She’s Going to College in Korea !?! Vlogmas Day 2

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3 Ara 2021




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MAZELEE Aylar önce
I saw some comments that misinterpreted the conversation we were having when Amyah said “I’m not dumb”. Apologies if this conversation was hard to follow. It may have difficult to hear everything that was going on but if you interpreted her comment as implying HBCUs are for “less educated people” that’s absolutely not what my daughter was talking about when she said “I’m not dumb.” We were actually having a conversation about acronyms. Her: Can we tour a HKU? Us: What's a HKU? (Confused) Her: Hong Kong University Us: Oh I thought you meant HBCU Her: No, no, I'm not like dumb She was referring to knowing the correct acronym. When she said “I’m not dumb “ she was saying she knows the difference between a HBCU and HKU. Right after that she then went on to say how she is planning to apply to several HBCU and any other colleges she can apply for. I myself attended an HBCU and my daughter has never thought anything but highly of HBCUs because that’s what I taught her. She practically grew up on an HBCU campus since I had her when I was 19 a sophomore at Bowie State where she attended many math classes with me! I’ve always had pride in my HBCU, and pour that into my girls. I’ve taken them many times back to my HBCU to catch homecoming games and love watch old and new school HBCU Cheerleading.
Chandra Anjelica
Chandra Anjelica 19 saatler önce
@sayjai bao that is incorrect. the #1public collegiate system is the CUNY system here in NYC. We also have the most affordable tuition rates in the country for 2 and four year colleges.
Asia 3 gün önce
I can not believe you have to break that down. I understood perfectly. Some people always have something to say. 🙄
Ronald Colin
Ronald Colin 9 gün önce
Joe looks at her so mean when she lied about the how "he wanted a white xmas" he looked at her like she had done the worst sin ever. Eventhough it was obviously just a joke. Poor girl, looks like she has to be careful all the time of what she says. She can't even joke or anything. I really feel sad for her now. Joe calm down, it was just a joke.
Ingram Jones
Ingram Jones 15 gün önce
You ain't got to explain yourself and your children to none deese fools on the interwebs. Your family is beautiful.
P crosby
P crosby 20 gün önce
Mazelee when you were doing your financial income planner portfolio budget sheet can you give me that app so I can download it to keep track of my monthly finances and budget properly thanks
Karysse C D
Karysse C D Aylar önce
These college chats are so inspiring. Can’t believe you saved up for your kids college, that’s parenting goals! 😍
Ovirgule 22 gün önce
There is soo much kidd...that is soo impressive😳😳
Rita Karnadi
Rita Karnadi Aylar önce
Tq Mazelee to explain in Indonesia Gbu
Sherry Cooper
Sherry Cooper Aylar önce
Right also her daughter showed her she wiliing
Sherri Carr
Sherri Carr Aylar önce
I Love This Family 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Breezy Animate
Breezy Animate Aylar önce
@Shani C well some people don’t want to set their kids up with those problems. If they don’t have to be in debt why make them go in debt.
Threepiggies Aylar önce
Amyah’s Korean pronunciation is perfect! She is very talented in language in my opinion.
Michele Carter
Michele Carter Aylar önce
I absolutely love to hear Amyah's Korean dialect... she's good!
Eat healthy
Eat healthy Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-b95D9PnqhuM.html hi
Perment Lee chang
Perment Lee chang Aylar önce
This is such a very smart black woman you saved for her children college girls you better buckled up she expect for you all to achieve. I love the way she sit her children down and discussed the facts of life with them. How many of us do this? Lady I respect you so much" thumbs up to you .
Eat healthy
Eat healthy Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-b95D9PnqhuM.html hi
ななみ💖 Aylar önce
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🐝 Bee
🐝 Bee Aylar önce
Thinking about all the times people would shame you for deciding to have as many children as you have yet here you are able to more than provide! Paying for college and everything! God is faithful!!! So proud of your family.
