Sia - Big Girls Cry (Official Video)

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Big Girls Cry directed by Sia and Daniel Askill, featuring Maddie Ziegler, and choreographed by Ryan Heffington.
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2 Apr 2015




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Lucida Chen
Lucida Chen 7 saatler önce
Haha found this 5 years after
Cailyn Ladanyi
Cailyn Ladanyi 19 saatler önce
What does the writing on her hands say?
Sara Khachab
Sara Khachab Gün önce
Maddie Is incredible ! I can’t get over the fact how young she was there ! Whenever I see the video and listen to the song my eyes fill with tears. This is a hard context. And it needs to be understood
Ebru Pertek
Ebru Pertek Gün önce
Gérard Coustes
Gérard Coustes Gün önce
Ambria Gün önce
I know Maddie doesn't claim dance moms anymore but they really shaped and formed this girl's craft. She was probably destined for greatness anyway, but our life happens the way it does for a reason and who's to say she'd be in these videos without that exposure. Magnificent combination of art, music and beauty!! Just stunning.
CarlRayanitch • كارل ريانيتش
What the Nik ? 2015 ? i thought this song is New it's too Good
Angelz 2 gün önce
This video could also be about the frustrations a girl goes through sometimes in life.
Daniely Reis
Daniely Reis 3 gün önce
Você também finge estar bem, não é?
محمد مهدی نژاد قاسم
I LOVE YOU😢😢😭😭🇮🇷❤💞👍🙂
Santa Dimopulos
Santa Dimopulos 4 gün önce
Maybe I am stupid but for what this teen with blond perruke and shisofrenia grimase???
DЯDЯ CEZAR 4 gün önce
Next Gen
Next Gen 4 gün önce
Fergie: Big Girls Don’t Cry Sia: I don’t think so!
Kauã Felipe
Kauã Felipe 4 gün önce
is this a "answer" to fergie's song?
Karen Rosa
Karen Rosa 5 gün önce
محمد مهدی نژاد قاسم
Spongeheadred 5 gün önce
great song, but man that is one waste of a video. I had to turn my computer around to enjoy one of my favorite singers.
Artyom Hovhannisyan
Artyom Hovhannisyan 6 gün önce
محمد مهدی نژاد قاسم
YES همسر من هست🇮🇷❤💞👍🙂
The Shatmaster
The Shatmaster 6 gün önce
This lowkey sounds like Leave(Get Out) by JoJo probably sampled
Nanoni Innona
Nanoni Innona 6 gün önce
สุดยอดมากค่ะ totocafe.shop 안전놀이터
Flávia Lima
Flávia Lima 6 gün önce
Que isso! Esta menina é um gênio! Que talento... lindaaa!
ramiro rogiez niz
ramiro rogiez niz 6 gün önce
Michael 7 gün önce
she says I don't care if I don't look pretty yet she covers her face
Daniel Marani
Daniel Marani 7 gün önce
serenella marri
serenella marri 7 gün önce
Bravissima l interprete del video e Sia è fantastica
shawnmccori 7 gün önce
Only big girls answer there own phones and brush there own teeth. At least so far I do.
Andy Charles
Andy Charles 7 gün önce
1st time i heard this song, i thought it was Riri but by the time, i realize that SIA is just a way better vocalist than Riri..
maria kookie
maria kookie 8 gün önce
اشوف البنت مال امها داعي🌚 حركاتها تخوف زياده عن الزوم😆
Maingelto 8 gün önce
Bernardo Comassetto
Bernardo Comassetto 8 gün önce
I get chills EVERYTIME omg
munken84 8 gün önce
she can really express more whid movements then most can do whid there voice amazing
Chamaco 8 gün önce
This is incredibly weird, it’s not edgy or smth it’s literally just a girl being weird and that’s it wtff
aDaMzDeD 7 gün önce
YanaV. Shai
YanaV. Shai 8 gün önce
Как люблю,каждая песня- шедевр. Внутри все переворачивается...
Ahmed green original
woooooooo song
Jonathan Bois
Jonathan Bois 8 gün önce
Triste de voir autant de manipulation mentale! J’adore sia , encore plus maggie mais nimporte quel humain sain d’esprit se rend facilement compte apres trois quatre video que quelque chose cloche derière tout sa!! Non??
Leguyl 14 saatler önce
Ou, au contraire, c'est lorsque l'on n'est pas totalement sain d'esprit que l'on voit de la manipulation là où quelqu'un crie simplement son mal être et sa frustration de se sentir impuissant(e) face à ce qu'il/elle vit et/ou observe.
Costantino Abosi
Costantino Abosi 8 gün önce
James Wells
James Wells 9 gün önce
Reminds me of the OA
letícia moreira
letícia moreira 9 gün önce
this is a masterpiece
letícia moreira
letícia moreira 9 gün önce
maddie is so cute
BAYU RINEL 04 9 gün önce
Hay sia From Indonesian 🇮🇩
Phebe de Borst
Phebe de Borst 9 gün önce
Act busy, that hit..
avalokiteshwar bro
avalokiteshwar bro 9 gün önce
2:38 she said sry
gamergirl lydia
gamergirl lydia 10 gün önce
Can someone explain what the hand movements are about please
Ndeye Aissatou Fall
Ndeye Aissatou Fall 10 gün önce
Marcos Silva
Marcos Silva 10 gün önce
Sia I listen this song everyday I Love this music you are fuck sia I love you
John Doe
John Doe 11 gün önce
it makes me sad to see that out of the 281 million people that saw this music video only 1.3 million people liked it sickening
Hailey Youtuber!
