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SHUTTER ISLAND Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Things You Missed. After picking up the 4k blu ray and revisiting Shutter Island for this breakdown, I found a lot of incredible details and hidden things in it that seeped into my subconscious on a first watch, and this really elevated the movie far beyond the appreciation that I had for it originally. In this video, we dive into how Scorsese has crafted a masterpiece here, and we're going to be breaking down why the film is so haunting. We'll of course also be talking about the ending and all of the clues that build towards it, so if you still haven't seen it where have you been, lets get into it!

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So Shutter Island is one of those movies that lived rent-free in my head, even though I'd only watched the film a handful of times. After picking up the 4k blu ray and revisiting it for this breakdown, I found a lot of incredible details and hidden things in it that seeped into my subconscious on a first watch, and this really elevated the movie far beyond the appreciation that I had for it originally. Scorsese has really crafted a masterpiece here, and throughout this video, we're gonna be breaking down why the film is so haunting. We'll of course also be talking about the ending and all of the clues that build towards it.

Now I was someone who guessed the twist in the first scene on my first watch. The idea it was all in someone's mind is a trope that's been used in a number of films and shows like The Twilight Zone, Fight Club, The Machinist and so on. However, even though I think you can safely guess it in the opening scene, the film actually goes beyond the twist due to its complex characters and narrative.

Even the title itself is layered, with Shutter Island being an anagram of truth and lies. If we're really reaching, it can also be re-arranged to say Ted Hunts Liars with Di Caprio's character going under the name Teddy Daniels.

This is later changed up to become Edward Daniels, and we discover that he's actually called Andrew Laeddis which is also an anagram of Edward Daniels. Later on, when we meet Laeddis, we can see that he has a giant scar across his face that also goes through his eyebrow. One thing that you might overlook is that Teddy also has a cut through his eyebrow, and this was given to Dicaprio by the makeup department to symbolise that they are one and the same.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
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Sade M
Sade M Gün önce
I've seen the majority of this movie and was pleasantly surprised by how the psychiatric institution (I don't consider them hospitals anymore) was set up.
MK-Ultra Mags
MK-Ultra Mags 19 gün önce
The first scene Teddy walks past his own hand cuffs
AQUA VIII 28 gün önce
0:00 Shitter Island
Truthed Ministry
Truthed Ministry Aylar önce
Shutter Island was ruined for me by the trailer for it. The trailer made the "twist" super obvious. So, I watched the film waiting for a second twist, like in Total Recall when Quaid is almost convinced, but notices that they guy telling him that none of it is real is nervous and afraid to the point that he starts sweating. Instead... I just got the obvious twist I was already expecting. Still a great film that was excellently shot and directed, but I never bothered rewatching it.
Doctors don't carry guns, which explains why Teddy's partner Chuck never had one to surrender upon arriving onto the island.
Zacthabarber 2 aylar önce
How DiCaprio didn’t win an Oscar for this is beyond me
Marina De Lucca
Marina De Lucca Gün önce
@Dylusional really titanic ? it was his worst job
Mortarion 978
Mortarion 978 Gün önce
​@Chris Cunningham it wasn't a good movie, just one of the best psychological movies.. 😅
vaickiballs Forthree
Or the Wolf..
John 3 gün önce
I agree, in fact i think it was a better performance than The Revenant
Alexis Ayala
Alexis Ayala 3 gün önce
That’s the true mystery of Shutter Island.
Mr Cead
Mr Cead 2 aylar önce
That last part hit hard. He knew but played along and chose to forget it all, asked "chuck" for mercy with what's basically an assisted suicide without having to explicitly say so. This movie effed me up
__ 3 saatler önce
Also, the bandaid symbolizing him covering up reality is still gone in this scene giving credence that he was brought back to sanity.
bLaCjAcK Daniels
bLaCjAcK Daniels 11 saatler önce
He planted a clever seed by asking Chuck if it’s better to be a living monster or die a good man, which seemingly meant for Himself, but would possibly get Chuck (Dr Sheehan) to question His own ethics and morals
Provorov 25 gün önce
I hope Emilio is sarcastic playing Amber like a turd! 😆 Amber, plz stop throwing things around.
𝓞𝓻𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓸 𝓒𝓻𝓾𝔃
@Mr Cead Chuck acted as if he wasn’t sure if Teddy had relapsed or not even though he nodded his head as to tell the doc their attempts to recover him failed.
A Haunter
A Haunter Aylar önce
Its message is to DONT TRUST ANYBODY!!