Swae T
Swae T 4 gün önce
So true
Alix Lugay
Alix Lugay Aylar önce
@VATTEN some people cannot help but slip the negative in there SMDH
VATTEN Aylar önce
This is a backhanded compliment, just commend her for the good she's doing.
Fayleaf Aylar önce
@smallemar there were a few people that did like what's it to them.
smallemar Aylar önce
Never heard of anybody shaming her because of her kids
gilles quentin
gilles quentin Aylar önce
Your children will SOAR and conquer this world because you’re instilling such confidence, worldliness, and love into all of these beautiful munchkins!!!
Eat healthy
Eat healthy Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-b95D9PnqhuM.html hi
Jennifer Ward
Jennifer Ward Aylar önce
Amyah is like her mom she's so smart and very serious about her education.
Jewell Suber
Jewell Suber Aylar önce
Yes INDEEDY!!!!👏🏽❤
Eat healthy
Eat healthy Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-b95D9PnqhuM.html hi
Jessica Low key
Jessica Low key Aylar önce
I would stay close to family its to much going on in this world
Jessica Low key
Jessica Low key Aylar önce
I rather get a grant and start my own business instead of wasting time goin to school. You can get 💰 faster and be there for your family.
ArticulateSue Aylar önce
S Edwards
S Edwards Aylar önce
All the fathers should be sooo thankful that this is the mother of their children.... Literally, how many parents not only indulge in providing information or highlights on these things (most parents have outdated info, if they even discuss college to this degree with their kids) - on top of that, she is offering real-world views into how they should expect to live and costs they need to prep for. Awesome.
Dy-Fathiyana 16 gün önce
Eat healthy
Eat healthy Aylar önce
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Eat healthy
Eat healthy Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-b95D9PnqhuM.html hi
Jasmine J
Jasmine J Aylar önce
nessa Aylar önce
i totally agree..,❤️
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Aylar önce
It’s so crazy to me that your kids are interested in going to college near you instead of as far away as possible 😂 shows how good a parent you are
sayjai bao
sayjai bao 25 gün önce
Some of the best colleges are in there area. So it makes sense.
Alyssa LaComb
Alyssa LaComb Aylar önce
Right I joined the army! 😂😂😂😂💚
Tasharie Aylar önce
Tenssie Ramsay
Tenssie Ramsay Aylar önce
I’m so impressed by your wisdom and guidance towards your children’s future! 👏🏾
Eat healthy
Eat healthy Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-b95D9PnqhuM.html hi
Curl Crush Ent
Curl Crush Ent Aylar önce
Both girls I can 100% see them getting Academic Scholarships. Also I could see them doing really well splitting rent in a cute little apartment in their junior and senior years of college.
Ghost Aylar önce
I will always appreciate how close these kids are to their parents no matter if they are the baby (who really needs a name by now) or the eldest teen who is almost an adult. Alena and Joe struck the right balance of being parents AND being friends with their kids where their kids love and respect them as parents and can still talk to them about anything.
Natural Beauty 01
Natural Beauty 01 21 gün önce
You can't remember the eldest teens name but at least you got baby correct.
Derzie Aylar önce
@Kellie Mayhew nah im Korean and we don't wait, this is THEIR practice, not anything cultural. The rest of their kids got names also
anon nona
anon nona Aylar önce
@Oxygen Bae That's a good observation. Alena is a strict parent but loving and approachable just by looking at the interactions going on, the children are disciplined, focused, confident, etc. There is respect in this family not fear.
Maxxi Tee
Maxxi Tee Aylar önce
Yes. Please give baby a name
tiana Aylar önce
@Blaynie Bo yes! You got it
Alexa 29
Alexa 29 Aylar önce
I am happy to hear that Amayah has Hong Kong as an option and I love the diversity, how ever Hong Kong can be a dangerous place for people of color and they can be looked at differently and even discriminated against
1-800-idc- At all
1-800-idc- At all 2 gün önce
@sayjai bao not true in the slightest.
sayjai bao
sayjai bao 25 gün önce
Lol you safer in Asia than the racists in America.
