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Throughout League of Legends' history, items have come and gone, some for good reason, others... perhaps not so much. Today I wanted to discuss a few items that were taken out, and whether or not they should return to the game in the modern era!

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4 Ağu 2022




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Vars 2 aylar önce
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Nec 5 saatler önce
Shoujin and rod of ages messiah
Bifröst Engaged
Bifröst Engaged Gün önce
Its confirmed, its coming back
xSwiftx4 Aylar önce
@katarzynka ok ty for info
katarzynka Aylar önce
@xSwiftx4 yes rito responded to me saying third party apps are not allowed
xSwiftx4 Aylar önce
@katarzynka wait, really?
HQ Huy
HQ Huy 2 aylar önce
rod of the ages actually made ryze and kassadin strong in late game, but more satisfying as well as they don't oneshot people or get oneshotted. The new items don't give ryze a lot of mana, and frozen heart feels so awkward on him. Same with kassadin
NMG 11
NMG 11 Aylar önce
If RoA should return, it should be a mythic with rebalanced stats and instead of stacking bonus stats over time it should give them based on how many legendaries are completed in your inventory like all other mythic passives.
HQ Huy
HQ Huy Aylar önce
@Coke Can Frozen heart is still a go-to for Malphite and a staple in the tank kassadin or tank ryze build - along with fimblewinter (the tear tank item) / archangel's, but it is only really strong against champions like yasuo, irelia, yone...
Coke Can
Coke Can Aylar önce
There are no mana items anymore. AP mythics take up all the slots. Frozen Heart rarely sees play as an armor item since Deadman's, Thornmail, And Randuin's typically take priority by a large margin.
Kassaken Aylar önce
@Minh Tróc I would lower mana to 300 and add 300 health as a trade off
Smart Alek
Smart Alek Aylar önce
@Roman Karol assassins should not one shot, they should assassinate those that are injured or in bad positioning, not 1v9 destroying teams with two abilities like zed can now.
The One
The One 2 aylar önce
I'm all for the return of rod of ages
Duy Nguyen
Duy Nguyen Gün önce
Aged like wine
zaken galsulkar
zaken galsulkar 2 gün önce
They just announced rod of ages is coming back in next season
JexiusK 2 gün önce
and now it comes back
NMG 11
NMG 11 Aylar önce
If RoA should return, it should be a mythic with rebalanced stats and instead of stacking bonus stats over time it should give them based on how many legendaries are completed in your inventory like all other mythic passives.
Texas cult deity
Texas cult deity Aylar önce
@Kujo jotaro stand:[Ocean man] 3 rods One archangels One rabadons
IceIllex 2 aylar önce
Sad you didn't talk about Athene's Unholy Grail. It was a great support item that encouraged being aggressive on enchanter supports and rewarded them with larger heals. I think this should be back in the game as a unique way to play enchanters, instead of the typical hide behind your team route.
heroshey 89
heroshey 89 23 gün önce
We have this in wild rift it's not broken at all
Misfit Super Star
Misfit Super Star Aylar önce
@BonVilain Still an Anivia main but yea, these were first vuys back then, I'd get the mini grail beforehand then get RoA then finish Grail. Mana became a non issue at that point and I could hold lanes well with my Ult and bully anyone. Then they changed Anivia's Ult interactions >_>
Peter Todorov
Peter Todorov Aylar önce
Athene in this enchanter based meta is such a bad idea. Maybe after they become irrelevant at least.
BonVilain Aylar önce
@U MAD? Yep, the original Athene pretty much gave you so much mana regen it would solve all mana issues. You had to manage mana during laning phase but after completing Athene's you didn't really have to think about mana anymore, unless you really went ham with abilities. The good ol' days. Idk why they changed it into this unrelated support item, it had been a well-established standard build item for most mages, kinda like Deathcap or voidstaff. I forgot about that, these comments bring back memories.
U MAD? Aylar önce
I remember athene being one of two great mid mana reg item (second being morello) Hateed it when they forced it to be support item
HQ Huy
HQ Huy 2 aylar önce
twin shadows is actually a good item to add back as an option for both the winning and losing team to scout out vision, almost like a mini-ult or an ashe e that you have to keep track of to hope to ambush someone. right now its too easy to be completely blown up because wards are so few and pyke and graves with umbral glaive can destroy half a jungle worth of wards with 1 use of sweeper
BonVilain Aylar önce
@Jellopuffy It's not even the red trinket oracle, the item comes with it's own oracle that activate automatically near wards, what an insult. Warding for an objective requires planning, good awareness and sometimes you just don't know if you're gonna get ambushed and lose the objective for your team, get flamed, e.t.c. But you take the risk anyway because you want to win, and you manage to do it, 3 beautifully placed wards. You made it because you had tempo on the other team, you're just better, let's be honest. But then a minute later the enemy Graves walks into the river and instantly destroys all 3 of the wards you worked so hard for, and probably someone's pink ward on top of that. While you can't even destroy one of theirs with your red trinket because it's a bit deep and would be too risky to have to do 3 aa's now that you have no more vision anywhere... It's so infuriating when that happens, makes warding feel like a pointless risk and a complete waste of time. The item can exist but should be limited to like 1 ward that can be oneshotted. Idk why they keep adding all these ridiculously op item passives, it's always AD/assassin items too. When was the last time they added an overpowered tank, support or AP item? They seem obsessed with adding exotic passives on AD items. Duskblade has like ad, lethality, cdr, makes you invisible, slows by 99%, and probably more idk. Anyways, I just wanted to go on a rant, felt good.
Umbral needs a fuckin nerf
Tom Wanders
Tom Wanders Aylar önce
Given that glacial augment got reworked as well, twin shadows wouldn’t even be a broken item combo anymore.
Willdroyd Aylar önce
@Helixranger I love rell, one of if not my favorite support champion. she isnt the strongest rn but i would play her SO MUCH MORE if i could kill a single ward. Melee + low attack speed + if in armored form being really slow means you cant kill wards as u get bullied
Skylex157 2 aylar önce
When it's active was the supp item's active, it was actually quite nice, it gave a lot of info, you could throw it and make an engage or just check is someone is half a map away from dragon so your team hs enough time to do it As a standalone item, i didn't buy it that much though
Aiden Shanton
Aiden Shanton 2 aylar önce
Vars: The less stuff that is in the game the less stuff that can brake the game. Riot: Lets continue to add multiple champions a year, even while the ones currently in the game aren't balanced.
Azse Aylar önce
"It's hard to anticipate every interaction" Riot: Viego, the champion who literally has every interaction.
Walvens 2 aylar önce
ROA, Athene's, Frozen Mallet, Spellbinder, Twin Shadows, Adaptive Helm, and Sheen having a mana complement are all things I think removing for season 11 were mistakes on Riot's part.
