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26 Kas 2021




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Daha sonra izle
Xtr 8 aylar önce
I could watch Sidemen GTA for 12 hours and still not be bored
Dank Nation
Dank Nation 6 gün önce
@Kermit already done
Nufc raf
Nufc raf 7 gün önce
yeah bro i’m just watching all them again bc cba to go sleep 😂😂
Dillon6479 8 gün önce
Real shit lol, its so funny
StrangerthingsDex 11 gün önce
@Mrbast1c Fax
StrangerthingsDex 11 gün önce
jackson hyams
jackson hyams 8 aylar önce
“Harry why are you always in last?” Harry races well: “Put him where he belongs!”
MS7 8 aylar önce
ThatGuy 8 aylar önce
@Eshaan ha
dollar_ chills
dollar_ chills 8 aylar önce
Harry’s quote “this is intense and I’m not taking about camping” was great lol
Xhaiden Edwards
Xhaiden Edwards 3 aylar önce
@MadsPokePas i think he meant taking instead of talking
Captain James Cook6791
Yeah I can't tell weather that was a compliment or an insult about your spelling either ?
MadsPokePas 8 aylar önce
@MMA Addict I can't tell if this is supposed to be sarcastic or not...
Gabrielle G
Gabrielle G 8 aylar önce
This may be the calmest Harry has ever been in a gta video
repo_hatchet 8 aylar önce
Genuinely love how that classic sidemen GTA beat is there even after so many years
Samuel Pinder
Samuel Pinder 6 aylar önce
@Thawhid well they edit it
Thawhid 6 aylar önce
@Samuel Pinder not their fault mate
bob smith
bob smith 6 aylar önce
@Samuel Pinder monetisation innit, welcome to youtube
Samuel Pinder
Samuel Pinder 8 aylar önce
Except from the fact they beep out a lot of the stuff ffs
Mikeocal 8 aylar önce
Simon in a 3 vs 1 Everyone: Ahhh theres no way hes gonna win Josh, Harry and Vik: You sure about that
Meliodas Aylar önce
@J H you didn't watch the vid
@its Zoe unrelated but you dont really have to say it so many times, we all know Jesus loves us mate
Ctrl Coop
Ctrl Coop 7 aylar önce
@DerpyTheTurtle mom*
J H 8 aylar önce
@Christy O'Callaghan wow sevege boom roasted
Christy O'Callaghan
Christy O'Callaghan 8 aylar önce
@J H neither does the space between your initials but oh well
Ante 7 aylar önce
7:40 that switch from Simon to josh was unreasonably smooth
Drazzimo 8 aylar önce
"I am at the balls","I missed the hole","I edge","I finished" 😂 JJ has never said so many sus things in 20 minutes
Chetana Enni
Chetana Enni 8 aylar önce
he has
Samniko Williams
Samniko Williams 4 aylar önce
14:49 “Vik’s hiding spot is ‘levels’” while he’s in an elevator. Tobi is goated with the puns
Александра Лебедева
Simon in a 3 vs 1 Everyone: Ahhh theres no way hes gonna win Josh, Harry and Vik: You sure about that
ObiWonKobe 8 aylar önce
Ethans lazy eye is out in every GTA video. Props to my mans pushing through
Amel 6 aylar önce
I Have Adult Videos And Pictures baby-girls.my.id 🍑 Megan: "Hotter" Hopi: "Sweeter" Joonie: "Cooler" Yoongi: "Butter" Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la lease que escriba bien mamon hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado.por la vida dura que se vive hoy . Köz karaş: ''Taŋ kaldım'' Erinder: ''Sezimdüü'' Jılmayuu: ''Tattuuraak'' Dene: ''Muzdak'' Jizn, kak krasivaya melodiya, tolko pesni pereputalis. Aç köz arstan Bul ukmuştuuday ısık kün bolçu, jana arstan abdan açka bolgon. Uyunan çıgıp, tigi jer-jerdi izdedi. Al kiçinekey koyondu gana taba algan. Al bir az oylonboy koyondu karmadı. ''Bul koyon menin kursagımdı toyguza albayt'' dep oylodu arstan. Arstan koyondu öltüröyün dep jatkanda, bir kiyik tigi tarapka çurkadı. Arstan aç köz bolup kaldı. Kiçine koyondu emes, çoŋ kiyikti jegen jakşı dep oylodu.#垃圾
DakidB 7 aylar önce
@John Marcos and what abt Harry them huh
Zgrabi za Krtaco
Zgrabi za Krtaco 7 aylar önce
Commenter 8 aylar önce
@John Marcos Bruh I have a lazy eye and I'm not even an adult ... lazy eye is not something you acquire through drinking lol
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 8 aylar önce
11:53 😂 Tobi's laugh got me wheezing
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 aylar önce
5:29 that play from Simon was actually sick🤣🤣
harrygmanrob 8 aylar önce
That was such a good video, I was dying when Simon made everyone fall off.