Brynna Capri
Brynna Capri Aylar önce
@Jazz Wright cap
TodayIGlowUp Aylar önce
can she afford hong kong tho? im from there and its extremelyyyyyy expensive
Nalu Lumu
Nalu Lumu Aylar önce
@Rosas de Cordillera as in no discrimination or it’s more settled
M Badger
M Badger Aylar önce
Im so excited for them. I can't believe I'm sitting here enjoying them talking about college. I can't wait to see the women that they become and their contributions to the world.
Eat healthy
Eat healthy Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-b95D9PnqhuM.html hi
TLS Aylar önce
As a lawyer I hope one of the kids pursues law. They’re all so smart they can definitely do it 💗
TLS 9 gün önce
@Ronald Colin And what’s your profession?
Ronald Colin
Ronald Colin 9 gün önce
You a public defendant 🤣
Herica Carvalho
Herica Carvalho Aylar önce
These are parent goals right here, these talks are so inspiring! what a Family! Love you excellent job
Eat healthy
Eat healthy Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-b95D9PnqhuM.html hi
remizart Aylar önce
Your children will SOAR and conquer this world because you’re instilling such confidence, worldliness, and love into all of these beautiful munchkins!!! 💜
KING TIGER98 Aylar önce
I wholeheartedly agree! Im waiting on them to drop the book!😍
ななみ💖 Aylar önce
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Brandon Kim
Brandon Kim Aylar önce
Amaya's Korean is SO good. The pronunciation is very good and her knowledge is amazing
Tay Land
Tay Land Aylar önce
I love that they’ll be applying to HBCU’s. I absolutely loved my experience. There’s truly nothing like being surrounded by black excellence
Anthony Lim
Anthony Lim Aylar önce
If she can speak fluent Korean, that will change her life no matter where she goes. She'll have so much fun and make lots and lots of friends with full of amazing memories.
Carlotta Škerin
Carlotta Škerin Aylar önce
Your conversations actually help me a lot, since my parents never talk to me about college cause they think I'm independent enough to look for information and literally ALL of it by myself... Also, as a 17-year-old myself, I can definitely say that your kids are SO lucky that you have saved money for their college tuition, and I love how appreciative they are of it. Most of us are gonna be paying the loans till we're 50.
Vanessa Galbraith
Vanessa Galbraith Aylar önce
I wish someone was there to talk to me about stuff like this before I went to university...I literally had to figure it out by myself, that was hard. I love what you guys are doing, keep educating your children...
Hope King
Hope King Aylar önce
And she should be praised for being single and raising you.
Awukubea03 Aylar önce
Move to god bless their plans for the children
tsodzo kays
tsodzo kays Aylar önce
Me too.
Audrey Totheworld
Audrey Totheworld Aylar önce
Mico Aylar önce
To be honest, I was the same, it so refreshing to see that for their kids with the guidance they have . I hope to do the same once I have a family. I just know when I went to school I had to figure out my tuition and everything whatever I didn't have left over my family tried their best. I have so much respect for her having the funds so her child can just focus on school. That is amazing 😍
Rae'gin Battle
Rae'gin Battle Aylar önce
I love this conversation. I’m 21 and finishing my masters degree. I am 100% debt fee from scholarship and working to pay the rest. Important conversations that not enough people have. I hope you post more to your personal channel Elena! Much love 💕
Carla B.
Carla B. 28 gün önce
I wish you the best with school endeavors. I’m in grad school too, debt free and I like to keep it that way.
KashBlack Aylar önce
I LOVE that you are giving your children options for their post-secondary education! You educated them about getting a job, or starting a business, going to college internationally, starting at a community college and then transferring… man, I WISH I’d known all of those things at their age! Good job parents! 👏🏾
Katrina Mabry
Katrina Mabry Aylar önce
I wish I had this growing up…trying to navigate life without having had this kind of guidance is such a set back. Your children are blessed to have this.