Hailey Youtuber! 11 gün önce
In the beginning it looked like she was having a anxiety attack this song represents ppl with disorders like her eating was probably eating disorders and her biting herself was probably ppl who cut or have habits (like biting ur nail for example) this song has a great meaning
Liano isaacs
Liano isaacs 12 gün önce
Why do I get chills when Sia starts singing♥️
Lady 12 gün önce
Jestem twoją fanką
Miguel francis Laranjo
Then who else picked up maddie and the unknown woman is SIA
Miguel francis Laranjo
Sia his behind maddie is she
Brooke Wilson aka Bruhm
He interprets what he read in a the script. 《SmartkinyouSJC》
Brooke Wilson aka Bruhm
This is 《sheldon jr cooper》 then computer generated to look this way to prove again it's not maddie
Aishah Kenny
Aishah Kenny 13 gün önce
Sia pure genius ❤️🌈👑
Marcos Silva
Marcos Silva 13 gün önce
Sia the Brasil Love you
Роман Смит
Роман Смит 13 gün önce
ШЕДЕВР !!! ШЕДЕВР и только!!! Господи как можно так играть !!!! ТРУДЯГА С 3-х ЛЕТ!!!!Sia талант как и Zigler!!!!!
this is really me trying not to cry
Gerard Jinks
Gerard Jinks 14 gün önce
I 100 pc agree with you sabrina, 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶
Adriana Avalos
Adriana Avalos 14 gün önce
I am from Mexico, l am learning englis so I use this songs to learn quickly
Santy00 14 gün önce
Beef Fergie
Brooke Wilson aka Bruhm
Ok your name isnt sia your the dancer. You post these and its illegal. Hear my voice and my words? I choose when they video. Do you have 3trillion for each of these you made and posted×4.? Cause you're not even pay age maddie. Endushaco you contree udvachdenshexicusiones. In My America you get prison at your sponsorship level and crime level. Goubishagnutika. Book? Anatishaka. 3,000,000x4 hashika. Numbiby 4. I'm The Quadruple woman. Washika elashitics yaesha.
Legally Tone Deaf
Legally Tone Deaf 7 gün önce
You haven't been taking your meds, have you? You need to take them. They were prescribed to help you.
שוריק פרינר
שוריק פרינר 15 gün önce
SIA S=she I=is A=amazing...
Asylum of Nightmares
Asylum of Nightmares 15 gün önce
she’s lucky she didn’t break out after touching her face like that LMAO
FB 1243
FB 1243 15 gün önce
Toni Capone
Toni Capone 15 gün önce
Dang what happened to the cool lyric video?
Rocky El Chocolatero
Rocky El Chocolatero 16 gün önce
Baile raro, se mueve/movimientos raros, es baile raro junto lenguaje para sordos (inglés o de algún país) o solo lenguaje para sordos (de algún país) Pd: solo se que combina con la canción 100% no se como lo hacen jaja y es lo más raro que vi jaja. Y mira que vi movimientos/andares y/o VideoClips raros
Jean Michell
Jean Michell 16 gün önce
lovely. but the song is just SO strong, with amazing lyrics. I honestly expected some beautiful dance movements beyond just the girl moving her hands and face.
LR 16 gün önce
My heart is breaking
Zwariowana dusza
Zwariowana dusza 16 gün önce
I love Sii songs. They are all about Such life topics. They show the hard and hard side of life. Interpretation of the music video with Maggie super
Miguelina Alvarado
Miguelina Alvarado 16 gün önce
Fergie: Big girls don't cry Sia: Big girls cry Fergie: Am I a joke to you?
Inner Sio
Inner Sio 17 gün önce
Temazo!! Impresionantemente tremendo!!
Belle Mang
Belle Mang 17 gün önce
Everybody: Don't touch ur face!!! Me: 0:35 ~ 0:45
Nezha Ericka Gacus`
Nezha Ericka Gacus` 17 gün önce
Maddie Ziegler
Andro Ernst
Andro Ernst 17 gün önce
Exceptionally Creative, Artistic & Powerful. This & Chandelier take the combination of music, lyrics & video to an artistic & emotional level that I've seen or felt before. These aren't just random movements. I had to watch (and listen) to this multiple times back to back to get the full impact & each time it became more & more powerful & tragic. Anyone who's suffered from depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, abuse etc. should be able to see it & feel it.
jim carter
jim carter 15 gün önce
Your comment is "right on" . Couldn't agree more. Two of Sia's best songs although i love them all.
Franc Bica
Franc Bica 18 gün önce
The dislikes are invidious people of sia !
MichalH 18 gün önce
I am so happy that you wrote a song about my older brother
Newton Lums
Newton Lums 19 gün önce
I'm a guy and the way this song hits me. It speaks a lot of my internalised pain. I will always remain a senior fan. Sia probably doesn't know but her fans are the most loyal.
Tendai O'neil Muradzikwa
SIA S - She I - Is A - Amazing
Kimberly Wright
Kimberly Wright 19 gün önce
What happened to her. Is she a phyco
Lisa B
Lisa B 19 gün önce
I have borderline personality disorder and the song and movements hit me every time
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