Shotgun PvP Tier List Rankings (Destiny 2)

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There are over 20 non-sunset shotguns in Destiny 2 and today we rank every one of them into a Tier List for PvP. By the end of this video, you’ll have an idea about which ones are worth going for, which ones are not so good and why. This ranking rates overall effectiveness in all major PvP modes such as Trials of Osiris, Survival, Iron Banner, Rumble and Quickplay 6v6.
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Fusion Rifles: trvid.com/video/video-rpQ3IDFfye4.html
Hunter Exotics: trvid.com/video/video-p5BppBBXorA.html
SMGs: trvid.com/video/video-bzyzx-xFVjM.html
Titan Armor: trvid.com/video/video-O6q1w6LZMDI.html
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00:00 Which one?
00:35 Astral Horizon
02:28 CQC-12
04:00 Bonechiller
04:34 Felwinters
06:13 Deicide
07:02 Chaperone
07:46 Ikelos 1.02
08:23 Retold Tale
09:37 Retrofuturist
10:23 lul
10:39 Riiswalker-A
11:05 Mythbuster
12:48 Riiswalker-B
13:59 First in, Last out
14:34 Wishbringer
15:04 Toil & Trouble
16:08 4th Horseman
16:36 Heritage
17:31 Prophet of Doom
17:53 Sojourner's Tale
18:45 Found Verdict
19:54 Xenoclast
20:23 Blasphemer
20:40 NOOO
20:55 Duality
22:31 Final




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Castle Content
Castle Content 5 aylar önce
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Mr. Turnip
Mr. Turnip 5 aylar önce
Where was mindbenders in the video?
Knighh 5 aylar önce
Also love the memes like the lord of wolves being extinguished
Knighh 5 aylar önce
If I could have dfp on the mic for this one I would. You should contact him next time I'm sure he would be happy to help especially when it involves Chaperone, or Duality
kingllama9090 5 aylar önce
@Christopher Jacobs cqc rolls the same perks as retold but has less range, so anyone would rank it lower than retold
kos 5 aylar önce
@Sweaty baka because it is sold in a kiosk at the Tower. Anyone can buy it and be a very bad boy.
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant 16 saatler önce
All this time I’ve had a retold tale with slideshot and snapshot, with accurized, which I shall now be using
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 21 saatler önce
So no sudden death
Drifter's Lil Motechamp
Drifter's Lil Motechamp 23 saatler önce
Really wanna hear your opinion on Xur's FILO with Hammerforged/Assault Mag/Slideshot/Opening Shot/Stability MW!
Castle Content
Castle Content 16 saatler önce
Opening shot helps SO much - buy it for sure
Shadow Anderson
Shadow Anderson 3 gün önce
So I have a riiswalker with QuickDraw and swashbuckler but i want a good shotgun in the energy slot so I can use my ace or anything in the kinetic slot. What shotgun is a good replacement for that?
Shadow Anderson
Shadow Anderson 2 gün önce
@Castle Content Thanks! I am a warlock BTW
Castle Content
Castle Content 2 gün önce
If warlock - felwinters If other - found verdict god roll, otherwise CQC
Marilyn Salyer
Marilyn Salyer 4 gün önce
Appreciate all the detail provided. Are back to review choices again
A Dillpickle
A Dillpickle 6 gün önce
You left out magazine size. Hell if it only hold 5 in the mag none are worth a hoot
Assisted Axe790
Assisted Axe790 9 gün önce
He get so many bot lobbies
sirens 11 gün önce
I started playing Destiny 2 months ago and one of my first shotguns was a Retrofuturist with: Full Choke Light Mag Quickdraw Snapshot Range masterwork Only secondary I used untill I got a Chaperone
Maziorecki 12 gün önce
Very Good material! Only thing I would add about Duality is that when You reload, You reload full mag with one animation, not one round per animation which makes it even better!
Zio Lan
Zio Lan 13 gün önce
Can you rate fractethyst?
W G 14 gün önce
Incredibly insightful as always. Great video!