YoHippestHippie34 19 gün önce
Sharon Binion-El
Sharon Binion-El Aylar önce
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this conversation Mama is having with her princesses!! She is very thorough answering questions. Having home conversations like this makes a difference. Thank you for sharing family. 💜💚
Nicole Gordon
Nicole Gordon Aylar önce
In Cali, Cali residents can go to a two year college for free regardless of financial need. I love that Joe said, “a party college is where you go to move away from your relationship with Jesus.” I love your sister’s idea. I think that’s fantastic! I think that is needed in so many book desert areas.
Nicole Gordon
Nicole Gordon 23 gün önce
@goldenspark4life Really? For community college?
goldenspark4life 23 gün önce
No? I had to pay! 😩😩 I got like a teeny grant because my mom makes too much $$ and like $150 for books. 💔 I now work FT and go to school PT to pay for it. And I was only on my first year. I’m going on my second tho.
Addie Thielen
Addie Thielen Aylar önce
Being a senior in college, I really love listening to these young girl talk about where they want to go! And makes me giggle when they talk about partying LOL I went somewhere close to home (an hour away from my family), and I loved being so close. I did live in a dorm - but living at home is such a smart choice. Love your family!
Miyoshi McCree
Miyoshi McCree Aylar önce
When Joe said, "but if you care about it, I'll make myself care about it," melted my heart!!
Jane Dougherty
Jane Dougherty Aylar önce
This was the best video I ever saw. I can see such a growth in Joe and Alena. Congratulations to these wonderful parents who struggled hard to build a strong foundation. You have beautiful children and you are awesome parents. God bless you all ❤
keira crouse
keira crouse Aylar önce
But we’re not gonna talk about how great Alena and her sister’s are!! They all winning and running in they lane!!
lyric 1
lyric 1 Aylar önce
Wow, that's awesome what her sister has started in Baltimore. Our lil Black kids need this. Reading and having that space to escape and dream, imagine what possibilities can be theirs and reaching for limitless goals that can expand and excel them beyond their current environments. Great job to her🙏🖤🤗📚
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Aylar önce
Wow I genuinely loved this conversation. These kids are so lucky, these are conversations I wish I could have with my parents before I went off to college!
Lorene Daniel
Lorene Daniel 22 gün önce
When you invest in your children you will see the rewards. This family is truly blessed ❤️
Elizabeth C
Elizabeth C Aylar önce
Everyone in this family has a place and when they speak they are heard…loved it when Amayah made Baby her favourite porridge 😂👌🏽 so cute💕 the love spills over!
KING TIGER98 Aylar önce
Wq4. trvid.com/video/video-XaEySPegizY.html
ArticulateSue Aylar önce
octayvia25 Aylar önce
I know right🥰, a the sibling love is adorable.
ななみ💖 Aylar önce
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Safe Space
Safe Space Aylar önce
Such a cute family. I remember watching u guys like 3-4 years ago when I was a freshman and now I’m a senior, getting ready for college. And I see there’s some new members of the family lol. So beautiful
Patricia Herndon
Patricia Herndon Aylar önce
I love this vlog. Im a education freak. I got my undergraduate at 36 years old. Started my Masters needed 6 more hours. But life responsibilities changed. You guys are such good parents explaining how college fees, funding and parties work .
oceans taiga
oceans taiga Aylar önce
I went to university in Korea for a year (Korea university) and met many students from other universities. Was super impressed with the level of education provided and the ambition of fellow classmates.
Deborah Pollitt
Deborah Pollitt Aylar önce
Having these conversations in preparation in seeking a college and the funding to attend is a wonderful idea. Having parents who have attended college is a huge advantage. I know these young women will make every advantage work for themselves. Good lucky.
Stephanie Stepp
Stephanie Stepp Aylar önce
Thank you to your sister for what she’s doing!! I live in Baltimore in one of the areas she’s referencing and this is a beautiful thing!! I LOVE books and because of that I’ve always made sure that my children had access to books as well as library cards but I’ve been in schools where I was in the library and didn’t even realize it because of the lack of books!! Thank you again beautiful angel…you saw a need and are doing something to help fix it! God Bless you!