1 2
1 2 2 aylar önce
One thing that wasn’t explicitly mentioned but I think is a cool detail is that like you pointed out his clothes as a detective don’t fit but the patient white clothes are almost a perfect fit for him when he puts them on, showing which ones are truly his and which are not.
MK-Ultra Mags
MK-Ultra Mags 19 gün önce
So many details. The opening scene shows Teddy walk past his own handcuffs. The glass of water shows all 3 perspectives. "Who did this to you?"... "You did."
Graymenn 6754
Graymenn 6754 28 gün önce
The white ones are for orderlies, not patients.
Reel Rejects
Reel Rejects 2 aylar önce
I ADORE THIS BREAKDOWN! I’ve watched it twice mate
àg ç
àg ç 24 gün önce
. . . love ? o k 4 me thO a bit of actual dialogue since "great scene" y'et he just babbles on & on a n d ON ~ adore huh well - am out reject
Liis Live
Liis Live 2 aylar önce
I watched it 5 times not gonna lie I love this movie I watched this movie 1000 times
Jenny Anydots
Jenny Anydots 2 aylar önce
Which time did you pound off to it?
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Internet high five to the crew
Kyle Saritelli
Kyle Saritelli 2 aylar önce
I never thought he regressed back into the fantasy. It's was that line about living as a monster or dying as a good man that shows it. He considers himself a monster for what he did and he doesn't want to live like that. He sees the lobotomy as a death of himself, a way to escape the pain of what he did.
Kristimm M
Kristimm M Aylar önce
The movie leaves no question about this: he chose the lobotomy over having to live with the knowledge of what happened to his family and his part in it.
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper 2 aylar önce
Also, as mentioned, how easily he just walks off with the guards, the whole scene is calm and clean as well as the fact that Dr Cheen calls him Teddy and there is no reaction. That last one is mainly what makes me think he never regressed back.
boobgoddess 2 aylar önce
not really..but he can still die as a good man without living as a monster that "they" made him out to be becUse deep down inside..he knew that there was no escaping it..if everyone is in on it...
PropheZ23 2 aylar önce
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Let us know if we missed anything. Huge thank you for checking out the video. Make sure you watch our breakdown of Memento here - trvid.com/video/video-M-OZVPnBXyc.html
gena geeraert
gena geeraert 10 gün önce
You didn’t miss anything but the lady who is balding wouldn’t be missing hair from a lobotomy. They place the pick in the orbital socket. No hair removal required. She may have had electro shock therapy though. It was a great breakdown.
Sahne Schnitte
Sahne Schnitte Aylar önce
One small thing is, that teddy never finishes a cigarette, i think there is only one part where he barely finishes one. This could point to him not being a smoker and just being a Symbol to ensure the light metapher. Someone in the comments pointed out, that he gets told to only smoke his own cigarettes, so everytime he gets one and someone has a lighter, his hallucinations start again
D K 2 aylar önce
The fire and ash scenes are because the wife intentionally sets fire to their home before the drownings.
Diana Klien
Diana Klien 2 aylar önce
“Flash of lightning even though there is no storm” is it possible he is getting shock treatments?
Jáchym Říha
Jáchym Říha 2 aylar önce
There is one little detail i think you missed. In the video, you mention the one music track, playing in correlation to Tedds trauma and that it nods to contradictions within the concentration camp scene. But actually, I think its supposed to reveal that the liberation of Dachau is too a part of the fantasy. That is the snow. In the movie, it was heavily snowing whilst tedd was liberating the camp, but when it was liberated in real life, it was april. It wasnt snowing at all. I think the music track is supposed to be a theme for tedds defense mechanisms around his trauma.
LB The Comic
LB The Comic 2 aylar önce
I wish you pointed out that at the end, chuck called out "Teddy" and Andrew did not respond. Meaning he was no longer in the illusion. Amazing review nonetheless 👏🏾 🙌🏾
fiknbeyo 2 aylar önce
Nice point out! I never peeped that until now.
Damian Starks
Damian Starks 2 aylar önce
Can’t thank you enough for this breakdown this movie is definitely a masterpiece.
Cole444Train 27 gün önce
@Eric Orton aaaaaaand you're being one of those guys.
Eric Orton
Eric Orton 27 gün önce
@Cole444Train Sorry but I'm going to be one of those guys, you'd know if you read it.
Cole444Train 28 gün önce
@Eric Orton Not sure why both can't be true.
King Doge
King Doge 2 aylar önce
check out ninth configuration
Eric Orton
Eric Orton 2 aylar önce
You mean the book was a master piece...
