She transformed her outfit in a small elevator with one cut 😱😱😱  

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Daily Fails
Daily Fails 3 aylar önce
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Zoe 3 aylar önce
Hell nah
Tyfydf Yufuf
Tyfydf Yufuf 3 aylar önce
عن جد فكرة جيدة ❤❤❤❤❤😂🎉
Carmen Agrelli
Carmen Agrelli 3 aylar önce
​@Zoe 001
Gadget Xpert
Gadget Xpert 3 aylar önce
Congratulations to everyone who comes in every single seconds❤️.............
Other women is happily helping as she didn't had to ruin her own dress😂😂
Soha Ahmed
Soha Ahmed 3 aylar önce
Kpop mgk
Kpop mgk 3 aylar önce
😂😂😂 fr
kkkk 3 aylar önce
My thoughts exactly😅
Ramah 3 aylar önce
Yes 😂
PoliKitten Aylar önce
If you feel useless, remember that this video exists
Nixon Aylar önce
i will
anonymousesper Aylar önce
just remember women on internet exist
Dorina Diós
Dorina Diós Aylar önce
Tiff.Brassler67 Aylar önce
cameraman is a real one for making sure that door doesn't close
Allie Bradford
Allie Bradford 3 aylar önce
im sorry but i aint ruining my dress for no one😂
quastaria 3 aylar önce
Same I love my clothes to much😂
™Sh... POWR
™Sh... POWR 2 aylar önce
But you'll spoil it for the better, won't you!?
Docu -Medics
Docu -Medics 2 aylar önce
5k likes and only 3 comments let me fix this 😅😊
Matteo Sticlaru
Matteo Sticlaru 2 aylar önce
I’m not a girl but bro wtf is wrong with her
ashxx Aylar önce
I'd be happy if I'm twinning with someone tbh
aaaaaaa Aylar önce
We just gonna ignore the fact that the elevator doors didnt even close 💀
Siska Lie
Siska Lie Gün önce
K3RRA 3 aylar önce
The fact she trusted a woman she don't even know to cut the dress... the lvl of trust she has with ppl.. crazy
Mushberry~ •
Mushberry~ • 3 aylar önce
Esta planeado xdddd
Helluva star
Helluva star 3 aylar önce
bro it’s staged not real
Candyfishes 3 aylar önce
Do you think this is real?
Melatonin 3 aylar önce
U know it’s not real?
rehber. matematik in 🧠 i
Bro.n sadece bir video
Ezeoha Chinenye
Ezeoha Chinenye Aylar önce
she was gladly helping because she won't get to ruin her own dress
María del Carmen Rojas Mendoza
Pues le queda bastante bonito ❤ Edit:wow cuantos likes literal solo tengo uno y es auto like ❤
Diya Lokulwar
Diya Lokulwar 3 aylar önce
Others:- carry scissors with you wherever you go Me:- people on another floor wondering why elevator is not coming
Gozal Abdullayeva
Gozal Abdullayeva 3 aylar önce
Ph On
Ph On 3 aylar önce
anujanu 321
anujanu 321 3 aylar önce
فاضل محمد
فاضل محمد 3 aylar önce
احب اثنين❤❤❤
Seema 3 aylar önce
Vittorio Gerosa
Vittorio Gerosa 9 gün önce
The security camera be like:💀💀
Texas_Baby_Tings 2 aylar önce
What floor are y’all coming from 😂😂😂😂 Shit that was a long ass elevator ride!
RAYS 3 aylar önce
In Japan, this is called twin code, where friends and their friends like to wear the same clothes.