444mani Aylar önce
I have to admit alena is one of the funniest, coolest moms to have 🤣🥺🤍
Soft Shell
Soft Shell Aylar önce
I can't even put into words how soothing these vlogs are for me... I don't have much family and live 3,000 miles away from the family I do have. I crave a big, healthy, happy family like yalls.
Alandria Aylar önce
wow, that’s amazing what your sisters is doing for the children in Baltimore! We loveee an active member of the community 💙
Kuki Noris
Kuki Noris Aylar önce
I love how close they are and how they communicate as a family. They joke but know when to be serious. This is one of the most stable families on this platform I have seen too be honest. And the advice given in this video really reassured me with my goals.
KING TIGER98 Aylar önce
Re 3D. trvid.com/video/video-XaEySPegizY.html
lyrics song
lyrics song Aylar önce
Yes I love them. Goals. I’ve learned so much from how she educate them, to how she budget love it
ななみ💖 Aylar önce
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Portia Webb
Portia Webb Aylar önce
Loved that mom kept singing her Christmas song despite the side eye from the customer…. Nobody is going to rain, on the Mazlee parade!!!! 🎉🎅🏽🙌🏽
caroljean161 Aylar önce
Great advice to these bright beautiful daughters to consider when choosing colleges/universities. Well done Akyli on your race!✅ Alena’s singing in the second store was hilariously scary ! It could be used in a horror comedy 😝😝. Congratulations to ? Aruba on winning a prize with her brilliant idea for children’s books being made accessible in vending machines in the places they’re most needed. Great Vlogmas video. Thanks for sharing 🌟🌟💕💕🙏🏽
Eat healthy
Eat healthy Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-b95D9PnqhuM.html hi
Jascinth Thomas
Jascinth Thomas Aylar önce
I can see that the girls have a bright future ahead of them. Amaya is thinking way ahead of time. Every blessings on them
Maya Richardson
Maya Richardson Aylar önce
The way my heart skipped a beat when you said veterinary science because that's my major!!! Good luck to your girls! I'm studying on a full scholarship.
Alyssa Quiogue
Alyssa Quiogue Aylar önce
If Amyah is interested in hard sciences I’d love to give more information from my experience in terms of specific neurobiology or biology programs that shine in giving research opportunities to undergraduates. I’m currently a PhD student in Molecular Biology that works with undergraduates interested in science and helping develop 4 year plans and figuring out what specific science topics they are interested in. In addition, thinking about different pathways after getting a science degree. I was at one point a med school applicant but shifted to research so I have that experience in that as well. Lastly, I wholeheartedly agree with you in going to community college first! College is so expensive. I actually started doing community college during high school over the summer (in california it costs even less for students ages
Erica Chew
Erica Chew Aylar önce
@Rihanna Sahib psychology is a social science.
L X Aylar önce
I’m a post grad student looking for a position and want to apply for a PhD program in botany. Do you know anyone in this field who I can contact? Thanks if anyone here knows any.
r o a c h e s
r o a c h e s Aylar önce
Did your credits transfer over??
ななみ💖 Aylar önce
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izzy marie
izzy marie Aylar önce
@Alyssa Quiogue wait i like protein synthesis and homestasis do you know what will fit me best
Isha Z.
Isha Z. Aylar önce
Alena you are something else, singing to the camera and all! love it!!!! Have a blessed week family :)
Denver Phoenix
Denver Phoenix Aylar önce
I dont have kids. But this is such a good thing to do for your kids. Saving for their college. So proud at this family. May God shower you all with blessings ❤️
V Wiggins
V Wiggins Aylar önce
This is great! Mom has been there and done that so she is good at advising the girls through the college years 😊👍🏾
Alice Elliot
Alice Elliot Aylar önce
I believe how fast these girls have grown. Still grounded, so humble .... Amazing!