Oshyn 2 aylar önce
Another little detail you didn’t mention is that in the ending when Andrew gets up to go to his lobotomy, Dr. Sheehan calls him Teddy and he has no reaction, which shows that he has left his fake identity behind.
The Junktown Sheriff Killian Darkwater
Always fascinated me that even after those ending hints that he's been "cured" and is aware of the reality but just plays the delusion again nobody in there catches up to it. Sheehan could have easily gotten the clue
Jason Briggs
Jason Briggs Aylar önce
This is one of my favorite movies of all time! I have watched it multiple times and see something new with every viewing. Another detail at the very beginning is you can see the shackles hanging in the room on the boat where Teddy (DiCaprio) wakes up. This is an immediate clue that he had been a prisoner and was just waking up on the boat after having been most likely sedated and dressed for the role he was about to play. At some point, his clothes had to have been changed, and the fake gun belt put on him. This is also evident by him being disoriented when he is standing at the sink, and he tells himself to pull it together. I always asked myself HOW could he not have already met Chuck when the boat left the dock? Well, that was the reason...he was sedated. When he finally woke up, the role play began...
Colton Denham
Colton Denham 11 gün önce
I thought it was odd when I saw the shackles this explanation would make semse
shitty80smovielover 2 aylar önce
I absolutely love the fact that you're going through and breaking down some of my favorite movies of all time. Secondly, Thank you! He chose to be lobotomized in the end! It gives some agency, otherwise the movie's just too damn sad for words. You're the best, keep it up, can't wait to see what you break down next. But no matter what it is I'll be hitting that like button.
Paul Nolan
Paul Nolan 2 aylar önce
The end is heartbreaking. His decision.
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Ey thanks so much and hope you enjoy the next one
Andrew Stonerock
Andrew Stonerock 2 aylar önce
He doesn't see the lady drinking water either. It really helps hammer home how much his mind is trying to protect him from water.
FRR60C Aylar önce
I think that’s something that’s well known at this point though so he didn’t bother mentioning it.
bradley163 2 aylar önce
Damn. This is an expert level breakdown. My favorite Scorcese film of the past 15 years by a wide margin.
Brother Mouzone
Brother Mouzone 5 gün önce
Wide margin? Not arguing with your opinion, The Departed and Wolf of Wall Street by a wide margin, how does Shutter Island rate a wide margin? Just curious.🤔
Brother Mouzone
Brother Mouzone 5 gün önce
​@pnut3844able Are you calling Goodfellas, The Departed and Casino dumb mob movies?
TheFearofg0ds 2 aylar önce
@pnut3844able you should check out The Aviator, Wolf of Wall Street, and Silence if you haven't already. Scorcese took like over a decade long break away from making Mob movies after The Departed(though The Aviator came out before). The Aviator sort of has a few of the same vibes as Shutter Island as it deals with mental illness.
pnut3844able 2 aylar önce
The only scorcese movie I like, bc its not another dumb mob movie
Michael Blair
Michael Blair 2 aylar önce
I am definitely of the opinion that he chose to go through with the lobotomy, but wanted to also reassure Dr. Sheehan that it had indeed worked. It was like a final goodbye and a thank you all in one. Great breakdown!
OofieTV 2 aylar önce
The cave scene eerily reminded me of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave ! Especially considering this movie is about accepting that what you thought was reality is actually fake
sentient cardboard dumpster
Plato really struck gold with that idea. It's lasted so long, and only continues to get more and more analysis and consideration. There is so much depth in the allegory
Artofficial 2 aylar önce
I really love this movie. I mostly love the setting of an inescapable mysterious island. The added danger of the storms and possibly violent patients made the whole movie feel really spooky and atmospheric.
Aktive R1d3out
Aktive R1d3out 2 aylar önce
Spot on as far as that vibe the movie gave from beginning to the very end man 💯
Marx B
Marx B 2 aylar önce
Watching this film broke my heart at the time. Martin Scorsese is a great director.
Tom Furlong
Tom Furlong 2 aylar önce
I only watched this movie once about 10 years ago and it's always stuck with me. After watching this Breakdown I'm going to watch it again later. These breakdowns of classic movies are brilliant.
sentient cardboard dumpster
Same here. I really liked it back then too. I understood the twist at the end, it's always stuck with me. I never bothered to go back and watch again, but honestly I'm not the best at picking up this kind of depth on movies. If I watch a movie I enjoy I usually come to TRvid and watch a breakdown of it like this. I appreciate this trend, and this channel name being Heavy Spoilers is perfect haha. This one's a W for the algo
Former Government Human #4937
Great job. My only nitpick which I can’t remember for sure, doesn’t Shaen call him Teddy as he walks away and he doesn’t respond? Slightly signaling he’s done playing the role.