Andréa Silva
Andréa Silva 3 aylar önce
Anna Laura
Andréa Silva
Andréa Silva 3 aylar önce
Anna Laura
Anna Olegovna
Anna Olegovna 3 aylar önce
В России это называет ты и я, ты и я мы с тобой друзья🎉
fh 2 aylar önce
@Andréa Silva E
Docu -Medics
Docu -Medics 2 aylar önce
2.1k likes only 4 comments let me fix this 😅😊
Jamie Watson
Jamie Watson 19 gün önce
Cringe button 👇
Dawood Abdullah
Dawood Abdullah Gün önce
If you ever feel useless just remember this video exists 😅
aliss liou
aliss liou 3 aylar önce
i’m ok i’m not about to ruin my dress just because someone else is wearing it, i’ll just make sure I wear it best
#ItsAlex 3 aylar önce
She didnt ruin it she made it more slay but i love ur comment u will wear it best Slay girll
Ge Niu
Ge Niu 3 aylar önce
@#ItsAlex no she didnt and who says slay anymore 💀
#ItsAlex 3 aylar önce
@Ge Niu sorry
Tasya Pretty
Tasya Pretty 3 aylar önce
now that's an interesting way of thinking, i never thought of that 😭
Moomlu 3 aylar önce
@Ge Niudon’t be rude. She has her own right to say whatever she wants whether it’s outdated.
Samanta Valentina España Gaona
Subir y cambiarte ❌ Destrozar tu vestido ✔
Prisca Orji
Prisca Orji Aylar önce
Moral lesson: an outfit is never complete without a pair of scissors.
Kitari_Raine16 3 aylar önce
Legit I would just go “Yoooo we have the same fit girl!We both look amazin!”If I saw someone with the same fit as me TwT
Shadow_Pig 3 aylar önce
Trust me, you wouldn't (nor would ANYONE) look amazing in that dress.
Kitari_Raine16 3 aylar önce
@Shadow_Pig truth
FluffyX3 3 aylar önce
Im the same way
Daniela Parravani
Daniela Parravani 3 aylar önce
Girl same I honestly don't get it when people get angry about it?
drowned trash rat
drowned trash rat 3 aylar önce
i dont get the whole ‘we have the same outfit so we MUST BE MAD’ thing ??? id think it rlly cool
Tash Mize
Tash Mize 17 gün önce
Bro if I saw a person wearing the same clothes as me I would be happy-
Van K Nguyen
Van K Nguyen 7 gün önce
Omg she has *MORE TRUST* in a woman that she *just met on an elevater* that is wearing the same outfit as her, than I have in my *friends* 😅😂
littlekitty1432 3 aylar önce
why would anybody do this just because their outfits match? that's how someone can make friends
tokachi the artist
tokachi the artist 3 aylar önce
Same thought, To tell You what People think That Will build a dilema or enemies back story drama shit- But if this bulids a Friendship is super Wholesome!!
Shreeya Salss
Shreeya Salss 3 aylar önce
Exactly..Thats what i wanted to say...instead of being friends people get jealous!
O'Neil-S.D 3 aylar önce
Definitely. My thoughts exactly. 😆 🤣 That could be my new bestie.
O'Neil-S.D 3 aylar önce
​@Shreeya Salss exactly 💯 👏. It goes straight to jealousy instead of admiration. I said the same thing about being friends with them. I would be like, "You're awesome!"
Жей (Jay_Lighter)
Жей (Jay_Lighter) 3 aylar önce
Our art teacher once told us, that women will be jealous and angry, uf they see someone in similar outfit. On the other side, boys will be like "brooo" and joking Don't know, i don't like stereotypes, but i always see how boys are having fun in this situations. But girls sometimes are really upset :
keerthana 26 gün önce
my therapist's therapist need a therapist now
Mohammad Adib
Mohammad Adib 7 gün önce
Imagine the cctv saw the whole thing:
Squish-TheUrbanScribe 3 aylar önce
Girl, if we came through with the same outfit on....then we came through with the same outfit on, ok. Nobody is cutting anything on my end! 😅
Bhalchandra Rajadhyax
And kids, this is the way u change a perfectly fine dress into a one use disposable piece of cloth 😌
Мария Каримова
Люди которые ждали лифт с низу🗿
Keira Samson
Keira Samson 3 aylar önce
yes, that’s what we do in elevators we just completely transform our outfits
Юлия 2 aylar önce
Вот почему девушки вечно ходят по-двое
shiv kumar
shiv kumar 2 aylar önce
I almost saw something other
Oshi 2 aylar önce
SATURN V GAMER 26 gün önce
If boys were they will be like -- bhai sarojni nagar 150 😂
Nele Grabert
Nele Grabert 26 gün önce
Eine Legende besagt sie sind immernoch im Aufzug ❤😂😂
ppheonix_ 3 aylar önce
she has more trust in those scissors then i do in my entire life 💀
ARTFUS Fundación
ARTFUS Fundación 3 aylar önce
Se veía mejor con el q tenia primero
[바나나]하연 Aylar önce
Wow!! Both girls seem to know a lot about style. It's so pretty... I have to be a fan from now on
Ruel Sison
Ruel Sison Aylar önce
Who carries scissors in their bag nowadays? 💀
sHa 3 aylar önce
we are totally not gonna talking about why she has to bring a biG scissors to the elevator.💀 edit: thxx guysss for 500 likess
ꫝꫀꪗ 3 aylar önce
بيلآ 3 aylar önce
Highhoper114 3 aylar önce
right? is she gonna kill someone or something?