LilMissLegal Aylar önce
She's right the dorm life stinks! I did the same as Mrs Maze, my 1st year I stayed home and 1st semester of my 2nd year I lived on campus and I was definitely culture shocked. Going to school online was where I shined. Praying for your success girlies
Vicki Campbell
Vicki Campbell Aylar önce
Alena you are a very smart , good and beautiful mom. I know your kids will do well. You and Joe both are great ❤️
Donisha Childs
Donisha Childs Aylar önce
Going away to college and living in dorms especially the first year helps ground students. All colleges can be a party College. Students make their choices to how their experience will be. There are plenty of colleges that offer housing scholarships. Having a college counselor talk with you guys all be nice. It is really important to have advice from recruiters and counselors. I say this as a college professor. There is some misinformation in this conversation. It is good to have these talks with your children. Them having an understanding of what they want to do is a good thing.
Belinda Velves
Belinda Velves Aylar önce
Amazing conversation, that's how it's suppose to be. Preparing them to the real world and giving them the option...
Sharon Brown
Sharon Brown Aylar önce
I love and respect the MAZELEE family!!! Parents that actually PARENT CHILDREN and children that are so well rounded and appreciative!! Love when Joe steps into his role and lays down the law!!!! Yesssss let those babes know Dad has your back BUT!!!!!!! Nice voice Alena!!! Love y’all from Philly 🙏🏽💟☮️😊☀️🙏🏽
ななみ💖 Aylar önce
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BeeMack Aylar önce
Yes he disciplines without anger but with firmness. They may not see this side of him alot but when they do they know he's not joking or playing around.
Veronica D. Giovanni
I have never laughed so hard than when she was walking around the store singing Silent Night! LOL. Absolutely hilarious!! And, the sister's book vending idea and tik tok is wonderful!!
Kertrina Holt
Kertrina Holt Aylar önce
I love yall just impressive! Mom is so professional when it comes to her babies! Love it ! Beautiful 😍 😘
Alesha Aylar önce
I wish I had Alena as a councilor when preparing for college
The Woolford Family Love
Love watching this family those college talks with your children just amazing and inspiring ❤️❤️ learning a lot from you guys 🥰
Victoria Watson
Victoria Watson Aylar önce
She is quiet like her dad🙂 their children are all well rounded.
Altrina Allen
Altrina Allen Aylar önce
The respect your children give to you and your husband your children are very educated smart independent young children and congratulations Amaya
Laurent Yu
Laurent Yu 4 gün önce
These two girls are so freaking smart and lovely! Good job, mom!!!
AlexiaG Oko
AlexiaG Oko Aylar önce
Amayah is soooooooooooo beautiful!!! Her whole aura and face is so beautiful!!! You got an amazing family, bless your family! Love from London ❤️🙏🏾
Super Nova
Super Nova Aylar önce
Akyli + Amaya + Alena = triplets ! I love how Joe said : You have my permission to go to a Party college, just pay for it yourself 😂😂😂
Jewell Suber
Jewell Suber Aylar önce
The child said Party CollegeS!!! 😁😁 oh, she's gonna get her education, but she's gonna get her party on!!! Trust me!🙏🏽👏🏽❤
GCatalina Aylar önce
LMAO! And he really meant it. I absolutely love him!
Stephanie Lomax
Stephanie Lomax Aylar önce
Preston Matthews
Preston Matthews Aylar önce
He laid the lay down. I love the bond he has with the kids.
ななみ💖 Aylar önce
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bunga mawar
bunga mawar 23 gün önce
this channel has been keeping me positive for some reasons. i wish if i became a parent i could raise my kids well like them
Jacq Aylar önce
Idk why but the last minute of this video brought me tears of joy. My mom would take us to the library on her days off, she didn’t have money to buy us books but she really wanted to instill reading in us. It’s one of my fondest memories. Thank you for doing this for the kids 🤍
Honie Forbes
Honie Forbes Aylar önce
This family is so inspiring
Cynthia Takematsu
Cynthia Takematsu Aylar önce
it's so cute to see her eating hot oats
Averi Brunson
Averi Brunson Aylar önce
I think this was one of my favorite videos. I love how the girls are eager and ready for this next chapter in life. I remember applying to colleges and it was hard because I'm first Gen. My parents didn't understand why they required so much of their information if they're not going to school nor paying my tuition. Paying for school on your own is difficult and it's great to hear that Alena planned for these moments.
kellsy h
kellsy h Aylar önce
i'm not surprised the oldest ones want to move. Not at all. And this one is moving FAAAAARRR. Lol.