Caetano Bautista
Caetano Bautista Aylar önce
@Konrad Tondryk FoN its worse vs DoT bc it stack with diferent attacks. Adaptive Helmet was good vs DoT bc have the perfect conbination of stats with the pasive, now there is TOOO much DoT that FoN just doesnt help
Brunoir 2 aylar önce
removing mana from sheen hurt like a MF. if you play an AP champ, you CANNOT buy a manaless mythic item without also buying seraphs. it is SO insanely annoying being forced to buy a poke-spam item that needs to be stacked when you play f.e. nidalee, who only needed the 250mana from lich bane, but not seraphs. AT ALL!
Towel sus
Towel sus 2 aylar önce
Sword of the occult🛐🛐🛐🛐
Walvens 2 aylar önce
@Mr. Joesterr any champion could anyway
Mr. Joesterr
Mr. Joesterr 2 aylar önce
Mana cost on sheen was a good call. It lets any champ build it mana or not.
Torri 800
Torri 800 2 aylar önce
Zz'Rot is a masterpiece of good design, that was removed because it was too healthy for the game. I miss how strategic it made Singed feel, kiting and annoying players while Zz'Rot damages turrets in the process. It made him feel 3Dimensional and awesome.
Jasem Ali
Jasem Ali Aylar önce
DAn00b Aylar önce
let's not forget the triple proxy and "open up those gates"
BonVilain Aylar önce
@Salgo96 Trick2g's zz'rot game ending clip, legendary moment.
Salgo96 Aylar önce
to me it was always the trick2g item
Punyavee Naunlaong
Punyavee Naunlaong Aylar önce
Zz'rot portal actualy help tank top laner early game quite a lot. It's reduce the impact of lane bully or range toplaner to be acceptable for bullied tank toplaner without the help of jungle. Hull breaker can do the same thing but its stat is kinda useless for tank and it's nerfed to the ground for early game use.
Thiago Proença
Thiago Proença 2 aylar önce
RoA and Gunblade - I'd keep RoA as it used to be pre rework, where you restored Health and Mana on Level Ups and add a on take downs as well - it would be a mythic - Mythic passive: grants 10 AP + 35 HP + 35 Mana per legendary - Hextech Gunblade: I'd remake it into something else, feels bad that the only Omnivamp item for AP champs is a mythic one
Sophia Ascart
Sophia Ascart 2 aylar önce
I think it would be interesting if the boot enchantments or something similar in nature were to make a return. While they weren't super impactful, and homeguard has been naturally implemented into the game, I think some sort of end game "upgrade" besides the elixirs would be amazing to see again.
KylenKiomaka Aylar önce
I'd really like boots to be upgradeable to Legendary, mostly because they're so necessary to most champs, but they don't count towards the mythic passive.
Mandra Gorius
Mandra Gorius Aylar önce
I feel you, but i feel like the game is in a bad spot for that, to be honest. there were essentially only two potential good ones the homeguard one and the unconditional bonus movespeed one homeguard now is free and if you want a slight boost, you can take slightly magical boots if you want the movespeed boost for minion, well they passivley get that for free now the longer the game goes and the sivir passive... okay that one might be interesting to bring back, but makes characters like ashe and jhin effectivley immune to meele due to the insane kiting they already had giving them the roatating game mode option of makeing them teleport would be cool, teleport isnt broken if everyone get´s it that how they did flash, so it could work i would love to see them again, but i feel like they´d need a complete rework and at that point riot would probably just release new items with the enchantment effect and actual stats
Muto Kei
Muto Kei Aylar önce
@Lua van Zanten Thanks! Any rioter who sees it can have that one for free
Lua van Zanten
Lua van Zanten Aylar önce
@Muto Kei that's actually a really cool idea.
Muto Kei
Muto Kei 2 aylar önce
Could literally just make boots legendary for 500, then the variety of stats would come from your mythic
T3hBadger 2 aylar önce
RoA was such a key item on some champs that it's removal straight shafted them, also i to this day still miss Frozen Mallet, such a simple item but applying slwos for hitting people was nice as a juggernaught, with so much mobility creep in the game nowadays it's a little rough
ctylsh Aylar önce
@Texas cult deity no argument cope lol
Texas cult deity
Texas cult deity Aylar önce
@ctylsh having a 20% slow on autoes is huge. Fm was removed for a reason it was impossible to balance
ctylsh Aylar önce
@Texas cult deity ok and irelia deserves it so its fine. sivir is fine. trundle is "kitable" like you said so its fine. not really sure who youre trying to argue with here lmfao
Texas cult deity
Texas cult deity Aylar önce
@ctylsh dude a 5 movespeed nerf is enough to drop irelias winrate by 3%. We fucking memed 5 movespeed as a nerf and her wr plummetted for it. Thats a barely 1.5% slow not even. 20% is huge. Part of sivirs dominance was her ult controlling tempo of a a fight Nerfing trundles slow by 5% was enough to take him from ippressively disfusting to kitable
ctylsh Aylar önce
@Rattle Lmaoo cope
Ridek240 2 aylar önce
I really want to Athene's Unholy Grail to be back into game (support version not mage), item gave u good amount of ap mana regen and magic resist and giving u skill based passive. U needed to deal damage to heal more, it was realy good risc reward item whitch forcing u to poke enemy champion + u can use increased healing only when u had healing nit like moonstone whitch need u no skill to use and heal every 2 seconds, u could use athene 1 time for every 10 sec and have real condition, in fact riot could just change dissonance passive into mithic passive and job is done
ChronoRogue Aylar önce
@Mandra Gorius Lux and Karma used to buy Athene's before it got removed, so this isn't an issue with me. And I think it being a burst-oriented healing item is a good niche as well, that way it is significantly different from Moonstone. Moonstone's DOT doesn't work for a lot of support champions and works too well on some, like Twitch like you mentioned. As for Moonstone's DOT being healthier, disagree. It doesn't feel intuitive. Don't forget Athene is just a heal, Moonstone is giving HS power too.
Mandra Gorius
Mandra Gorius Aylar önce
@ChronoRogue i mean, you are right They did that for dark harvest so demonic and liandris can harvest it But at that point making it a mythic does the same, and redemtion shouldnt be to big an issue And even if it is ability only lux exists with to much damage and a team shield So does anni Karma aswell And I probably miss some I like your idea but it doesnt really change my issue of a burst mage randomly healing someone for 300 minute 9-14 after dealing more then 1k damage with a combo I liked Athens better then moonstone But i also think moonstones regeneration instead of random burst heal is overall more healthy for the game And makes twich a healer because everything he does procs moonstone at least 3-4 times...
ChronoRogue Aylar önce
@Mandra Gorius If it's such a big issue, riot could code to only work when using an **ability** to heal or shield, that way only enchanters buy it.