Victoria Nicholson
Victoria Nicholson 2 aylar önce
Wow! This is a fantastic breakdown! I think another important element of the weather is the fact that when he is in the past, similar to water, is that the camp is snowing, displaying his PTSD. It shows those memories are frozen and stuck in his mind rather than the fluidity of water which he can change. I think once he starts working things out, that’s when he sees his family frozen, showing the PTSD has them stuck in his mind no matter how many times he tries to change the memory. I think he definitely chooses to have the lobotomy as he realizes the memories are always there no matter how many times they try to use the role play. He recognizes that he doesn’t want to forget again, unless it’s forever.
Smokeweeda Jenkins
Smokeweeda Jenkins 2 aylar önce
I love this breakdown. I went back and watched the entire movie again, and I saw all the clues which makes me appreciate this movie even more. At the 17:47 minute mark, you can see Dr Sheehan and an orderly look at each other and smirk while Teddy is interrogating the staff. Amazing! These are the things you wouldn’t notice unless you watched the movie a second time. What a masterpiece!
Bryan S
Bryan S 2 aylar önce
I always thought that he was “cured” and then willingly accepted the lobotomy by acting like he regressed. Excellent break down, I missed quite a few things that you brought up in the video!
Lena Samzelius
Lena Samzelius 2 aylar önce
We should mention that the book Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane is very well written and incredibly interesting! Thank you for the video!
Devin Denman
Devin Denman 2 aylar önce
I think I read somewhere that the creepy woman doing the "shush" motion did it because she didn't have any knowledge of the experiment they were doing with Laeddis and because of her loose grip on reality she thought that he was in disguise and fooling the staff and guards. The shush was her basically saying, "Oh, you're wearing a disguise! Well, mum's the word, I won't tell."
scrufty mayhem
scrufty mayhem 2 aylar önce
I've seen this film a few times,but the way you broke it down made me realise what an absolute masterpiece the film is. From the writing,to the acting to the directing. An astonishing film. Also the little nuggets I've never seen in the film before,like the woman he interviewed in the canteen that was drinking out an imaginary cup.
Chase Orosco
Chase Orosco 15 gün önce
One thing you didn’t mention was Chuck’s reaction when he snapped at the male patient he was interviewing. He makes an attempt to restrain Teddy while looking over to the nurses. He also attempts to restrain Teddy when he snaps at Dr. Jeremiah.
Matt Griffin
Matt Griffin 2 aylar önce
Great review, Paul. This is one of my favorite films. You shared some things that I never noticed before, and it makes me want to watch the film again for the n-th time. This was definitely during the prime era of Leonardo DiCaprio (after Titanic,) and I don't think that Leo could have chosen a better script (other than The Great Gatsby.)
Cole444Train 28 gün önce
what do you mean Leo choosing the script?
Allen Nyros
Allen Nyros 2 aylar önce
Ahhh Thank you dude, I have always wondered if Andrew was cured or, back in his fantasy. And, it has plagued me in all my rewatches. Excellent video, with your evidence I am sure he was cured and, chose to get the lobotomy in an effort to escape from his terrible past. Thank you again, earned a sub from me for sure!
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Ey thank you, hope you enjoy the channel
Tim O
Tim O 2 aylar önce
This film is genuinely amazing for the storytelling. Trying to help the person accept their own guilt and consequence is a noble idea but unfortunately he cannot live with his past , so he delved into fantasy. A very real component of ptsd like behaviour.
CaveMan Zach
CaveMan Zach Aylar önce
I actually really agree with your intro. I guessed the twist from the trailer and wrote the movie off as cliche without ever having watched it. However, when I did I was floored by everything about it. The twist is only one facet of the film, with all of the character development and movement from scene to scene actually being really, really good.
jimmyolsenblues 2 aylar önce
I agree that he knew at the end. he was self aware and chose his own fate.
