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We play a Modded Shrek Mod in Among Us!
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Mod by doublejump.com

• Video Editor ► Russell

• Thumbnail Maker ► Flash

• Animator ► David

​​• Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu - Such Fun
Video Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3Oc2...
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21 May 2022




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Hussen Plays
Hussen Plays Aylar önce
SSundee i just wanted to say how much i enjoy your content! I know how much time you put in these videos! One more thing. I hope you are happy with your job as youtuber!
Raiya Grant
Raiya Grant 3 gün önce
Everyone is happy 😒
Wanderlay Pascoal
Wanderlay Pascoal 20 gün önce
Jackson Owens
Jackson Owens Aylar önce
Me to
Marcus Quinlog
Marcus Quinlog Aylar önce
In the beginning, he literally just kills everyone at once. He never fails to make me laugh.
Marcus Quinlog
Marcus Quinlog Aylar önce
@Atticus Mangan You are so right!
Atticus Mangan
Atticus Mangan Aylar önce
At 13:29 to the end of the video, they should have played "Bad reputation" that way it was like the fight in the show
Kim Shutt
Kim Shutt Aylar önce
Al diamondback
Al diamondback Aylar önce
Hey ssundee! You have helped me through all my problems in life and you make it better.thanks for making everyone’s day
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 29 gün önce
This man is keeping among us alive with his mates good job
The amount of AOE attacks shrek has is a wee bit too broken in my opinion which is why i love watchin this stuff keep up with this amazing content my guy
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Aylar önce
His content never disappoints me
Random Axolotl
Random Axolotl 29 gün önce
same. im the 2nd like
ティラタン Aylar önce
It’s been 5 years. He’s still doing good! I’m glad! Keep up your great content. ngl he’s pretty much the same as I remember. How nostalgic.
Connor Robinson
Connor Robinson 16 saatler önce
Aquatic_killer 21 gün önce
He was doing better back then. He fell victim to among us
maria ramirez
maria ramirez Aylar önce
E hi rhr
Charisa Anne Angeles
How about the mario mod in the mangas
Kazım Zenun
Kazım Zenun Aylar önce
@yeliz Turn 1q
Quezo Bartolome
Quezo Bartolome Aylar önce
He never fails to make me laugh
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Aylar önce
I love this video the work put into this is brilliant
Ian Markham
Ian Markham Aylar önce
Welcome to Duloc, such a perfect town.
Blue Berries 🫐
Blue Berries 🫐 Aylar önce
We aren’t gonna talk about how aesthetic the theme is 🤌❤️
Daniel TheLepord
Daniel TheLepord Aylar önce
*I'm gonna be like everyone else... He never fails to make me laugh, his content never disappoints me!*
RvL Dark Banana
RvL Dark Banana Aylar önce
And include people in a video where we see a face
RvL Dark Banana
RvL Dark Banana Aylar önce
@MrZacOFC I mean the content on the channel seems believable
MrZacOFC Aylar önce
@RvL Dark Banana this comment is everywhere the exact same word from different account
Chris S
Chris S Aylar önce
@RvL Dark Banana then why is the font *like this for no reason*
Luke Mallett
Luke Mallett Aylar önce
Christian Miranda
Christian Miranda Aylar önce
And later, maybe have a mod that when your The Imposter basically you when you're it, you gain the ability of Japanese mythical creatures like the azure Dragon fire, the tangoo wind, nine tailed fox illusions, etc. Or mix any mythical creature around the world, and I think you might have the idea of what type of challenge for that maybe, hopefully.
GamingFurious 25 gün önce
SSundee : ”I'm low” he is full health Also sundee: “my health is looking good” meanwhile he is almost dead
Gameknight Aylar önce
He never fails to make me laugh, his content never fails to disappoint
Rocco-Flynn Lockwood
Rocco-Flynn Lockwood 23 gün önce
Yep I agree
Mason Chivers
Mason Chivers Aylar önce
This is the 3000th video on this channel, congratulations man!
Don't read profile photo
We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content ⁦⁦💖
SomeRandomDude Aylar önce
@Jack Rainey yes
Jack Rainey
Jack Rainey Aylar önce
Nope, not going to fall for it. It's a Rickroll, isn't it?
