Should a healthy Dak Prescott start for Cowboys despite Cooper Rush's success? | NFL | UNDISPUTED 

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Cooper Rush led the Dallas Cowboys to his third straight win since stepping in at starting quarterback for the injured Dak Prescott. Rush had 223 yards against the Washington Commanders and threw for two touchdowns. Dak is reportedly eyeing a return next week against the Los Angeles Rams but Jerry Jones said he was unsure if Prescott would be ready to go. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe debate whether Dak should start in Week 5 against the Rams if he is ready.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
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Should a healthy Dak Prescott start for Cowboys despite Cooper Rush's success? | NFL | UNDISPUTED
• Should a healthy Dak P...
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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2 Eki 2022




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@UndisputedOnFS1 Yıl önce
Listen to Whats Wright with Nick Wright: sprtspod.fox/WhatsWright_YT
@averybrooks2099 Yıl önce
Shannon has been growing on me over the years, I'm a Cowboys fan but I like hearing a sobering view from someone else trusted. It's hard to listen to Skip because when our team stinks it's hard for him to back off. Skip threw Dak's jersey in the trash the last time he counted on Dak so I understand why he is bias. I like Cooper but not as much as Skip.
If it's not broken don't fix it bench overrated Dak 🧐🚬
Shannon bro Dak in or out You talking big picture .. the big picture doesn’t come together week5 bruh .. quit trying to instigate bruh !!! Quit hating !!! You trying to get skipps feathers ruffled!!
Guys, I just found you and am already so impressed!!!!!! You make quite the engaging pair.
Didn’t romo lose his job the same way?
@rubens4210 Yıl önce
Skip is lucky to cover sports for 50 plus years and still see things he’s never seen before on a weekly basis
@DuckDaPhillyFan Yıl önce
@evh4611 Yıl önce
@cubano316 Yıl önce
I was there!! 😆
@BlackKen_M Yıl önce
@lenhalz8086 Yıl önce
Cooper Rush came back from being down all the way from a 6 - 7 deficit. You're absolutely right Skip, I too have never seen anything like that before in my life 😂😂😂😂😂
@matz3rr982 Yıl önce
This was the comment I was looking for - comedy gold
@misslinda1115 Yıl önce
@Cdula190 Yıl önce
I died laughing when Sharpe said “REALLY SKIP”
@johnmurphy6928 Yıl önce
The Peppermint discussion was freaking hilarious
@cactusjack2264 Yıl önce
As a Cowboys fan and someone with sense, I would say that it makes sense to keep Cooper Rush as the starting QB and keep Dak out for at least another week. We need to ride this wave of momentum, Cooper has gotten comfortable at QB and looking good right now, I believe we should bring Dak back against Philly in Week 6 or Week 7 if Cooper gets the job done against the Rams.
Dak can come in if the game is out of pocket if we are losing in the 4th with not come back, Dak will be rusty being out multiple game's and we get ready the 4 and 1 Eagles they gone lose this Sunday which is a win for Dallas if Dallas defense do what they are going to TheRams[ Them Rams took 1980 NFC from us No love lost. The season is long let breath The best Dallas fan that we are. I love My Boys.
We beat The Rams this week we will be The honorary mentionable champ because we both teams that when to the Superbowl last year/ They really the same ol' Sorry Rams with a Superbowl lol The pressure is on Rams this Sunday and 50% their SoFi will Southern California Dallas Cowboys fans --- The real Superbowl is Dallas vs Philadelphia in Prime Sunday after next in mid season. Go Cowboys Go Babyyyy!
Cooper is looking good and why would they fix somethi g thats working. I see a young brady when he started games and who knows, everybody says rush doesnt have the talent to take the cowboys to a higher ceiling but weve seen it even with foles.
@CrazyTyler1000 Yıl önce
@@alexdelgadillo4860 you are delusional if you see a young Brady in Rush. Dudes already 29 lol
@@CrazyTyler1000 lol idk what’s wrong with these fans bro
@bDoc848 Yıl önce
Hats off to Rush for playing and beating the teams on the schedule. That's what he was supposed to do as a backup QB. Now going forward the Cowboys should let Rush play against the Rams even if Dak is ready. If he starts to stink it up before halftime then make a change to Dak. That would be a natural progression back to QB1 plus it gives Dak more time to heal. If Rush continues doing well then you ride him out with the same mentality of pulling him if he stinks it up at least until the bye. Then if Dak starts stinking it up at that point then my friends we have a QB controversy.