Bonzie 8 aylar önce
6:02 love it Josh stutters 😂💜
EdwardO95 8 aylar önce
Bruh he glitched
Alanah Watkins
Alanah Watkins 8 aylar önce
never a dull moment when it comes to a GTA with the sidemen
Roblox Sensei
Roblox Sensei 8 aylar önce
I could watch this for hours and still be entertained this is awesome!
James Gorman
James Gorman 8 aylar önce
Simon having the time of his life in that first race 😂
Erki Haljasmäe
Erki Haljasmäe 8 aylar önce
11:53 "me not being scared" - also Tobi's laugh
Zulzo 6 aylar önce
Sounds like chunkz
Zayd Hussain
Zayd Hussain 8 aylar önce
Lewi Girum
Lewi Girum 8 aylar önce
JJ: I'm around the balls 2 min later: I missed the hole😂😂
Denis SsSsS
Denis SsSsS 5 aylar önce
Wrong, Harry said the first one
JuneBlox 8 aylar önce
Thats sus -_-
French Fry
French Fry 8 aylar önce
I can’t wait. I’ve been searching up gta manhunts all week and then the best people to do it do it😂
ℍ𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕟 ℤ𝕒𝕓 ツ
I can watch sidemen GTA videos all day long, too much fun
Kornhole McKobb
Kornhole McKobb 8 aylar önce
The Sidemen are what's great about the internet. Each one of you have brought an ingredient of Joy to my life when I needed it the most. You guys are more important to others than you think. I appreciate all of you. Thank You.
More sidemen gta please. There's been days when I watched Simon's old gta vids the entire day. it never gets old.
Kobra 8 aylar önce
This is all we want, GTA content that ain’t just races all the time
Flashres 101
Flashres 101 4 aylar önce
Comedy Clips
Comedy Clips 8 aylar önce
I'd still watch the races
MS7 8 aylar önce
Rayyan Spinnoy
Rayyan Spinnoy 8 aylar önce
Nikstar112 8 aylar önce
I don’t normally watch gta videos but this was epic 🔥
onewayjuu 8 aylar önce
Love the videos ❤️
A B 8 aylar önce
Bro we need more GTA 5 videos, honestly laugh for 20 minutes straight at them
Immortal Rooster
Immortal Rooster 8 aylar önce
Love the variety of GTA modes this is what I love😂😂😂
OLLIE C4RR 8 aylar önce
I’m loving the new GTA videos, never stop being funny
Georgia Thomas
Georgia Thomas 8 aylar önce
Vics “just eat some carrots mate” was actually so class
Kadmiel Velazquez
Kadmiel Velazquez 8 aylar önce
I really missed these sidemen gta videos, I remember them getting the boost during the beginning of the race shouting “got the boost boys” 😂😂
BestMovieClips 8 aylar önce
Kudos to you Amazing work! 😊...loved it Looking forward to meet you.
Mickyle Zabusky
Mickyle Zabusky 6 aylar önce
simon is the biggest savage ever. you could see him all rounds tryin' to take people out
Leone2342 8 aylar önce
I wouldn’t mind an hour long of sidemen gta for sidemen sunday bro
Lil l
Lil l 8 aylar önce
Years later still brings a smile to my face not a lot has changed
Kimballz12 7 aylar önce
This is well damn good especially the first one when everyone was trying to kill the shooting that was god damn funny
Santhosh sivann G
Santhosh sivann G 8 aylar önce
Manhunt is amazing please do it more
Jordyn Nexus
Jordyn Nexus 8 aylar önce
I get so much serotonin purely from hearing the old music they used to use played over the top of them yelling at a GTA race 😎
Jus Kxniish
Jus Kxniish 8 aylar önce
This is actually one of if not the funniest modern sidemen gta 5 video, i say modern cause nothing will top the ultimate sidemen
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 8 aylar önce
Loved this 🔥🔥🔥
Ben 8 aylar önce
5:29 that play from Simon was actually sick🤣🤣
tyesty 8 aylar önce
Discord!!! trvid.com/video/video-0UFJw-TQwP8.html
Redstones Lover
Redstones Lover 8 aylar önce
@Novita Aninda oktrvid.com/video/video-a1j9owBuwdQ.html
Novita Aninda
Novita Aninda 8 aylar önce
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i Sepecial hot girls for you 💜 bigass.younggirls.today/HANABI 💜 THREE IN ONE L...❤❤❤... TRvid: THIS IS FINE. THREE IN ONE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. TRvid: BE GONE Life's story is a short journey so have fun before sleeping forever #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков .#垃圾. Megan: ''Hotter'' Hopi: ''Sweeter'' Joonie: ''Cooler'' Yoongi: ''Butter'' Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались.