Ridek240 Aylar önce
@Noel Feltzin Athene never was very popular on senna it was usefull but not very effective
Mandra Gorius
Mandra Gorius Aylar önce
i feel you man, but with moonstone it essentially exists in a less frustrating way, but it also means, you are never gonna see them both imagine your botlane beeing miss fortune and veigar veigar gets moonstone and grail one w and grail is full and the 70hp heal proc of moonstone becomes a 300 as another mythic absolutley altough some champs may be... an issue
Sr. Lontra
Sr. Lontra Aylar önce
Back when the Kindred were kinda bad and inconsistent, the Frozen Mallet gave *them* the damage and health and very much needed. Not to mention the useful slow against hellspawns like lee sin and jax. Their (kindred's) early game was slow and weak, no matter the build. Bork lacked damage. Crit items left them squishy and still wasn't enough. Red/yellow gems on the jungle item varied too much and the results were disapointing (while the yellow one was actually better) Even though nowadays they don't really need this item anymore, I still miss it a lot. But sometimes it's exactly what I need to overcome some situations. Sad it's gone. But I understand why, now that you mentioned ranged top laners lol
_ Argurios
_ Argurios Aylar önce
To be fair "ranged top laners" is a false problem, there are a variety of item properties and passives which work differently between ranged and melee users, so they could probably adapt FM to perform much worse on ranged champions
Zyad48 2 aylar önce
At this point, I want old seraph's back, or at least make it better. We lost the shield on it and it started exclusively scaling with bonus mana. So it ultimately only really ever makes sense when you specifically optimize your runes and your build path into having a bunch of purchased mana, as a result, it exclusively makes sense on ryze since he gets an insane amount of bonus mana from his passive. The other two tear items scale off of max mana. Riot, I understand you don't want ryze to get too scary, but at this point seraph's is fucked as long as ryze has an incentive to build it. The fact of the matter is, taking away bonus mana from most random components and items has resulted in getting the necessary bonus mana to make seraph's worth it a challenge. Also if you buy seraph's before you finish your tear, you end up with less ability haste than if you kept the components, unless you're ryze I assume given he really just gets a lot of bonus mana. Either just allow ryze to make the item nuts and then make the item scale with max mana so everyone else can also build it, or rework the item again so it has a use outside of just the stat profile for other mages. Like idk, giving it a shield again. I understand that might potentially be too good given riot's seemingly trying to stop mages from buying defensive items entirely, but I'm just spitballing. The item sucks shit and I want it to not suck. Hey riot, whatever happened to "the year of the mage?"
Imbigbilly 2 aylar önce
It’s so weird seeing some of these items missing from lol when I see them all the time in Wild Rift.
Jotasso Aylar önce
Rafael Barquero
Rafael Barquero 2 aylar önce
Friendly reminder that in Wild Rift Rod of Ages, Hextech Gunblade and Umbral Glaive still exists But only Rod of Ages sees use enough utility to be used in every mage that is melee, apart from being a meta item in competitive, to the point of being nerfed
Icigs 2 aylar önce
Rod of ages may have as mythic passive: "For each legendary item you get 1 (or 2) extra max charges for his passive". So you have to wait 1-2 extra min every time you complete a legendary item BUT after that you recive a big bonus. Also maybe could be needed to reduce the time to get each charge to 45 sec or something like that because the game is now faster than before.
Geo Aylar önce
Mythic system is terrible and should be removed from the game.
Aligura 2 aylar önce
Zephyr. Having boots in late game just for the movement speed is kinda ass when compared to 2022 items and their 10 different stats and passives
Tyranatar5 Aylar önce
How about instead of Zephyr, we bring back boot enchantments but better! Add a cool passive to your boots! :D More MS, MS after using a summoner spell, MS when walking towards you, and MS when dealing single target damage. We can modify it so it's not all movement speed, but it would be something!
KylenKiomaka Aylar önce
Ah, like the Shard of True Ice. How it existed before it became a support item.
Gudo ter Maat
Gudo ter Maat 2 aylar önce
I loved Zephyr, you're right about the movement speed, it would be nice having an item with extra movement speed that does not automatically force you to also buy crit. It could have a cool passive too, like a small and cute storm effect.
HCorvnov67 2 aylar önce
and mostly everybody using a dash champ sometimes
tony1kenobi 2 aylar önce
Athena’s back so you actually had to hit skills to heal not just passively eek out dribbles of healing all game. Oh and get rid of the healing on ardent and give it back cool-down reduction.
João Pedro Cruz
João Pedro Cruz 2 aylar önce
@Gabrielle Voelker It was fun when you could have a healer Teemo or Zyra, really sad that they removed that.
Gabrielle Voelker
Gabrielle Voelker 2 aylar önce
Personally I dislike Moonstone for it's missed potential especially when compared to Athene's and the active-based support mythics (Shurelya's, Locket). Initially it was interesting for champions that don't usually heal/shield, but of course Riot phased that out. That "passive" takes away a lot of agency and while it encourages combat participation, constantly autoing the enemies while waiting for cooldowns is sometimes not the best course of action and in particular feels very awkward on champions with long attack windup animations.
Jorge P
Jorge P 2 aylar önce
They could make it a mythic, to avoid burst you buy Athena’s for long battles you go moonstone, it really felt like a mythic before they existed for supports with the passive
K FK 2 aylar önce
I loved that item because it made so satisfying playing support, every action matters for you big heal. It's what made me build cdr, no resistances and full ap on soraka instead of the tanky warmog I use now, sure this is safer... But back then it was exciting, I felt everything i did was impactful, now I feel like a potion that has to go back and forth and that's it.
MintyDarkFinger 2 aylar önce
Kassadin just hasn't been the champion I loved since RoA got removed, I'm so sad that an item with no real issues or problems for the game got removed when really it fit the AP Bruiser aesthetic they claimed they were going to make items for but never actually did. Just completely dumbfounded to this day that they removed RoA.
Jerome Pickles
Jerome Pickles 2 aylar önce
Twin shadows has to come back as an opposite to shurelyas, twins was removed due to glacial existing, once you had shurelyas and twin shadows you became the ultimate cc machine, see bard for example having no real way to build right now, because twin shadows was his core to play around along with his passive to permaslow the enemy team. Also in general theres too many movement enhancing things that won't allow you to catch someome off even with a rilays, see zeri and her ability to move at a higher speed than a ghosted champion with movement speed increasing abilities.
Mandra Gorius
Mandra Gorius Aylar önce
agreed, it also is one of the best items for ap junglers to get a strong gank with only them as a setup, aswell as it would be the ONLY reliable tool to check for the fun invisible champions, that have either infinite duration (akshan, eve) or close enough to infnite that it doesnt matter (rengar, twich in the jungle at least) it enables an actual proactive start versus stealth and camuflage
necho cat
necho cat 2 aylar önce
Bard is alqard to build necause no mythic actually helps his playstyle sue he can benefit from all of them but he gets bigger spikes with legendaries, he also got worse because of the amount of dmg assassins and fighters have nowdays now he can't survive their dmg with just dead man's plate
Mario Jorge
Mario Jorge Aylar önce
The Brutalizer had upgrade paths long long before being removed. It built into Yommu's Ghostblade at some point of its lifecycle. It was separated into two items because it was extremely cost effective.