@ryanr20091 Yıl önce
sounds fair to me
A month ago you and everyone else were saying he'd be lucky, and had done great, if he could just win ONE game. Well he's won all THREE. Clowns.
@ryanr20091 Yıl önce
@@19thnervousbreakdown80 you know they are going to continue to move the goalpost
@johngrant3836 Yıl önce
IDEALLY.., that's what every team HOPES their Backup QB can accomplish; however.., REALISTICALLY, that's absolutely NOT what happens in the overwhelming majority of cases... LOL! I do agree, however, that Rush should remain their starter until he becomes notably ineffective (if that happens). Dak has been given more than enough opportunities to lead the Cowboys, whereas Rush has taken full advantage of the FOUR Starts that involuntarily fell into his lap.
@johngrant3836 Yıl önce
@@19thnervousbreakdown80... not EVERYONE... HA!
@jamal10452 Yıl önce
Skip on Cooper Rush "I don't SEE any flaws. Shannon "well, you gonna SEE him on the bench" 😂😂😂😂
On G that had me rolling but anyway In Rush We Trust
@ms2bloved126 Yıl önce
when shannon used the peppermint analogy i lost it 🤣
@KinoPop_ Yıl önce
I died when Shannan said, “Really, Skip?” after Skip said the Giants are good.
@keithb7240 Yıl önce
Giants are 3-1 and have a top 10 scoring defense. And their offense gets more yards and scores more than Dallas. Those are just facts as of now.
@KinoPop_ Yıl önce
@@michaelplowman8674 Yo, it's not always about the stats. Cowboys beat the Giants 23-16, with Cooper Rush against a so-called first-round QB.
@@KinoPop_ It's about the stats or it's not. Joe Flacco and Trent Dilfer won Super Bowls. Teams can only play who they are scheduled to play. I know the success has been due to Dallas D. But let's not pretend Rush hasn't beaten 2 top 10 scoring defenses so far in NYG and CIN. I don't think the Giants stay there, but it's who they are now. Right now, they have the 8th best record in the NFL.
“And you like it cause you ain’t got no other candy “😂😂😂😂😂😂
@paleo704 Yıl önce
Cooper Rush has been mistake free this season. Sensational
@lesurlately9311 Yıl önce
Did you miss last weeks interception?
@VetteGetsEmWet Yıl önce
Would have had 4 INTs so far if defenders could catch like Diggs.
@norselegend3 Yıl önce
@@VetteGetsEmWet three against Washington alone
@kidwave1 Yıl önce
The 7 year long Dak Prescott experiment is a FAILURE! Move the F ON!
@samjordan5342 Yıl önce
He threw 2 INTs against Washington that got called back due to penalties that really had no impact on the play
@nick0liver446 Yıl önce
Never wanted to resign dak. I'd keep rush in there
@mrhoffler1 Yıl önce
A 29yo back up? Doesn't seem like a great plan... nowor for future
@leatherface964 Yıl önce
The same Cooper Rush that made the practice squad. 🤦🏾‍♂️ The offense has not looked that good with Rush in there. Have not hit 30 yet. Cowboys had #1 offense last year with Dak
@DZ302-Z28 Yıl önce
@@mrhoffler1 Dak is ALSO 29.
@kidwave1 Yıl önce
The 7 year long Dak Prescott experiment is a FAILURE! Move the F ON!
@dc4ldc4l94 Yıl önce
@@leatherface964 say it again cause clearly they’re not watching these Cowboys games
@michael2white Yıl önce
What people are missing is the team is playing complimentary football with Cooper Rush at QB. When Dak is in they feel the need to throw the ball 40 times a game and it doesn't synergize with the great defense. If Dak played exactly how Rush is playing.. just solid consistent football with maybe a big throw down the field every now and then they could be a scary team.
@HypRWarfAre Yıl önce
YES. If they just playcalled the same with dak that they do with Rush it'll be cake because Dak is a better overall passer than Rush.
@nlvassassin Yıl önce
Kellen moore is a trash oc regardless of either qb. His play calling is very predictable
@ceejordan9649 Yıl önce
I think it goes further than just complimentary football. The biggest thing is those penalties. They had 10 in week 1. They spent the whole game 2nd long or 3rd & forever. The last 3 weeks, penalties been at a minimum. It's hard to win games when u constantly play behind the chains from pre snap penalties. Any competent QB can have success if he lives in 3rd & manageable situations.