siapayee 3 aylar önce
If you're wearing disscounted dress, that is necessary.
jessica 12 saatler önce
What they do: "Oooh i go change ... better!" School: "OMGGGG MY SIBLING COME HERE BERTA YOU ARE MY TWIN"
Cloud Pink
Cloud Pink Aylar önce
тем временем люди которое ждут лифт "але да вы че"
Alexis Gamer girl
Alexis Gamer girl 3 aylar önce
Girl turned from an adult to a teenager real fast
Unique Bright
Unique Bright 3 aylar önce
Found the comment I've been searching for 😅😅😅
Ghostbur edits
Ghostbur edits Gün önce
“Let me just grab my pair of scissors that I carry with me everywhere”
nyx.fennecfox Aylar önce
The people when waiting for the elevator and just see this:👁️👄👁️
ThatOneDancer 3 aylar önce
They really took “I can’t be seen wearing the same clothes as them” to a whole other level
bryer wilson
bryer wilson Aylar önce
How to ruin a perfectly good dress to make it ugly:
Harshika Beniwal
Harshika Beniwal Aylar önce
Moral of the story : Always carry a scissor with you 😊 😂
Random_User_200 2 aylar önce
They really went, We cant have the same dress and then continue to vandalize her own dress in an elevator for 2mins hoping no-one comes in💀
Thabiet Booysen
Thabiet Booysen 19 gün önce
Its actually not vandilizing its her own dress so not vandilizism.
Marta Ortiz
Marta Ortiz 12 gün önce
Dejarlo como estaba ✖️ Destruirte toda tu ropa ✔️
Issha Kim
Issha Kim 17 gün önce
Meanwhile the people waiting for the elevator: ._.
Push Kalha
Push Kalha 3 aylar önce
Actually if I wear the same clothes as someone.... I will drag them to a giant mirror and take selfies of us twinning 😅
Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia 3 aylar önce
same tbh
Auggie_Arts 3 aylar önce
PinkAxolotl Aylar önce
Elevator Cameras Be Like: 👁👄👁
Shashi Lal
Shashi Lal Aylar önce
Wow even the lift waited for her to finish her 'superb dress' 😂
_uforgettwable_ 3 aylar önce
I showed this to my therapist and now I'm her therapist 😢😂
Maia Mai
Maia Mai 3 aylar önce
Le producteur :maintenant on va faire la partie 2 avec les gars Le co-proproducteur:mais...
Maheen Mohammed
Maheen Mohammed 10 gün önce
Ok so that was definitely not just one cut😂
aquivia 3 aylar önce
When the elevator opens up and a crowd of people are looking right at u since it is freaky Friday... (Oh wow thanks for the likes I appreciate it) ❤️
Aureline 17 gün önce
Ah yes, ONE cut!
♡amanda♡ Aylar önce
sis idk if she transformed her entire fit in ONE cut...
Preppy_Pons 2 aylar önce
That’s the longest elevator ride that I’ve ever been on 😂
p1xie 2 aylar önce
Nails Art with Lan
Nails Art with Lan 2 aylar önce
They was going to roof top of 100 levels building 😂😂😂😂😂
Preppy_Pons 2 aylar önce
Supanya Chai
Supanya Chai Aylar önce
Sally CHEN [5L]
Sally CHEN [5L] Aylar önce
The doors did not close
gudala Scorsese
gudala Scorsese 28 gün önce
హిందూ సాంప్రదాయం మర్చిపోయి పిచ్చిదాని లాగా తయారవుతున్నారు అమ్మాయిలు😢😢😢
Kioko Abashi
Kioko Abashi Aylar önce
I'm the only one who minds ruining a dress because you run into someone with the same dress.