Samuel Games
Samuel Games 2 aylar önce
Personally I'd LOVE to have things like Hextech (with a new active like a small armor/mr shred), will of the ancients (but it also includes magic damage), frozen mallet, Zz'rot portal, rod of the ages (and it gets its passive back from archangels or a new one), twin shadows and Athene's all came back. It feels like there is a serious gap in item choice for mages, AP fighters/bruisers and AP non-healer supports specifically compared to vast amount of options AD busier and ADCs have.
average katarina main
average katarina main 2 aylar önce
Would love to have gunblade back its annoying to adapt to a new build every patch
average katarina main
average katarina main 2 aylar önce
@Stephen Armstrong you should play wild rift in wild rift we have both gunblade and divine kat players tend to build divine vs bruiser/tanks over gunblade maybe we can nerf gunblade stats unlike katarina akali can stick to the enemy while kata needs to channel her ult where gunblade becomes very handy with the active (old gunblade was a stat checker item dont get me wrong but damn i miss it)
Kreeper Killer
Kreeper Killer 2 aylar önce
@Stephen Armstrong If every kat and akali would go gunblade and it made their wr go way up, then riot would nerf kat and akali to compensate. As for tanks not having enough items to counterbuild, every tank mythic has both armor and magic resist. Getting resistances. Plenty of champs, mostly tanks due to tank items dealing magic damage, deal a large spread of both magic and physical damage. Example of counterbuild: Sunfire, Mercury's Treads, Thornmail, Gargoyles.
Stephen Armstrong
Stephen Armstrong 2 aylar önce
@Kreeper Killer I agree that hybrid items are ok, I am basically a bruiser main (urgot/yorick) but with how both Akali and Katarina were basically s tier due to that item alone with the stuff in their kit making them s+ or s++ it was not fun to ever play against them. I disagree with the nashor's tooth example because unlike gunblade it is utilised by multiple champions (I can think of 5 right now: Teemo, Katarina, Azir, Varus, Kayle) whereas gunblade only had two champs that it was fully utilized on and for those champs it made them s tier mainly due to the specific hybrid damage + spell vamp combination. That combination is specifically problematic, I said why in my previous comment. Also for the point with kai'sa and corki them buying two items is better as it allows time for defensive oriented champions to get the health and resistances to deal with hybrid damage, also those champions have to actually sacrifice a second item slot which is more fair, defense builders for the most part have to do that if they really want high defensive stats.
Kreeper Killer
Kreeper Killer 2 aylar önce
@Stephen Armstrong Just because an item is good on certain champs doesn't mean that item shouldn't be in the game. Take Nashors Tooth, which is pretty much a core item for Azir and Teemo. Both of them build it almost every game because they are one of the few champs that can use all of the stats it provides. However, this does not make them broken or Nashors broken, because riot can nerf Teemo or Azir directly if the item makes them too strong. Personally, I would like hybrid items to be in the game because it offers more diversity in builds. Rather than being 100% AP or 100% AD, they could opt in to varrying levels of it. For example, Bruisers. Tanks like Ornn, Maokai, and Leona are _conceptually_ 100% durability and 0% damage, and Assassins like Rengar, Zed, and Qiyana are 100% damage and 0% durability. The game has champs that are in the middle called Bruisers, such as Aatrox, Darius, and Camile. These champs have both the ability to dish out some significant damage while also being able to take few more hits than Assassins. Imagine if there were no Bruiser items in league, and the champs that use them had to either go full tank, full damage, or get some items from both classes. My point is that hybrid items help fill in the niche that is needed to enhance the power fantasy of certain champs that could use them. Otherwise we'll keep getting builds like Corki or Kaisas, where champs take an AD item (in their case manamune) and an AP item (in their case ludens).
Stephen Armstrong
Stephen Armstrong 2 aylar önce
Gunblade is way too problematic to have back, it was just too efficient on Akali and Katarina. Like they lived and died by that item and for anyone playing against them it was very hard to itemise against them as they would just buy gunblade and then do 50-50 ap/ad damage (meaning even tanks would have to have 2 separate items to reduce both types of damage) while healing a lot of health, cause it also gave spell vamp which both could proc easily on both damage types
treymtz 2 aylar önce
This is my issue with one specific mythic. It does nothing but act as a stat stick. Riftmaker's passive can be summed up as magic pen, since it's true damage based on your damage. But since both the passive and omnivamp are dependent on your overall damage, its heavily skewed as a late game item that is bad as a first item. I would gut the omnivamp entirely and give it another passive that provides sustain more creatively.
Shadow Armor
Shadow Armor 2 aylar önce
Would definitely want Rod of Ages back. It was such a nice boost of Mana and AP and Health on Taric and Maokai. I miss it every time i play the two of them.
Josh 2 aylar önce
The removal of Rod of Ages was a giant mistake. There are a lot of AP champions that NEEDED those hyper-efficient stats. They should have found a way to work the item into their new philosophy.
Geo Aylar önce
Make it be AP Fighter kind of item that granted damage but also a lot of health like what riftmaker is supposed to be
Juria1987 2 aylar önce
I do miss Rod of Ages so much, there are too many magic champs that also need health to do their job. And there are some tanky magic damage types who would love to get mana and health stats together. Cho RoA for one...I always feel compelled to build frozen heart now days cause I NEED the extra mana not just cause I wanted the tanky stats while having some damage to go with it. I'd be less bothered if there were more Mana giving item options. Mana giving items are very limited in selection in general. And yes I know tanks got that mana tear item but still doesn't change the fact only 2 options is very limited. I'm not counting the mythic mana giving items cause then you locked out of whatever mythic item you would of built if you weren't worried about mana usage.
Resident Facehead
Resident Facehead Aylar önce
Interesting to watch as a Wild Rift player, considering we still have some of these items. (Athenes, Rod, Gunblade)
Jinkuzu 2 aylar önce
Bring back ROA, old seraphs (miss my shield and actual AP value), gunblade cus I loved it on Ahri and Kayle. I'd like static shiv back aswell, but one I can live without.
Geo Aylar önce
Bring back RoA, new version of seraphs, new version of gunblade / new hybrid damage item
Blast Furnace
Blast Furnace Aylar önce
Old Seraph actually gave Ryze value. The new one is just a stat stick.
Renaud Bergeron
Renaud Bergeron 2 aylar önce
Oh my God the Gunblade + Lich Bane Ahri/LeBlanc meta was one of my favourites.
Khada Jhin
Khada Jhin 3 gün önce
In all honesty, I'd take a return of DFG if they swapped in for Night Harvester. Especially after the durability update certain AP Assassins struggle to do their job and either become irrelevant in non-proplay (LeBlanc) or they go tank (Diana). I'd just like to see variety back into the items, since in that department the shop overhaul was a total flop with a few exceptions.