Bro ur right but Lemme help u out a lil. When Dak played how rush was playing he was an mvp candidate in the first half of the season! So this isn’t even a question!
@eddieturner431 Yıl önce
Yes but he can't throw down field.
@BradJohannsen Yıl önce
"I've never seen anything like it" Didn't Dak do this to Romo?
@IP1115 Yıl önce
yup so it's Rush turn to do it do Dak.
@MrPiccalo3000 Yıl önce
😂and he was saying it then, “Dakota Rayne Prescott” lol now he’s “middle of the pack Dak “
@misaelfraga8196 Yıl önce
All I know is with Copper Rush I see a dominant defense and an offense that is run oriented plus the play option= winning formula.
@yrnmike7837 Yıl önce
Gotta give Cooper Rush his credit‼️✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾💯
@whzpoor Yıl önce
Shannon killing it right at the end 🤣 "dat aint much!"
@VBarr33 Yıl önce
No way we're going to say Cowboys are winning based on our QB. We have an outstanding defense this year. Dak can put up these numbers but last year, our defense would be giving up 30 points each game. We need Rush to not give away the game and that's what he's doing. Dak knows the offense better and if he was playing without the pressure of being down, he can be better.
@matz3rr982 Yıl önce
This. Shannon makes such a good point with max 14 points allowed - still Skip talks about Cooper Rush winning the game after being down 7-6😂
@Brandon-gn1zr Yıl önce
@@matz3rr982 also keep in mind two interceptions that were luckily called back.
@icutrauma1rs690 Yıl önce
Give away a game? He hasn't lost yet.
@freeziggy6176 Yıl önce
I don't believe that.
@VBarr33 Yıl önce
@@icutrauma1rs690 That's what I'm saying. He isn't making mistakes and that's exactly what we need him to do. Not give away the game. Trust, if it was Mark Sanchez out there, we would probably be 0-4 or 1-3. That being said, Dak is still the better option at QB.
Lmao That peppermint getting roasted just for being that peppermint 😂😂😂😂😂 Shannon is funny as all..! Good show
@DannyLuxray Yıl önce
Had me dying 🤣🤣🤣
@PATTT_ Yıl önce
cowboys playing clean football....when dak is in im having heart palpitations
@dextergivens297 Yıl önce
Coop has earned the right to play this Sunday. I am eager to see how he plays against a high caliber team. He did good against Cincy, who were runner-ups last year. This week the champs. Good luck boys.
@j_c_d_b Yıl önce
Well we got our answer
When Skip cut him off🤣🤣🤣🤣 "Shannon, ancient history"! We goin in!
Offense just seems different with rush and maybe it’s because they’re playing super careful knowing they have a backup in, but even so, everything just runs smoother. Remember, Belichick decided to stick with Brady over Bledsoe just because of how the team was gelling together. Definitely not saying Rush is Brady, but there are certain scenarios where you need to purely think about the team first over the player
@DoughBoii Yıl önce
This isn't that scenario dak gone come bacc vs Philly and rush gone be our long term backup he ain't outplay dak he jus played good lol
They are averaging 15 a game LMAOOOOOO omfg shut up you insane people
@chriswise5787 Yıl önce
They will not call the same game plan for Dak Like they are for Cooper plus our defense is keeping us in the games so Cooper isn’t having to play from behind or hurry hurry hurry if they could keep the same game plan for when Dak comes back Then I believe we will be really good because now Michael Gallup is back CD and Noah Brown is playing very well just keep the run game going mix it up and let’s go
@leonardcann6645 Yıl önce
Skip: "I just need Sak to play at a lil better than Cooper Rush" Shannon: "That's not that hard"
@eljoker7109 Yıl önce
After game 1 me and my dad had the same thought of maybe the cowboys might need a new qb.
@kidwave1 Yıl önce
The 7 year long Dak Prescott experiment is a FAILURE! Move the F ON!
Do not forget Rush threw two INT's that got called back by penalties. He has done a good job, but we can't just overlook that.
Unless the penalties where bs they don't count against the qb IMO
@jaycorona4732 Yıl önce
We can’t forget dak ran down the middle of the field with no time outs blowing a home playoff game can’t forget that .
@Hi-rp9jq Yıl önce
We can’t forget the last time Dak had success in the playoffs, oh wait he never did. Can’t beat good teams and farms wins out of trash teams every year
@noni5961 Yıl önce
Only 2 in 3 games though. That’s good.