Xavier Woody
Xavier Woody 2 aylar önce
Wow I loved this breakdown! It’s great to me for many reasons but I’ll share the main reason which is I’m just realizing that I COMPLETELY misunderstood this film 😂 I only watched it once when I was way younger but my takeaway from it was it’s a horror movie, and it being one of those films where they basically convince someone who’s actually sane and probably just visiting or whatever that they’re crazy and are a prisoner (patient) of that facility. Kinda like Gothika with Halle Berry. Though now I feel I need to rewatch that again as well 😂 It’s funny though because that concept has always scared me. Actually being perfectly sane but being gaslit into thinking you’re actually not and that you belong at the asylum with the other patients. Then if you get enraged, they’ll sedate you and now you’re stuck there and actually are a patient. If you act crazy then that confirms that you do belong but then even if you just be normal, they’ll see it as an act and that you still belong there and pretending so they’ll let you leave so either way you’re f****d 😭
Amanda Hugginkiss
Amanda Hugginkiss 2 aylar önce
Dennis Lehane is an amazing author and he deserves more credit than the director, imo. This film inspired me to check him out which led me to reading his entire library. He's great and Shutter Island is my favorite. Great video, great content, thanks!
immortal XD
immortal XD Aylar önce
This is by far the best breakdown I came across. Thank you so much for explaining it so simply and brilliantly ❤️
Justin Tovar
Justin Tovar Aylar önce
Probably the best movie breakdown video I've ever seen. Great job man, to bad there's no more movies as good as this to review
Chris Gutierrez
Chris Gutierrez 2 aylar önce
A masterful movie , always great to watch each time & as for the ending.....The Dr. "Chuck" calls him Teddy after walking off, he doesn't acknowledge him at all because that's not his name, it's Andrew. When you hear another person's name you usually wouldnt look cause it's not your name being called
Max Fuzzovski
Max Fuzzovski 2 aylar önce
One of my favourite movies of all time. Story, actors, ending, pure perfection. This masterpiece is very underrated. You must watch it more than once to fully understand perception of story.
Desember Aylar önce
I found this video and ran straight to Netflix to see Shutter island, only so that I could come back to this video. I found the movie okay at first, but with this video for context, I realize that Shutter island is simply a masterpiece of a movie. You make great videos man. Thank you for your hard work.
Sender Overland
Sender Overland 2 aylar önce
I watched both this movie and inception in theaters since they came out around the same time period. Both kept me up for a few nights after just trying to fully understand what i saw😂
Schindy Aylar önce
I am usually pretty good at guessing the twist in the beginning of mocies and I did here as well. They didn't even leave the boat and I knew. But the movie convinced me that that wouldn't be it. I really really was blown away in the end because the movie made me think I guessed incorrectly. I was convinced the twist was that Leo would be kept on the island because the want him out or something (there are certain hints for that from the beginning, maybe this video shows them as well, I'm typing this at 0:42; especially when Bruce Banner, I know it's disrespectful but I can't remember his name for the sake of it, reveals it in the middle; and then the ending happened and I was mad at the movie for tricking me to believe that "subtwist" so to speak) If you read this far I would like to recommend a book that's called "The Physicists by Friedrich Dürenmatt (read it in german if you can) no further comments given.
AdmiralMelon Aylar önce
i was so invested in the conspiracy of the island and that teddy was being gaslighted into thinking he was insane that i didn't accept the reality until the movie ended lol. even teddy accepted it before me, great movie.
ackamack101 17 gün önce
This movie has always reminded me of The Shining in a way. It uses the one piece by György Ligeti that was used in The Shining as well, Lontano for large orchestra. Like you were saying, Shutter Island doesn't have a traditional score, but uses many pieces of pre-existing music for its score, which is how Kubrick mostly scored his pictures as well.
David Twyman
David Twyman Aylar önce
Hey mate, had to pause ~8 mins in to write a comment. This is unbelievably good commentary. I know it's standard symbolism being explained, but it's all concise, accurate and engaging. Thanks for making this. A cut above many good movie analyses
Big Chillin
Big Chillin 2 aylar önce
🐐🐐🐐this one is also rent free for me as well I’ve personally always felt that he chose to go back in to the fantasy. He didn’t want to face the truth of what he did. I never caught the cup of water not being there! What a find!! Really appreciate this breakdown as a whole and you for taking the time to make it! Thanks Paul!! Keep ‘em coming
Dylan Stevely
Dylan Stevely 2 aylar önce
I originally watched this movie a few years ago and had no clue what was actually going on . But then I watched it a second time a year later and realized most of the things you said in your video. But after watching your video it shed a lot of light on the little details that I’ve missed
Ri B.