Ty2999 2 aylar önce
wouldn't hextech gunblade be a mythic like the rest of the hextechs? make it give you ap and ad per item? and the ability can be some form of it's active
Ty2999 2 aylar önce
@Aaron Scarff tbh I feel like nigh harvester gets out classed by luden's echo, since it gives about the same speed but more of an aoe damage
Aaron Scarff
Aaron Scarff 2 aylar önce
Honestly Night harvester is such a bad item, just give something similar to its active to gunblade, and then change up the stat line + mythic passive Voila, modern gunblade
Mesarthim 2 aylar önce
I want Athene's Unholy Grail back :c It was such a fun item to use (damage = more heals) and gave really nice stats like AP, Mana regen, CDR and more importantly Magic Resist, which right now, only Mikael's Blessing has for enchanter champions, a very situational and hard to use item (I personally always forget it when I buy it). Bringing it back would add more options for enchanters since right now, they're pretty limited to 3/4 items being Moonstone/Shurelya (/maybe Imperial mandate) for Mythics and Chemtech Putrifier, Staff of Flowing Water/Ardent Censer, Redemption and Vigilant Wardstone for Legendaries, which is extremely repetitive compared to the other classes. This item was a lot more interactive than Moonstone (even if I like moonstone, I won't lie on the fact that it's pretty boring) and could add crazy support values, more heals for healers like Sona and Soraka and a lot more utility for shielding supports like Lux, Karma or even Renata Glasc now that she's in the game! Not t
Blast Furnace
Blast Furnace Aylar önce
Toplane items are at their most boring. Buy Sunderer/Gauntlet or maybe Riftmaker if your name is Morde or Gwen, buy the resistance boots, get Titanic Hydra if you're a damage dealer, otherwise get more resistances or Warmog. I swear this shop feels way more repetitive than the other one.
Digala 2 aylar önce
Kog'Maw, Kayle, Katarina, Akali, Jax, Teemo, Yasuo, Nasus... I think the list for Gunblade-usable champions can be expanded by quite a bit still, but for a few in my opinion it was very important. I loved the item along Rod of Ages :/
Mandra Gorius
Mandra Gorius Aylar önce
i always wished they changed the active of gunblade, because it did degenerate into just a free damage proc for assasins that scale with both if they´d made it something scaling with fight duration and a non-burst stat it would be cool, but share a niche with riftmaker
Hei DTB 2 aylar önce
I remember when i tried to make a build using the most useless items work (ZZ'Rod, Banner, Ohmwrecker) and they basically only gave Ressistances Well, it worked really well with Rammus
Hirogens 2 aylar önce
Thinking about it, I wouldn't mind seeing Atma back. I don't really know how to tweak it but I am sure it would be a nice option for bruisers. I also think that moonstone should be more similar to athene's unholy grail so it would feel more fair.
Anonymus 01
Anonymus 01 2 aylar önce
Statik shiv was removed for no reason imo. It was a item with a specific purpose: to help crit Champs that struggle with wave clear. And it wasn't especially frustrating to play against
Umimugo Aylar önce
Arguably, runaan's fulfills this role now
Punyavee Naunlaong
Punyavee Naunlaong Aylar önce
I miss my statik shiv ezreal and sivir by a lot.
Mandra Gorius
Mandra Gorius Aylar önce
i dont think it was for no reason, the more the game goes the more waveclear get´s added and if statik shiv stayed, no adc would ever struggle with waveclear again i still miss it though and wish it was back
Lomv400 Aylar önce
I really miss adaptive helm and imo it was a perfect item: It wasnt a blind pick every game but it in certain situations it was a perfect fit - i really miss this counter pick and was my secret weapon in URF😊
Penguiking 2 aylar önce
RoA could've easily been changed to fit in more, especially since some champions relied heavily on it, like my Bird. That and it gave the necessary health for her to not get blown up and it provided decent sustain and didn't cost as much as Demonic Embrace, which was a good replacement till they took the defense stats off it in favor of; you guest it! More damn damage.... As if Mages don't need defensive items besides zhonyas, which sometimes is more of a hinderance than helpful, and banshees, an item that can easily be proc'd with a basic ability so they can use CC.
Devin Aylar önce
Twin shadows, it's a perfect item and had it's good uses. Could definitely be played off as a new mythic
Kamikaze Lemming
Kamikaze Lemming 2 aylar önce
I want Ohmwrecker and Banner of Command to make a return. They were my go-too items, whenever I played a tank.
Geo Aylar önce
Zz'rot should make a return and fulfills the same spot of banner. I do believe they used to have it so one of them was more MR and the other more Armour
necho cat
necho cat 2 aylar önce
@MrCooljeppe ohmerecker just has the wrong set of stats give it some ad and it's broken
almisami 2 aylar önce
Banner of Command was my go-to when I wanted to roam out of top. Good times...
vele d
vele d 2 aylar önce
They added hullbrecker for these 2 items
MenwithHill 2 aylar önce
I'm so nostalgic for banner. These were the days.
Dunkan85 2 aylar önce
I've thought about this recently, but Moonflair Spellblade would be *amazing* to have back. 50 AP, 50 Armor, 50 Magic Resist and 35 Tenacity. There's virtually no items left in the game that give dual resists outside of Tank Mythics (It's literally *just* Gargoyle's Stoneplate if you're not looking to sidelane for the rest of your life) This would also be an amazing item for AP bruisers to pick up nowadays and I would genuinely love to have it on Mordekaiser.
Geo Aylar önce
What did active do?
Dark Ghoost
Dark Ghoost 2 aylar önce
@snake in a box? first one seems like a solid mythic option and the second one gave 35 ap it would probs be a balanced legendary item option
Jinxβorne 2 aylar önce
@xolotltolox Enters Fizz
Light DRGN20
Light DRGN20 2 aylar önce
@Dark Ghoost are you telling me that Kat shouldn't be able to proc hydra in 360° at once?
snake in a box?
snake in a box? 2 aylar önce
ok so ,, the comets have said that yah ap mages and assasins will go wild with it . 50 armor and mr + 35% tenasity it gives ap based on 5% of your armor and Mr (so toughly 25-30 for assasins and 45-50 ap on tanks , and-35-40 on ap bruisers ) its just rammus will abuse it like he does Thronmail , but let rammus be op ... and thats just OK and also i whold love it if we had a few tank and ap bruiser Sheen items tank sheen Mountain Braker 400 hp 40 armor 7% move speed Sheen - sheen affect deals a extra 3% of your max hp + 4% bonus Hp magic damage . it chold be a Juggernot item to layer on top with stridebraker , so champions that love useing sheen , but need a slow againts ranged top laners or ranged enemys have a slow and a sheen effect + a bit of speed . ap bruiser Sheen inster name 400 hp 45 ap 20 haste Sheen - sheen affect deals 30-115 ( lv1-18 ) + 4% bonus hp + 10% bonus Magic resist and armor . using defensive scaling to reduce the damage mages and assassins do with it . but Battle mages who build Rift maker , Demonic , Ever frost , Ryalay , so on . Good item for Shyvana and Cho gath also .