@@jaycorona4732 coach fail
@Liljonman1212 Yıl önce
“Update your resume” but Skip still hypes Baker Mayfield’s one playoff win from years ago 😂😂
@subzero9995 Yıl önce
Unc funny Af “Well that ain’t saying much” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@ten2twelve Yıl önce
If Rush wins against the Rams then we start that conversation
@Alexlopez-nx8zq Yıl önce
Bhruuu how tf is rush gonna win against rams? Oh yeah our defense 🙄
@randeesavage214 Yıl önce
Any team can win these are professional athletes yall don't understand football
@codydean672 Yıl önce
Dak isn’t gonna win that game regardless if rush loses
@scruffy4647 Yıl önce
Coop and the Cowboys are playing good. Let it ride until Dak is at 100%.
@JayJay-ck4ml Yıl önce
Rams wining
@Jmm4L Yıl önce
They gave Dak all that money for me to still hear about this
Jen: "Cooper Rush is the first QB in Cowboys history to win his first four games" Shannon: "That ain't saying much"
@dc4ldc4l94 Yıl önce
What I think is going on…. is the play calling of the cowboys Has been smarter because Cooper is under center. They look more imaginative Possibly thinking let's put Cooper in a position to do what we know he does best. While protecting him. So as a result you've got a more mistake free offensive flow going. If Dallas can keep that mindset up with the talent of Dak Prescott... Then we could be a scary team For sure. That's the key. Because we've gotta stop that 3 and out nonesense on offense that we keep experiencing during possessions when DAK is under center. Because the defense gets tired having to bail us out all the time. Then all of a sudden we have to abandon the run and start to get TOO pass happy. That's been our demise. With the way we've been scheming... And Dak posing the double threat that he can be (w/ his arm n legs)... We can get back to the days of averaging 30 points or more on offense. We'll be favorites to truly win the big one ONLY then.
@TheGreatBoomy25 Yıl önce
Rush should keep playing. But the Jets pulled Flacco when he put together some wins. Teams don't seem to like to roll with streaks until the wheels fall off for some reason...
One thing that different with dak & cooper is that when the other team scores with dak it seem like the offense always goes 3 & out & put the defense back on the field right away vs Cooper who seem to match the score or at least gives the defense a break
@dc4ldc4l94 Yıl önce
So we’re going ignore the fact that cooper rush in the red zone is trash
@2zdaysound473 Yıl önce
@@dc4ldc4l94 dak is trash. I don’t get why y’all defending him like he rally does anything for y’all.
@dc4ldc4l94 Yıl önce
@@2zdaysound473 Dallas had #1 scoring offense with Dak
@jibv8659 Yıl önce
True and that's because Rush is a much qb than duk Prescott
@2zdaysound473 Yıl önce
@@dc4ldc4l94 but does nada in the playoffs. Symbolic victory
@SuperSolshy Yıl önce
Let's clear up one thing real quick, Dak played Tampa opening night with ZERO game snaps in the pre-season. That was a massive mistake and over-sight by the coaching staff, so I throw that game out. He had 4400 yards passing, 37 TDs and 10 INTs last year and won the division. Cooper is a great backup and I am happy he could help keep this team a float, but we don't contend with Rush, we survive and rely on the defense. Dallas has average less than ten points in the first half of every game Rush has started and their Red Zone efficiency and 3rd down conversion percentage is horrendous. Dak is the franchise QB for a reason and there is no controversy, however Kellen take a huge amount of the blame as well, so I can't discredit that.
@Rey.Ant2616 Yıl önce
Cooper didn't practice with first string at all your point Dak stinks
@booblanco2214 Yıl önce
@booblanco2214 Yıl önce
@@Rey.Ant2616 smh casual
@geraldluna6974 Yıl önce
@@Rey.Ant2616 ok but he does practice with some player when first teams
Your name Brandon....is appropriate for your biased comment...lol
@BradyBunch317 Yıl önce
Teams playing better then they have in a long time. Keep it how its going.
@OfficialD-CHISE Yıl önce
So many great Qbs have been overlooked because coaches in fear of losing there relationship by benching their starting players if someone is playing better they deserve to play or at least swap them in and out give 1 guy the first half n the other the second half
@DannyLuxray Yıl önce
Not the pocket peppermint 🤣🤣🤣
I don’t think Cooper Rush is better than Dak but Skip brought ammo. That stat about Dak not winning a game when the Cowboys rush for under 100 yards, while Cooper has already won two, definitely got me thinking.