Nosavo 15 gün önce
this video is so good
ericmatrix1 15 gün önce
Gotta disagree with CQC. For me, that thing is S-Tier. I have a Full choke, Accurized, Slideshot, Snapshot roll, with handling MW. It's the most consistent shotgun I have imo. Especially on Hunter. Astral Horizon on the other hand, is garbage. It never performs well for me. Maybe it's the perks. Maybe it's the weird way it looks when aiming, idk. All I know is I want to dismantle my Adept one and never use it again. 💩
Sal Criscione
Sal Criscione 15 gün önce
Thank you. This was really helpful.
Cody Keenan
Cody Keenan 16 gün önce
Cqc deserves more
NightmareRA93 16 gün önce
But LoW
JimmyBagODonuts 17 gün önce
what’s wrong with Lord of Wolves?
Booster Goose
Booster Goose 18 gün önce
Hey let's say your friends had a exotic quest that is like booked buy like a season pass if you the quest can u get the exotic
King Browning
King Browning 18 gün önce
Prophet needs a A- tbh and xenoclast would fit right in perfect with seventh seraph at B u should’ve acc looked at thoes there pre good especially prophet
권성근 20 gün önce
U realllly need to use a first in last out with a hipfire grip
Kookie 21 gün önce
More tier list please
Orange orange 🍊
Orange orange 🍊 23 gün önce
Why is chaperone here I thought it was a sniper
Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma 23 gün önce
You missed timelost found verdict
Naydog101 24 gün önce
You forgot the Perfect Paradox
Aaron Azzcalibur
Aaron Azzcalibur 24 gün önce
Francisco Luquen
Francisco Luquen 25 gün önce
The comedian??
Austin K
Austin K 25 gün önce
s tier top of the game S+++ is chaperone any says different is wrong its fuckin op
Ben Davies
Ben Davies 25 gün önce
Why do people forget about quick charge mod? Literally free handling for shottys, fusions, smgs and swords
Micheal Turner
Micheal Turner Aylar önce
What hand cannon was that with the duality on the moon map
Stephen W
Stephen W Aylar önce
I just found you’re channel and I’m in love.
Jordan Safreed
Jordan Safreed Aylar önce
Update to place the prophecy shotgun
MisSs ChaOsBeaT
MisSs ChaOsBeaT Aylar önce
There are many shotguns missing... and lord of Wolfes or sudden death arent too new
That1Person. Aylar önce
this. needs an update. cause of the Season of the Lost shotty.
Lilb Wright
Lilb Wright Aylar önce
Sojo tales is god quick draw open shot
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez Aylar önce
Why is chaperone in a shotgun video? It’s a whole sniper
Castle Content
Castle Content Aylar önce
SP33DDY7 Aylar önce
Where was the compass rose?
MattGolem Playz
MattGolem Playz Aylar önce
hello memer here use Mask of Bakris and 4th Horseman, did it in Iron Banner, had lots of fun do recommend if you wanna change your loadout from Found Verdict
montage vids
montage vids Aylar önce
I still have mindbenders ambition just been sittin in the vault 😂
Opulence, Harbinger of Chaos
I have a Retold Tale with Full choke + Accurized rounds + Snapshot sights + Quickdraw and a handling masterwork. I love it, even though I prefer to use snipers.
Opulence, Harbinger of Chaos
Also got a Found Verdict with Slidshot + Opening shot and a handling masterwork. It’s… nasty.
Daniel Kazachek Fonseca
Hey, i just wanted to say that on the Riiswalker...I have one with: 1 Rifled barrel 2 Accurized rounds 3 Quickdraw 4 Iron reach And a masterwork of range (total is 96 range) Maybe you right about range, but, telling the truth, you feel that is different when you have your stats at more of 90 compare to the other ones with 84... The shotgun i have is a totally monster, try to get it, is very good shotgun.
Damon Lamb
Damon Lamb Aylar önce
Bring back party crasher and matador 64
LuigiTheWaddleDee Aylar önce
When you hear god roll players talk about how dumb a slug shotgun with a dragonfly perk
Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake Aylar önce
I be watching destiny 2 like I play 😫
JoKer Aylar önce
I've actually been super consistent with my deicide, I can map people with one shot
HOWLING -_- Aylar önce
No Compass Rose?