Never Ending Party
Never Ending Party 2 aylar önce
I would love rod of ages to come back it was super fun on choagth and some mages. It just helps with scaling but it wasn't insane
Sspectre 2 aylar önce
I miss Zz’rot portal and Banner, it was a pretty good way to put pressure on a lane. Loved doing that with Bard
Dead Soul Gamer
Dead Soul Gamer 2 aylar önce
Zz'rot was my go to last item on bard if the games last long enough
Stanislav Megued
Stanislav Megued 2 aylar önce
Same, but with Heimer
Jõao Deidas
Jõao Deidas Aylar önce
lets be real, if the sanguine passive acted like his replacement whereas when you are without your team than the passive work, instead of "if there is only one enemy" then the item would be fantastic
selimgnr 2 aylar önce
I always loved old hybrid items old guinsoo, hextech and triforce(when it had 30ap on it). But if i were to pick only one item to choose i would choose rod of ages. Just because buying 5 rods were realy fun :D you could be cho gath level of tanky while having unlimited mana and decent amount of ap.
Josué Morera
Josué Morera 2 aylar önce
Sanguine blade was perfect for Rengar, atk sp for farming jungle and damage plus pen.. It was a game changing item if you played around it
SephirothSlayer11 2 aylar önce
I would return Rod of Ages and buff its scaling but double its change time over to 20 minutes from 10. Depending on how well it goes I may even add a scaling 0-10% Omnivamp to the item. The reason is that this item was always meant to be the definitive late game scaling mage item. So I want to lean more into that aspect and give strong late game stats while increasing your vulnerability time to be more than just lane phase. I understand that it will be hard to play after lane phase but before it upgrades but, to me, that’s kinda the whole point of a scaling champion. Very hard early game for a (more-or-less) guaranteed late game if your investment pays off.
TheMycelle 2 aylar önce
The only problem they had to fix on it was the " not unique " passive .
vele d
vele d 2 aylar önce
You need reduce the time to 5 min becuz the games are ending too fast. So you can use its passive easier.
Lautaro Moreno
Lautaro Moreno 2 aylar önce
Hey Vars. Yesterdat I had a debate with friends about old vs new runes. They said they liked the old ones, while I gave several arguments against the old system as a whole. Maybe all that could make an interesting video topic. Pros vs cons of both systems.
Geo Aylar önce
The one where you had to spend resources to get extra stats? That shouldn't return
Renaud Bergeron
Renaud Bergeron 2 aylar önce
@Maddog Fervor gave a lot more AD: up to 8 AD per stack, with eight stacks, for a total of 64 AD, whereas Conqueror gives max 32 AD. Also, Conqueror hasn't had true damage for a while now lol.
TheOnkyFTW 2 aylar önce
I miss the 1% crit chance cheese
The Great Omnissiah
The Great Omnissiah 2 aylar önce
@Lautaro Moreno the old buyable runes obviously had to change, since it was purely gatekeeping for new players. however i think the old runes offered far more flexibility and potentially different playstyles, especially so for less viable jungle champs
Lautaro Moreno
Lautaro Moreno 2 aylar önce
@Maddog no, in fact they were defending the old buyable runes lol. But I think it would be interesting also for new players who didn't even know them.
ByeGuys Sry
ByeGuys Sry 2 aylar önce
I think it's interesting to see some of these items returning to Wild Rift, even if they were removed later lol
EnderPryde 2 aylar önce
You missed the other unique passive of ROA - Eternity. It was *also* a sustain item for mages expecting to take chip damage, and looking to outlast an opponent. It was just like... the perfect item for so many different angles of play, that it's just plain annoying that it got removed. Also, gunblade was the only spell vamp item for the longest time, so some sustain mages (like Vladimir) still picked it up regardless of its AD
Space Queen
Space Queen Aylar önce
Possibly he forgot about it cuz it was a relatively late change to it. RoA didnt always have that passive, it wasn't until they removed Catalyst from Righteous Glory's recipe and changed it into Catalyst of Aeons.
Thirsty Skeleton
Thirsty Skeleton 2 aylar önce
Statki shiv would be amazing on Zeri , basically 2 separate sources of aoe dmg with her ult
Kaijvera 2 aylar önce
ZZrot portal for sure. I always loved it so much, and it never felt too strong unlike command, and it gives tanks just anouther item to go if they need it, instead of only get tankier.
X33 Ultrasound
X33 Ultrasound 2 aylar önce
If he's to mention sword of the occult. Then he must also mention the tank version of this too. I forgot the name, but it gave HP and at max stacks it gave more HP than Warmogs and 15% damage reduction.
pup Aylar önce
@Citizen CJ Also at the time it was in the game warmogs gave 980hp and some health Regen and had a passive that gave more hp and Regen on minion kills and it could stack with another warmogs that could have its own stacks.
pup Aylar önce
@Citizen CJ It gave 180hp then 32hp per stack for a total of 820hp
Citizen CJ
Citizen CJ Aylar önce
Leviathan was a fucking disaster of balance. It literally gave you 1500 health and 15% damage reduction. Disgusting.
Geo Aylar önce
Remove dark seal and mejais
ddddirge 2 aylar önce
Leviathan returning is bad idea, it stacks counter itself, unlike Sword of the Occult or Mejai... 🤔🤔🤔
nand reniers
nand reniers Aylar önce
i'd love to have static shivv back in the game it was so nice to be able to two shot entire minions waves bcs of it's passive
Ervo Aylar önce
Bring back Rod of Ages as a mythic item whose stats scales with every legendary item you have, that would be a very cool mythic passive Wouldn't be the first mythic passive that affects the stats of the mythic item itself, Locket of the Iron Solari has something similar
Bryton Dodds
Bryton Dodds 2 aylar önce
I miss my icy hammer so I'd love to see it return. All it would need to keep ranged top laners from over-exploiting it would be a considerably reduced slow for ranged units, or maybe RIot can do what they used to do certain bruiser items and make it only purchasable by melee champs.
Geo Aylar önce
If people want to play marksmen and build them bruisery instead of glass cannon, that is completely fine to me. Seeing how scared backliners play due to the amount of damage is just sad
Eric Wolf
Eric Wolf 2 aylar önce
I would argue that Teemo's and Urgot's abuse of Frozen Mallet should have caused it to melee only getting the slow effectively. Trying to play the bulky divers/bruiser playstyle doesn't really work the same unless you come with tank levels of initiation. Also it helped you achieve the possibility of reaching the ttk threshold without exploding. Also did they ever butcher IBG so that they would never see ezreal build it again.......
Blast Furnace
Blast Furnace Aylar önce
What, would Frozen Malet make Garen that OP ?
Eric Wolf
Eric Wolf 2 aylar önce
@Mr. Joesterr That would depend on the iteration of rylai's. Regardless his bias against ranged tops, while understandable as a top main, just leaves a lot of older melee divers that would utilize it to make the relatively light CC in their kit's work not working. Without it they are relegated to a splattering of mediocrity across the assassin, split pusher, or juggernaut if they aren't compensated with an even bigger stat stick in most cases.