babatunde olatunji
babatunde olatunji 8 aylar önce
U know zerka's playing God mode when the voice changes😈
Christopher Sulfaro
Christopher Sulfaro 8 aylar önce
7:40-7:45 That edit was so clean
Lewis Chilver
Lewis Chilver 8 aylar önce
Everyone trolling W2S makes my day 😂😂
𝖊𝖒 8 aylar önce
I missed gta a lot so I started rewatching Josh’s videos from like 2014 🧍🏻‍♀️
mattronimus 8 aylar önce
More sidemen gta please. There's been days when I watched Simon's old gta vids the entire day. it never gets old.
mattronimus 8 aylar önce
@KiLLJoY hell yeah those were good...(if killjoy knows when to stop)
KiLLJoY 8 aylar önce
more sidemen gta with killjoy would be awesome
Valentina Dolenec
Valentina Dolenec 8 aylar önce
@mattronimus do you remember prop hunt? Oooh my god, those were the days. I remember when I started to watch them, I was 17 years old they've just started their merch. Simple t-shirts with SDMN logo on them. What a throwback
mattronimus 8 aylar önce
@Valentina Dolenec yeah I've done that to...actually watched almost every golf with friends. To where I have the maps memorized and I've never played it.
Valentina Dolenec
Valentina Dolenec 8 aylar önce
@mattronimus yeah, I've just watched old golf it videos, and now I'm on GTA
Amie Eyre
Amie Eyre 8 aylar önce
Actually love sidemen gta need more of it lads
Ricardo Ferreira
Ricardo Ferreira 8 aylar önce
19:13 that was hilaarious
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson 8 aylar önce
8:04 literally the best thing ive ever seen jj do in GTA
Channel catfish
Channel catfish 8 aylar önce
Awesome to watch this while doing homework love u guys
*JJ does a double side flip* "I actually did that jump so clean"🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shreyas 8 aylar önce
JJ actually like super active in this one lmao glad to see man's got his rest and beauty sleep again
Ryan01224 8 aylar önce
Would love to see them try and play the trilogy and see how much they enjoy that as much as everyone no sarcasm at all
tyra vickers
tyra vickers 8 aylar önce
20:24 how did this go unnoticed 👌🏽😂
Unknown Forever
Unknown Forever 8 aylar önce
petition for sidemen to play more scary games 😏
Max C
Max C 8 aylar önce
Would love some more Dead By Daylight
christian pauro
christian pauro 8 aylar önce
JJ (in 7th place): “I actually miss my friends!” Me: 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Witty-H 8 aylar önce
The ending was spectacular.
Niranjan SJ
Niranjan SJ 3 aylar önce
Simon was on sweat mode for this one lads 😅
Emily An
Emily An 8 aylar önce
11:53 "me not being scared" - also Tobi's laugh
Mad? 8 aylar önce
8 Years of playing GTAO and now GTA RP and josh doesnt know how to turn the torch on on his gun lol
Dova 7 aylar önce
Alie probs was making excuses 😂
tyesty 8 aylar önce
Discord!! trvid.com/video/video-0UFJw-TQwP8.html
Alpha Mogg
Alpha Mogg 8 aylar önce
Phantom _
Phantom _ 8 aylar önce
The end was hilarious 😂😂😂
TikTok XD
TikTok XD 8 aylar önce
It always amazing when you see MoreSidemen come up in your feed for a new video
Scraw 8 aylar önce
Simons gone from sweating for 1st with Josh to being in 4th and crashing into people for fun
Musical Unicorn
Musical Unicorn 8 aylar önce
*The railings on the side of the road: just existing* Harry: "Oh fuck off man"
brady e
brady e 8 aylar önce
these editors are legends lmao
Bruno Aparicio
Bruno Aparicio 8 aylar önce
@Cosmic Wing it's weird tho cuz the censoring stops like 2 minutes into the video
hosh the mosh
hosh the mosh 8 aylar önce
@Pain no
Yafet Jember
Yafet Jember 14 gün önce
You guys are amazing!!!
Liam Vaillancourt
Liam Vaillancourt 7 aylar önce
Josh had a flashlight not even on the shotgun if he switched over on the melee lmao.
Buffy S Back
Buffy S Back 8 aylar önce
I ❤️ these so much!!
