, perfectly executed (having Vax change into a plain, non-magical robe was also genious)!
Thatoneguy7272 Yıl önce
You should have put the “I don’t know how to describe this one” as “jazz hands”
Andy Malik
Andy Malik Yıl önce
I've probably rewatched that first clip (Gentleman's True Identity) a dozen and a half times, and it still brings me joy to watch them realize his relationship with the Lavorre's.
Kyle Lawson
Kyle Lawson 10 aylar önce
The fight on the boat against the servants of Uk’atoa is tied for my favorite episode of CR. Dark Waters and the Kevdak fight from campaign 1.
mac 10 aylar önce
i had a very similar reaction to travis when vecna showed up in 106. i was half asleep because it was really late and when matt said it i scared the living shit out of my roommate because i screamed "WHAT?!" jumped up from a lying down position and fell off the couch 😂
Baldur’sPicketFence 12 gün önce
Laura’s reactions alone are worth the price of admission! It’s the cutest when she stands up! When she stand’s up you know Matt’s got her!
Fr3nchy Yıl önce
Good job on the editing, this is so good, While we wait for them to come back on January 14th!!! Thank you, and happy holidays and stay safe!
Drew Hagelauer
Drew Hagelauer Yıl önce
The Essek reveal still breaks my heart
00Fiddlesticks00 7 aylar önce
But now...
BTS Army
BTS Army Yıl önce
I teared up. for people who trust no one to trust him as him to betray them. Ouch.
Kate Kursive
Kate Kursive 6 aylar önce
Gilmore night visit is such a choice moment, it was multilayered af!!!!
stormcloundsabound 11 aylar önce
13:57 the timing of the thunder crash is impeccable
Folkwhore Yıl önce
Laura and Travis are really meant for each other
Hope Fillled Day
Hope Fillled Day Yıl önce
Their reactions are so fun to watch, like hiding in their t-shirts and putting books on their head lol
Mephiston Yıl önce
A good set of candidates for part 2: Scanlan the meat man, vilya/viridian, avantika returns, raishan reveal, and the traveller reveal. Maybe throw in the molly reveal too?
The Trickster Madison
I love how Matt gets so into character that he turns his vest into a robe for Jesters mom!
Epic Walrus
Epic Walrus Yıl önce
13:37 you know it's serious when the book hat comes out
Tavish Yıl önce
such good moments!!
MG P Aylar önce
15:40 Does Sam think that only they, the good guys, have access to magic to bring back the dead / undo death? 🤷🏽‍♂️ 😆 👍
TheSweetboy Yıl önce
Hey SpeckoGirl, just want to let you know this video is amazing, these are my favourite parts of Critical Role
Cloé M
Cloé M 10 aylar önce
As much as I love dnd, and playing it. My second d favourite thing is reacting like this to my DMs or fellow players reveals. It's so fun.
yinandyang Yıl önce
I don't understand DnD and I've never watched Critical Role.... yet here I am.
think of D&D as playing an MMORPG game like Final Fantasy, where you start off choosing your race, class, specifics and background, and you interact with others with their own characters of similar or different make, led by the main narrator or Dungeon Master. For example, I'm part of a group now that's been a few months going, and we have a Human ranger/archer, a water 'elemental' of sorts as a healer, a dwarves wizard, and an elven paladin. We each have our own backgrounds that can either help or hinder the mission, as well as specific tasks depending on the mission at hand. It's actually really fun when you get a good group and a variety of people/characters. :) Critical Role just ups the geekdom to a new level by having voice actors play D&D, and the occasional guest start (like Joe Magliano among others).
sowde36 3 aylar önce
I'm a little late but welcome to the community
Rachel Poole
Rachel Poole Yıl önce
This was AMAZING cant wait for part 2!!!!!
Sentinel851 Yıl önce
oh man, I'm waiting for part 2 now. you have to include the 3 "death knights" from near the end of C1
Charlie Moreland
Charlie Moreland Yıl önce
Sam: “this unexpected combat is sponsored by-“
Kintaro316 10 aylar önce
"at which point the now revealed Essek responds..." *Camera pans to Liam, who looks like he's silently vowing personal vengence against matt!
Ash J
Ash J Yıl önce
How great it is to rewatch those moment. Thanks!!!
Jarod Yıl önce
I wish I could watch more of this. I need to catch up!