Ri B. 21 gün önce
Randomly found your page. These breakdowns are fantastic. So far, I've watched this one, Interstellar, and The Shining! And... your hilarious commentaries off the cuff throughout are gawtdamn hysterical 😂😂😂 Good stuff all the way 👍🏾 👏🏾
Polymathically 2 aylar önce
A few additional things worth mentioning. When Dr. Cawley is first introduced, pay attention to how he speaks about how the mentally ill used to be treated. Before he says "drowned", he quickly glances at Teddy and slightly changes his tone. While this further underscores Dr. Cawley's distaste for what passed as mental health care in the past, it's also his way of testing Andrew. Dr. Cawley knows that Andrew's children were drowned, and thus even the mention of drowning might be enough to trigger him. When Teddy is interviewing the staff and forces one of them to admit he breached protocol to use the restroom, Chuck can be seen in the background glancing and nodding at one of orderlies, non-verbally assuring him that Teddy is stable. Also, the guard that lets them into Ward C wasn't the one laughing; if you turn on the closed captions, it says that an unseen inmate was laughing. Anyway, great video!
Md Mohitul Haque
Md Mohitul Haque Aylar önce
Ishtuk jugia baichung vutia?
NOT MeWoosh me
NOT MeWoosh me Aylar önce
I think one aspect everyone missed is that he was possibly blinded by the police. Remember in one scene how the police tells him that doctors are handling him way too politely than they should be and also threatens to blind his eyes by his teeth.
Steve Mammen
Steve Mammen 2 aylar önce
I love the fact that you dug deep through this movie. I had to watch it a few times to get more out of it. Great film!
EvanFromHeaven 25 gün önce
To me, what makes Andrew reverting back into the fantasy impossible at the end is exactly what you stated, Teddy Daniels would not have willingly walked over to the guards and workers and accepted the lobotomy. Everything we saw about Teddy in the movie shows his distrust of the staff and doctors. I have to respect Andrew’s decision, I would not want to remember such a traumatic event either and I wouldn’t have to worry about harming anyone anymore. Great film and great video!
DanFarrell98 2 aylar önce
The best final lines of all time. So powerful and tragic
Þórarinn Snorrason
Þórarinn Snorrason 2 aylar önce
The smirking guard in the concentration camp could be on purpose coz in my mind he didn't care at that point weather he was going to die or not and doing this (smiling at face of death) is a common thing among people that have done horrendous acts during their lives. Edit: Great breakdown btw specially with the woman with the glass of water what an awesome trick that one was, never noticed it and I've seen this movie more than once.
Brother Mouzone
Brother Mouzone 5 gün önce
My first time watching this movie was the Superbowl after party 2023. I too figured out in the opening sequence, something was off with Leo's character. The Easter eggs and your in depth analysis; never would have made the connection. I'm surprised you did not reference/similarities the water and the color red to the movie The Sixth Sense. Excellent job!
BoyWizard 2 aylar önce
Absolutely loving the breakdowns of older movies. Almost every one you pick is one that’s stuck with me for years. Keep making great content! ❤
Paul R
Paul R Aylar önce
Love how you have been great films that some of your younger viewers might not have seen before but should 😊
Gamer Grandad
Gamer Grandad 2 aylar önce
I always thought (in retrospect) the patient who shushed is parroting what everyone is saying, but doesn't realise he is subject of the secret
Mason Harris
Mason Harris 2 aylar önce
That’s actually brilliant
Daniella 2 aylar önce
I love this movie. The symbolism and the fun of rewatching it and seeing all of the details that were overlooked on the first watch. I have to admit that I was surprised that you’ve watched Power too.
Syd 2 aylar önce
Same on the power comment!
waldangerous 2 aylar önce
Right? I thought "How do YOU know?!" LOL
Brian Burkett
Brian Burkett 2 aylar önce
This movie had me questioning every second of the story. It's still unsettling and incredibly worth multiple, MULTIPLE views. You guys caught things I never even thought twice about! Loving the "retro"-movie breakdowns! Again, BRILLIANT!
Lawh 2 aylar önce
After going through some tough times, I watched this movie and was disppointed how it ended. I felt it to be too unreal. However I've changed my mind since then it seems.
ChicknNugts Aylar önce
Hadn't originally realized the significance of the "live as a monster" line. What a great tidbit in a movie I love.
Raven G
Raven G 2 aylar önce
I love this movie. I rewatch at least once a year.
gearscarlos Aylar önce
Wow I can’t believe I missed all these clues, practically all of it that was covered lol Altho I already suspected that the main character was a patient 1/3 into the movie but to have missed all this and the ending, I was convinced that he regressed back to being crazy.
Joshua Brodsky
Joshua Brodsky Aylar önce
I remember watching this movie for the first time and at the end still being on the side of Dicaprio's character, thinking they were setting him up. I was so convinced that Teddy was actually a cop, I just glossed over the big reveal.
tleeg74 2 aylar önce
I've always loved this movie. I've seen it probably a dozen times and STILL don't understand it, even after watching several "explained" TRvid videos. It's THAT bizarre
SBluesBrotherhood Aylar önce
@Joseph Szekszardi Absolutely the best explanation of the movie that I've ever read/heard. Thank you! I wasn't sure about the whole delusional identity swap and how he made himself only see what he wanted to see and how the hospital had set up this elaborate play to get him back to reality.