Rebecca Hamer
Rebecca Hamer 8 aylar önce
Ethan as the lion in the intro is iconic 😂
SAINI 1322
SAINI 1322 8 aylar önce
First the editor turn all abuses to beeps but as the video goes on the editor surrenders in front of a 1000+ abuses in a single video 😂😂
Bloo Hunter
Bloo Hunter 8 aylar önce
I’m still trying to figure out how JJ missed the tube 🤣🤣🤣🤣
KAG 8 aylar önce
That was one of the best sidemen gta’s in a while that was awesome 😂
shane bhanot
shane bhanot 8 aylar önce
We fans love a GTA video from the boys
Affy 8 aylar önce
Everyone: *struggling in the races Josh: *And I’ll take that 1st thank you very much*
KiLLJoY 8 aylar önce
he sweats too much but doesn’t know the flashlight button lmao
Xtr 8 aylar önce
@Yasuof ye
drip_lord1881 8 aylar önce
Lmaooo the way they just drove off 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 8 aylar önce
Loved this lmao XD 😂😂😂
Rose T
Rose T 8 aylar önce
I’ve got some tortilla chips with my Doritos salsa watching sidemen GTA tucked into my cosy bed, what more could I want from life ? 🥳
Abiba Grant
Abiba Grant 8 aylar önce
Sidemen GTA videos was what got me for a lot of shit feels good to go back,they never not make me laugh
senni bgon
senni bgon 8 aylar önce
5:29 that play from Simon was actually sick
Wise Man Said
Wise Man Said 8 aylar önce
I’m just here for the man hunt I couldn’t careless about the race
Christopher Magee
Christopher Magee 8 aylar önce
I don’t think you could ever get bored of sidemen gta here since 2014
Ethan DeyArmin
Ethan DeyArmin 7 aylar önce
i love how sidemen editors try to bleep out all the swear words but 5 mins into the video they just give up
crazy fool team
crazy fool team 8 aylar önce
I want the sidemen to do free-roam again
KiLLJoY 8 aylar önce
never happening
ThatOneGamingBot 8 aylar önce
Oh god those were the best gta vids man
MOON 8 aylar önce
same but they probably won't. They have so much going on, it's no longer just 7 friends playing games for fun and uploading it on TRvid, it's 7 friends managing their youtube channels and businesses etc. they hardly get time to play "for fun" if yk what i mean
Marshall Boivin
Marshall Boivin 6 aylar önce
love it how every one is in a skyline and harry is in a pousher
young gun 59
young gun 59 8 aylar önce
Every time I watch sidemen GTA, I’m taken back to 2013 after school. It never gets old
No Budget
No Budget 8 aylar önce
Wow , vik is a beast in virtual reality also.
_Emmaxx9 8 aylar önce
I will never get bored of watching these
Xtr 8 aylar önce
“Got the boost boys” is so legendary
Fou Fou
Fou Fou 8 aylar önce
Feel so related to jj there, when you always end up as a spectator in the very first minutes of a match while your friends have all the fun
Sebo Khaleque
Sebo Khaleque 8 aylar önce
Harry is getting better at the game and it’s great to see
Dom Smythe
Dom Smythe 8 aylar önce
The bit at 6 min where Harry says do u lot edge n Jj says he edged a few times n vik says here we go is so jokes 🤣🤣
Erixk Erixk
Erixk Erixk 8 aylar önce
The Sidemen got to be one of the best TRvid groups in the world!
Shiny Frieza
Shiny Frieza 8 aylar önce
Can't go wrong with some Sidemen GTA V!
THAMI♥️% 8 aylar önce
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRENDING HOT VIDEO FROM 👇 ♥️ younggirls.today/rachel/?Have.Sex 😍 Pretty: face. Body: Beautiful. Smart: flirt. Like to eat. Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались. #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков Gaze: "Amazed" Lips: "Sensual" Smile: "Sweeter" Body: "Colder" Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались. #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾 Who really likes me? You guys... Ahh, I'm turbulent when your beauty is in front of me. Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾
Karpcore 8 aylar önce
Hey, I am the creator of the Modern Sumo map. Just wanted to say that there were no speed boosts, a cheater was spectating you and he was accelerating your cars at random moments. But that gave me an idea of ​​how to make the map more fun actually lol Thanks for playing it :)
Rudra Kotadiya
Rudra Kotadiya 8 aylar önce
Ayy, sick map bro. And yeah adding a booster would be a bangin idea.
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez 8 aylar önce
How can I play it bro ?
MLP Shawn
MLP Shawn 8 aylar önce
I really wish i had a group of friends like the Sidemen, having fun, playing games, making videos :(
willowaly 8 aylar önce
Creed 8 aylar önce
we need more gta uploads😂
CODE Strike
CODE Strike 8 aylar önce
11:52 what a laugh man 🤣
Daniel 8 aylar önce
anyone else waiting for vik to call behz silver surfer in that first race🤣
Smile Boiz
Smile Boiz 8 aylar önce
Y'all need to do more GTA vids!!!!
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