Raizen Aylar önce
Jay Aylar önce
Ssundee still trolling his viewers with among us content
IanTheGreat11 Aylar önce
this man is too funny to hate/ever get board of
Christian Miranda
Christian Miranda Aylar önce
I was hoping at least maybe have a Japanese themed map and the challenge depends on two choices for the mod: either defeat enemies and get enough money to get equipment and defeat the oni three times or same thing but finding five orbs for azure dragon but defeat five evil yokai or entity's.
Spam Apms
Spam Apms Aylar önce
This would also work really well as an escape mode
10k Subs Challenge with 0 video!!!
Let's all appreciate how much Among Us videos ssundee is uploading, and still keeping the game a bit alive.
meliodas the sin of wrath
@unknownbeast1992 no
unknownbeast1992 Aylar önce
Failure comment spammer bot
C: ebh
C: ebh Aylar önce
You failed your challenge
Micle Aylar önce
Baylen Levine would be proud of this mod lol
Leonard Depatillo
Leonard Depatillo 29 gün önce
Ssundee your videos are the greatest ones you did a great job you didn't make a bad job every day congrats 👍👍👍
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Aylar önce
ability's and have some hiding spots for the hiders. Ssundee I love your content keep making this amazing stuff
DJFrog 25 gün önce
i love how the reference that sigils said 'i found among us' from tiktok lol
Gamer13 Aylar önce
Ssundee will never get old and he never fails to make good content
Marvinthecat 20
Marvinthecat 20 Aylar önce
DogeCanPost Aylar önce
True but I am starting to get tired of among us mods
Jackson Lawton
Jackson Lawton 29 gün önce
Do the meme mod in among us where The imposter Hass to do task and the crewmates do not and every five task gives the imposter a new meme once he gets the final meme he starts a Bossfight with all of the crewmates he has to damage them by doing his Memes The harder to get they are The more damage they do
Sam 💜
Sam 💜 15 gün önce
YES! In my class we have inside shrek jokes, so I was so happy about this! 💚✅🔫🍀🌲🌴🐍🐸☘️🌿🍃🥑🌱🐢🦖🐛📚🌳🧤🥝🦎🥗🥦🥒🍏🦜⛳️🦠🥬🚛🧩🐊🐲❎🎍✳️🛶🟩🟢❇️📗🈯️🔰🫒🍐♻️🪀🫑🎋🩲🪲🦚🐉💹🍵🥭🧃🪴🧑‍🎤👒🧪🧝‍♀️🧝🧝‍♂️
Avent airsoft
Avent airsoft Aylar önce
Mod idea: how about you do a paintball mod where the goal is to eliminate the other team and yall can get different attachments depening on how many kills yall have
Zara Markey
Zara Markey Aylar önce
Hi ssundee I love your videos and thought of a new mod how about the fruit vs vegetable mod
Raccoon Aylar önce
I'll be real with everyone. I miss when he didn't do Among Us mods every day of the week tbh. idk just my opinion.
Max Erickson
Max Erickson Aylar önce
And it’s the same thing every among us video
Bear Hugs
Bear Hugs Aylar önce
DylanAKAVance Aylar önce
Yeah me too, i really loved variety in youtube channels.
Emo girl 😭
Emo girl 😭 Aylar önce
When someone said “your mean” I laughed so hard.
Why I should live And why you should
Do an alien xenomorph mod where there is either 1 alien killing crew mates or a bunch of aliens going after Ellen Ripley. Would be nice to do a creepy mod again.
Ice and Grape! [CoolerGang]
My friends in a Shrek Musical at school! She absolutely loves vid.
Landon Schnepf
Landon Schnepf Aylar önce
Funny how Russel still does it XD 13:57
DanielPlayz Aylar önce
Wow, this is pretty, pretty cool.Keep it up Ssundee
QT_Viperz Aylar önce
@DanielPlayz bot
SomeRandomDude Aylar önce
@Nova yes no father figure in life
DanielPlayz Aylar önce
Nova Aylar önce
DanielPlayz Aylar önce
And I love your Among Us vids A LOT!