OG Blaze
OG Blaze 11 aylar önce
7:04 Matts inner Edér came out for a second there, gave me chills actually lol
Sworddemonboggle 9 aylar önce
I fucking love Caduceus reactions to these, I aspire to be that kind of character
Trey Cool
Trey Cool Yıl önce
I just realized Matt’s Vecna voice is eerily similar to Geoffrey Rush
Nick Daniels
Nick Daniels Yıl önce
I still think when joe manganiello steals the hand of Vecna is THE BEST plot twist.
Jil' Korath
Jil' Korath 6 aylar önce
Agreed. Gilmore is the best plot twist of all time. Soooooo good.
Celine Murphy
Celine Murphy 7 aylar önce
I just got the episode of the first scene and I was shook! Beau and I were on the same level of excited/wtf 😂😂
Drew Kirby
Drew Kirby Yıl önce
How about ones where the party shocked the dm, the cup cake, throwing the sword in to the lava, the counter spell on vecna etc
Jayce The Wanderer
Jayce The Wanderer 7 aylar önce
Dude my one dream is to do a campaign and make my party react this way
Sebastian Rotenberg
Sebastian Rotenberg 2 aylar önce
The rakshasa moment is so great, I was so surprised
Floki Dargo
Floki Dargo 10 aylar önce
I think my favorite thing about this is 3 people of the party have alter self and could have shown the gentleman to the ruby.
DucksAmongUs Yıl önce
Watching this just makes me feel even more incredibly insecure at my DM abilites. I'll never play like any of these people.
GreyHunter 10 aylar önce
Naw, that ain't true. Just because LeBron James is better than me at basketball doesn't mean he has more fun playing it. You don't need to play like any of these people. You don't have an audience or sponsors. You just have to have fun at your own table, and your DM abilities are well up to that challenge!
Lucas Freire
Lucas Freire Yıl önce
thank you now I want to rewatch cr1 and 2 all over again
KaiserSoze679 22 gün önce
2:45 - I know that grin. That's a DM who sees how excited his players are getting and know he has fucking NAILED it.
Emmi Kay
Emmi Kay 8 aylar önce
Rakshasa happens. Everyone: Panicked jazz hands
Oi Death
Oi Death Yıl önce
That whole Gentleman interaction could have been solved quicker if one or them used disguise self, but that's what makes it so much sweeter 😂😂😂
Emma Chase
Emma Chase Yıl önce
The dragon invasion in episode 49 c1 was one that had me startled as well.v
Serenity13 Aylar önce
The way Travis screams WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT when told it’s time for initiative brings me life
AudOldEnds 28 gün önce
That casual shrug and the soft “Vecna” KILLS IT
Zalantra 26 gün önce
2:10 Ruby: "tell me more of this... gentlemen" Beau: *the rest of the world doesn't exist right now*
MeonProductions 2 aylar önce
Beau's "AndBLUEskin" followed by Jester's head whipping around KILLED me lol
Alf F
Alf F Yıl önce
LOL They where freaking out so much at Jesters dad revile they forgot that they could have cast the spell to make themselves look like the gentlemen instead of drawing him.
theunwelcome Yıl önce
Marisha at 2:09 is just...
HeadbutKneecap 14 gün önce
It would be so good if someone animated this but actually kept the excitement of the characters
Jorge Borbinha
Jorge Borbinha 19 gün önce
To this day, it still surprises me how it didn't even occurred to any of them to use any spell to show how the Gentleman is xD
The Last Gen X'r
The Last Gen X'r 2 aylar önce
I love how Liam puts a finger to his ear just as Marisha figures out the Gentleman reveal, like he's expecting to be deafened momentarily
David JEANNE 10 aylar önce
Can you post the link to the original episodes please ? :) I'd like to watch how they get there !
Roman Rickley
Roman Rickley Yıl önce
POV: Your scanning comments for Timestamps I have them Spoilers!!!! 0:03 Gentleman’s Identity 2:59 Vecna Waltzed in 4:05 Essek Essek Essek 6:22 GILMOR 11:40 THE DREAMS 14:12 Briarwood
Roman Rickley
Roman Rickley Yıl önce
@Mark D'Asaro Which one? Cr has like a Hundred
Roman Rickley
Roman Rickley Yıl önce
@scouttyra Fixed
Mark D'Asaro
Mark D'Asaro Yıl önce
Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.
Elle Realyay
Elle Realyay Yıl önce
Thank you
scouttyra Yıl önce
Matanuska Butler
Matanuska Butler 3 aylar önce
You know it's it's good twist (Essik) when not only can you hear someone the audience say "No it's not!" but even Taliesin is shocked and leans back. And he knows everything...
Black Watach
Black Watach 2 aylar önce
Matt knowing full wll he's about to stab Vac and laughing before hand...awesome dm
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