I love how Skip likes you he can paint a great story for you. No one eas scared of the Washington Commanders since the name change but because Skip tells the story how he was modified it makes Coop sound super great
"Now go put that in your pipe and smoke it" skip fried him on that one
@robrealcuts Yıl önce
I was weak af at that 🤣
@nikara5423 Yıl önce
Don't try to fix what is Not Broken! Keep Cooper! Keep Cooper!!! 💯🙏🙌😇😃💃😲😘
@MattyG13 Yıl önce
Cooper rush should've threw 2 picks yesterday but flags negated them
@igbimfromda7799 Yıl önce
Not to Mention The ACCURACY on the DIME RUSH threw BROWN From The 38YD Line TO Inside The 20 😳😳
Dak would have definitely overthrown that 😂 😂
@gamegenie5704 Yıl önce
everyone had thrown a dime at some point including Dak. Let's see how many he has in his pocket because those 2 int's were wooden nickels.
@igbimfromda7799 Yıl önce
Just Made My Comment to Say .. Dak Isn’t a very Accurate Deep Ball Threat
The problem is Moore needs to call the same game plan for Dak that he does for Rush.
Not the” peppermint in the pocket “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@BubblesBub434 Yıl önce
Cooper rush is a 'game manager'. Not a great QB but you can win with him by game planning around him, ie focusing on short easy throws and running plays. The problem Cowboys have is they think Dak is an elite QB but they'd honestly do better playing the exact same playstyle they now do with Cooper Rush, with Dak at QB.
@Rey.Ant2616 Yıl önce
Dak stinks
@Ze_Moose Yıl önce
Just like that in San Francisco
@noni5961 Yıl önce
I can’t stand when people say a player is a game manager when they keep winning.
You made a solid point bro
@davidsena1629 Yıl önce
True and very well said
@heinzdelf Yıl önce
Let the man role with it one more game while Dak gets 💯.
@rosalynd.1630 Yıl önce
Skip is exactly on point.
@Mrgonzalez10 Yıl önce
Skip always brings up the game against the bucs last season 😂
Shannon cracks me up lol bro sounded like Mario falling into a hole 13:56
@frankbell4874 Yıl önce
Skip is smokin' an Indica/Sativa hybrid!
@TreyChapo Yıl önce
Yes Skip you tell em. Dak needs some motivation when he gets back out there. He needs to understand that contract doesn't mean his job is safe.
@booblanco2214 Yıl önce
So a lot of his money is still guaranteed 😆 how about yours?
@TreyChapo Yıl önce
@@booblanco2214 I'm not being paid 40 million to be mediocre. I'm glad Dak has generational wealth now like I'm happy for him but since I'm a Cowboys fan I'm going to call him out if he aint living up to the money and he's not.
@gamegenie5704 Yıl önce
@@booblanco2214 i wouldn't care if every penny of dak's money is guaranteed..i dont write the checks. But Jerry avoids putting any hotseat pressure on his franchise QB's, and that needs to happen more ofthen.
@chitweak18 Yıl önce
Ancient history! Update your resume! Skip had me weak 🤣🤣
This conversation was ten times better than the yelling fit from First Take this morning. Geeez
@renejs7782 Yıl önce
Peppermint without the wrapper with lint on it! Hahahahahaha
@ChillydontCap Yıl önce
As soon as a team blitzes Rush relentlessly, he will come back to earth.
@lotterdale4348 Yıl önce
That peppermint hit when that’s all you got 😅
Skip let’s you know he’s a “life long, die hard cowboys fan” every single time
@dacoldest3896 Yıl önce
Yes bc he is loyal to the cowboys not a player like alot of dak riders are. Dak riders are mad that rush is winning thats should tell you alot
@@dacoldest3896 it was just an observation…I’m not criticizing him
@dazoduncan2829 Yıl önce
Skip is not a fan he's a fraud. Just an actor on the big stage along w/a lot of other talking heads!
@blerdluger2918 Yıl önce
How many times have we seen backup quarterbacks go on a heater only for the wheels to fall off eventually? 2018 Ryan Fitzpatrick, 2019 teddy Bridgewater, 2021 jameis Winston, 2011 Matt Flynn... the list goes on and on
@joeylopez29 Yıl önce
Skip "I've never seen anything like it" Bayless
@Bandy88 Yıl önce
Why does everyone hate skip so much! I love thus dude! He cracks me up!