Landon Schnepf
Landon Schnepf Aylar önce
Funny how Russel still does it XD 13:57
Revilo7 Aylar önce
This isn't even among us anymore, but it looks cool!
Commander_Cat_! Aylar önce
The Language Mod : Crewmate : The Crewmates have to learn languages, if a Crewmate learns 10 languages, they can go to the airport and go to countries. Impostor : The Impostor can distract the Crewmates from learning languages.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Aylar önce
ekanto pls
Jasmijn Verstegen
Jasmijn Verstegen 3 gün önce
Is it weird that i watch this and only seen the half of the first shrek movie... is there even more???😂😂😂
Wynntale Aylar önce
SSundee: Lets make sure nobody's coming. Everybody: We're coming.
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen 10 gün önce
Anybody realise that before Ian killed lookmzs, he got 70 kills
Chase Panos
Chase Panos 5 gün önce
Finally a video that some guy without a mustache hasn’t commented on
Yadira Aguilera
Yadira Aguilera Aylar önce
here's an idea why not have like a serial killer mod so the imposter can have a throw ability a slash ability and a tracker and make hiders do tasks to escape a few special hider ability's and have some hiding spots for the hiders. Ssundee I love your content keep making this amazing stuff
Tibor Turcsán
Tibor Turcsán 25 gün önce
I need a midnight ghost hunt mod in among us.
Twinning Trouble
Twinning Trouble Aylar önce
Hey Ssundee love ur vids, hope ur doing well, I would love to see a Star Wars mod one day if u can. Thank You
Kristina B.
Kristina B. Aylar önce
And the villain powers would be Darth Vader with force choke, Darth Maul with a saber, and Emporer Palpatine with lightning attack
BillyBobBean Aylar önce
No you don't, you want less among us Remember when he did crazy craft, fortnite and other fun games and did them around the same time and not just milking one of the games
Fish_man Aylar önce
You should do a stone carving mod and whatever you cough you get
Lynn Swearingen
Lynn Swearingen Aylar önce
ssundee youre the best i love your channel and you make me laugh all the time:)
Dave Gaming!
Dave Gaming! Aylar önce
Me: watch’s Ssundes videos Men in the comments: he always entertain us with his videos 🥰😍❤️
WC gameboy
WC gameboy 23 gün önce
Personally I think sigils should've been lord farquad
Izzy _BlossomGirl
Izzy _BlossomGirl Aylar önce
Man this guy always knows how to make my day better
18Moons Aylar önce
@BillyBobBean bruh
BillyBobBean Aylar önce
He knows how to make my day worse Among us is cringe
Hype for life
Hype for life Aylar önce
:Sniped Garry: straight to the underground
Kye 08
Kye 08 Aylar önce
Your vids are so funny are great you never disappoint. I have a very great mod idea, it is Monster Inc.
doliio volay
doliio volay Aylar önce
"Why is biffle Shrek?" "Now they're all Shrek." Is very funny like I'm not joking.
charlotte sylvester
Thank you for making this mod I LOVE IT!!!!
Jumana Patanwala
Jumana Patanwala Aylar önce
Protect the king Rules: Someone gets chosen as a king Crewmates have to protect the king The imposter can see where the king is on the map Imposter has low vision The king can see where the imposter is on the map Crewmates know who the king is Imposter doesn’t know who the king is Goal: Crewmates to complete all tasks while protecting the king King to stay alive while crewmates finish tasks Imposter to kill the king
Sadified Aylar önce
Good idea!
Cayden Woodall
Cayden Woodall Aylar önce
Nice or noice idea👍
King_chungus Aylar önce
That’s sounds good
EclipseTheDragon Aylar önce
Noice idea
Tracy Boniface
Tracy Boniface Aylar önce
I liked it more when he played both roles
Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell Aylar önce
Road Runner mod please your content always make me laugh!
Danielle Cin
Danielle Cin Aylar önce
Congrats on hitting 20.6M subscribers
Rolando Aylar önce
Keep up the good work ssundee
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 29 gün önce
Great work as always!