Mr. Joesterr
Mr. Joesterr 2 aylar önce
To be fair rylais is better than mallet on teemo.
EqualEyes 2 aylar önce
The ROA as a mythic idea is GENIUS I want them to do that immediately actually
SorcererUB 2 aylar önce
One of the best things about RoA was it regenning health when you cast spells and regenning mana when you took damage
Clifford Koontz
Clifford Koontz 2 aylar önce
I was thinking about roa today. I think it could be reintroduced as a heavy scaling mythic.
Aron M
Aron M 2 aylar önce
Rod of ages was my favorite item, they need to bring it back
Yan Yan
Yan Yan 2 aylar önce
I would bring back roa as a mythic that locks out tear items, it was good stats, mana and health, the heal on mana spent was the best it had, allowed for battle mages to stay in the fight rather than relying on a limited healthpool sience the could heal a bit. Seraphs embrace is great at that now (the reason why it should lock tear items, unless we are okay with a demonics embrace + liandry situatuon)
El Mostacho Juanoh
El Mostacho Juanoh Aylar önce
I would love if ohmwrecker active were to force nearby towers to attack you while having a passive that reduces damage taken while under a enemy tower. Imagine Leona or Rell with aftershock disabling a tower while taking 100 damage per shot
TsuyamumeTheFox 2 aylar önce
Honestly I feel like they should bring back sword of the occult so that ad champs have a cheap snowball item like mages. I also feel like gunblade should come back but just replace the active with a passive that applies the slow when an ability hits an enemy champ and gives bonus movement speed towards them instead of a dash and give it a reasonable cooldown. Twin shadows would be nice to have back too and was perfectly fine as it was imo. I kind of want to be able to build multiple of certain mythics on some champions so maybe bringing back non mythic versions of items that have slightly worse stats and no mythic passive could be cool too. Getting liandrys, ludens, protobelt, and twin shadows as a build again on ahri would feel so nice.
Diamond Frieza
Diamond Frieza Aylar önce
feral flare, exactly as it was on patch 4.2. no changes needed it was literally the perfect item
LooneyMar Aylar önce
As someone whose favorite Heroes of Newerth hero was Oogie who had a steroid ult that was essentially an uncapped version of a catalyst/RoA passive (heal for mana spent, get mana for damage taken), i really wish to see this passive to come back in a stronger iteration either as a mythic or a keystone
SilverSRC 21 gün önce
I truly think riot should add Ohmwrecker back into the game, i feel like it could be added back in as sort of a AP Hullbreaker while having different properties. Ohmwrecker: 10% cooldown reduction +60 AP +100 health +500 mana Passive: Soul Distribution - All minions are given armor and magic resist scaling with 5% ability power, while this buff is active theyre atk speed is slowed by 0.25. The up-keep for this is 10 mana per sec Active: Soul Collector - Selecting a minion with this active puts them in a "storage" only 5 (small) minions can be inside at a time (2 canon minions will fill this space). The up-keep for this "storage" is 40 mana every sec This item is only available for champions who have mana. Should the user run out of mana, the effects will cease immediately
Crab | KFP animal expert
I would bring buyable wards. As of now, the relic just having 2 charges and long cooldowns makes it a bit of a pain to ward with them. I know vision is extremely powerful (we won a game were I was like 1/10 because I was warding every single corner of the jungle) but sometimes I just don't wanna use my trinket because i don't know when I should actually use it because if i use it and gets inmediately destroyed, then I have to wait a ton of time to place another one and I'll be death. An item I don't wanna see coming back tho is frozen mallet. I main both Warwick AND Quinn and that thing in both of their hands would be a nightmare. Yeah, glad it is gone
darkfire1408 Aylar önce
@Crab | KFP animal expert with Quinn, it'll reduce galeforce cd, and you don't have to give up ms for it. It'll also reduce cd for thing you don't usually think of like edge of nights spellshield and umbrel glaive's sweeper, as well as guardian angel, which can be really useful.
Crab | KFP animal expert
@darkfire1408 that sounds good, but sometimes the builds that I use don't help me that much. Like, yeah I can use that, but I'll have to sacrifice other things like Ult CD or Movement speed. It might work for some people, but not for me at least
darkfire1408 Aylar önce
Item haste. Go ingenious hunter and cosmic insight and you'll have wards pouring out of your ears. Pair it with a mythic with an active, like rocketbelt, ludens, night harvester, prowlers claw, and you'll get more use out of it.
Slices of SIB
Slices of SIB Aylar önce
Yes please make some items come back to League. Spear of Shojin, Gunblade and Rod of Ages are a must! it could be adjusted to the meta but new items would be great as well! ROA is similar to an ap Hullbreaker.
vCrypt 2 aylar önce
I'd like to see zz'rot back, I like summoner classes and with zz'rot anyone could be a summoner. Problem is people don't like getting killed by ai (yet they're fine with yi clicking on them and instantly removing them with a botrk)
Frosty_Mentos Aylar önce
Rod of ages was one of best things out there for mage sustain and power growth, the archangels doesn't feel as great
Ok Mm
Ok Mm Aylar önce
in my opinion gunblade wouldve been a perfect mythic. just make the active do like 100 dmg with 50%decaying slow and 10% dmg amp. mythic passive could be ap3 ad3 or an adaptive power
Siriel 2 aylar önce
I just miss the extra life steal from Gunblade combined with a lot of qol it gave, especially on Morgana Mid, the active made it so easy to land Morg Q's, the life steal just amplified her sustain and the little ad is nice for extended trades and last hitting. It just made her the perfect blind pick. Also Twinshadows were a must buy for me on support, it just made it so much saver to go for deepwards.
Nachtigall 2 aylar önce
Oh my I totally forgot about Twin Shadows existence. I loved building this item on AP supports. Like Brand or Zyra. I wish it came back but it would propably be broken af nowadays.
JediNad 2 aylar önce
What I don't understand is why every time riot tries to implement something good, it always comes at the cost of something. They make items more clear and defined, but they remove lots of the 'fun' items. Items you would just build becuse they where funny not becuse they where good. Same thing can be said for the removal of omnistone. They wouldn't loose anything keeping it, it was just something to use for fun.
Geo Aylar önce
Never played with Omnistone, would rather have it over Klepto as OP but no fun
Cookie Holiday
Cookie Holiday Aylar önce
Twin shadows for sure. That paired with shurelya's, swiftness boots and the old ardent censor that gave move speed was my go to Janna build. So many fond memories of rushing around the map saving teammates. These days I feel like I'm on crutches.
viktor mizak
viktor mizak 2 aylar önce
i feel like rod of ages should come back as a mythic with its growing power effecting its mythic passive.
The Fallen Angel Raven
Zz'rot being removed breaks my heart. Zz'rot, ROA, and Frozen Mallet should be brought back. They were amazing.