@dazoduncan2829 Yıl önce
Because he's a clown!
@FTMMBKZ Yıl önce
" That ain't saying much " 🤣🤣🤟
If dak loses this game, oh boy he's gonna be on the hot seat 🔥
@cjfrm3658 Yıl önce
No shame losing to the rams defending Superbowl Champs
@robogreek3157 Yıl önce
hes not playing untill rush loses
He'll get a pass cus it's the Rams 🙄
@cjfrm3658 Yıl önce
@@robogreek3157 Nah Nah put him in he's ready don't hold him back
The white rifle is balling bench Dak 🧐🚬
You Guys are great and entertaining, keep it up!!
@nate8604 Yıl önce
I’m curious to see Cooper Rush against the Rams, and the Eagles, both are on the road for their next two upcoming games. Dak shouldn’t rush back just yet.
@isthatright8583 Yıl önce
Peppermint with the lint on it lmao
@RtroyD Yıl önce
He is the franchise qb and should start when healthy.They should feel fortunate they can win games with their backup.He has done his job.he isn't exactly lighting it up but it's working,which is what you want,but you don't rethink your franchise qb on this.Maybe if Dak returns and doesn't look great for a string of games,then there are other things to address as well....but there is no controversy. They have a backup playing and are able to gameplan to stay relevant.Its every teams goal but few accomplish it...look how many lost seasons they had when Romo went out or GB when Rodgers went out....they are fortunate
rush is going to be a rich man somewhere else we not the only one looking at him
@jdoteasy Yıl önce
With friends like skip....damn turned on dak quick 🤣
@Rey.Ant2616 Yıl önce
Dak sucks
How many times is Skip gonna bring up the Vikings game last year? 🤣
Coop is calm cool collected. I think we got used to Dak running, sliding, jumping etc but after his foot injury he's hesitant. That used to be exciting to watch but it's not that way since. Now we want to win!
@michaelhull2408 Yıl önce
i agree with skiip for the first time in a long time
@al4d500 Yıl önce
I struggled sleeping for years. I could never find a cure or solution. Until one night, after 11 p.m., I started listening to Skip Bayless. Needless to say, I’ve been sleeping like a baby ever since. Thank you skip.
@kidwave1 Yıl önce
The 7 year long Dak Prescott experiment is a FAILURE! Move the F ON!
@travisg736 Yıl önce
Cooper Rush beat PrimeTime Kirk Cousins, Cincinnati with a terrible oline, and the Giants. Cooper Rush is a backup The Cowboys defense has been sensational.
@DrumzBang Yıl önce
and dak is a 4th round pick who is excellent against the nfc least. teams over 500 not so much.
@dacoldest3896 Yıl önce
what has dak done though? I say give rush a chance
@@dacoldest3896 play rush until he losses I’d say
Cincinnati jus beat dolphins, giants were undefeated.
@n64central Yıl önce
“And the giants” 😂 leave them alone
@SkootAtlYt Yıl önce
Called him a dirty peppermint tho! 🤣😂😭
There goes skip dogging dak again unreal
@nyceguy3 Yıl önce
I few thoughts on this. #1: Rush is not terrible, but he's not great either. #2: They play calling has been dumbed down for Rush in order to keep him from looking foolish. #3: Having Gallup come back really helped CeeDee look better because the defense had another receiver to account for which meant less coverage on CeeDee. #4: There is no film on Rush for teams watch and plan for, so they can't look to tendencies or game plan for his style of play. #5: Cowboys have not played any teams of substance yet. This includes Cincinnati. Be honest with yourselves. #6: Outside of a handful of throws, Rush has been throwing to open receivers. Not that difficult to do by comparison. #7: Cowboys have not asked Rush to carry the team. They did for Dak. They did for Zeke. I like Rush for what he is, a temporary stand in that will let the Cowboys surprise some teams. That defense is what is powering the ship and I'm fine with that. Also, Kellan Moore has got to go. The predictability of the play calling is killing the offense.
@dazoduncan2829 Yıl önce
Smartest comment ALL day!