Ayllira 3 aylar önce
"just with one cut" had me dying
Sunny Aylar önce
That dress was so damn pretty at the start. Who cares if some other woman has the same dress as you? It slayed on his originally. Now it looks like a random person who thought they got a style went in and did some cutting.
~ Fallen devil ~
~ Fallen devil ~ 28 gün önce
This is why they’re is a song that goes like WORLD DOESN’T AVOLVE AROUND YOU GURL YOU NOT THE ONLY ONE😌😌😌
☆-!! Xeon Moon !!-☆
That elevator door really didn‘t give a damn-
Fatoumata Iguila
Fatoumata Iguila Aylar önce
La femme là est très très belle et forte en matière de mode
xo_grxce Aylar önce
Five minute crafts taking notes rn
BarbieBunny Bakery
BarbieBunny Bakery 3 aylar önce
OR they both could have strutted out like it’s nobody’s business and a double slay 👯‍♀️💯✨
KJHeartsWorld 2 aylar önce
Fayth ward
Fayth ward 19 gün önce
Elevator cam man:👁👄👁
Estrea Starr
Estrea Starr Aylar önce
are we just gonna ignore the scissors being huge??
praneetha B
praneetha B 3 aylar önce
Ways to destroy ur brand new dress within seconds 😻
EdYOUcate 3 aylar önce
Exactly 😂
Жазгул Отонбвева
LK 3 aylar önce
Spurthi 3 aylar önce
Ma del Socorro Delgado
Bro ruined her dress for s random person 💀💀
Sia Creations 🧿♥️
welcome to the episode - 143 of 'what the hell did i watch now. ’ Omg... 😱 thanks for 1.7k likes...♥️
Anvesha Bhattacharya
Anvesha Bhattacharya 3 aylar önce
lxviiaa 3 aylar önce
Sanjana Anand
Sanjana Anand 3 aylar önce
Ahh finally i was looking for this comment
Chinmaya vedantam
Chinmaya vedantam 3 aylar önce
Jeyanthi Thomas
Jeyanthi Thomas Aylar önce
Finally they turned the good looking dress into a bad one😂😂
Happy BOOM 🤯🤣
Happy BOOM 🤯🤣 27 gün önce
Платье за 100000$: Я что для вас шутка?
The girickens
The girickens 3 aylar önce
Ways to destroy your beautiful dress in seconds 😂
Bizharo Ali
Bizharo Ali 3 aylar önce
Rashim Khera
Rashim Khera 3 aylar önce
Habeeb Hamed
Habeeb Hamed 7 gün önce
The next floor people be like:- lets use the stairs
Nasima Akter Nasima
YEAH YEA,AND THE ELEVETOR'S DOOR WILL NEVER BE OFF AGAIN(If you feel useless remember this video)
Raghul V
Raghul V 2 gün önce
You wearing pink bra and black underwear
nesenda 3 aylar önce
"One small cut" proceeds with death by a thousand cuts
🥥Some Frog🥥
🥥Some Frog🥥 Aylar önce
1 cut Proceeds to completely destroy the dress
♡ 𝙴𝚞𝚛𝚘𝚙𝚊 ♡
Imagine ruining your dress simply because someone was wearing the same dress 😐
Richa Jaiswal
Richa Jaiswal 2 aylar önce
And here's the fun fact - she was carrying that big pair of scissors with her 😂😂
Tara Mccormick
Tara Mccormick 2 aylar önce
Right! Like who carries full sized scissor with them. I know I carry things that normal people won't carry. I'm do my crafting while waiting at places but I have mini tools not full sized.