Bonnie Lieberman
Bonnie Lieberman Aylar önce
Do an evil sloth mod! That would be amazing! Also, Ssundee has kept among us alive with all of the mods and with his gang too!
BillyBobBean Aylar önce
What do you mean by that Among us died a year ago
Bobbinton Aylar önce
what a coincident! in my violin class, we are doing shrek music "hallelujah" as a year end concert. so big
Rita Gerasimyuk
Rita Gerasimyuk Aylar önce
Mode idea: cold where you need to get colder to freeze and you can spectate the imposter and someone can unfreeze you but it’s a 50-50 chance if they die
Bryton reed
Bryton reed Aylar önce
SSundee make a mod called: "The Mystery Of The Ghost Train"!
alida flus
alida flus Aylar önce
wat are u duin in ma swamp
Flapple Duck
Flapple Duck Aylar önce
U should make a new mod thing. It's called the Baker. There's a random chance that one person will be the baker, and another being the Janitor/Cleaner. The baker has lots of abilities. They can throw Cake, Bake someone, Roll someone out and cook them, and make them into a cake and eat them. The wait time for each ability is 15-20 seconds. The Janitor/Cleaner just cleans stuff up after the Baker. There are more roles involved though. (The Baker and Janitor/Cleaner are the Impostors) There's the Spy, Snitch, Nice Guesser, and Jester. The rest are Crewmates.
Marc & Sandy Wilson
I’m thinking a Wings of Fire mod. So there is an imposter witch is Queen Scarlet. And she is trying to take out the crew mate’s. She can breath fire, scare other dragons, go invisible, throw people in prison, call in Icewings to attack and can dive bom. But there is the dragonets of destiny. One person starts out as Tsunami. She can tail splash witch stuns Scarlet. She can also claw her to defend people. Then when they get five task’s done, they unlock Starflight. He can sneak up on Scarlet and attack her. He can also call in the Nightwings to attack Scarlet. When the get on other five task’s done, then they unlock Sunny. She can call in Sandwing to venom stab Scarlet, can break player’s out of prison and can revive player’s. Then went they get another five task’s done, the unlock Clay. He can block fire blasts with his Fire proof scales, he can also stop Icewings by breathing fire in there face. (Icewings have freezing death breath.) And once they get the last five tasks done they unlock Glory. She can shoot venom and can throw fruit at Scarlet. And once they have there task’s done, they can battle Scarlet to the death.
Debbie Thompson
Debbie Thompson Aylar önce
good idea
Roy Bib
Roy Bib Aylar önce
Love it
Skittlz yt
Skittlz yt Aylar önce
I like how Kate never dies and just stays still
AnimatronicLover 🇺🇦 ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ
@Skittlz yt duh
Skittlz yt
Skittlz yt Aylar önce
@AnimatronicLover 🇺🇦 ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ ye thats because foxys the best anmitronic
Atticus Mangan
Atticus Mangan Aylar önce
At 13:29 to the end of the video, they should have played "Bad reputation" that way it was like the fight in the show
lightning plays
lightning plays Aylar önce
SSundee: Smash the ground Me: You just got shrek'ed
Ethan Wren
Ethan Wren Aylar önce
you should do a random roles mod again
Casual Fanboy
Casual Fanboy Aylar önce
this man is really holding on to among us even tho that shit died like 2 years ago
Jayff Aylar önce
Noobkezer8 Aylar önce
✨✨ Shrek is a masterpiece ✨✨
Marcus Quinlog
Marcus Quinlog Aylar önce
His content never disappoints me
Atticus Mangan
Atticus Mangan Aylar önce
At 13:29 to the end of the video, they should have played "Bad reputation" that way it was like the fight in the show
Ku Aylar önce
He never fails to make me laugh, his content never disappoints us
Atticus Mangan
Atticus Mangan Aylar önce
At 13:29 to the end of the video, they should have played "Bad reputation" that way it was like the fight in the show
its been 6 years still love it
Bulent Ada
Bulent Ada Aylar önce
SSundee just gets everything from Disney, Pixar, etc. and it is absolutely amazing!
Imperfectly Flawless music and gaming
Sherk is dreamworks, and Disney and Pixar are the same thing.