Joseph Szekszardi
Joseph Szekszardi 2 aylar önce
What do you mean? It's not that hard to understand, So Andre Laeddis aka Teddy was one a highly intelligent successful US Marshall who was a former war veteran who had PTSD and buried himself in his work. Which in turn caused him to Ignore his wife severe mental health problems, which culminated in her murdering their 3 children and her asking him to set her free, which in the moment broken and in an impossible situation with what just happened, complied and shot his wife dead. Shortly thereafter he was arrested and committed to a mental asylum, Andrew blamed himself and felt as if he killed his own kids by ignoring his wife. He couldn't accept reality hating himself to the point that he created a sophisticated delusion, Teddy whos still a US marshall whos wife died in a fire, separating and ignoring anything that could remind him of who he was, even nearly killing the other patients at the mere mention of his real name. Because he was a highly trained deadly man being a former war vet and Marshall they deemed him too dangerous and pushed for a lobotomy because he was harming the other patients orderlies etc. However his doctors empathised with his tragic situation and felt he deserved a chance to redeem, so they concocted a massive joint effort role play that would lead into him being able to accept reality and be snapped out of his delusion. However in the end though through there massive effort (this was the second attempt) was successful and he remembered and accepted his reality, he tragically also could not live anymore with the guilt of the truth and decided to pretend he regressed back into the delusion when the final decision was being made on his fate so he could purposely get lobotomised which is basically like death, This evident in his haunting final words "would you rather live as a monster or die a good man" ( would you rather accept reality and live as the man who killed his wife and inadvertently let his wife murder his 3 children aka real him Andrew Laeddis or die convincing yourself your a good man who's still out there trying to save the world from people like that aka Teddy Daniels before the lights turn off aka lobotomy aka basically being dead while alive). All the wacky trippy stuff is showing us how things appear in Andrews mind while living under the delusion he was Teddy during this whole role play attempt. It has it complexities and exposition but I think it shows that they did really well with portraying Andres delusion if people are still having trouble understanding what was going on with the movie. Does that all make sense now ?
tleeg74 2 aylar önce
@aftarrr definitely
aftarrr 2 aylar önce
fr prob one of the best mind fuck movies
Kyle Carter
Kyle Carter 2 aylar önce
I haven't watched this since it hit DVD, but you got me wanting to watch it again. Great breakdown!
Dom510 2 aylar önce
Love this film, one of Scorsese’s best. Great work on the breakdown!
Quentin Anthony Anderson
Very good breakdown. Question: would you consider doing a breakdown of the Netflix miniseries Maniac with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone? It kinda lends itself to meticulous breakdowns but somehow snuck under the radar when it came out.
Thunder Chicken
Thunder Chicken 2 aylar önce
@mediumvillain I did the same as well. The only thing I can remember about it is that one of the characters(Hill maybe)had psychological issues. Other than that I draw a blank and I don't know why. I feel like I enjoyed it but the details escape me.
mediumvillain 2 aylar önce
I remember watching that and being interested in it and talking about it with my girlfriend but then it completely disappeared from my memory in the flood of content
HomeFreeLiving Aylar önce
When a movie needs this much of an explanation lol. I appreciate this
jdsstegman 2 aylar önce
I'm convinced that he knew in the end. Had that feeling/thought/option from the first time to the 30 time I have seen it. It's a great movie.
Even at the end when marked called him teddy he didn’t respond or look back. This was a brilliant movie in the fact that you can spot new things each time you watch it. Look at the background characters and dialogue when theirs groups.
RK 20 gün önce
I got stuck in the airport and watched twice back to back as it was all I had to keep busy. Great film through and through. Watching it back to back really highlights what is happening... If you have time to kill.
Wilabano De Niro
Wilabano De Niro 2 aylar önce
I’ve just realised after watching several videos that you’re the rapper Definition. So good to see you doing even better in another field .keep up the good work
r will
r will Aylar önce
Good review. After the second viewing, I determined Teddy's statement at the end, he wanted the lobotomy to forget what actually happened.