ななみ💖 Aylar önce
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Safe HavenSquad99
Safe HavenSquad99 Aylar önce
Amyah is so sweet and seems so lovely. I like how she made her sister oatmeal and speaking of babygirl she is so articulate for her age. wow 😲
Denise Jonas🌎
Denise Jonas🌎 Aylar önce
Alena singing each of the Temptations' part in Silent Night is too cute ....and FUNNY 🤣
Judy Lewis
Judy Lewis Aylar önce
I so love this family. They are great parents.
JUSTme Aylar önce
I love your channel! The only authentic family channel I love how you don’t do these challenges and cool trends. You keep it simple, fun and family friendly!
Leslie Musimenta Mba.
Joe’s approach about party colleges was the best 😂😂😂 “You can go, you’re just going to pay for it.”
sayjai bao
sayjai bao 25 gün önce
😆 🤣 😂
Eat healthy
Eat healthy Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-b95D9PnqhuM.html hi
Felicia Smith
Felicia Smith Aylar önce
Love Joe approach to things 🥰
ななみ💖 Aylar önce
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El Hajj Zafeer Muhammad
Go Joe,👍🏿👍🏿
Gabby Villanueva
Gabby Villanueva Aylar önce
i really love watching you all. i admire your relationship with your kids.. God bless
Marquita Rucker
Marquita Rucker Aylar önce
I love watching your family! I’ve been watching for a long time and the girls are growing beautifully and you guys should be so proud! Especially your oldest! She is becoming such a confident, intelligent, and ambitious young lady! She is going to go amazingly far in life! I love it! Keep supporting your children the way you do! Love your guys!😊❤️
Rising in Love.
Rising in Love. Aylar önce
I love this family. You’re such an inspiration and so are your beautiful children 😍❤️
torinakins Aylar önce
i love this conversation. when it was time for me to think about college, i had no one in my family to talk to and of course i made all the wrong decisions.
K Moss
K Moss Aylar önce
This family has their act together and I am here.for.it. 👏🏾
lizzy joledo
lizzy joledo Aylar önce
Manyeruke Ruth
Manyeruke Ruth Aylar önce
Wow that family bond is so beautiful,thanks for the discussion i have learnt a lot from it as well,now i can go and apply some of this on my kids.Stay blessed Mummy
Stacey Kim
Stacey Kim Aylar önce
I just found out through this video that you guys moved to the OC! Welcome!! hahahah I was born and raised here and can tell you that most high schools down here highly encourage students to attend community college first if they aren't dead-set on which universities to apply to. Plus, there is a much higher acceptance rate for transfer students here in California for any Calstate or UC. My sister is a college admissions counselor and she honestly tells her students and parents that unless they're really aiming for ivy leagues, it's much better to just transfer from a 2-year to 4-year if only considering CS/UCs. It saves you SO MUCH on tuition, it gives you a much better chance of being accepted to a great university, opens up more opportunities to get scholarships from the high GPA you build at the CC-level, and you don't have to worry about SATs. Although, UCs already stopped considering SAT and ACT scores due to the pandemic for Fall '21 up until 2025, I believe! Anyway, if the girls ever consider 2-year colleges first, I HIGHLY recommend IVC (Irvine Valley College), which isn't too far from where you guys are. They have the highest and most successful transfer rate than any other CC in Orange County and even LA County. I decided to attend IVC after giving up my acceptance to UC Riverside because I didn't get into my first choice university. Plus, I couldn't afford the tuition. Going to IVC was the best decision I ever made. It gave me time to finish up my general education credits while also being able to enjoy my life between the ages of 18 to 21 (I took a year off to work full-time) without having to stress over the coursework a 4-year would require of me. It also helped me to grow and figure myself out. I often found that my friends and peers who went to a 4-year straight after highschool with a major in mind ended up finding out that that is not what they want to pursue, so they change their majors and it just took them longer to graduate and racked up their tuition. You both have amazing children and I can always see the amazing support you two have for your children and it really shows in their upbringing!! Your daughters are especially so bright and I'm sure they'll get into their dream schools easily! Just remember that if they are unsure, there is no shame in attending a junior college even if there is still some stigma around that. But it looks like your daughters are already aware of that and don't care what others think! LOVE your family! Sorry for my super long comment... not even sure if this will reach you HAHA 😂 Happy holidays, Mazelee Fam!!