Bradley Aylar önce
One question now... Fractethyst... Where does it sit? (God roll)
Adam1349 Aylar önce
Me clutching my god roll retrofuturist (full-choke/smallbore, assault mag, QD, SS w/handlingmw) and god roll FILO (fluted, assault mag/accurized, slideshow, opening shot, range mw). It's okay, babies. He doesn't know what he is saying.
Julian Bassett
Julian Bassett Aylar önce
watching this makes me miss pre nerf behemoth and quickdraw
biskybeck Aylar önce
if ur making a shotty tier list don't put a sniper on the thumbnail 0/10
Castle Content
Castle Content Aylar önce
LOL the chappy?
Poofy Peanut02
Poofy Peanut02 Aylar önce
A tad disappointed with this list. Precision frames are slept on hard. Prophet of doom with the right roll is better than ANY aggressive frame.
Zach Moore
Zach Moore Aylar önce
where would you rank a god roll sudden death for an arcstrider main, should i go for timelost found verdict or sudden death
Castle Content
Castle Content Aylar önce
I think I’d put it below the god roll found Verdict because of how insanely strong opening shot is, but man that ecap sudden death is buttery smooth
D.B. Hemlock
D.B. Hemlock Aylar önce
I hate Shotgun apes
GrĪм RЄÂקЄR Aylar önce
Shotgun weapon tier list? I think you mean cruch weapon tier list
Timmy Eppich
Timmy Eppich Aylar önce
Unrelated but I’ve seen vids on the relationship between shotgun consistency taking into account their respective range/accuracy stats as well as pellet spread, but have not seen anything that takes into account the aim assist stat. If there is a vid on it I haven’t found it yet but if not that might be an interesting topic just an idea
Eli Podruzny
Eli Podruzny Aylar önce
I’m sorry but riiswalker is the best shotgun
Nicholas Hardy
Nicholas Hardy Aylar önce
Duality is bae😍
Collin J
Collin J Aylar önce
Blasphemer can drop with a curated roll from altars, and makes it probably the most farmable shotgun
canned peaches
canned peaches Aylar önce
retro is sssssssss tier
JTyphon Aylar önce
You think a 1/6048 chance is gonna stop me from getting that god roll xenoclast? Please I spent 3 years soft resetting for my shiny giratina in platinum with a 1/8192 to get it. It’s gonna happen one day and I’ll come back to this to prove it
manmanzuzo Aylar önce
13:27 had my dying laughing
Destinsdestiny2 Aylar önce
I use a godroll compose rose, even though it isn't the best it's still good
Commit The Die
Commit The Die Aylar önce
Cqc is ma bae.Ss tier 🤤
Help me reach 10k subs
Anyone know what hand cannon Apathettic uses, I've already looked up "Chines pistol d2" and didn't find anything Its the sturm for anyone wondering
Moose Hawkins
Moose Hawkins Aylar önce
Sojourner's has actually been my main shotty in the energy slot. I think, kind of like snipers, slug shotguns are really subjective in terms of feel, and Sojo feels *awesome* to me. I have Tunnel vision & Opening Shot on mine and I've completely fallen in love with it.
Tower Pro
Tower Pro Aylar önce
I have the opening shot moving target roll and it is a beast! I use it more than my Duality! Love the sites on it too!!
Redshirt Number 34
Redshirt Number 34 Aylar önce
Where lord of wolves?
Castle Content
Castle Content Aylar önce
It was at the end (trash can meme cause it's actually very good but annoys me haha)
Oscar Federico Wingartz
Comments on compass rose??
Casen Jackson
Casen Jackson Aylar önce
this vid was before fractalyst. what tier would you put that in?
Bradley williams
Bradley williams 2 aylar önce
Love the video but you forgot compass rose :(
Silver_09 2 aylar önce
You need a new tier list because of the slide nerf
A Fat Nose
A Fat Nose 2 aylar önce
Where is fractethyst?