Thamar 2 aylar önce
I love watching analysis of this movie. I've probably watched 20 of these things but this movie is just so awesome I can't get enough
LANA KIM Aylar önce
Nice breakdown. One thing I don't understand is why Andrew Laeddis is considered such a dangerous patient (or the most dangerous patient, for the matter of fact). I guess it's not because of the crime itself, because there seem to be others who have committed similar crimes appear in the movie. So what made him so dangerous from them all? Was it the way he didn't accept what actually happened?
bLaCjAcK Daniels
bLaCjAcK Daniels 11 saatler önce
I admire the talent you have. You notice so many things. I’m definitely going to watch more of your videos and subscribe. Very good content.
Mike Casey
Mike Casey 2 aylar önce
Man that review made it way better, can’t wait to watch it again!
Destfortover 2 aylar önce
Glad to see and hear what you said, cause it all make sense, tho when I watched the movie in class, some people said that he was not a patient and other didn't believe that many things he saw were illusion except her wife, anyways The end is so heart breaking/really sad
Marlena Napier
Marlena Napier 2 aylar önce
all i can do is echo their compliment, i am so glad you did this breakdown and thank you and yes the movie is a masterpeice and you made me see so much more about it and enjoy it even more. so glad you do these, i shall watch others. thanks.
Gabriel Lynch
Gabriel Lynch 2 aylar önce
Wow... I had always simply thought that he had regressed at the end. The idea that he kept his "sanity" and willfully chose to get lobotomized instead of living with it is too good. I recognize that the movie is ambiguous, but I choose to believe your analysis. It makes for a better story.
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Thank you, glad the video gave you a new way to look at the ending, hope you have a great weekend and thanks for the comment
Chadd Tyler
Chadd Tyler 2 aylar önce
Really enjoying the deep dive on these great films!
Adrian 2 aylar önce
Even though this is a favorite of mine and also figured out the movie early as well, you pointed out things I didn't know. Thank you!
David Tatro
David Tatro 2 aylar önce
That's a fantastic analysis. I just stumbled upon this film for the first time very recently, and have been processing it ever since. You really heloed to clear up some questions l had, and l look forward to watching it again pretty soon.
Frederico S
Frederico S 2 aylar önce
I really enjoy when you do great older movies like this one because I’ve seen them dozens of times and you still manage to bring surprising new elements to the table, thanks 👍👍👍
MK-Ultra Mags
MK-Ultra Mags 19 gün önce
"Storm's coming"... Teddy looks up but only sees the island. Love all the little clues shown from start to finish.
WayT101 2 aylar önce
One of those movies you can watch again and again sifting through for the details.
Houa Yang
Houa Yang 2 aylar önce
This movie was a masterpiece
Ruff AsToast
Ruff AsToast Aylar önce
I watched this years ago when it was like a year old, didn't realise at the time it was so deep, probably worth another watch, cheers
Shadowluigi2809 2 aylar önce
This film was amazing, even though I read the book beforehand I was still blown away by it.
Twice Shy
Twice Shy 2 aylar önce
THIS is the movie Dicaprio should have gotten an Oscar for, or at least a nomination- lol I was absolutely bawling by the end of this movie- he CHOSE, he chose his own fate, to die as a good man instead of a monster...lol arrgh, I'm tearing up all over again😂😭
A duder Reviews
A duder Reviews 2 aylar önce
I loved this film on the first watch. And it quickly became one of my favourite ever films. Great break down. I need to get this on 4k now.
Nick Villalobos
Nick Villalobos 2 aylar önce
I first watched this movie in my Intro to Film college class, and my Lord it was trippy!! The ending threw me for a loop, and I instantly fell in love with it!
Patrick Butler
Patrick Butler 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the breakdown Paul!! Love your videos mate
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 2 aylar önce
Cheers mate. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for the kind words.
Arctic Chihuahua
Arctic Chihuahua 2 aylar önce
I read the book before watching the movie. In the book the treatment doesn’t work but I love how in the movie it makes you think that it did but Teddy doesn’t want to live with it.
Betty Crispy
Betty Crispy 9 gün önce
Just bought the book of this and can’t wait to to get all effed up, all over again. This movie is TOP NOTCH, and the you did a great review! You just gained a new subscriber!
SkillLevel:Zero 2 aylar önce
Something you may have missed- In the opening shots you see “Ted” walking out of the boat bathroom and see that the room is full of shackles and the camera specifically pans past a pair of handcuffs hanging from the ceiling. Almost like they had “Teddy” shackled and in handcuffs just minutes before the movie begins.
Darkflametailz Aylar önce
This is one of my favorite movies of all time honestly.
Marshall Chappell
Marshall Chappell 23 gün önce
I didn't consider that he wished the labotomy for himself, but I like that ending much better. Thanks!
Pablo 2 aylar önce
Just watched it. Ending was heartbreaking 💔. Great breakdown!
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