Tubradi8tion Aylar önce
Superhero mod: Can change into superhero with different superpowers. For example: Superman can fly around the map Imposter can fly around the map and carry crewmate with the imposter. Freezer power can freeze people and imposter can freeze people to death.
EthanYT Aylar önce
I have among us mod suggestions Batman vs Joker, Uncharted, Predator vs Alien, Hot wheels thats some ideas i thought of for among us mods keep up the good work have a good night
Hollow1090 Aylar önce
Here’s an Idea do a fantastic beast mod! Make it how ever you want!
King Lord
King Lord Aylar önce
7:52 Few tasks not many *Pulls out mom's grocery list*
Hawknome 12
Hawknome 12 Aylar önce
Among us mod ideal track and field. That time of year
Cybil Boss
Cybil Boss 14 gün önce
If you're listening to this, my mod idea is a biking mod. So there's one biker that's trying to escape from karens that are saying that he's going too fast. And when the biker passes stop signs he gains an ability. Abilitys: 1. Speeding 2. Police 3. Smash with the wheels. That's all!!!
Crazygal Aylar önce
I started by just watching his among us videos and then got obsessed?
Cristian _YTMC
Cristian _YTMC Aylar önce
I have a suggestion for a mod : The Tentacle Mod
Makaden Eveland
Makaden Eveland Aylar önce
he succeed make laugh, his never disappoint
Amal Alrimawi
Amal Alrimawi Aylar önce
7 years and i cant he is so hilarious
Alana Johnson
Alana Johnson Aylar önce
A mod you could do is frozen. Just an idea don’t know if you’ve already done it but that could be a great
Brock Whiting
Brock Whiting Aylar önce
Do a regular Among us with no mods
Sebastian Hernandez
Sebastian Hernandez 6 gün önce
ssundee i love your videos you make my day
Kelli Isbell
Kelli Isbell Aylar önce
You should do an Among Us mod about the food chain. Like, the imposter can be a lion and as you do tasks and level up, you turn into a different animal that is higher on the food chain. -LuLuK12
Mahin Mohanty
Mahin Mohanty Aylar önce
Awesome video 😁😁. Really made my day.
TrollSlayer2001 Aylar önce
Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life
SquareExpert227 PL
SquareExpert227 PL Aylar önce
Let's all appreciate how much Among Us videos ssundee is uploading, and still keeping the game a bit alive.
Atticus Mangan
Atticus Mangan Aylar önce
At 13:29 to the end of the video, they should have played "Bad reputation" that way it was like the fight in the show
Jackoven Aylar önce
It's not really Among Is anymore. The man (and the bois) have just evolved it into theor own game that just happens to use among us characters (sometimes)
Rand Redding
Rand Redding Aylar önce
@Derick Otoo but still
Rand Redding
Rand Redding Aylar önce
@Derick Otoo true
FuriousM Aylar önce
You should totally do a ¨Mario¨ mod! Btw love your videos keep up the work:)
Shitty boy
Shitty boy Aylar önce
I literally rewatched Shrek and shrek 2 today
Bukhookee34 Thammavong
I have an idea, “The horror Finding Nemo mod” (Nemo’s abilitys) He can swim under the map and appear any were they pick, Stun, stun people, School, Nemo’s class comes and can attack any players, and finally,call, Nemo calls his dad,marlin,and the crew mates has to complete there tasks to get a harpoon to kill Nemo, and they have a can to hide under, and that’s my among us mad idea.
ClickingGamer Aylar önce
Please do an SCP mod it would be very entertaining and enjoyable
Wawa Cat Games
Wawa Cat Games Aylar önce
Fun fact: Shrek doesn't kill people, he just scares them so he doesn't get killed.
Olivia Gordon
Olivia Gordon Aylar önce
He did kind of kill fancy smanchy lord (I forgot his smanchy fancy names
GamerGod1 Aylar önce
Very true
Ariana Steppello
Ariana Steppello Aylar önce
At the end Garry says “IM AM LORD FU*# DOWN” Got me on the floor
Zane Lewandowski-King
I love your videos your videos are insane in the good way thank you so much for being a super good you tuber
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