@VetteGetsEmWet Yıl önce
When has Dak *ever* gotten to play with a dominant defense like this? The defense is absolutely nasty...holding teams to 1TD every game. Perhaps Dak wouldn't need to check out of every play if he trusted his defense and Oline the same way Rush has been able to trust them 🤔
@jibv8659 Yıl önce
When has Duk Prescott ever played with a dominant defense ? He did the first gam3 of the year against Tampa remember Duk Prescott scored 3 points
@dazoduncan2829 Yıl önce
True that! When did football fans forget that the game is a team sport? For the first time in his career dak has a complimentary defense...lets just see where he can take us with a nasty defense!!!
@Tsunam1Rahc Yıl önce
You got to remember too. All players play their hearts out to earn a contract. Once each player grabs a contract they kinda slack. It's the ugly nature of the beast.
@jbreezy6784 Yıl önce
Yup Dak and Zeke are prime examples
@pabloramos420 Yıl önce
Demarcus Lawrence
@mateaukalua4426 Yıl önce
Too many to name especially with Cowboys.
@kidwave1 Yıl önce
I do NOT see Josh Allen doing that!
Skip forgets daks in coolers eat the way romo was in daks ear
@hankb9042 Yıl önce
Skip actually made a pretty good argument for Cooper Rush
@jakong3063 Yıl önce
Wasnt micah parsons supposed to be on the show every tuesday?
@alphabah1725 Yıl önce
No way he says update your resume but abuses baker 11 game stretch 😂😂
Cooper Rush is Brought it To Em.
@xoltarr424 Yıl önce
Skip keeps bringing up that Coop won without 100 yards rushing, but Coop has handed the ball off at least 20 times each time he's played. In Dak's losses, they didn't run the ball 20 times. You have to keep pounding the ball when to control the tempo of the game. It took Dak getting injured for Kellen to realize he needs to call a run game.
@dacoldest3896 Yıl önce
thats bc they couldnt score and also dak is getting paid 42 mill a yr people never factor that in. Jerry didnt pay day 42 mill to play game manager. If dak wouldve took that first offer then he probably would get to play game manager
Very good assessment bro
@omg_a_hoe Yıl önce
True it gives our defense time to recoup and wears down the opponents defense and like you said chews clock and puts more pressure on the opposing team if they need to score more quickly
Is it a difference in play calling or was Dak checking out of those runs?
I totally agree!!! Very few QBs in the NFL can throw 50-60 times a game. Dallas is a much better team when they are balanced. If anyone thinks this is a case of Cooper Rush being a better QB than Dak Prescott rather than Kellen Moore completely changing his play calling doesn’t know football.
@noesalazar6460 Yıl önce
No it just proves that we have a really good second string QB
Rush is a great back up.. but a total healthy dak should start .. but if he isn't, then it needs to be cooper rush ..
@dzllamas Yıl önce
14:43 even the dolphin found that funny! 🤣
@Gorfvan Yıl önce
Dak has all the physical ability one needs. But he doesn’t make good reads, he doesn’t make them quickly, and he doesn’t lead receivers. Cooper has brought that to light.
I have to agree with Skip here.
Considering Rush is doing good. I would wait until Dak is 100% ready no need to rush him back into it.
@Keithcooksey Yıl önce
Send Dak packing
@Keithcooksey Yıl önce
Maybe a decent back up QB at best
@submissivelover Yıl önce
Hey, i've been saying that stat since last season...the Dallas cowboys were 1-5 when not rushing for over 100 yards....Dak was 0-5 and Rush was 1-0....I've been typing that for years and so proud someone on television FINALLY quoted it...btw this season Dak is 0-1 without a 100 yards rushing, Rush is 1-0 lol.....last 2 seasons Dak is 0-6 without 100 yards rushing, Rush is 2-0....he REALLY does carry this team and deliver.
@user-EB2016 Yıl önce
My man used being down 7-6 with 7 mins left as some sort of adverse situation that Cooper overcame LMAO. I'll give Skip this credit, he is a GENIUS at spinning any topic and making it polarizing to be able argue said topic everyday and bring traffic to his show and twitter handle. Cooper is performing like a viable backup QB but somehow is the next Disney movie according to Skip.
@TheTigah Yıl önce
I agree with Skip.
@IBdaPrince Yıl önce
The Cowboys play and look completely different with Cooper as the starting QB so far. More energy, more focus and attention to detail, and more effort compared to when Dak is starting QB. And winning is supposed to matter first and foremost. I say Cooper stays in until Dak is fully healthy, and then it becomes a QB competition
Fernando Torres.. 🥺 #shorts
0% Sportsmanship 😢
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