Nik 2 aylar önce
Self Defence
sunita 2 aylar önce
minsuna Aylar önce
bro looks like she came out of a freak show after that transformation
Turkey Too Too
Turkey Too Too Aylar önce
People carry scissors into elevators now, concerning…
EMPRO ZAYKAY 2 aylar önce
I don't know which one is funnier The fact that she saw another person in the elevator with the scene dress and she decided to cut up her dress or the fact how stupid it looks after 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lebens freude
Lebens freude 2 aylar önce
Kel T
Kel T 2 aylar önce
Hahaaa!! You thought it was ugly too good cause I thought it was just me but yeah that would happen in real life. As if honest to Christ the shit idiots do for a little bit of TRvid shorts attention. 🫤🤷🏻‍♀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
KP rosshia
KP rosshia Aylar önce
exactly 😂
Hayati Haouthani
Hayati Haouthani Aylar önce
Emmy 28 gün önce
Oder das es extra so gemacht ist und kein Zufall ist
Amber Schnell
Amber Schnell Aylar önce
Her: pulls out a random pair of scissors out of her purse😂
Adam Nawaz Shaikh
Adam Nawaz Shaikh 13 gün önce
Seriously....can’t they just chill n be twins goals
Kritika Kumar
Kritika Kumar 3 aylar önce
That girl trusts a stranger more than I trust myself🤐
sσυ_x_i💙 3 aylar önce
Because it is representation 😂
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Aylar önce
The only difference is that one of them have a baby and a different skin color so you didn’t have to ruin your dress in the first place
Diego Diaz
Diego Diaz 17 gün önce
For Men we don't really look at what colour they wear. This is just a girl problem. Your actions and words are more important than your dress.
Femke.Roblox 2 aylar önce
Imagine walking into a elevator and seeing this 💀 edit: i never got this many likes tysm
violet Aylar önce
: uhm ma'am wtf are you doing I'm just trying to go to work. -💀
Daizee Kundan
Daizee Kundan Aylar önce
The prettiest dress doesn't exis-
Lili! 5 gün önce
Те самые лайфхаки от трум трум🥰
Dolly officiall
Dolly officiall 3 aylar önce
The elevator really said: “I’ll wait🙂” 😂😂😂
Shaheen Razviya
Shaheen Razviya 19 gün önce
Indian people will happy if they see someone wearing the same dress 😂😂
srilakshmi vinod
srilakshmi vinod 2 gün önce
just cAsuAlLy walking around with an ENORMOUS scissor
Heartlessly Introverted
Meanwhile the man behind Cctv.😂😂
shaily verma
shaily verma 3 aylar önce
Bizharo Ali
Bizharo Ali 3 aylar önce
EdnaZPT 18 gün önce
But then again if someone is wearing the same thing as you.. It's really not that deep😂
Carline Rukke
Carline Rukke 9 gün önce
....As the daughter of a seamstress.... every time I see someone cut their clothes.... hurts.
Tamil Selvi
Tamil Selvi 3 aylar önce
I don't know why people hate it when they wear same dress like i would love to wear the same dress with my friends and families .
Rida Aamir
Rida Aamir 3 aylar önce
İkr they r like "don't copy me" like bro I'm not copying u it's a thing called trend.
Noha Ghrido
Noha Ghrido 3 aylar önce
I agree with you but the ideas differ from person to person 😊
Pink You
Pink You 3 aylar önce
Me to i love to wear same
micah 3 aylar önce
i was literally looking for this comment
Arshia Amreen
Arshia Amreen 3 aylar önce
@Pink YouI don’t like too honestly m like this since my childhood
Ndumiso Dlamini
Ndumiso Dlamini Aylar önce
Such a long elevator ride what floor were yall going to?😂😂😂
ImYourNeighbour Aylar önce
Other girls: Huh how dare you to wear same dress as me!! Meanwhile me and my girls: **wears same and matching clothes :] to look like twins**
Atreyi's Imagination
Atreyi's Imagination 17 gün önce
I’ll join your girls
ImYourNeighbour 17 gün önce
@Atreyi's Imagination great
Sanchi Tyagi
Sanchi Tyagi 3 aylar önce
Moral of the story: don't forget to keep a pair of scissor wherever you go because if someone wears the same cloth as yours then you can ruin the whole dress of yours just to look different from them 😂😂 Btw thank you for 1.6k likes 🥹🥹
Rajesh Dangar
Rajesh Dangar 3 aylar önce
fjjd 3 aylar önce
and don't forget to wear a headband
Anjana Kori
Anjana Kori 3 aylar önce
Shimaa Tooty
Shimaa Tooty 3 aylar önce
BLOK3 - aklına ben gelicem
görünümler 1,1 Mn
#mrbeast çikolatasını denedim!