She Believed She Could, So She Did
I so loved this vlog! I was literally cracking up at Alena singing Silent Night at the garden store. I lost it when she got to the last part of the last verse and was distracted. “Look. A Choo-Choo Train”! LOLOLOL....
Deborah Omunagbe
Deborah Omunagbe Aylar önce
I love your family. I love how knitted it is. I can't be more motivated to save.
Quay Styles
Quay Styles Aylar önce
My daughter is 17 and I’m a single mom. I love this conversation!
Kimmie T
Kimmie T Aylar önce
I know right? I just sent the video link to my 17 year old son.
Quay Styles
Quay Styles Aylar önce
@Jai B. This made me cry I don’t know why but thank you
Jai B.
Jai B. Aylar önce
You doing a wonderful job mom!! I know ur daughter proud of you !!
ななみ💖 Aylar önce
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Nikki Alexander
Nikki Alexander 2 gün önce
Such an amazing Mom ❤️❤️❤️❤️ saving for college for your babies so wonderful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shay Cole
Shay Cole Aylar önce
Beautiful family 😍❤️ good job raising them 👍
Craz4Jesus3 Aylar önce
Oh my goodness your kids have grown SO MUCH! And i love the conversations you have with them. Very real life situations about college or just starting a business. Most people think it's only one way or the highway, so im glad your family is open to other options as long as they are striving for greatness ❤
Sherrina Ransom
Sherrina Ransom Aylar önce
Excellent job with the family & instilling the necessary things that they need to succeed! You guys are amazing
Rochelle Naturally
Rochelle Naturally Aylar önce
Your girls are so well informed at their age and of course the older the more informed! A great time for discussion.
Cande Smith
Cande Smith Aylar önce
Dr. Maze-Lee you and Joe are are raising world/ game changers 🥰
seonona Aylar önce
Your an amazing mother. And your family is absolutely gorgeous. Thankyou for allowing an insight to your life. Love and light Mazee. 🕉️🌻
LilianNdc corner
LilianNdc corner Aylar önce
When you guys were cheering her up I was emotional, congratulations akayli I love the chat about college
DeLinda Williams
DeLinda Williams Aylar önce
😂😂Alena and Joseph makes me smile, even laugh at time. I love your college conversations. I wish more parents would have the right info and have these talks to guide their children. It's good to know that Joe's helping his daughter to not fall away from God.😃 Amyah is being well inform and on the right track. Good job parents.👍💖
wasila abuhassan
wasila abuhassan Aylar önce
You guys deserve the entire world , success, love and happiness available in the universe. I started watching y’all when y’all had nothing and I stopped for some reason and just few days ago started watching y’all again. Y’all have come so so so far and my heart genuinely warms up to the point where I could cry from how beautiful your family and journey has come. Love y’all, I pray god blesses your family til the end of times ❤️
Juanita Benson
Juanita Benson Aylar önce
I LOVE this family how both parents takes up time with their children
Patrice Downey
Patrice Downey Aylar önce
Y'all are a beautiful down to earth transparent family! Thanks for all yall share!
Tiffany M.
Tiffany M. Aylar önce
Wow I genuinely loved this conversation. These kids are so lucky, these are conversations I wish I could have with my parents before I went off to college!
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