Castle Content
Castle Content 2 aylar önce
Video’s a little old - I made one on fractethyst though if you check my recent vids
NotorioDj 2 aylar önce
Had to thumbs down the video when you put toil & trouble in A tier & Riswalker in A- that's so disrespectful
Qballa 2 aylar önce
Where tf is my lord of wolves
Castle Content
Castle Content 2 aylar önce
At the end 😈
sir zirconium
sir zirconium 2 aylar önce
Im going to run LoW with antaeus every game just to spite you now. Don’t trash my baby.
UWU_SNIPES YT 2 aylar önce
Sujorn tale with quick draw opening shot is my cruch I would rank it s+ I love it I would recommend this for anyone
NorbbaMan 2 aylar önce
Seeing this late: A sudden death has appeared
Ghormley 5
Ghormley 5 2 aylar önce
The only one I disagree with is toil
Stephan Haller
Stephan Haller 2 aylar önce
I got my riiswalker with surplus and iron reach, from what i understand thats relatively good?
Castle Content
Castle Content 2 aylar önce
Vikarsan 2 aylar önce
Shotguns are and will be for cowards, sheeps, try hard and puzzs that's the only way to describe all who use one no exception no excuse.
Alexandru Bogdan Pasla
Gelid Gee
Gelid Gee 2 aylar önce
I love my Prophect Of Doom 😅😅😅
soulreaperx7x 2 aylar önce
You don't need to wear anything if you only ever use your hand. My rooms a fucking mess...
d Watson
d Watson 2 aylar önce
I love my new A Sudden Death!
Y154 Yu55uf
Y154 Yu55uf 2 aylar önce
why was lord of wolves dismissed?? without explanation?? booo
Y154 Yu55uf
Y154 Yu55uf 2 aylar önce
@Castle Content ✌🏾
Castle Content
Castle Content 2 aylar önce
LMAO It’s a joke because it’s incredible
Noir 2 aylar önce
BlackThorne27 2 aylar önce
Late comment but in case someone hasn’t said it yet “Deicide” is pronounced (Day-Ih-Side) which means killing a god. It’s in the same family of words as homocide and all of those.
Chaotic Neutral
Chaotic Neutral 3 aylar önce
Lord of Wolves are S+ tier for me personally, because that thing is the most succesful shotgun I've ever use in the game with 6K Crucible kills
Mindbender’s Ambition
Hey! No fair. All u had to do was rate me, being sunsetted is lonely :(
Jenson Preacher
Jenson Preacher 3 aylar önce
simply thing, Riiswalker is said Reese-walker
Toric Hodges
Toric Hodges 3 aylar önce
Instructions unclear, shut down Fists of Havoc with Fourth Horseman.
The Immortal Mortal
The Immortal Mortal 3 aylar önce
You missed python
A -Train
A -Train 3 aylar önce
Controller player?
bazesmore 3 aylar önce
Does he play pc
Dynasty2201 3 aylar önce
They just all suck outside of like 2 feet, only ever resulting in shields and half their health going. I hate shotguns. I get killed from so far by then, yet closer, I rarely ever get kills. They suck.
Strange Suspect
Strange Suspect 3 aylar önce
Bro, wee a D1 shotgun Video
Joshua Caleb Roman
Joshua Caleb Roman 3 aylar önce
Bro Prophet of Doom can get Full Choke, Slideways and Opening shot. I’ve got that with a range masterwork and it slaps in PvP.
HeyImPivot 3 aylar önce
Been using duality since release les gooo?
Yenta Moon
Yenta Moon 3 aylar önce
First in last out placed in D tier, opinion disregarded and invalidated
Justin Average joe
Justin Average joe 3 aylar önce
I have 92 range riiswalker with surplus and iron reach and a range masterwork ALL I NEED IS QUICK DRAW!!!
Jack McHale
Jack McHale 3 aylar önce
which shotgun would i pick? shayura’s wrath
Why UZUME is the #1 SNIPER in Destiny
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Sizce en iyi taktik hangisi??
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