Rextron Aylar önce
rod of ages got replaced by everfrost. everfrost gives mana HP and has a mythic passive that gives a lot of ap as you get items. also spear if sojourn could be a cool item to add back if you used it's tft version. an item that gives mana on hit is a cool idea and it could be ap or ad but ad would make more sense from the visuals. the only problem is essence reaver kinda already does that for crit champions but an non crit item that gave you mana on hit or for using spells. could be a cool idea. if the item gave ap health and the mana regeneration for just doing damage then Cassiopeia and swain could not go 1 fight before running out of mana and could not have to rush build mana as fast as possible. I wouldn't make it very much maybe like 20 for each hit of an ability or attack. just an idea also I would just like a way for mages to get mana back other then the pot because that isn't something you by until you are full build or right at the end of the game. also would make playing Aram as them not required to have a guardian orb even at full build or you just run out of mana so fast. idk how balanced it would be but from my casual player and someone who plays with and against iron to platinum players depending on which friend I am playing with I don't think it would be busted or a bad addition. an item that you trade mana sustain for a more useful passive the stats don't have to be bad and it would be a good option as a second item for Cassiopeia Swain maybe Ryze and some other champions that have mana issues all game and not just early game. the only champs I can think of are Cassiopeia and Swain that fit that criteria. kassiden maybe but his W does what the item does by better and the 20 I said would be nothing to him. it could also scale with level going from 10 to 30 or something but idk not a Dev just someone with ideas.
Deku 2 aylar önce
I kinda want to see something like divine edge maybe while it’s active is on cooldown you only get half the stats instead of no stats any taking up a slot. We kinda see something similar with hullbreaker where it has conditional stats.
Gibran Boddie
Gibran Boddie Aylar önce
I would add back Rod of ages and Sword of the occult. For sword of the occult, I would take away the stacks you get on purchase, and make it so you lose 5 stacks every death. For rod of the ages, I would just straight up make it a mythic item, but since it is so expensive, make its upgraded form obtained via stacks. Would probably make stacks attainable by casting spells.
Macio Chambers
Macio Chambers 2 aylar önce
Definitely sanguine blade although I would take out the lethality and give it omnivap because as it stands there are only two items that both ad and ap can buy for a attack speed and barely any items that have attack speed that don't have crit a touch to it I would also change quick blades to not be based off a critical strikes but abilities instead using one ability lowers the cooldown of another except ultimate maybe Auto attacks but I would need to test that to see if it will be broken
Do you Even music?
Do you Even music? Aylar önce
5:15 Brutalizer used to be build into black cleaver and ghostblade at some point so it was pretty op in my opinion back in the day
Charlie Voyager
Charlie Voyager 2 gün önce
Atma's Impaler, the Old Athene's (for mages) and wriggle's lantern are my 3 most missed items :D
Cassie Mckenzie
Cassie Mckenzie 2 aylar önce
I definitely miss rod of ages but the rest I think were removed for a good reason.
RY Alonso
RY Alonso 2 aylar önce
Fun fact: with the healing nerfs, u heal more as kayle supp if u do a item with 8% healing and shielding buff and then a nasor
Sam Brockett
Sam Brockett 2 aylar önce
love the vid, but one thing to note is that Everfrost is a mage item that grants both health and mana 7:40
1Marius Aylar önce
Statikk Shiv, I just miss it. Beside RFC, PD, Runans and Mortal Reminder it was a great addition to the zeal item collection. It made waveclear so much easier and it wasn't that bad when playing against it. It felt like one of the most comfort items to play with and against.
Deadly VPhantom
Deadly VPhantom 2 gün önce
I hope that when Rod get added, champs like Ryze and Kassadin will no go everfrost as often now.
Crimson 2 aylar önce
love how tinjus is the only one with sanguine, my most favorite build on kha ever since he showed the potential with hob + sanguine but I would have to argue that the ONLY reason why ohmwrecker is considered "most useless item" is when RIOT decided to require minions for tower to have reduce resistance (pre season 6 iirc). Had they not done that, ohmwrecker would still be viable (albeit niche considering trick2g is the only one that built the item)
Christopher Moody
Christopher Moody 2 aylar önce
while i do miss rod of ages i must say if I had to choose an item to bring back it would be zz'rot. i didnt even know it existed until now and it sounds awesome
Kaya Bax
Kaya Bax 2 aylar önce
Not an old item, but they should change Nashors into a mythic with a passive like the old wit's end. The ones that purchase it revolve around it more often than not anyways. People that buy riftmaker usually buy it because there is nothing better for them and it's often in combination with Nashors too.
andresio2 2 aylar önce
I remember when Aegis rush on Ahri was actually meta and that every mage benefited from the item in some way.
DoubleMallow 2 aylar önce
I miss when gragas was still able to be a decent AP bruiser in season 10 while ROA was still a thing. He's one of my mains from back in the day and not having ROA to supplement his poor healing that got nerfed to only scale with AP and not also scale with health may as well been the final nail in the coffin for the viability of taking bruiser gragas builds into anything above silver... :(
Herrscher killer
Herrscher killer 2 aylar önce
Static Sheev, As a mythic item that would give the average stats of a mythic item that would play that AOE effect it had and an anti engage active that damages and slows all the enemies around the target.
ChronoRogue Aylar önce
Athene's should definitely comeback. You could argue Moonstone covers it's space, but it's basically burst (athene) vs dot (moonstone) healing. Plus I really loved the unique passive of converting mana regen into free ap as a mini rabadon, made building some of the utility items like mikeal not feel as bad. Athene also still exists Wild Rift, so I find it hard to believe it's really against Riots item design policy. "different game, different rules" is a lame excuse IMO since they share a lot similarities for a reason.
Twisted Pivoter
Twisted Pivoter 17 gün önce
I think RoA would be a great alternative to mejai's as a safer option for the cost of slightly less AP. Mejai's gives a ton of AP once fully stacked but can be hard reset if killed and is only useful if you can snowball, and once you get it, the ennemy team will most likely ping it and focus you down making you useless for the rest of the game since you now deal no damage and can't get it stacked up again in most scenarios. With RoA you get less AP but still a fair amount of it with no condition and health making you keep up with the lead of your lane opponent while being a bit more. tricky to kill. Overall a safer option to get consistant leads instead of a huge lead you can and will lose at some point. Also can be used to counter mejai's if you get behind in lane, making it harder for the mejai user to build more lead of off you specificaly. In the end, you'll still die to mejai's but it will require a longer fight and more skill from the mejai user to build more lead from killing you. I think it would be a very healthy addition in the current state of the game for both getting ahead and not falling too much behind
Blue Avalon
Blue Avalon 2 aylar önce
Rod of ages on Morgana was my favorit item. i was so sad when they removed it. it was good and it became a bit better after a while. and getting it as early as possible to have it stackted to max was a litle side game i had (better than the new missions).
Geo Aylar önce
Don't see why people go AP on Morgana the hero looks like she deals no damage
MiuIruma 2 aylar önce
Rod of ages need to come back, but I think it's a balanced item so it doesn't need any changes
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